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New Collaborative Collection: Wayward Wives

I know, it's not the dirty cheerleader book. However, there is a new Tori Hamlin title included with this collection! I mentioned in the May Roadmap that I was working on some content production with Lisa X Lopez, and this contains a bit of that. While slut wife stories and cuckolding aren't my usual bag, there are a fair number of you who enjoyed stories like The Virgin and the Slut, and Katrina's Addiction. I've even had requests from some of you about doing some stories featuring Femdom themes. Since slutty women in general are my bag, I've included a brand new title in this collection that follows those themes. This title is exclusive to this collection, and will not be released anywhere else.

This hardcore collection of steamy erotic tales features stories of dirty wives submitting to dominant men. A collaboration with Lisa X Lopez, this collection of slutty wife erotica contains four stories and a special bonus featuring the gorgeous Lisa X Lopez herself. Included in this pack is a sexy strip show collection by Lisa X Lopez. As part of the upcoming Lisa X Lopez erotic empire, this sensual show is provided in both GIF and video slideshow format and features 50 images from the Denim Doll Strip Show package. Not only does Lisa provide you with an erotic tease, but you'll find a small sample of her "dirtier" content included as a premium bonus. All told, this collection includes 56,000 words of utterly filthy slut wife erotica, as well as special content by your sexy, Latina love slave. If you love Lisa's personal content, bookmark her link! Good things are coming soon. For your reading enjoyment, you'll get the following stories:

  • By Tori Hamlin: Innocent wife Trisha just wants to give her hubby a special gift for their one-year anniversary. A fantastic blowjob. In order to learn how to do it like a porn star, Trisha turns to internet videos for education. The dirty videos, though, cause Trisha to develop a fixation on men with oversized endowments. When her geeky neighbor offers to help Trisha with her summer project, redoing her backyard, her new fixation coincides with her discovery that the nineteen-year-old neighbor boy is packing something very large in his shorts. What follows is Trisha's transformation from an innocent wife to a submissive cock addict for her hung neighbor. This story contains themes of cheating, big-dick addiction, and cuckolding. (21.5K Words)

  • By Lisa X Lopez, edited by Tori Hamlin: Kyle makes a series of bad bets with a coworker, leading him into a downward spiral of cuckolding and humiliation. This story contains themes of bisexual humiliation, pegging, male chastity, emasculation, and cuckolding. (16k Words)

  • By Lisa X Lopez, edited by Tori Hamlin: When April and Derek run into financial trouble, they're forced to take on a new roommate. Unfortunately for Derek, April develops a fascination with their muscular roommate and his engorged endowment. This story contains themes of cheating, seduction, reluctance, and cuckolding. (8K Words).

  • By Lisa X Lopez, edited by Tori Hamlin: Carl's performance at work leads to the loss of his job, leaving his wife as the sole breadwinner in the home. Diana's attitude takes a swift turn toward her loser husband, causing her to take on a dominant role in their relationship. With the aid of the sexy, college freshman next door, Diana turns Carl's life into a study in humiliation and submission. This story contains themes of bisexual humiliation, cheating, emasculation, male chastity, pegging, and cuckolding. (10.5K Words)


Like the sound of this package? Pick up Wayward Wives: Erotic Tales of Cheating, Submission, and Cuckolding in the Erotikinks shop or Lisa X Lopez' personal site.

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