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DomCo Debauchery Package Part One

DomCo Debauchery Package Part One

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This package includes all of the phase one DomCo stories, as well as the bonus stories Holes, Episode One and Reluctant Suckslut, Episode One. All current illustrations by HentaiArtist2000 and photos are included in these copies, and they have been updated with the latest edits. By purchasing this package you will receive over 1,000 pages of steamy, erotic content in one easy-to-navigate file:


  • The Second Place Sister (PDF)
  • The Second Place Sister (ePub)
  • Korrupting Kayla, Book One (PDF)
  • Korrupting Kayla, Book One (ePub)
  • Love, Lust, and Erin (PDF)
  • Love, Lust, and Erin (ePub)
  • Sasha's Obsession (PDF)
  • Sasha's Obsession (ePub)
  • Doppelgänger (PDF)
  • Doppelgänger (ePub)
  • Tempting Trevor (PDF)
  • Tempting Trevor (ePub)
  • Holes, Episode One (PDF)
  • Reluctant Suckslut, Episode One (PDF)
  • Edge (ePub)
  • Edge (PDF)


All of these titles can be purchased individually, but you will pay a reduced price for the package. 


This is the ultimate starter kit for the Tori Hamlin world of character-driven, emotionally charged, and steamy erotica. These aren't quick stroke scenes or simple shorties. Tori Hamlin tales will give you a world of fantasy so hard, hot and wet that you'll be dreaming of these depraved characters for days after flipping the last page. Carefully crafted to provide a true erotic sexperience, the deviant world of Tori Hamlin brings you characters and stories that play on your emotions and senses in ways that will touch your heart, and then break it.

This package contains the epic saga of the Hamlin Twins, Tori and Stephanie, a tale of jealousy, betrayal, love and finding forgiveness in the face of life-altering change. This absolute tome of family values plays out across fifty-five chapters, wherein we see Stephanie Hamlin, consumed by jealousy over her twin's success, become involved in a diabolical scheme to condition her sister, mentally and physically, and turn her into the ultimate plaything.

Also included in this set:
Korrupting Kayla, Book One: This novel follows nervous and shy, teenage beauty, Kayla. When her parents split and her life is turned upside-down, Kayla finds herself making friends with the new girl in school. Her friendship with Tiffany leads Kayla to seek an entry-level position with DomCo, the owner of Tiffany's own employer. DomCo, Kayla quickly finds, is bent on female subjugation, and Kayla is drawn down a path of corporate enslavement.

Love, Lust, and Erin: The dirty talking duo of Erin and Casey headline this 214-page love triangle. Throughout this tale of love and lust, you'll explore Erin's hots for Casey's single dad give in a wild take on age-gap romance. Set against the backdrop of a changing world, where the stars have never been closer, and incredible new technologies are at the fingertips of a chosen few, you'll fall head-over-heels for this trio.

Sasha's Obsession, the fourth entry, follows the dark longing of Sasha to become a submissive pet for her brother. Sasha's obsession will pull her further down the rabbit hole than she ever dreamed possible.

Doppelgänger puts a radical spin on erotic fantasy/sci-fi with the story of Angela. A budding young scientist, Angela doesn't believe in silly things like curses. Then, she picks up a pretty necklace from a curio shop and finds herself swapping lives with her slutty counterpart from The Other Side, Angie. In order to get home, naive, virginal, Angela will need to lead the life of a super-slut. The bigger problem, though, is that she needs to learn quick, and make it home before Angie destroys her life.

In Tempting Trevor, we meet the sexually curious and inexperienced couple, Trevor and Mary. When Trevor's slutty and seductive sister, Stacy, comes home from college for the summer, they fall victim of Stacy's seductive influence.


The final entry, Edge, is an erotic sci-fi thriller, which details the exploits of the women who have been forced in a twisted augmented reality game. This story sets the stage for the 2023 conclusion of the DomCo series. It is a full-length novel at 73K words and over 30 chapters.

Bonus story Holes, follows the ridiculous birthday of an unfortunate girl, with an even more unfortunate name.

Bonus story Reluctant Suckslut follows the misuse of poor, gorgeous Sophie. Our misandrist heroine always seems to end up in situations where she's forced to use her mouth to escape the clutches of uncaring and unkind men.

Available in one single file for easy reading, each of these experiences is separated by book, with individual cover art for each tale. This format also contains links to relevant pages of the creator website, where you can find character photos, illustrations, and bios to enhance the reading.

Finally, a thank you for all the support these stories have received.

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