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Correcting Kelly, Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen: Daddy's Grateful Blowjob Slut

Kelly drove the gorgeous car home, following along behind her father. Her dark hair whipped freely in the wind and she’d never felt more grateful to her daddy. This is what came of being a good girl, she thought, this was because she was showing improvement. She’d stuck by her word and abided by her father’s rules. Her father had faith in her. He believed that Kelly could get good grades or find a special talent, and Kelly believed that she could do it, too.

The feeling was tempered only by the knowledge that the car was not, yet, actually hers. She still needed to accomplish one of those goals. As she pushed the accelerator, feeling the power of the expensive, carbon fiber monstrosity, she knew that she couldn’t fail. This car was even better than her mom’s. She had to have it.

Saddened by having to park the car in the garage, knowing that it would sit here until she met with approval, Kelly shut off the engine. Her father appeared, next to the car, and Kelly saw her mother crawling into the house, the sound of her little knee pads scraping the concrete. Todd looked down on her kindly.

“It looks like you,” he said, nodding, “It’s beautiful.”

Todd closed the garage and left the door open for Kelly, who sat another minute in the driver’s seat, wishing she could drive it again. Reluctantly, she got out of the car and followed her parents inside. Todd fixed a sandwich for himself and Kelly and offered Kat a bowl of milk and a plate of leftover, mashed-up hamburger, cold. They ate in silence, listening to the scrape of the bowls on the floor as Kat lapped and munched at them.

“Dad,” Kelly said, finally, “Do you think… did you think about… about the movie? Could I go?”

Todd nodded and said, “I think that’s fine, princess. Why don’t we clear these dishes away.”

Kelly, dutifully, took the dishes, rinsed them, and put them in the washer. Todd took a well-deserved seat on the couch, Kat crawling up next to him, where she curled up with her head on his lap, stroking his cock through his pants, as Todd turned on the TV for some much-needed relaxation. It had been a whirlwind of a week. Turning one’s family into needy sex dolls required a great deal of mental effort, especially while one held a demanding job. Still, as he stroked his new pet’s hair, and thought about how wonderful it would feel to eventually bounce his daughter’s firm little body on his cock, he gauged that it was worth every moment.

Kelly finished tidying up the kitchen, thinking of the car, her pussy, going out on her first date, and feeling grateful to her father. She thought back to only a week ago when she’d demanded the car and told him it wasn’t fair. He’d told her she was kind of a cunt. He’d been right. Kelly couldn’t imagine, now, how she couldn’t have seen how much her daddy did for them.

Trying so hard to focus on her schoolwork, and working beside Ms. Gloria, had opened her eyes to just how intelligent both of them were. Even her mother had realized it and made a change. Kelly had never seen her parents so close, so in love. Kelly felt, too, like she was part of it now. She’d learned so much about families, about how important it was to love each other and take care of one another’s needs, to be grateful for each other.

Yes, Kelly had been ungrateful and bitchy. She’d been a cunt. She didn’t want to be that way anymore. Kelly wanted to drive the new car, to be able to have her friends, and do whatever she pleased.

As she considered this, her mind turned back to her options. Her grades were not good. There were three weeks left in school, and that left very little time for her to cram all the knowledge she needed into her head, in order to turn her grades from Fs and Ds to a B+ in every class. The other option was finding a special talent, which she could be good at, and one that would sustain her into adulthood.

Her mother’s special talent was pleasing a man. Kelly was much like her mother. They enjoyed the same things. They’d both been bitchy and ungrateful. They were both very horny and loved their pussies. In her drugged, confused, and horny state, all of these things began to make complete sense to Kelly. All of the things she’d learned from Ms. Gloria, from the porno videos, from watching her mother be pleasing, all started to coalesce.

Kelly had seen the way the salesman looked at her. He’d been thinking that she was cute. She was adorable. He’d wanted to fuck her. Though it was, still, scary, Kelly thought she might be like her mother in another way. Perhaps, she did have the special talent for pleasing men. She just lacked experience. Her mother was very good at it because she’d had lots of practice.

Kelly had not had any practice, and she couldn’t imagine how she would get practice, without doing the things her mother did. If pleasing a man was her special talent, Kelly would need to learn the important things that a wife did. Kissing, she thought, she was getting good at, but there were other basics. Her mother had told her so before she’d decided to be a sex kitten. Like giving a good blowjob.

She remembered the video she’d watched with Ms. Gloria, how the girl had been grateful to her daddy. Her daddy had taken care of her and the girl had been grateful. She’d been his grateful blowjob slut. Kelly did not have a husband that took care of her and kept her safe. The only person that took care of her and kept her safe, right now, was her daddy. Her daddy would give her anything she wanted, as long as she showed appreciation, affection, and love, and if she could be a girl that he approved of.

