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Holes, Episode Two: The Check-Up

What can I say? It's another episode of Holes. If you're unfamiliar with this piece of utterly ridiculous filth, just remember the following: this is an awful story, filled with awful people. You should not read it. If you read it, you should not like it. If you like it, well, I'm sorry. There isn't much else to say.

Last Chance

Holes by Tori Hamlin

Across an infinity of universes, there were many things that required the attention of one so great as The Lord. His knowledge was as infinite as the dominion he watched over. His gaze was as broad and all-seeing, as vast as the depth of that knowledge. His ability to observe all that happened, in every corner of his creation, allowed him to observe more closely those goings-on that might require just a bit of intervention.

To The Lord, these things happened faster than the blink of an eye, and yet, his attention, thought, and decisions happened even faster. The Lord was not one to intervene lightly. Doing such a thing could have powerful consequences that those without the infinite awareness of all things could never comprehend.

Were he to, say, intervene on behalf of every prayer to cure a sick child, that child might then grow up to become a monster. Even if they, themselves, didn’t, their descendants might one day lead a movement of genocide. Bringing a stop to a flood or the eruption of a volcano might cause the most minute change in the fabric of that universe, which, thousands of years later would result in the annihilation of an entire galaxy. There was a system and a balance to all things, and each action, no matter how small it might seem, could have calamitous consequences for the rest of creation.

However, there was one case, one mistake, one which had never been intended that had come about as a result of His Son’s misstep. That case had become an experiment, something that even with all his might, The Lord could not quite manage to work out the implications of. That case was a single girl, and now she was of an age where His Son’s mistake had thrown the very workings of reality out the proverbial window. The Lord would not intervene, for The Lord could not work out the consequences, and so The Lord simply observed.


Holes did not want to go see Dr. Pecker because Holes thought Dr. Pecker was a gross pervert. However, Holes’ mother insisted that it was time for a check-up, now that she’d turned eighteen. It was a special time and it needed special attention.

Lacy explained this all to Holes over the breakfast table, however, Holes missed most of the conversation because her father had her on her knees underneath the table. His hands were clamped to either side of her head, over her ears, and his dick was in her throat. Holes’ father thrust his cock roughly and angrily into her throat as she sputtered and gagged. With little warning, other than the jerking of his cock, he blasted ropes of cum into his cock sleeve and held her head to his crotch.

When he extracted his penis from her unfortunate suckhole, Holes spit up phlegm and cum on the kitchen floor, her eyes watering as she choked. She crawled from beneath the table on all fours, but before she could stand Lacy stopped her.

“Since when do we make a mess and leave it?” Lacy demanded.

“Bleh!” Holes replied and coughed up another wad of cum onto Lacy’s shoe.

Lacy raised the shoe to her daughter’s mouth and Holes, reluctantly, began to lick the semen from it until it was shiny. Her mother retrieved a mop from the closet and handed it to Holes, who dutifully began to mop up her mess. In the midst of this, her brother appeared, sleepy and yawning, tired out from vigorously fucking his sister the previous night.

Lacy gave him a kiss on the cheek and hefted his cock, which was erect in his sleep shorts.

“Oh, honey,” she cooed. “Your poor dick is so hard! If I had more time before work, I’d take care of that for you.”

“S’alright, mom,” Brandon said with a yawn.

He roughly pushed Holes over the table, mashing her tits against the hard wood, and yanked down her shorts.

“No!” Holes protested, “It’s sore!”

Brandon pushed his morning wood into her always wet, sisterly cunt anyway.

“Don’t worry, sweetie,” Lacy said. “The best cure for a sore cunt is a good cocking. You’ll learn that soon enough. Now, thank your brother for helping massage your cunt with his penis.”

Holes didn’t think that she owed Brandon thanks for roughly banging the length of his prick into her against the table, but she didn’t want to be spanked again. Her ass still stung from the previous day.

“Thank you… ugh! For massaging… Ow! My… Ow! Cunt!” she stammered as her brother battered her fuckhole.

Brandon grunted and pulled her hair, placing his free hand on her back to keep her tits painfully pushed against the table. Holes yelped and flailed her arms, but her mother just kissed her lips and left for work.

“I have… to… go… to… the doctor,” Holes squealed as her hips banged the edge of the table.

“Don’t be so inconsiderate,” Brandon chastised her and spanked her ass. “Can’t you feel how hard my dick is? What use is a cockhole that bitches when you fuck it?”


