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Tempting Trevor, Part 1

Prologue: Cute

Mary was just so damn cute, but just that. Cute. Trevor’s hand slid up her tummy to cup her small breast, but she delicately pulled his hand away, allowing him to continue kissing her, but hesitant to go any further. After a year of dating, Trevor was finding it difficult. He was always horny these days, just out of high school, with the whole summer break ahead, and his girlfriend was cock-blocking him again.

Trevor was a gentleman, though. He respected girls, treated them politely, and Mary was no different. If she wanted to wait, he would hold out, take care of himself, and be patient. That was one of his greatest qualities, he was told. Patience.

Mary kissed her boyfriend back and placed his hand back on her tummy. Trevor contented himself with the feel of her soft skin, teasing as it was. She knew she couldn’t hold off Trevor’s advances forever. Boys wanted girls to put out, but she wasn’t ready for that.

She was supposed to save it and be sure that he was the one. That was what they had drilled into her, and that was what was right, she knew. It was getting more difficult, though. Whenever he kissed and touched her, it didn't feel exciting. It felt scary. She'd imagine his penis, big and hard and angry, ready to shove its way into her body, where he'd pump her full of a billion tiny sperm.

Trevor pulled away, looking flushed, then suggested, “Maybe we should hit the pool for a while?”

“Yes! I’ll go change!”

She flew from the couch and ducked into the bathroom, her backpack in her hand. Trevor went to his room, changed into a pair of swim shorts, and then returned to find Mary waiting in a cute one-piece suit. He looked her over, from her cute freckled face, down her slim body, to her lean legs. Everything about her was just cute. So cute.

Chapter 1: Home for the Summer

Stacy wheeled into the driveway of her parents’ home and parked the car, snagging her bag from the back seat before heading inside. The house was quiet and empty, both of her parents gone to work, but as she looked out through the glass doors of the living room, she caught the sight of her brother and his little girlfriend splashing in the pool.

Stacy smiled and felt a flutter in her stomach. This was an opportunity she could not miss. She cut through the hallway and up the stairs to her room. She found it, just as she’d left it on her last visit from college. Neat. Tidy. Everything in its place. She rooted through her drawers and found the perfect suit. It was a few years old, and her tits had grown a bit since she’d last worn it. It was just right. She stripped down and donned the too-small suit, then tied her black hair back in a ponytail.

Trevor and Mary floated lazily on their backs in the summer sun, the warmth of the pool water enveloping them pleasantly. Insects hummed. Birds called. A slight breeze drifted across the backyard. They were at peace. One with nature.

The sound of the glass door sliding aside broke the tranquility of the moment. Mary was the first to look up, and she couldn’t help but stare. She wasn’t a lesbian or anything, but she could acknowledge beauty when she saw it, and Trevor’s older sister was certainly a beauty. Her long, black hair, tied back in a ponytail, swished back and forth as she stepped across the concrete patio. The suit she wore-what little of it there was-exposed more of her body than it hid. And what a body.

Mary flushed as she caught herself looking at the bulging mounds of titflesh barely concealed by the tiny suit. Stacy’s flat, toned stomach was like a chiseled statue, and her lean legs were sculpted to perfection. She’d met Stacy before, briefly, and she’d felt completely inadequate as a woman, then. Now, though, seeing just how incredible her naturally tanned body actually was, she felt like a little girl. She was a little girl, compared to that. Her own tits were barely mosquito bites, more nipple than tit. Her freckled face had nothing on Stacy’s clear, unmarred beauty.

Trevor called from behind her, “Hey, sis! When did you get home?”

Mary heard him splashing through the water behind her. Stacy took a leap into the pool, sending a splash of warm water into Mary’s face, and making her sputter. She came up, slicked back her hair with a grin, and waded towards her younger brother. He caught her up in a hug that lasted no more than was appropriate.

“I just got in,” Stacy answered. “Then I saw you two dorks in the pool, and it was just what I needed after the drive. I swear my ass fell asleep, and my back is killing me.”

“Oh!” Trevor exclaimed. “I’m sure Mary could help with that. She’s going to start massage therapy classes over the summer. She’s fantastic.”

They both turned expectantly toward Mary. Stacy draped her arms over Trevor’s shoulders, pushing her big tits into his back, and stroking her fingers casually over his muscular chest. Mary felt a flush creep over her. She caught herself thinking that the two of them looked… a bit sexy together.

“I… Um, sure.” She stammered.

“Really?” Stacy asked, her voice rising. “That would be so awesome. You can lotion me up,” then she added, “If you don’t mind.”

“No, it’s fine.”

Mary followed Stacy out of the pool. As the older girl mounted the steps, Mary was treated to the sight of her blatantly exposed ass. God, some girls just had it all, she thought, with a twinge of jealousy. They moved under the shade of the awning, where Stacy snatched a towel and sunscreen from a cupboard, threw the towel down on one of the loungers, and laid on her chest. She offered the bottle to Mary, who took it.

Mary squeezed the bottle of lotion as Stacy unsnapped her bikini top and let it fall away. Even her bare sides were perfect, Mary thought, not a flaw in the skin. She bent down and went to work, smearing the lotion from the small of Stacy’s back up to her shoulders, and then down again, giving her a nice, even coating to lubricate her motions. Then she got to it, kneading, rubbing. She felt the tension drain out of Stacy’s muscles and she purred happily.

“God, Trev was right. You are good at this. I can only imagine what those hands do to him.” She said, eyes shut as she grinned.

“Yeah. He seems to like my massages,” Mary agreed, oblivious to the innuendo.

“He’s looking good,” Stacy said. “It's pretty amazing what a year and some time in the gym can do, don’t you think?”

Mary glanced over to the pool, where Trevor had resumed his lazy floating, soaking in the sunshine. Stacy was right, of course. Trevor had filled out, gaining definition and muscle. He was damned good looking. She felt that brief surge of fear in her gut.

“Yeah,” she agreed, “He’s been working really hard on it.”

Stacy caught the familiar quaver of uncertainty in her voice and knew it immediately. Inadequacy. Mary knew that her boyfriend was way out of her league. There were dozens of girls like her in school. Stacy had turned a few of them into dedicated little pussy slaves. It couldn't have been more perfect.

Stacy chatted with her idly, asking about her upcoming classes, how long she’d been doing massage, just making pleasant conversation. From the pool, Trevor gave the two of them an occasional glance. It was kind of hot, he thought, watching Mary’s hands glide across his sister’s skin, her face pursed in concentration. He knew from experience what Stacy was feeling. Mary was great.

“Those cute little hands feel amazing,” Stacy said honestly. “Do you think you could do my glutes, too? And the legs?”

“Um, sure.”

Mary’s hands shook a bit, making Stacy smile inwardly. She squirted more lotion into her hands.

“Let me help.” Stacy said, and lifted her butt into the air, hooking her fingers into the band of her bottoms, and sliding them down, completely exposing herself to Mary’s stunned eyes. Mary swallowed. She was going to have to get used to this, she thought. There would be plenty of nude massages in her future if she was serious about this. Stacy dropped the little thong next to the lounger and parted her legs slightly. Mary’s trembling hands tentatively touched Stacy’s bare ass and then spread the lotion across her firm cheeks.

