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The Second Place Sister, Part 1


Twin sisters Stephanie and Tori Hamlin are the poster children for success. They're gorgeous, smart, and award-winning track stars, competing on a national level. Stephanie, though, harbors a terrible secret. Consumed with blinding jealousy over her twin's success, she's been pulled into a dark conspiracy, behind which lurks a terrible corporate entity bent on changing the world.

When Stephanie has Tori framed for a fabricated crime and incarcerated at the NewYou Clinic for Adolescent Addiction, she goes to work on her family, remaking them into her perverse vision of perfection. Meanwhile, the methods of the NewYou clinic condition Tori to accept a new personality, that of a subservient, sexual plaything.

Once she's returned to her family, wholly different, Tori must contend with the changes that Stephanie has wrought on her family. Through struggles that they'd never imagined, the Hamlins will need to come to terms with the changes to themselves. What Stephanie didn't count on, though, is the power of a sister's love and capacity for forgiveness in the face of life-altering change.

Chapter One: The Second Place Sister

One hundred meters.

Tori's feet pounded the track, her blood rushing in her ears.

Ninety meters.

Her legs burned with exhaustion. She spared a quick glance and saw her sister just a step behind.

Eighty meters.

Stephanie poured her last ounce of strength in an all-out sprint and closed on Tori's heels. She could do this! She saw Tori flagging, her sister slowing as she used up her final burst.

Seventy meters. Sixty. Fifty.

Stephanie gulped in air, lungs on fire. Tori surged ahead suddenly. Stephanie raged inside. Where did Tori come up with more energy?

Forty Meters. Thirty.

Stephanie huffed, arms pumping, her long legs weakening. She wasn't worried about anyone behind her. She had a good twenty meters on the closest runner.

Twenty meters.

Tori felt the win. Her next gold hovered right there, just seconds away. She could see Stephanie struggling, but she was almost close enough to touch.

Ten meters.

Stephanie felt hot tears sting her eyes. If she could just muster one last burst! Tori raised her arms in triumph.

Five meters.

Stephanie saw victory die as Tori crossed the line and slowed, bent with her hands on her knees. Stephanie finished less than a second behind and did the same. She wouldn't cry. Not here. Not now. She huffed and sucked in air. Tori looked her way with a smug grin. Stephanie would have choked her if she'd had the strength. Right there, in front of the cheering crowd, she could have wrapped her hands around her twin's little neck and squeezed, until she turned blue and fell over.

Second place. Again. Stephanie filed through the door behind her family, clutching her second-place medal in her fist with a death grip. Tori, exuberant, strutted in at the head of the line with yet another gold for first. It was something Stephanie had grown used to after all these years. Her twin had always been first in everything. Tori was the first to be born, by only a few minutes. She was the first to crawl, the first to walk, the first to talk. When the two girls were old enough to start competitive sports, the sport of choice had been track. As runners, they were just about equal. Tori, though, always placed first, beating Stephanie by a few seconds each time. Today was the closest she'd ever come.

The only thing Stephanie had come first in was her big teen tits. Stephanie had developed her breasts early on, and where Tori's development had stopped at a nice perfect C cup, Stephanie's tits had ballooned to D's. She was sure that was why she was always a step behind on the track. Her big heavy udders slowed her down. That had to be it. There was no way Tori was just naturally better at everything.

As her family marched into the living room, Stephanie plastered on a big fake smile and pretended to be happy for Tori's success, yet again.

"You were great, Tori!" she exclaimed, giving her twin a big hug and mashing her fat tits into Tori's slim runner's body.

"You were, too, Stephie," Tori replied, "One of these days you're going to whip my ass on the track!"

Tori's voice dripped with sarcasm. Stephanie burned with anger inside, but she'd learned long ago how to wear a mask. Their parents, John and Melanie, looked on with pride. Their brother, Mike, blew them off and went downstairs.

The two sisters broke their embrace.

"Race you for the shower!" Tori cried and took off up the stairs. Stephanie, of course, came in second.

Chapter Two: Jealousy

Stephanie sat on her knees beneath the desk of her chemistry teacher, Mr. Hart. His pants were down around his ankles, and Stephanie's little blonde head bobbed up and down on his cock. The big-breasted soon-to-be-senior eagerly sucked her teacher's shaft, taking him down her throat to the balls, only to come back up, pull him out of her mouth completely and toy with the string of saliva that connected her lip to his cockhead.

"Oh, fuck," the older man groaned, "I'm gonna miss you this summer!"

Stephanie stroked his big dick with the copious amounts of saliva she'd slavered on it.

"You mean you'll miss shoving your fat prick into my teen throat," she teased, "You'll miss having me stroke your cock between my big slut melons until you blow your cum all over me, right?"

The teacher's meat pole throbbed in her hand. He was close to cumming, as Stephanie knew from experience. She'd been blowing her chem teacher for a while now. Not that she needed to. She was smart, and her grades had always been excellent. She just enjoyed the power. From the time she started growing her oversized tits, she had noticed that men and boys had positively drooled over her. She loved the attention and the way that she could manipulate them into doing just about anything for her. And if she had to slobber on their dicks once in a while to keep them on a tight leash, what was the harm? Besides, she loved it when they shot their sticky spunk into her throat or covered her tits with it. Alone at night, she’d often finger fuck her snatch thinking of men cumming on her big tits.

