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Sasha's Obsession, Part 1

Sasha’s Obsession

It was sick. Depraved. Filthy. Wrong. Immoral and incomprehensible. And that was just part of what made it so enticing. Sasha had long ago self-diagnosed herself with the obsession and saw it for what it was. It was an unhealthy, soul-consuming darkness within herself, a destructive force that was stuck in her brain, ruling her actions. She loathed herself for it, even as she craved it. She was an addict, and she knew it.

She couldn’t really pin-point when it had begun. As far back as she could remember, it had always been there. Mark. Her own brother. Kind. Sweet. A hunk by anyone’s measure, and generous to boot. If there were a stamping plant churning out the ideal man, then it had minted her older brother.

Sasha lay in bed, her hand between her legs, eyes shut as she pinched her own nipple. Just on the other side of the wall, she could hear the soft slurping and purring from Megan, Mark’s girlfriend. Bitch. Fucking cunt.

“You like sucking that big dick, don’t you, baby?” Mark asked, his voice muted by the thin wall.

“Mhhh Hmmm!”

Sasha pictured her brother’s thick fuckstick in that dark-haired sluts’ mouth, and felt that familiar stab of jealousy, which just made her cunt juicier as she frigged it, listening closely so that she didn’t miss a word. There was an audible pop as Megan’s lips let the big shaft go, and then the sound of the bed shifting. Mark’s girlfriend moaned quietly as she climbed onto his lap and sank the length of his shaft inside of herself.

Sasha burned inside. While she’d always imagined Mark’s cock to be as perfect as the rest of him, she’d learned the truth just a few months ago, and now it was driving her insane. After all her dreaming of it, a happy accident had finally let her see it, and the image had been in her mind ever since. She pushed her fingers into her sloppy snatch again. Fuck, she needed it. She needed to feel what Megan was feeling right now.

The girl on the other side of the wall came, her breath ragged, the creaking of the bed a rhythm that Sasha masturbated herself to.

“Your fuckin’ pussy is so good,” Mark said, and Sasha came.

“It’s your pussy…” Sasha whispered to herself, “it’s your fucking pussy.”

Humping her fingers on her bed, Sasha wasn’t sure how long her brother fucked his girlfriend, but she heard them shift several times. The sexy sounds went on and on as he took her from behind, or spread her legs, driving into her as his big hands mauled her tits. The sounds of smacking lips and wet tongues made Sasha cream her sheets so many times. She listened to the string of filth out of Mark’s mouth as he called Megan a slut, whore, fucktoy, cocksucker. Sasha repeated each of the filthy names to herself. Finally, there was quiet from the other side of the wall. Sasha fell asleep, tears in her eyes. She hated herself for wishing Mark’s big arms were around her now, his cock pressed into her back as he held her close, one hand on her breast, breathing becoming slow, even, until they fell asleep in each other’s embrace.

Window of Opportunity

Mark looked devastated. Sasha shot off the couch at the sound of the door banging shut, pulling her hand from her shorts. She hadn’t expected Mark home for some time. Their parents were away on a two-month backpacking expedition through Europe for the summer, and Mark had taken the opportunity to be out, or in, with Megan as often as possible. Now, though, she saw a look on Mark’s face that she could never recall seeing before. He was hurt.

She was off the couch in an instant and blocked his path as he tried to head up the stairs.

“Hey,” She said, concern evident in her eyes, “What is it, Mark?”

His shoulders slumped, and she put her arms around him. He did the same. She inhaled the smell of him. This closeness, in itself, wasn't something unusual. They were close. That was just the thing. Mark was a wonderful person, and the perfect Big Bro. The two siblings shared a great deal with each other. Sasha, though, had never been able to tell him about her real thoughts.

When they’d sit at night and talk, her legs propped up on his lap while the TV droned on, she’d think about the fat cock she could feel under her feet. They’d lay on the bed together, sharing a set of earbuds while they listened to tracks and talked about the music. Sasha would picture her tongue between his lips. When they hit the gym together, she’d spot his lifts, all the while picturing his toned chest running with sweat as he held her spread legs and filled her.

“Megan,” Mark mumbled, “I saw...she was...Fuck, man. I treated her like gold, too.”

“Oh, Mark! That’s fucked up! She cheated on you?”

He nodded his head. He held up a reddened fist, “But I stuck that son of a bitch a good one right on the nose,” he said.

Inwardly, Sasha was torn. On one hand, she was elated. On the other, Mark was hurting, and she hated that.

“Come on, Markey Mark,” She tugged at his hand, leading him upstairs, “Let me tell you all about how awesome you are, and what a sinister bitch she is.”

She pulled him into her room, and pushed him on the bed, where she quickly climbed in beside him, wrapping her arms around him. Her breasts pushed into his back through her tank top, and she nuzzled the back of his neck. Just last night, she’d spread her legs right where he was laying, and fingered her hot cunt while she listened to them fuck.

“Look, she doesn’t know what she’s giving up,” Sasha said, “you did treat her like gold. You’re the best person I know, and if she can’t see that she’s fucking blind.”

Mark chuckled, “Thanks, Sash. I know that. I was good to her. I just don’t get it. What is it with women? The whole nice guy thing works for a while, you know, but what am I missing?”

“Well, from what I hear through this wall, you’re the whole package,” Sasha joked.

She felt his skin flush.

“Shit! I should have guessed you could hear that shit. I’m so sorry. I didn’t even think. You must think I’m some kind of perv.” He said, and she could feel him deflate.

“No more so than the rest of us,” She lied. She knew she was worse. The worst. Even now her nipples were hard being close to him, pressing against his back.

“Whatever. You’re not a perv like me. I happen to know that you’ve only been with one dude your whole life, if you were telling the truth.”

“I’d never lie to you,” she said, “it’s true. But…” she hesitated, unsure. Should she admit it to him? It wasn’t like Mark to go without a girlfriend for long. He was in demand. He was perfect. Maybe this was her chance. After all, he’d never been the judgemental type. He was always supportive. She went on, “But, the number of people you’ve been with doesn’t necessarily make you a perv, right? It’’s what’s in your, um, head, maybe?”

“Maybe. What exactly did you hear?” he said, turning over to look into her eyes. Their faces were only inches apart. His hand rested on hers. Sasha’s breath quickened. She swallowed hard. She saw his eyes quickly flick to her cleavage. A surge of heat started in her cunt. The obsession had her. She could feel the rush of blood in her head as the filthy thoughts poured to the front of her mind.

“I... just some, uh, you know. Slut,” a spasm of pleasure spiked through her brain as she said the word to her brother, “whore... fucktoy... co... cock... sucker,” she felt lightheaded as the words came out, and she saw Mark’s face turn red with embarrassment.

“Fuck. I’m sorry,”

“Why?” She asked.

“It’s just embarrassing. My sister heard me talking dirty,”

She fidgeted, her finger absentmindedly twirling her hair as she looked away from his eyes and said, “I liked it,” almost too quietly to hear.

“What? I couldn’t hear you.”

She felt ashamed, and that just made her cunt even warmer.

“I said, I liked it,” She repeated.

“Liked what?” Mark asked, oblivious.

“Hearing...hearing you say those things. I liked it. It turned me on.”

His eyes drank in her body. Mark knew his sister was a knockout. He wasn’t blind. And he was a pervert, too, he knew. He’d thought about her hot body when he jerked off, sometimes. Sasha was slim in the right places, perfectly rounded in others. She stayed fit, and that honey-blond hair of hers fell almost to her toned ass. He’d never imagined, though, that she might have looked at him the same way.

He smirked, and his cock twitched. She felt it against her leg, and another little spike of pleasure went through her brain.

“Sasha’s a dirty pervert,” he sing-songed, laughing.

“You don’t know the half of it,” she said, grinning as a huge weight lifted from her. He hadn’t been disgusted by her.

“Tell me more,” he went on, and his hand slid to her hip. He felt her tremble.

“Like what?” she whispered, afraid that speaking too loudly would break the sexual tension that was building between them. Fuck! She was admitting her filth to her brother, and he wasn’t recoiling in horror. In fact, she could see the growing hunger in his eyes. His gaze went to her heaving chest again. He rubbed her hip.

“How did it make you feel? When I called Megan a cocksucker?” he asked.

Sasha felt her pussy get even warmer at the word.

“I... I don’t know,” she lied, and he could see it.

“Yes, you do,” he said, and his finger slipped just under the waistband of her yoga pants, while he continued to rub her hip, “tell me.” It was an order. She could hear it in his voice. He wasn’t asking. He was commanding, and her whole cunt quivered.

“I was...I felt...Jealous. A little bit.” She admitted.

He grinned, and there was something there that she’d never seen before. Something cold and... evil. Another finger slipped beneath her waistband.

“Why were you Jealous, Sasha?”

“I can’t…” she said, struggling. She wanted to say it, but there was some kind of mental block in her head. It was as though admitting it out loud would finally push her over the edge. Her obsession would fully take her, and there would be nothing to save her. She was a horrible person. A filthy slut. She was a whore.

Mark’s whole hand slipped under her waistband, and slid along her thigh, until she felt it grip her ass cheek and pull her pelvis in closer to his. Her eyes widened and her breath quickened. She was no longer imagining it. Her brother’s hands were on her, touching her in an intimate way.

“Yes, you can,” he said calmly. “tell me why you were jealous. Say it.”

