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Bad Influence(r), Chapter Fifteen: Follower's Choice

Her headache somewhat dulled, Vixy drove herself home and tossed her bag and keys onto the table in her living room. The bag flopped onto its side spilling some of the contents across onto the table. Vixy paused, looking at the corner of her new, brown leather Louis Vuitton wallet poking from the top of the bag.

That stupid, nagging voice that was giving her the headache spoke up, urging her to look at the ID in the wallet. Vixy pulled the wallet out and opened it, looking at the license inside. There was her photo. The name on the ID card read, VixyViv. Just that single word for her name. She shook her head, the headache starting to come back. In the next pocket was a debit card for the new account. The name on the card read, VixyViv. She set the wallet back down and dug her palms into her eyes, as if that would make her head stop pounding.

Vivianne isn’t real… Vivianne is a liar… Vivianne can’t be trusted…

For a brief instant, the image of the little girl with the cake flashed through her mind, but it made the headache worse. Vixy lay on the couch and shut her eyes. Instead of thinking about Vivianne, she turned her thoughts to iFem and getting ready for Krista to come over. When she thought of iFem, the headache began to fade, being replaced with a sense of calm, the same feeling of responsibility and duty, motivation.

iFem and Melissa wanted her to be good for Krista. She should get ready for Krista. She needed to be ready to spend a few days with Krista, so they could play with her toys and lick each other’s cunts. The instructions, obeying the instructions, gave her a feeling of euphoria and happiness.


When Krista arrived, Vixy was showered and waiting in the living room, wrapped in a towel, and watching the countdown on the end of her next Twitter poll. Having a few days off from sponsorship events didn’t mean she could ignore the poll. The way the results were trending did not hearten her.

“Hey, Vixy!” Krista said, excitedly, letting herself into the apartment.

“How did you get in?” Vixy asked.

“I have a key,” Krista said, shrugging.

The photographer tossed a little overnight bag onto the ground, then crossed the room and leaned over to kiss Vixy on the mouth. Vixy squeaked but didn’t pull away. Be good for Krista, she thought, but when Krista reached under her towel to rub her wet, naked twat, Vixy couldn’t shake the reluctance.

She allowed the photographer to molest her aroused cunt and kiss her, humping herself whorishly on Krista’s fingers, while burning with shame. She’d thought that leaving the resort would put an end to her forced lesbianism, but she’d already licked another woman’s pussy just today, and she was going to spend another two days with the petite lesbian photographer.

Krista pleasured Vixy’s snatch until she was near her peak, but then broke off before allowing her to cum. Vixy flushed at her own need and desire to get off. Krista helped herself to the iFem boxes stacked in the corner of the room and came back with a big, curved, vibrating cock. She handed it to Vixy.

“Why don’t you play with your toy while I set up and make us some dinner,” Krista instructed.

Vixy took the toy and turned it on, while Krista busied herself. Blushing, she masturbated her wet cunt as Krista removed a portable tripod from her bag and set a camera on it. Then, Krista flicked on the TV, navigated the menus for a moment, then did something on her phone. The TV came to life with a replay of Vixy’s lesbian rape.

Vixy did not want to openly masturbate herself while she watched the two women from the resort use her, but Melissa wanted her to be good for Krista and to play with her toys. She was, also, incredibly horny, as she always was these days. She could hear Krista puttering around in the kitchen while she pushed the vibrating cock into herself, the Vixy on the screen moaning and thrashing as one of the women humped her face.

After Vixy’s third orgasm on the amazing toy, Krista returned with two steaming bowls and set one on the table in front of Vixy. The photographer set her own down, gently took the toy into her own hand, and knelt in front of Vixy. She began to push and pull the fake cock in and out of Vixy’s horny cunt while groping one of her tits.

“Can you cum one more time for me?” Krista asked, “Can you watch your movie and cum one more time? That’s so good, Vixy. You’re being such a good girl.”

Vixy’s head exploded with an intense orgasm at the trigger words, her back arching off the couch as her head pressed into the cushion. She shook and grunted, the powerful pleasure nearly choking her. The orgasm was accompanied by that same feeling of rightness, of purpose. The pleasure wasn’t just physical, but like a state of being, as if everything good in life came from being a good girl and from doing as she was told.

