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Bad Influence(r), Chapter Eleven: Thong Thursday

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Vixy left the clinic feeling trashy and humiliated, then fell into a fitful nap in the car as the driver took them to the resort. The palatial resort made her perk up as they approached. Nestled on a stretch of gorgeous beach, the sprawling place looked like something out of her dreams. Two big, gleaming towers of white stood against the clear blue of the sky and the sunlit beach looked crowded with people, though they were still far away. The thought of the next few days lounging in the lap of luxury began to pull Vixy out of the funk of depression she’d sulked in the last few days.

The sign on the road leading up to the resort read, “Fantasy Island,” and Vixy squealed excitedly, certain that her fortunes were about to turn. Krista grinned and said, “Hell yeah. This job kicks ass!”

The car dropped them off at the lobby doors, where the two girls made their way inside. Krista checked them in and handed Vixy a keycard, saying, “My room is right next door if you need anything. Your bag should have been delivered. Just call room service for anything you need. iFem will handle the tab. Just make sure to text or call me when you’re ready to go out, so I can come along and shoot, okay?”

Vixy nodded and they took the elevator up to the floor. When the doors opened, Vixy blushed and tentatively stepped inside, averting her eyes. The elevator contained two naked women, who were sucking away on each other’s tongues and moaning as they touched one another. Both women were topless. Krista seemed unfazed by this and gave the women a curt nod as they broke apart.

“Oh my God,” one of the women exclaimed, “You’re VixyViv!”

Vixy nodded, embarrassed by the naked women, finally realizing that this place must be a nudist resort. Of course, it was.

“I started following you after that event you did with Lucy Lix and the other bimbo, what’s her name? Oh, Honey Kisses!” she said.

“Thanks,” Vixy said, “Um, it’s really nice to meet a fan.”

The woman nodded chipperly and continued, “I can’t believe I’m the first one that gets to see your new look. You know, I voted for an H cup, but they look great. Can I feel them?”

Good girls don’t say no. Good girls are proud of their tits. Good girls need attention. Vivianne is a fake…

“I -” Vixy said, and the woman took this single word as consent.

Vixy squealed as both of the women groped her tits, while the elevator ascended.

“God! They’re great! So that Maximizer thing really does work, huh?”

“We should book it, too,” the woman’s lover suggested.

“Totally! You’re the best, Vixy!” said the girl, and then put her arms around her and gave her a kiss as the elevator opened to their floor. Her companion, likewise, molested Vixy on the way out of the lift.

“That was totally hot!” Krista exclaimed, and Vixy realized she had taken photos of both of the women helping themselves to her tits and kissing her.

Feeling ashamed by her damp pussy, Vixy followed Krista down the hall to their rooms, letting herself into hers with the keycard. When she saw the luxurious suite, her funk lifted again. The room was gorgeous! It was everything she’d always dreamed of. The big windows faced the sparkling ocean, where she could now see that a crowd of naked people frolicked along the beach. Grimacing, she decided that she would do her best to have a good time. It wasn’t like she, herself, had to be nude.

She found her bag on the large bed, but when she opened it and began to take out her things, she realized that all the clothes and swimsuits she’d packed were intended for a girl with a 34D cup size, not giant whore melons. None of the clothes were going to fit right over her new bimbo tits. Even if she managed to get them on, they would look completely obscene and call more attention to her than if she just went topless. Even now the shirt she wore was uncomfortable and hurt. After a struggle, she managed to get the top off, ripping it in the process, and freeing her enlarged udders with a grateful sigh.

While pondering what to do about her situation a knock came at the door. Vixy dashed to the bathroom and quickly wrapped a towel around her embarrassing nudity, then answered the door, finding a naked man standing outside holding a package.

“Delivery for VixyViv,” the man said, his cock twitching.

“I… “

“Are you VixyViv?” the man asked.

“Um, yes.”

He handed her the package.

“Thank you,” she said and made to close the door.

