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Correcting Kelly, Chapter Twelve

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Ms. Gloria had a special playlist that she’d put together, in order to educate Kelly on the things that were expected of a good wife.

“Eventually,” she said, “you’ll need to get some real practice, in order to see if you’re cut out for this sort of thing. For now, though, think of this like the sex-ed videos you saw at school, with much more real-life situations that will make it more realistic. Did you watch your porno, last evening?”

Kelly blushed as she sat, nude, with her tutor, on the living room couch. This was the same spot in which she’d found her nude mother, playing at being a kitten, while eating treats from Ms. Gloria’s bag.

“Yes,” Kelly admitted, “We watched some last night.”

“You watched it with your parents?” Ms. Gloria asked.

“Yeah. I didn’t really want to have to watch it with them, but I have to sleep in their bed right now, so my mom can make sure I’m not… you know.”

Ms. Gloria nodded, understanding, and as she stuck a flash drive into the USB port on the TV, she said, “That’s perfectly natural, sweetie. A lot of people are afraid to admit it, because America has some backward ideas about sex, but more and more families are spending time exploring these things together. It’s very healthy,” she turned on the TV and waited for the drive to load, continuing, “A long time ago, churches used to run everything, and they put a whole bunch of silly ideas into people, which they passed on for years and years.

Some of them are good ideas, like being kind to your neighbor, or forgiving people when they’re mean to you. Others, though, like hating people who have a different opinion or worship a different god, weren’t such good ideas. They’ve caused a lot of problems. Thankfully, society has started to shed some of those ideas, because we live in a time where it’s much easier to share our thoughts, opinions, and varying morality with others. Can you tell me about the movie you watched?”

“Um, it was… There was a girl who was doing her homework, but she couldn’t concentrate because she was… she was horny. Then, her mom said she’d help take care of it and she started to… to lick her. The girl really liked it, and then her dad came in and he helped her, too,” Kelly summarized, excluding what had taken place next.

“That’s a good start. It’s great that your parents are open-minded and want to show you how natural it is for families to spend time together, support one another, and take care of each other’s needs,” Ms. Gloria said, using the remote to navigate to the first video, “Think about all the girls out there, whose parents don’t want to help them learn this. They have to figure it all out for themselves, sometimes getting into bad situations, where they get used or strung along by selfish people who don’t really care about them. Your mom and dad, I can tell, really do care about your future. I mean, they hired me, after all!”

Kelly laughed, the comment taking her mind off of her naked twat for just an instant. Ms. Gloria started the first video. It was titled, “Mom and My Cunt,” and it opened with a dark-haired girl, vigorously rubbing her clit, while she watched porno and pushed a vibrating toy into her cunt. Kelly closed her legs tightly as she watched the girl play with herself and watch a dirty movie, wishing that she could play with herself while she watched the dirty movie.

“Masturbation is a very normal thing to do,” Ms. Gloria explained, “It can become a problem when it keeps you from reaching your goals, or when you use it in place of real sex for too long. It’s great in a pinch, but when you get married, or you have someone else around that can help you take care of your needs, you should always put your pussy to work for real sex, rather than pleasuring yourself. It’s much better to develop closeness with another person, rather than to isolate yourself and get stuck in your own head. Having real sex builds your social skills and teaches you important things about how to make other people happy, which will, in turn, make you happier. When you share what you have with other people, it creates a sense of self-gratification, because you know that you’re helping someone else.”

The girl on the screen was soon joined by an older woman. The pair, Kelly thought, were similar to the women in the movie from the previous night. The new woman was, also, nude. The woman knelt in front of the masturbating girl and said, “Oh, baby, are you mommy’s horny girl? Does mommy’s girl need some relief?”

“Yeah,” said the girl, her eyes on the porno movie, the sound of her wet pussy filling Kelly’s ears.

The older woman took hold of the girl’s toy and pulled it from her cunt, then bent forward and began to tongue her fuckhole. The girl moaned and put her hands on her mother’s head, twining them delicately into her hair, as her mother sucked and licked at her daughter’s wet hole. For long minutes, Kelly and Ms. Gloria sat, quietly, watching the mother bring her daughter to two very vocal orgasms.

Kelly wanted to touch her cunt. She badly wanted to touch it, to rub it, to get it off. It was tortuous, watching the girl, probably her own age, be allowed to orgasm when Kelly could not.

“You’ll start to see, just like you hear on TV, that finding love, or sexual enjoyment, with people of the same gender is something that’s very prevalent,” Ms. Gloria said, “Life can be hard. It shouldn’t matter to anyone whether you find love with a man, a woman, or both. Everyone wants to be loved, like you are, and expressing love and passion with people is vital to your well-being. One of these days, you’ll find a nice girl, maybe even your mom, who will lick your cunt for you, just like this, so you can see how nice it is.”

Kelly watched the video, enrapt, her eyes glued to the close-up shot of the camera, showing the mother’s tongue darting in and out of her daughter’s wet snatch, while her hands roamed up the girl’s body and played with her tits. She was, somewhat, aware of what Ms. Gloria had said, about having her mother lick her cunt, but that cunt was very hot and very wet, and it was difficult to focus on both the movie and Ms. Gloria’s voice. If it meant that she would be able to orgasm, though, Kelly thought that she might like to have someone lick her cunt for her.

If she wasn’t allowed to masturbate, and she had to share her pussy with someone else in order to cum, then her mother was an option. Her mother loved her and her mother was very horny all the time, too. Only, her mother did get to orgasm, a lot, because her mother shared her pussy with Kelly’s father.

Her mother shared her pussy, and in return, Kelly’s father took care of her needs, made sure she orgasmed, and that her mother was always safe and getting the things she wanted. Her mother also got to try new things, like acting like a kitten, just because she wanted to. All of that was okay, because her mother shared her pussy with someone that she loved, and someone that loved her.

The next video began, and in this one, another dark-haired young woman, like Kelly, sat on her knees, nude. The girl knelt in front of a man, and the girl had the man’s penis in her mouth. The girl looked very happy, just like in the photos that Kelly had masturbated to at school, and the video she’d watched the night before. The video’s title was, “Daddy’s Grateful Blowjob Slut.”

“This is one of the most basic things that every woman needs to know,” Ms. Gloria said, “so, pay close attention. We’ll watch several of these from different angles. Sucking cock is an art, and there are lots of different ways to do it. The bas