Stacy groaned delightfully as Mary’s hands dug into the muscle and worked, then slid down one leg, back up, then down the other, spreading the lotion in an even coat. Trevor took note as well, trying not to be too obvious, but… wow! He’d seen Stacy remove her bottoms. Even now, he was sure that his girlfriend was getting a look at his sister’s pussy. Maybe she was even touching it. No, that was just his hormones talking. He must be worked up from his earlier make-out session with Mary. Mary would never touch another girl. That was something slutty girls did, and that was not Mary.

Still, it didn’t stop him from fantasizing a bit as he floated along dreamily. As they got older, things might change. Maybe Mary would find that she enjoyed doing things with girls. Maybe they’d do other things with girls together, like the swingers in pornos did. His dick hardened a little at the mental image of Mary touching another girl’s pussy. Another girl with long, black hair, who was definitely not his sister.

After several more minutes, Mary felt that she’d completed her task, and wiped her hands with a towel. Stacy turned around and sat up, facing away from Trevor, but completely exposed to Mary. Mary’s mouth fell open as she took in the sight of Stacy’s exposed breasts, big and round, topped with small, dark nipples. Stacy, outwardly, took no notice, but inwardly she was exultant. She ignored Mary’s look of shock as she snapped her top back together, then fished for her bottoms. Stacy spread her legs, giving Mary an unobstructed view of her shaved pussy, while she casually slipped her bottoms back up her legs. She stood and gave Mary a quick brief peck on the lips.

“Thanks so much, baby. That was great!” She said, honestly, with a little wink, “I am definitely gonna get a lot of use out of you over the summer.”

Mary felt a quiver of arousal shoot down her body at that light, friendly little peck. It was the words that followed, though, that made her flush. More massages. Stacy was going to need more massages over the summer. Stupid, she thought. What else could she mean? Stupid, Mary.

Stacy shouted, “Cannonball!” and made a rush for the pool, dove in. She heard Trevor sputter and yell as he took an enormous splash to the face. Mary followed, but took the steps into the water. The three of them lounged in the water chatting, and then played Monkey in the Middle with a beach ball. When Mary was the monkey, though, she stood no chance. She was too short compared to the two siblings. She attempted to leap for the ball, but failed each time. Finally, Stacy pulled her throw and let Mary win. While Mary thought it was nice, it made her feel foolish.

Then, it was Stacy’s turn in the middle. Trevor threw the ball high over his sister’s head, treating Mary to the sight of Stacy’s tits bouncing wildly as she leapt for the ball, missed. Mary retrieved it and was successful in passing it back. Again, Mary stood transfixed by the way those bulging boobs bounced as she leapt. Stacy managed to get her fingers on the ball on the next pass, though, which put Trevor back in the middle. The time slipped away, until they’d finally had enough of the pool, and they hauled themselves out of the water.

Stacy put her arm around Mary’s shoulders as they walked back into the house, and that made Mary feel good. Like she’d been accepted.

“Come on upstairs and clean up with me,” Stacy said invitingly, “let’s girl talk!”

Mary did not do much in the way of “girl talk”. Her friends mainly comprised other girls from her mother’s church group, which she was forced to attend each Wednesday evening and Sunday morning. Mary didn’t mind church. It was ok. It just wasn’t all that fun. The girls were nice, but they didn’t talk about much other than TV shows, Jesus, and their cats.

Mary threw a glance back at Trevor, hoping for escape, but her boyfriend just waved with his silly little grin and said, “have fun!”

He spread a towel on the couch and reached for the remote as Mary was practically dragged away by his sister. It would do good for Mary to have a girl who wasn’t a Churcher to talk to, he thought. Maybe it would loosen her up a bit. Stacy was thinking the same. Almost.

Chapter 2: Dolly

Mary’s heart was in her throat as Stacy dragged her into the bathroom and shut the door. The college girl started the shower and let the water run. Mary stood in shocked silence. Stacy expected them to shower together? In their suits, surely. She knew other girls did stuff like that, changing together and seeing each other naked, but Mary wasn’t one of those girls. Stacy was older, though, an experienced college girl. She was so hot that she probably had lots of other hot girlfriends who were naked with each other when they changed and talked about boys. Maybe they did other things with each other, too. Stacy certainly wasn’t shy.

Stacy stripped off her bikini, and Mary drank in the sight of her nude body. She was trapped in a tiny room with a girl she’d only met previously for a few hours over Christmas, and here she was, completely naked. Stacy turned to frightened Mary, a look of casual expectation on her face. Oh, God! She expected Mary to get naked, too!

“Oh,” Stacy said, suddenly, “you’re a little shy?”


“Oh, baby, it’s ok.” Stacy cooed, and hugged her naked body against Mary. “You’ve got nothing to be shy about. Look at you!”

She peeled the straps of Mary’s suit off of her shoulders, and Mary shivered. She let Stacy pull the straps down and pulled her arms free of them. Stacy peeled the suit down, exposing Mary’s tiny tits and hard nipples.

“Oh, my God! You have the cutest little boobies!” Stacy squealed.

Mary blushed in embarrassment. Little boobies. She didn’t have big, gorgeous tits like a woman. Like Stacy. She was 18 and had little girl boobies.

“Oh, honey,” Stacy said, “They’re so perfect. Why are you ashamed? I’ll tell you, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be toting these big, heavy things around.”

She cupped her big tits and shook them enticingly to emphasize the point. Then she took hold of Mary’s suit again and pulled it down her legs, exposing the rest of her lean body.

“You’re like a precious little dolly,” Stacy said, and stroked Mary’s cheek with the back of her hand. “I could just eat you up!”

Mary looked away, embarrassed, as Stacy’s eyes raked over her body.

“Come on,” Stacy commanded, taking Mary’s hand, “Let’s get cleaned up.”

Mary allowed herself to be led into the shower with the other girl. The hot spray of water pelted down over their bodies. Stacy squeezed out a thick dollop of shampoo into her hands and smeared it into Mary’s red hair, lathering it up. The older girl smiled warmly at her, and Mary felt a little better. Then Stacy took a bottle of body wash and squeezed it into her hands, rubbing them together. She smeared the wash onto Mary’s neck, and then across her shoulders.

“Let me return the favor.” She whispered and turned Mary around.

Mary let herself be turned, and felt Stacy’s soft hands rub the gooey wash into her tense shoulders, down her back, up her sides.

“Just relax, baby,” Stacy said in her ear, breath warm, her tone soothing.

The feel of the older girl’s hands on her body was making Mary feel funny, like she did when Trevor tried to feel her tits. No, her boobies. She felt herself relaxing, melting into the feeling of Stacy’s stroking hands on her body. Stacy’s bare breasts pressed against her back, and she could feel her hard nipples poking into her shoulders. Her hands spread the lather over Mary’s flat tummy, and then up, up, until her hands passed lightly over Mary’s excited nipples. She let out a small moan. Stacy’s hands stayed where they were, working the lather over Mary’s breasts as she continually pinched and massaged her nipples.

Mary was so confused. How had she got into this situation? There was something about the older girl that just made her want to follow. Like she was a pet. She’d never felt anything like what was happening to her right now. It felt so good!