She slowed her stroking to an even, deliberate pace, and worked her fist around Mr. Hart's bulbous head, creating a tight seal for him to fuck. She put the tip back in her mouth, and worked his shaft, moaning around it like it was pleasurable candy. Every few strokes, she would pause long enough to work up her own arousal by talking dirty.

"Are you gonna cum for me, Mr. Hart? Are you gonna fill up my tummy with your hot load? Or would you rather cover my big tits?" slurp, "Maybe you want to squirt your cum all over my face this time?" slurp, "Go on. I'm your little cocksucker. You can cum anywhere you want to. Show me what a hot old man does to little teenage suck sluts, Mr. Hart."

That was it. The teacher grabbed his student's face and shoved his whole prick back into her mouth. He gritted his teeth, groaning quietly, and unloaded spurt after spurt of goo right down Stephanie's throat. She happily sucked it all down, milking his cock for every last drop before popping it out of her mouth.

Mr. Hart, eyes glazed, stared down at the sexy little blonde girl as she pushed the remaining drops of cum into her mouth, licking her fingers noisily. Stephanie stayed where she was until Mr. Hart had sufficiently recovered. When the teacher started to pull up his pants, she stood and sat on the edge of his desk. Finally, he leaned back in his chair with a satisfied grin.

"So," he said, "I suppose you want to know where we are with the mixture?"

Stephanie nodded. Mr. Hart took a key from his pocket and unlocked a desk drawer, pulling out a small vial, which he handed to Stephanie.

"Now, remember," he said, "just a single drop into a drink each day. It's highly concentrated. After a few days, there's no way in hell she'll pass any kind of drug screen. It'll look to a lab like she's been dosing with a suite of illegal drugs for weeks. There's also a mile aphrodisiac that will start to increase her sex drive, especially in situations where she's embarrassed or uncomfortable. Chronic masturbation will be a side effect. I wouldn't be surprised if she has some trouble concentrating, performing routine tasks, that sort of thing. It's not going to be anything that will harm her permanently, but it's going to be noticeable."

Stephanie took the vial with a mischievous smile.

"And Steph," he added, "it goes without saying that I had no part in giving you that. If you get caught, that is."

She nodded, "I won't. Now, what about the other part?"

"Tori is a bitch, I'll give you that," he said, "but what you're doing is going to change her life forever. You know that, right?"

"She deserves it," Stephanie snapped, "Now where are we?"

"If everything goes as planned, the NewYou clinic is ready to take on your sister for their program. And the judge knows the deal. NewYou keeps him in plenty of money and teen pussy to make sure they get the right girls for the program. There won't be any problems."

Stephanie nodded. She leaned in and gave Mr. Hart a big sloppy kiss on the lips.

"When we're done, I'll make sure you're getting plenty of teen pussy to keep you happy, too."

"I know you will. You always deliver."

They grinned at each other evilly.

Chapter Three: When Everything Began to Change

stephanie hamlin grins evilly
Twisted Sister

Stephanie gave Tori her first dose in her sports bottle at track practice that same day. Mr. Hart hadn't lied. By the end of practice, everyone noticed that Tori was having an off day. She started strong, but by the end of it, she was falling behind Stephanie for the first time in her life. Stephanie was elated.

As they changed in the locker room, Stephanie admired her twin's body. It was, of course, just like hers, and Stephanie knew that she had a fantastic body. Her long legs were toned and slim. Her ass was well rounded, even perfect, firm. Her belly was taut and hard, and her teenage breasts sat high and pert on her chest.

"What the hell was wrong with you out there?" Stephanie asked, pulling her shirt over her huge globes.

Tori reddened, angry, and snapped, "I don't know! I feel kind of shitty today. I think I'm getting sick."

"Well," Stephanie gloated, "I, for one, feel great. I beat your time for the first time, in like, ever!"

"Don't get used to it," Tori shot back, "You'll be in second place again next time."

The two girls rode home together. Tori, quiet and disheartened, shut herself in her room after dinner. Her head hurt. Her stomach ached. She was perspiring more than normal. The strangest thing, though, was that her young pussy was moist and aroused. She laid back on her bed, shut her eyes, and tried to fall asleep, but her pussy was yearning.

Of course, she'd masturbated on occasion. It wasn't something that she did often. She was usually a little ashamed when she did, but there were times when the body just needed a release and she wasn't ready to let her boyfriend do it, yet. At the thought of Tim, her studly, football player boyfriend, her pussy got even juicier. She pictured his fit abs, his muscled arms, his thick lips when they kissed, and her hand strayed down into her shorts. She remembered his smell, like sweat and leather, and slipped a finger into her wet folds. Just outside, Stephanie pressed her ear to the door, listening closely to see if her sister was jilling off her cunt.

