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Love, Lust, and Erin: Part 1

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A Dream of Love and Lust

I dreamed of love amidst the stars,

and lust at home in bed.

I yearned for you from afar,

remembering what you’d said.

That all the dreams and all the days,

that we had coming still.

Were each a bright and hopeful ray,

waiting for us o’er the hill.

And though I wandered lost and weary,

tossed amid the waves.

When I looked, I saw you clearly,

oh, love that made me brave.

The Halo’s sparkle in your eyes,

the breath of passion’s kiss.

Each of these I idolize,

and every day I miss.

Sought and found, my truest love,

together until dust.

Our hearts are bound, below, above,

in the dream of love and lust.

For Dave, you big nerd



Erin’s Helping Hands

Erin twisted her best friend’s nipples in her limber fingers, sighing at the jolt of warmth that it caused in her teenage twat when Casey responded with a delicious groan. Erin lay back against the big headboard of Casey’s bed, her hands encircling her best friend’s nude body. She could feel the aroused heat of Casey’s excited pussy as the gentle hum of the vibrating toy she held against her friend’s cunt overlaid the sloppy sounds of sucking from the porno on the big wall-mounted TV.

“Fuck,” Erin hissed in Casey’s ear, tweaking her horny friend’s nipple again, “just look at that little slut get her mouth used by that big dick. She loves it, doesn’t she?”

“Yes!” Casey panted, her eyes glued to the screen.

The man on the TV had a fistful of a teenage brunette’s curly hair. His big, eager penis pummeled the girl’s mouth over and over, stuffing it so full of cockmeat that the girl’s face was now a mess of spit as she struggled to keep up

“Who is that, Casey? Who is that slut getting her hot mouth used?”

Casey’s body trembled and shuddered as the vibrations in her pussy pushed her close to an orgasm, then she said, “It’s me!”

It wasn’t actually her, she knew. She’d never even had a penis in her hand, let alone her mouth. Rather, this was a clever deepfake video that Erin had put together for one of their frequent masturbation marathons. Her best friend was amazing at these things. Computers. Video. She’d started her computer science degree this week. Casey was addicted to this experience they had together, and after Erin had begun doing these edits, swapping Casey’s face in place of the porn sluts on the videos, her fascination had only grown. Masturbating alone, without Erin’s constant seductive prattle in her ears was never the