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Love, Lust, and Erin: Part 1

A Dream of Love and Lust

I dreamed of love amidst the stars,

and lust at home in bed.

I yearned for you from afar,

remembering what you’d said.

That all the dreams and all the days,

that we had coming still.

Were each a bright and hopeful ray,

waiting for us o’er the hill.

And though I wandered lost and weary,

tossed amid the waves.

When I looked, I saw you clearly,

oh, love that made me brave.

The Halo’s sparkle in your eyes,

the breath of passion’s kiss.

Each of these I idolize,

and every day I miss.

Sought and found, my truest love,

together until dust.

Our hearts are bound, below, above,

in the dream of love and lust.

For Dave, you big nerd



Erin’s Helping Hands

Erin twisted her best friend’s nipples in her limber fingers, sighing at the jolt of warmth that it caused in her teenage twat when Casey responded with a delicious groan. Erin lay back against the big headboard of Casey’s bed, her hands encircling her best friend’s nude body. She could feel the aroused heat of Casey’s excited pussy as the gentle hum of the vibrating toy she held against her friend’s cunt overlaid the sloppy sounds of sucking from the porno on the big wall-mounted TV.

“Fuck,” Erin hissed in Casey’s ear, tweaking her horny friend’s nipple again, “just look at that little slut get her mouth used by that big dick. She loves it, doesn’t she?”

“Yes!” Casey panted, her eyes glued to the screen.

The man on the TV had a fistful of a teenage brunette’s curly hair. His big, eager penis pummeled the girl’s mouth over and over, stuffing it so full of cockmeat that the girl’s face was now a mess of spit as she struggled to keep up

“Who is that, Casey? Who is that slut getting her hot mouth used?”

Casey’s body trembled and shuddered as the vibrations in her pussy pushed her close to an orgasm, then she said, “It’s me!”

It wasn’t actually her, she knew. She’d never even had a penis in her hand, let alone her mouth. Rather, this was a clever deepfake video that Erin had put together for one of their frequent masturbation marathons. Her best friend was amazing at these things. Computers. Video. She’d started her computer science degree this week. Casey was addicted to this experience they had together, and after Erin had begun doing these edits, swapping Casey’s face in place of the porn sluts on the videos, her fascination had only grown. Masturbating alone, without Erin’s constant seductive prattle in her ears was never the same.

“That’s so fucking sexy, baby,” Erin said, “It makes my pussy so hot to watch that big-dicked older guy fuck your mouth. It feels so good to be a cocksucker, doesn’t it?”

“Yes!” Casey breathed, her pelvis jerking as she came against the vibrator.

“Fuck yeah! Cum for me, slut!” Erin hissed, “You’re so fucking hot when you cum!”

Casey shook, her own hands cupping her breasts as she rode out her orgasm. Erin pulled the vibrator away, replaced it with a thick, pink rabbit, and began to slide the new toy into her friend’s willing cunt. Casey groaned with pleasure, arching her back, mashing into her naked friend’s big tits. God! She loved this! Erin knew just how to push her buttons and make her cum her brains out. Casey turned her watering eyes back to the screen as the horny man pulled his quivering shaft from the girl’s mouth and unloaded shot after shot of thick jizz onto the teen’s face. Onto her face. Casey’s legs quaked at the bewildered look on her own face on the TV. For what seemed like minutes, the man coated her face in sticky seed, then slapped his thick log against her lips, spattering the cum across the dazed dick sucker’s face.

The scene faded away, replaced by yet another in the same vein. There she was, her curly brown hair hanging sexily over her face as she gently bobbed her mouth up and down on a black guy’s throbbing manhood. Each of the videos so far, and the ones still to come, were the same theme. This was always how Erin did it. The whole week would be a single filthy theme. This week it was facefucking. She’d lost track of how many times she’d watched her own face get hammered and used by white cocks, black cocks, Asian cocks, Hispanic cocks, two cocks, four cocks. She’d watched herself take dozens, if not hundreds of loads on her face, in her mouth, on her tits. And it was only Wednesday.

“You love black dicks, don’t you, Casey?” Erin asked.

“Yes! I love sucking black cocks!” Casey squealed as the rabbit slid further into her welcoming hole.

“You love all kinds of dicks, don’t you?”

“I love dicks…”

“What’s going to happen this weekend, Casey?”

“I’m… I’m going to suck cock…”

“That’s right!” Erin agreed, “You’re going to suck your first real cock.”

Casey’s tummy did a little somersault at the feeling of anticipation. She was afraid, but her excitement at the idea of a real penis in her mouth overrode any other feeling.

“I’ve found a nice boy who can’t wait to stick his cock into your mouth,” Erin said.

“Oooh, fuck!” Casey came on the toy in her cunt as Erin tugged at her nipples.

“He can’t wait to cover your pretty face in cum! You’ll love that, won’t you?”

“Sooo much!”

Erin couldn’t wait for it either. Ever since they’d begun exploring with one another, Erin had just found the idea of her best friend acting like a cockwhore so appealing. Her pussy felt so warm and tingly whenever she saw the way Casey’s face screwed up in orgasm. The way her eyelids fluttered, and her body trembled. The way she spread her legs eagerly and her pussy gushed. The sound of her moans, the pitch of her voice. All of it was profoundly exciting. Then, there was the feeling of power that was a total aphrodisiac. Casey was so pliable and submissive when she was aroused, almost like having her own personal sexdoll. No matter how filthy or perverted the porn she put Casey into, her friend came from it. The fact that she was going to watch Casey suck her first cock this weekend was… well, she hadn’t stopped thinking about it every waking moment.

“Can you cum for me again?” Erin asked, working the rabbit in and out of Casey’s squishing pussy.

On the TV, the poor girl’s head was now firmly held between a pair of large black hands, and the man was driving his stiff prick into the struggling slut’s mouth. Drool leaked out and she sputtered as he used her suckhole.

“Look at that big cock filling up your mouth,” Erin whispered, “I’ll bet your pussy is going to cum really hard for me this time, isn’t it?

Casey agreed as she bucked against the toy and came again.

Dave’s Dilemma

Dave tapped his keyboard, his brain on autopilot as lines of code spilled out onto his screen. In the background, the radio news droned on about some faceless mega corporation’s efforts to lobby congress for the new “Male Rights” bill. Dave hardly paid attention. It was just noise while he worked. His new project had been smooth sailing all day. The bulk of the work had been completed over the last few months. Now, it was just tidying up before he really started to debug the thing.

His head snapped up at the sound of the front door opening, shutting, and then a moment later, Erin poked her little blonde head around the corner into the living room.

“Hey, dad!” she called cheerfully.

Dave smiled, as he always did at that. Erin was like a daughter to him. Hell, she’d been around for so long with his real daughter that she was basically family. She even had her own key. He’d always felt like a father figure to her, since she didn’t have a dad of her own. What could make a man abandon his own daughter, he wondered. It was something he’d never understood.

“Hey, you,” he replied, lacing his hands and cracking his knuckles with a stretch, “Casey’s still in class for another couple hours.”

“Yeah, I know,” Erin said, stepping into the room, “I was just bored. Thought I’d come hang out and wait. You don’t mind?”

“Of course not. It’s your home, too.”

His eyes roved over his daughter’s best friend, admiring how she’d grown up. Erin was half a head taller than his daughter. She fixed him with her icy blue eyes and flashed a crooked smile, her hands resting on her hips. Her tummy was bare beneath her tight tank top, and he caught the glint of the light on her navel ring. The same one as Casey. Those two really did do everything together. Though he tried not to, it was difficult to stop his eyes from wandering the rest of the way down her jean-encased hips and long legs. Being a single dad was tough business.

Erin plopped down on the couch next to him and peered at his screen.

“That recursive string there is going to cause you a problem in production,” she said, stabbing her painted nail at a line of his code.

He blinked and looked at what he’d written and corrected it.

“Thanks!” he said.

She beamed.

“Not just any ol’ dumb blonde!” she said and slapped his arm.

“Never doubted it!”

He shut the laptop.

“So, how are your classes?”

“I think I’ll be able to C# my way through them,” she quipped, making Dave chuckle.

“Good to see you React positively to new situations!” he countered, and she laughed at their shared, nerdy humor.

“Silly nerd,” she said, sinking onto the sofa and laying across his lap, staring up at him.

Dave sucked in a breath as he looked down into those endless blue pools, his eyes flicking across her body. She smiled crookedly. God, she was gorgeous. When did that happen?

“Just an old monkey,” he stammered, clearing his throat nervously.

“You’re not old!” Erin cried, slapping his chest. “You’re experienced. Distinguished. The perfect catch!”

“Um… thanks.”

“Seriously. I gotta snap you up for myself before someone else finds out how awesome you are.”

Dave snorted, “Oh please. You’ll snag some brainy tech start-up kid in college, and then he’ll realize you’re smarter than he is. You’ll become a Silicon Valley billionaire and forget all about ol’ Dave that taught you Basic.”

“I wouldn’t do that,” Erin said, seriously, “You’re, like, the best dad I’ve ever had. And there’s a lot more you can still teach me.”

Dave wasn’t sure if that was innuendo but looking at the bombshell blonde draped over his lap, his mind ran unbidden to thoughts of what he could teach her. Fuck! He needed to get out more.

“I, um, gotta get something to drink,” he said, to extricate himself from the situation. His traitorous manhood was beginning to get the better of him, “You want something?”

Erin slid to the floor on her knees and said, “I sure do!”

Dave flushed and stood up, bringing his crotch just inches from her face. Sensing his unease, and deciding she’d pushed far enough, Erin leapt to her feet and said, “Gin and Tonic! And a round for all of my friends, barkeep!” She swept her arms across the empty room.

Dave rolled his eyes.

“How old are you, again?”

“Old enough for a lot of things!” she pouted, hands behind her back as she shuffled her feet cutely.

“Not for Gin and Tonic.”


“That I can do.”

He walked into the kitchen with Erin on his heels, and made his way to the fridge, where he pulled out the drinks. When he turned around, Erin was bent over the kitchen island, tapping at her phone, legs slightly spread, her ample butt on display in her tight jeans. Those thoughts flashed back through his mind, making him shake his head as though that would clear them away. He walked around to the other side of the island and set down her Gatorade, then leaned back against the counter, far away from Erin. Unfortunately, now he could see the swelling tops of her enticing young breasts down the front of her shirt. She seemed to pay him no mind as she tapped away at her phone.

“Thanks!” she said, not looking up at him as she tapped.

“I think I’m gonna go have a shower,” he proclaimed. “Make yourself at home.”

Erin put the phone down, saying, “Ok. I’ll be in Casey’s room. She knows I’m here. Oh, and if you have time after the shower, I’d like to show you a little project I’ve been working on. Get your opinion?”

“Sure,” Dave agreed. “I’ll be in soon.”

A few minutes later, he was furiously masturbating in the hot spray of the shower, the image of those deep blue eyes and flirty smile fixed in his imagination.


Dressed in a pair of baggy joggers, Dave knocked on Casey’s half-open door. Erin called him in, and Dave found her seated at Casey’s desk in front of her computer. She swiveled the chair around to grin at him, and he noticed that her jeans were gone. She was down to just a pair of lacey pink panties and her tank top. Despite having just blown a huge load in the shower, he felt a twitch in his pants and gave himself a mental attaboy for his decision to wear something baggy. Still, the sight of those lean, perfect legs made him swallow a lump in his throat.

“You… seem to have lost something,” he said.

“Oh, well, just getting comfortable. Tight jeans might look nice, but they’re, you know, tight,” Erin answered casually.

Dave pried his eyes from the little V hidden in those panties, cheeks flushed as Erin gave him a knowing smile. Caught.

“So, what’s this project you have?” he asked, changing the topic.

Erin beamed with delight and asked, “Do you have your phone?”

Dave pulled it from his pocket and offered it to Erin’s outstretched hand. She swiped it open.

“Geez, you big nerd. Not even a passcode? What kind of IT guy are you?” she chided.

“The kind that doesn’t like waiting four seconds to tap a code.”

“Biometrics, Dave. Join the revolution.”

“And give Big Data my fingerprints? No thanks.”

“They probably took them off that glass of water you drank thirty minutes ago. The Illuminati already has all they need on you,” she whispered secretively. “And what man takes a thirty-minute shower, anyway? Have something to take care of? Are you secretly a woman, Dave? It’s ok. This is the twenty-first century. We can all accept the real you.”