She'd already seen the effects of the doses on Tori's performance on the track, and Mr. Hart had said that the aphrodisiac in it would make Tori a little more horny than usual. She wasn't sure if that really meant anything, though. Her sister was a prissy little ice queen, anyway. Any improvement in her sexual energy would be a huge one. She hardly even kissed her boyfriend and, as far as Stephanie knew, they never made out or did anything else.

Inside the room, Tori played with her clit, then stroked her fingers in and out of her sloppy pussy. She hit just the right spot and involuntarily moaned out loud. Stephanie heard it happen and smiled to herself. She waited a moment longer for Tori to really get into it. Tori finger fucked herself more vigorously, pushing two fingers in, then out, then rubbing her clit, then back in.

She was humping her hand now, thinking of Tim, her mind suddenly wondering what his cock would feel like inside her. She'd only seen it twice, felt it, and jerked him off after a concert. She had virtually no experience with cock, but now she was curious. What would it be like to have a cock in her instead of her finger? Her pussy gushed on her fingers. She was panting now, moaning audibly, shoving her fingers in and out of her box, pushing close to a good hard cum.

Suddenly, a loud knock at the door shattered her concentration, and Stephanie's voice came from the other side.

"Tori? Are you awake? I'm coming in!"

Tori hardly had time to pull her hand out of her shorts and cover her wet pussy with her blanket before Stephanie opened the door and peeked her head inside the dimly lit room.

"Fuck, Steph," Tori cursed, "there's a reason for closed doors."

Stephanie came in anyway and sat on the edge of Tori's bed.

"I was worried about you," she lied, "I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Still feeling sick?"

"Yeah," Tori replied, a little guilty that she had snapped at her sister, when she was obviously so concerned for her.

Stephanie sniffed the air, and said, "I guess you're feeling a little better," she grinned, "It smells like someone was having a good time with herself!"

Tori blushed, and pulled the covers up higher around herself, saying, "Leave me alone." She looked like she might cry.

Stephanie stroked her twin's long blonde hair, and reassured her, "It's okay, Tori. A girl needs to get off. It's nothing to be ashamed of. I finger my cunt all the time!"

"You're filthy," Tori complained.

"Oh, get over yourself. Everyone masturbates. Some of us are just comfortable with our bodies and enjoy ourselves. Maybe you shouldn't be such a prude."

"I'm not a prude. I just have self-respect!"

Stephanie tried to diffuse the situation. It wasn't time to push her sister too hard.

"I'm sorry," she said, "That was rude. I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

She leaned down and kissed her twin's forehead with her full lips.

"I'll see you tomorrow. Night."

"Night, Stephie."

Stephanie retreated from the room, pleased that she'd not only ruined Tori's orgasm but made her feel like shit. It was turning out to be a wonderful day. She made her way downstairs, and then into the basement. Her brother, Mike, had what amounted to his own apartment down here.

At 20, Mike was a sophomore in college. Their mother had been knocked up by their father when she was only 18 and he was 19. Their conservative parents had been, understandably, very upset at the time. However, their father had proven to be a very reliable and responsible young man. He'd cared for his child, married their mother, and then made his own way asking for no one's help. He was entrepreneurial, and even at 16 had started his own computer business. Two decades later, the family wanted for nothing. Stephanie always felt a twinge in her oversexed young cunt when she thought about her dad.

Stephanie slipped into her brother's "apartment" and quietly made her way down the stairs. At the bottom was another door, which she opened without knocking, and poked her head inside. The sounds of moaning and slapping of flesh drifted from around the corner. Mike was obviously jerking off to some porn. Stephanie smiled and slipped inside, closing the door behind her. She walked quietly around the corner. Mike sat in front of his computer with no pants. On his big screen was the image of a slim blonde girl with a hard body and big tits, just like her. The slut was getting a huge cock shoved down her throat, and another was stretching out her tender young asshole. The violated girl was quaking with orgasm after orgasm as the two hunks plowed her repeatedly, using her body to jerk their cocks off with.

Mike had his fist wrapped around his own big dick. Stephanie licked her lips as she watched him stroke it. Her brother was easily one of the biggest dicks she'd seen in person. He was nearly ten inches long and thick. She pulled off her shirt and dropped it on the floor, exposing her bra-covered tits. She pushed down her shorts and left them on the floor, too. Straightening her thong panties, she tip-toed closer to her brother, her mouth beginning to water. Mike, engrossed in his jerking, didn't notice his sister until she was kneeling down in front of him.

"Oh shit!" he shouted, and dropped his massive meat from his hand, "Steph! You scared the shit out of me!"

Stephanie quickly wrapped her small hand around her brother's thick fucktool and stroked it gently.

"I'm sorry," she said, looking up into his eyes, "You were so engrossed in your nasty porn, and I didn't want to disturb you while you stroked off this huge cock."

Mike groaned as she squeezed his dick.

"I thought maybe I could do that for you while you watch," she teased, spitting on her hand and wrapping her fingers back around it, "unless you want me to leave?"

"Feeding you my dick was the best decision of my life."

Stephanie leaned in and put her brother's fat cockhead between her lips, teasing his piss hole with her tongue.