“Because... I wanted to…”

“Say it,”

“I wanted to be her,” She whispered, and just saying it out loud to him caused her pussy to spasm. She felt lightheaded as she saw him grin with something that looked like triumph.

He pressed his forehead to hers, and nuzzled her nose, his hand gripping her ass firmly. She could feel his cock hard against her.

“You wanted to be my cocksucker,” he stated, “that’s what you wanted, isn’t it?”

He could feel her trembling, her breath coming in ragged gasps. His hand slid between her legs from the back and tickled her cunt. He could feel her wetness leaking from it

“Say it,” he commanded, and licked her lips, making her gasp.

“I wanted be your...your cocksucker,” she breathed.

“Wanted? Past tense?”

Her brother’s finger was rubbing her pussy! Some tiny part of her brain screamed at her that it was wrong. She was sick. But that only made the feeling more intense. It was wrong. It was sick. She should not have her brother’s hand in her pants. She should not be saying these disgusting words to him. Only some perverse slut would be in this situation, and she was in this situation, so she must be a perverse slut.

“I want it,” she whispered, “I want to be your cocksu... cocksucker,”

“Good girl,” he said, and slipped his finger between her pussy lips, making her cum.

He pulled his hand free of her pants, took her hand, and guided it down to his cock. She felt it, hard and throbbing in his shorts. He kissed her, then, tongue sliding gently into her mouth. She couldn’t believe it was happening! Her mind reeled as she squeezed his thick shaft in her small hand and kissed him back.

She felt him tugging his shorts down, freeing his hot penis, and then it was naked in her hand. Her brother’s hard cock was in her hand! He pushed her gently onto her back and rolled on top of her, straddling her chest. Her tits heaved beneath her tank top, and she stared up into his eyes, mouth open lustily as she gently stroked his shaft.

“What are you?” He asked.

“Your cocksucker,” she answered.

He guided his throbbing penis to her lips and let it rest there. Her eyes locked on his and he could feel her shaking as she yearned to lift her head and engulf his crown.

“Your mouth is just a wet hole for my cock,” he said, “say it.”

She gulped and felt her cunt spasm. It was so twisted. She could hardly stand it.

“My mouth is just a wet hole for your cock,” she repeated.

He slapped his dick against her tongue, and she put her hand between her legs, touching her needy cunt. Mark slapped her hand away.

“You won’t play with your cunt, or cum unless I tell you to. Say it.”

“I won’t play with my cunt, or cum unless you tell me to,” She repeated.

“Your mouth exists to be fucked,” he said.

“My mouth exists to be fucked,” she repeated, and he could see the desperation in her eyes. She wanted his cock in her mouth so badly that she was literally drooling.

“You are my cocksucking slut sister,” he said, squeezing his shaft and letting the precum ooze across her lips.

Sasha licked it, and her eyes rolled back in her head as she repeated, “I am your slut sister.”

“Your purpose is to drain my balls into your throat.”

“My purpose is to drain your balls into my throat.”

“Your mouth was made for me to jerk off with,” he went on, and rubbed his cock on her tongue.

“Muh mouf us made fa you ta jek off wif,” she repeated as his thick shaft began rubbing her lips.

“I couldn’t hear you, cocksucker,” he said, “try again without a dick in your mouth.”

“My mouth was made for you to jerk off with!” she cried, “Please, put it back in!”

Mark smiled cruelly and started to stroke his cock above his sister’s pretty face. He watched the glazed, wild look in her eyes as she focused on the big, swaying cock just an inch above her face. She stuck out her tongue and just managed to lick the tip, where she eagerly lapped at the precum oozing from him.

“Please,” she begged, “My mouth is a wet hole for your cock!”

Mark shivered at the power he had over her, unbeknownst to him less than an hour ago. Fuck, if he had known that his slut sister was this crazed for his fuckstick, life would have been very different before. He did know, though. Now, life would be different. He groaned as he pushed the head of his cock into her mouth, feeling the underside glide gently across her tongue.

Sasha sighed contentedly and moaned. He could feel her hips buck and knew that she had just orgasmed purely from feeling his cock in her mouth. He pulled it back out, using her saliva to stroke it back and forth just above her mouth. Sasha looked completely lost in her cocklust. Her gaze was fixed completely on his dick.

“Please, put it back in. I need it,” she pleaded.

“Did you cum?” he asked.

She looked ashamed and nodded her head.

“Were you supposed to cum?”

She shook her head, and held her mouth open, eyes begging.

“You didn’t listen,” he said harshly, “why should I let you suck it?”

He continued to jerk his cock back and forth. More precum dripped from the tip into Sasha’s mouth.

“I’m sorry!” she wailed, “I was so hot, and I’ve been waiting so long. I didn’t mean to. Please, put it back in!” She looked on the verge of tears.

Mark relented and pushed his cock back into her willing mouth. Slowly, he fucked her face, just as he’d said, using her mouth to jerk himself off. Sasha breathed through her nose, opening her throat as much as she could with her head flat on the bed. Her whole body tingled at the twisted act she was committing.

“You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” Mark said, sawing his big dick between her stretched lips.

He felt her hips wiggle as she held back another orgasm, undoubtedly thinking of his cock deep inside her.

“Mmmm Hmmm!” She agreed.

“You want your big brother to fuck you,” he said, pulling his dick out, “Say it.”

“I want my big brother to fuck me!” Sasha agreed.

Mark pushed his cock back into her throat.

“Your cunt belongs to me, doesn’t it?”

He slapped her face lightly with his throbbing prick while she said, “My cunt belongs to you.”

He began to jerk his cock more furiously, and Sasha watched, eyes wide as the fat purple head began to twitch. It looked angry. She stuck out her tongue, tickling the tip, trying to coax it back into her mouth, but Mark wouldn’t give it to her. She mewled and groaned, but he just stroked and smiled at her. Finally, he threw his head back and growled.

Quick, hot bursts of semen spewed from his prick into Sasha’s face. She shut her eyes in surprise, but Mark slapped her and continued to cum. She opened her eyes to watch as more jets of cum plastered her lips, her nose. She licked it up, greedily, anywhere her tongue could reach.

Mark reached between her legs and frigged her hot cunt, saying, “cum cocksucker.”

She did, powerfully. Her hips bucked beneath him. He used his prick to push more semen into her mouth, letting her suckle at his head to suck more drops out. She looked beautiful, he thought. Cum splattered her forehead, her hair, ran from her cheeks and dripped from her eyelid. She was the perfect slut. He could see that she was still fuck crazed. She’d only been able to manage a couple of weak orgasms through the whole ordeal, and one good one at the end, on his fingers. He could see the need on her face. He looked at her perfect slit, swollen and hot, wet and ready.

He slid the tank top up, revealing her bare tits, they were excellent. More than a good handful. He pinched and pulled at her nipples.

“Rub your cunt,” he commanded.

Sasha did, while he played with her tits. He lay next to her and put his lips against her ear.

“You let your own brother cum on your face,” he said, rubbing her breasts while she played with her pussy, and he went on, “you let your brother fuck your mouth like a wet pussy, and you liked it, Sasha.”

She gasped and fingered her cunt harder.

“You just committed yourself to being his personal cocksucker, didn’t you? Your own brother’s personal cocksucker.”

Her eyes rolled back as she agreed.

“You told your brother to fuck you, didn’t you?”


“You wanted him to push his fat, bloated prick into your horny pussy.”

“Mmmm, fuck, yes!”

He tugged at her nipple.

“That would be incest, wouldn’t it?”

“Yes! Oh! Oooh, yes!”

“Incest is wrong, Sasha. Only dumb sluts with too much cock on the brain want to commit incest, don’t they?”

He sucked her nipple into his mouth, and pushed her hand away from her pussy, replacing it with his own. His big fingers slipped inside and gently sawed in and out.

“Fuck, yes!” Sasha agreed.

He put her hand back on her pussy and returned to playing with her tits.

“What does that mean Sasha? What does that make you?"

“A du... dumb... slut,” she said, her hips bucking as she came.

“Yes,” Mark agreed, “with too much cock on the brain. You love your big brother’s cock, don’t you, Sasha?”

“I love my big brother’s cock.”

“You’re a dirty pervert that sucks on her brother’s fat prick,”

“Dirty pervert…”

Sasha seemed lost. Her eyes were totally glazed, focused on the feelings between her legs as Mark continued to rub, tug, and suck on her tits.

“What would mom say, if she saw your pretty face covered in your brother’s sperm?”

“She’d call me a whore…” Sasha whispered.

“What would dad say? Would he cum on your face, too?”

“He’d cum on my face,” Sasha agreed, and buried her fingers in her snatch.

“Your mouth was made for cock.”

“My mouth was made for cock.”

Mark slid down her body, slapping her hand away and burying his tongue between Sasha’s legs. Her legs clamped onto his head as she sucked in a harsh breath and had the most powerful orgasm of her life. She cried out in ecstasy as Mark licked at her overheated cunt. Eventually, she had to push him away. Her pussy felt so sensitive that it was almost painful to touch.

Mark rolled her onto her side, wrapped his arms around her, one hand cupping her breast, and they quickly fell asleep.

Cunt Tease

Sasha awoke to a strange sensation. Her whole body tingled. A dried crust of semen covered parts of her hair and face, and her breast was smooshed in Mark’s grip. Between her legs, she was still creamy. She could feel Mark’s cock, hard in his sleep between her legs, resting against her cunt. Her warm juices coated the top of it, where it nestled between her pussy lips. She froze.