Brandon picked her discarded shorts up off the tabletop, forced them into her mouth, then pushed her head down and continued to pump his sister’s squishing cock tunnel as she grunted. Holes did, after a few minutes of this, orgasm wetly for her brother. Finally, Brandon managed to find satisfaction in his cockhole, filling it with a helping of incestuous ball batter that ran down Holes’ legs when he withdrew his cock.

Huffing on the tabletop, Holes spit the shorts out of her mouth. Brandon took them, used them to wipe his ejaculation from her cunt, and then put them back into Holes’ mouth.

“Go get ready for your appointment,” he ordered. “You don’t want to be late.”

Holes wobbled up the stairs to get dressed, then came back down a moment later. Given her vastly reduced wardrobe, she had little in the way of options. Her mother had not yet gone shopping for new clothes, which left her with two available tops. Neither one was an appealing option. On the front of one white V-neck top were the words, “Rape me,” while the other begged, “Don’t Rape Me!”

Holes, adverse to being raped, chose the one that aligned with her wishes. Having no panties and no bras, she pulled on one of her miniskirts and a pair of precarious stripper heels, before heading out the door.

At Dr. Pecker’s office, the receptionist took her name. Despite Holes being a regular visitor here for years, none of the receptionists could manage to remember how to pronounce her name.

“It’s haw-less,” Holes explained again.

“Thank you, Holes,” the receptionist said, mispronouncing it again. “Have a seat and Dr. Pecker will be with you shortly.”

Holes took the only available seat, which was between an old man and a middle-aged woman. She pressed her legs tightly together to hide her embarrassingly wet cunt and folded her hands in her lap.

“I like your shirt,” the woman said. “Does that happen often?”

“What?” Holes asked.

“Rape. You must get raped a lot if you have to wear a shirt like that.”

“Oh, well, sometimes,” Holes admitted, blushing.

“You know,” the woman remarked, “If you didn’t go around smelling like cunt and dressing like a stripper, you might not get raped so much.”


“When were you last raped?” the man cut in suddenly.


“Guess you got raped in the ear then if you didn’t hear that. You’re sitting right next to me.”

Holes gaped at the rudeness and sputtered, “That’s… what kind of question is that?”

“It’s just a question,” he said.

The receptionist sighed and rounded the desk, picking up a roll of medical tape as she did so.

“This is a doctor’s office,” she stated. “You need to quiet down and stop disturbing the other patients!”

Holes looked around, confused. There were no other patients, except for herself and the two people next to her.

“But, I wasn’t—“

The receptionist slapped a strip of tape across her mouth.

“Mff!” Holes mumbled and the receptionist snatched up her wrists and looped the tape around them, fastening them tight.

“Now, you keep quiet until Dr. Pecker can see you,” she ordered.

For good measure, she knelt, and taped Holes’ ankles to the chair. Holes wiggled and made noises through the tape, waving her taped arms as the receptionist returned to work. The man sitting next to her helped himself to her tits, pulling up her top to expose them. Holes continued making muffled protests against this action, but the man simply pulled the shirt up higher, covering her head, and further muffling her. While they waited, the two other patients whiled away the time by squeezing Holes’ tits and jamming their fingers into her wet cunt.

By the time Dr. Pecker called her in for her check-up, Holes had soaked her chair with two wet orgasms. She got to her feet, but with her ankles taped to the legs of the chair, it was very difficult to make it across the reception area to the door. Dragging the chair behind her, while Dr. Pecker waited impatiently, she did at last manage to make it to the door. However, the chair would not fit through the door.

Shaking his head, Dr. Pecker leaned down and broke the tape on the chair. However, he did not see fit to remove the further bindings on her wrists or the strip on her mouth, nor did he pull her top down. With her tits exposed, Holes followed the doctor to an exam room.

“It’s been a while, Holes,” Dr. Pecker said, pronouncing her name incorrectly, as he always did.

People had such bad memories. Holes could remember her name, so why was it so difficult for everyone else? She mumbled an unintelligible reply.

“Right,” Pecker said. “Let’s have a look.”

Nodding to himself, Dr. Pecker began to examine Holes’ tits by roughly squeezing them in his hands. Seemingly satisfied, he then turned her around and bent her over the exam table, kicking her legs apart.

“I understand from your mother’s call that you’ve recently been penetrated. Is that right?”

Holes mumbled.

“Is there any soreness when I do this?” he asked and pushed two of his fingers into her twat.