She pulled it out and said, "Mmmm. It sure was. I'm so lucky to have such a beautiful cock to suck on right here at home," she jerked him slowly, "Now you just watch your stupid porn slut get railed and let your horny sister take care of your prick."

She slid her mouth back over the head and swirled her tongue along the underside of his shaft as she swallowed a few more inches of his meat. Her pussy gushed fuck honey as she slowly took Mike's thick shaft down her throat. He put his hand inside her bra and groped her big tits as she looked up into his eyes.

"Oh fuck," he groaned, "You look so hot with your mouth full of my cock."

Stephanie took him as far as she could, almost getting to the base of his monster, before she gagged. Mike held her head on his dick with his free hand for just a moment, twining his fingers into her honey-blonde hair, then pulled her mouth off of him so she could catch a breath. Strings of hot spit stretched between his sister's lips and his fat mushroom head.

"You like choking your hot sister with your nasty cock, don't you?" she teased, continuing to stroke him off with her saliva, "You're such a fucking pervert, making your sister swallow your oversized prick. I should tell mom and dad about how you rape my mouth and use it like a cunt."

Mike pushed her head back down on his shaft, using her hair to guide her mouth up and down his dick.

"Shut up and do your job, cocksucker. Rub my balls, too. You know what I like."

Stephanie massaged her brother's huge balls. She could feel them hot and heavy with a huge load. Mike used her mouth roughly, alternating glances from the porn on his computer screen, down to his horny sister and her bulging tits. He fondled her nipples while pulling her off his dick. He knew she'd spout more filth as soon as her mouth was available, and he absolutely loved the way Stephanie talked dirty.

Gasping for breath she taunted him even more, "You sick fucker! You're so twisted. Who gets off on turning their own sister into their personal suckslut?" she squeezed his cockhead in her fist, "You should feel bad for gagging your pretty sister with this huge dick of yours."

Mike's breathing was ragged as his sister worked his cockmeat over with her slimy hand.

"Why don't you let me fuck you, Steph? I know you'd love it."

Stephanie giggled at him, "I'll bet you'd like that! It's not enough that you make me swallow your fat prick. You won't be happy until you have it shoved up my tight little teenage snatch, will you? I'll bet that wouldn't even keep a pervert like you happy. After you had my pussy aching for this big fuckstick inside it every day, you'd probably push it up my ass and make me your little three-hole whore, wouldn't you, you sicko?"

"Fuck!" Mike could hardly hold back his nut with the torrent of filth pouring from his sister's mouth.

Stephanie went on, "Well, you know the deal. You don't get anything but my mouth until dad takes my cherry."

The thought of their father pushing his big cock into his sister was just too much. Mike growled like a beast and started bucking his hips in orgasm. Stephanie quickly pushed his cock back into her mouth and milked his sperm from his balls, gulping spurt after spurt down her throat hungrily. Her brother's head swam in ecstasy as Stephanie guzzled his cum. His head felt like all the blood had rushed out of it. Stephanie continued to milk his cock, massaging his balls to get every drop she could. Finally, drained, she pulled his thick meat from her mouth and stroked it gently.

"You'll never guess what I just heard," she said, standing up and dropping Mike's deflating cock. "I caught Tori fingering her snatch before I came down here."

She straddled her brother's lap, pushing her big tits into his face and rubbing his soft cock between her firm ass cheeks and soaked panties.

"Bullshit," Mike said, his voice muffled by her bra-covered tits.

"She was totally getting herself off," Stephanie confirmed, "her whole room smelled like horny cunt."

"That frigid little bitch probably doesn't even know she has a twat," Mike said, "let alone how to get it off."

Stephanie slipped her tongue into his mouth, making out with her hunky brother. She could feel his dick getting hard again and smiled inwardly.

"I can feel your dick growing again," she teased him, "You're really a horny fucker. You should get that big dick into my pussy sometime soon."

"You're such a cocktease," Mike groaned, "but dad will never fuck you. There's no way."

"I don't know," she said, "Mom and dad are freaks. And you've seen their porn collection. Dad loves hot young pussy. How long do you think it's been since he got to shove his big cock into a nice, warm, teenage slut hole?"

Mike grabbed her bra and pushed one of the cups aside, sucking on Stephanie's hard nipple.

"Now that I'm legal, I'll bet you I can get him to let me ride his cock. And after he pops my cherry, I'll let you have a turn, too!"

With that, she pulled her tit from his mouth, pulled her bra up, and slapped his hardening dick.

"Have fun jerking off, sicko!"

She flounced out of the room, snagging her clothes on the way out. Mike just sat dumbfounded with a new hard-on.

The next day was a Saturday, and Stephanie was up early for her morning jog with Tori. This was their weekend routine. She prepped a couple of protein shakes, making sure to dose Tori's with a drop of the compound Mr. Hart had supplied her with. Shortly thereafter, Tori dragged herself down the stairs. She looked like she hadn't slept well at all. Her eyes were dark, her hair only barely run through with a comb. She was dressed in a pair of track pants with a zip-up jacket. By comparison, her hot twin wore booty shorts with "catch this" printed on her ass, and a tight sports bra.

