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The Second Place Sister, Part 1

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Twin sisters Stephanie and Tori Hamlin are the poster children for success. They're gorgeous, smart, and award-winning track stars, competing on a national level. Stephanie, though, harbors a terrible secret. Consumed with blinding jealousy over her twin's success, she's been pulled into a dark conspiracy, behind which lurks a terrible corporate entity bent on changing the world.

When Stephanie has Tori framed for a fabricated crime and incarcerated at the NewYou Clinic for Adolescent Addiction, she goes to work on her family, remaking them into her perverse vision of perfection. Meanwhile, the methods of the NewYou clinic condition Tori to accept a new personality, that of a subservient, sexual plaything.

Once she's returned to her family, wholly different, Tori must contend with the changes that Stephanie has wrought on her family. Through struggles that they'd never imagined, the Hamlins will need to come to terms with the changes to themselves. What Stephanie didn't count on, though, is the power of a sister's love and capacity for forgiveness in the face of life-altering change.

Chapter One: The Second Place Sister

One hundred meters.

Tori's feet pounded the track, her blood rushing in her ears.

Ninety meters.

Her legs burned with exhaustion. She spared a quick glance and saw her sister just a step behind.

Eighty meters.

Stephanie poured her last ounce of strength in an all-out sprint and closed on Tori's heels. She could do this! She saw Tori flagging, her sister slowing as she used up her final burst.

Seventy meters. Sixty. Fifty.

Stephanie gulped in air, lungs on fire. Tori surged ahead suddenly. Stephanie raged inside. Where did Tori come up with more energy?

Forty Meters. Thirty.

Stephanie huffed, arms pumping, her long legs weakening. She wasn't worried about anyone behind her. She had a good twenty meters on the closest runner.

Twenty meters.

Tori felt the win. Her next gold hovered right there, just seconds away. She could see Stephanie struggling, but she was almost close enough to touch.

Ten meters.

Stephanie felt hot tears sting her eyes. If she could just muster one last burst! Tori raised her arms in triumph.

Five meters.

Stephanie saw victory die as Tori crossed the line and slowed, bent with her hands on her knees. Stephanie finished less than a second behind and did the same. She wouldn't cry. Not here. Not now. She huffed and sucked in air. Tori looked her way with a smug grin. Stephanie would have choked her if she'd had the strength. Right there, in front of the cheering crowd, she could have wrapped her hands around her twin's little neck and squeezed, until she turned blue and fell over.

Second place. Again. Stephanie filed through the door behind her family, clutching her second-place medal in her fist with a death grip. Tori, exuberant, strutted in at the head of the line with yet another gold for first. It was something Stephanie had grown used to after all these years. Her twin had always been first in everything. Tori was the first to be born, by only a few minutes. She was the first to crawl, the first to walk, the first to talk. When the two girls were old enough to start competitive sports, the sport of choice had been track. As runners, they were just about equal. Tori, though, always placed first, beating Stephanie by a few seconds each time. Today was the closest she'd ever come.

The only thing Stephanie had come first in was her big teen tits. Stephanie had developed her breasts early on, and where Tori's development had stopped at a nice perfect C cup, Stephanie's tits had ballooned to D's. She was sure that was why she was always a step behind on the track. Her big heavy udders slowed her down. That had to be it. There was no way Tori was just naturally better at everything.

As her family marched into the living room, Stephanie plastered on a big fake smile and pretended to be happy for Tori's success, yet again.

"You were great, Tori!" she exclaimed, giving her twin a big hug and mashing her fat tits into Tori's slim runner's body.

"You were, too, Stephie," Tori replied, "One of these days you're going to whip my ass on the track!"