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Correcting Kelly, Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen: Economics

Kelly sat, bare-cunted, braless, in the passenger seat of her father’s car. It was Saturday morning and Kelly sat on a towel so that her leaking cunt would not get her father’s leather seats wet. Kat lay in the back, wearing her ears and her tail, but dressed in a short skirt and a see-through top. She stared up, stupidly, at the window, idly rubbing her twat. Since Kelly was being supervised, Todd had allowed her to leave the house without her belt, but Kelly was still outrageously horny.

Her father drove the car toward a Mercedes dealership. When Kelly had been unable to come up with, exactly, which kind of car she wanted, because she was thinking about her mother’s tongue inside her twat, Todd had suggested, “It has to be something nice. My princess should only have the best.”

Kelly had beamed proudly at that and blushed, because every time he said the word, it made Kelly think about her father fucking her mother, while he called her princess and ejaculated into her cunt. Her father drove a Mercedes, and her mother had driven a Mercedes before she’d decided to commit herself to becoming a sex kitten. Now, she did not drive. Her mother just did sex things.

Despite this, Kelly couldn’t recall ever having seen her mother happier. Before she’d decided to become a sex pet, her mother had been snappy, bitchy, sometimes rude, distant, and dismissive. She’d spanked Kelly more than once this week and had become angry. Her father had told her, over breakfast that morning, that her mother had decided that it wasn’t a healthy way to live. She’d told him that she’d rather just be a wet, horny, and fuckable sex doll and that if she did that, it would take away all the frustration she felt. It had seemed to work because her mother was no longer any of those things.

“Let’s talk about economics, princess,” Todd said, as they drove.

Kelly tried to be attentive, but her pussy was very wet and economics did not sound like fun to talk about. Still, she was going to have her own Mercedes, and her father was taking care of her, so the least she could do was try to pick up some of his wisdom.

“Today, we trade money for goods and services. Everyone has something to offer, like your special talent, and we all trade things with each other to get other things. I trade my knowledge to the company and the company pays me well for it. Since you don’t have much knowledge, and you don’t have money of your own, you trade what you do have for the things you need.”

“What do I have?” Kelly asked.

“Right now, you have your love, affection, and appreciation. It’s why daddy takes care of you. I appreciate that and it’s important. It’s what keeps me going and it’s why I work hard and continue to learn new things. Having you, and your mother, appreciate my efforts and show love and affection is something that I’m willing to trade my money for. Does that make sense?”

It did make sense, even to Kelly.

“Using your assets, like Ms. Gloria talked about, is another form of exchange. Men, in particular, love those assets. They like to grope tits and fuck girls,” Todd explained, and Kelly blushed, knowing how much her father liked to grope her mother’s tits and fuck her, “Sometimes, it’s enough just to look at them. We’re going to demonstrate this process today. I’m going to give you an important lesson in showing off to get what you want. This is an important skill that every woman, regardless of what they do with their life, needs to know.”

“I… what do you mean?” Kelly asked.

“You may not know this, honey, but you already do it,” Todd said, “That little thing you do, where you put your hands behind your back, shuffle your feet, and look embarrassed. That’s cute. It’s downright adorable. Men like that. It makes them think about fucking you, and when they’re thinking about fucking you, their rational thought goes out the window. Men think about your pussy all the time. They think about your tits, your ass, your mouth, and they think about putting their cock in you.”

Kelly looked down at her seat, pushed her legs together, and folded her hands over her tiny skirt, embarrassed.

“See,” Todd said, “Like that. That cute little embarrassed look makes men think about fucking you.”

Kelly pictured her father calling her princess while he fucked her, and wondered if, even now, he was thinking about fucking her because she was cute.

“Chances are, the salesperson we run into here is going to be a man. You let me do the talking and you just fidget and look adorable, like you’re doing right now. That’s showing off. When you can make men think about fucking, they’ll give you things you want. Take your mother as an example. She makes me think about fucking all the time. She looks cute. She’s wet, and she’s horny. Your mother dresses, so I’m always thinking about fucking her, so she gets to live in a nice house, get jewelry, clothes, and a car. If you’re going to focus on pleasing a man as your special talent, that’s something that you need to start learning to do.”

Kelly was still undecided about whether being wet, horny, and fuckable for a man was something that she wanted to cultivate, but the things her father said did make sense because the results were something she lived with every day. Kelly, also, did like having orgasms, and she thought that she might even like having sex, like the girls in the videos, but she was deathly afraid of the word her father had used when he talked about her hymen. Break.

Breaking things was frightening. Kelly understood that it was something that was going to happen and that the other women around her had already done, so it was not something that would permanently harm her. Still, it made her uneasy.

Todd parked the car, put the windows down, and handed Kat a bag of candies. She scooped one out, munching on it cutely, as she continued to purr and touch her cunt.

“Just stay put, kitten,” Todd said, and ruffled her hair, then produced a vibrator from the console and handed it to her, adding, “Why don’t you keep your pussy ready for daddy.”

Kat took the vibrator happily, looked it over for a moment, turned it this way and that, and then, finally, located the button that activated it. Kelly followed Todd toward the entrance to the decadent, glass-fronted building, her eyes taking in the long line of expensive cars, where two well-dressed men stood outside the doors, lurking like vultures, waiting to pick clean the bones of the dead and dying. Todd, in his rounded spectacles, slacks, and polo, accompanied by a slutty teenager, seemed like an easy mark. The men looked at each other, the older giving a slight nod to the younger, and that man stepped forward to greet them.

