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Erotikinks Family Fun Pack (ePub+PDF)

Erotikinks Family Fun Pack (ePub+PDF)

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Note: If you have already purchased these titles, be aware that there is no additional content added. This package is for those readers who would like to own the prominent titles in the incest category, at a bulk discount, rather than purchasing titles individually.


In this box set, you'll find the hottest collection of character driven, emotionally charged, and steamy incest erotica on the net today. These aren't quick stroke scenes of family fuckery, oh no. Tori Hamlin tales will give you a world of fantasy so hard, hot and wet that you'll be dreaming of these depraved families for days after flipping the last page. Carefully crafted to provide a true erotic sexperience, the deviant world of Tori Hamlin brings you characters and stories that play on your emotions and senses in ways that will touch your heart, and then break it.


This package contains the epic saga of the Hamlin Twins, Tori and Stephanie. A tale of jealousy, betrayal, love and finding forgiveness in the face of life-altering change. This absolute tome of family values sprawls across fifty-five chapters, where-in we see Stephanie Hamlin, consumed by jealousy of her twin's success, become involved in a diabolical scheme to condition her sister, mentally and physically, and turn her into the ultimate plaything. Originally published years ago on Literotica, where it held a consistent rating of 4.77/5 for over eight years, before publication, this revised and updated novel is one of the filthiest, most tragic, yet, ultimately uplifting stories in the genre.


As a bonus, you'll get the previously unpublished follow-up story, A Hamlin Family Interlude, a 15K word, sexy romp, which sees the twins seduce their uncle Kevin.


Additionally, you'll cum away with the following novella stories:

Tempting Trevor is a masterclass in sibling seduction. Twenty-year-old Stacy, home from college, has her perverted sights set on her newly graduated, sexually curious brother, Trevor, and his way-too-cute, but scared of sex girlfriend, Mary. Manipulative, power hungry, and a living wet dream, no one can resist the irresistible Stacy and her cadre of equally hot and slutty friends.


In Correcting Kelly, the latest release as of this publication, you'll be aghast at the duplicity and depravity of Todd, father to Kelly and husband to Katie. Kelly and Katie are spoiled and bratty, more concerned with social status and a free ride, than they are with their futures and responsibilities. Something inside of Todd has finally snapped. A brilliant and well-off chemist, staunch provider for his family, Todd has a perverted plan to get the respect that he deserves from the two women in his life. And he won't stop until his house if firmly under his control.


Finally, follow Sasha's willing submission to her brother, Mark in Sasha's Obsession. This dark and filthy novella sees a sister with an unhealthy fantasy of sexual servitude, taken down the path of dark and kinky submission at the hands of her older brother. Over the course of this tale, you'll witness Sasha turned from a girl with a fantasy, into the wholly depraved plaything of her brother and his friends.


Available in one single file for easy reading, each of these experiences is separated by book, with individual cover art for each experience. The ePub format also contains links to the relevant pages of the creator website, where you can find character photos, illustrations, and background information to enhance the reading.

Finally, a thank you for all the support these stories have received, and I hope to continue producing quality, erotic content for you all, well into the future.


The following works are contained in this package:


  1. The Second Place Sister: A Novel
  2. A Hamlin Family Interlude
  3. Tempting Trevor
  4. Correcting Kelly
  5. Sasha's Obsession
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