Her brother’s big cock was hard and resting against her wet pussy. Her heart began to beat faster. Just hours ago, she’d had the hottest, most intense sexual episode of her life. With her brother. She’d admitted her dark obsession and found out that he’d had one too. He’d taken total control of her body, playing her feelings like an instrument. Her perverted obsession had craved it, demanded that she obey and give in. And she’d loved it.

But she wanted it all. She wanted to be fucked by that thick dick. She wanted it inside of her, stiff and throbbing, pumping its filthy, incestuous load into her. She rocked gently against it. She could do it, right now. She could move in just the right way, and it would slip inside of her. Her body trembled, skin flushing, nipples growing hard beneath Mark’s sleeping hand.

Mark’s hand let her breast free and slid down to her leg. His other hand worked its way under her and grabbed her breast. He lifted her leg, making her groan. He could feel the hot wetness of her pussy against his stiff prick. He held her leg up, placed it over his, and ran the nearly nine-inch length of his cock meat between her soaked lips.

“You can’t get enough of your brother’s cock, can you?” he hissed in her ear.

Sasha felt her pussy flood at the words. They were so filthy.

“I need my brother’s fat cock…” she whispered

Mark sawed his dick back and forth between her lips, using her slick cunt to get himself harder, but he wouldn’t push it in.

“You can’t fuck your brother,” he said, “that would be incest and incest is wrong.”

“So wrong…”

“You can’t let your brother slide his bloated dick up you, Sasha. It would be incest.”

“Incest is wrong…” she said, and he could feel her cunt spasm against his cock.

“What kind of girls like incest, Sasha?”

“Dumb sluts,”

“You’re not a dumb slut, are you?”

Sasha’s chest heaved beneath his hands as he mauled her tit.


“Yes? You’re a dumb slut that likes incest?”

“Fuck… ” She gasped, trying to push her the big dick into her warm cunny, “I’m a dumb slut that likes, oooh, likes incest!”

“You made your brother’s big penis hard, Sasha,” he teased, and pressed the tip against her willing cock tunnel.

“Put it in me! Please, I need to feel it…”

“I thought you were my cocksucker?”

“Oooh fuck…” she gasped, as he held her leg tightly and let her cunt squirm against the head of his engorged cock. She could feel the hot precum leaking against her slit, “Yes, I’m your cocksucker! My mouth is a wet hole for your cock! Please, Mark, I need it.”

Mark slipped just the tip inside of her, spreading her welcoming channel and listening to her sigh in elation. He teased her with just an inch of his fat head, back and forth, rocking gently as Sasha tried to push herself back for more.

“You’re my cocksucking slut sister, aren’t you?”


He pulled his cock from her hole and heard her whine. Instead, he turned himself around on the bed and pulled her on top of him into a 69 position. Her lips immediately locked onto his warm prick, and she plunged her mouth down around it, the taste of her own cunt fresh on his skin as she tried to throat him. Mark gripped her wonderful, round ass in his hands, spreading her cheeks apart as he devoured her sopping cunt.

Sasha moaned around his shaft, spurting slut slime into his mouth, which Mark lapped up hungrily. His sister’s pussy was the sweetest he’d ever tasted. He gathered up her juices on his fingers and used them to tease her tight little butthole, making her squeal around his prick. Sasha felt his finger invade her ass, slick from her own fuck honey, her butt clenching at the unfamiliar, but not unwelcome, sensation.

“You want to give your ass to your brother, don’t you?” Mark said and licked between her slick lips.

“Mmmmm Hmm!”

He held her ass apart and began to buck his hips up into her mouth, fucking her face as manipulated her horny cunt with his tongue and lips. Sasha gagged as she tried to match the thrusts of his prick, but she just drooled around it and accepted the hard meat as it assaulted her throat. She heard Mark begin to groan into her pussy, and a moment later he was firing sticky streams of cum into her throat. Sasha squealed and swallowed, choked on the warm semen pouring into her mouth. The slimy mixture of her own spit and her brother’s hot ball cream oozed from her lips, pouring out around Mark’s pelvis and down onto her bed. Still, he bucked his writhing prick into her mouth until his balls were completely empty.

He rolled Sasha off of him and looked at his sister’s slimy, scuz-covered face, heaving breasts. She took deep ragged breaths, sucking in air. Her legs lay open, red and horny cunt twitching. Mark thought she looked perfect this way. He slapped his wet prick against her cunt, and she snapped her head up, looking between her legs hopefully. He grinned at her, gripping her breast firmly in one hand, while he rubbed his cock against her snatch with the other. Finally, he let her go.

“I’m going to shower,” he announced. You can go after me.”

He went to her drawers, rifled through her underwear, and tossed a black pair of cheeky panties. Then, from the closet he pulled the shortest skirt he could find and a skimpy tube top that would stretch obscenely over her tits.

“Wear these afterward.” he instructed and left the room.

Sasha stared at the slutty clothes and gently touched her pussy. She lay back, staring at the ceiling, bewildered. She’d gone from 0 to cockslave in the space of a few hours, and the way Mark was acting, this was only the beginning.


Sasha came into the kitchen dressed as she was told, braless, her nipples clearly visible in the tight top. She looked like an easy fuck, and both shame and excitement warred inside of her. Mark glanced at her and smiled as he set out bagels and juice on the table. Sasha sat and began to eat.

“We’re going out for some supplies,” he said.

She raised an eyebrow and continued devouring her bagel.

“Just a few things to have some fun with.” his eyes glittered with a hint of menace, and Sasha felt her pussy growing warm.

He finished his bagel in a couple of large bites, gulped back the juice, and went to brush his teeth. Sasha finished soon after and went to do the same. When, again, she came down the stairs Mark was seated in the living room.

“In here, Sasha,” he called.

She came into the room, where he beckoned her to sit on his lap. She did so, body quivering, and he positioned her ass so that she could feel his cock pressed against it. He spread her legs to either side of his, exposing her panty-covered cunt. He leaned her back against his chest and began to grope her tits through the tight top. Sasha moaned quietly as her obsession took hold.

“Slut,” the filthy voice in her mind said, “Incestuous brother sucker.”

“I’m so glad that you finally opened up with me,” Mark said, pinching her nipples, “about how you really feel. And, that I can admit to you how I feel. We’re going to have so much fun, Sasha.”

She squirmed her ass against his hardening cock. God, did he ever go soft?

“I am having fun,” she said, grinding against him.

He pushed her up, then stood and put her on her knees, his fist wrapped tightly in her hair. He rubbed her face against his bulge through his jeans, and heard her breathing become heavy. She rubbed his legs, hands trembling. Pulling her face back, he turned her head so that she was looking him in the eye, and with his other hand unzipped his pants, unbuckled his belt. He watched her eyes drop to his crotch; her tongue snaked out to wet her lips. Her eyes were growing misty as her obsession took hold. Mark pushed the jeans down and she could see his stiff member outlined in a pair of tight boxer briefs. He reached into the flap and pulled it out.

“Open,” he said. She did. “You want it, don’t you?”

She nodded, and he commanded, “Say it.”

“I want big brother’s cock in my mouth.”

“Good, but you can do better.”

He rubbed the crown against her lips and then pulled it away. She watched it bobbing in front of her, just inches from her mouth.

“I’m a cocksucking slut sister, and my mouth is a warm hole for you to jerk off with.” She said, looking into his face, and swallowing.

He pushed forward and filled her mouth with his bloated meat, driving it all the way to the back of her throat until she choked. Sasha fought the urge to gag and wrapped her lips around it tightly, allowing Mark to fuck her mouth. After only a few strokes, he pulled it out and she watched him tuck the glistening rod away and pull his pants back up. He released his hold on her, and stroked her hair gently, leaned in and kissed her, snaking his tongue into her mouth. She moaned, hands cupping his face as she kissed him back. Then, he pulled away and helped her to stand.

“Let’s go,” he said.

Sasha followed him to his car, and he backed it out of the drive. Within moments, his hand was between her legs, toying with her cunt through her panties. Sasha squirmed and felt the wetness making her panties damp. Mark grinned at her. He wanted her this way, in public with a wet cunt, soaking panties, dressed like a fucktoy. She could see the excitement in his face, and she felt the same, mingled with a bit of dread.

Mark drove them across town, and then further.

“Where are we going?” She asked.

“Far enough that there won’t be any chance of running into anyone we know.” he answered.

They drove for about an hour, Mark rubbing her pussy the whole time, driving her crazy, occasionally dipping his big fingers into her warm snatch. She was soaking and mewling by the time he pulled into the lot of a strip mall. He parked in front of a store with a sign that read “Lusty”, with blacked out windows and a sign on the door: Adults Only. 18+. A sex shop. He pulled his wet fingers from her crotch and licked them clean, lips smacking. They exited the car, and he held the door for her to enter in front of him. She felt his hand caress her ass just under her skirt.

Sasha was so on edge from having her pussy teased for over an hour, and only the briefest suck on Mark’s cock before leaving the house. She felt like she could cum just from the breeze under her skirt.

“Go and shop the clothes,” Mark told her, “Get yourself, maybe a dozen or so outfits. Good ones.” He smirked, patted her ass, and then walked in the other direction.

