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Sasha's Obsession (PDF+ePub)

Sasha's Obsession (PDF+ePub)

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This is the original version of this book. If you are looking for the rewrite, click here.

Sasha is sexually obsessed with the idea of being her handsome brother’s sexual pet. When Mark breaks up with his girlfriend, Sasha sees a way to insert herself into the role. What Sasha doesn’t know is just how twisted her brother really is, and what kind of help he’s getting to ensure that she gets exactly what she wants. Through a constant stream of conditioning, Sasha is turned into the ultimate plaything for her big brother and his friends.

Kinks Served: Dirty Talk, Personality Modification, Domination, Incest, Bro/Sis, Group Sex, Humiliation

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    This work is copyright of Hamlin and ErotikInks. It is not to be redistributed, resold, recopied, or used for any commercial purpose without the express written permission of the author. By downloading this file, you agree that it is for your own personal use only.

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