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Edge (ePub+PDF)

Edge (ePub+PDF)

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This updated edition of Edge now includes the three chapter, 8,000 word bonus story, The Penalty for Failure


When Jenna receives a racy email, she discards it as spam. Then, another arrives in a text message, followed by a mysterious little package. The same night, Jenna gets a visit from a group of strangers, who spend hours teasing her bound body to the brink of an unattainable orgasm. In the morning, she finds herself blackmailed into silence through threats against her family. These events, though, are only the start of Jenna’s nightmare.


She soon learns that she’s been swept up in a twisted game, played through augmented reality via the Halo smart lenses. Someone with significant influence is forcing young women into the game, pitting them against increasingly degrading challenges, and toying with them. Kept in a constant state of arousal and fear through intimidation, enforced chastity, Obsequium, and a generous reward system for those who comply, these women have been edged to the brink of insanity in pursuit of real and virtual rewards.


As players increase in rank, new challenges that have real-world implications begin to show that the game’s creators have more in mind than simply watching women debase themselves for amusement. Jenna, alongside the other frightened girls, will now have to learn how to become part of the game, or fight against it.


Kinks Served: Reluctance, Edging, Chastity, Non-Consent, Blackmail, Personality Modification, F/F, M+/F, Anal, Submission, Domination, Masturbation, Toys, Group Sex, Erotic Thriller

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