Sasha went to the apparel section and started browsing. She lost herself in the clothes, mind filled with filthy images. Each piece she looked at she imagined herself dressed in it. On her knees licking Mark’s cock. On her back, legs spread as pushed himself into her. Her ass in the air, as he pulled the string aside to bury his tongue in her ass. It was sick. It was so wrong. Her tummy felt tight as little butterflies fluttered inside it at the twisted thoughts.

She had a small basket full of slutty clothes when she felt Mark gently touch her arm. He had his own basket, filled with things, only half of which she could readily identify. Her pussy dripped imagining what he was going to do with them. He glanced at the pile of cloth in her basket, eyes gleaming, and he knew he was picturing her body in any range of skimpy outfits, positions. His free hand slid beneath her skirt and rubbed her soaked panties.

“Your horny cunt is soaking all over your brother’s fingers in public,” he whispered in her ear, and felt her shiver. Fuck! She loved the dirty talk.

At the other end of the aisle, a rather attractive girl in a pair of tight yoga pants and a belly shirt, navel piercing glittering, smoky eyeliner matching her black hair, cast an approving glance their way.

“She likes it,” Mark said, rubbing Sasha’s cunt, “she doesn’t know that you just sucked your brother’s cock, does she?”


The girl down the aisle flipped through the clothes on the racks but kept one eye on the horny couple. She met Sasha’s eyes and smiled, licking her lips.

“She thinks you’re cute,” Mark said, “She’s thinking about lezzing off with you right now. She doesn’t know that you want to commit incest with your brother, does she?”

He could feel Sasha’s pussy get even wetter, if that were possible. Two of his fingers slid easily inside under her panties. The girl had dropped any pretext of shopping and was now openly watching Mark molest his sister.

“No, she doesn’t know,” Sasha whispered, watching the girl watch her.

“What kind of girl wants to commit incest while she lezzes off with another girl, Sasha?”

“Fuck! A dumb...dumb slut with t...too much...cock on the brain,” she gasped, as Mark’s digits slid in and out of her sopping sex. The girl touched her own breasts through her belly shirt.

“Are you that kind of girl, Sasha?”

“Yes! Fuck!” She hissed.

Mark pulled his fingers from her spasming snatch and slipped them into her mouth as he smiled at the girl. She giggled as Sasha licked her own cunt honey from his fingers. The girl reached into her purse. Mark led Sasha down the aisle, past the girl, grinning in her direction. The girl reached out and pressed something into Sasha’s hand.

“You and your boyfriend are super-hot. I loved it!” she said and let her go with a wink. She turned back to her shopping, throwing a glance back at Sasha’s swaying ass. Sasha opened her hand and unfolded a slip of paper as they walked to the counter.

“I think she gave me her number.” Sasha said, showing Mark the little paper with a phone number, hastily scrawled in pink pen. The name scribbled below was “Amy”.


“That was so fucking hot,” Sasha said, once they were back on the road. She wanted to frig her cunt so badly. No. She wanted to be fucked so badly. She reached over and groped Mark’s cock through his jeans, pleading, “I’m so hot, Mark. Please, I need it.”

“What do you need, Sasha?” He teased, both hands firmly on the wheel as she toyed with his dick through the thick denim.

“I need this,” she said, giving him her best sultry look. “Are you going fuck me?” She asked, voice trembling.

He didn’t answer. He just smirked and pulled the car into a gas station parking lot just ahead. Reaching into the back seat, he went through one of the bags from the store, and came back with a pink g-spot vibrator. Tearing open the package, he popped in the included batteries as she watched, and then he clicked the button. The car filled with the hum of the toy.

“Take off your panties,” he said.

Sasha slid the soaked panties down her legs, exposing her bare sex. Mark took them from her and hung them from the rearview mirror. Sasha blushed. Anyone who took the time to notice could see what they were, and they were literally dripping with her fuck honey. A few drops fell to the dashboard, where they were quickly burned away by the summer sun.

“Lean the seat back, spread your legs, and put your feet up on the dash.”

She did it and felt the cool breeze of the AC blow over her overheated cunt. The smell of her arousal quickly filled the confined space. In the parking lot, people walked in and out of the gas station, paying no mind to the spread-eagle blonde. Mark rolled her window down, and she felt her heart beat faster. There was something about that small action that made her feel even more exposed. With the window up, it was like their own little bubble inside the car. Down, it allowed the world inside, where they could witness Sasha’s shame, the humiliating darkness inside her that consumed her soul.

Mark touched the vibrating toy to Sasha’s slit and she yelped at the contact. Goddamn! Why didn’t she have one of these before? She panted as Mark ran the toy up and down between her excited pussy lips. Sasha moaned out loud, and at one of the gas pumps, a man raised his head and looked about, certain he’d heard something.

“Take it, and cum for me,” Mark said.

Sasha’s hand took hold of the toy, and she began to stroke herself with it, and then it slipped inside, and her brain exploded. She’d been so keyed up all morning, her pussy constantly teased. It only took the feeling of the vibrator slipping inside of her to push her over the edge. She kept going, though.

“Fuck your pussy, Sasha,” Mark urged, rubbing her breast through her top.

Sasha’s eyes were shut, and she was so lost in her own pleasure that she didn’t even notice the pickup truck that parked next to them. Mark did. The truck’s driver leapt out and walked into the gas station. The passenger, though, had his attention directed at his phone. He glanced up, though, taking stock of his surroundings, and then did a double take, staring down from his lofty perch at Sasha’s spread legs, bare pussy, the end of a vibrating toy sticking out as she twitched with pleasure.

Mark waved him down, but he hesitated. He looked all around the parking lot, nervously. Mark waved again.

“Does it feel good, Sasha?” Mark asked, his eyes on the young man in the truck, not any older than himself.

“Yes…” Sasha hissed.

“Anyone that walks by the window can see your pussy,” he said, “They can hear how much you need to be fucked, can’t they?”

“Yes…” she said, her legs twitching on the dash.

“They could reach right in the window and touch you,”


“You’d let them, wouldn’t you?”

Sasha hesitated. Mark’s brow furrowed for a second, and he glanced up at the truck, where the young man still watched, his own hesitation clear on his face.

“You’d do it for me, wouldn’t you? You’d do it to make your brother’s cock hard.”

No hesitation this time, as Sasha answered, “Oooh, yes!” and she came again.

It clicked perfectly, now. It wasn’t that his sister was a slut, not really. It was that she was a slut for him. The hotter it made him, the hotter it made her. The fact that she was doing it with him and for him was her trigger. The truck door opened, and the young man stepped down, still nervously looking about, but his dick was clearly in charge now. Mark motioned for him to reach in and touch Sasha’s other tit. Hand trembling, he did.

Sasha’s eyes opened and she gasped at the stranger looking in her window, his hand on her breast, her brother’s hand on the other, while she fucked her cunt with the toy. She looked at Mark, saw the lust in his eyes, and she didn’t stop. She came, clenching her legs together with the vibrator inside her.

Mark waved the stranger back from the car, and the young man jumped back in surprise as they drove away. He could see the young man’s slack jawed expression in the rearview mirror as they exited the gas station and got back onto the road.

Sasha’s legs trembled on the dash as she pulled the toy from her cunt and fumbled for the off button, finally finding it. She still felt hot inside. She’d just been molested in a gas station parking lot. And she’d cum while it happened. Mark’s hands ran up and down her bare legs.

“You liked that, didn’t you?”

Sasha nodded. She couldn’t speak. She lay back in the seat, closed her eyes, and let Mark gently rub her cunt. The dark voice inside of her loved the feelings in her body, exulted in the perverse pleasure of it all. It was so sick. It wasn’t normal. She was a pervert. She half-slept the rest of the ride home, Mark’s hand continually stimulating her horny slit.

Just before they arrived home, Mark pulled through the drive-thru of one of the new organic, healthy, non-GMO chains that seemed to be popping up everywhere. Sasha realized, then, that she was starving, and extremely thirsty. She was sure half the water in her body had leaked out of her cunt this morning. She ordered a fruit smoothie with a chicken salad.

“Nice choice,” Mark said, and ordered the same.

While they waited behind the vehicle in front of them, Mark turned the vibrator back on and stuck it between her legs. Sasha jumped at the sensation. God, her pussy was so hot! She couldn’t get enough. Mark spread her legs wider and moved the toy up and down her slit. The car ahead of them pulled off, and Mark began to pull to the window. Sasha looked at him in panic, but he pretended to ignore her.

“Mark!” She hissed, her hands moving to cover her pussy.

“Don’t hide it, Sasha.” he said. His tone was different though. Not commanding. He was still her brother, but he was excited by exposing her. She was excited, too. She couldn’t deny it. She felt lightheaded as she moved her hands back, and they pulled to the window.

“That’ll be $18.75,” the girl at the window said, and her eyes bugged as Mark handed her a debit card. “It’ll be, um, just a... a moment.” She said and ran his card. While the machine processed it, she tried to pretend there wasn’t a man masturbating a moaning, half naked slut just a few feet away.

The girl’s face was red as she listened to Sasha’s sexy mewling. Mark acted as though nothing strange was happening, took his card back and continued to play with Sasha’s cock tunnel as they waited for their food. The embarrassed girl handed him the smoothies first. Mark clicked the vibrator off and dropped it on the seat. He took the smoothies, and set Sasha’s between her legs, where the cold drink pressed against her hot vagina, making her shriek. Mark put his in the cup holder. He took the food and set it on the back seat.

