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Correcting Kelly, Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen: The Date

When Todd ordered Kelly to put on the belt, this time Kelly did not complain. She had wanted to argue because Kelly did not like the belt, but since she’d recently shown her gratitude by sucking on her father’s cock, she did not want to go back on her word. If Kelly went back on her word, she wouldn’t be trustworthy. Her father might return the car, and then he might think Kelly was a liar and make her wear the belt all the time.

It was very embarrassing, though, to have to wear the belt in order to go out on her date. Kelly thought of it as a date, though that specific word had not been used. She was going to a movie with a new friend from school, who happened to be a friendly and sweet boy, one with a kind smile, who Kelly thought was very cute. He’d, also, defended Kelly, even though he hadn’t known her, when Kelly’s own friends had turned their backs on her.

“You know that you should be supervised,” Todd had explained, “The last thing you want is to start masturbating in the middle of the movie. What would people think?”

Kelly knew, inside, that he was right. She’d already proven that she couldn’t be let out of the house without the belt, because she’d already masturbated to porno pictures, in the bathroom, during school hours. Despite having used her mother to masturbate an hour ago, it was all Kelly could do to keep her hands off her pussy, as it was.

Since Kelly had to wear her belt, Todd had, also, made Kat wear hers. Kat had mewled in complaint because Kat was a sex pet that always wanted to have something in her pussy. Todd, though, had spanked Kat’s cunt and that had made Kat stop mewling and begin to sob because she did not want to be disappointing. Kelly had felt bad for her mother, even though her mother had spanked her this week and made Kelly cry.

The sight of her mother, though, wearing very cute ears and sobbing as she tried to touch her locked-up pussy, made Kelly feel bad. Kelly had gotten her horny pussy from her mother, she knew, but it was also something that her mother could not help passing down to her. That was called genetics, her father had explained, and it was just something that came with being a woman.

Now, Kelly was told that she needed to watch porno in the living room, with her mother, while Todd worked in his office. Since her mother wanted to be a sex kitten, and Kelly did like kittens, she had lain her mother’s head in her lap and stroked her hair, while they watched more of Ms. Gloria’s playlist from the USB drive. The stroking had led her mother to begin kissing Kelly, and since Kelly needed the practice, she allowed her mother to kiss her and touch her breasts.

The kissing felt very good, but it also made it difficult to concentrate on learning things from the porno. Kelly did try to divide her attention between the two, to multitask, in order to get real practice and, also, to educate herself through the instructional videos. Her locked-up cunt, though, practically screamed for attention. Kat, it seemed, was in even worse condition, because she’d taken to humping her belted pussy against a couch pillow as they kissed and watched porno.

After a few of the videos, Kelly’s father joined the two of them on the couch, reading over some of his papers. Kat crawled onto the floor and propped herself up on her knees in front of him, begging, “Cock, daddy. Please, cock.”

“Not now, kitten,” Todd said, and then pulled a small bag of treats from his pocket.

Todd fed the treat to Kelly’s mother, and a few minutes later, Kat fell asleep at his feet. Kelly knew that cat naps were a common thing for kittens and hoped that one day she could apply herself as dutifully as her mother did to her special talent.


Kelly, her heart pounding, nervous, left the house to get into Brian’s car. Dressed as she was, in a short skirt and tight top, her braless cleavage spilling over the deep neckline, she felt like a slut. Brian, who opened her door for her, couldn’t help but stare down her top as Kelly sat in the passenger seat.

On the way to the theater, Brian attempted to draw Kelly out, asking her questions about school, and then about what music she liked. He, in turn, told her about his previous school and explained that his father had gotten a new job, which dictated moving to a new state.

Then, Brian told Kelly about Jesus and asked if she’d been saved. This made Kelly wonder if Brian thought that churches were right about things like hating people who worshipped a different god, or if he believed it was wrong for family members to be in bed together, watching porno, or for two women to kiss.

It didn’t seem polite to ask, so Kelly told him she had not been saved by Jesus, hoping he would not prompt her for further information. He didn’t. There was a lull in the conversation, during which Kelly thought about her pussy, as usual, and about her father’s cock, spraying her face with semen.

Brian escorted Kelly into the theater, which was not crowded. Most people watched movies at home, now, but Kelly was happy to be out, with a cute boy, and watching something that was not porno. The film was a romantic comedy, but a raunchy one, in which a socially awkward girl, a loser, falls for a handsome and successful boy. The girl’s friends are, also, awkward and dysfunctional, obsessed with video games, smoking pot, and having kinky sex with one another.

The girl in the movie, though, is a virgin, and she does not participate in the kinky sex things her friends do. She finds it embarrassing, and when she falls for the successful boy, she comes to find her friend’s behavior outrageous. Brian held Kelly’s hand near the end, when the girl discovered she had a special talent for creating erotic art, which the successful boy helped her to market. The film ended with the boy proposing to the girl, and helping to support her efforts as a budding artist. Then, the audience all laughed at the hilarious twist, in which the boy revealed that he wanted to be a swinger.