Dave laughed, “Do you have something to show me, or did you just invite me here to make me feel old?”

“We already covered this. You’re not old. And, yes, I do have something to show you.”

While she’d been teasing him, Erin had been tapping away at his phone. She finished and handed the device back. Dave looked at the screen. She’d installed an app called “Flick-Talk”.

“What is Flick-Talk?” he asked.

“It’s my foray into the world of app development. It’s like a mashup of Tinder and TikTok for dating, hookups, and finding friends,” she explained, obviously proud of herself.

“You built this?” Dave asked, almost as proud, himself.

“Yup. I launched the live version three months ago, and already have 3,000 users!”

“Erin… I’m impressed!”

“Make a profile! If anyone deserves a hot date, it’s you.”

She sprang to her feet and Dave found himself being pushed onto Casey’s bed, where he sat. Erin sat close to him–very close–peering at the screen with giddy glee.

“I hooked you up with a free premium membership,” she went on, “so you can access all the features. Just fill everything in as thoroughly as you can, so that the algorithm can start helping you find matches.”

“Premium membership? What does this cost?”

“Only five dollars a month!” she exclaimed.

He did the math, and said, “So you’re pulling in $18,000 after just three months?”

“And getting more each day!”

“Jesus. What am I doing with my life?” Dave mused.

He started typing out basic information in the requested fields. Most of it was pretty easy. His height, weight, tapping an image for body shape, the usual things he’d done a dozen times in moments of weakness for just as many dating sites over the last decade.

“And that’s the only monetization,” Erin continued. “No microtransactions. No ads. No upsell bullshit. Just a low monthly fee. That’s the problem with these other dating sites and apps. If you want to get anywhere, you pay a bunch of money, and then they upsell you all this garbage. Like Adult Friend Finder -”

“What were you doing on Adult Friend Finder?” Dave cut her off, remembering he was supposed to be a positive male role model.

Erin rolled her eyes, “I’m nineteen, Dave,” she whined, “I do know about vaginas and penises. You know we have this thing called Pornhub on that new-fangled in-ter-net, right?”

“Okay. Okay. I know. You’re not a kid anymore. Jesus. It’s just, I remember taking you to Chuck-E-Cheese. You can’t blame me for forgetting that you’re an adult once in a while.”

“Well, consider this your official reminder that I am an adult, and I have an adult vagina,” she stated.

“Can we stop talking about your vagina in the same breath as Chuck-E-Cheese? Now I feel both old and like a pervert.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being a pervert,” Erin said, “Now, being old… ewww!”

Dave groaned.

“Are you finished yet? I swear, you type like a grandpa,” she teased, miming pecking keys with a shaky pointer finger, and muttering under her breath, “Dagnabit!”

“I don’t see the usual ‘about me’ section anywhere,” Dave said, ignoring the jibe, “Don’t I have to write some vague, yet clever paragraph about what I’m seeking, my goals and aspirations, and all that?”

“The algorithm will write you one based on the information you entered. You’ll have the option to change it before you publish your profile,” she explained, “but don’t worry, because I’m going to write one for you!”

“You are?”

“Of course. I can’t let some code monkey write his own description if he wants to get some action. Most nerd-girls aren’t as hot as me, after all, and I don’t want you getting hooked up with some Shamu! You deserve the best.”

“You know about Shamu?”

She stared at him dumbly. “After that witty bit of dialogue, that’s your question? Way to lay on the compliments, Dave.” Then she took the phone, shaking her head and muttering to herself in a mock-Dave voice, “Oh, but Erin, you’re the best, and so, so super hot. Thanks for not hooking me up with an orca.”

“But how do you know what I want?” he asked, grinning at her teasing.

“I know what you want because you have a penis,” she explained, then paused her typing and asked, “You do have a penis, don’t you? I mean, we were just discussing how you might be a secret woman.”

“I think you were discussing that one, and can we leave my penis with your vagina in the… Um, that… did… not come out the way I intended.”

Erin burst out laughing, “Now you see why I need to write this for you?”

Dave sighed, saying, “Point taken. Really, though, how do you know what I want?”

“Because I’ve known you, like, my entire life. I know you’re a good man that spent years putting the welfare of his daughter ahead of all of his own personal desires. You value real connections over casual flings. I mean, it’s been twelve years since Kathy died, and I haven’t seen you bring home a single date. I can’t even remember you going out on a date.”

“That’s because it hasn’t happened.”

“Now, Casey’s nineteen. She’s started college. Dave, you deserve to be happy. You’re amazing.”

“I am happy.”

“Ok, so you have some measure of contentment. But do you really want to date Rosy Palm and her five sisters for the rest of your life?”

Dave flushed.

“When did you get so grown-up?” he asked, genuinely curious.

“I’ve been grown up in my head for a long time. The rest of me just had to catch up,” she said.

“Ok. Next question. This has a TikTok component to it, right? So that means video. What am I supposed to do about that?”

“You can leave that to me, too!” she bragged, “I’ve got this shit covered.”

“I feel like you’re stealing my identity.”

“No, that’s the Illuminati. I’m just using you as another guinea pig for Flick-Talk’s data collection and matching algorithm. You can’t expect that this is pure altruism, can you?”

“I supposed it was too much to hope for,” he sighed, dramatically, and then handed the phone to her, saying, “Ok, superstar. When do we make this video? I should probably get something else to wear.” He looked down at his baggy joggers and t-shirt.

“I’ve already made it!” Erin declared, and tapped away at his phone, logging into her cloud storage and downloading a video file.

“How did you know I’d agree to make a profile?” he asked.

Her eyes on the phone she responded, “The aforementioned penis, which we are no longer discussing. I mean, I know you watch plenty of porn, Dave. I’ve seen your browser history. Again, you should be ashamed at the lack of any safeguards on this thing.”

“You… what?” he stammered, reddening.

“It’s ok. We all do it. I’ll share mine with you, if you want. I think you’d find it really interesting!” she grinned, still tapping at his phone.

“I feel like I should spank you, or something,” he grumbled.

“If you think I deserve it, I guess,” she said, nonchalantly.

Dave swallowed and stayed quiet.

“Ok. Done,” she stated and handed his phone back.

He looked at the finished profile and was floored. She’d added a very nice thumbnail photo of him from his saved photos, slightly doctored with a filter that made it look professional. He read through the description she’d written, touched at how sincere and sweet it was. In his greater moments of weakness, he’d read through a lot of online dating profiles, and had to admit that she’d done great. With a trembling finger, he tapped the play button on the video and watched the screen come to life.

What played out before him was on par with any professional production he’d seen on TV. Erin had, essentially, created a commercial all about him. Music. Photos. Video clips. Titles. Transitions. Filters. It was incredible!

“You… you did this for me?” he asked, quietly, feeling a lump in his throat.

“You’re my Dave,” she said, laying her hand on his arm, “and you’re the most amazing man I know. The way you took me in, and treated me like I belonged with you, just like your own daughter… well, I can’t even begin to tell you how much you changed my life. Look, I know that I kid a lot, and I like to tease you, but it’s just that you have no idea,” she sniffed, “no idea what it meant to have you in my life. I can’t bring Kathy back, and no one can ever replace her, but there’s someone else out there that deserves to see the great man that I see, and you deserve to have someone who recognizes just how special you are.”

For the moment, Dave completely forgot the twitching cock in his pants, and the fact that Erin was a smoking hot, half-naked young woman. She was the other daughter in his life, the fatherless little girl with the drunk for a mother, who had come home with his own daughter one day from elementary school because that drunk mother had forgotten to pick her up. She was the nine-year-old who took apart his garage radio and wouldn’t stop pestering him to show her how it all fit back together. She was eleven, and obsessed with his Handycam, running off with Casey into the woods to make movies about lost princesses or pirates.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her head into his shoulder, kissing her blonde hair and saying, “You two are all I’ll ever need, and nobody could ever make me feel more special. Thank you, Erin.”

He held her as she sniffled a few more times, but soon she was back in control, and looked up at him with those expressive blue eyes, mouth slightly parted, her little pink tongue flicked across her lips. The look of a woman who wanted to be kissed. Dave became acutely aware of the heat of her skin under his hands, the smell of her, the way her large breasts pressed against his chest. She was, absolutely, no longer eleven. He almost crumbled. Almost gave her that kiss. It had been a long, long time. Instead, he let her go. The moment passed. He could see that she was a bit surprised.

“Casey will be home soon,” he said, dumbly, and straightened his shirt nervously. “Maybe you should put on some pants,” he tried to lighten the mood.

“Oh, Casey won’t mind. Trust me,” she said and smiled.


Casey’s pussy had been itching for hours. All through her classes, she daydreamed about what would happen after school. She wasn’t a fool. She consciously understood that she was addicted to masturbating with Erin. She was hooked on the perverted scenarios that her best friend played in front of her. The feel of Erin’s warm breath in her ear, as she whispered the filthiest things to her made her stomach do backflips. Yes, she was addicted to the feeling, and she didn’t care.

Finally free from class, she wove through traffic, her mind drifting, imagining what fucked up perversion lay in store for her at home. It hadn’t helped her concentration when Erin sent her photos of herself spread out on Casey’s bed wearing nothing but a tank top and pink panties. Erin’s bulging tits practically spilled from the top, and the sexy mound of her pussy was clearly visible in the tiny panties. The sight made Casey’s mouth water, and the sound of her instructor’s voice became just a background buzz as her flesh grew hot.

Coming in the door, she stopped short just before running into her dad on his way out.

“Oh! Sorry, dad!” she said, and then abruptly hugged him.

Dave’s arms encircled her, and he kissed the top of her head.

“Hey, Kiddo. How was class?”

“Great,” she said, pulling away, “You off somewhere?”

“Just out to the store. Need anything?”

Casey shook her head.

“Ok. Call me if you do. Erin’s upstairs in your room.”


He was out the door. Casey closed it behind him and locked it. She bounced up the stairs and burst into her room, where Erin lay spread out on her bed, hand gently stroking her twat through her panties, while she stared off into space. She sat up on the bed when Casey entered, held a hand up in front of face and snapped her fingers, then fixed Casey with a sexy grin.

“Guess who wants to play?” she asked.

“You? Me? Us?” Casey answered, dropping her bag and immediately stripping off her shirt. She discarded her jean shorts just as quickly, lost her panties, unhooked her bra, and practically dove onto the bed next to Erin.

In a flash, Erin’s tongue was probing her mouth sensually, her warm hands gliding down Casey’s tummy, until they slid between her legs.

“Your pussy’s so horny,” Erin hissed, “so wet and ready to be played with.”

“Fuck, yes!” Casey agreed.

“I have something for you first,” Erin said, grinning widely.

Casey raised an eyebrow at her questioningly. Erin leapt from the bed and fished in her purse, turning back with a small black box in her hand. It looked like a case for a pair of earbuds. She handed the box to Casey, excitement evident on her face. Casey took the box, opened it, and gasped. To the casual observer, the contents may not have seemed impressive. Inside were a set of contact lenses, which shimmered in the light with a rainbow hue.

“Are these… They’re Haloes? Seriously?”

“They are!”

“How did you get these? They’re not even out yet.”

“Well, I got into the beta,” Erin said, “and then I agreed to weekly blowjobs for the marketing guy, and he was able to get me a second set.”

“Shut the fuck up!” Casey exclaimed, “You dirty slut!”

Erin grinned and nodded.

“I’ve already got mine in. They’ll digitally adapt for your prescription, too.”

The heat in her pussy momentarily forgotten, Casey took the box to her bathroom, where she removed her contacts and replaced them with the Halo lenses.

“What do I do now… Oh!”

A glowing blue letter “H” wrapped in a swirling spiral of neon light appeared in the air in front of her. The words, “Welcome,” faded in, and a little white finger indicated that she should touch the letter.

“Holy shit.”

She reached out her hand, touching the “H”, and it collapsed in on itself. The glowing lines reconfigured themselves into a menu. Erin appeared at her side.

“Look at me,” she instructed.

Casey turned toward her. Erin snapped her fingers in front of her eyes and said, “Leah, search for Haloes.”

A voice from the earbud in her ear answered, “One unnamed Halo found.”

“Leah, request access to the unnamed Halo,” Erin said.

