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Bad Influence(r), Chapter Nine: Day Off

Previous parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight


Chapter Nine: Day Off

The day before her trip, Vixy relaxed, allowing her battered cunt some much-needed recovery time. Melissa’s team was busy handling the overwhelming response to the previous day’s content. Vixy took some time to scroll through the interactions and the new followings. Overall, she’d garnered almost 30,000 new followers, surpassing some of the influencers she had once looked up to. This affirmed her belief that she was on the right track and that she really mattered to the little people.

Though she had a team of professionals doing the heavy lifting now, she still thought that she needed to add that special VixyViv touch to the online world. Thus, she sought out a couple of dozen losers and put them in their place.

Roxy Rocket was very excited to share the news of her recent poetry publication with Twitter. Vixy made sure that Roxy Rocket knew that her poetry was, “inane, unimaginative, and seemed like it was written by a nine-year-old with down syndrome,” thus insulting both the author, as well as all those afflicted with a terrible disability.

When Evan Andrews from Dallas changed his relationship status to, “In a Relationship,” along with photos of his new girlfriend, Vixy commented that she could certainly do better. The girl was at least a four, and Evan, if she was being generous, was inching toward a two.

A proud mother posted photos of her daughter’s latest drawings, gushing over their cuteness. Vixy told her that they looked like something a nervous monkey would have drawn. Kids were so stupid. Vixy knew about real art, and this was not it.

The latest poll result decided that Vixy should spend the day wearing nothing but a g-string and push-up bra as she enjoyed her well-deserved day off. She uploaded several photos of the set, setting a camera to take continuous shots every few seconds as she posed lewdly in the apartment. In each photo, she made sure that one of the adult toys she’d been given was placed nearby, per Melissa’s instructions. The photos contained affiliate links to online stores, where followers could purchase the same ones.

In the afternoon, another poll decided that Vixy should throat one of the toys, while it was suction cupped to the wall of the shower. This, she did while wearing a white microkini from a brand called Luscious Lovelies, as the hot spray pelted her skin. Vixy found this humiliating, but even as her mind recoiled from the task, the memory of Jake’s penis on her lips stuck in her mind and a little voice in the back of her head told her that she was a good girl.

Good girls should have their mouths full. Good girls like to practice throating. Good girls are objects of pleasure. Don’t trust Vivianne…

Vixy wasn’t sure why she had those thoughts, but they felt right.

She left the shower door open and squatted, baring her sexy bottom in the tiny microkini to the camera, while she choked herself on the big, fake penis. A second, smaller camera, she placed on the rim of the shower, in order to get some shots of herself attempting to swallow the toy. Though she was not successful in getting the whole thing down her throat, and her repeated attempts made her throat sore, she kept at it until the water ran cold and made her nipples stretch the tiny fabric of the microkini.

Good girls like practice. Good girls want pain. Good girls don’t quit. Vivianne is a liar…

The water was near freezing by the time she managed to, finally, get the entire toy into her throat. Her lips pressed against the shower wall and, much to her embarrassment, she orgasmed like a slut and lost her balance in the slippery shower. Before sending the videos to Melissa, she trimmed that part out. After some editing, a few short clips of the videos and several still frames went up on her channels, where eager perverts the world over pleasured themselves to the sight of her oral humiliation. Links to buy the microkini and the toy accompanied the posts.

When evening came, Melissa sent her a message stating that one of the followers had purchased both items in an auction. She instructed Vixy to package both of them carefully so that a courier could pick them up the next day. Before sending the dildo, though, Melissa instructed her to coat the toy in cunt honey and seal it in a ziplock bag. Even though her pussy still felt sore from the art project, Vixy went ahead and masturbated with the dildo, getting several shots of the toy spreading her wet hole.

Good girls need a stuffed cunt. Good girls pay attention to their cunt. Good girls have needy fuck holes. Good girls show their cunts to the world.

The photos, she sent to Melissa’s team. While she was watching the next episode of Catfished, Melissa sent her an excited message with a link to a new website. When VixyViv clicked the link, it took her to a webpage with her face on it. The photo was her face with a sheen of Jake’s jizz coating her lips, in full color. The page was titled, “VixyViv’s Cunty Wonderland,” and it sold premium memberships that included all of her humiliating photos and videos, thus far.