"Good morning, gorgeous!" Stephanie quipped energetically.

"Fuck off," Tori snapped, grabbing her shake from the counter and chugging it quickly.

"Someone's in a mood," Stephanie scowled, "maybe you just need a good finger fuck to brighten you up."

Tori reddened with embarrassment and anger. She had a short fuse today. After Stephanie had barged into her room and ruined her masturbation session, she'd fallen into a fitful sleep. Her head was still cloudy this morning, but she didn't feel quite as shitty as the previous night.

"Whatever," she said, "let's run. I'm gonna kick your ass!"

Stephanie was out the door and instantly outpacing Tori. Tori, angry, picked up her pace and was soon beside her twin.

"This is a jog, remember," Tori said, "Not a run."

"Can't keep up?" Stephanie quipped.

Tori scowled but didn't say anything else. Side-by-side, the two girls jogged down the sidewalk, enjoying the chill of the early summer morning as they worked up a sweat. As their feet hit the concrete, meter after meter, Stephanie's big, bouncing tits turned heads. She ignored the attention, but secretly reveled in it.

"" Tori panted.

"It's comfortable." Stephanie shot back. She wasn't even winded.

It was clear that Tori was starting to struggle a bit, and they were only halfway through their routine. She started to lag behind. Stephanie slowed.

"You okay?" she asked.

Tori came to a stop and rested her hands on her knees.

"Just… don't feel… well… " she breathed.

"Let's go back," Stephanie said, "We'll just walk it."

Tori nodded and straightened up. The two girls walked the distance back to the house slowly. By the time they got in the door their family was getting around. Their mom was in the kitchen frying up bacon, while eggs and pancakes cooked on the stove. Mike sat at the table pretending to stare at his phone. Stephanie, however, could see that he was really sneaking glances at their mother's ass.

She could hardly blame him. At 38 their mother was fit and gorgeous, an older version of the twins. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail. Her firm ass cheeks looked delicious in a pair of night shorts that barely covered the fine round globes. Their father was standing in the living room watching the morning financial news. He gave them a glance when they came in, then tried to hide his stare when Stephanie paused in the doorway, bent and stretched for him.

"Good morning, Daddy!" she chirped, running up and giving him a big hug, mashing her tits into him.

"Morning, Stephie," he returned, as his big arms went around her.

She smelled like sweat and sex appeal. The scent made his big dick start to rise and push against Stephanie's leg. Stephanie looked up into his eyes, making sure that her cleavage was on display.

"I need a shower," she said, breaking away, "I'm all sticky and sweaty!" She teased and brushed the back of her hand against his bulge. Feigning surprise, she gasped and whispered, "Daddy! You should get someone to take care of that for you!"

With a giggle, she stalked off, swaying her tight young ass for her father's pleasure. When she got upstairs, Tori was already in the shower. Stephanie decided to head for her room and pick out her clothes for Saturday shopping with her mother.

Tori, meanwhile, looked at herself in the mirror. She was stripped naked and staring at her haggard reflection. She hadn't slept well, and her head felt fuzzy. She just had no motivation to do anything today. What she found odd, however, was that her pussy was aroused. Her nipples stood out from her firm teenage tits, and she could feel herself getting wet between the legs.

She shook her head as if to clear it, which didn't work, and then stepped into the shower. As she started to wash away the sweat from her jog with her sister, she soaped up her tight body, lingering on her breasts, rubbing her sensitive nipples. When she made it down to her shaven mound, she found that her juices were flowing freely.

She cocked her head and listened for any signs of activity outside the bathroom but heard nothing. She couldn't understand why her pussy was juicy. She didn't really feel horny, just mildly aroused; enough that her fingers lingered on the folds of her teen muff. She slowly teased her clit out, her breathing becoming more ragged. What was she doing? She hardly ever masturbated, and certainly not twice in two days. Yet, it was like her mind was possessed with the urge to push her fingers into her sloppy channel and bring herself off. Stephanie had ruined it for her last night. It was so embarrassing!

The thought of her sister catching her with her fingers in her pussy was awful. She remembered clearly just how excited she'd been, how close she was to cumming, and then Stephanie barged in on her. The memory of her embarrassment at being caught seemed to just make the sexy teenager even hornier. What if she hadn't covered up in time? What if Stephanie had seen her plunging her fingers in and out of her juicy hole? What if she had stood in the door and just watched with that stupid grin of hers?

Without really noticing, Tori had squatted lower in the shower, spread her legs, and leaned against the wall. The hot water pounded down on her hardened nipples. Her fingers rubbed her clit furiously, then slipped into her pussy, back out to rub her clit, then back in. Before she knew what was happening, she was wildly fucking herself with her hand. The image of Stephanie watching her masturbate herself was lodged firmly in her mind. It was a terrible thought, and at the same time, it was turning her on. She could feel her stomach tighten, her legs quiver. She was so close. Just another minute! And then it happened. A loud pounding on the door completely broke her trance.

"Tori," she heard Stephanie's voice, muffled, through the door, "Don't use up all the hot water! Remember mom's taking us shopping!"