In Casey’s view, a popup window appeared stating, “Erin has requested to share your view. Is this okay?”

She tapped the Yes button.

Erin offered her an earbud, which Casey took, and fitted into her own ear.

“Un-fucking-real!” Casey exclaimed.

In her view, Casey saw a ghostly finger tap the “Begin Setup” button. A message appeared asking her to select a wake-up option. She chose “Gesture” and then selected “Snap”.

A new message directed her to “Name your Halo”.

“Snap your fingers in front of your eyes,” Erin instructed, “and then say a name.”

Casey thought for a moment, snapped her fingers, and said, “Ella.”

In her ear, a soft feminine voice said, “Hello! I’m Ella. What’s your name?”

“Casey,” she replied.

“It’s nice to meet you, Casey,” Ella replied, “Would you like to go ahead with setting up my functions?”


“Great! I’ll walk you through it. It will be super easy!”

For the next few minutes, Casey went through menus as Erin looked on grinning madly. She paired her phone to the Haloes and, lastly, connected her social media accounts. Ella, then, asked her to select a photo of herself from her album. Casey scrolled through until she found one she liked. A message appeared, stating, “Building residual self-image.” A moment later, a full-body apparition of herself appeared in front of her, standing next to Erin.

“Oh… my… God,” she breathed, “That is… creepy. And cool.”

In her ear, Ella said, “This is how you will appear to other Halo users. Is this an acceptable representation? Don’t worry, you can always change your looks later.”


The ghostly Casey faded away. The glowing menus vanished. There was nothing in her view now. Completely normal.

Erin took her hand, saying, “You can play with her later. Right now, I need to play with you, but I think you’re going to like this.”

She led Casey back to the bed. Together they lay down. Erin snapped her fingers and started swiping at the air. A moment later, a message appeared in the corner of Casey’s vision, momentarily startling her.

“Erin would like to share media with you. Is this ok?”

She tapped, “Yes.”

“This is going to take some getting used to,” Casey commented.

“Oh, just you wait,” Erin said, “Tell Ella to switch to VR mode.”

Casey snapped her own fingers and said, “Ella, switch to VR mode.”

Her vision faded out until everything was dark.

“What the heck?”

The darkness was suddenly replaced with the view of a classroom. She was looking through someone else’s eyes. The viewer’s gaze focused on a girl with Casey’s face, standing in front of the class, giving a presentation. Casey gasped. It was so real! The girl, using a pointer, tapped an image on the projector screen. The image was of a cartoonish, hard penis.

“You can see, here,” she indicated, “that the penis is in its aroused state, ready for copulation.”

“Stop,” a male voice commanded, and Casey recognized it as the voice of the actor she was seeing through.

Between her legs, she felt Erin’s hand rub her pussy gently.

“This presentation is simply unacceptable!” her actor said, and the girl’s face fell. He took a step toward the Casey in her vision.

“But… but,” the girl stammered.

The man slapped her face, just hard enough to shut her up, and replied, “The assignment, Dumdum, was to demonstrate the act of sexual congress. Do you think this cartoon of yours does that?”

“Please, sir,” the girl said, but the “teacher” took a fistful of her hair in his hand, pushed her to her knees, and jerked her head up to look him in the eye.

“What a submissive little teeny,” Erin whispered in Casey’s ear, stroking her warm slit with her long fingers, “What do you think that nasty man is going to do to you, Casey?”

The words had the desired effect, causing Casey to hump her horny slit against Erin’s fingers. The teacher fished his cock out of his pants and slapped it against the girl’s face.

“You owe the class an educational presentation,” he said, rubbing his hardening member on the girl’s trembling lips. In the background, she could hear the sounds of other boys snickering, as well as a few girls.

“Open!” The teacher demanded, and the girl reluctantly parted her lips.

The teacher pushed the fat head of his dick between the girl’s lips, saying to the class, “You can see here,” he fucked his cock into the girl’s mouth, making her gag, “That the penis is in its aroused state, ready for copulation.”

The girl stared up at him, wide-eyed, a look of disbelief on her cock-stuffed face.

“Prior to copulation,” he continued, “it is important to lubricate both the penis, and the vagina. You’ll observe that Dumdum, here, is getting a first-hand experience in penile lubrication. Isn’t that right, Dumdum?”


“Rhetorical question, slut. There’s a dick in your mouth.”

The teacher roughly fucked the girl’s face, her hair held firmly in his hand. Erin’s hand was slick with Casey’s girl cream, now, as she slipped her fingers into her friend’s hungry cunt.

“God, he’s being so dominant with your slutty mouth, baby,” Erin hissed, “you’re nothing but a hot set of holes to get his big dick wet.”

Casey groaned, while the teacher looked out across the attentive class, and gestured to one of the male students. The boy made his way to the front, already pulling his cock from his shorts. The teacher pulled his slimy member from the girl’s mouth and then used his hold on her hair to direct her mouth to the newcomer’s. The boy groaned in pleasure as his dick was enveloped in her warm, wet, mouth.

“It’s perfectly acceptable,” the teacher stated, “to encourage Dumdum to do her best at lubricating your shaft. Sometimes it just takes a little slap or two. Go ahead, son.”

The boy slapped the slut’s cheek lightly, pulled his dick from her mouth, and slapped it across her face, leaving a wet, sticky smear on her forehead. He laughed at the look in her eyes and pushed his penis back into her sucking hole. After a few more pumps, he yanked it free again and splattered her nose and forehead with ropes of warm jizz. He was quickly replaced by another student.

“Fuck, that’s so hot,” Erin said. “How many boys are going to fuck your mouth and blow their hot cream on your face? How many do you want, Casey?”

Casey humped her friend’s fingers, trying to get them deep into her so she could cum.

“All of them!” she said.

“Good girl.”

Erin’s fingers slid from her pussy, and a moment later the sound of the rabbit vibrating broke through the sounds of the girl’s gagging. The toy slowly slid inside of Casey’s tight, young snatch, making her gasp audibly as yet another boy plastered her face with cum.

“I believe everyone’s penis is well lubricated, now,” the teacher said, and pulled the girl from her knees, bending her over his desk, “Now form a line so we can continue the lesson.”

He pulled up the girl’s short skirt and yanked her panties down, then pushed her face to the desk and shoved his throbbing cockmeat inside of her. The girl grunted as his big penis bottomed out inside of her, and then moaned deliciously as he hammered away at her with short, powerful thrusts.

“Can I help, Mr. Dickins?” A girl’s voice asked from off-screen.

“Of course, Marcy,” the teacher agreed.

He stepped away and was quickly replaced by one of the male students. Marcy held the girl’s skirt up, and pulled her ass cheeks apart invitingly.

“Go ahead and copulate,” Marcy said, and the boy plunged his dick into the bent-over girl.

The rabbit was lodged into Casey’s cunt, now, just as deeply as the boy’s cock was lodged in poor Dumdum’s. Marcy slapped the girl’s ass hard, making her squeal and orgasm.

“Eeew!” Marcy exclaimed, “The dummy just squirted her cunt juice on me! Jesus, Dumdum! You can’t even cum on a dick without spraying your gooey slut slime all over the place.”

Casey came on the toy in her cunt. Erin tugged at her nipples, manipulated the toy inside of her.

“You’re such a wet, horny, fuckdoll for cock, aren’t you, Casey?” she hissed.

“Yes! Ooooh, fuck, yes! I’m cumming!”

The pleasure exploded in her brain as yet another student plugged her hole. The girl grunted again and again, while Marcy slipped a finger into her exposed butthole.

“Yeah, pound that dumb little cocktoy,” Marcy said to the boy. “Fill up her dirty little hole with that big dick, while I finger-fuck her ass. She fucking loves this shit, don’t you DumDum?”

In answer, the girl’s legs quaked and she came on the invading shaft.

“Fucking prick-pocket,” Marcy taunted her, “Goddamn fuck puppet. You’re only good for being everyone’s jerkoff hole, aren’t you?”

The girl groaned in disappointment as the boy withdrew his flaccid penis, and a river of semen poured from her used pussy. This quickly turned to a squeal of delight as the next boy took his turn.

The scene went on, until all fourteen of the male students had deposited their load in the girl’s sloppy hole. Finally, the teacher stepped back up, coated his own cock in the mess, and pushed it into the girl’s ass. Marcy laughed at her and continued to berate her. Buttslut. Ass whore. Anal junkie. The scene was brought to a close with the teacher yanking the girl off of the desk and slamming his slimy meat back into her mouth until she swallowed his copious load.

Casey orgasmed again at the girl’s filthy treatment as the rabbit continued to stimulate her insides. Watching the man’s slick shaft erupt into her own mouth just did something to her. Erin’s tongue caressed one of her nipples, her fingers tugging roughly at the other.

“You’ve got lots more cum to give me, don’t you?” she said seductively into Casey’s ear, “Your wet little teenage pussy is always ready to cum for me.”

“Yes! Oooh, yes! Don’t stop!” Casey begged.

Following the debauched treatment of Dumdum at the hands of her classmates, Erin’s next creation began to play across Casey’s Haloes. Now, her viewpoint was that of a spectator, disembodied, floating. She was the camera. Her view centered on a pair of lean, spread legs. Between those legs was a very slick and excited teenage pussy, shaved clean just like hers. The tight little lips were molded perfection, so inviting and perfect.

From the side of the camera’s view, a stiff erection entered the scene, intent on that soft, inviting young peach. The head of the penis touched the girl’s lips, where it slid up and down gently between her wet slit. Beads of clear, sweet girl cum coated the spongy head. The camera was zoomed so closely that Casey could see the girl’s quivering legs each time the head of the penis slid up and down, up and down along her sexy gash.

The cock, now coated in clear cum rubbed against the girl’s clit, drawing an expectant moan from her and causing her hips to buck in anticipation. The man continued to rub and tease her happy clit with the head of his cock, occasionally dipping it back down to her warm slit to lubricate it further.

“He loves that warm little teen pussy so much,” Erin said, “look at how his fat cockhead is pulsing. He’s so excited to see how much she wants to feel that big dick slip inside of her.”

The rabbit buzzed away inside of Casey’s own happy cunt, while Erin played with her friend’s hard nipples, licking, pinching, tugging, caressing Casey’s body with her warm, soft hands.

“Those older guys just love the feel of a tight little teeny pussy, don’t they?”


“Older guys, like your dad,” Erin said softly, and Casey gasped, her pussy spasming, “It’s true,” Erin continued, “I’ve seen his porn history,” she took hold of the rabbit and began to fuck Casey’s eager pussy with it, “He loves horny teenage pussies like ours. He watches guys like him pushing their big, fat, horny cocks inside of wet little teens.”

As Casey watched, the man’s cockhead found the entrance to the teen’s excited pussy, and he slowly pushed it inside. The spectacular view showed the girl’s lips parting eagerly as the head of his cock opened up her pliant little fuck hole. The girl squeaked in pleasure as the man’s cockhead was enveloped in her warm, wet sheath. The camera easily made out the pulsing of the veins in his shaft as the feeling of that hot, young tunnel squeezed so wonderfully around his sensitive head. For a moment, Casey thought that he was going to cum right there and fill the girl with his hot seed, but he stayed still, just enjoying the feeling of her silky pussy contracting around him.

“Oh, God! Just look at how good that feels for them! Teen pussy is just the best for those old guys,” Erin went on, pulling the rabbit free from Casey’s pussy, and running the vibrating toy along her slit teasingly, “Your dad watches porno just like this. He likes watching hot little blonde teens with big tits pleasuring throbbing cocks. I’m a hot blonde teen with big tits, aren’t I?”

“Yes! Oh, fuck!”

“Do you think that he wants to spread my legs? Your best friend’s legs? Do you think he wants to push his fat daddy cock into my teenage pussy?”


The man in the video, now adjusted to the tight confines of the horny, young pussy, began to push more and more of his aching cock inside of the girl. Casey watched her pussy clamp down around the hot shaft. It withdrew, shiny and wet from the girl’s cum, and then he pushed it back in, further this time. The girl moaned, and said, “Fuck me!” in a breathy hiss.

“He likes sweet little brunettes, too. Did you know that?”

Casey squirmed against the vibrating toy that teased her cunt and moaned.

“I think he likes them even more. He likes the brown-haired girls that are so eager to get those big, mature dicks inside of them and hump them until they cum!”