Her father approved of her mother and gave her anything she wanted, even letting her become a sex kitten. Her mother didn’t even have to do chores anymore. Her mother just did the things her father approved of, and now she just focused on being wet, horny, and fuckable.


Kelly, blushing, and looking cute, edged her way around the couch slowly, putting her hands behind her back and shuffling her feet nervously. Todd looked away from the TV. Kat watched the TV as well, uncomprehending, playing with her toy.

“You alright, princess?” Todd asked.

“Dad,” Kelly said, “I just… I wanted to say… to tell you that I’m very grateful. I’m sorry that I was a bitch, daddy.”

Todd smiled and said, “Thank you, honey. I’m really proud of the hard work that you’ve been doing. I know it’s been tough.”

Kelly took a step closer and got on her knees in front of her father. Todd cocked his head.

“I…” Kelly said, swallowed, “I want to… Do you think that my special talent will be like mom’s?”

Todd looked at his masturbating wife, then back to his daughter, and answered, “Maybe not, exactly, like your mother’s. Similar, perhaps. What are you asking, princess?”

“It’s just… I know that I have to find something that I’m good at, or I have to get my grades. I’m going to try to get the grades, but I don’t know if I can. It’s really hard.”

Todd nodded, agreeing, and said, “It’s rough when you have to start from behind with only a little time.”

“I could, maybe, um… Ms. Gloria said that I had to practice… that there’s no substitute for doing things myself, and I want to see if I can be good at it.”

“Good at what?” Todd asked.

“At… at pleasing a man. If I need to, someday, be good at being a wife for a man that takes care of me, like you take care of us, how am I going to know if I’m good at it, if I’ve never done it?”

“It’s a quandary, alright,” Todd said, “I guess, the answer is, you won’t know. Every man is going to have different expectations. Some of them might want to do things like whip you with a belt or beat your tits. Others like to put clamps on your nipples, or tie you up and let animals mate with you.”

Kelly looked scared.

“Fortunately, for your mother,” Todd continued, “That’s not the sort of thing I’m into. I love your mother, and you, for who you are.”

“What if,” Kelly said, biting her lip, “What if I showed you that I’m grateful for how you take care of us, and see if I’m good at it.”

“How would you do that, princess?” Todd asked.

Kelly put her trembling hands on his knees and pushed them upward until her fingertips rested against his trousers-covered cock.

“I could… I could try to suck it. Like mom does.”

Todd said nothing, only waited.

“If you want me to,” Kelly added, flushed, her hands shaking.

“What do you want?” Todd asked.

“I… I want to show you that I’m grateful.”

Todd gave a short nod.

Kelly, haltingly, undid his belt, and the button, then unzipped his trousers. Nervously, she moved her hands to the waistband and breathed deeply. She tugged. Todd lifted himself, slightly, and allowed her to struggle with the trousers, until she had them down to his knees. His erect cock stood up. Kelly eyed it warily.

She’d seen it, briefly, when he’d gotten into bed, but that was before she’d learned from Ms. Gloria that it was normal. She reached out her hand and touched it. Her daddy’s cock felt warm, both hard and soft at the same time. Feeling it made her pussy hotter, wetter like this was right and exciting. The sense of uncertainty, the new experience, was frightening but, also, arousing.

She wrapped her hand around it. Todd sighed. Kelly gave it a soft, experimental rub. She looked up at him for approval. Todd stroked her hair and parted his legs.

Kelly inched closer, on her knees, and leaned forward, sticking out her tongue to taste it. It didn’t really taste like anything, she thought, just skin. It jerked in her hand as if it were alive, which made her pussy feel good.

She remembered the girl in the video, and the day she’d spied on her parents, watching her mother seal her lips around the same cock that she held in her hand. Her daddy had called her mother princess, while he’d pushed this cock between her mother’s lips.

Kat’s attention was now on the cock, too, and she’d shifted so she could look at it as she masturbated. Kelly pulled his cock closer to her lips, leaned forward, opened her mouth, and slid her lips over his cockhead. Her eyes turned upward, seeking approval, hoping that she was doing it right.

“That’s great, princess,” Todd assured her.

He removed her hand from his cock, and replaced it with his own, two inches below where Kelly’s lips encircled his pulsing crown.

“Now, slide your lips down to my fingers,” he instructed, “No hands.”

Kelly complied, her lips sliding down his shaft, until they brushed his fingers.

“Good girl,” Todd said, “Now, back up, and then back down to my fingers.”