The man coughed gently into his fist and held out his hand. Vixy stared at it dumbly for a moment, and the man coughed again. Vixy blushed when she realized that the man was waiting for a tip, and then felt like a stupid bimbo when she imagined that the man must think she was a stupid bimbo for not realizing he needed to be tipped. The problem, of course, was that Vixy did not carry any cash.

“Oh, um, I… I don’t have any cash,” she stammered, “Can I leave something with a card, or like, PayPal, or something?”

The man looked disappointed and replied, “I’m sorry, but we don’t have any way to tip electronically,” then he brightened, his face turning hopeful as he explained, “But we do accept favors as tips.”

“Favors?” Vixy asked, not sure what that meant.

“Yes. Favors,” he said again, emphasizing the word.

“I don’t understand,” Vixy admitted, and the man sighed, now convinced that she really was a stupid bimbo who had to be handheld through the intricacies of common speech.

“Okay, so you’re a little slow,” he said, and Vixy flushed deeper, “That’s okay. We’re used to it.”

The man roughly pushed her to her knees, an easy feat as she still wore the ballet heels, which completely threw off her balance, and when she opened her mouth to protest, he pushed his cock between her recently-enhanced cock sucking lips. Vixy squealed at the invasion and wanted to raise her fists to beat at him or push him away, but when he said, “There’s a good girl,” her eyes rolled back in her head, and she orgasmed like a cock-hungry rape kitten.

Good girls love cock. Good girls suck cock. Good girls need something in their mouths. Good girls' mouths are for fucking. Vivianne isn’t real…

The man angrily gripped her hair and fucked his penis between her moist, full lips as Vixy squealed, dropping the package to the floor. Krista emerged from her room next door, topless and wearing a thong, then quickly raised her camera and started to snap photographs of the man fucking Vixy’s mouth roughly, as she sputtered and choked. He groaned loudly and then ejaculated onto her writhing tongue, pasting her mouth with a pent-up load that made Vixy gag. Satisfied with his tip, he pulled his cock from her mouth and wiped the tip across her lips, then patted her head and walked away.

“Jesus,” Krista exclaimed, “I thought I told you to come get me when you were ready to go out.”

Vixy sucked air and wiped the trails of sperm from her abused mouth, looking up at the camera as Krista took another shot of her confused expression. The photographer picked up the package and handed it back to her saying, “I think you dropped this.”

Vixy struggled against the doorframe, making an effort to get back on her feet, which was complicated by the stupid heels. Krista followed her back into the room, where she looked about, dazed and trying to comprehend what had just happened. Krista picked through the clothes on the bed, chattering amiably as though Vixy had just given a willing blowjob to a complete stranger.

“These will look great,” the girl said, her perky B cups bouncing as she presented Vixy with a tiny white thong.

“What?” Vixy asked, the shock fading to be replaced with a now-familiar feeling of shame.

“Thong Thursday,” Krista explained, and made a little twirl, showing off her own bright green thong, “Every day has a theme here and today is Thong Thursday. Tomorrow is Frisky Friday, and Saturday is Suckoff Saturday. This is gonna be a great weekend!”

“But, I don’t want to go out naked! I don’t want to get freaky! I don’t want to suck off anyone!” Vixy complained.

Krista sighed, as though dealing with a petulant child, and said, “You just sucked off a bellhop. You’re so weird. Why would you suck off a bellhop for a tip if you don’t want to spend a weekend having fun at a sex resort? Why are you even at a sex resort if you don’t want to do sexy things? You’re an odd one, Vixy.”

“But, I didn’t-”

“Fine,” Krista cut her off, “I’ll call Melissa and tell her you don’t want to do the sponsorship. Fuck, she’s gonna be pissed,” she muttered, tapping at her phone.

“Wait,” Vixy said, “No. Don’t!”