“Thank you.” He said to the girl and drove off.

Sasha snatched the drink away from her cunt, and greedily slurped at it, eye-fucking Mark as he drove. At last, they arrived home, where Sasha fell to devouring her salad as though she hadn’t eaten in days. The constant excitement in her pussy seemed to be using up her energy more quickly, she thought.

As she polished off the last of her salad, Mark came up behind her and peeled off her top. Her nipples had been hard all day. He cupped her tits in his big hands, pinching and rolling her nipples, as he gently kissed the top of her head.

“Still having fun?” He asked.

She leaned her head back against his chest and replied, “God, yes.”

“So am I.”

“I can tell.”

One of his hands slid down her smooth tummy, caressed it gently as he continued playing with her tits.

“You have such perfect tits,” he said in her ear.

Fuck. The way he whispered this filthy shit in her ear, like it was a dirty little secret, made her cunt gush.

“I’m going to love fucking your tits, and cumming on them.”

Sasha gasped as he pulled on her nipple. She heard him unbuckle his belt behind her head. His zipper followed. Sasha swallowed. His jeans fell to the ground, and she could feel his body shift as he stepped out of them. His other hand never left her tits. Her chair scraped against the vinyl floor as he turned her around, and his throbbing cock was at eye level, jutting from his boxer briefs.

Sasha’s eyes watched it bob up and down rhythmically, as though it was a snake trying to charm her. She felt her mouth water. Fuck, she was a pervert, she thought. She looked up at Mark, and without being told, opened her mouth. His prick slid into her wet hole easily, and she could feel the drool run from the corners of her mouth as he pushed it as deep as he could. She gagged, briefly, and then his balls touched her chin.

She saw the victory in his eyes as he held her there, his big cock all the way in her throat. Sasha breathed out her nose, watching him, telling him how much she wanted it with her eyes.

“You swallowed your big brother’s whole prick,” Mark said, and saw her eyes roll back in her head.

Mark picked up his phone, holding her head in place. After a few swipes and taps, he flipped the stand on the back open with his thumb and placed it on the table. Sasha’s eyes flicked to it, and she saw herself on the screen. She rubbed her legs together and tried her best not to cum. It was so hot. She could see the bulge in her throat where her brother’s cockhead was nestled. His heavy testicles rested against her chin. A steady stream of drool poured from her lips, dripping onto her heaving tits. Mark’s big hand held the back of her head firmly.

She sucked in air as Mark pulled her head back, and on the screen, she watched as inch after inch of his wet dick slid from her mouth. A trail of thick spit hung suspended from his crown to her lips as she gasped. He pushed his bloated meat back in until she made a satisfying, “Gluck!”

“Fuck your mouth is so good, cocksucker,” Mark said, and began to ease his prick back out, then back in. He started a gentle rhythm, pushing all the way back into her mouth, and then back out.

“Fuck. I wonder if your pussy feels as good as this,” he said, fucking her mouth faster. “Would you like to try it, Sasha? Would you like to try to put my cock into your pussy and see how good it feels?”

He pulled his dick out just long enough for her to say, “Yes!”

“That would be incest, though, wouldn’t it?”

He pulled his cock free and rubbed it on her lips.

“Yes…” she said and snaked her tongue out to lick his head.

“If your brother fucks your pussy and cums in you,” he began, and felt her shiver, “that would be worse than sucking his cock, wouldn’t it?”

“Ahhh, yes!”

“Which is worse, Sasha,” he asked, rubbing his fat head on her lips, “being a suckslut or a fuckslut?”

“Fuckslut…” she said, and he pushed his cock back in her mouth, let her nurse sexily on the head of it.

“Being a fuckslut for your big brother would be the worst, wouldn’t it?”

“Mmm hmm…”

“But you like that idea. You like the thought of your big brother’s penis throbbing inside of you, right?”


“You want to feel that. You want your big brother to squirt his hot jizz into your pussy.”


“You want your brother to fill you up and knock you up.”

Sasha squealed around his gently pumping cock as he said the words, tugging at her nipples. She couldn’t help it. The thought was so nasty that she came in her chair. She looked up at Mark, tears in the corners of her eyes. He could see the warring emotions in her. Sasha was so consumed with lust, but at the same time he could see the utter shame and disappointment in herself for letting the lust control her. He loved it.

“Oh my, Sasha. That really excited you, didn’t it?”


“That would be so nasty and wrong. That wouldn’t just be incest, would it?”

“Mmm Mmm”

He pulled his prick out of her mouth and she gasped, her breath ragged. Her eyes looked completely wild, like she was in another world. Drool and precum ran down her face and coated her tits, soaking into her skirt. She openly rubbed her cunt, completely forgetting his instruction not to touch herself or cum. She was gone, lost in the darkness. Mark bent her over the table, yanking the skirt down. She spread her legs, waiting for him to drive his prick into her.

He pushed her over the table, flattening her breasts against the cold surface as his fingers frigged her horny fuck hole.

“Fuck! Put it in me! Please!” she begged, “Fuck me.”

She wiggled her ass invitingly at him, and for a moment Mark almost gave in. God, her pussy looked heavenly. But, that wasn’t the plan. He rubbed his throbbing erection against her wet slit, up and down it, teasing them both. Then, he pulled back, inserting his fingers again and finger fucking his sister as he fisted his prick, jerking himself off with the thick coating of spit from her mouth. A few moments later, he came, splattering her spread pussy with a thick white slime.

Sasha felt the hot splash of cum against her cunt and it set off her own orgasm. Fuck! Her brother came on her pussy! She’d let her brother shoot his incestuous sperm onto her open cunt. Together they both cried out like a couple of animals. Mark slumped against her back, his softening prick resting between her cummy ass cheeks as they both breathed heavily.

“Oh my God…” Sasha breathed, “Oh my fucking God....”

“You should clean up,” Mark whispered, “your brother just came all over your pussy.”

Sasha groaned. She was such a slut. Mark helped her stand, and whirled her around, planting his lips on hers. She kissed him back, eagerly, her head swimming with all the twisted and delicious feelings. His hands were all over her body, cupping her ass, smearing the cock slime into her flesh, gripping her hips tightly and grinding his softened cock against her. Her spit-soaked breasts rubbed against his sweaty chest, exciting her engorged nipples. Finally, he let her go and led her up the stairs, where he started the shower.

As the water warmed, they stood side-by-side, brushing their teeth, casting little winking glances at one another. Finished, he took her by the hand, and they entered the walk-in shower together. Mark was gentle, rubbing the soap on her skin, cleaning every part of her attentively, washing the traces of cum and sweat from her hair. He held her close under the hot water, gently kissing her forehead, her lips, her neck.

“Sasha,” he said, “I know it’s been a whirlwind 24 hours, but I want you to know that whatever happens you’ll always be my sister. And I love you.”

She melted against him and stared at him with her wide, green eyes.

“I love you too. Thank you for being so nice to me.”

He chuckled, saying, “You call what I’ve been doing nice?”

“Well, not exactly all of...that stuff,” she said, waving her hand all-encompassing, “even though I loved every second of it. I just mean now. That was very sweet, and I appreciate it.”

He shut off the water and wrapped a big towel around her, then himself. They went to his bedroom together, where he pulled a blanket over them, and they quickly fell into an exhausted nap.

When Sasha awoke, she was alone. Her towel had fallen away, tangled in the blanket. She threw the blanket back and dragged her naked body from the bed. She felt much better after the nap. Emerging from Mark’s room, she caught the smell of cooking steaks and her mouth watered. She stopped by her room, grabbed a silky robe, and slipped it on, then headed down the stairs. She followed the smell of cooking meat out to the back deck, where Mark sat at the deck table, his feet propped up, while steaks sizzled on the grill. He was shirtless, wearing a pair of athletic shorts. He looked up from his phone as she walked outside.

“Hey, sis.” He said, grinning.

It seemed so normal. As if he hadn’t spent the last day using her mouth as his personal fuckhole, and manipulating her dripping cunt over and over again. Fuck, she was getting hot again at the memory.

“Hey. Smells good!” She said, putting her robe under her ass as she sat on a plastic deck chair across from Mark at the table.

“Figured we could use a bit of protein.” He said, giving her a sly smile.

He smiled at his phone as it pinged, and she gave him a curious look.

“Just texting a friend. And, no, it was not about your little video.” he said.

Sasha flushed. She’d just made her first amateur porno. With her brother. And, it had been extremely hot. She wanted to see it. She needed to see it.

“Yes, it is as hot as you think.” Mark said. He knew exactly what she was thinking.

He got up, checked the steaks, flipped them over, and closed the grill. Picking up his phone, he tapped a few times, flipped the stand, and then set it in front of her on the table. She watched herself swallowing her brother’s big boner over and over, watched Mark’s prick fill her throat as he used his little sister’s mouth as...well, as a wet hole for his cock. Fuck, she was getting horny again already. Mark slipped his hand inside of her robe and toyed with her nipple as she watched. She glanced up at the yard. Thank goodness for high privacy fences.

Her eyes flicked back to the screen, where Mark was asking her a series of very filthy questions. She could see the cock-crazed look on her face as she lovingly licked at this cockhead and admitted what a horny slut she was. It made her cunt so juicy to see and hear it. A permanent HD record of her shameless debauchery. Mark pulled his hand from her robe and returned to the grill.