“Do you like that?” Stacy asked in her ear. “It feels so nice, doesn’t it?”

Mary nodded, unable to speak.

“I’ll bet Trevor just loves these little boobies, doesn’t he?”

Mary panted with excitement.

“I’ll bet he sucks on them every chance he gets.” Stacy said.

“No... he… we haven’t…” Mary caught herself stuttering.

“Oh my God,” Stacy hissed, “You totally haven’t done it with him, have you?”

Mary shook her head.

One of Stacy’s hands stayed on her nipple, gently pinching and rolling it in her fingers, but her other hand slid lower. Mary knew where it was going, but she felt powerless, like she was Stacy’s toy. Like a little dolly. Stacy found her target, slipping her hand between Mary’s legs. Mary parted her thighs for her, like it was Stacy’s right to touch her there. She hadn’t even let Trevor touch her like this, but here she was, giving his sister full access to her body like she owned it.

“Doesn’t my little brother want to touch your cute little cunny?” Stacy said, stroking her.

“Yes… he… he wants to…”

“He’s so big and handsome, isn’t he?”

“Uh huh…”

“I’ll bet he’d be a beast in bed,” Stacy mused in her ear. “Do you think he’d break you? Cute little Mary and her precious little cunny. Do you think you could handle a man like that? So big, strong, all those hard muscles.”

Mary twitched against Stacy’s hand as she found her clit and teased it.

“I’ll bet he’s got a really big cock,” Stacy said, “but you’re scared of it, aren’t you?”

“Yes!” Mary admitted.

“You’re afraid of how much it might hurt when he puts it in you, aren’t you?”


Stacy worked Mary’s clit gently, back and forth, her fingers sliding easily through the younger girl’s wet slit.

“You’re afraid you’ll do it wrong, and he won’t be happy, right?”

Mary agreed.

“You think you won’t be good enough for that big man cock.” Stacy stated.

Mary bit her lip and pushed her pelvis against Stacy’s fingers. God, she was going to cum! She was going to cum on her boyfriend’s sister's hand!

“You’d feel so bad if he didn’t enjoy your little cunny, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh, God!”

“It’s ok, baby,” Stacy cooed. “It’s ok. Just let it happen. It’s all ok. I’m right here.”

Mary squeaked, and rubbed herself against Stacy’s hand, and then in a burst of pleasure, she orgasmed, biting her lip to hold in a scream. She’d masturbated before, but this was so different, so much better. She’d never felt anything like it. It was like fireworks in her head. Stacy rubbed her, pinched her nipples, and held her close, the heat of her skin against Mary’s as she quaked and shuddered, letting herself go.

“That’s it,” Stacy said, “Just let it go. Cum for me, baby. That’s so good. Good girl. That’s my little dolly. You’re so cute, baby.”

Chapter 3: Familial Dynamics

Mary left in a hurry, following her shower with Stacy.

“Gotta get home for dinner.” She said to Trevor, giving him a quick peck on the lips before rushing out the door.

On the drive home, she was a mess of nerves. She’d just done something really dirty. It was so dirty, but it felt so good. That was how the Devil tempted you, though, she thought. She’d hear it tonight at church. Her mother wouldn’t know. Her father wouldn’t know. Jesus would know, though. Jesus would know she’d done some dirty lesbian sex thing. She prayed for forgiveness as she drove.

Trevor cleaned himself up after Mary left, and dressed in a pair of shorts and a tee, then returned to the couch to continue his lazy summer. Shortly thereafter, he was joined by Stacy, who had changed into a tight, black tank top and a pair of cotton lounge shorts. It was apparent that she was braless. She’d wrapped her hair up in a towel. She joined her brother on the couch.

“So, tell me about college life.” Trevor invited.

Stacy did, talking about her classes, some parties she’d been to, the general feel of the town. She was excited by the freedom of being away from home, but admitted that she’d missed him as she ruffled his hair in the way she knew he hated.

“I'm doing this job placement program through a huge company called DomCo, and they have me working at Fredericks,” she replied in response to one of his many questions.

“The lingerie place?” He asked, curiosity piqued.

“Yeah. It’s so cool! I get a hellacious discount on the stuff. If you want, we can hit up the one at the mall, and we can get you some stuff for Mary.” She teased.

Trevor scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Yeah, that’ll be the day.”

“It might take a little work to find something that fits her,” Stacy said casually, “but I’m sure we can find a few nice pieces.”

“Yeah, I don’t think that kind of stuff is really her style,” Trevor said with a frown. “I mean, not that I’m against it. I just… nevermind. Thanks, anyway.”

“Aww! Come on! She’s so cute and tiny! It’d be like pumping your dick into a little toy!”

Trevor choked, “Jesus, Stacy!”

Stacy laughed, holding her sides.

“Oh, man! Your face! You about fuckin’ died!” She said, poking at his ribs.

The sound of the front door opening drew their attention. A moment later, their mother, Lena, entered the room.

“Hey, mom.” Trevor waved.

“Hey, mom!” Stacy yelled, and quickly rounded the couch to embrace her mother.

Trevor turned back to the TV, so he did not notice Stacy’s none-too-familial groping of her mother’s ass, or the small look of frightened panic veiled just beneath the mask of warm greeting on his mother’s face. He most certainly did not hear Stacy’s whisper. “Did you miss me? We’re going to have so much fun this summer!” He was, likewise, oblivious to the little kiss that Stacy planted on her mother’s slightly parted lips, and the wicked grin on his sister’s face that followed it.

“When will dad be home?” Stacy asked, and their mother shivered in her embrace.

“S, soon. I should get started on dinner.”

She quickly fled the room, and Stacy returned to the couch. Her pussy was getting soaked.

Less than an hour later, Stacy was in the kitchen, helping her mother with dinner, when Trevor’s father got in. To the casual observer, there was nothing strange about this. A mother and daughter preparing a meal for the family was a quite normal occurrence. The slight flush to Lena’s skin could have easily been explained by the bustling activity after a long day at work. However, had said casual observer paid close attention, they would have seen those things that had brought out the flush in Lena’s cheeks.

Each time Stacy passed her mother by, she might stop to caress her bottom, or quickly tuck her hand between her mother’s legs. As Lena worked over the sink, Tracy hugged her from behind, and cupped her breasts, or softly kissed her neck, or her ear. During these hugs she would whisper things such as, “Do you think dad missed me?” or “I can’t wait to spend some mommy-daughter time together.” The words themselves may have been nothing but familial, sweet even, had it not been for the seductive tone in Stacy’s voice, or the fact she openly molested her mother’s body while saying them.

Trevor’s father saw none of these things, though. Instead, he saw a dutiful, even helpful daughter with her mother in the kitchen. When Stacy noticed her father, she greeted him as any dutiful daughter should, with a loving hug. This, again, seemed completely natural. What might have been missed, though, was the same veiled panic in her father’s eyes, the tremor that ran through his body as Stacy pressed her body against him, and the way that Lena cast a sidelong glance at the two of them.

“Hey, Honey.” Don said, his heart quickening as Stacy pressed her body against him.

Stacy’s hand slid down the front of her father’s slacks and rubbed his cock teasingly. She whispered in his ear, “Did you miss me, daddy? I missed you sooo much.”

