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Sasha's Obsession: Deviant's Edition (ePub+PDF)

Sasha's Obsession: Deviant's Edition (ePub+PDF)

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This story is a complete rewrite of the classic Sasha's Obsession. Not just a revision, but a fresh take on the story from start to finish. At double the length of the original, this is the version of the story that Sasha deserves. Bigger, dirtier, and darker than what came before, it's the definitive version of this tale of sibling obsession.


Sasha isn't your average girl. She's a girl with a dark obsession. She wants—needs to be owned by her older brother. The obsession dominates her thoughts, in the way that she longs for Mark to dominate her.

Sasha's mind is filled with fantasies, depraved imaginings of all the awful, wonderful things she wants her brother to do to her. When she comes across a website that promises to make her irresistible to any man, she can't help but take the bait. But how will she be changed, and who will she be by the end of it?


Includes 26 character illustrations.

Kinks Served: Dirty Talk, Personality Modification, Domination, Incest, Bro/Sis, Group Sex, Humiliation

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