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Vicky's Inheritance (ePub+PDF)

Vicky's Inheritance (ePub+PDF)

Excluding Sales Tax

Vicky has never met her father. The only thing she's heard of him is that he's, "a rich asshole, who never wanted anything to do with us."

The words from her mother, though, couldn't be more wrong. Vicky's father is not just a rich asshole. He sits atop a multibillion-dollar fortune, manning the helm of the world's third largest corporate entity, DomCo. The old man has, also, been watching Vicky for some time. 

Now, the man she's never met has summoned Vicky to his office and given her the chance to inherit his massive fortune, his name, and his company. Unfortunately, her father doesn't approve of the "girl" that she's become. In order to win her fortune, Vicky will need to adhere to his cruel, outmoded, misogynist ideals about a girl's place in the world.

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