Kelly found the twist amusing because the girl had been so afraid that her crush would find the kinky, sex things her friends did deplorable, when, in fact, her crush had his own racy secret. The film’s plot further reinforced the idea, for Kelly, that kinks are natural and that everyone has them. This, also, helped to convince Kelly that everything Ms. Gloria had said, about kinks, churches, families, and porno, was correct.

As Brian held her clammy hand, on the way out of the theater, he apologized, saying, “I figured it would be a little racy, but I didn’t know just how dirty it was going to be. I’m really sorry. I hope you don’t think I’m some kind of pervert, for taking you to that kind of movie.”

“No!” Kelly assured him, “It’s… it’s pretty normal, you know, for people to have kinks.”

Brian’s face screwed up in mild disgust and he said, “I don’t know. God tells us, in the bible, that fornicating like that is a sin. People like that shouldn’t be glorified. It’s gross.”

Kelly quickly pulled her hand away, appalled. Brian was a jerk. Kelly knew this, because Ms. Gloria and her father, who were the smartest people around, told her that people who enjoyed doing sex things weren’t gross. It was normal. Churches were the problem. Churches were liars that spread old and bad ideas. By saying that those things were gross, Brian was, unwittingly, calling Kelly gross.

Kelly masturbated. Kelly had been a grateful blowjob slut for her daddy. Kelly’s mother enjoyed being a sex kitten, and even though she’d been angry with her mother this week, she still loved Kat. Brian thought that her whole family was gross, and that Ms. Gloria was gross. Brian didn’t know anything! He was just a dumb boy, not a smart man, like her father, who made tons of money by being smarter than everyone.

She flushed, hot, angry, confused, and horny, and then she slapped Brian and told him, “That’s mean! You’re mean! You can… you can just fuck off.”

Brian, stunned, held his hand to his cheek, blushing in embarrassed surprise as other moviegoers laughed and murmured at Kelly’s tantrum. Kelly left Brian standing in shock and ran from the theater. Stalking through the front doors, with no clear idea what she was going to do, her eyes on the ground, Kelly fumed. She looked up and then stopped in place. A small group of girls emerged from a door further down, on the other side of the theater, and began walking her way.

The group of girls was Brianna, Mara, and Kelly’s other friends. The girls saw her, as well, and there was a short, tense moment of silence as they looked at each other. Then, Brianna mooed. The other girls, except for Mara, laughed. Kelly began to cry.

“Hey!” Mara said, stepping away from the group, “Cut it out!”

Brianna rolled her eyes and said, “Whatever. If you want to go hang out with Udders, that’s your problem.”

“Fuck off, Bri!” Mara said, and hurried away from the group of mean, giggling girls, as they stalked away into the parking lot.

Kelly turned in the other direction, crying. Mara ran after her.

“Kelly,” she cried, catching up and grabbing Kelly’s shoulder, turning her around.

Mara pulled her to the corner of the building, and took her by the shoulders, saying, “Hey. Forget those bitches. They’re a bunch of cunts. Who needs them, right?”

Kelly wiped at her eyes, angry and embarrassed. Mara hugged her, then used her own pretty top to wipe away Kelly’s tears, smearing it with Kelly’s makeup.

“Are you okay?” Mara asked.

Kelly nodded, sniffling, and said, “Yeah. You’re right. They’re cunts.”

Mara laughed.

“I came with Brian,” Kelly said, “but he’s a jerk. He… he said I was gross.”

Mara’s cheeks reddened.

“Fuck boys, too,” she said, “Do you need a ride home?”

“Would you?” Kelly asked.

Mara took her hand and they walked to Mara’s car.

Kelly was quiet as Mara drove her home, her thoughts a jumble. The entire week, her life had felt like it was upside-down. Everything she had thought she had known to be true was a lie. The girls that were supposed to be her friends had been proven to be nothing more than mean girls, and Kelly felt ashamed for having been one of them. She’d called people losers for being different. She’d been bitchy and ungrateful. When it came down to it, and things got hard, nobody supported her, except for Mara, Ms. Gloria, and her parents.

The other girls were stupid. They’d lied to her about studying, and they’d made fun of her because she had bigger tits than them. They were jealous. That was what Ms. Gloria had said. They were jealous because Kelly had assets that made her desirable, assets that would get her everything she wanted in life.

Kelly thanked Mara as they approached the house, saying, “You’re really a good friend. I’m sorry.”

“Whatever, Kels,” Mara said, “In a few weeks we’ll probably never see those bitches again, anyway. They’ll all go off to college, or end up working at some taco hut for minimum wage because they’re too braindead to do anything else. Who needs them, right?”

Kelly laughed, feeling better. Mara was right, too. None of that mattered. Kelly shouldn’t be concerned with their opinions, because those girls didn’t, really, give her life any value. They didn’t support her. They didn’t help her get a beautiful car, take care of her, or encourage her to find a special talent and make something of herself. Mara did. Her father, her mother, and Ms. Gloria did. Those were the people that mattered.


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