Holes tried to say that there was a bit of soreness, but with tape over her mouth, this wasn’t easy.

“And here?” he asked, extracting his wet fingers and pushing one into her anus.

Holes squealed through the tape and nodded her head. It was at this moment that the door opened and two men with buckets of paint, rollers, and a ladder walked in. Holes looked over her shoulder and made another noise, as the two men paused and took in the sight of her bent over with the doctor’s finger up her ass.

“Sorry, doc,” said one. “We’ll come back.”

“Nonsense,” Dr. Pecker said. “Go on about your work. Don’t let me keep you.”

Holes wiggled her bottom and made more noises, but Dr. Pecker seemed unconcerned with her humiliating predicament. Instead, he eased his finger in and out of her butthole, while nodding to himself. The painters entered, leaving the door open.

“Right. Let’s get you up on the table,” he said, at last pulling his finger out.

Holes climbed on the exam table and lay on her belly, which was quite uncomfortable as her large tits were mashed into it. The painters laid down cloth on the carpet and began their work as Dr. Pecker continued his examination.

“Have you recently had anal sex, Holes?”

Holes groaned and blushed as the two painters looked over from their work with curiosity.

“I thought so,” Pecker said. “I’d say it was quite the rough butt-humping, too. Just lie still and we’ll have you fixed up in a pinch.”

He took up a tube of medical jelly and began to smear it around Holes’ anus, then push it into her asshole with his finger. Holes made little noises through the tape as she squirmed her bottom against his intruding finger. Once she was sufficiently lubricated, he produced a large, pink rubber cock and began to guide its length into her rectum as Holes kicked her legs and made muffled protests.

When the rubber cock began to vibrate, however, those protests turned into squeals and groans. The old man from the reception area passed by with his own doctor, and they paused a moment to observe Dr. Pecker violating Holes’ butthole with an oversized rubber dick, before moving on.

“Now, you just let that massager work out the soreness and I’ll be back shortly,” Pecker said, leaving her with her stuffed ass on the exam table.

The painters, drawn by the groaning, butt-stuffed girl on the table, took the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity. Holes whimpered into the gag as one of them gripped her bottom, holding her cheeks apart so that the other could push the rubber cock in and out of her ass. Holes thrashed on the table, asking them to stop molesting her sore bottom, but they ignored her pleas. Instead, one of the men pushed the entire length into Holes’ backdoor and they turned her over.

“What a set of tits,” said the first, squeezing Holes’ melons in his hands.

“Jesus, her cunt is soaked. She’s totally getting off on this.”

“What a weird slut,” commented the first.

“Do you think we could… you know?”

“Of course. Any slut with tits like this is basically a sex doll, so why not.”

Holes babbled uselessly, attempting to tell them that her shirt specifically requested that she not be raped. However, they couldn’t read it with the shirt pulled up over her tits. She wiggled and mumbled into the tape as the first of them pulled his cock out of his pants and climbed on the table. She groaned with dismay as he pushed his prick into her pussy, where it pressed against the vibrating cock up her ass.

“Damn, that’s good,” he remarked. “You’re gonna like this, man. She’s like a self-lubricating cockhole.”

The second painter pulled on Holes’ tits as his coworker began to fuck her. Holes humped his penis, the dual sensations of the vibrator in her ass and cock jammed in her fuckhole, combined with the attention to her tits, working her up into a slutty haze. The strange man plunged his length into her depths, filling the exam room with the wet smack of his meat into her squishing hole.

Holes came and squirted girl cum, splashing his crotch and the front of his work clothes as she squealed and thrashed on the table. The painter discharged his load into her, holding her quivering legs in his hands. He dismounted the table, wiping his brow, and then proceeded to paw Holes’ funbags as his companion took his turn. Once again, Holes found herself skewered on cock and orgasming with the vibrator up her ass.

“Damn, that’s a wet fucking hole,” remarked the man pounding his cock into her. “Look at her go.”

Holes did go, squealing and cumming once more as the second man added his spunk to her hole. With their dicks satisfied, the two of them turned Holes over and returned to work. Dr. Pecker returned a moment later, applied a further strip of tape over the toy in her ass to hold it in, and helped her off the table.

“Now, you just let that massager work on your insides throughout the day,” he instructed as Holes staggered along with him toward the door.

