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Tempting Trevor, Part 1

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Prologue: Cute

Mary was just so damn cute, but just that. Cute. Trevor’s hand slid up her tummy to cup her small breast, but she delicately pulled his hand away, allowing him to continue kissing her, but hesitant to go any further. After a year of dating, Trevor was finding it difficult. He was always horny these days, just out of high school, with the whole summer break ahead, and his girlfriend was cock-blocking him again.

Trevor was a gentleman, though. He respected girls, treated them politely, and Mary was no different. If she wanted to wait, he would hold out, take care of himself, and be patient. That was one of his greatest qualities, he was told. Patience.

Mary kissed her boyfriend back and placed his hand back on her tummy. Trevor contented himself with the feel of her soft skin, teasing as it was. She knew she couldn’t hold off Trevor’s advances forever. Boys wanted girls to put out, but she wasn’t ready for that.

She was supposed to save it and be sure that he was the one. That was what they had drilled into her, and that was what was right, she knew. It was getting more difficult, though. Whenever he kissed and touched her, it didn't feel exciting. It felt scary. She'd imagine his penis, big and hard and angry, ready to shove its way into her body, where he'd pump her full of a billion tiny sperm.

Trevor pulled away, looking flushed, then suggested, “Maybe we should hit the pool for a while?”

“Yes! I’ll go change!”

She flew from the couch and ducked into the bathroom, her backpack in her hand. Trevor went to his room, changed into a pair of swim shorts, and then returned to find Mary waiting in a cute one-piece suit. He looked her over, from her cute freckled face, down her slim body, to her lean legs. Everything about her was just cute. So cute.

Chapter 1: Home for the Summer

Stacy wheeled into the driveway of her parents’ home and parked the car, snagging her bag from the back seat before heading inside. The house was quiet and empty, both of her parents gone to work, but as she looked out through the glass doors of the living room, she caught the sight of her brother and his little girlfriend splashing in the pool.

Stacy smiled and felt a flutter in her stomach. This was an opportunity she could not miss. She cut through the hallway and up the stairs to her room. She found it, just as she’d left it on her last visit from college. Neat. Tidy. Everything in its place. She rooted through her drawers and found the perfect suit. It was a few years old, and her tits had grown a bit since she’d last worn it. It was just right. She stripped down and donned the too-small suit, then tied her black hair back in a ponytail.

Trevor and Mary floated lazily on their backs in the summer sun, the warmth of the pool water enveloping them pleasantly. Insects hummed. Birds called. A slight breeze drifted across the backyard. They were at peace. One with nature.

The sound of the glass door sliding aside broke the tranquility of the moment. Mary was the first to look up, and she couldn’t help but stare. She wasn’t a lesbian or anything, but she could acknowledge beauty when she saw it, and Trevor’s older sister was certainly a beauty. Her long, black hair, tied back in a ponytail, swished back and forth as she stepped across the concrete patio. The suit she wore-what little of it there was-exposed more of her body than it hid. And what a body.

Mary flushed as she caught herself looking at the bulging mounds of titflesh barely concealed by the tiny suit. Stacy’s flat, toned stomach was like a chiseled statue, and her lean legs were sculpted to perfection. She’d met Stacy before, briefly, and she’d felt completely inadequate as a woman, then. Now, though, seeing just how incredible her naturally tanned body actually was, she felt like a little girl. She was a little girl, compared to that. Her own tits were barely mosquito bites, more nipple than tit. Her freckled face had nothing on Stacy’s clear, unmarred beauty.

Trevor called from behind her, “Hey, sis! When did you get home?”