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Erica's Experiment (ePub + PDF)

Erica's Experiment (ePub + PDF)

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This file contains the PDF and ePub versions of Erica's Experiment


When your family isn't what you want, make them that way. That's how the head of DomCo's R&D department sees it. But few people in the world are like Erica. Erica was born with a gift, an intellect that's rare even among geniuses.

Her gift has given the DomCo corporation tools and technology that seem like magic. Halo Smart Lenses, Brainwashing methods, even an experimental framework that will alter society forever, called Edge. Everything Erica does serves a larger vision, and now she's going to ensure that her family serves that vision, too. Whether they like it or not.


Kinks Served: Incest, Slut Transformation, Personality Modification, Humiliation, Degradation, Noncon, Bondage, Anal, Seduction

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