The man pushed his dick all the way into the girl now, and his balls gently slapped against her taint. He gave an audible groan of relief as he buried his lengthy shaft into that slippery young pussy. The girl orgasmed, pumping her hips against him. Her moans of pleasure were muffled as the man smacked his lips together with hers.

“Your dad deserves to have a teenage pussy wrapped around his cock, doesn’t he?”


The camera began to pan back from the close-up, revealing the girl’s lean legs wrapped around the man’s waist tightly as he pumped his cock into her. Back, further still, it withdrew, and the man sat up, his hands groping the teen’s big tits as he began to fuck her faster. Further, Casey could now see that the girl on the bed had Erin’s face. Erin pushed the rabbit back into her friend’s cunt.

“I’m going to fuck your dad,” Erin hissed in her ear, and Casey began to cum, moaning loudly as the man thrust harder, and harder into the girl with Erin’s face, squeezing her teenage breasts in his hands. The girl went wild, fucking back against him like an animal, grunting, her eyes half-open, mouth an O of bliss.

“I’m going to give your dad my teenage pussy,” Erin continued and began to fuck Casey harder, in time with the thrusting actors, “He’s going to fuck your best friend, and he’s going to love how her horny little pussy feels. He’s going to put a big, creamy load of daddy cum inside me.”

Casey couldn’t stop cumming. The thought of her best friend and her dad fucking was so hot and dirty! She could just imagine laying on her bed, playing with her own pussy, while she listened to the sounds of her own father fucking Erin. The sound of his groaning, her excited moans, the slap of their skin against each other as he drove his cock into her like a man possessed.

The man in the video began to blow his load into the girl, and when he threw his head back in pleasure, she was greeted with the image of her father’s face, eyes screwed tightly in pleasure as spurt after spurt of hot cum emptied from his balls into Erin’s humping cunt.

“I’m going to fuck your dad,” Erin repeated, and Casey came harder than ever before.

The Love in my Eyes

Dave set his grocery store haul on the kitchen table and began unloading the bags. For the next few minutes, he puttered around the room storing most of it away, only leaving out the ingredients he’d be using for dinner. His task accomplished, he tossed the bags into the recycling and climbed the stairs to change into something more comfortable. The path to his bedroom took him past Casey’s room, where the door stood open. Passing by, he glanced in and froze. His throat tightened as he took in the sight of Erin laying on his daughter’s bed. She lay on her stomach, facing away from the door, her legs parted and idly waving back and forth in the air. Those damn pink panties covered her perfect little nineteen-year-old butt, but the little piece of string was practically swallowed by her gorgeous cheeks and puffy pussy lips.

Dave’s brain fought a raging moral war with his neglected cock. Twelve years without the feel of a woman’s insides was rough on a guy in the prime of his life. Real rough. Part of his mind was dragging his feet forward, but the ache in his pants was keeping him rooted to the spot, unable to take his eyes off of the delicious sight on the bed. It’s Erin. It’s Erin. She’s like a daughter. She’s just a fantasy. She’s not for you. He tried to tell his hardening member all of these things, but for some reason, it just wouldn’t listen. He could practically feel his penis’ disappointment. It seemed to be saying, “But… but… pussy, Dave. Warm, tight, precious teenage pussy. It’s right there!”

Compromise, he thought. Make a deal with your manhood. His stiff dick agreed, and together they decided to pull his phone from his pocket, swipe it open, and snap a picture. Then, feeling like a criminal in danger of being caught casing the scene, he fled down the hall to his bedroom. Within a second of shutting the door, his cock was free of his pants, the photo glowing on his phone screen, burning the image into his mind. He came like a schoolboy who had just discovered how to stroke his meat.

Once his illicit orgasm had subsided, he was immediately hit with a wave of guilt. He should delete the photo. It was wrong. He hadn’t been in control. His finger hovered over the little trash can icon, pressed. The confirmation screen popped up, but he found himself clicking “No”. He tried again, and the same thing happened. There was something wrong with his phone. Clearly. Technical issues. It wasn’t letting him press the “Yes” button. He decided to try later. Maybe it just needed a reboot. He stripped off his jizz-stained shorts, tossed them in the hamper, and stumbled to the shower. He just needed the warm water to relax him, so that he could think straight. That was it. Relax. See reason.

He jerked off again in the shower. What was wrong with him? This wasn’t fantasy porno. Those girls were just sex objects. They were made for being jerkoff fantasies. They were hot little sluts that loved the thought of men playing with their dicks, imagining how wonderful their wet little pussies would feel. That wasn’t Erin. Erin was a real person, and he loved her. She’d grown up, for sure. She had an adult vagina, he remembered, and his limp cock twitched in his hand. The hot, steamy water washed over him, relaxing him, but it couldn’t get the image out of his head.

The water began to run cold, and subconsciously he did some math in his head. He hadn’t been in long enough to use all the hot water, so Casey must have been in the shower when he, himself, got in. He shut off the shower, dried himself off, dressed, and picked up the phone. It had rebooted while he was in the shower. Swipe. Open. Album. Naughty, bad man Dave photo. Delete. No. Delete. No. Pinch. Zoom. Pussy. Warm, inviting, perfect pussy. Erin’s pussy. Erin’s plump teenage ass.

He closed the album, shaking his head in frustration. He’d try again later. Right now, he had to make dinner. The short walk to the staircase, past Casey’s bedroom, seemed like a journey of a thousand miles, fraught with trials. It was a hero’s journey, where danger awaited with each step. One wrong move could be his downfall. He took the first step, then another, approaching that open door. His blood rushed in his ears. His heart was a jackhammer. Every sense seemed heightened to the point that he could hear even the tiniest creek of the floorboards beneath the carpet. He was a Goddamn ninja, so stealthy in his approach. Then, nonchalantly, he walked past the door, glancing sidelong from the corner of his eye.




God hated him. Or loved him. He couldn’t decide which was the case.

Erin had been joined on the bed by Casey, who was laying in the same position, similarly attired. Now, there were two gorgeous teenage asses, and two puffy little teenage pussies, hidden just behind thin strips of fabric. The two girls were giggling at each other as they lay facing the headboard, stabbing at the air in front of them. This registered, on some level, as odd. However, the whole of his conscious thought was taken up with the sight of those four perfect round globes of flesh, and those two warm little slits of pleasure just a few feet away.

“Can’t we just watch for a while?” his penis asked, “Just a little longer, daddy, please?”

“No! You’re a naughty boy. Stop it!” Dave told it.

“We can make a deal…”

“No… Maybe… Okay.”

Snap. Escape!

His ninja flight reflexes kicked in the moment the shutter had snapped the image. He was down the steps, taking them two at a time as though the fires of Hell itself burned at his heels. They might, in fact, he thought. He had just damned himself, and his traitorous manhood was to blame.

He made it to the safety of the kitchen, far, far from the perfect little booties upstairs. His hand, trembling, brought the phone up to his eyes. There they were. Those tight behinds. Those scrumptious little Vs that promised so much enjoyment to the right man. He wasn’t that man. He stared, gulped. Forced himself to put it away. He opened the freezer door, stuck his head inside, and buried his face in the ice maker bucket for a moment.

Now. Now, he was ready to make dinner.


Dave blared the radio news, mentally shoving the vile thoughts to the back of his mind. He let the drone of the talk radio wash over him as he let the making of lasagna engross him like never before. He was so focused on the perfection of lasagna that he was certain it could be served at a state dinner. The talking heads were arguing over what one side was calling the “Male Rights Bill,” and the other side was calling, “The biggest setback in women’s rights in history.”

The Biological Imperative Grant for Instinctively Necessary Copulation or Coitus, or BIGFINCOC.

“You have to agree, Bill,” said the representative for DomCo–the organization pushing the bill, “The traditional role of men in modern society has been significantly diminished. Women have made great strides in equality, which is wonderful. Women have equal stature in the workplace. They’re no longer forced into antiquated preconceptions about how they should dress, or what their role in the household should be. We celebrate these changes, and we’ve been at the forefront of pushing for those things for decades. Men, though, have been increasingly marginalized in a society that seems to place all the emphasis, now, on a woman’s wants and desires. While it might seem like a worthwhile goal, it doesn’t take into account the pure science of biology.”

“You’re sick!” a woman’s voice countered, dripping with venom. “You can’t just expect -”

The host, Bill, cut her off, “Representative Swanson, please. You’ve had ample time to share your view. I think it’s time that we let Mr. Johnson share his. In the spirit of equality.”

The woman was silent, but Dave could practically feel her seething over the airwaves.

The DomCo representative continued, “Thank you, Bill. As I was saying, biology. It’s very difficult to say that biology is wrong. Males have evolved, over thousands of years, with a biological need to procreate. To reproduce. We’re simply stating a fact. Legislation cannot suppress the natural, biological urge to copulate. To do otherwise flies in the face of our own evolution. It simply isn’t natural to tell a man that he cannot be allowed to follow his own natural instincts, and then to argue in the same breath that it is perfectly acceptable for other segments of society, such as the transgender community, to follow their own natural biology. I’m sorry to say, but it’s discrimination, pure and simple.”

“Furthermore, it can be argued that the rise in violent crimes has a direct correlation to the suppression of these normal biological instincts. I might also add that this bill asks for large leaps forward in the rights of a particularly downtrodden segment of the female population. That of so-called ‘prostitutes’ who are in fact only women who have chosen a career path that outmoded ideals deemed unacceptable. I ask you, where is the justice in that? If modern society has finally evolved enough to accept the LGBTQ+ community into the mainstream, why do we continue to punish women who have simply chosen a line of work? For a woman, man, or other-gendered person to pursue a career in this field has only created a segment of our society that lacks proper healthcare, costs tax-payers millions in unnecessary criminal prosecution, and untaxed income, as well as creating an underground system of violence and abuse, in which women are taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals. I believe even Representative Swanson has argued, in the past, for easing such hardships for this vastly underserved segment of society.”

Bill broke in, “Well put, Mr. Johnson. While I’m sure we’d all love to hear more about the topic, we’re coming up against the end of the show. This, certainly, won’t be the last time we hear about the Biological Imperative Grant for Instinctively Necessary Copulation or Coitus–”

“Evil!” Swanson shouted, “Call it what it is! It’s evil!”

The host ignored her and continued, “We’d like to thank both of our guests for taking the time to comment on this ongoing debate, as Congress continues to weigh the merits of this groundbreaking legislation. We’ll be back tomorrow with another hot topic, where we’ll be sitting down with Carl Blitzberg to get his opinion on the science of climate change. Are we killing the planet? Is the planet trying to kill us? The foremost expert in the field weighs in. Thanks, again, to our audience, our guests, and remember, discourse is the heart of freedom! I’m Bill Hennen, and this is The Throwdown!”

As the show’s outro music began to play, the tune drowned out the vitriolic screeching of Representative Swanson. Dave finished the perfect lasagna and put it into the oven, set the timer, then went to the living room. He opened his laptop and distracted himself with work while he waited for dinner. He’d just about managed to push all of the dirty thoughts from his mind as he pecked away at his keyboard, but then came the sounds of two pairs of feet on the steps.

Erin and Casey, drawn by the delicious smell of melting cheese, came bursting into the living room.

“Hey, Dad!” they said in unison and laughed.

All of the effort Dave had put into shoving those nasty thoughts out of his head was wasted the moment the two girls entered the room. They hadn’t bothered to change clothes, or even put on pants. No. He wasn’t that fortunate. He was doomed. The two vixens closed in like a pair of velociraptors from either side, Casey snuggling up against his side, while Erin took away his laptop, set it aside, and then lay her head in his lap, staring up at him with that devilish grin and those striking blue… no, not blue anymore. Her eyes were a vivid violet.

She saw the perplexed look on his face, his mind, trying to work out what was wrong.

“You like?” she asked and batted her eyes seductively.

“Did you get contacts?” he asked.

“Look at mine!” Casey squealed with glee.

Dave turned and looked his daughter in the eyes. Hers were no longer caramel brown. They were a shifting pattern of rainbow light. He’d never seen anything like it.

“Honey, those are beautiful,” he said, “Gosh, they really can do anything these days, can’t they?”

“I smell something wonderful!” Erin said, “and it isn’t you, Dave! Phew!”

“Guess I worked up a bit of a sweat making lasagna,” he replied.