Lena paused at making dinner, her heart in her throat, watching her daughter rubbing Don’s crotch. Stacy then took his hand and guided it to her ass. He squeezed that one firm, round butt cheek in his hand, and shot a glance at his wife. Lena blushed furiously, wanting to look away, but she couldn’t. Stacy turned her face up and snaked her sexy little pink tongue into her daddy’s mouth as he palmed her ass. Finally, she broke away, and grinned wickedly at her daddy, turned her superior smirk on her mother, and giggled as Don squeezed her butt.

Don finally came to his senses and snatched his hand back as if he’d been burned.

“I should… I need to go get changed.” He excused himself, without even a welcome home kiss for his wife.

Don quickly fled the room. Stacy turned her full attention back to her mother and watched her shrink back against the counter as she approached. Stacy put her hands on Lena’s hips, leaned in and softly asked, “has he been fucking you?”


Stacy reached between her mother’s legs and rubbed her playfully back and forth.

“Has he? Has he put that big dick into your used up, old hole?” Stacy asked mockingly, and Lena quivered.

“No,” she admitted, “no he’s… it’s just like you wanted… he…”

“You’ve been taking care of him how I showed you?”

Lena nodded.

“That’s so good, baby,” Stacy said, and kissed her tenderly. The boiling water muted the sound of their smacking lips, and the low music on the nearby radio covered Lena’s moans. Finally, Stacy pulled back and hissed, “I’ll make sure you get some before the summer is over, mommy. Don’t worry.”

“Stacy… please,” Lena begged, “not here. Your brother could see.”

She glanced over Stacy’s shoulder fearfully toward the living room, where Trevor watched TV.

“Trev?” Stacy said, and grinned, “Oh, don’t worry about him. I’m going to take good care of him and his little girlfriend.”

Lena could only look at her daughter with a curious mix of worship and horror. She couldn’t even protect herself. How was she going to protect Trevor? Stacy’s hand found its way into her panties, her soaking wet panties, and toyed with her.

Chapter 4: Tempting Trevor

Trevor made his way down the stairs, sleepily wiping at his eyes. Another lazy summer day ahead. Oh, if only every day was summer break, he thought cheerily as he padded down the carpeted steps. The sounds of some soothing instrumental tune drifted from the living room. Curious, he poked his head in on the way to the kitchen. The sight of Stacy’s round ass greeted him, poking up in the air, packed into a pair of tight lycra shorts as she went through some kind of yoga routine.

He could not remember ever having anything but familial thoughts about Stacy before. Of course, he knew well that his sister was hot. His friends had all been very vocal about the things they’d like to do to her, and he was a horny young man himself. Stacy was hot. More than hot, really, but there had always existed some sort of a mental block in place that shielded his dirty porno thoughts from crossing over into thoughts of his sister. He was a good kid, after all. He had a sweet girlfriend. Jerking off to porno didn’t constitute disloyalty. That was just a biological necessity. And Stacy was just his sister.

For the first time, though, seeing Stacy’s amazing posterior presented to him in such an inviting fashion tripped a switch and the mental block slipped. It was like Stacy was presenting herself to him, her backside in position to be mounted, just like the porno girls in the videos he liked. Then, the view was taken away as she changed position. The change brought her gaze around to him.

“Morning Trev!” she said, and stopped her posing, paused the video.


“What’s up?” She asked.

“Nothing. Just gonna get some breakfast and head over to the gym for a while.”

“Oh, hey! Ever try yoga?”

He shook his head, saying, “Never really thought about it. Just running, weights, you know.”

“I can show you, if you want. It’s actually really good exercise. It’ll help you with your workouts. Mobility, flexibility, breathing, control. Wanna give it a try?”

Trevor thought for a moment, and then said, “I guess so. Can’t hurt to try something new.”

He put his thoughts of breakfast on hold and stepped into the room.

“Great!” Stacy said, and got to her feet. “If you get serious about it, we can get you some new clothes, but the shorts and a tee will be fine just to show you a few things.”

He nodded, and asked, “What do I do?”

For the next hour, Stacy showed him how to sit quietly and focus. She went through some basic breathing exercises, then some stretching, beginner poses. As Trevor worked at putting his body in the right places, Stacy’s hands pressed against his back, rubbed his thighs, and spread his legs when appropriate. All the while, she pressed her body against him. Each time her big tits pushed against him, he felt a familiar tingle of arousal, but tried to stay focused. Jesus, he really needed to do something about his damn hormones.

When they’d finished, he found he was sweating, but it felt good.

“That wasn’t so bad,” he said. “Thanks. I might have to try it again as part of my routine.”

“Told ya’.” Stacy said.

“You know,” He stretched and cracked his joints, rolled his neck, “You’re right. I do feel more relaxed. This could be really good.”

“I do it every day, so join in any time. I’ll show you the ropes, and really work your body over.” She winked. “It will be the best thing you’ve ever felt.”

“Cool. Hey, I’m gonna make some eggs, and hit the shower. You want some?”

“Eggs or a shower?”

Trevor laughed, “Eggs, stupid. Though, if what I’m smelling is you, you could use the shower, too.”

He held his nose and wafted his hand. Stacy punched him playfully and shot back, “No, that’s you, retard. I smell like fucking roses all the time.”

He made a show of sniffing his pits and screwed his face up in disgust.

“Ugh! Yeah, you’re right. I’m funky.”

“Go serve my breakfast, slave!” She said and swatted his ass.

“Yes, your royal bitchiness.”

He ran away quickly, ducking out of the way of a thrown couch pillow.

A short while later, freshly showered, he made his way back downstairs. He flopped down on the couch, flicked the TV on, booted up his PlayStation, and grabbed the controller. Ah, summer! He was speeding along a racetrack, fighting for first place, when Stacy made her next appearance. He glanced away from the screen, just for a moment. She sat beside him and watched in silence, until an AI driver battered the side of his car, and sent it spinning off the road, over a cliff, putting an abrupt end to the race.

It was only when his Game Over screen came up that he finally acknowledged his sister. He offered her the controller, but she shook her head.

“I prefer the ones with big guns,” she said. “Hey?”

He raised an eyebrow.

“Dummy me, forgot my laptop back at school. Would you mind if I use your computer for a little while to check email and take care of a few things?”

“Nah. Go ahead.” He agreed.

“Thanks. What are you doing today? Going out with Mary?”

“No. She said she isn’t feeling well.”

That made Stacy almost giggle. The poor girl would probably be too afraid to come back for days. She also knew that the little mind game she’d played with her would, eventually, have her coming back for more. It was a certainty. Mary was terrified of penis, and now Stacy knew it. Mary was about to switch her sexual preference. She just wasn't aware of it, yet.

Instead, she said, “That sucks. Guess you’re gonna have to whack off all by your lonesome.”

Trevor scoffed and stuck his tongue out at her.

“Can you go be gross somewhere else?” he said, but he was grinning, “I’ve got a race to win.”

Stacy said, “Thanks.” gave him a kiss on the cheek, and went back upstairs, presumably to use his computer.

Trevor returned to his race. It was mid-afternoon when Stacy returned to the living room, dressed in a pair of tight denim shorts and lacy blouse.

“I’m gonna head out for a while to see some friends.” She said.

