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Correcting Kelly: Chapter Eight

Previous Parts: Part One, Part Two

Chapter Eight: Junk mail

Kelly did not have a good day at school. Embarrassed by her tits, confused by her constant arousal, lack of focus, and the memory of shamefully orgasming to her parents’ fucking, she found it even more difficult to focus on paying attention in class. She tried to follow Ms. Gloria’s advice, though, and when she was occasionally teased by another student about her blatant lack of a bra, she countered it with quips, such as, “I know, right? Aren’t they great?” while she jiggled her funbags.

Ms. Gloria was right. By identifying herself by her tits, the novelty of teasing her about them quickly faded, and was instead replaced by an odd kind of respect from the other girls and lusty looks from the boys. This made her further aroused, confused, and began to convince Kelly’s addled brain that her identity was, indeed, her large, braless melons.

The latest problem, though, came from an unexpected source. Unbeknownst to Kelly, her father had signed her up to receive newsletters in her email from a large number of very hardcore porno websites. These began to flood her inbox on her phone throughout the day. Though she couldn’t look at her phone during class, each passing period and during her lunch hour, she was confronted by a high volume of filthy images from every perverted niche on the internet. The deluge of emails prompted her to Click Here! and contained links to all manner of filthy images and videos.

-Dirty girls being good for daddy!

-Lusty lesbian sex dolls!

-Rape play, as real as it gets!

-Fantastic family fuckery!

-The family cum toilet!

-Dominated by my great dane!

-Daddy’s little butt slut!

-Earning my allowance with my tight teen holes!

-Born to breed!

-Mommy’s submissive cunt slut!

-My ass belongs to daddy!

On and on the emails went, frustrating, teasing, but each time she deleted one, another would appear seconds later. By lunch time, Kelly had stopped trying to delete them. There were too many. Still, each time she swiped open the phone, the headlines of the emails would stick in her brain, accompanying the constant arousal fog, and after lunch, she couldn’t take anymore.

She went to the bathroom, the one at the end of the athletic wing, where few people ever came, and she masturbated. She did it while she clicked one of the porno images, the subject line reading, “Daughter’s Daily Feeding,” in which a photo album showed a happy, horny teen on her knees, gratefully swallowing a load of semen from her “father”. She sobbed with confusion, looking at the dirty pictures, the filthy words from the night before playing in her head, “Good girl. You love daddy’s cock, princess…”


“I’m just not good at anything,” Kelly whined to Ms. Gloria that evening, sitting at the table with a chemistry worksheet in front of her.

The stupid little symbols for the elements just didn’t make sense. What difference did it make if she knew what Bromium was, or why she shouldn’t mix acids and bases? Her mother didn’t know about Bromium, and her mother got to do whatever she wanted. All her mother had to do was spread her legs and let her dad fuck his cock into her.

Her mother was a stupid slut, and Kelly was a stupid slut with a wet pussy, because she’d gotten it from her mother. Ms. Gloria was right. Ms. Gloria wasn’t a stupid slut. Kelly thought that her mother should be called Cockwallet, because that’s what she was. Kelly was very angry, confused and horny.

“Don’t say that,” Ms. Gloria said, “Everyone is good at something. Nothing comes easy, sweetie. We all have to work at what we’re good at.”

“My mom doesn’t have to work at anything,” Kelly said, focused on her anger toward her mother for giving her a wet pussy that always seemed to want to cum.

“That’s not true,” Ms. Gloria said, “Your mother has to work hard at being a good wife. It might seem like it’s an easy thing to do, but as you get older, it’s hard to keep looking good. When you’re married, too, it gets difficult to keep things fresh and interesting for your husband. There are choices we have in life, Kelly. We can choose to put effort into ourselves, to develop and learn, so that we’re independent and able to provide ourselves with the things we want. We can, also, choose to cultivate habits and traits that make us more desirable to other people, so that we can work at keeping them happy in exchange for the things we need. For example, we all need love, and we need support. We need a place to live, food to eat, all the basic stuff that keeps us alive. That’s how economics works. People trade the goods or services they have to others, in exchange for other goods or services that they can provide. There’s nothing wrong, at all, with those goods or services being the ones you’re naturally born with.”

