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Bad Influence(r), Chapter Two: Sponsorship

Vivianne,VixyViv of Bad Influence by Tori Hamlin

Chapter Two: Sponsorship

The day that Vivianne received the offer in her email was one of the happiest days of her life. The message practically glowed with the light of opportunity as she read it. An offer for a real sponsorship!

Dear VixyViv,

Internet Famous Entertainment Management is a premiere marketing organization, working with influential personalities around the world. Our company sponsors some of the top influencers and celebrities, designing creative campaigns that propel our clients to the next level of stardom. We’re reaching out to you today with an opportunity to join our list of exclusive clients and offer our expertise in growing your exciting business! Internet Famous Entertainment Management does not charge an up-front fee for our services. Rather, we partner with you to promote the products and services of a wide variety of businesses from across the globe. Your continued success is our success, and there is nothing more valuable to us than our influencers. We hope that you’ll learn more at the link provided and look forward to the opportunity to show your unique talent to the world.


Brian Baker

Director of Talent Acquisitions

Internet Famous Entertainment Management

Vivianne felt a thrill so palpable that she began to cry. She focused on every positive keyword that spoke directly to her, the ones that affirmed what she already knew to be true about herself. Stardom. Exclusive. Success. Unique talent. This was it. Her big break had finally arrived! She clicked the link to the company’s website and combed every page, her heart soaring as she read the testimonials, many of them from some of the most famous influencers and personalities that she followed and wished to imitate.

VixyViv quickly filled out the client query form, including the “exclusive premium client code” that Mr. Baker had included in the email. She clicked the submit button and was taken to a white thank you page that stated, “Good girl! A representative will be in touch soon!”

Vivianne spent the day in eager anticipation, drifting from store to store, until she found the perfect, sexy dress that she’d, undoubtedly, need for her meeting with the representative. She even helped herself to a large latte with a couple extra pumps of vanilla, and then tweeted about how lacking the service was, failing to tip the barista. Caught up in her daydream, she simply lounged around her little apartment, waiting for the contact. It came late in the day, another email with a calendar appointment at an office downtown. The appointment was scheduled for the next day. She quickly accepted.


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