“Oh, it’s not so bad,” Erin quipped, “sweaty man stink kinda does things to a girl.”

“She’s just being a dirty tease, Dad,” Casey said softly into his ear.

The closeness of her warm breath against his skin sent a shiver down his spine, straight to his cock, making it twitch against the back of Erin’s head. She grinned up at him and he flushed.

“I think dinner’s about ready,” he said, a little too abruptly.

Casey’s fingers were gently tracing the back of his neck, making his hair stand on end.

“But I’m so comfortable here, Dave,” Erin whined, “Do we really have to get up?”

“I can get dinner out,” Casey offered, “You two just relax a while.”

Oh, sweet mother of fuck, Dave thought.

Casey disappeared into the kitchen, where, soon after, Dave could hear the sounds of plates and glasses clattering on the table.

“Music?” Erin asked.

Dave nodded, silently praying that she would have to get up and turn on the stereo, so that he could adjust himself. She did not.

“Leah,” she said to the air, “play classic rock on the living room TV.”

The TV mounted on the wall turned itself on and began to play The Eagles.

“What the heck?” Dave exclaimed, “Did you guys put a Dislexa in the room or something?”

“Nope!” Erin said, grinning, “Even better!”


“Leah, share my view on the living room TV.”

Dave drew his attention to the TV, where he was now seeing his own quizzical expression through Erin’s eyes. He could see his own brain trying to work out what was going on in HD clarity.

“Ok, I give up.”

“Don’t be a quitter, Dave. If you want it, you have to go after it.”

Um, ok… Did you make another app?”

“The eyes are the windows to the soul, Dave,” she said in her best yogi imitation, completely deadpan.

“So, this has something to do with the contacts?”

“Ding, ding, ding! Give the man his prize!” Erin exclaimed.

“What do I win?”

“My eternal love, of course!”

“Wow! Best quiz show ever.”

“They’re Haloes,” Erin stated.

“Haloes?” he asked.

“Smart lenses. Someone got lucky and got into the beta test!” she crooned.

“Sounds pretty cool,” Dave agreed.

“Watch this!”

Erin snapped her fingers, and then poked at the air a couple of times. Dave watched as her violet eyes turned a bright red.

“Dave, it burns!” she cried dramatically, “It burns on the inside!”

She erupted into a fit of giggles, and Dave joined her. A few more taps at the air and her eyes turned into empty black pools.

“Ooooh, Dave! They took my soul, Dave!” she said in a deep, hollow voice, “Save my soul, Dave!”

“That’s creepy. Stop it.”

She snorted, tapped again, and her eyes turned completely white.

“Daaave,” she moaned in a ghostly whisper, “I’ve cooome to haunt you, Daaave! Oooo!”

“I can tell you’re going to be a hit at Halloween parties.”

Tap. Tap. Tap. Her eyes became little pulsing heart emojis.

“Oooh, Dave!” she cooed, “You big burly lover man! Can’t you see the love in my eyes?”

He burst out laughing, and Erin held her belly, practically choking with her own laughter.

“Stop it… Make it stop…” Dave begged, wiping tears from his eyes.

Erin made another few gestures, and her eyes shifted back to their normal blue color.

On the TV, Dave saw himself wiping away his tears. He could, also, study the Halo interface and watched in appreciation as Erin navigated the HUD, swiping, pinching, and flicking away menus.

“Jesus, it’s like Minority Report come to life,” he commented.

In the corner of Erin’s vision, a little phone icon appeared with Casey’s name next to it.

“Hello?” Erin answered.

A ghost image of Casey (with pants on) appeared in Erin’s vision, standing in the living room. The image even moved and talked. Dave was astonished.

“We’re ready,” Casey said.

“You know we’re only like, 10 feet away, right? You could have yelled.”

“Wouldn’t have been as cool,” Casey grinned, and then the ghost faded as she hung up.

“Ready to eat?” Erin asked, and snaked her hand deftly between her legs, as though casually rubbing an itch.

Dave could only nod, his gaze following the movement of her hand. He caught himself and snapped his eyes away, which only made him focus back on Erin’s grin. He could feel himself turning red in the face as his skin burned.

Erin hopped up from the couch and held her hands out to him, then made a huge show of attempting to drag his bulk from the couch, her face straining with mock effort.

“Ooooh God, Dave! You… sure… you… need… lasagna?” she panted, doubling over to catch her breath.

“Ha Ha. You sure you don’t need pants?”

“Fuck pants,” she said, and wiggled her butt at him, “Why hide this badunkadunk bootay? Ma muhfuckin’ milkshake is da shiz, son!”

Dave resisted the urge to spank the badunkadunk bootay, but followed it like a puppy into the kitchen. Casey, serving spoon in hand, was already dishing out steaming, cheesy lasagna onto three plates. As she bent over the table, Dave couldn’t help but steal a glance down the front of her loose tank top. Her braless nipples brushed the front of the shirt, and he was unable to pull his eyes away.

Fuck, this was wrong. He really needed to get laid.

Looks like good eating,” Erin said into his ear, her hand resting softly in the center of his back. Perfection like that must be really hard.”

You have no idea, he thought.

Dave graciously pulled out a chair for Erin, who took her seat. Casey sat next to her, while Dave took a seat opposite the two girls. Over the meal, they talked about the girls’ classes. The necessary pleasantries out of the way, Erin and Dave became engrossed in a conversation about Dave’s latest project. The code monkey chatter soon had Casey bored, though, so she played around with her Haloes, configuring routines, setting shortcut commands, and generally trying anything that looked interesting.

When the conversation began to lull, she asked Erin, “You wanna stay for a movie?”

“Maybe, just one. Class tomorrow.”

“Oh, come on. You can just crash here,” Casey answered, seeming a bit too eager.

“Watch a movie with us, Dave,” Erin said.

Dave shrugged his acquiescence, and said, “Sure. I think Fast and Furious 26 is out. Furiously Faster than B4?”

The two girls rolled their eyes.

“No, no,” Casey said, “if it’s going to be action, let’s do something classic.”

“Ooh! Top Gun!” Erin exclaimed.

“Can’t go wrong there,” Dave agreed.

Casey and Erin cleared away the dinnerware, while Dave drifted back to the living room to set up the movie. On the TV, he could still see Erin’s view from her Haloes, as well as hear what the two girls were chatting about. Casey, standing in front of the sink rinsing off a plate, had her legs slightly spread. Her tight little panties were wedged into her ass crack. Dave hesitated, the Top Gun DVD in his hand, forgotten.

“You know who my favorite Top Gun character is?” Erin asked, as she took the rinsed plate from Casey and placed it in the dishwasher.

“I’m sure you’re going to tell me.”

“Goose!” Erin cried, and poked Casey right between her ass cheeks, making her squeal.

“Hey! Fragile dishes here.”

“I’ll bet you wish it was a big, fat dick instead of my finger,” Erin whispered sensually and cupped his daughter’s bottom.

Dave choked on his tongue. The DVD fell from his limp hand.

“After the movie,” Erin said, kissing Casey’s neck, “I’m going to eat your cute little pussy.”

He heard Casey groan with desire, and through Erin’s eyes saw her snake her hand between his daughter’s legs. His brain was a mess, but he forced himself to reach for the remote and change the TV’s input to the DVD player. His penis argued vehemently against this action, but it would not do to be caught watching this when the two girls came back to the room. He snatched the DVD off of the floor and his shaking fingers fumbled the disc into the player. He took a seat on the couch, grabbed a throw pillow, placed it on his crotch, wrapped himself into a blanket, and tried to act as cool as possible.

His head was spinning. Was his daughter a lesbian? Were the girls bisexual? He’d just had a sexual revelation about the two of them suddenly dropped on his head, and it was making him dizzy. Fuck. He was supposed to be the father figure here. He was the responsible adult. Male role model. Instead, he felt like a high school kid that had just caught a glimpse of the hot neighbor lady in her underwear through the curtains. It was a naughty little secret, and he felt giddy. Guilt warred with his libido, his poor, unused, pent-up libido. Was he going to survive this without a heart condition?

Casey and Erin entered the room. Dave fidgeted with the remote, outwardly cool, inwardly in turmoil. Erin noticed him wrapped tightly in the blanket and laughed.

“Looks like Dave’s hypothermic,” she said with concern, “We’ll need to share body heat to keep him alive!”

Before he could protest–not that he had any intention of doing so–Erin and Casey yanked the big blanket aside, and burrowed themselves in on either side of him, then wrapped the blanket back across the three of them. Dave recited the number for his Cardiologist in his head. Several times.

“Showtime!” Casey said, hugging tightly to his arm.

Erin took the remote from his clammy hand, started the movie, and then hugged his other arm. She quickly found his hand and held it affectionately, found his gaze, and they burst out laughing as the little pulsing hearts in her eyes stared back at him.

“Stop it!” Dave cried, “That’s too damn funny!”

Erin cackled with glee, then swiped away the hearts, returning her eyes to normal.

“Ok,” she said, “I’ll be good. Promise.”

True to her word, she was good. They watched the movie, bantered a bit at their favorite parts, but there was no further innuendo from either of the girls. Still, the heat of the two sexy teens snuggled against him had his fantasies swirling in his head. While Casey just lay against him normally, the fact that Erin held his hand throughout the whole film was certainly a change. She’d always been an affectionate girl, but this was different. Some part of him had to admit he liked it. Maybe, too much.

Erin had always been, in his mind, like a daughter to him, but there was also a different connection there. They’d just gotten each other. Verbal sparring. Interests. They’d always been kind of in-tune. She yawned and casually nuzzled against his neck, making him shiver.

What the hell was happening here? As much as he tried to focus on the movie, his mind kept rolling the whole day over, examining it like a complicated workflow in his programming. How does your perception of someone you’ve known for years, and practically raised as part of your family, alter so quickly. Or, had it been quickly? Of course, he’d noticed the changes in his own attitude toward her over the years, the way they’d connected and actually become real friends. But, it was difficult not to feel that sense of fatherly responsibility that had become so ingrained in him for so long. Where was this line of thinking even going? He was a forty-three-year-old widower, and she was a nineteen-year-old genius. There was nowhere this line of thinking could lead. Terminate workflow.

As the end credits began to roll, Dave could feel his eyes drooping. The two girls had gone quiet some time ago, he realized, and now he could see that they were both asleep on either side of him. Tough day for everyone, he guessed. They should all be in bed. Together. No! Fuck. He was tired. With an audible sigh, he jostled himself, and the girls roused at the movement.

“But, I don’t wanna go to schoooool!” Erin whined, “Just five more minutes…”

“Come on, sleepy,” Dave prompted, “You gotta go to college, so you can meet that brainy tech start-up kid and become a Silicon Valley billionaire.”

“Fuck that,” she mumbled, “I’ve got my brainy man right here.”

She snuggled sleepily against him, and he melted.

“Just five more minutes,” he readily agreed.

A Match Made in Silicon

Casey did not get her pussy eaten. As delicious as the thought was, the very long and dirty masturbation session, followed by a heavy meal and a movie had done her in after the long day at school. She stumbled into her room like a zombie, took out her Haloes, placed them in the case, and then she was asleep before she even knew she was in bed. Erin curled in next to her, wrapped her arms around Casey’s warm body, idly stroked her soft skin, her taut belly, her perfect handful tits. She lay, half asleep for several minutes, but her mind wouldn’t shut off.

She rolled onto her back and stared at the darkness. She should remove her Haloes. Instead, she flicked them on, swiped up her apps, and brought up Flick-Talk. She pulled up Dave’s profile and watched the video she’d made for him, again. He really was a good man, and sexy, even though he didn’t know it. Maybe, because he didn’t know it. In the corner of his profile page, the little “online” icon changed from red to green. Her heart skipped a beat. Her throat tightened. Her tummy fluttered anxiously. He was using the app!

For moments, she just stared at the little green icon. Tired as she was, she just couldn’t turn it off. Her pussy was tingling. She reached out and tapped the “Message” button, swiped at the glowing keyboard in her vision, and sent it. Simple. Just a little kiss emoji with a wink.

“Shouldn’t you be asleep?” came the reply from Dave, followed by a snoring emoji.

“You can’t boss me around, bro! Unless you really want to?”

There was no immediate reply. A minute ticked by. Another.

“You’re never too old for a spanking, young lady. School is important. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The early bird gets the worm. There is no substitute for hard work. Cleanliness is next to Godliness?”