“Like…” Kelly lowered her voice, “Like what you said, yesterday? About my… assets?”

Ms. Gloria nodded, “Like that. There is nothing wrong with being cute and desirable. It’s just a choice you make. If you want to trade your physical assets for the things you need, that’s perfectly acceptable. Look at all the girls that go into adult movies or make websites to show off their bodies. People give them money, because that’s a commodity that they’re willing to pay for. Now, I’m not suggesting that you go and do porno movies, of course. I’m just using that as an example, so that you see that everyone makes a choice, and everyone has something to offer.”

“Ms. Gloria,” Kelly asked, “Do you think I’m pretty? Desirable?”

“You’re very pretty, Kelly. Now, what do you say we get back to this assignment?”

Kelly nodded. Though it was difficult, Kelly did begin to grasp some of the basic chemistry with Ms. Gloria’s help. By the time they’d finished, Todd had still not come home. Katie, however, did make an appearance.

She swept into the kitchen in disarray, a pair of Todd’s shorts on, backwards, and a small tank top, through which her aroused nipples were visible as hard nubs. She drank a glass of cold water, her skin flushed, her arousal apparent. Ms. Gloria was certain that she’d been masturbating.

“Kat,” Ms. Gloria said, drawing her limited attention, “Good to see you. Kelly and I were just talking about her options for the future. Why don’t you have a seat and give us your thoughts?”

“Um, okay,” Katie said, and obediently sat at the table, looking blankly at Ms. Gloria for instruction.

“Kelly was curious about how her assets can help her succeed, and that maybe being a good wife for a well-off man might be something she could consider. I told her that her mother was an expert at that, so I was thinking that maybe you could help her on that count,” Ms. Gloria explained.

Katie tried to think through the many words that Ms. Gloria had just said to her. Assets. Good wife. That was something.

“Assets?” she asked.

Ms. Gloria cupped her breasts and jiggled them.

“Oh!” Katie said, “Um, right. I… well, yes. If you want to… keep a man happy. You can use your assets,” Katie said, and apparently had nothing further to add.

Kelly blushed and tried not to think about how her mother had used her assets to keep her father happy last night. Ms. Gloria sighed and said, “Why don’t I get some dinner ready for you?”

Katie’s relief was apparent. Dinner. Todd would want dinner when he got home and Katie herself was famished after having spent most of the day playing with her twat and watching the porno videos that had come yesterday. Kelly was, probably, very hungry too.

Katie felt bad. She should be making dinner. She should be a good wife and have something ready, so that Todd would be happy with her. She could, she reasoned after a time, also make Todd happy, as well as be a good mother and wife, if she could help teach Kelly something important. Keeping a man happy was important, and Katie knew that Todd was very happy when she was wet, horny, and fuckable.

“If you want to keep a man happy,” Katie began, “It’s imp… impo…” she struggled to find the word, then gave up and said, “You need to be wet, horny, and fuckable.”

Kelly’s jaw dropped. Ms. Gloria stifled a giggle as she rooted through the refrigerator, pulling out some leftover ingredients. Apparently, Katie had not gone shopping for food recently.

“Mom!” Kelly protested.

“Do you want to be good at something, or not?” Katie snapped, cutting her off, “I know how to make a man happy. Listen to me, like Ms. Gloria said.”

Kelly closed her mouth.

“You dress like a slut,” Katie said, “So, that’s a good start,” Kelly blushed, “but men want you to be a slut, too.”

“I don’t want to be a slut!” Kelly said.

“Don’t dismiss what she’s saying out of hand, honey,” Ms. Gloria chimed in, turning on the stove.

Katie, her head filled with images of hardcore porn and fueled by her constantly needy pussy, driven by her new-found desire to be treated like a sex doll in order to keep her husband happy with her, pressed on.