“Good morning, folks. Welcome in. Thanks for stopping by. Let me get this door for you.”

The man, his hair slicked and his smile easy, opened the door for the two of them to enter. The place was filled with the morning light, beaming through the blue-tinted windows, where the bright rays fell across immaculate, sparkling chariots, reserved for those with privilege and status. Kelly felt awestruck by the place, staring, wide-eyed at a bright, Patagonia Red, AMG SL 63 Roadster. The gorgeous car called to her, and Kelly took a step toward it, dimly aware of her father talking to the salesman.

The soft top was down, showing off the leather interior, a complicated computer console in the center. Todd could see the performance trim and upgraded wheels. The car, he guessed, was somewhere near $200,000.

“You’ve got a good eye,” the salesman said, sidling up to Todd, his eyes on the sexy girl in the tiny skirt, edging toward his payday.

“You like that one, princess?” Todd asked, casting a sidelong glance toward the leering salesman.

The man, as he should, drank in Kelly’s bare legs and exposed midriff, the swell of her large tits and excited nipples.

“Can I… Can I touch it?” she asked, looking back over her shoulder at the two men, her innocent, wide eyes shining with want.

The salesman took a step forward, wholly taken in by Kelly’s naive fidgeting. Todd smiled, inwardly.

“Of course,” the man agreed, slipping on a pair of white gloves and opening the passenger side door for Kelly.

Kelly, her attention focused on the car, leaned in toward the open door. The salesman took a step back. Kelly, carefully, set one knee on the passenger seat and bent over, unaware that she was flashing her naked, aroused cunt to the salesman and Todd. Todd pretended not to notice but did note the man’s quick, furtive glance in Todd’s direction, to see if he’d been caught looking.

Kelly ran her hand lovingly over the leather seat as she fell in love. She reached, further, her skirt riding higher, so that she could caress the steering wheel. The man’s sharp intake of breath was audible, and his cheeks colored.

“How would you like to ride in that?” Todd said, “It sure is a beauty, isn’t it?”

“It’s… Oh, yes. It’s a fine machine,” the man agreed.

Todd traced a finger along the lines of the vehicle as he walked around it, saying, “The curves are dangerous. It’s gorgeous.”

He came around to the driver’s side and leaned over the door, where Kelly met his eye. The pleading look on her face made his cock hard.

“Oh, daddy,” she said, “It’s so pretty!”

“Let the man show you around, princess. Make sure you find just the right one. There’s a lot of pretty things here.”

The other men on the showroom floor had all decided that the spoiled little sex doll was much more interesting than whatever they’d been doing, and all of them were surreptitiously glancing toward her. Kelly crawled, backward, out of the car, looking at it longingly, imagining herself in the driver’s seat, hopping from one party to another, or out on the town, with Mara in the passenger seat.

The top was down, and it was night, warm, the music loud, and her hair was loose and blowing in the wind. All she had to say was, “This one, daddy,” and it was hers. Everything she wanted was hers, if only she could be good if only she could get good grades or find a special talent. She bit her lip and shuffled her feet, hands behind her back, like her father had mentioned. She looked at the salesman, then dropped her eyes to the floor, submissively, cutely, adorably. He crumbled.

“I’m sure we can make you an offer,” he said, “if that’s the one she wants. I hate to see such a beautiful girl disappointed.”

“Why don’t you show us some more? I only want the best for my girl,” Todd said, “Is this the best?”

“If you want a convertible, this is the best.”

Kelly liked the sound of the word. She could have the best. Her father would give her the best. He’d bring it home for her, today, and it would sit in the garage and taunt her, every day until she was a daughter he approved of.

“What do you want, princess?” Todd asked.

Kelly looked at the car again.

“Daddy,” she said, “May I please have this one?”

It was the best. Kelly wanted the best. There was no reason to look any further. This was her car.

“The girl wants the best,” Todd said, “Let’s talk about what you can do for me.”


Todd sent Kelly out to his car to bring Kat some water from the salesman. Kat was still occupied with her vibrator, laying in the seat. Kelly opened the water for her, and Kat drank some of it, purred, then resumed masturbating. Kelly looked at her mother’s bare cunt, and then considered her own bare cunt, which was incredibly aroused, both because she had a naturally horny cunt, like her mother, and because the thought of the car made her even hornier.

Kelly didn’t know how long buying cars took, exactly, but did feel like it was something that was more involved than getting a soda from the drive-thru, so she made the decision to get into the back seat with her mother. Kelly wanted to cum. She wasn’t going to try to masturbate, even though she wanted to. It didn’t seem right, because her father told her she wasn’t allowed to be a masturbating slut, but had said that if she needed to masturbate, she could use her mother to do it.

“Mom?” Kelly asked, and Kat looked at her through her glazed eyes.

“Mom, will you help me?”

“I love you, baby,” Kat said dreamily.

Kelly, on her sixth day of ingesting sedatives and high-dosage aphrodisiacs, was living in a lustful haze. Having her entire world revolve around her braless melons, porno, her nude fuckhole, and the continued reinforcement that her entire worth might rest on men shoving their cocks into her, now felt that it was appropriate to mount her mother’s face and use it to get herself off. So, she did.

Carefully inching her skirt up above her pussy, Kelly climbed over her mother’s face and pressed her gooey fuckbox against Kat’s mouth. Her mother began to suck at it as Kelly panted happily, smothering her father’s sex pet in girl cum, while her daddy bought her a new car.


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