The horny, frustrated teen gritted her teeth in rage. She couldn't believe Stephanie had ruined it again! She was so close!

"Fuck off, Stephie!" she yelled.

Stephanie didn't reply.

The water had cooled a bit, and Tori wondered just how long she had been in here finger fucking herself. She'd lost track of time. Briefly, she thought about finishing herself off, but the mood was completely broken, again. She quickly rinsed the rest of the soap from her toned body and shut off the water.

On the other side of the door, Stephanie smiled to herself. Her stupid sister had no idea just how loudly she'd been fucking her overheated little cunt. Hell, Stephanie could hear her moaning and gasping as she walked past the door. It seemed only right that she should ruin Tori's pleasure again. For some reason, the thought of Tori sexually frustrated and unable to cum made the sexpot teen's warped mind rejoice. It wasn't long before the shower stopped running, and she heard Tori get out. Satisfied that Tori wasn't going to finish herself off, Stephanie went back to her room and collected her clothes, waiting her turn in the shower.

An hour later, Stephanie stepped downstairs. Her father was gone, undoubtedly in his little office in the back of the house. Her mother stood in the kitchen, dressed in a hot little tan skirt and high heels. She wore a loose-fitting blouse, the neckline of which plunged just to the tops of her full breasts.

"Hey there, sex on legs," Stephanie called out, laughing.

"Stephie," her mom smiled, "Don't be crude. There's nothing wrong with a woman looking good. I can see you've learned that for yourself."

The busty teenager smirked. She's gone with a similar getup to her mother. Her skirt was scandalous, a small black mini. Her spiked heels made her toned runner's legs look even longer, and her top-heavy tits strained against her tight black top.

"I'll never hold a candle to you, mom. You're a total milf."

"Flaunt it if you got it, I always say!" her mother quipped.

"Well, you’ve certainly got it, mom!"

"Where's your sister?"

"I don't know," Stephanie replied, "She wasn't feeling well yesterday, and the same this morning."

Her mother looked concerned, "I hope it's nothing serious. I'll go and check on her."

Her high heels clicked across the floor. Stephanie watched her mother's gorgeous ass sway in her tight skirt as she walked past and climbed the stairs.

Melanie paused outside of Tori's door, and quietly pressed her ear to the thin wood. Maybe her ears were playing tricks on her, but it sounded like Tori might be masturbating! Melanie was no stranger to masturbation herself. In fact, she was probably one of the horniest women she knew and had been all her life. It was part of why she'd gotten pregnant so young, after all.

Even though she was highly sexed, she'd never really thought about her daughters having sexual urges in the same way she thought about her own. In fact, Tori and Stephanie masturbating was something that had just never crossed her mind, for some reason. And yet, here was the sound of Tori panting and moaning behind her closed door.

Briefly, an image of her beautiful girl repeatedly shoving her long, limber fingers in and out of her teenage snatch, writhing around in ecstasy on her bed, flashed through her mind. Despite how wicked the image was, Melanie felt her own pussy getting damp. She hadn't brought herself off in two days, and her husband hadn't fucked her since earlier that week, either. It was practically an eternity.

The horny mother felt her cunt taking control of her, as it so often did. Maybe, if she was quiet, she could just nudge the door open and see what Tori was doing. Horrible thoughts raced through her mind. Tori's smooth runner's body spread out on her sheets, her fingers dripping with her fuck honey. It had been too long since she'd been with another woman. The opportunities just weren't as frequent these days.

Though she knew it was wrong, the taboo excited her, as it always had. Very slowly, as if in a dream, her hand moved to the door handle. She eased it down, carefully, and felt the door give. She opened it just a bare crack and peeked in.

Poor horny Tori had come in from her shower with every intention of getting dressed to go out with her mom and sister. She'd dropped her towel and started to rummage through her closet for something to wear. She fumed with anger at her sister. She couldn't believe that Stephanie had managed to ruin her cumming again! At least she hadn't just barged into the bathroom, though. That would have been so humiliating! She felt her pussy spasm at the thought. What was wrong with her? That shouldn't have happened!

As she went through her clothes, one of her long dresses swished against her exposed mound, and she groaned. She was still so horny. Just that light touch of the fabric against her pussy was enough to set her off. Maybe she had time to finish herself off, if she was quick. Tori left the closet and threw herself on the bed. Within seconds her fingers were all over her hot sex, grinding her clit, swirling her pussy juice around her folds, her fingers plunging into her gripping hole. Soon she was happily humping her own hand, drawing closer and closer to the release she needed so badly. Her hips were humping up and down on her bed. Her head tossed from side to side as she moaned out her pleasure.

The peak was right there! Her stomach was full of butterflies as she pushed herself toward the edge. Through half-lidded eyes, she swept her gaze across her door and noticed that it was cracked open! Not only that, but there was an eye looking through the crack, watching her fuck her small pussy with her hand. The eye locked onto her gaze, and she noticed that it was her mother.

Her mother was watching her masturbate! A wave of shame and humiliation swept over the pretty teen, and with it came a crashing orgasm. Unable to stop herself, Tori continued to fuck her slit with her finger as her mother watched. Her sweet little pussy gushed cream while she groaned and thrashed on the bed in shame. As the orgasm rippled through her body, she pulled up her sheets around herself.