“Steak’s ready,” he said, spearing the meat and dropping it onto a plate.

He set the plate down, plucked his phone from the table, pocketed it in the shorts, and went to the kitchen. A few moments later he came back bearing a tray of tossed salad, dinner rolls, and a bottle of red wine. Sasha looked at the wine curiously.

“You do remember that your baby sister is only 18, right?” she asked.

“I won’t tell if you won’t.” He answered and uncorked the bottle.

Sasha had never had alcohol before. Then again, she’d done a lot of things in the last day that were firsts.

“When in Rome!” she cried, “Or some such shit.”

Mark poured her a glass and made her a plate of food. They dug into the meal, bantering back and forth, laughing, enjoying the end of the summer day. It was like everything was just normal again. Like her brother hadn’t shot a big load of hot spunk against her naked pussy only a couple of hours ago. The sun was low in the sky when Mark took the dishes in. Sasha’s head felt very warm from the glass and a half of wine. Mark came back out, topped off their glasses, and sat back down. Emboldened by the drink, Sasha rounded the table and plopped herself onto Mark’s lap, swirling her wine in her glass.

She snaked her arm around his neck and kissed him, delighting in the feel of his hand running up her thigh beneath her robe. His hands hot against her skin, the caress trailed back down, coming to rest between her legs. She trembled in his lap, feeling him growing hard against her ass.

“I think the wine is making me feel naughty.” She giggled.

“I think you’re just naughty,” Mark said, “Wine or no.”


“I think you’re a horny girl,” he said, rubbing her slit, “with a very warm and excited pussy, and her big brother’s cock pressed against her beautiful little round ass.”

Sasha tossed back another swallow of her wine, pretending to be cool, but she knew he could tell it was just a show. Her pussy was warm and excited again. He undid her silky robe and sucked on her hard nipple.

Fuck! Why did her cunt get so hot thinking about her brother? She was so dirty. He savaged her tits and pussy with his hands and tongue, cock hard again in his shorts. His finger slid into her mouth and played with her squirming tongue. She could taste her whore nectar on it.

“What is the purpose of your mouth?” He asked, returning his wet finger to her moist pussy.

“For my brother to jerk his big dick off with…” She answered and spread herself wider.

“Your pretty face is a cum target. Say it.”

“Oooh! My pretty face is a... a cum target.”

“You have plump dick sucking lips, don’t you?


“Your mouth is a warm, wet hole for your brother to fuck.”

“Yes. Warm and wet for my big brother to fuck.”

She lay her head back against his shoulder as he played with her body, losing herself to the depraved obsession, the filth Mark whispered into her brain.

“Your cunt is a warm, wet hole for your brother to masturbate with.”

Her pussy clamped on his invading digit. God, this was so sick!

“Fuck! Fuck! Yes...My cunt is a warm, wet hole for my brother masturbate with!”

“My little sister has a slutty cunt that needs to be fucked.”

“Uh huh. Slutty cunt that needs to be fucked. Please! Please fuck it, Mark.”

Mark reached down and worked his shorts off, freeing his thick meat. It bounced up and slapped Sasha’s cunt with a wet smack, making her jerk. Mark centered her on his lap, leaning her back against his chest, one hand tugging her nipples. He spread her legs to either side of his, so that his cock rested against her warm, wet lips. Sasha’s fingers rubbed the head of it, stroked it.

With his free hand, Mark slapped it gently against her gash, making her squirm her round ass against him. He positioned the head at the entrance to her fuck tunnel and rubbed it back and forth against her wetness.

“You want your brother to slide his dick inside of you, don’t you?”

“Fuck, please, yes!”

“You want to committ incest with your big brother.”

“Yes!” She wriggled her hips, trying to make the throbbing shaft go inside.

“What kind of girl wants to commit incest with her big brother, Sasha?”

“A dumb slut with too much cock on the brain…”

“What kind of girl does that make you?”

“A dumb slut…” She panted.

“It would be very wrong and perverted to let your brother stretch you open with his cock and cum in you.”

“So wrong…”

“What would happen if he spurted his cum in you and got you pregnant, Sasha?”

Sasha threw her head back and orgasmed as Mark let the tip of his cock open her tight pussy.

“Oooh fuck!” She cried.

“Mom would call you a pregnant, brother-fucking slut, wouldn’t she?”


“What would dad do to you, Sasha?”

“Oh fuck...He’d...he’d rape my pregnant cunt…” she hissed, and her pussy clenched around the cockhead resting inside her entrance.

Mark popped his cock out of her and stood her up. She looked dazed, wobbly, unsteady on her feet as led her back into the house. After the dimness of the fading day, the bright lights in the house dazzled Sasha’s eyes. She squinted as she adjusted to the change and allowed Mark to pull her by the hand into the living room.

They rounded the couch, and Sasha saw some of the toys from their trip to the sex store, resting on the couch. If possible, her cunt became even wetter. Mark picked up some kind of ring with an odd assortment of straps attached to it.

“Open.” he said, and Sasha opened her mouth.

Mark pushed the ring between her lips, and she found that she could no longer close her mouth. He fixed the straps around her head. Sasha’s breathing became heavier, her eyes wide and afraid, but excited. Mark only smiled. He turned her around, and pulled her arms behind her back, locking her wrists together with something soft, but unyielding. Like a cuff. Next, he picked up a pair of panties with something protruding from inside the crotch. He knelt and touched her foot. She lifted it, and then the other, and he slid the panties up her legs. She moaned as the protrusion slid inside her moist cunt.

Drool was already pooling in Sasha’s open mouth, as if it was difficult to swallow her saliva. Mark pushed her to her knees, and gently inserted his cock into her drooling hole. Finally, he fixed another strap around his own back, and as he tightened it, Sasha felt his cock push all the way to the back of her throat. She glurked and coughed, sending a river of spittle streaming down her chin. Now she understood. She was locked in place to Mark’s crotch. She couldn’t move her head back, and his dick was lodged firmly in her gullet. She had no choice but to massage his cockhead with her throat just to keep from choking.

Mark took a seat on the couch, pulling Sasha with him, and turned on the TV. He said nothing to her as he began flipping channels casually, as though his bloated, throbbing penis wasn’t stuffed into his little sister’s throat. He pretended not to hear Sasha’s slobbering, gagging sounds as he flexed his cock. Rivers of warm spit flowed out of her mouth coating his balls, soaking into the thick towel he’d placed on the couch.

He thumbed a switch on one of the straps of the harness, and the quick release triggered, allowing Sasha to pull her head up and gasp for breath. She inhaled sharply, and he flicked the switch again. The strap rewound, pulling Sasha’s mouth back down over his cock.


Suddenly, the thing in her cunt sprang to life, vibrating her insides. Sasha squealed around the cock in her throat as her pussy clenched in pleasure. A moment later, the sensation stopped. Her head was released and snapped back. She huffed, face red, and for a moment she saw Mark’s amused grin. Then her head snapped back down, the vibration in her cunt started again. She orgasmed, fuck juice soaking the vibrating panties as tears streamed down her cheeks, mixing with the spittle pooling around her brother’s balls.

Sasha’s entire world became Mark’s crotch. All she could see was his pelvis, coated in a sheen of her own spit. Her throat was filled with her big brother’s fat penis, which she massaged with her throat muscles as she struggled for breath. The experience was punctuated by moments where the strap released, and she could gasp sharply for air, before her head was snapped back down, and the thick mushroom of Mark’s twitching cock slid back into her throat. Then her cunt would vibrate, and she would moan, sending pleasant vibrations down Mark’s shaft.

Her mouth, literally, became a wet hole for his cock. The entire time, Mark didn’t speak to her. She could hear him tapping on his phone, texting people while he watched TV. Sasha became lightheaded. The strap hadn’t released for some time. She struggled gently, hoping Mark would take the hint and let her up to breathe. He didn’t. She made little noises, vibrating the big dick in her mouth. She could feel it twitching, the head expanding, and then Mark groaned and hard shots of thick jism shot down Sasha’s throat, directly into her tummy. The vibrating in her cunt started again and she orgasmed as more ropes of salty sperm filled her mouth, choking her. The disgusting mess poured out of her mouth as she struggled. Then, the strap let loose, and she tumbled backward onto the floor, unable to catch herself with her arms cuffed behind her back.

Mark was beside her, his cock dripping slime on her taut belly as he released her head from the straps. She gagged and choked on the cum and spit that plugged her windpipe. She’d even managed to get some of the mess in her nose. Her jaw ached and her face was ashen from the lack of breath. Next, Mark pulled the panties down her legs, and she could feel trails of slut juice on the inside of her legs. He gently helped her up, undid the cuffs, and pressed a glass of cold water into her hand.

Sasha gulped the water desperately, wiping her mouth on the sleeve of her open robe. She looked at her brother with a mix of terror and excitement in her eyes, but she was still too dazed to say anything. She rubbed her sore wrists as Mark sat her on the couch. He knelt between her leg and buried his face in her horny cunt, sucking, licking, fingering. Sasha came again and again as Mark’s masterful tongue and lips toyed with her sex. Finally, he pulled away, leaving her gasping and dizzy. His tongue found its way into her mouth, the taste of her cunt mingling with the lingering flavor of his cum. When she felt fully devoured, he plopped down next to her on the couch and pulled her into his arms, laying her head on his chest. He lovingly stroked her hair as her breathing returned to normal.