“You’re not my real dad!” she replied, followed by a gif of a rebellious goth teen with a mohawk and several facial piercings.

“That’s too funny, but pics, or it didn’t happen.”

Erin reached for her phone, looked at herself in the selfie cam, and snapped. The image appeared on her Haloes. She tweaked the brightness from the flash, doctored the color a touch, and sent it with the message, “This is what’s happenin’.”

The image that appeared on Dave’s screen showed Erin, just a few rooms away, lying on her back next to his sleeping daughter. Her blonde hair was fanned out across the pillow. Her generous young tits, gravity-defying as they were, spread out invitingly beneath her tank top. She was blowing him a kiss. She’d added a caption that read, “Might be teasin’, but I could be pleasin’.”

“You’re gonna break a lot of hearts in college, Honey.”

“I told you. I got my brainy man right here.”

There was a long pause.

“So, how about those Dodgers?” he asked.

She replied with several tearful emojis.

“Yeah, I feel the same way. They make me want to cry, too.”

“So, do you have any good matches?” she asked.

“Not sure,” Dave replied, “You know us old guys and technology. Hard to tell if they’re real people or orcas.”

“Open one, and look at the compatibility screen.”

She waited.

“This one, Linda, seems… nice. I guess.”

“Wow, Dave. That sounds committal.”

“Says she’s a seventy-three percent match.”

“Boo! Swipe left.”

“I think you’re manipulating the results,” Dave replied, a moment later.

“Nope. Pure AI. Why do you say that?”

“Nothing. Just ribbin’ you.”

“Oh, come on. You’re not that subtle,” she urged.

“You’re in my matches, goofball.”

“AI can’t be wrong,” she answered, “It knows all. It sees all.”

“Damn you, Skynet.”

“I didn’t program it for world domination,” she replied.

“Famous last words. Sorry, hon, but this old man is getting sleepy. Think I’m gonna call it a night.”

“K. Me, too,” she blew him another kiss and swiped away the app.

In the darkness, she removed her Haloes, put them away, and rolled back over to snuggle with Casey, who sighed contentedly. This time, it wasn’t long before she fell asleep.

Weekly Blowjob

The anxious feeling in Casey’s stomach grew monumentally as her final class of the day dismissed, and she began the drive home. This was the night. She was going to suck cock. Her fantasies were working in overdrive already, and Erin hadn’t exactly been helping the situation. Periodically, her Haloes would display filthy images sent by her best friend. Of course, they were all of her own face, her mouth stuffed full of penis or coated in semen. Sometimes, both.

She daydreamed through her classes, checking out every guy’s crotch that she encountered. Was one of them the guy? Would one of these strangers have his dick in her mouth tonight? Her pussy was soaked all day as she thought about it. Not only was she going to suck cock, but it would be some stranger that only Erin knew about. That made it all the more taboo, exciting, and scary. She wasn’t worried for her safety. Erin would never let someone hurt her. She’d been talking about this for weeks, evidently vetting candidates in secret.

This, too, turned Casey on. She was like a little sex puppet in the porno videos. She had no say in the matter. It was all being arranged, like her wet teenage mouth was a trophy that only the right candidate would have the pleasure of using to get his dick off. The feeling of letting Erin have that kind of power over her first real sexual interaction practically made her orgasm every time she thought about it. Her best friend was whoring out her mouth for a stranger to use. Fuck, it was so hot!

Casey arrived home with a pussy dripping in desperation. Her dad was at the kitchen table, pecking away at his laptop, oblivious to the fact that his daughter was hours away from having some stranger’s throbbing meat shaft down her throat. God, it was sick. She was sick. She loved it.

“Hey, Honey,” Dave called upon hearing the door, “how’d it go?”

Casey strolled into the kitchen and got herself a glass of water, cold.

“Good,” she replied, and guzzled it.

“Hot out, huh?” Dave said.

“Yeah. Hot,” she replied, gave him a peck on the cheek, and disappeared up the steps.

The sound of her door shutting put an end to the brief father-daughter interaction. Dave sighed and went back to work.

Casey shed her clothes immediately. Within seconds, her legs were spread and the rabbit was vibrating away happily against her wet slit. Her vision filled with one of her favorite creations from this week. She watched herself giving a long, slow sucking to a thick and happy cock. Her lips squeezed tightly around the soft head, lovingly caressing it with her tongue. She made love to it, worshiped it slowly, her mouth a tight seal around it as she sucked in inch after inch.

Her eyes stared up at the recipient of her affection adoringly. His hands tangled in her hair, stroking her like a precious pet, while she pleased his pulsing shaft. The vibrator in her hand slipped between her dripping lips, and hummed away cheerfully, as though happy to have come home.

“You love cock, don’t you?” the man asked, and she answered by swallowing him to the base, playing her tongue along the underside of his penis while she moaned happily.

The man’s hand was no longer gently stroking her, but now held the back of her head, keeping her in place, his rigid cock in her throat. She gulped, coughed, but she was a good girl. She was his good cocksucker, and she wouldn’t pull away. The man pulled her head back, and she reluctantly let his saliva-coated cock slip from the pleasurable confines of her massaging throat. He tilted her head upward and ran the long shaft of his penis along her lips, smearing them with her spit.

“You’re my cocksucker, aren’t you?” the man asked.

“Yes!” Casey said and pushed the vibrating toy deeper into her cunt.

The Casey in the video agreed, and the man pushed his slick penis back into her mouth. His thrusting, slow at first, became harder, and harder, until he was relentlessly stuffing that fat dick into her warm, sucking hole, his hand on the back of her head. Rivulets of thick, foamy spittle escaped the sides of her mouth as she endured the facefucking, never breaking eye contact, even though her eyes watered. Her mouth made a tight little wet O of pleasure for him to fuck for as long as he needed, which was not much longer. He slammed his cock to the balls in her mouth and groaned in satisfaction as his full nuts emptied themselves inside of her.

She watched herself gulp several times, her tear-streaked face never breaking her adoring gaze. The man pumped spurt after spurt down her throat, and like a good cocksucker, she stayed on her knees, staring into his eyes, until he’d finished with her. He held her there, enjoying her throat massage until his penis softened and then withdrew with a wet sucking sound. The look of disappointment as he took his cock away from her was clearly written across her face, and the sight of that cock-hungry look made her orgasm on her toy. She bit her lip and squealed as her pussy squirted.


Dave was, again, busy in the kitchen when Erin let herself into the house. She found him stirring a pot of garlic cream sauce while another simmered noodles on the stovetop. The smell of baking bread from the oven completed the heavenly aroma of a pasta dinner. Dave Matthews crooned out “Crash” from the speakers on Dave’s phone as he stirred away, oblivious to her arrival. Erin crept in behind him, slid her arms around his waist and hugged him tight from behind. She felt him stiffen in her arms at the unexpected touch.

“A girl could get used to coming home to this,” she quipped, “dinner being made, that is.”

“I swear, if I turn around and see those damn hearts…” Dave replied with a chuckle, but he turned around anyway.

No hearts. Emerald green. Stunning! Erin’s hands withdrew, but one stayed lightly on the center of his chest.

“You know,” she observed, “you never really appreciate the effort of a home-cooked meal when you’re a kid. All those little ingredients that have to blend together to make a perfect, finished product that sustains the life of everyone you love. It’s like poetic science, isn’t it?”

“That’s a very profound way to describe pasta, but you’re right,” Dave agreed, “The finished product might not be perfect, but it does give you what you need to keep on going.”

“I’m gonna get Casey.”

Dave’s heart fluttered as her hand trailed down his chest, lingered, and then she turned to leave. He watched her sexy bubble butt retreat and let loose a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding.


A short time later, the three of them were seated at the table, shoveling hot pasta in garlic cream sauce into their hungry mouths. Erin and Casey, in a repeat performance, were wearing tiny lace panties, braless, in cropped tops that exposed their midriffs. Dave had to eat his dinner with his dick hard in his pants. The girls chattered about some web series he’d never heard of, while he struggled not to look at the mounds of marvelous flesh across the table.

Erin swiped and poked at the air in front of her, and then his phone pinged. He picked it up, opened it, and looked at the message. It was a link. He followed it to a page for an upcoming SpaceX launch.

“What’s this about?” he asked.

“You’ve won an all-expenses paid trip to the Red Planet,” Erin said, “You are the future of humanity, Dave. Congratulations!”

“Always did wanna get away from it all.”

“Actually, I was hoping we could go see it,” she said, “You know, nerd out on rockets and stuff. What do you think?”

“It sounds good in theory.”

“It’s on me,” Erin said, “You, me, Casey. Come on. How often do you get to see the first manned flight to another planet?”

“By definition, only once.”

“Then you’ll come?” she asked excitedly. “We can all go?”

“You sure you want the old man along as a third wheel? You two could be out hitting the Florida beaches in bikinis, sippin’ non-alcoholic beverages, you know, doing things that are actually fun?”

“Well, I’ve often wondered what it would be like to push a geriatric in a wheelchair along a sunny beach in my bikini,” Erin said, grinning.

Casey cracked up, and even Dave smiled.

“Seriously,” she continued, “I mean, we’re going to be rocking bikinis, mos def, but you’re not the third wheel. Tricycles need three wheels, after all. And, clowns love to ride tricycles!”

“I hate clowns.”

“Who doesn’t? How are they even still a thing? The point is, Dave, that it would be fun to go, just the two of us, but it wouldn’t be complete without you. I mean, what’s a tricycle with only two wheels?”

“A bicycle?”

“Damn right! And, who likes riding bicycles, Dave? Not clowns!”

“I hate clowns,” he said, again, “Where is this going?”

“It’s not going anywhere if there’s only two wheels, Dave! We need a threesome to watch this damn rocket. Now, are you going to man up and come to Florida with two hot chicks in bikinis, or sit inside and poke at your keyboard?”

“Ok!” he cried, surrendering, “but I may have to poke at my keyboard a few times, while we’re there. What about school?”

“Well, we leave on Sunday, the launch is on Monday, and fly back on Tuesday,” Casey said, “Neither of us has classes until Wednesday.”

“Won’t the flight be kind of pricey this close to departure?” he asked.

“Oh, I bought tickets three months ago,” Erin said.

“And you’re just now telling me?”

“Yup! Test of spontaneity.”

“Alright. Let’s do it.”

Erin and Casey sprang to their feet with an excited whoop, causing an eye-popping vision of bouncing tits and flailing hair.


A short time later, Erin shoved Casey onto her bed, joined her, and coiled her legs around her like a serpent going for the kill. The feel of her best friend’s hot hands sliding up under her top to grope her breasts had Casey, already excited, panting in anticipation. Erin’s lithe tongue slid into her mouth. Her plump lips smacked wetly against Casey’s, sexy and slow, but full of hunger. Her hands left Casey’s tits and drifted slowly, slowly down her flat stomach until they cupped her hot pussy over her panties. Casey squeaked her desire into Erin’s mouth as her friend’s fingers began to knead at the hidden slit beneath the tiny strip of fabric.

Erin broke their kiss and nibbled lightly at Casey’s ear, her warm, wispy breath setting her hair on end. Her tongue found the spot, just behind Casey’s ear, that she knew would make Casey’s pussy gush. It did. She could feel the moisture coating her friend’s panties.

“You’re a naughty girl, aren’t you, Casey?” Erin whispered, stimulating her pussy with those long, talented fingers.


“You cock-teased your own father, didn’t you? You had your sexy little ass out for him to see, and his big dick was hard. You cock-teased your dad.”

“Uuuugh, yeah!”

“Fuck, that’s dirty! I cock-teased him, too, didn’t I?”


Erin’s fingers pushed her panties aside and slipped up into her friend’s pussy, coating themselves in her fuck lube.

“And, tonight, you’re going to be even dirtier, aren’t you?”


“What are you going to do tonight, Casey?”

Casey panted as Erin licked that spot on her neck again, and whispered, “I’m going to suck cock…”

“Whose cock are you going to suck?”

“I… I don’t know!”

“That’s so sexy, isn’t it?”


“It’s sexy knowing that a strange man is going to push his dick into your mouth and use it for his pleasure, isn’t it?”

“Yeah! So sexy!”

Erin added another finger to Casey’s pussy.

“What kind of girl thinks sucking strange cocks is sexy?”

Casey trembled, and answered, “A slut.”