“There’s basic stuff you need to know. Like kissing, or giving a good blowjob,” she said, and Kelly’s face screwed up in disgust, “Kissing is a good start,” she concluded, “Do you know how to kiss?”

“No,” Kelly admitted, looking at the table, embarrassed.

Katie looked about, confused, thinking about kissing. She should teach Kelly how to kiss properly, but Todd was not here. Where was Todd? She shook her head. Todd was at work, of course.

Todd was providing for them, like a good husband. Todd was bringing in the money, and Todd wanted his princess to be a wet and fuckable sex doll when he got home. Katie was his princess. Kelly was his princess. Princess loved her daddy’s cock.

“Come here,” Katie commanded, indicating the seat next to her.

Kelly obeyed, taking the seat. Katie leaned in and kissed her on the lips.

“Mom!” Kelly said, pulling back, “What the hell!”

Katie said, “Let me teach you how to do it right, princess.”

“No!” Kelly balked, “That’s gross.”

“Kelly,” Ms. Gloria cut in, “It isn’t gross. It’s perfectly natural for two women to kiss. Let me show you.”

With that, Ms. Gloria strode to the table, and passionately kissed Katie on the lips as Kelly watched in shock. Katie moaned, feeling that this was both wrong and very right. Did Todd imagine her kissing other women? Did he fantasize about that? Would it make Todd happy?

It couldn’t hurt, she decided, and let Ms. Gloria’s tongue into her mouth. Kelly made a strangled cry of distress, her pussy warm, her head confused.

“Now, you try it,” Ms. Gloria said, and turned to Kelly.

Kelly wasn’t certain she wanted to try it, but when Ms. Gloria put her lips on Kelly’s, Kelly didn’t pull away. It felt good. Ms. Gloria’s tongue pushed between her lips and Kelly parted them, allowing the older woman to put her tongue into her mouth as she moaned.

Katie struggled against the urge, but lost the battle, and soon she had her hand in her shorts, touching her cunt as her daughter sucked face with her big-breasted tutor. Ms. Gloria pulled away, leaving Kelly confused and blushing, and then began to kiss Katie again. Katie continued to finger her twat as the other woman sensually kissed her, Kelly watching. Kelly’s own urge to touch her pussy was strong, but she resisted, instead, blushing as Ms. Gloria and her mother shared a long, sapphic kiss.

Ms. Gloria turned to her again, and this time Kelly was less resistant. She opened her mouth and let the tutor make her feel good, like she was doing something right. This was a skill that she could be good at, she thought, something that wasn’t hard and didn’t require a book and a worksheet.

Ms. Gloria’s hand rested on her boob and Kelly moaned. Katie masturbated. The door opened and Todd walked in, delighted and surprised at the scene.

Kelly pushed away from Ms. Gloria, flushed and fidgeting, afraid, as she stood and looked at her father. Katie continued to masturbate.

“Um, good evening, everyone,” Todd said, “Am I interrupting something?”

“No,” Ms. Gloria said, casually walking back to the stove, “Katie was just helping with some instruction for Kelly. We’re trying to broaden her mind as to the possibilities for her future, and since Katie is so excellent at being a good wife, and keeping a man happy, she was teaching Kelly some of the basics. Like, kissing.”

Todd nodded, pleased, and said, “That’s great. You should listen to Ms. Gloria and your mother. There’s nothing wrong with keeping a man happy to get what you need in life.”

To emphasize this point, he strode to Katie, who was still masturbating, told her she was a good girl, and then kissed her passionately as she orgasmed in her chair. Kelly squealed, a look of disgust on her face. Ms. Gloria stirred the pot on the stove, as though this were completely normal.

“So, what did you learn?” Todd asked.

Kelly’s eyes slid, slowly, from her mother’s vacant look of contentment to her father’s questioning face.

“Just… just how to… to kiss, a little bit,” she said.

“Can you show me?” Todd asked.


“Can you show me how you did it? With your mom?” he asked, again.