He ripped the tape from her mouth, snipped the ties on her wrists, and then gave her bottom a pat as he sent her on her way. Flushed, horny, confused, a vibrating cock up her ass, and with two loads of cum leaking from her fuckhole, Holes bumbled out of the office.

It was very difficult to sit down in the car, with her asshole full of rubber cock, but Holes was not one to disobey a medical doctor. If Dr. Pecker knew best how to keep her butthole from getting sore, she would listen. Unfortunately, she now had to go to school for the rest of the day.

Given what had happened on her birthday, Holes was not looking forward to it. She tugged her top down over her tits and, shifting uncomfortably in her seat, started toward school. She hadn’t made it a block when flashing lights appeared in her mirror, accompanied by the whoop of a police siren. Shaking, Holes pulled the car over and located her license and registration.

The officer strode up to her window, looked down at the words on her shirt, then down her shirt at her tits, and asked, “Do you know why I had you stop, ma’am?”

“Um, no,” Holes admitted.

“You have a light out,” he said, gesturing toward the back of the car.

“I do?”

His face turned into a scowl and he said, “Are you getting an attitude?”

Holes, who was not getting an attitude, denied this.

“Step out of the car, please,” he ordered.

Holes shut off the car and, shaking, got out.

“Turn around,” he commanded.

Holes turned around.

“This is for my protection,” he said and snapped a pair of handcuffs on her wrists.

“But, I didn’t do anything!” Holes argued.

“Are you resisting?”

Holes began to sniffle and shook her head.

“Are you carrying any weapons?” he asked as he reached around and groped her tits first, then patted down her sides.


His hands went lower, between her legs, and his fingers went up her cunt.

“Ma’am, why is there a rubber cock in your anus?”

“My doctor put it there,” she explained. “It’s a massager.”

“A massager, huh? Wait here.”

The officer returned to his car, leaving Holes bent over the hood of her own vehicle, with her ass and pussy exposed to passing cars. When he returned, he was wearing rubber gloves.

“You’re not carrying anything I should know about? Drugs maybe?” he asked.

“What? No!”

“Alright, let’s see.”

The officer resumed prodding Holes’ cunt with his gloved hand, working at it for several minutes until he was able to wedge his hand into it. Stretched painfully, and with the vibrator up her ass, Holes hollered and bucked on the hood of the car. And then she had an explosive, squirting orgasm on the officer’s hand as she screeched. He pulled his hand from her pussy and pulled off the glove, which he stuffed back up her cunt.

“Well, I suppose with that rubber dick up your ass, there’s not much chance of you hiding anything else up there. Turn around, please.”

Holes, sobbing from the violation and humiliation, turned around and the officer guided her downward.

“Just one more cavity to check,” he said and pulled out his cock.

While more cars drove by (slowly) the officer pulled out his cock and pushed it into Holes’ mouth. As she squeaked and struggled, her hands cuffed behind her back, the officer fucked her head against the side of her car. Holes’ head was ringing from the constant banging against the metal frame by the time the officer ejaculated into her. He pulled out his cock and wiped it on her hair before putting it away.

After helping her up and removing the cuffs, seemingly convinced she was not a drug mule, he bid her a safe drive and let her leave. Holes got back into her car, her shirt now caked with spit and jizz, and started the drive back toward school.

Unfortunately, when she checked in at the office without a doctor’s note, Mrs. Hillary in the office had to call the doctor to verify where she’d been. She dialed the doctor’s office and put it on speakerphone.

“Dr. Pecker’s office, how can I help you?” the receptionist answered after the phone tree.

“This is Mrs. Hillary. I have a student who returned to class without a note from the doctor. Can you just verify the appointment for me?”

“Certainly. Name?”

“Holes Ferbonin,” Mrs. Hillary said.

“Haw-less,” Holes corrected.

“Yes, Holes was just in,” the receptionist confirmed. “Dr. Pecker has a message here reminding her to ensure that she’s keeping the massager in her asshole.”

Holes turned red with humiliation as the other office staff all turned to look at her.

“We’ll be sure to verify. Thank you,” Mrs. Hillary said and hung up.

“Can I go to class now?” Holes asked.

“Just as soon as we have the nurse check your anal massager. Go ahead and have a seat.”

Holes, blushing, took a seat and squirmed in the chair as the rubber dick vibrated her asshole, and her cunt leaked into the chair. It took only a few minutes for Nurse Jenkins to arrive.

“Oh, having some trouble again, Holes?” Jenkins asked.