“It looks like a porno site!” Vixy complained, talking to Melissa on the phone.

“What?” Melissa cried, sputtering, “It’s not porno! This is erotic art. If it were porn, we’d have given you some stupid whore name, like that lesbo girl you wanted to make out with. Cunt Candy, or Rape Cow, or VixyVag, or something filthy.”

“But I didn’t want to make out with a lesbian!” Vixy declared, “The followers wanted me to.”

“Vixy, sometimes celebrities have to do things to appease their fans. Do you think Robert De Niro wanted to play a gay pirate? No. His agent thought it was good press and his fans wanted him to play a part that wasn’t a mobster, so he did it. He made millions. The fans were happy. Do you think he bitched about it like a spoiled child?” Melissa said, chastising her.

“Well, I guess you’re right. Okay. Thanks, Melissa. Just, you know, do you have to use that picture on the front?” she asked.

“Let me change that,” Melissa said, and Vixy heard her clicking her mouse. A moment later, Vixy reloaded the page and the image now showed Jake’s penis pressed against her lips, which were slightly parted, as though she were eagerly waiting for him to push it into her mouth.

Good girls love cock. Good girls want cum. Vivianne is a fake…

“That’s better. Thanks for your input,” Melissa said.

Vixy didn’t think this image was better at all, but she didn’t want to keep arguing and being a difficult bitch.

Good girls are easy bitches. Good girls aren’t whiners. Good girls get to cum. Vivianne is a difficult bitch…

“I guess it’s okay,” Vixy said, giving in. She didn’t want to be a whiner.

“Good girl,” Melissa said, and Vixy’s eyes rolled back in her head. She moaned sluttily into the phone and orgasmed.

Melissa hung up. Vixy felt ashamed and couldn’t understand why she’d just cum on her couch, like a needy fucktoy, while staring at a photo of her own face with a penis against her lips.

The final poll of the evening decided that Vixy’s pajamas would consist of a small, tight black top with the words, “Epic Mount,” on the front, which was from an online role-playing game sponsor, and a pair of vibrating panties that included a small insert that she slid into her pussy. She took photos of herself in the pajamas and had a humiliating orgasm, before switching on the white noise machine and getting into bed. It was difficult to fall asleep with the vibrator in her twat, but she eventually managed.

Another orgasm woke her up early in the morning, and Vixy set about packing her small bag for her trip to an all-inclusive resort with a sense of excitement. Her followers had been given two options. The first was a place in the Cayman Islands, while the second was in Mexico. They’d opted for the one in Mexico, but Melissa hadn’t revealed the name of the place.

“There’s a private jet for you,” Melissa explained, “and the flight is scheduled to leave at 9:00. You can leave the car with the valet in the extended parking area.”

The followers had chosen a rather embarrassing outfit for her today, dressing her up in a tube top with a little graphic of a moaning girl’s mouth over each nipple. The skirt they’d picked was equally slutty, she thought, barely covering the tiny thong they’d selected for her. A pair of ballet heels completed the package, which were precarious to walk in. She tottered unsteadily from the apartment, her drive to the airport difficult while wearing the ridiculous shoes.

Naturally, she sent Melissa several photos of the outfit before leaving, which were uploaded with affiliate links to the merchandise. The sponsors received several orders. Commissions from the sales were deposited into her account. Vixy handed the car off to the valet at the airport, and then shuttled in to a private airstrip, feeling like royalty.

The plane was luxurious and just the kind of transport that someone of her celebrity status deserved. She accepted a mimosa from the steward and lay back in the comfortable seat, her belt buckled, as the plane taxied onto the runway and then took off. The vibrating panties had made it really hard to sleep the night before, and even though she wanted to stay awake to experience her first journey in a private jet, she found her eyes drooping, and then shutting, the empty glass falling from her hand.


Enjoying this story? You can pick up the finished book in the shop! This book tells the story of Vivianne, who dreams of being a real social media influencer. When she's offered a contract with Internet Famous Entertainment Management (iFem), her life is taken control of by her campaign manager, Melissa. Melissa has her own plans for Vivianne's social media career, and they include degrading and humiliating her as often as possible, rewriting her personality, and turning her into a cash machine for the evil iFem corporation.

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