Kelly did not want to kiss her mother with her father watching, but her pussy was very hot, and it had felt very good. It was embarrassing, though.

“Go ahead, honey,” Ms. Gloria said.

Tentatively, Kelly turned to her mother and put her lips against Katie’s. Katie moaned and kissed her back, putting her tongue into Kelly’s mouth. The wet smack of their lips filled the room as Todd watched on. Finally, Kelly pulled back, blushing, looking at her daddy for approval. She got it.

“That was so good, princess,” he said, making both women smile, “Just keep practicing. If you can be as good as your mom at keeping a man happy, you’ll have nothing to worry about. In fact, that might even be your special talent. What do you think, Ms. Gloria?”

Ms. Gloria nodded, and agreed, “Yes. She certainly has the knack for it. And the assets. With the right training, she’d be perfect.”

Todd gave his daughter a hug and stroked her hair, then asked, “How did that homework go?”

Kelly showed him the sheet, hoping to win further approval for something that was not related to keeping a man happy.

“Hey, not bad, princess,” he said, honestly, “As a chemistry guy, I can certainly approve. Now, how about the English assignment? How did you do?”

Kelly’s face fell. She looked frightened. Todd already knew that the assignment would not have been well received. It was lackluster at best.

Kelly rooted in her backpack, found her English folder and, her eyes downcast, handed it to her father. The assignment had been graded a D+.

“Well, you put forth your best effort,” Todd said, frowning, “I have to give you that. It’s not an improvement, though. You know what that means.”

Kelly knew. Another rule.

“What do you think, honey?” he asked Katie.

Katie, who had spent an entire two days, now, masturbating to porn, assigned the task of thinking up humiliating punishments for her daughter, was ready with an answer.

“No TV,” she said, and Kelly felt relief, but Katie was not finished, “Until she gets her grades up, she only watches porno. And she wears the belt. And nipple clamps with chains-”

Kelly burst into tears and Todd held up a hand to quickly silence his wife. Clearly, Katie had taken the assignment to heart, which was nice, but the solution was just a bit out of proportion.

“Okay,” he said, “Let’s just take a step back,” he pulled Kelly into an embrace, “Forget the last part. Your mother has something of an imagination,” he said, stroking Kelly’s hair, “But that first part, we’ll stick with. Until you get your grades up, no more TV. From now on, you’re going to watch porno, and I expect to see you watching it nightly, after your homework, and until bedtime.”

“But I don’t want to watch porno! That’s gross! You guys are being gross!” Kelly whined into his chest, “Please, daddy. I won’t watch TV. Just… don’t make me watch porno!”

“Kelly,” Ms. Gloria cut in, “And I’m sorry Todd, Kat, I know it’s not really my place to make a suggestion here, but I think it’s relevant. Do you mind?”

“What is it, Ms. Gloria?” Todd asked.

Gloria set the steaming pot aside and deftly poured in a jar of sauce, setting it to a low simmer, then made her way to Kelly, kneeling and taking her hand.

“Kelly,” she said, “If you’re going to learn things about how to keep a man happy, and that really is your special talent, then don’t think about porno as a punishment or something gross. Think of it like a kind of… instructional video. Nothing teaches a girl how to do it right quite like good porno.”

“But it’s weird!” Kelly said, her eyes watery.

“Not at all. In fact, why don’t we watch it together? If I’m going to tutor you, maybe we can just include that as part of the lesson. That is, if your mother doesn’t mind.”

She turned to Katie, who was idly rubbing her twat, her hand still lodged in her shorts.

“What?” she asked, suddenly realizing that someone had asked her a question.

“Kat,” Ms. Gloria said, “Would you mind if I watched porno with Kelly, to help her understand what it means to be a good wife?”

“Oh! Yes, Kelly should watch porno. Didn’t I just say that?”

“You did. It was a good decision, honey,” Todd added, “That’s settled then. You’ll watch porno as part of your lessons, and each night before you go to bed. It’s just, well,” Todd began, “We’ve been having some trouble with Kelly masturbating.”