Trevor nodded, his eyes glued to the screen.

“Don’t whack off too hard.” She teased and left.

Trevor heard the door shut, and a moment later the sound of Stacy’s car pulling away. He lost his next race and set the controller down with a sigh, covering his eyes. Oh, what to do with himself? The house was quiet and empty. He ran through a mental checklist of options, but Stacy’s parting words did what they were intended to do. He settled on whacking off as a suitable option. All alone. Nothing pressing for his attention. Slight boner in his shorts. Yes, masturbation.

He made his way up to his room and locked the door, then shucked his shorts and settled into his computer chair. He wiggled his butt in the warm chair. Yes, it was already warm. And slightly wet. Curious, he stood back up. The chair was indeed wet. Odd. He remembered something about Stacy using his computer. Had his sister left a sweaty ass stain on his chair to mess with him? He could believe it. He sighed, got a towel from his hamper, and put it on the chair. Opening a desk drawer, he retrieved a bottle of Astroglide, his preferred masturbation solution.

Now he was ready for porn. He tapped the mouse, and the monitor kicked on. He shifted the chair closer to the desk, and his bare foot came up against something soft. Peeking under the desk, he saw a small, black piece of cloth by his foot. He hooked his toe into it, and pulled it closer, bent, and picked it up. It was a pair of tiny, black, silk panties.

“What the fuck?” He whispered to no one.

He held the panties up and looked at them. Where did these come from? Mary certainly wore nothing like this. At least, he assumed she didn’t. He’d never actually seen for himself. He, of course, did not own any female undergarments. One didn’t have to be fucking Sherlock to deduce that these were Stacy’s panties. His sister’s panties. He was holding his sister’s sexy panties in his hand.

“Jesus!” He exclaimed, and threw the panties into the corner.

Why the hell were Stacy’s panties under his desk? Sherlock tracked the clues back, putting the mystery together. The warm, wet chair. Using his computer for who knew how long. He’d been distracted. Oh, God! His sister had been sitting in his computer chair masturbating, and she’d left her fucking panties under his desk.

Strangely, this knowledge was not accompanied by the wave of revulsion that he knew he should feel. That was probably because his cock was hard in his hand. Wait. When had his cock gotten hard? When had he wrapped his hand around it? He was sitting right where his sister had been, recently, while she played with her pussy. She’d been sitting right here with her legs spread, playing with her pussy.

He stroked his cock. What had she been watching? What did his sister masturbate to? He knew it was wrong to even pose the question, but once he’d asked, a morbid curiosity took over. He had to know. For academic purposes.

He moved the mouse, and then he noticed that there was still one, minimized browser window open on the taskbar. He was certain, absolutely certain, that he had left no windows open. That meant that it was Stacy’s window. He moved the mouse to the icon, clicked, and the browser enlarged, filling the screen.

Trevor’s eyes scanned the page. There were two open tabs. One was Stacy’s email, showing recently sent messages. The most recent email had attachments. Photo attachments. Photo attachments that Stacy had uploaded to a storage service. Trevor looked about, making sure that he really was alone. He was. He clicked the email with a trembling hand. This was so wrong. He shouldn’t be in his sister’s email.

The email opened, and he saw 4 attachments. He clicked the first one and nearly choked. It was an image taken with the selfie cam of Stacy’s phone. She was sitting in this very chair, and she was topless. Her big, naked tits filled the screen. Trevor stared at his sister’s tits, but now he had to see the others. He clicked the next one. Stacy’s naked tits, again, but this time the image also showed her spread legs, covered by the black panties. The third image was the same, but this time the panties had been removed, and Stacy was shoving the little things into her very wet pussy.

“Oh, my fucking God!” Trevor said quietly and clicked the next image.

She’d replaced the panties with a pink dildo, which was halfway inside of her cunt. The image burned into Trevor’s mind. He would never unsee it. He had seen his sister’s tits and pussy. He was stroking his dick and wondered when he’d started doing that. Fuck, this wasn’t right. He shouldn’t be jerking off to his sister’s tits and pussy. His sister’s big, gorgeous naked tits and wet pussy.

There was more, though. There was another tab. He stroked his cock, moved the mouse, and clicked. The page was one of his favorite amateur porno sites. Apparently, it was also one of Stacy’s, because it was logged into an account named “Raven_Bimbo”. The video on the screen was titled, “My Little Bro the Peeper.”

“Fuck, Stacy!” Trevor hissed, and his brain wheeled.

His sister wasn’t just watching porno. She was watching incest porno. Holy shit! He should turn it off. Close the browser, and forget about this. Instead, he clicked the play button. The video was from one of those “amateur” fauxcest places. Trevor had seen them before. They were so obviously not real that it made them acceptable jerk off material, simply because the girls were hot.

Considering this recent revelation, though, the video took on a new meaning. The “sister” in the video had long black hair, like Stacy’s, and she was in a living room, dressed in some tight fitness apparel. Oh shit, Trevor thought. The similarity to this morning’s yoga routine was not lost on him. The girl had her ass in the air as the camera’s view (presumably that of her “brother”) peeked from around the corner.

The oblivious sister continued to contort her body into other sexy poses that had little to do with any actual forms that Stacy had shown him, while the brother watched, mumbling quietly to himself as he stroked his cock through his pants. Sister, naturally, became very horny while working out, and soon, she was pulling off her shorts and laying in the middle of the floor, masturbating. This proved too much for Brother to handle, and he entered the room.

Sister looked surprised and quickly snapped her legs shut.

“Oh my God!” she said in mock surprise, “What are you doing Brother? Were you spying on me?”

“Well, you’re the one playing with your pussy in the family room!” Brother countered.

The camera panned down to show his bulging cock tenting his loose pants.

“Wow! Your dick is so hard!” Sister exclaimed. “Is that because of me?”

The scene devolved into a completely contrived scenario, and soon Sister was tugging down Brother’s pants and stroking, then sucking his big, angry penis.

“You can’t tell mommy and daddy about this, Ok?” she said, as she stroked his wet cock.

“They’d kill us!” Brother replied, and then sister returned to her sucking.

“Cum on my face, Brother!” The actress begged, and Brother obliged, spraying his load onto the girl’s mouth, lips and chin.

Trevor slowly stroked his lubricated cock, and the mental block he’d put in place his whole life eroded. The girl with the black hair didn’t really look anything like Stacy, but to his sex-drunk mind, it was. He still couldn’t bring himself to be Brother, though. Stacy was getting sprayed in the face with some random stranger’s semen, not his own.

He continued pumping his cock, and moved the mouse, then clicked the Favorites icon. He looked down the list of saved videos.

  • Spanked by Daddy.

  • Dicked Down in Denver.

  • Mom is my Pussy Slave.

  • Hot Wife Sucks my Buddy’s cock.

  • My Brother’s First Blowjob.

  • Blacked in Bangkok.

  • Asian Schoolgirl Anal.

  • Giving my Horny Bro a Handy.

  • Cumbucket for my bad Daddy.

  • Busty Latina Gangbang.

  • Addicted to my Sister’s Pussy.

  • I can Fuck Better than Mommy.

  • Daughter’s Delightful Derriere.

  • My Sister is a Slut.