She bit her lip, struggling. Vixy pictured herself, alone in the tiny apartment she used to have, on the edge of poverty, living a sham of a life with a small following, driving a two-tone beater of a car, and crying into a bowl of ramen noodles. Melissa would be pissed. She’d have broken her contract. The sponsor would be pissed. Vixy imagined that everything iFem had given her must cost a lot of money. Money that she’d have to pay back. She’d never be able to pay it back.

Her following had grown exponentially. She was all over the internet acting like a slut. No one would ever hire her for a real job. She’d always be that girl from the internet that got machine fucked for the sake of art, and they’d ridicule her. At least, this way, she was still the star. VixyViv was a trendy and progressive personality, willing to go the extra mile for the sake of pushing artistic expression and cultural change. Yes, it was humiliating and degrading, but being a broke loser was even more humiliating and degrading, unwanted bimbo tits or no. She reached for the thong.

“What’s in the box?” Krista asked.

Vixy set the box on the bed, dropped the towel, and exposed her naked tits to the other girl.

“I don’t know,” she admitted.

Vixy tore at the tape on the box and opened it, drawing out a white box covered in plastic wrap. The box had the image of a woman’s parted lips, luscious and red, open in an obvious moan of pleasure. In one corner, the fancy lettering read, “AphroDitzy,” and across the bottom, a tagline read, “Release your inner goddess!” On the back, the printed label stated, “Daily Female Supplement,” followed by a long list of ingredients with very complicated and unpronounceable names. A printed note from Melissa explained, “Pre-release test for your sponsor. Please ingest one a day for the trial. We’ll do a review of the results in a month.”

“Vitamins,” Krista said, unimpressed.

Vixy shrugged and broke the plastic wrap, opening the box and breaking off one of the white tablets from the silver sheets. The box contained a thirty-day supply. Vixy popped one of the supplements.

“We should head down and get some sun!” Krista suggested.

“I need to shower first,” Vixy said, “I’ve been stuck in a bed for two days.”

Krista nodded, settling in on the bed to wait.

Vixy started the shower and then stared at herself in the mirror as she waited for the hot water to kick in. The slut looking back at her was not the trendy influencer that had gotten on the plane two days ago. Her new, enhanced melons looked ridiculous on her frame, she thought. The big, thick lips they’d plumped up for her only added to her whorish appearance. She looked like a sex doll. Even the thought of walking out to a beautiful Mexican beach was tainted by the knowledge that she would have to go out there topless and wearing a tiny thong, while Krista took photos of her bimbo tits to post on the internet.

Unfortunately, she had no good options. It was either do the sponsorships, as directed, or go back to a life of poverty, in even worse financial shape than she’d been in before. She got into the shower and began to clean the two days of filth from herself. While she washed, her hands groping her new, fattened tits and stroking her pussy, she began to feel very warm.

This wasn’t just the result of the hot water or her natural arousal at stroking soap between her legs. This was something else, something she hadn’t felt before. She pulled her fingers out of her snatch, suddenly aware that she’d been whorishly finger-banging her twat as she tugged at her own nipples. Had she been moaning? God, she was wet!

Her fingers were sticky with sex slime as she looked at them. She rinsed them off in the shower spray, but her cunt stayed hot and horny. The impulse to shove her fingers back into it was nearly overwhelming. She turned the water to cold and let it strike her in the face as she closed her eyes and tried to dispel the urge to masturbate.

Though the feeling didn’t exactly fade, it was dampened somewhat by the cold. After toweling off, which made her gasp each time the towel rubbed against her nipples, Vixy put on the white thong, joining Krista and the other guests in their near-nudity. She supposed this wasn’t the worst thing.

At least she wasn’t the only one topless, which would have made it weird. Still, she had never been topless in a public place before, and now that she had giant tits it was even more embarrassing. She took a few minutes to lather her skin with sunblock. It wouldn’t do to have to deal with a horrid sunburn on top of everything else.

“Let’s get a few shots on the balcony,” Krista said, as Vixy emerged from the bathroom, and opened the doors.