Kelly blushed and looked as if she might wither into a ball and vanish.

Ms. Gloria nodded and said, “Kelly, it’s not a bad thing to want to masturbate. Remember what we talked about? It’s very normal. Girls with really wet pussies, like yours, aren’t gross, and it isn’t wrong. You see? Your mother’s been masturbating this whole time, right Kat?”

Katie moaned and rubbed her hand against Todd’s bulge. Kelly felt so awkward and confused. She’d barely slept the night before, lying awake, her pussy wet, wanting to continue masturbating, but afraid her parents would know, after they’d fucked. She’d gotten herself off in the toilets at school, looking at dirty pictures of a girl on her knees sucking her daddy’s cock.

The whole day, people had stared at her tits, and she’d even encouraged and flaunted it, as Ms. Gloria had taught her. Now, they were telling her to watch porno movies, expecting it even, like it was a very normal thing to do. Her mother was vigorously finger-banging her twat, staring at her father’s cock in his pants like it was life itself, and here was Ms. Gloria, a woman that she’d kissed with her tongue only moments ago, telling her that it was a good thing to watch porn every day.

Maybe it was normal, she thought. She was very stupid, after all. She could hardly string enough sentences together to get a D+ on her English homework, even with Ms. Gloria’s help.

If she was ever going to be someone her father approved of, ever going to graduate, ever going to have a car, an allowance, and be allowed to stay at home, she had to find something, a special talent, that would sustain her into adulthood. It was very hard to make the right decision because the feelings coming from her pussy were the predominant focus of her conscious thoughts.

“It can just be a problem when you let it interfere with things that are important. Why don’t you just think about it over dinner,” Ms. Gloria suggested, “and, tomorrow night, we can talk about it again. Alright? Just remember what your mother said about how important it is to be wet, horny, and fuckable. Those are traits you can cultivate, in order to offer your assets to someone that will take care of you.”

Kelly nodded, still uncertain, but the words made a sort of sense. The sudden shift from learning about history, math, English, and chemistry, toward her future as a wet, horny, fuckable sex doll for some unnamed future husband, though, felt a bit jarring. Kelly wasn’t sure if she wanted that to be her special talent, but she also felt like she was running out of time and options.

She, either, had to get her grades up and graduate in only a few weeks, or she needed to find something that she was good at, that would sustain her into adulthood so that her father would approve of her. Both options seemed like they were out of reach.

Ms. Gloria went back to dinner, finishing it up and then serving the family, joining them at the table. Katie, famished, attacked the pasta with gusto, which was difficult with only one hand, as the other continued to stroke and finger her twat. Ms. Gloria showed Kelly the proper way to roll pasta onto a fork, giving her a tip about using her spoon to create a little machine that ensured it worked. Then, she carefully explained the mechanics of the simple mechanism as Todd nodded with approval. This made Kelly feel better, normal, and very grateful that Ms. Gloria was here to help her with all the difficult decisions and strange feelings.

After dinner, Kelly helped Ms. Gloria do the washing up, while Todd read over some papers from the office and Katie continued to masturbate at the table, whining needily, occasionally orgasming on her fingers.

“Thank you, Kelly,” Todd said, as the two of them put the washed plates away, “It was very adult and responsible of you to help with the dishes.”

Kelly beamed at the praise.

“Katie,” Todd said, and his wife focused her bleary gaze on him, “Would you please show Ms. Gloria out?”

Katie, reluctantly, pulled her pruned fingers from the backward shorts and escorted the tutor to the door, Kelly a step behind. Ms. Gloria gave Katie another long, open-mouthed kiss as Kelly watched, shuffling her feet. When she was finished, she turned to Kelly and repeated the kiss with the younger girl as Kelly moaned. It felt very nice to kiss Ms. Gloria, she decided, and maybe being wet, horny and fuckable wasn’t all that bad. It was just really confusing because she didn’t think that this is what the other kids did. However, she’d never taken the time to ask, so perhaps it wasn’t that strange.

“Good night, ladies,” Ms. Gloria said.


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