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Correcting Kelly, Chapters 6-7

Chapter Six: Udders

Watching Kelly drink a sperm-flavored protein shake each morning, followed by swallowing pills that made her anxious, horny and confused, was quickly becoming Todd’s preferred way to start the day. On the morning of the third day of Kelly and Katie’s corrective action plan, Todd instructed his wife to go and collect all of Kelly’s bras, while their daughter was in the shower. Additionally, she was commanded to collect any of Kelly’s clothes that did not fit in with “the change to warmer weather outside,” and to replace them with the new clothes that Katie had purchased the day before.

As he’d hoped, his befuddled wife, constantly horny and becoming stupider by the day, had taken his parting words to heart. She’d focused on the words that had been easy to remember. Buy slutty clothes for yourself and Kelly. She hadn’t disappointed. Todd had gone through the choices the previous evening, after pounding his cock into Katie while she bucked and squealed in orgasmic joy.

Now, out of the shower, he watched Katie dragging a large garbage bag filled with Kelly’s clothes into the bedroom, where she left them in a corner and then sat on the bed to catch her breath. He stroked her hair lovingly, cradling her head against his chest, and kissed the top of her head.

“I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful wife,” he said, “I love you so much, princess.”

“I love you,” Katie said, her eyes shining at the praise.

“Go shower up, baby. I’ll handle breakfast,” Todd suggested.

Katie did. Now, Todd sat at the table with his tablet, watching Kelly consume his semen and her pills. His daughter did not look happy. She was, currently, still dressed in her bathrobe as she picked at her food.

“Why can’t I just wear my old clothes? I don’t like those ones!” Kelly whined.

“Your mother spent a lot of time picking you out nice clothes,” Todd explained, “and aren’t you kids supposed to have the latest and most fashionable stuff, anyway? Those pairs of three-year-old jeans you’ve been wearing around are, like, totally not in,” he jested.

Kelly did not find the joke funny.

“I can’t wear that stuff with no panties and no bras!” Kelly complained, “It’s humiliating.”

“I guess that will be incentive to get your grades up, then. We just need to see those Bs on your report card at the end of the month, and I’m sure your mom will be willing to let you have them back.”

“Fine. Just don’t blame me if I get called into the principal’s office, or something.”

Kelly stormed out of the kitchen. Todd sipped his coffee and read the news, waiting. It might mean being a few minutes late to the lab, but for this he could deal with it. Just in time for her ride to pick her up, Kelly returned. By now, Katie had joined him at the table and was swallowing her own pills. Todd remained cool as Kelly said, “Goodbye,” and tried to hurry out the door. Katie, though, stopped her and said, “Let me check you.”

There was a groan from the hallway, the sound of a foot stamping, and then Kelly appeared in the kitchen. Yeah, Katie had done well, he thought. Kelly looked like a cocktease, wearing a short, black skirt that ended well above her knees. A black, V-neck, cold-shoulder top fit snugly across her chest, exposing her tummy and showing off her abundant cleavage.

She certainly took after her mother in that department, Todd noted with approval. Excellent tits. Her nipples made hard little points through the top and the crimson flush to her skin only made her look adorably humiliated.

“Show me,” Katie said.

“You can already see everything!” Kelly argued.

Katie continued to look at her expectantly. Kelly stamped her foot again, then raised her skirt to show that she was, indeed, bare-cunted.

Katie nodded and rose, hugged the girl and said, “Do good in school and you can have your things back. And just to show you that I’m trying to be fair, I’m not wearing any either.”

Kelly’s eyes flicked downward, where she could see her mother’s nipples poking through the thin nightshirt she wore. In her growing confusion and diminishing intellectual capacity, Todd had noted with approval, his wife had completely forgotten to put on pants. Her lack of panties was, therefore, quite obvious, now that she was not sitting at the table.

Kelly looked surprised, but then Katie leaned forward and kissed her, briefly, on the lips. Todd smiled into his coffee cup.

“I have to go,” Kelly said quickly and hurried for the door.

Katie resumed her seat, sipped at her coffee, munched on her toast, and stared, blankly forward, her mind wandering in a pleasant, horny and stupid haze.

“We should be prepared,” Todd said, “in case she needs further discipline. While I’m at work, I’d like you to think about that. I think this is a good first step, the no underwear rule. You know how teenagers are. Being embarrassed is the only thing that works. If you would, princess, get creative and just try to think of some other methods that might be helpful, in case we need them. Hopefully, she’ll get her act together, and we won’t need them. It’s best to be prepared, though, right?”

Katie nodded. Todd gave her a long, passionate kiss, which his wife moaned whorishly into as she rubbed her twat. Then, he left for work. Things were going even better than expected, he mused.

Now, Katie would spend her day at home, horny, probably touching herself or watching porn, thinking about ways to humiliate and degrade Kelly. She’d spend hours, masturbating to the thought of Kelly’s humiliation, devising creative ways to make it happen. She’d do it while she imagined him fucking her and calling her princess. She’d touch her cunt and think about calling him daddy.

Her fuck-fogged brain would dwell on it all day. She was already beginning to fantasize about Todd fucking Kelly, and the thought was making her feel more inadequate, more eager to please. She had two threats to contend with, now. A younger girl, who she was helping to sexualize by playing into the daddy fantasy, getting off to it, and another woman her own age that was hotter than Katie, smarter, more interesting, with a career of her own. Ms. Gloria was someone that a smart man, like her husband, might be attracted to and that made Kelly afraid, confused, hornier, and insecure.


Todd came home a bit late that evening, having been stuck in a progress meeting that ran long. Ms. Gloria was already there when he arrived, and soothing a tearful Kelly.