Krista extracted the wet toy from her cunt and clicked it off, but Vixy continued to twitch on the couch for minutes afterward, the intensity of the euphoria like a high that she didn’t want to let go of. The desire to keep feeling it, to be good, was so much better than anything she’d ever felt. Krista continued stroking her tits and her hair as she twitched until the feeling finally faded. When it had gone, what replaced it was a horrible sense of shame and guilt and, for just a moment, she could swear that she saw Vivianne watching her sadly, but when she blinked there was no one there and her head began to hurt.

Krista pushed the length of the vibrating cock back into her twat and Vixy shuddered, the headache quickly vanishing. The photographer handed Vixy her bowl and a spoon, clearly expecting her to enjoy her dinner with the vibrating toy in her cunt. As Vixy struggled to hold the spoon steady and eat, Krista clicked a remote in her hand several times and Vixy could hear the camera’s shutter clicking.

Vixy felt both embarrassed and aroused at the idea of being photographed nude, with a vibrating sex toy stuffed into her cunt, while she tried to eat dinner and watch herself being raped by lesbians. It was her job, though, it was what iFem wanted, and she was being good for Krista, which made it okay. Krista ate her own dinner, clothed, sitting next to Vixy, occasionally wrapping her hand around the base of the toy and adjusting the settings to make the vibrations increase in intensity.

When Vixy could no longer hold her bowl because her body was quivering too much, Krista took it from her and began to spoon-feed her like a child.

“That’s it, baby,” Krista cooed, “Keep watching your movie. You love your toy, don’t you? That big toy up your cunt makes you feel so good, huh?”

Vixy could not reply to the question with Krista shoveling the food into her mouth and another orgasm fast approaching, so she only moaned around the spoon. Finally, the bowl was empty and Krista set it aside. She began to manipulate the toy again while tugging roughly on Vixy’s excited nipples, occasionally taking one into her mouth and sucking on it. On the screen, Vixy continued to service her two lesbian rapists as they called her names and told her she was a fuckpuppet, a sexdoll and a hot little toy.

At last, Vixy came again, humping the fake cock with Krista’s tongue in her mouth and hand on her tit. The orgasm was nothing compared to the previous one, and Vixy found herself wishing that Krista would tell her she was a good girl so that she could feel that pleasure again, the sense of purpose. She didn’t, though. The video ended and the screen went dark, but Krista continued to kiss her and touch her until Vixy groaned in agony from the continued stimulation of the toy in her cunt.

The photographer relented, pulling the toy out and switching it off. She put the fake cock to Vixy’s lips and instructed her to lick. Vixy did so, while Krista snapped more pictures of her cleaning her slut slime from the fake penis.

“Those shots are going to be great!” Krista said, setting the toy aside, “Spicy Kitten is going to love them. You know, we really have the best fucking job in the world, don’t we?”

Krista flopped down on the couch next to the naked influencer, pulling off her top to expose her small, braless breasts, and cuddled up with Vixy as though they were girlfriends.

“I love my job,” Vixy said, distantly, like the words were a recording that her mind accessed for her without thinking.

Vixy’s phone pinged with the result of her latest poll, an instruction from Melissa, no doubt. Vixy picked up the phone and read the result.

What am I going to do tonight?

A: Masturbate and watch “Sexy Little Liars.”

B: Go out dancing.

The follower’s choice was, unequivocally, to have her masturbate to the porno video. Vixy groaned, her pussy hot and wet but somewhat sore from having five orgasms very recently.

“But my pussy hurts,” Vixy said to Krista, “I don’t know if I can do it.”

“Well, I have something that can help,” Krista said and returned to the iFem boxes.

She returned with a pair of little clips, which Vixy stared at quizzically. Krista reached out and clamped one onto Vixy’s left tit. Vixy screeched in shock and pain as the clamp bit down on her nipple. Krista followed this, quickly, with the second one and Vixy began to sob, reaching for the evil clips to pull them off. Krista swatted her hand away.

“No,” the photographer said, “Bad girl, Vixy.”

Vixy froze and began to sob harder at the words, feeling like she might throw up. Bad girls didn’t obey. Bad girls didn’t get paid. iFem did not like bad girls.