My sister is a slut, he thought. Was she a slut, or was this just her little dark fantasy? People had those little kinks. He had them himself. There were times he’d felt really kinky while he jerked off and he’d looked up shit that he’d never be into in real life. Hell, he’d even watched a couple of gay porn vids, but that didn’t mean he wanted to get a cock stuffed in his butt. People just had kinks. That was all. Trevor suddenly felt bad. This was Stacy’s private fantasy, and he had no right to intrude. He wouldn’t want her knowing about how he’d watched a couple of guys butt-fucking, after all. And it’s not like all the videos were incest. She had a variety of interests, and that was normal.

He was a terrible brother. He’d whacked off to his sister’s tits. He didn’t cum, though, which made him feel better. At least he wasn’t a total pervo. He felt so embarrassed that he closed the browser and couldn’t finish. He sighed and put away his jerk off lube, pulled his shorts back on, and threw the towel into the hamper. The panties lay in his corner, forgotten.

Chapter 5: Changing Room

Trevor did not see Stacy for the rest of that evening. He kept to himself, bringing his PlayStation to his room and secluding himself inside, only coming down for dinner.

“Where’d your sister get off to?” His dad asked over dinner.

“Dunno. Said she was going out to see friends.” He shrugged.

He was so engrossed in his own thoughts and the food that he didn’t notice the look that passed between his parents. After dinner, he texted Mary to see how she was feeling.

“I’m ok. Just didn’t feel all that well today,” she replied.

“Want to come over tomorrow? Maybe we can swim, or go to the mall.”

There was a pause, and then, “Ok. How’s your sister?”

“Good. Haven’t seen much of her today.”

He tried not to think of just how much he’d seen of his sister today.

“Think she’ll be home tomorrow?” Mary asked.

“Don’t know,” he wrote back, “Why?”

“Nothing. She was really nice. Just asking.”

They texted idly back and forth as Trevor watched TV until finally he fell asleep.

The next morning, Trevor made his way downstairs, much the same as the day before. The sound of that soothing instrumental music came from the living room and he froze. Stacy must have come home late, but she was already up and doing her yoga. He crept forward, determined not to be “My Little Bro the Peeper.”

He edged his way down the hall, and carefully peeked around the corner, unconsciously becoming the peeper. Yes, there was Stacy standing on one leg, hands folded at chest level, her eyes closed, and her big breasts struggling for freedom in a tight sports bra. Trevor made a mental effort to dismiss the sight of his Sister’s hard and excited nipples from his memory, and stepped into the room.

“Uh, hey.” He said quietly, unsure of the protocol for disturbing someone who was becoming one with everything.

Stacy let the pose go and opened her eyes.

“Hey, Trev.” She said, no trace of incestuous lust in her eyes. “Want to do the thing with me?” She asked.

She did not specify what thing, which led Trevor’s mind to conjure up the image of Brother spraying his semen on Sister’s face. Clearly, this was not the “thing”.

“Yoga?” he asked, stupidly.

“Uh, yeah. I wasn’t asking if you wanted me to suck your dick.” Stacy fired back, acutely aware of what she was doing.

Trevor flushed with shame, and Stacy laughed at him, saying, “Come on. It’ll be good for you.”

She waved him in. It would be good for him. The yoga. The yoga would be good for him, not the dick sucking. Fuck!

He took up a position next to his Sister, and she started the music again. Today, her hands on his body took on a new feeling. She gently pushed his legs apart and straightened his back.

“You ok? You’re pretty tense.”

“Yeah,” he answered, “Just kinda slept on my back wrong.”

“Oh, well, this will be great, then.” She said, and squared his shoulders. He mimed her actions as she went through her forms, doing his best to focus on how his body should move, and not the way in which Stacy’s body moved.

“How’s the little girlfriend?” Stacy asked as she posed.

“Good. Said she’s feeling better. She might come by a little later to swim, or maybe we’ll go to the mall.”

“Cool. Maybe she can work on your back today.”

He shrugged, then remembered his pose and relaxed his shoulders. From the couch,

Trevor’s phone rang.

“Oh, bad form!” Stacy chided him playfully. “Phones off beforehand next time.”

Trevor blushed and nodded.

“Sorry,” he said.

“I think we’re done, anyway. I’m gonna go shower.”

Trevor nodded as he picked up the phone and answered Mary’s call.

A short while later, Mary pulled into Trevor’s driveway. The sight of Stacy’s car made her stomach flutter. Trevor hadn’t asked Mary about her dirty lesbian encounter with his sister, so she assumed Stacy hadn’t told him about it. Why should she? It was a naughty secret, and that made Mary feel excited and dirty. She’d made it through the whole day without God smiting her over it, though, so she figured Jesus must have forgiven her sin. She’d be better now, and it wouldn’t happen again. She would be good. She would resist that sexy feeling, and not let Stacy touch her little boobies or her cunny ever again.

She found Trevor inside on the couch, watching TV, and gave him a light kiss on the lips, then snuggled against him.

“Hey, babe.” He said, putting his arm around her, “You look like you’re feeling good.”

She nodded.

“What do you feel like doing?” Trevor asked, “Swimming? Maybe hit the mall? We can see a movie. Go out to the trails?”

“I forgot my suit,” Mary said, without adding that it was intentional, “but whatever else is fine, as long as I’m with you.”

Trevor grinned and kissed her, then kissed her again, harder this time, his hand sliding down to her leg. Mary’s tummy did a little backflip. His hand was so strong. Despite her efforts, she couldn’t help but recall all the naughty things Stacy had said to her in the shower.

“He’s so big and handsome… you’re afraid that he’ll break you…”

Stacy entering the room gave her the excuse she needed to break off the kiss.

“Hey, cutie!” Stacy said, and leaned down to kiss Mary’s cheek like they were old friends.

“Hi, Stacy,” Mary said, blushing.

“Did I hear something about the mall?” She asked, cocking her hip.

Mary looked up Stacy’s long, bare legs to her tight shorts, and along her exposed tummy, to where her big breasts swelled beneath a cropped top. She’d pulled her dark hair back into a ponytail. She was gorgeous. Mary remembered the way those big breasts had felt pressed against her back, and the way Stacy had touched her body, the way she’d made her cum. Dang it! She was supposed to be good!

Trevor spoke up, answering, “Yeah, we were thinking about going to the mall. I have my graduation money to blow, so I thought I might afford one of those lollipop rings for my girl. You know, give her something nice.”

Mary punched his arm playfully and laughed.

“You wanna come with?” Trevor asked.

Mary’s stomach clenched.

“I don’t wanna be the third wheel,” Stacy said.

Trevor waved that away. “Come on. It’ll be fun. Remember how we used to go into Spencer’s and try on the most outrageous stuff we could find?”

“Oh, God! You looked so adorable in that little green leprechaun hat, with the giant mustache, clown wig, and fat nose! I still have the picture.”

The two of them cracked up at the memory, and Mary felt a little silly. They just went so well together, she thought, feeling awkward. She didn’t know why. They were siblings. Of course, they’d share a lot of jokes. She was just stupid. Stupid, Mary.

“Mary and I did it once,” Trevor said, always so polite, doing his best to include everyone in the fun. “You remember the hat?”