"What... what the hell, mom!" she cried.

Her mother quickly stepped into the room and shut the door, hurrying over to her daughter as the horny teen shuddered with pleasure and shame.

"Baby, I'm so sorry," her mother said, "Stephanie said you weren't feeling well, so I just came up to check on you, and… well… " She was at a loss for words.

Tori began to cry, "Y, you could have knocked!" she wailed.

Melanie stroked her daughter's pretty hair, soothing her, finally coming to her senses.

"Oh, baby, don't cry. It's alright. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone likes to masturbate."

Sobbing, Tori whimpered, "But their moms don't watch them do it!"

"I'm so sorry, honey," Melanie said, "I didn't mean to."

"You won't tell anyone, right?" Tori asked, thinking of Stephanie's stupid smirk, and the way she would tease her endlessly.

"Of course not, baby," Melanie assured her, "What you do is your business. Maybe next time, though, you should lock the door."

Tori couldn't help but smile a little bit.

"We're going out shopping," Melanie reminded her, "Are you feeling okay?"

Now that her horniness had subsided somewhat, Tori realized that she did not feel okay. Her head was still fuzzy, and she didn't want to get out of bed.

"You guys go ahead," she said, "I don't feel good."

Melanie nodded, saying, "That's okay. You just rest up today. Call me if you want me to bring you anything home, alright?"

Tori nodded.

"I love you, baby." her mother said, leaning in and kissing her daughter's forehead.

"Love you, too," Tori mumbled and turned over in her bed to nap.

Melanie got up and left the room, closing the door and clicking the lock on her way out. Outside, she breathed a sigh of relief. She couldn't believe she'd been caught watching, but at the same time it was tremendously exciting. The lingering smell of Tori's pussy, and the image of her bucking her hips as she came, their eyes locked on one another, was something that would fuel Melanie's fantasies for weeks.

Tori quietly sobbed into her pillow. She didn't understand what had possessed her to masturbate for the third time in two days. She was a good girl! Good girls don't finger their pussies three times in two days. And good girls certainly don't cum in front of their mothers. It was so nasty. Yet, the lingering memory of her mother watching her fuck her smooth pussy had her juices flowing again.

"No," she whispered to her pussy, "stop it! I'm a good girl! You're not supposed to make me feel naughty!"

But she did. She felt very naughty. As humiliating as it had been to get caught with her hands in her pussy, she couldn't deny that the shame had set off the biggest orgasm she'd ever had. Her head was still swimming from the stars that had exploded in her mind when she'd seen her mother watching her. Tori closed her eyes and tried to nap, but she kept playing the scene over and over in her head. Somehow, her fingers had found their way back to her pussy, and before she knew what was happening, her legs were spread, and she was jilling off her cunny again.

Chapter Four: Planting Seeds

"Mom, do you think someone can masturbate too much?"

Stephanie drove to the mall, her sexy mother in the passenger seat.

Melanie thought for a moment, "Well," she finally said, "I suppose if it gets in the way of leading your life, then yes. Why do you ask?"

She thought back to only a short time ago, picturing Tori bouncing on her bed in a lust-filled haze, oblivious to anything but her impending orgasm.

"I don't want to upset you, mom, I'm just worried about Tori."

"How so?"

"Well, it just seems like she's been masturbating a lot lately. It's, like, all she ever does lately," the buxom teen lied.

"Everyone does it, Stephanie."

"I know that, but she just hasn't seemed like herself lately. She's been saying she doesn't feel well, and then she hides in her room and fingers herself. I just don't know if it's healthy."

Her mother contemplated that thought.

"You're both about to go into your last year of school, honey. There's probably some degree of trepidation and nervousness, and maybe Tori is just handling it a different way."

"I suppose so," Stephanie agreed, "You're probably right. I'm sure I'm just being a worry wart."

"We'll just make sure that Tori knows we love her, and that there's nothing to worry about."

Stephanie agreed with a nod and drove on to the mall.

Chapter Five: Chronic Masturbation

In her room, Tori was a sweaty mess of naked teenage flesh. After her fourth orgasm of the morning, her fingers looked like prunes. She had fallen into an exhausted sleep, but after an hour she was awake again, a lingering dream of her mother watching her in the back of her mind. The memory had driven her to bring herself off continually through the morning.

She couldn't understand why she felt this way. When she thought of how embarrassing the situation was, it just made her even more aroused! As though in a trance, the sexy teen had stumbled from her room, still naked, and stopped in the bathroom to relieve herself. Her lust-filled mind seemed only to be focused on her excited pussy. Her fingers weren't enough. She needed to try something new.

Like a zombie, she found herself walking into her parent's room. It was no secret that her mother kept some sex toys in her nightstand. The twins had found them years ago while snooping around where they shouldn't be. Tori opened the drawer of her mother's nightstand and looked at the cornucopia of sexual devices laid out inside.

