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Holes, Episode Two: The Check-Up

What can I say? It's another episode of Holes. If you're unfamiliar with this piece of utterly ridiculous filth, just remember the following: this is an awful story, filled with awful people. You should not read it. If you read it, you should not like it. If you like it, well, I'm sorry. There isn't much else to say.

Don't read the first episode here

Last Chance

Holes by Tori Hamlin

Across an infinity of universes, there were many things that required the attention of one so great as The Lord. His knowledge was as infinite as the dominion he watched over. His gaze was as broad and all-seeing, as vast as the depth of that knowledge. His ability to observe all that happened, in every corner of his creation, allowed him to observe more closely those goings-on that might require just a bit of intervention.

To The Lord, these things happened faster than the blink of an eye, and yet, his attention, thought, and decisions happened even faster. The Lord was not one to intervene lightly. Doing such a thing could have powerful consequences that those without the infinite awareness of all things could never comprehend.

Were he to, say, intervene on behalf of every prayer to cure a sick child, that child might then grow up to become a monster. Even if they, themselves, didn’t, their descendants might one day lead a movement of genocide. Bringing a stop to a flood or the eruption of a volcano might cause the most minute change in the fabric of that universe, which, thousands of years later would result in the annihilation of an entire galaxy. There was a system and a balance to all things, and each action, no matter how small it might seem, could have calamitous consequences for the rest of creation.

However, there was one case, one mistake, one which had never been intended that had come about as a result of His Son’s misstep. That case had become an experiment, something that even with all his might, The Lord could not quite manage to work out the implications of. That case was a single girl, and now she was of an age where His Son’s mistake had thrown the very workings of reality out the proverbial window. The Lord would not intervene, for The Lord could not work out the consequences, and so The Lord simply observed.


Holes did not want to go see Dr. Pecker because Holes thought Dr. Pecker was a gross pervert. However, Holes’ mother insisted that it was time for a check-up, now that she’d turned eighteen. It was a special time and it needed special attention.

Lacy explained this all to Holes over the breakfast table, however, Holes missed most of the conversation because her father had her on her knees underneath the table. His hands were clamped to either side of her head, over her ears, and his dick was in her throat. Holes’ father thrust his cock roughly and angrily into her throat as she sputtered and gagged. With little warning, other than the jerking of his cock, he blasted ropes of cum into his cock sleeve and held her head to his crotch.

When he extracted his penis from her unfortunate suckhole, Holes spit up phlegm and cum on the kitchen floor, her eyes watering as she choked. She crawled from beneath the table on all fours, but before she could stand Lacy stopped her.

“Since when do we make a mess and leave it?” Lacy demanded.

“Bleh!” Holes replied and coughed up another wad of cum onto Lacy’s shoe.

Lacy raised the shoe to her daughter’s mouth and Holes, reluctantly, began to lick the semen from it until it was shiny. Her mother retrieved a mop from the closet and handed it to Holes, who dutifully began to mop up her mess. In the midst of this, her brother appeared, sleepy and yawning, tired out from vigorously fucking his sister the previous night.

Lacy gave him a kiss on the cheek and hefted his cock, which was erect in his sleep shorts.

“Oh, honey,” she cooed. “Your poor dick is so hard! If I had more time before work, I’d take care of that for you.”

“S’alright, mom,” Brandon said with a yawn.

He roughly pushed Holes over the table, mashing her tits against the hard wood, and yanked down her shorts.

“No!” Holes protested, “It’s sore!”

Brandon pushed his morning wood into her always wet, sisterly cunt anyway.

“Don’t worry, sweetie,” Lacy said. “The best cure for a sore cunt is a good cocking. You’ll learn that soon enough. Now, thank your brother for helping massage your cunt with his penis.”

Holes didn’t think that she owed Brandon thanks for roughly banging the length of his prick into her against the table, but she didn’t want to be spanked again. Her ass still stung from the previous day.

“Thank you… ugh! For massaging… Ow! My… Ow! Cunt!” she stammered as her brother battered her fuckhole.

Brandon grunted and pulled her hair, placing his free hand on her back to keep her tits painfully pushed against the table. Holes yelped and flailed her arms, but her mother just kissed her lips and left for work.

“I have… to… go… to… the doctor,” Holes squealed as her hips banged the edge of the table.

“Don’t be so inconsiderate,” Brandon chastised her and spanked her ass. “Can’t you feel how hard my dick is? What use is a cockhole that bitches when you fuck it?”


Brandon picked her discarded shorts up off the tabletop, forced them into her mouth, then pushed her head down and continued to pump his sister’s squishing cock tunnel as she grunted. Holes did, after a few minutes of this, orgasm wetly for her brother. Finally, Brandon managed to find satisfaction in his cockhole, filling it with a helping of incestuous ball batter that ran down Holes’ legs when he withdrew his cock.

Huffing on the tabletop, Holes spit the shorts out of her mouth. Brandon took them, used them to wipe his ejaculation from her cunt, and then put them back into Holes’ mouth.

“Go get ready for your appointment,” he ordered. “You don’t want to be late.”

Holes wobbled up the stairs to get dressed, then came back down a moment later. Given her vastly reduced wardrobe, she had little in the way of options. Her mother had not yet gone shopping for new clothes, which left her with two available tops. Neither one was an appealing option. On the front of one white V-neck top were the words, “Rape me,” while the other begged, “Don’t Rape Me!”

Holes, adverse to being raped, chose the on