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Korrupting Kayla, Book One (ePub+PDF)

Korrupting Kayla, Book One (ePub+PDF)

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When her parents split, Kayla feels like her life is over. A chance meeting with the new girl in school, though, sets Kayla’s life on a new path. Her mother’s strange new boyfriend, Professor Miles, has her remaining family acting very weird, and Kayla needs a way out. At her new friend’s suggestion, Kayla accepts an introductory job at DomCo, where she soon learns that the company is not what it seems from the outside.

Kinks Served: Character Rich, Reluctance, Blackmail, F/F, M/F, Humiliation, Personality Modification, Dark Fantasy

  • File Format: ePub+PDF

    This work is copyright of Hamlin and ErotikInks. It is not to be redistributed, resold, recopied, or used for any commercial purpose without the express written permission of the author. By downloading this file, you agree that it is for your own personal use only.

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