She had no idea what most of them were, but there were a variety of dildos and vibrators. She picked up a thick pink dildo, and a slightly smaller one. For a brief second her mind cleared, and she almost put them back. What was she doing? But then the thought of how good it had felt to cum on her fingers returned. If her fingers were that good, what would it feel like to use the toy?

Like a little thief, she hurried back to her room and shut the door, locking it this time. Tori collapsed on the bed, the two toys in her hand. She looked at the thick pink one. It had a little switch that she flipped and felt it begin to vibrate gently in her hand. Slowly, she moved the phallus to her swollen pussy, and began to rub it.

The vibrating plastic cock was amazing. Shivers of excitement emanated from her swollen pussy each time the toy rubbed across her clit and between her lips. What would her mother think if she walked in on her now, seeing her spread legs jerking while the stolen toy slid back and forth between her daughter's engorged pussy lips?

Hardly even realizing what she was doing, Tori stood up, keeping the vibrating toy between her legs, and walked to the door. She unlocked it, and turned the handle, leaving just a crack in the doorway. If someone walked by, they would certainly hear the buzzing of the toy, as well as her groans and squishy teenage pussy. They would probably put their eye to the crack, and then they'd see her playing with herself. She'd feel ashamed, embarrassed, humiliated.

She lay back down on the bed and started to fuck herself faster. The thick pink dildo squeezed into her tight young pussy, filling it with something other than her fingers for the first time. The feeling was amazing! Her tight walls seemed to suck at the toy, pulling it deeper inside her. She could feel her inexperienced pussy contract around the invading phallus.

The vibrations inside of her were such a new sensation, and in no time she was creaming all over her sheets again. As far as she knew, her father and brother were still in the house. They could very easily be peeking in the door right now, watching her cum all over her mother's sex toy. Just the thought made her teenage body quiver and spasm in orgasm as she pressed the toy against her clit.

Her pussy was so slick with her young cream that the dildo slipped off of her clit, down between her ass cheeks, and bumped up against her anus. The sensation sent sparks through her body, and a little mini-orgasm followed. Her head swam. She had never considered her ass to be a pleasure zone. The thought was disgusting! And yet, just the slight, accidental contact had been exciting. Feeling ashamed of her actions only made her hornier, though. Almost unconsciously, she picked up the smaller toy and placed the head at the entrance to her sweat and cum-drenched asshole.

Her mind a haze of masturbatory lust, she experimentally pushed a little bit in. The rubbery toy slipped easily past her lubed sphincter, the first inch sliding easily up her virgin asshole. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt at all. Another couple of inches pushed inside of her, and the feeling was strange. There wasn't any pain, just an odd sensation of being full. Her finger on the end of the toy, she slowly pushed the remaining few inches into her backdoor and, in doing so, her finger accidentally switched on the vibrating function on the toy.

The poor teenager's mind suddenly exploded with stars, and she let out a long drawn-out moan of pleasure as the shaking toy vibrated the walls of her tender young butthole. Her knees buckled, and her free hand grasped the second toy, pushing it into her well-used little pussy. Her first double penetration was just too much. The series of powerful orgasms, new sensations, her lust-addled brain just couldn't take anymore. Tori passed out from exhaustion with both toys still vibrating away in her holes.


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Frank Jackson
Frank Jackson
Aug 06, 2022

I have almost completed Book 2, Part 1 that is available on and am wondering if there is a Part 2 to this book. Or does the story end with Rebecca sitting in the hallway and "The game never got old!"?

Tori Hamlin
Tori Hamlin
Aug 15, 2022
Replying to

Hello. While I've left the story up on lit, it will actually be retconned once the full second book comes out. I actually went back to the drawing board on it because I wanted to do a lot more with both the original and tie-in characters. Every other character in the DomCo stories has a role to play in the conclusion.


Frank Jackson
Frank Jackson
Aug 05, 2022

I would like to add one more thing. This is one of the few times I have seen characters like Tori's boyfriend, Tim (5-inch small dick) treated in a positive way. It gives hope to us with dicks like Tim that size isn't everything when it comes to love and relationships.


Frank Jackson
Frank Jackson
Aug 05, 2022

I am just finishing "Second Place Sister" Book 1. I discovered this story on and read all that was available there. But that wasn't the complete story. So I followed over to this site and bought the book to finish.

I didn't expect such a lengthy story, but every page kept my interest. Unlike so many stories of this genre, this tells an involved story of not only betrayal and body/personality modification, but the dynamic of a super incestuosly kinky family, and true loving feelings between them and concerns for each other. I found this story hard to beat (although I stayed hard and did beat quite often😜). I am looking forward to Book 2, then on to some…

Tori Hamlin
Tori Hamlin
Aug 05, 2022
Replying to

Thank you very much for your feedback. I appreciate your taking the time to enjoy the story. I have tried to ensure that Tori and Tim's relationship is not the same tired "boyfriend with underwhelming package gets treated like garbage" trope. And I sincerely appreciate your comments regarding the heart of the story. While my stories do contain a lot of sexy situations, I enjoy writing about people most of all. The dynamics of emotion and conflict, I think, are what really drives the sexiness of the more hardcore parts of the content.

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