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Correcting Kelly, Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter Thirteen: The Masturbatory Aid

“You know the choices,” Todd said, “You can wear the belt and sleep in your own room, or you can sleep with us. It’s the weekend, though, and you did show improvement. Ms. Gloria said that you’re learning a lot, too, so there’s that. So, either you can wear the belt and sleep in your room, or you can sleep with us, and we’ll let you masturbate, but your mother is going to teach you how to do it properly, with a real sex toy, so you can get used to having something up your twat.”

Kelly blushed. The thoughts in her head were dirty and they were all jumbled up because of all the changes, the rules, the constant horniness, and the new lessons on how to be wet, horny, and fuckable. Kelly did not particularly enjoy sleeping with her parents, because she felt it was still weird to have to lay next to them while they fucked. She, also, did not like the belt at all.

The belt was uncomfortable and demeaning. It made her feel like a failure, and it made her think about her pussy even more than she already did because she couldn’t touch it, no matter what. Having spent the last hour, naked, watching porno with Ms. Gloria, though, and eventually having her tutor lick her pussy to an orgasm, Kelly was so confused as to what she did and did not want, that the choice was not an easy one to make.

On the one hand, she had learned that it was common for family members to be nude in bed together and that it was normal for them to touch one another, or to fuck. Ms. Gloria was smarter than Kelly and her mother combined, probably as smart as her father, and her father was very smart. He was so smart, in fact, that people gave him tons of money just so that he’d tell other people things that his brain came up with, which, in turn, made them money. That was how corporations worked, Ms. Gloria had explained. On the other hand, something about it did not quite feel right to Kelly, because Kelly still clung to those outdated, backward attitudes that had been passed down for years by churches.

Those attitudes and ideas were wrong, Ms. Gloria had said, and since Ms. Gloria had been right about everything so far, and her father was right about everything all the time, this entire concept was quite confusing to Kelly. She did want to cum again, though. She certainly knew that much, because her cunt was dripping honey and she desperately wanted to touch it. So, after some hesitation, some dithering, Kelly finally said, “Okay. I’ll sleep with you and use the toy.”

Todd nodded, approvingly, and sent Kelly off to prepare for bed. Kelly returned to their room a short time later, where her father and her mother were already in bed. Her father lay, on his side, covered by the blanket. Her mother lay atop the blanket, wearing her cat ear headband, the little tail poking from her anus, but her father had removed the belt. Kat was, now, pushing the length of a vibrating toy into her cunt and shaking as her father groped her breast. The sight of it made Kelly think about the girl in the video, whose father had groped her breast as they fucked.

“Come lay next to your mother, so you can do what she does,” Todd instructed.

Kelly, blushing, lay on the bed next to her mother, who immediately turned to Kelly and began to kiss her, her eyes half-lidded and vacant as she moaned. Kelly kissed her mother too, letting her tongue probe her mouth. It felt good and Kelly’s pussy began to get warmer. Her father handed her a sex toy, similar to the one Kat used, but a little smaller. Kelly’s pussy was already very wet. She slid off her shorts, embarrassed, and simultaneously tried to cover her fuckhole to hide it, but also to put the toy against it, experimentally.

“Just like your mother,” Todd said again.

Kelly removed her hand from her pussy and tried again, looking at her mother’s naked twat, where the toy slid in and out. She put her own toy at the entrance to her pussy and pushed it inside, just like her mother. The toy parted her wet lips and sunk easily into her aroused fuckhole, making her pussy spasm as she groaned with delight. It was incredible, and so much better than just jilling her twat with her hand. She could understand why her mother liked it. She pushed it deeper, but there was resistance, a little barrier, something that hurt when she pressed the toy against it.

“It… It won’t go in,” she said, ashamed.

Maybe she wasn’t doing it right. That would be just her luck, she thought. She’d been so sure this could be her special talent, but she couldn’t even put the toy in her pussy.

“That’s your hymen,” her father said, “You’re going to have to break it, if you want to get anything in there.”

Kelly stopped what she was doing at the word. She didn’t want anything to break, least of all herself.

“I don’t want to break it!” she said, distressed.

“That’s okay, princess,” Todd said, “You don’t have to. If you don’t want to do it, then you can use your mother to masturbate with, instead. Would you like that?”

Kelly thought about the videos she’d watched, the ones with the helpful mothers. The mothers had told their daughters that they could help with their cunts. They could use their mouth to help. The daughters had loved it. Kelly had loved Ms. Gloria’s mouth and the way it made her orgasm.

“I… I don’t know,” she said, hesitant.

It was one thing to have Ms. Gloria lick her pussy for her. It was another for her own mother to do it. That was what families who loved each other did, though. Ms. Gloria said it. Her father thought it was fine. Porno said it was okay, and there was lots of porno about it, so it must happen all the time. She set the toy down. Kelly did want to cum again. She wanted to cum very much.

“How do I… do it?” she asked.

“Just lay back. Let your mother take care of you,” Todd said.

Kelly laid back, trembling.

“Kat,” Todd whispered to his wife, “Would you like daddy to fuck you?”