“I’m… sorry…” she said, the tears streaming, the camera shutter clicking, recording her humiliation.

“You want to be good, right?” Krista asked.

Vixy nodded, her hands inches from the clips, grasping uselessly at nothing as her confused mind urged her to both remove the clips and not remove the clips. Krista clicked on the vibrating toy and handed it to her.

“Play with your toy for the followers,” Krista instructed, “I’m going to start the movie for us.”

Still sobbing from the pain and feeling of worthlessness at having been bad, Vixy pushed the toy back into her cunt. Krista was right. The vibrating of the toy in her cunt was far more pleasurable than the clamps on her tits. It didn’t matter now, that her pussy was sore and tired. It was a welcome distraction from the clamps.

Krista started the movie, but Vixy found it difficult to follow along, as she had to continue to stimulate her cunt in order to take her mind off of the pain in her tits. As the lusty montage of Lucy Lix and Honey Kisses performing in a variety of hardcore scenes ended and the movie’s intro scene began, Krista unclamped Vixy’s tits. The rush of sensation back into her nipples was a further spike of pain and sensation, which made her orgasm for the camera. Just as she began to cum, though, Krista released the clamps and Vixy squealed again.

“Maybe you want something to bite down on?” Krista asked, and then without waiting for an answer, she pushed a gag ball into Vixy’s mouth and secured it.

Vixy mumbled around the ball and continued to stroke the toy into her cunt as she sobbed and tried to watch the movie, to be a good girl and do as the followers and iFem demanded. The movie’s introductory scene came to an end with a man hammering his load of cum into a squealing Honey Kisses’ pussy and leaving her tied to a bed. Vixy had difficulty following the plot at this point, as Krista repeated the removal and replacement of the clamps again.

When she had recovered, the man who had fucked the bimbo was in a jail cell and speaking to the brilliant private investigator, Finnious Phallus. Krista stripped off the rest of her clothes and knelt between Vixy’s legs. She took away the toy and began to gently lap at Vixy’s throbbing cunt for her, making the influencer moan. Finnious Phallus set about trailing the two devious sluts, watching as they seduced three more men in rapid succession.

Each of the men was accused of rape. As the film went on and Krista alternated between licking Vixy’s cunt and fucking it with the vibrating cock, Phallus deduced the girl’s game and gathered evidence to clear their names. He did this, primarily, by pushing his big cock into friends of the girls who came so hard that they readily revealed the slut’s treacherous actions. The logic of this all was completely lost on Vixy, but then Vixy was in a constant state of pain and pleasure, undergoing an identity crisis, and having her soaking cunt abused by a lesbian photographer. Not much about anything made sense to her.

Mr. Phallus, through the further use of his large cock, then convinced the judge to dismiss the charges against the men. The slut’s victims were shown, then, meeting with a group of burly men in leather jackets, wearing black sunglasses and sporting large beards. For the last third of the film, the sadistic bikers took possession of the two girls. Honey and Lucy were led into a dungeon by leashes, gags in their mouths.

As loud, heavy music played and red lights whirled, the two girls were roughly gangbanged by the group of bikers. Krista finally removed the clamps from Vixy’s abused tits and began to suck on them as Vixy fucked herself with the toy to the film’s climactic ending. Having been thoroughly used to the point of near unconsciousness, Lucy and Honey were put into cages. The two of them were bound to the inside of the cages, big vibrating cocks in their pussies and leashes clipped to the top of the cage.

Vixy was, by this time, a drooling mess. Spit had dribbled around the gag in her mouth and coated her tits. Her pussy throbbed from the repeated use of the toy and Krista’s tongue. Dry tears caked her cheeks and her mind felt numb from the mixture of pain and pleasure. She didn’t think she could manage another cum, until the film ended and Krista whispered into her ear, “Good girl, Vixy.”



Enjoying this story? You can pick up the finished book in the shop! This book tells the story of Vivianne, who dreams of being a real social media influencer. When she's offered a contract with Internet Famous Entertainment Management (iFem), her life is taken control of by her campaign manager, Melissa. Melissa has her own plans for Vivianne's social media career, and they include degrading and humiliating her as often as possible, rewriting her personality, and turning her into a cash machine for the evil iFem corporation.

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