Mary laughed. Of course she remembered the hat. It was a dunce cap, and she’d felt stupid wearing it while Trevor took her picture. Of course, anyone wearing a dunce cap would feel stupid. That was the point.

“Ok,” Stacy relented, “I’ll go.”

“Great. Let me get my keys.”

He went upstairs, leaving Mary alone with Stacy. Stacy towered over the seated girl, who looked up at her with wide eyes. Stacy smiled at the look of fear and arousal on the girl’s face.

“You didn’t…”

Stacy shook her head.

“Of course not, baby,” Stacy said, and leaned close, tilting Mary’s chin up. “That’s just for us.” She brushed her lips teasingly against Mary’s and thrilled at the little gasp and tremble from the other girl. Stacy favored her with a little wink and stood back up. A moment later, Trevor returned with his keys.

“Ready?” he asked.

The three of them piled into Trevor’s car, Stacy taking the back seat.

“Hey, Mary,” Trevor said, “Stacy works at the Frederick’s place. She said she can get a discount for you on some clothes, if you want.”

Mary blushed hotly. She knew what Frederick’s was, and they didn’t sell “clothes”.

“Oh, that would be so cool!” Stacy chimed in from the back seat. She rested her hand lightly on Mary’s shoulder, saying, “We can find you a new swimsuit! You’ll look like such a doll, trust me.”

A doll. A cute little dolly, Mary thought, and shivered at Stacy’s touch.

“Well, maybe…” she said noncommittally.

As they drove, she looked out the window and wondered what was wrong with her. She prayed, asking Jesus for strength to resist her own naughty feelings. She hadn’t even let her boyfriend see her in anything less than appropriate, and here she was thinking about his sister’s hand touching her naked body in the places that she’d denied him, over and over. She was such a bad girlfriend.

Trevor pulled the car into a parking space and followed the girls inside. He enjoyed the view in front of him. Mary’s tiny bottom in her jeans was a sharp contrast to Stacy’s full, round ass in her tight shorts. A brief memory of that ass, poking up into the air so enticingly, popped into his head. Sick, he thought, and quickened his pace, so that he walked beside his girlfriend. He found her hand and squeezed it affectionately. Mary favored him with a smile and a kiss on the cheek.

True to his word, Trevor stopped them at a candy machine, popped in a quarter, and bought a candy ring with a big, sugary ruby. He offered it to Mary.

“A token of my undying affection,” He said gallantly, slipping the ring on her finger.

“I will lick it with love.” Mary replied, putting her hand to her forehead in a mock swoon.

“Will you, now?” Trevor said cheekily.

Mary slapped him playfully and said, “Don’t be dirty.”

They milled about the mall, window shopping, and then the inevitable happened. Frederick’s. Stacy turned to the couple with an expectant look.

“I don’t know,” Mary said. “Everything looks so small and… sexy.”

“Just like you!” Stacy chirped, winking at her, and making her blush.

“Let’s just look.” Trevor suggested, clearly more excited than she.

Mary allowed herself to be dragged into the store. The salesgirls were all like Stacy. Tall, slim, sexy, with real tits. Mary felt like a child. This place wasn’t for her. She should be in a Carter’s store. Trevor, meanwhile, was content to observe all the eye candy. Not only were the employees total babes, but so were the customers. He glanced about surreptitiously, examining the assortment of fine ass and tit flesh all around him.

Stacy led them to the swimwear section, where she began sorting through suits of varying sizes and colors, giving Mary’s body the occasional scan. Finally, she selected three suits, one for her, and two for Mary.

“Let’s go have a look!” She said excitedly and took Mary’s hand.

“Here?” she asked dumbly.

Stacy did not reply, but tugged her along toward the dressing rooms with Trevor in tow. A moment later, Mary somehow found herself inside a dressing room with Stacy. She looked up at the older girl, eyes wide with fright. Stacy leaned in close to her ear so her voice wouldn’t carry.

“Don’t worry,” she cooed, “Just trust me. You know I won’t make you do anything you don’t want. I just want to make sure my little dolly looks so sexy.”

Mary trembled at the soft hiss of the girl’s voice in her ear, that seductive, breathy hiss that positively dripped with the unspoken promise of pleasure. Oh, Jesus, she thought, how did I get myself into this again? Stacy peeled off her own shirt, displaying her bra-clad breasts to Mary’s eyes. She unhooked the bra, set it aside. Mary looked like she’d suffered a shell shock, her mouth agape as Stacy bared her naked tits to her as though it were the most natural thing in the world. Next, she slipped off her shorts and watched Mary’s gaze follow the movement. Her eyes stopped at the shaved V of Stacy’s hidden pussy.

Stacy reached out and took hold of the hem of Mary’s top, peeling it up and over her head, as though it was her right to strip her brother’s girlfriend whenever she pleased. Mary quaked with arousal at her touch, and couldn’t find the will to disagree. Mary, of course, did not wear a real bra. She wore a band across her chest to make her nipples less prominent, but she simply didn’t have enough boob to require a real bra. She wondered why Trevor–-or any man–could get excited at the sight of her tiny boobs. Her boyfriend probably wanted to see real tits. Big, gorgeous, round tits. Like Stacy’s.

“Not all men want big tits,” Stacy whispered in her ear, as though reading her mind, “some of them like precious little nipple-tits, like yours. It makes them feel like they're powerful.”

Mary bit her lip to choke off a squeal of surprise. Or was it a moan of pleasure? She wasn’t sure which. Stacy was so blatantly vulgar with her expletives. It was shocking. People Mary knew just didn’t talk like that, and the sound of the dirty words coming from the mouth of someone so sexy sent a tremor through her, straight to her pussy.

Stacy slipped the band off of Mary’s nipples, brushing the hard little points with her fingertips as she did so. They sprang to life instantly, betraying her excitement. Stacy grinned at her knowingly. She crouched down, and unbuttoned Mary’s jeans, unzipped them slowly, and slid them down her legs. She looked up, and Mary lifted one leg, then the other, letting Stacy pull the pants off.

Stacy’s smooth hands glided up her legs sensually until they came to rest on the band of her white, cotton panties. Mary’s heart thudded in her chest as the college girl looked up into her eyes. Stacy kissed her tummy lightly, nuzzled her face against Mary’s warm skin, and slowly peeled the panties down her legs. Mary shivered, biting her lips. She wanted to scream! What was Stacy doing to her to make her feel this way? It was like she was controlling her mind with nothing but her hands, and her eyes, and her perfect, gorgeous body. Was Stacy some kind of real-life witch? Did magic exist? Had she cast some kind of spell on Mary?

Stacy’s tongue snaked from her mouth and gave Mary’s little peach a long, slow lick. The poor teenager squeaked and bit her lip harder. Stacy stood and offered Mary the first of the suits she’d selected. She watched her put it on. The first suit was much like the underwear she’d had on. A thin band of white fabric stretched across her nipples, revealing just how hard they were. The bottoms were a tiny set of strings, which ran between her puffy pussy lips and through the crack of her tiny bottom. It showed off more of her skin than she’d ever let another human see. Aside from her mother. And Stacy.

“Oh my God!” Stacy exclaimed. “It’s so perfect.”