“No,” Holes declared, quite tired of doctors, nurses, painters, and police officers.

“Her doctor’s office wants you to make sure she’s got her anal massager in her butt,” the receptionist chimed in helpfully.

“Oh, alright. Stand up, honey.”

Holes sighed and stood. Jenkins turned her around and bent her over the chair. Outside the windows, the passing period started. It did not take long for a group of curious students to gather around the window. Jenkins pulled the tape off of Holes’ anus and verified that she, indeed, had a large rubber cock massaging her butthole.

“You and your leaky hole, girl,” Jenkins said, shaking her head. “Just wait here. I have just the thing.”

Blushing and ashamed, Holes remained bent over the chair as the students gawked at her exposed ass and twat for nearly five minutes. When Jenkins returned, she had just the thing. The thing turned out to be a second rubber cock, which she jammed up Holes’ fuckhole as the girl wailed. The new fake dick began to vibrate as well, making Holes’ legs shake. Jenkins, then, peeled a strip of duct tape and applied it between Holes’ legs, from her ass to her mound. A second strip, she wrapped around her waist to hold the first in place, like some sort of MacGyvered diaper.

“Great! That should keep your leaky hole from getting everything wet. Off to class with you now.”

She gave Holes a swat on the ass and sent her into the sea of snickering, giggling students, red-faced. When she arrived in her math class, stuffed with two vibrating dicks, flushed, aroused, confused, and sweating, she attempted to take her seat. However, the class had already begun and she was late. Worse, Nurse Jenkins had not provided her with a hall pass.

“Holes!” Mr. Clements barked. “Why are you sneaking into my class late?”

“I… I had to see the nurse,” Holes stammered.

“Do you have a pass?”

“Um, no, sir.”

“Come up here.”

Hanging her head, Holes trudged to the front of the class.

“Maybe you can solve this equation?” he said, pointing to the board with a yardstick.

Holes looked at the equation in horror. Perhaps, if she hadn’t had her pussy and ass full of vibrating cocks, and if she’d not been raped five times this morning, she could have puzzled it out. As it stood, he may as well have been asking her to create cold fusion. Still, she took up the chalk and looked at the equation.

She made a mark on the board. The yardstick swished and whacked her across the bottom, making her yelp and drop the chalk.

“Incorrect,” Clements said. “Try again.”

Holes bent, picked up the chalk, and with a trembling hand tried again. She was no more successful, earning her another swat from the yardstick across her ass. This time, she began to cry and the students chuckled.

“I don’t know how to do it,” she admitted.

“Well, your tits are very big, so I’m not all that surprised,” Clements said. “Go and stand in the corner. Try to listen and learn something.”

Holes trudged to the corner and put her head against the wall, wishing she could rub her cunt and orgasm. It was so hard to think. By the time class ended, she had not learned anything new. In fact, she left feeling stupider than when she’d entered.

Feeling miserable, Holes made her way to gym class, where Coach Stevens had news for her.

“Thanks to this religious exemption your parents filed,” he explained, “you get to participate in gym class nude.”

“But, that’s not fair!” Holes protested.

“Hey, your family’s the nudists. Don’t look at me. I just follow the rules. Now, strip off and go do your laps.”

Blushing, Holes stripped off her shirt and skirt, then joined the other students in the gym and began running her laps around the perimeter. Jogging was not at all easy with two vibrating toys stuffed in her holes, and it was made less easy by the constant groping and pinching from the other students. With her tits bouncing as she jogged, both boys and girls easily kept pace with her and grabbed handfuls of her melons or ass.

After the laps, it was calisthenics on the mats. Crunches and squats, in particular, were exceedingly difficult while full of rubber cock. Pushups were easier, but doing them nude was uncomfortable, as her tits hung down and crushed into the mat. Jumping rope was, perhaps, the worst. Not only did it cause her tits to flail about humiliatingly, but the tape and the fake dicks made it nearly impossible to jump. Instead, she spent most of the time getting her feet tangled in the rope.

While the other students got to go to the locker room and change, Stevens took Holes aside and spent the time forcefully fucking her head against the side of his desk, before cleaning his cock on her shirt and giving it back. Her skirt, however, he seemed to have misplaced.

Holes’ final class of the day was a study hall, in which she would usually catch up on her homework. Today, however, the supervising teacher had a movie for them to watch. It was a recording of the live stream of her birthday party. Holes was made to stand in front of the class as the video played. Periodically, the teacher paused the video to have her describe how it had felt to be raped and used by her family and neighbors.