“You’re going to have a strange guy’s cock in your hot little mouth tonight.”

“Yes!” She pushed her hips up against Erin’s hand, trying to cum.

“What kind of girl does that make you?”

“A slut!”

“It’s sexy to be a hot little teenage slut, isn’t it?”


“What kind of girl are you?”

“A… a hot… teenage slut!” Casey replied, pumping her hips harder.

Erin pulled her sticky fingers from Casey’s pussy and fed them to her, looking her in the eyes as Casey sucked her own fuck honey from them submissively. She kissed her again, tasting the sweetness of Casey’s cunt on her friend’s lips.

“Your daddy doesn’t know, does he?” Erin whispered and returned to manipulating Casey’s cunt.

“Oh, fuck! No!”

“He thinks you’re a cock-tease.”

“Cum! I wanna cum!”

“He thinks you’re a cock-tease with a horny pussy, but he doesn’t know how much you want to suck cock, does he?”


“What would he do if he knew you were going to suck strange cock?”

The pace of her fingers increased inside of Casey’s pussy.

“He… he’d… he’d punish… me!”

“You’d deserve it, wouldn’t you?”


“He’d put you over his knee and spank your sexy ass, wouldn’t he?”


“He’d spank your sexy ass, while I watched, and his dick would be hard.”

“Oh, God! I’m…”

“His dick would be hard from spanking your sexy little ass, and then I’d suck it for him while you watched.”

“Cumming!” Casey cried, and gushed her cum onto Erin’s fucking fingers.

“Good girl,” Erin cooed in her ear, “That’s so nasty. You love cumming to nasty shit, don’t you?”

“Uuugh!” Casey groaned as she pumped her hips against Erin’s hand.

“I love that. I love that you’re a nasty girl. I love that you cum so hard for me.”

She fed Casey her girl cream again, then sucked at her tongue, her own pussy on fire as she tasted that delicious cum. She was so close to shoving her own fingers into her cunt and cumming, too, but that could wait. The feeling of being on a sexual high all day long was so wonderful. If she got off, it would all be over. She wanted to make sure she was super horny for tonight, and that Casey was too. This orgasm was just to take the edge off. She knew from experience that one or two was never enough for Casey. The girl could literally cum for hours and just keep going. She wanted her in a total sex-fog, her brain focused completely on her hot pussy. Tonight was going to be fun!


Full dark had come over the city as Casey and Erin strode through the living room. Casey carried an overnight bag in one hand. Dave lay stretched out on the couch watching spaceships destroy each other, but he gave the two girl’s his full attention immediately.

Erin, in a pair of wedges was a wet dream. From the wedges, her long, smooth legs seemed to climb endlessly, like a forbidden trail to the tasty treat that hid beneath a short, white skirt. Her exposed navel ring glinted in the light, her tummy bare in a sheer cropped top, under which Dave could see a matching white bralette. Her eyes were back to their normal blue, and her blonde hair was loose about her shoulders.

Casey, just a step behind, wore her dark, brown curls in pigtails. A tight, pink top molded to her luscious form like a second skin, pushing her small tits up. Her navel ring was also on display, where the shirt ended. Like Erin, she wore a tiny, white skirt that was just an inch below her panty line, but her legs were encased in white stockings that ended in a pair of glossy, white heels.

Dave recited the number of the cardiologist in his head again, and managed to choke out, “You two seem to be dressed to kill. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for the victims or not.”

“No victims,” Casey said, “just dancing. I’m crashing at Erin’s place tonight.”

“Ok. Just stay safe.”

“Take our picture, Dave!” Erin said, excitedly.

Dave had absolutely no objection. His phone was in hand, open and snapping in rapid succession as the two girls posed together. He selected a few of the photos and shared them with Erin and Casey. The photos appeared in their Haloes a second later. Erin tapped, made a flicking motion and one of the photos appeared on the TV, taking over Dave’s space war.

“Damn, girl!” she said and pinched the air. The photo on the TV zoomed in on Casey’s legs, “check out those stems! Those stockings are gonna have stalkers!”

She zoomed back out until the whole photo was visible again. The two of them descended on Dave, then. Casey gave him a quick peck on the forehead, while Erin lightly brushed her lips against his.

“Don’t worry, Dave. If she gets out of line, I’ll spank her good!”

“What if you’re the one out of line?”

“Casey can report back to you, and I’ll submit myself for discipline.”

Dave’s dick twitched.

“See you tomorrow,” Erin finished.

“Night, Dad,” Casey said and squeezed his shoulder. A moment later, the door clicked shut, locked, and the sound of Erin’s car speeding away trailed off into the night. Dave’s penis convinced him that the image on the TV was much better than a space war, and within seconds it had come out to play.


Erin drove through the city streets, Casey in the passenger seat, hand idly rubbing her pussy under her skirt. Too Short rapped out “Blowjob Betty” on the stereo, as Erin watched her horny friend fantasizing.

“Who is he?” Casey blurted, still rubbing her pussy.


“Come on! I’m fuckin’ dying here!”

“I like it that way. You do, too.”

“God, I can’t take it!” Casey moaned.

“I want to hear you say those exact words when he tries to fit his big dick in your throat.”

Casey groaned and rubbed her pussy more vigorously.

“Ok. Do you really want to know?”


“Even if I tell, it’s not going to mean anything,” Erin answered.

“I don’t care. Tell me! Tell me! Please!”

“Fine,” Erin relented, “You remember the Halo marketing guy? The one that I got your pair from for the promise of… certain favors?”

“Oh, God! Him?”

Erin nodded, and said, “I promised him weekly blowjobs for the next six months.”

Casey’s hand stopped rubbing her twat. She knew just how Erin’s perverted mind worked, and if she was right…

“Wait,” she said, “You promised him weekly blowjobs, but you never said from whom.”

Erin grinned madly. Casey rubbed her pussy again. She knew it.

“You promised him that I’d suck his dick every week for six months, didn’t you?”

Erin nodded her head vigorously. Casey felt the start of an orgasm coming on just thinking about it, so she forced her hand away from her cunt. Her best friend had promised a complete stranger that he could use her mouth every week for six months. She was going to give this guy, whoever he was, twenty-four blowjobs. Fuck!

“Are you mad?” Erin asked, a hint of fear in her voice. She knew that Casey was utterly submissive to her sexual desires, and she loved the fantasy of having Erin in control of her, but this was the first time that it was going to be real. This wasn’t just fantasy porn anymore. This was a big, big step.

“No. I’m not mad. It’s… it’s exciting. I’m so horny! God, I can’t believe I’m about to do this.”

“You can still back out. I don’t want this to be something that you’ll hold against me. I love you more than any kink,” Erin said.

“No!” Casey answered, abruptly, “No. I want to do it. I haven’t stopped thinking about it for weeks.”

“What do you want to do?” Erin said slyly and reached over to stroke Casey’s cunt.

Casey lay her head back against the seat, spread her legs, and said, “I want to suck a stranger’s big dick. I want him to push his fat cock in my mouth and fuck it until he shoots down my throat.”

“Good girl.”

A short time later, Erin pulled into a classy hotel and checked them in. The young man at the desk did not hide his open ogling as he fumbled through the routine and handed Erin a set of key cards. They took the elevator up to their room. Once inside, Erin furiously made out with her friend, running her hands all over Casey’s body.

“I don’t know which of us is more excited,” she gasped, “Just remember that we can stop any time. I’ll kick the fucker in the nuts and we’ll make a run for it.”

“Ok, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I want to be… like the videos,” Casey admitted, “I want it dirty, and… and sexy.”

Erin grinned, her pussy burning.

“He’s almost here,” she said, as a message appeared in her Haloes.

Erin tossed a pillow on the floor, then pushed Casey gently to her knees, and removed a blindfold from her purse. Casey looked at her, quizzically, but didn’t ask. The question was plain on her face.

“Trust me,” Erin said.

Casey nodded, and Erin placed the blindfold over her eyes.

“Leah,” Erin said, “Share my view with Casey.”

In her Haloes, her own blacked-out vision was replaced with Erin’s. She saw herself kneeling on the floor in her slutty outfit. She could make out her own heavy breathing, her trembling hands submissively tucked behind her back. It was surreal, like watching one of the porno videos, only while it was being made. She noted the glowing red icon that indicated that it was, indeed, being recorded. The idea of it almost made her cum without touching herself. Her stomach was a mess as she waited, on her knees, ready for use like a real porn star.

The minutes ticked by, feeling like hours as she waited. She jumped at the sound of a light knock on the door. This was it. She could see Erin through her eyes walking to the door, opening it. There stood a tall, athletic man in a neat polo shirt and slacks. His face was a blur, though, and Casey realized Erin must have turned on the masking feature for the recording.

“Come in!” Erin said seductively, “There’s something waiting for you.”

The man entered the room. Erin shut the door.

“Everything clear?” she asked him.

“Of course. You know, I had my doubts, but you’re true to your word.”

His voice was a deep baritone, but pleasant, masculine. The sound of it made her knees tremble. Erin turned back to look at her. She waited. The man didn’t even acknowledge her. Not even a word. Erin looked back to him, and he stripped off his shirt. She kissed his neck, trailed her fingers down his muscular chest, until it rested on his belt buckle. She deftly undid it and cupped his crotch, unbuttoned his pants, unzipped him, and then sank to her knees in front of him and pulled his slacks down. He stepped out of them. She looked up, and a large bulge squirmed in his tight boxer briefs.

“There’s a nice, warm, wet hole right there,” Erin said, and stroked his cock through his briefs, “just waiting for you to stick this big cock into it.”

The man groaned as her fingers teased his bulge, and then tugged his briefs down his legs. When she looked back up, Casey gasped at the thick slab of cockmeat hanging there. It wasn’t fully hard, yet, but she could already tell that it was going to be a big one. Her mouth watered.

“What’s her name?” she heard the man ask, again ignoring her and putting the question to Erin.

“It doesn’t have a name,” Erin answered, and looked back at Casey, “It’s just a cocksucker whose only purpose is to pleasure your dick until your balls are empty.”

Oh, fuck, Casey thought and felt her pussy dripping in her panties.

The man approached her, and Erin stepped behind her, sinking to her knees. Casey could now see the approaching cock, swinging back and forth as it neared her. She opened her mouth expectantly.

“You see how eager it is to get that dick inside?” Erin said to him, “See how willingly it opens up for you to use it?”

She felt Erin’s hand rubbing her ass beneath her skirt, then they retreated as her friend stood and looked down at her. She saw herself waiting, her mouth open.

“Go ahead,” Erin said, standing behind the man, tracing her fingers up and down his chest, “Just look at that hot little hole ready to sink your cock into.”

The man stood just inches from her now. She could smell the musk of him, feel the heat of his heavy balls and his hard prick. He took it in his hand and stroked it above her face, then rested the tip on her waiting tongue. She trembled and moaned as she came from the contact.

“Oh my God!” Erin hissed, “Did you see how hungry it is? It just came from feeling your delicious cock on its tongue!”

The man’s dick pulsed against her tongue, and she wriggled it against the underside of his crown, tickling it, beckoning him to push it into her inviting mouth.

“It’s just a wet, sucking hole for cock,” Erin said, rolling his full balls in her hand, “What do you do with a warm, wet hole?”

“Fuck it,” he said.

“That’s right. You fuck it. You use it just the way you want to. It’s just a toy for your hard cock to get off with, isn’t it?”


He pushed his cock into her mouth. Casey’s lips sealed around it tightly and, just like the girls in the videos, she slowly began to bob her head back and forth along its length, coating it in a film of saliva.

“You see that it comes with handles,” Erin said, indicating her pigtails, “just in case you want to hold on to it and make sure it does what you want. Sometimes it needs a little help to get it just right, doesn’t it?”

The man groaned and she felt his hands grasp her pigtails. Her head swam with a rush of blood. She was actually doing it. She was sucking a real dick! She could feel every vein and ridge of the shaft with her tongue, while she slurped back and forth, trying to get it as deep as she could. The man’s cock was big, though, and try as she might, she just couldn’t fit it all in. He latched onto her pigtails and held her in place, then began to thrust his hips, fucking his shaft into her mouth.

“There you go. Use your hole,” Erin said, “It’s there to make you feel good. It’s just a hot, wet sheath meant for pleasure.”