“You did so good,” he said softly, as though speaking to a baby, “so good.”

Sasha felt warm inside at the words. Mark guided her on wobbly legs up the stairs to his bathroom, where he put her in the shower and washed her clean again. Then, he took her to bed, crawled in next to her and she was asleep in seconds.

Beach Trip

There was a very strange feeling down there. Sasha fought against waking up, but the insistent pressure kept nagging at her. First, there was the feel of something cool, squishy. Then, she snapped awake as she felt her asshole opening up. She gasped and opened her eyes, trying to turn her head around to see, but it was still dark. Very dark. There was something over her eyes. She couldn’t move her arms or legs, and she could feel something akin to the cuffs from the previous night, holding her wrists and ankles. She was laying on her tummy, breasts pressed into the bed.

“Mark!” She cried.

“Good morning.” She heard him say.

She shrieked in surprise as something long and rubbery popped past her sphincter and slid into her ass.

“Ahhh! What the fuck!”

She felt the wide base of something, likely another of the toys, press against her asshole. Whatever it was, it was lodged firmly in her squirming butt. She felt her cunt getting wet as she pictured what she must look like, spread and tied to her brother’s bed with a sex toy in her anus. She felt Mark smearing something wet on her pussy, and immediately it began to get very warm and tingly. She humped the bed.

“Oh my God! What is that? It’s...oh fuck…” She sputtered.

Mark chuckled. She felt him shift on the bed, then his weight rested to either side of her spread legs. He molested her ass, palming her cheeks, wriggling the toy and making her scream. She felt the warm head of his cock rest against her pussy. He rubbed it through her slit, smearing the warm, tingling oil through her gash.

“You have the sweetest little pussy, Sasha,” he said, “It looks so wonderful on camera.”

Sasha tensed. Was he really filming this? She groaned in excitement at the thought of Mark making a collection of her descent into total submissive debauchery.

“Can you imagine how cute it would look with your brother’s fat cock inside it?”

She gasped into her pillow as she felt the head of his cock push just inside. She hated the way he kept teasing her that way, letting her have just an inch and nothing more. It was infuriating, but the denial was incredibly arousing at the same time.

“Fuck. It feels so tight,” Mark said, “and so wet. It would be so easy to fuck you right now,” he pulled it back out, sank the tip back in. Sasha shook her ass, feeling so full from the toy in her bottom. “I’ll bet you would cum so good if you had your big brother’s penis spreading this perfect pussy open. It would go so deep inside you, Sasha.”

“Fuck!” She cursed.

He took the toy in her asshole and pulled it out slowly, making her suck in breath as his cockhead pulsed inside her slut hole. He pushed the toy back in, and she felt her ass open up to accept it. Her bottom squirmed and she groaned.

“And then, after I fill your pussy up with a big load, I could use your own cunt cream to take your ass. You can be your big brother’s buttslut. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

“Uh huh…” she agreed.

She felt his cock withdraw, and then she cried out in pleasure as her pussy was suddenly filled completely. She orgasmed, but then the realization that it wasn’t her brother’s cock hit her. It felt fake, rubbery. He’d shoved a dildo up her snatch. The fullness of having something in her ass and pussy at the same time was almost too much. Then, the fake penis began to squirm inside of her, massaging her fuck tunnel, and she screamed as she humped the bed.

She felt Mark get off of the bed. The world went silent as he placed a pair of big noise-cancelling headphones over her ears. The sudden deprivation of her other senses left her entire world focused only on the pleasure radiating from her ass and cunt. Then, the sounds began, filling her brain with filth.

“I love your cock…” a woman’s seductive, brainless voice said, “please fuck my pussy is a warm hole for your cum... I love creamy cock juice in my pussy is a sex toy…” The woman moaned sexily and orgasmed, and then, her excited voice began again, “I want cock in my ass and pussy were made for taking cocks...please cum in my asshole...I love being an anal slut…”

Sasha listened for what seemed like hours, the squirming toy in her fuck hole sporadically sending her into the throes of another orgasm, which made her asshole clench around the toy in her anus. All the while, the slutty voice in her ears went on, telling her she wanted to be raped. She loved thick, tasty cocks in her mouth. She needed horny pricks to plumb her asshole. That her cunt was a willing receptacle for warm sperm. She was a life support system for three warm fuck holes and a pair of tits. She was only useful for raping. After a while, she found herself repeating the phrases aloud, while the sex toy hummed on inside of her.

When, at last, she felt the headphones removed, she was a drooling mess. Pools of spittle soaked the pillow under her cheek. Mark’s bed was soaked from the amount of slut slime that she’d expelled onto his sheets. The quietness of the empty house was jarring, and she found that she missed the soothing voice. Mark slid the toy from her quivering cunt, the other from her ass, and she felt very empty.

“Need more cocks in my to swallow cum…” she mumbled, while Mark removed the restraints on her arms and legs. She felt him gently massaging some life back into her ankles, and then her arms. Lastly, the blindfold came off and Sasha was dazzled by the sudden reintroduction to light. She felt very confused, disoriented. She had no idea how long she’d been restrained, her spasming cunt and the soft voice her only focus. Mark stroked her hair, then helped her to stand.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Yes!” She answered, “That was...I don’t even know.”

He grinned and ushered her into the bathroom, where he left her to shower. She spent the time washing and thinking about the last two days. She couldn’t have imagined, two days ago, just how much she would really be getting off being a sextoy for her brother. That dark, perverted desire was always with her, but now that it was out, it was even more consuming than before. It was almost all she thought about. How could she go back to a normal life after this? Was it even possible? She was afraid of the answer, so she ignored it, closed it off.

Sasha left the shower and returned to Mark’s room, but he was gone. The bed had been stripped. She heard him down the hall in the laundry room and made her way there. He was shirtless, putting the sheets into the washer. She leaned in the doorway, admiring his toned back muscles.

“So, what are we doing today?” She asked, drawing his attention.

“I have an idea,” he said, closing the washing machine and turning it on.

He studied her body, hidden beneath her towel, wolfishly.

“Breakfast. And then your bikini.”

“Beach day?” She said, facing lighting up.

“Looks like a perfect day for it. We can drive out to Short’s Cove.”

Sasha ran away to get dressed, while Mark prepared breakfast. Bellies full, they started for the door. Sasha wore a bright blue bikini top and bottoms, low cut around the waist. The back hugged her ass cheeks. She carried a small beach bag on one arm. Mark stopped her at the door, and then she noticed what was in his hands.

“Do you trust me?” He asked.


“You know that I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you, right?”


“Good. Today is about trust,” he said, and he placed a pair of wraparound sunglasses on her face. She went blind. The glasses blacked out the world.

“What…” She started, but then she felt the headphones go on over her ears, and she was also deaf. She felt Mark take her hand and lead her out the door. She stumbled through the entrance in her sandals, disoriented and afraid. Mark guided her slowly to the car, and he placed her hand on the open door, where she was able to orient herself into the seat. The loss of all sight and sound was terrifying. The feeling of giving up all control to Mark was also frightening, but exciting. She felt the car start, the sense of motion as he backed out.

Sasha jumped in her seat as the slutty voice filled her ears again. She felt Mark’s hand between her legs.

“I love the taste of wet cunt…Sucking clit is so yummy...Even horny lesbos need to suck cock sometimes…” The woman orgasmed and Sasha felt herself getting wet. Lacking any other sensory input, the voice and the hand rubbing her cunt became her only focus.

“Please stuff me full of prick juice...My body is a sex toy...Hurt my slutty tits...Open my ass up…” Briefly, she wondered how much filth one person could spew without repeating themselves, but the heat in her pussy was more fun than thinking. Mark finger-fucked her hole while they drove, and Sasha completely lost all sense of time, cut off as she was from sight and sound.

“My slutty tits are fuck handles...My tongue exists for accepting cum…Dumb little sluts deserve fucking...”

Mark smeared her slut juice on her bikini bottoms, making sure there was a nice big wet spot between her legs. She felt the car stop, and shake as Mark closed his door, a moment later, she felt the door on her side open, and Mark helped her out. She had no idea if they were actually at the beach. For all she knew, he just drove them around and went back home. Then, she felt the hot sand between her toes.

Sasha looped her arm through Mark’s and held onto him tightly. To everyone else (if there was anyone else) they likely just looked like a cute couple. Though, she’d probably get some odd looks for the big headphones, when earbuds were the style these days. She knew that most of the looks would be directed at her bikini-clad body. They’d likely see the wet spot between her legs and know she was a horny slut.

“My face should be fucked daily...Bend back my legs and use me for your pleasure…”

Mark pressed a bottle of water into hand, which she drank gratefully. The sun beat down on her as they walked. She stumbled occasionally and was glad to have Mark’s arm to keep her steady. After a time, he stopped them, and extracted her arm from his. She felt terror as he left her standing there, but a moment later he took her hand and she calmed, somewhat. Mark helped her to sit on a towel, and she felt shade above her. Maybe an umbrella? A tree? She had no idea. It felt nice, though. He laid her back on the beach towel.

She felt him rubbing lotion on her skin, starting at her shoulders and working down, his hands sliding beneath her bikini top to rub lotion into her breasts. She shivered, both at the feeling and what it portended. Soon, her body was covered in sun lotion, and she was panting. He placed a little pillow under her head, and lay next to her, holding her hand so that she knew he was still there.