Kelly followed his instructions, her pussy hot. She wished that she could touch it. She repeated the motion again, keeping her lips tight around her daddy’s cock, and then again, keeping her eyes trained on him for his approval.

“Each time you go down,” Todd said, “use your tongue on the underside of it.”

Kelly did, opening her mouth just a little wider, sliding the top of her tongue along the head of his cock each time she moved her mouth downward until her lips met his fingers. Todd’s fingers dropped lower, exposing more of his cock.

“Again, to my fingers,” he instructed.

Kelly did it, allowing more of his length to slip into her mouth. Todd brushed a stray lock of her hair from her eye as she repeated the motion, once, twice, a third time, before he took his hand off of his cock.

“Just like that, princess,” Todd said, “You’re doing so well.”

Kelly moaned around his cock as she worked at taking more of it, and then a little more, but then she gagged and pulled back, looking frightened.

“I’m sorry,” she said, a little string of spit clinging to her lip.

“That’s alright, princess,” Todd said, “That’s fine. Daddy likes it when you choke. The best place for daddy’s cock is in your throat, alright?”

Kelly nodded and sealed her lips back around his cock knob, resuming her lesson. She worked her mouth back down, up, and then tried to take it again. This time, she was ready, and another inch of it went into her throat. She moaned again, her pussy warm and wanting to be rubbed, but she didn’t want to be bad.

Instead, she tried different things with her tongue, wriggling it and swirling it each time she moved her mouth up and down his penis, receiving sighs and groans of appreciation that felt encouraging. Then, she went too far and she choked again. Kelly pulled back, coughing, her eyes watering.

“It’s big,” she said, “I don’t know if I can do it.”

“You’ll get much better, honey,” Todd assured her.

“What if I don’t?” Kelly asked, worried that this was another thing she wouldn’t be good at.

“Hush now, princess. Where does daddy’s cock go?”

“In my throat,” Kelly repeated and returned to her sucking.

She quickly fell into a rhythm, once she relaxed and stopped worrying about doing it just right on her first time. Her daddy would instruct her, she knew, to make sure that she was good at it, in a way that he approved of. She followed his gentle guidance, paying careful attention to the way in which he wanted his cock pleased, and Kelly imagined that her mother, likely, had to go through this same learning process.

Kelly wasn’t certain, exactly, how long she’d sucked and licked her father’s cock, but there came a point when it began to jerk erratically in her mouth, and she thought that he was going to cum. Todd informed her that this was, indeed the case, when he said, “Daddy’s going to cum, princess. I’m going to take your mouth off my cock, and then I’m going to cum on your pretty face. You should close your eyes.”

Kelly felt her heartbeat increase. This was something new, something she hadn’t seen. No one had told her about this. She would have to wing it.

“Keep your mouth open, slut,” Todd said, and Kelly’s pussy nearly came at the dirty word, the same word he’d said to her mother so many times. Daddy’s slut. Daddy’s grateful blowjob slut.

She opened her mouth and shut her eyes. She heard her father’s grunt and then a hot blast of sticky semen struck her across the nose, splattering her eyelid. She flinched in surprise, but Todd held her head firmly in place with his hand. Another rope of cum landed on her tongue, washed across her plump little lips and Kelly moaned, whorishly, the feeling doing something funny to her insides like she was being marked, as if her daddy had just laid claim to her, made her his. The third, weaker shot landed on her upper lip and began to slide down it, running into her open mouth.

“That was so good, princess,” Todd said and then pushed his cock back into her mouth, adding, “You should always clean up your mess. Now, tell daddy you’re sorry for being a messy girl.”

Kelly pulled his cock from his mouth, her lips painted with sperm and saliva, as she wiped his ejaculate from her eye, and said, “I’m sorry for being so messy, daddy.”

“That’s so cute, princess,” Todd said and stroked her hair, “That probably made your pussy very excited, didn’t it?”

Kelly nodded. It had made her pussy excited.

“Why don’t you use your mother to take care of it, while I get cleaned, alright?”

Kelly nodded, her head light and confused, but her cunt was so hot. She followed her instructions, heady from the approval she’d gotten for sucking cock well. She lay back on the couch.

“Mom,” she said, “Can you take care of me, please?”

Kat looked up, dazed, and horny, some part of her still retaining the knowledge that she was a mother. She saw Kelly’s bare, wet cunt, and the girl’s beckoning finger. It was her job. Todd would be pleased if she licked cunt, like kittens were supposed to do. Todd loved when she licked cunt and pretended she was a kitten. She crawled toward her daughter’s spread legs and licked.


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