The man was breathing heavily. Between the silky softness of Casey’s squirming tongue on the underside of his cock, and Erin’s dirty talk, he knew the end was coming soon. Jesus, he hadn’t blown a load this fast since he’d first learned about wanking. These chicks were seriously hot. Goddamn, this mouth felt good, but the way the blonde kept spewing the dirtiest shit, it was like he was living out a porno. Of course, this was exactly what Erin had intended.

Casey was being held firmly in place, now struggling to keep up with the intense thrusts from the man’s slimy dick. His hands held a white-knuckle grip on her pigtails. He was battering her mouth, fully convinced in his mind that she was not actually a person, but a sex toy. He pulled and pushed her head back and forth roughly in time with his thrusting. She could see, in Erin’s vision, the thick, foamy spittle drooling from her abused mouth, smearing her pink top, turning the fabric a dark purple as it soaked in.

The man’s rapid grunting, combined with her own repetitive, “Gluk! Gluk! Gluk!” as his twitching penis battered at the tight seal of her lips around it, all overlaid by Erin’s sick and twisted prattle, created a cocktail of sexual overload. Cooling spittle teased her nipples where her own secretions caused her shirt to stick to her breasts. Her hard little nubs were diamond points of pleasure. At some point, she’d begun masturbating herself chaotically. It was hard to hold any kind of rhythm with the constant jostling from the facefuck, but she just had to touch her excited cunt.

“Feed your bitch,” Erin said, “Go on. Just let those big, full balls go. Your hole needs filling, baby. Feed your bitch.”

Erin gathered a big glob of thick spit as it dripped from Casey’s chin, then slipped her finger into the man’s ass. He’d never been into that kind of shit, but he wasn’t about to complain at this moment. In fact, goddamn it felt nice. Really nice! Oh, oh, fuck!

Casey trembled. She could see herself shaking as one of the most intense orgasms of her young life quickly overtook her senses. The man lost it at the same time and gave a primal roar of release. All sense of humanity momentarily fled the room. This was a den of pure animality. At that second, Casey ceased to be a human for him. She was just a hole that he slammed his exploding prick into, releasing hard, hot spurts of ejaculate in a few seconds of carnal bliss.

Casey sputtered and gulped as quickly as she could. Thick ropes of creamy jizz flowed straight into her gullet, salty but so fucking sweet. Oh, shit! Shit! She was swallowing cum from a real dick! There was a hard, spurting prick in her mouth, and it was firing load after load of cream into her cock-drunk mouth! Her orgasm seemed to last an eternity, making her legs quake. If the man hadn’t been painfully holding her pigtails, she may have slumped over. She could hear Erin openly rubbing her own wet pussy and panting, but all she could see was her own face, mouth stretched widely around a twitching log of flesh, which was buried to the balls in her throat. She’d done it! She’d taken the whole thing!

The man held her there for another moment as his pleasure subsided. She could hear him growling, muttering, “Fuck. Oh, fuck.”

He began to pull his dick from her mouth, and Casey felt something like a wave of panic. She began to suck again, reluctant to let him take away her new toy. She suckled his softening cock lovingly, slowly, nursing on it like it was life itself.

“Jesus Christ!” the man exclaimed.

“You see?” Erin said silkily, “It needs to have cock in its hole. It’s meant for pleasure. Without your big, hard cock inside it, it doesn’t have a purpose.”

“Fuck, you guys are nasty. This shit is crazy. Goddamn!”

He wanted to man up. He truly did. His prick was just too sensitive. He, reluctantly, pulled his meat from her sucking mouth, trailing a thick rope of cum and spit. Erin got to her knees and found Casey’s mouth with her own, sharing the reward, her hands stroking Casey’s hot, aroused cunt. Casey’s head was in a fuck-fog. This was perfect, absolutely perfect. Erin was sharing it with her, after giving her exactly the first-time experience she’d fantasized about. Her best friend’s hot tongue licked up the remaining cum in her mouth and then withdrew.

“I love you,” she whispered in Casey’s ear, “I love you more than anything.”

Casey beamed, and panted, “More! I need more cock.”

Erin giggled. The man was now lying back on the bed, a hand over his eyes as he recovered. Casey removed the blindfold, squinted against the light as her eyes adjusted. She peeled off her spit-soaked top, freeing her bare tits. Erin handed her a bottle of water, which she chugged gratefully, then she dropped to all fours and crawled to the bed, between the man’s legs. She let her curly locks free of the pigtails, shook them out. The man raised his head and exclaimed, “Damn!”

Her disheveled hair, wet face, sex-crazed eyes gleaming, stalking toward him like a wild beast, painted a picture of an animal out for nothing but pleasure. Thanks to his fortunate genes, his big dick had landed him plenty of hot pussy over the years, but for the first time in his life, he saw that he was the one being used. The hot blonde might have been spewing that degrading shit about this little minx being a hole for him to use, but the moment he saw that hunger, that inhuman desire for cock, he knew that he was the toy here.

The suck slut slid her hot hands up his legs, pushing them wider as she raised herself to her knees. Her hands slid over his legs, fondled his warm, empty balls, and looked him straight in the eye. Jesus! This chick was horned up! Erin stepped toward him, discarding her panties, and joined him on the bed, tracing his pecs with a fingernail.

“It would seem you have two choices,” she said, “You can either make yourself comfortable, and get ready for another round of sloppy, sexy, filthy cocksucking, or-”

“Option one!” he blurted, practically begging. “Option fucking one!”

He backpedaled across the bed in a hurry, creating a pillow cushion, where he propped himself up. Casey crawled onto the bed, and up to his side, where she laid her head on his heaving chest and began to gently play with his cock and balls. She rolled his nuts in her hands, held and stroked his shaft, watching it, transfixed.

“You love cock, don’t you?” Erin asked her.


“Was it a good cocksucker for you, baby?” Erin asked the man, “Did that big dick have fun?”

“Hell, yes! Can I take it home?”

“Uh, uh,” Erin chided, “It’s mine.”

Casey slipped her lips back over his flaccid cock and played with the head of it with her tongue, just feeling its texture, the taste of it. She could hear slow, wet kissing behind her, and the man groaning into Erin’s mouth. The sounds continued, while Casey sucked on her toy until it began to come back to life. It jerked, wiggled like it was alive, and then began to harden again. She felt a flutter in her belly as she sucked and sucked. She could feel her own wetness coating her thighs.

Casey was consumed by her sucking, the feel of her lips gliding wetly up and down this stranger’s hard cock, the feel of his balls expanding in her hands as she carefully groped them. She could hear Erin whispering something to the man, and he groaned. She felt the bed move as Erin got up, came around to the other side. Erin pulled Casey’s soaked panties down her legs, tossed them to the floor. The man gathered Casey’s hair into his fist and pulled her mouth off of his penis. She gave a squeak of protest, and on some level registered how slutty that was, but she didn’t care. She just wanted to put that throbbing stick back into her mouth.

The man slipped his tongue into her mouth and smacked his big lips against hers. She realized that this was the most intimate kiss she’d ever shared with anyone, aside from Erin. Then, Erin was there, too. She turned Casey’s face toward her own and made out with her, too, then gave her back to the man. They shared her this way for several minutes, Erin touching her, petting her, stroking her, pinching and tugging her nipples.

“I’m going to fuck your mouth, slut,” The man growled in her ear as Erin kissed her, “Come here.”

The man pulled her back by her hair until her head hung back off of the bed. She’d seen herself this way a hundred times in Erin’s creations, and her heart hammered with excitement. He plugged his rigid shaft back into her mouth, and forced the whole thing right into her throat, making her choke. He pulled back, gave her just a second to breathe, and then put it right back in. This time, she was ready, and she was able to take it all. His nuts rested against her nose, and she could smell the sweat, her own spit, the remains of his previous ejaculation. It sent a shock of pleasure straight to her cunt.

Suddenly, Erin’s tongue was inside of her, lapping away at her soaked pussy. She squealed in ecstasy around the thick cock-log as she came, bucking up against Erin’s face. Erin held her clenching buttocks in her hands and buried her face in Casey’s spasming cunt, licking, lapping, sucking, nipping. The dick in her throat withdrew and slowly began to pump her mouth. Casey became a hole again, shared from both ends. She felt her conscious thought slip away, and her whole focus was on keeping pace with the pistoning cockmeat in her mouth, and the waves of intense pleasure between her legs.

The man tugged at her hard nipples, groped her tits roughly as he used her sucking mouth. Erin continued eating her, holding tightly to her hips as Casey rode her face in much the same way. Having emptied his balls once, the man was like a machine, now. Her face was becoming a mess. Hot spit was getting into her nose, dripping from her face, soaking the carpet. She wasn’t sure she could take much more of it, but she was trying.

The facial pounding stopped. The man’s cock withdrew. Erin stopped eating her, she saw the two of them looking down at her through a bleary haze of phlegm that had gotten into her eyes. She worked her tired jaw. Erin wiped at her face with a wet towel, cleaning her up. The man laid back on the bed, and he pulled her up with him, maneuvered her like his own personal sex doll, until her pussy was over his mouth, and his cock was back in hers. She felt his tongue snake into her honeypot and begin to lick.

Casey groaned with excitement. This was a night of firsts. A man was eating her pussy! Then, a new sensation. While the man sucked away hungrily at her cunt, she felt Erin’s tongue at her ass. Casey squealed around the dick in her mouth. The man cupped her ass in his hands, spreading it apart for Erin to get her tongue into it. She went to work with him, the two of them pleasuring all three of her holes at once until Casey lost her mind and began to cum. The sheer lewdness of the whole experience proved too much for the meatshaft in her mouth, too, and it began to spurt another creamy load into her sucking hole. The man growled into her pussy, as he emptied his balls into her for the second time, fucking his hips into her mouth as he swallowed as much of her girl cream as he was able.

Slowly, they began to come down. The licking stopped. The tongue in her ass withdrew. Before Erin could climb away, though, the man gripped her by the ass and buried his tongue into her cunt. She screeched and exploded within seconds. She’d purposely ignored her own pleasure all day, and been on a complete sexual high. She’d broken down and let herself have a little cum during Casey’s first blowjob, but that was just a guilty pleasure. Her pussy was so keyed-up that it was on a hair trigger, and the feel of the man’s hot, squirming tongue against her box was all it took to set her off.

“Oh, fuuuck!” she cried and rode his face, while Casey got to her knees and stuck her tongue into Erin’s mouth to shut her up. They held each other as Erin got off, trembling and squealing, rocking back and forth, fucking herself against the man’s tongue, until, finally, she was able to climb off. He was red in the face, practically suffocated. It was, he thought, the best way he could have died. He lay, gasping, his balls completely drained.

For several minutes, none of them said a word. Casey and Erin lay together, purring and stroking each other, their man-toy forgotten. Finally, Casey began to giggle, which got to Erin, and then they were laughing together in fits. As the high began to fade, the man sat up, looking about dizzily.

Casey grinned at him, saying, “Hey, cock and balls. What’s your name?”

“Um, Ian?”

“Ian. You’re cute. Thanks for the cum. Next time, you might want to bring a friend.”

“Next time?” Ian said, looking dazed.

“Twenty-three more weeks to go, stud,” Casey said, “Think you’ll make it?”

“Fuck! Can I get, like, a year lease on that shit? I’ve got money. And Haloes!”

Casey laughed, “I’m not a whore, Ian. Just a slut! I will take another pair of Haloes, but I love sucking your cock, and if you can bring me another one just as nice as yours, I’ll suck you both. Because I like it.”

“Fucking deal,” Ian agreed.

“And Ian,” Casey added, “if you’re nice to me, it’s over. What do you do with your hole?”

“You fuck it.” Ian grinned.

“Bright boy.”

“Jesus,” Erin chimed in, “and, here I thought I was the perv.”

For another few minutes, they rested, and then the two girls followed Ian to his car. He handed Casey another set of Haloes, and then pulled her in and kissed her deeply.

“Sure was nice to pump my load into your slut mouth,” he said, making her pussy quiver. “Can’t wait to fuck it again next week.”

“You sure know how to talk to a girl!” Casey said.

Ian drove away, pulled up the first friend in his contacts, dialed.

“Hey, what’s up, dude?” a voice on the other end answered.

“Dude,” Ian said, “how big is your dick?”

“What the fuck?”

“Shut the fuck up. Seriously. How big is your dick?”


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