“Clamp my fuck melons and fill me with jizz...My anus is an all-access rape tunnel…”

She felt Mark move, and then felt him sliding her bikini bottoms to the side. A moment later, his tongue began playing with her slit, licking it gently, teasing.

“My hair is a handhold for you to control me when I’m being fucked...I never say no to cock meat...I am a compliant bitch…”

Either he was even more daring than she’d imagined, or they were somewhere secluded. She tried to remember the geography of Short’s Cove from her previous visits. There was an area quite a way down the beach, where towering rocks created a secluded little bay area. If that was where they were, she knew it was unlikely anyone would stumble upon them easily. She tried to relax and let Mark’s teasing tongue work on her sopping cunt.

“Tell me I’m just a hole for dicks when you pound your cock into me...It’s ok to slap my face if my mouth isn’t open and ready for cock…Crying is not a reason to stop fucking my asshole…”

Mark stopped licking. She felt his hand on her knee, so she knew he was still there, but she couldn’t tell what he was doing. A moment later, he took her hand and pulled her to her knees. Her mouth opened of its own accord.

“I am a good fuckpet…” the voice told her.

He patted her head like a puppy that had done its trick well, and she felt his big finger touch her tongue. She shivered. The spongy cockhead touched her tongue, and she wrapped her lips around it, sliding her mouth down easily over its length. Her brow furrowed. She had taken it easily, much more easily than she should have been able to. Her tongue swirled around it, tasting it, feeling its length and girth. It wasn’t her brother’s cock in her mouth.

“My throat needs cum to stay healthy…Sucking men off is my favorite pastime…”

She felt Mark’s hands slide into her bikini top from behind. At least, she was pretty certain it was Mark. The hands were big like his, but for all she knew he’d left her here with a couple of horny rapists. She felt panic seize her chest, and she tried to pull away. The big hand shot out of her top and slapped her face gently. She remembered that it was ok to slap her if her mouth wasn’t open and ready for cock.

The big hand slipped back into her top and played with her nipples, while the penis in her mouth slid back and forth over her tongue.

“Creamy semen is all I need to eat…” The voice told her, and within a few minutes the dick in her mouth was spewing its load onto her tongue. Sasha swallowed it, moaning, her cunt hot and wet, nipples aching.

“Any dick is a good dick...My pussy should never be empty…”

“I was made to swallow cum,” she said, and Mark kissed her head.

Another dick slid into her mouth, catching her off guard. This one was larger, but it still wasn’t Mark’s size. Sasha sucked, bobbing her head back and forth. She stroked it with her hand as she sucked on the head. Whoever it was pulled out of her mouth, and she felt the spray of hot cum splash her cheeks, her chin. She gasped, and then a third meat pole was fucking her mouth, the biggest of the three. It still wasn’t Mark.

“My pussy loves to cum…”

She orgasmed as it occurred to her that she’d just sucked more dicks in 10 minutes than she’d sucked in her whole life to this point. This cock had more staying power, and he buried it deep into her mouth repeatedly, his heavy balls slapping against her chin as he used her mouth for its purpose. Finally, he pulled out and shot his load onto her face and bikini. Sasha squealed and found herself laughing delightedly.

“Being a dumb fuckpuppet is so much fun…” The voice told her.

Mark helped her stand, and she felt the water bottle in her hand. She washed the sperm from her mouth with it and swallowed more. She reached up to wipe the cum from her face, but Mark stayed her hand. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as she realized he was making her leave it there while they walked back down the beach.

“Happy sluts get facials…Paint my lips with cock juice…”

He guided her back down the beach, and she stumbled along blindly until Mark stopped them. She felt the breeze of electric fans blowing over her skin. He placed her hand on something smooth and leathery. A stool. They must have walked down to the beach cafe, and they were about to sit down at one of the little tables. Mark made sure she was straight on the stool, and then she guessed he took his own seat. He held her hand across the table, reassuring her that he was still there.

It felt so strange to just sit there like a zombie, unable to communicate. She could speak, sure, but she couldn’t hear anything, so what was the point? If nothing else, she was gaining a newfound respect for the disabled. Without Mark she’d be completely unable to function right now.

“I love to obey...Treat me like a pleasure toy...Being raped builds character…”

She wondered what he would tell the waiter, when she refused to speak to him or remove her headphones. What would the waiter think of the drying sperm stuck to her chin, crusted on her glasses, staining her bikini top? Her warm cunt quivered at the thought. It would be obvious she’d just taken a facial. He (or she) would know she was a slut. Would he (or she) want to use her, too?

“Warm snatch is a wonderful place for my tongue...Salty jizz makes an excellent treat for my whore holes…” The voice said. Fuck, this woman could go on. The constant bombardment of filth, the only thing she could hear, made it impossible to think about anything else. Not that she needed to, of course. Only real people need to think. She was just three warm holes for cocks. Had she actually thought that?

“I love being a mindless cocktoy...Saying no is for losers...I am an obedient cum dumpster…”

She felt the table shake slightly, and a moment later Mark pressed a cold drink into her hand. She fumbled with finding the straw and began to suck. Something in her mind compared the size of the straw to a penis. She sat there, stupidly, as Mark fed her french fries. She could just imagine people around them laughing at her. The brainless slut with sperm on her face getting hand-fed. The image, strangely, made her pussy spasm.

Soon, there were no more fries, and she felt Mark guide her from the table. She looped her arm in his again, and after some more walking, he placed her hand on the hot door frame of the car. She carefully took her seat, felt Mark take his, and the car rumbled beneath her. A few minutes later, the cool of the AC began to blow over her hot skin. She sat back in the seat while Mark, again, teased her slit.

“I do not have a vagina. I have a cockpocket...I do not have breasts. I have fuck handles... I do not have a vagina. I have a rape tunnel. I do not have breasts. I have slut melons...I do not have a vagina. I have a cunt...I do not have breasts. I have cock pillows…”

Sasha let the perverted slut talk to her as her rape tunnel was finger-fucked. She never imagined there were so many vulgar names for her body parts. While her cockpocket squeezed Mark’s fingers, she quietly repeated the words aloud, just to be able to say something. The lack of communication, the deprivation, was starting to get to her.

Just after her third, or perhaps fourth orgasm in the car seat, she felt the familiar bump of the car rolling over the lip of their driveway. A moment later, Mark shut the engine off, and helped her out of the car. He walked her into the house, and up the stairs, where she felt him sitting her on the bed. Suddenly, the voice stopped. After hours of hearing nothing but that sultry, slutty voice in her head, it was almost as bad as losing her sight had been. She felt lost.

Then, Mark took the earphones off and she was bombarded by the ambient sounds of the quiet house. It was jarring, just hearing the sound of the air moving through the house, the creak of the trees outside, buzzing of the summer insects. She felt him touch the glasses.

“I’ve shut off the lights, but just go easy,” Mark said.

His voice, deep, rumbling, was such a stark contrast to the slinky moans and giggly bimbo tone that she’d become used to hearing. He slid the glasses off, and she carefully squinted one eye open. Sasha was glad she was sitting down. Even the dim light through the dark curtains of her room was enough to be almost painful. She blinked back tears as her eyes complained about the intrusion into her darkness. It was several minutes before she could fully open them for more than a blink. Mark held her hand, stroking her bare leg with his other, while she slowly regained her senses.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied, and her voice sounded strange to her own ears, “I think so. That was...I don’t even know. Terrifying? Exciting? Both?”

“You did great.” He said and kissed her lips softly.

He pulled her hips to the edge of the bed and slid her bikini strap to the side, slipping his tongue into her moist folds. Sasha inhaled as Mark sucked lovingly at her slut hole. His fingers nimbly undid the ties on the sides of the bikini bottoms, and they fell away, giving him better access. She lay back and twined her fingers into her hair.

“Fuck...suck my cunt,” she breathed, “tongue fuck your sister’s horny pussy. I love being a good fuckpuppet for you.”

She could feel the smile on his lips as he ate her sopping cunt, listening to her repeat the demeaning filth that had wormed its way into her brain for hours. His tongue flicked at her clit, and she thought about how much she loved being a sextoy. She didn’t need to think about what would happen when their parents returned home. She just needed to keep her mouth warm and wet so that men could fuck it more easily. Her cum catcher squirted fuck honey onto her brother’s face, and she felt so good. Like her life finally had direction.

Mark came up and kissed her, letting her taste the sweetness of her honey on his tongue. She felt like she should try it for herself, some time. Good little lesbos love getting fuck honey from the source, after all. Mark lay down beside her, while her breathing slowed. She was so sleepy. As her eyelids fluttered, she saw the headphones in her peripheral view, discarded on the bed. That sultry, seductive voice seemed so pleasant. She picked up the headphones.

“Mark,” she said, and he cracked one eye open, “How do they work?”

He retrieved his phone from the floor and tapped away for a few seconds. That made sense. They must be connected to a playlist of some kind by BlueTooth. Sasha put the headphones on, and she could hear the voice talking to her. She felt relaxed, and lay back, closed her eyes, and napped.

“I am not a rape victim. I am a rapetoy... My cunt is not my own. It belongs to whoever is using it... Violation is victory... I am a subservient cock socket... Without cock in my three wet holes I feel empty…”

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