Mary blushed. She seemed to have lost her voice. Stacy pulled another suit and put this one on herself. She pressed her breasts into the keyhole top, which pushed her tits together and offered a view of her impressive cleavage through the keyhole. The bottoms were a high-waisted band, which barely covered her pussy, and left her entire ass virtually nude.

“Let’s show Trev,” Stacy said, and before Mary could protest, Stacy opened the door of the dressing room.

Trevor’s mouth fell open in awe as Stacy stepped out, pulling a reluctant Mary behind her. Mary hid herself behind Stacy, peeking around her in embarrassed fright, watching the way her boyfriend’s eyes drank in the sight of his sister’s perfect body. Stacy twirled around to show him the back, then asked, “What do you think? Boner-inducing?”

“It’s… um… yeah, it looks great.” Trevor replied diplomatically and then shifted his eyes to Mary.

Mary held one hand over her chest and cupped the other over her sex. Her skin was flushed crimson from head to toe, and she was visibly shaking. Stacy moved behind her, took the poor girl’s arms and gently pulled them to her sides, exposing her nearly nude body to Trevor’s eyes for the first time. She saw desire cloud his vision as he eyed her over, but it wasn’t the same look he’d given Stacy. Of course it wasn’t, she thought. Stacy was, like, a million times hotter. She couldn’t even blame Trevor for ogling his own sister. She was the physical embodiment of sex, and he was just a boy with crazy hormones. Anything with big tits was going to give him a boner.

“Ok,” Stacy said, “Who wore it better?”

Trevor quickly replied, “I have to give it to Mary. Sorry, sis.”

Stacy ruffled his hair playfully and said, “Right answer. Such a good boy. Be right back.”

She pulled Mary back into the dressing room and shut the door. Within seconds, she pulled the tiny band off of Mary’s boobies, leaning in to whisper, “Did you see how big his cock got looking at us? You’re lucky we’re in a store, or he probably would have whipped that monster out right here and made you take care of it.”

Mary gasped as Stacy’s fingers found one of her nipples and rolled it in her fingers.

“Do you think he’d want that? Do you think he’d want to feel your little hand around his cock? It would be so fat and angry, wouldn’t it? So big in your tiny hand. Would you know what to do with it?”

Mary shook her head as Stacy played with her nipples, making her gasp.

“I think he enjoyed looking at my big tits, too,” Stacy continued. “I’ll bet he wants to slide that fat cock right between them. He’s so horny. Do you think he’ll go home and jerk his cock, thinking about my tits?”

Stacy clapped her hand over Mary’s mouth as she squeaked and trembled.

“Oh, God!” Stacy exclaimed. “You liked that idea, didn’t you, baby? Your boyfriend jerking off to his sister’s big tits? Oh my God, you little slut!” She giggled in Mary’s ear.

Stacy crouched and pulled the suit bottoms down Mary’s legs. She could smell the girl’s aroused pussy and knew that she’d have to buy the suit now. She showed Mary the wet crotch of the bottoms, put her finger to her lips like it was their little secret, giggled, and winked at her. She stood back up and retrieved the second suit.

This one was slightly more modest, offering a full coverage top that tied behind her neck. Stacy turned Mary around to help her tie the strap in the back, softly kissing her neck behind the ear as she did so, and running her hands down Mary’s sides to her slim hips when she finished. The suit bottoms, likewise, covered the whole of Mary’s bottoms and fit snugly, lifting her butt cheeks invitingly, while also protecting her shaven treasure from predatory gazes.

Stacy opened the door again and gently nudged Mary out ahead of her. She rested her hands on Mary’s hips and presented her to Trevor. The sight of his little girlfriend, with his sister behind her, hands resting on her hips possessively, showing Mary off like she was her new toy, caused a spike of arousal in Trevor’s brain. He was already hard from the show a few moments ago, but something about the way Stacy was holding Mary, the contrast of her tanned skin, dark hair, and generous curves as she held his girlfriend’s fragile, pale body close to her, looked incredibly sexy.

“Isn’t she just a doll?” Stacy asked, and ran her hand up Mary’s side sensually.

Trevor just nodded, at a loss for words. The previous suit, while great, was clearly a slutty look. It wasn’t really Mary. This one, though, actually made her look kind of sexy. Stacy turned her around to show him the back, and he flashed a thumbs-up in approval.

“Wow, babe,” he croaked, “It looks awesome. Super sexy!”

Mary felt a thrill course through her body. No one had ever told her she was sexy before. She was cute. She was pretty, never hot, or sexy. Stacy pulled her back into the changing room and undressed Mary again. The older girl pulled off her own suit and shimmied back into her street clothes. Mary stood naked, watching her.

“I don’t think you can, legally, go out to the mall like that.” Stacy commented, her eyes roving over Mary’s petite body.

“What? Oh!” Mary exclaimed and flushed.

She fumbled with her clothes, feeling like a fool. She’d been standing naked, gawking at Stacy’s body. She hadn’t even considered that she should dress herself. Was that because she was too distracted by staring? Was she expecting Stacy to tell her it was ok? She was so confused.

“Not that I mind,” Stacy whispered in her ear. “I’d keep you naked all the time.”

She winked at her devilishly, and then threw the door open, the three suits in her hand. Mary followed her out. Stacy led them all to the register, where she laid out their wares on the counter.

“Hello!” The sales girl welcomed them. “Did you find everything you needed?”

“Yes,” Stacy replied, and fished in her purse. She opened her wallet, pulled out a black card with the store’s logo, and set it on the counter.

“Oh, cool!” The sales girl exclaimed, “Which one do you work at?”

Stacy told her, and she nodded. The girl held up the black suit Stacy had picked for herself, and gushed, “Oooh! Nice choice. I wish I had the girls for it,” she said with a giggle. “I’m sure your boyfriend here will love it.” She winked.

Mary blushed, standing next to Trevor. Of course, the girl would think Trevor was Stacy’s boyfriend. Why would some strapping stud like him be with a little girl like her?

Trevor did not correct the girl, nor did Stacy.

“I’m sure he will!” Stacy laughed and elbowed Trevor in the ribs.

The girl scanned the suit, then checked the other two and cooed, “Awww! These will be so darling on your little sister.” She scanned the purchases and bagged them.

Mary could understand how the girl could assume Trevor and Stacy were a couple, but a little sister? She had freckles and red hair. Stacy was tanned and dark-haired, not a mar on her skin. Mary stewed. The girl was a stupid bimbo. Trevor pulled his wallet from his pocket and stepped forward, but Stacy shook her head.

“I’ve got this.” She offered, “It’s the 21st century. I can’t let my boyfriend pay for everything, right?”

Trevor scoffed and said, “Thanks.”

“You can make it up to me later,” she said, and mimed a blowjob, laughing at Trevor’s discomfort. Mary thought about Stacy’s plump lips wrapped around her boyfriend’s dick, and felt a naughty rush of shame. He should have a hot girl that would suck his dick.

The sales girl squealed at Stacy’s audacity and handed her the bag. She scribbled something on the receipt and then handed it to Stacy with a sly wink. In purple pen was a phone number. Stacy grinned and winked back.

Trevor took Mary’s hand. The sales girl thought it was so cute that he was keeping his girlfriend’s little sister safe.

Chapter 6: Things Left Behind