“Can you describe for the class, what it feels like to be a disgusting pervert that takes her own father’s cock?” the teacher asks.

“I… I didn’t want to do that,” Holes grumbled. “I’m not a pervert.”

The teacher took in the sight of her in a top coated in dried sperm and saliva, braless, and nude from the waist down, with two vibrating rubber dicks duct-taped in her holes. And he laughed. The students laughed. Somehow, shamefully, Holes came and squeezed trickles of cunt nectar out around the tightly lodged toy in her fuckhole. The humiliating ejaculation ran down her legs as she blushed.

Naturally, the teacher kept her after class to stuff his penis into her throat and fill it with jizz. With her hair in total disarray and the shirt utterly ruined, Holes stumbled through the halls and out to her car. On the way, she passed by a bus as the boy’s varsity wrestling team was boarding for a match. Coach Stevens quickly grabbed Holes by the arm.

“Come on, Holes. We need a cheerleader,” he said.

“What? I’m not a cheerleader!”

“You are now. Get on the bus.”

He shoved Holes up the steps and onto the bus. This was how Holes found herself, nearly nude, on a bus filled with horned-up young men on their way to wrestle. Since the Coach didn’t want to tire his players out before the match, he put Hole’s mouth to work servicing his cock as the driver made his way across town for the match. She received a further bellyful of cum just before they arrived, but Coach Stevens kept her mouth tightly pressed to his crotch until they parked. For safety.

When Holes entered the gymnasium with the team, the coaches conferred, after which an announcement was made.

“After discussion between both of the teams,” Stevens declared, “it’s been decided that tonight’s match will be both teams, versus Holes Ferbonin.”

“What? No!” Holes cried. “I’m not a wrestler! I’m not a cheerleader!”

The boys on both teams cheered. Coach Stevens, ignoring Holes’ continued protests, tore away the duct tape on her waist. Holes screeched with pain, then screeched louder when he removed the strip between her legs. With a sense of relief, however, she was finally free of the rubber cocks, which spurted humiliatingly from her holes to skid across the floor.

By the time Holes was shoved out onto the wrestling mat, to the wild applause of the assembled crowd, both of the rival teams were naked from the waist down and their dicks were out.

“This isn’t how you wrestle!” Holes protested.

The first boy, from her own school, stepped out on the mat and had her pinned in under a second. Given that she was basically nude but for a pair of heels, this was not hard. He put her in a chokehold and mounted her, jamming his cock into her ass and rutting into her on the mat. The crowd clapped and took photos as he humped Holes’ prone, writhing, squealing body until he ejaculated into her rectum.

Holes staggered to her feet, dazed, and was quickly brought down by a boy from the rival school, who speared her cunt as he held her down by the neck. By now, several people were on MySpacebook Live, broadcasting the wrestling match to family and friends.

The sudden influx of hardcore nudity and sex had the social media giant’s AI flagging the stream. By the time the alert reached the support team, who kicked it up to Tom Fuckerberg himself, he took one look at Holes and simply said, “This is good. She deserves it.”

That was that. And so, by the time the fourth young man was balls deep in Holes’ anus, it was suggested that she take on multiple “opponents.” The coaches agreed that she had both the stamina and physical prowess to do it, and a second boy joined them on the mat. While the first pounded his cock into her ass, the newcomer plugged her airway. It wasn’t long before a third, seeing there was an available hole to “wrestle,” made his way onto the mat.

The first boy picked her up, dropped to his back, and let the newcomer plug his cock into her open pussy. The third grabbed her head and fed his meat back into her moaning mouth. Suitably airtight, the three of them found a rhythm that soon had Holes squirting girl juice from her tightly packed snatch, wetting the mats.

Each time one of the young men finished in her, another was tagged in to take his place. Throughout the evening, Holes found herself wrestling a dozen young men before the rival coach finished her off with a final sloppy ass-banging. With loads spewing from every hole and nearly unconscious on the mat, the decision was made that the teams had tied. Holes, unfortunately, could not be declared a winner in any sense. Before the teams left to make their way back to the busses, though, Holes was offered a rematch.

The only response she could manage was a low moan and a burp that launched a wave of sperm across the mat. The rival team took this as an affirmative and carried her tired body away to the bus with them.

“Don’t worry, honey,” the coach assured her. “We’re gonna train you up with some new moves, so you can do better on the next match.”


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