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Sasha's Obsession, Part 1

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Sasha’s Obsession

It was sick. Depraved. Filthy. Wrong. Immoral and incomprehensible. And that was just part of what made it so enticing. Sasha had long ago self-diagnosed herself with the obsession and saw it for what it was. It was an unhealthy, soul-consuming darkness within herself, a destructive force that was stuck in her brain, ruling her actions. She loathed herself for it, even as she craved it. She was an addict, and she knew it.

She couldn’t really pin-point when it had begun. As far back as she could remember, it had always been there. Mark. Her own brother. Kind. Sweet. A hunk by anyone’s measure, and generous to boot. If there were a stamping plant churning out the ideal man, then it had minted her older brother.

Sasha lay in bed, her hand between her legs, eyes shut as she pinched her own nipple. Just on the other side of the wall, she could hear the soft slurping and purring from Megan, Mark’s girlfriend. Bitch. Fucking cunt.

“You like sucking that big dick, don’t you, baby?” Mark asked, his voice muted by the thin wall.

“Mhhh Hmmm!”

Sasha pictured her brother’s thick fuckstick in that dark-haired sluts’ mouth, and felt that familiar stab of jealousy, which just made her cunt juicier as she frigged it, listening closely so that she didn’t miss a word. There was an audible pop as Megan’s lips let the big shaft go, and then the sound of the bed shifting. Mark’s girlfriend moaned quietly as she climbed onto his lap and sank the length of his shaft inside of herself.

Sasha burned inside. While she’d always imagined Mark’s cock to be as perfect as the rest of him, she’d learned the truth just a few months ago, and now it was driving her insane. After all her dreaming of it, a happy accident had finally let her see it, and the image had been in her mind ever since. She pushed her fingers into her sloppy snatch again. Fuck, she needed it. She needed to feel what Megan was feeling right now.

The girl on the other side of the wall came, her breath ragged, the creaking of the bed a rhythm that Sasha masturbated herself to.

“Your fuckin’ pussy is so good,” Mark said, and Sasha came.

“It’s your pussy…” Sasha whispered to herself, “it’s your fucking pussy.”

Humping her fingers on her bed, Sasha wasn’t sure how long her brother fucked his girlfriend, but she heard them shift several times. The sexy sounds went on and on as he took her from behind, or spread her legs, driving into her as his big hands mauled her tits. The sounds of smacking lips and wet tongues made Sasha cream her sheets so many times. She listened to the string of filth out of Mark’s mouth as he called Megan a slut, whore, fucktoy, cocksucker. Sasha repeated each of the filthy names to herself. Finally, there was quiet from the other side of the wall. Sasha fell asleep, tears in her eyes. She hated herself for wishing Mark’s big arms were around her now, his cock pressed into her back as he held her close, one hand on her breast, breathing becoming slow, even, until they fell asleep in each other’s embrace.

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