Vixy stepped out into the warm air of the Gulf and leaned against the rail, allowing Krista to take a few shots of her posing in nothing but the thong. As they took the elevator down to the ground floor, Vixy tried to ignore another pair of topless women cooing as they stroked each other’s bodies and giggled to themselves. Vixy and Krista poked around the resort, Krista stopping them to take photos of Vixy near anything that she thought looked interesting.

She captured Vixy next to a large marble sculpture of an erect penis, then standing next to a large piece of erotic artwork, which showed two women entangled in sapphic passion on a bed, and then Vixy in the gift shop looking embarrassed next to a display filled with dildoes. On the way out to the beach, they passed by the spa, where Krista pointed out the sign advertising the latest “Fully Nude Massage!”

“You wanna stop in?” she asked.

“No! Once was enough. Thanks.” Vixy said.

“But, you didn’t even get the full treatment! I stayed back and did the Double Ream for a full vaginal and anal cleanse with two of the guys. I’ve never felt so relaxed.”

“You… that’s… two of them? You had sex with them both at once?”

“What? No? Don’t be gross, Vixy. It was a massage. I’m not even into dudes,” Krista stated, grimacing.

This didn’t really make any sense to Vixy, who pictured the small girl sandwiched between two naked men, their penises lodged inside of her.

While they walked out the back of the resort, toward the sounds of the surf, Vixy’s phone rang. She removed it from the little waterproof wristlet she wore and answered a call from Melissa.

“Hey, Vixy!” Melissa chirped, “How are you feeling?”

“Awful,” Vixy complained, stepping under an umbrella, away from Krista and the other guests, “My… my tits are huge!”

Melissa’s tone was less friendly as she replied, “Yeah, well, you were so difficult about some of the other sponsorships that we thought it would be best to just go ahead with it, per your contract, rather than have to listen to any bitching about getting your udders plumped up. You know, this was your choice. I don’t know why you went through with signing on, if you intended to make things difficult. You did actually read the contract, right?”

Vixy had not read the contract, but she didn’t want to seem even stupider, so she said, “Yes. I just… I guess I was just too excited for the opportunity. I’m sorry, Melissa. It’s just a lot of changes. I’ll do better. I promise.”

Melissa seemed pleased and said, “Good to hear. I know that it’s a lot at once. That’s why we try to remove as many of the hard decisions from you as possible. We want you to focus on the important things, like keeping the sponsors and the followers happy. A solid following is what really matters, right? Sponsors won’t be happy if your following isn’t growing.”

Vixy agreed. That was the most important thing, she knew, it was what validated her beliefs.

“Yes, Melissa,” Vixy said.

“Good, now, I called to go over your instructions for the weekend,” Melissa explained, “We’re running some new campaigns, and these ones are a little different because you’ll need to interact with them, alongside your followers.”

“Um, okay.”

“First, we’re doing a product giveaway once every four hours. At the same time, we’ll be running a poll. Of the people that purchase the product, one of them will be randomly selected. The poll will ask whether you have your tits shocked, your cunt shocked, you get an induced orgasm from your chip, or all three at once,” Vixy’s mouth worked wordlessly, horrified, as Melissa continued, “Pay attention because this is your part. You can either choose to accept the poll results or decline them. If you accept, well, that’s it until the next giveaway. If you decline the results, you’ll have to select a random hotel guest to serve as the tie-breaker. If the guest accepts the poll results, then you’ll get to experience the result twice, on the spot. If the guest sides with you, you’re clear until the next poll. Easy, right?”

Vixy’s instinct told her to complain, again, but she stopped. Hadn’t she just told Melissa that she wasn’t going to be difficult? But this was humiliating!

“I…” she struggled, then made the decision, “Okay. I guess so.”

“Great! Okay, now repeat it back to me, so I can be sure you understand.” Melissa said.

“After each giveaway, I have to accept or decline the poll result. If I decline, I need to ask a random hotel guest to be a tie-breaker. If they side with the poll, then I get double the result. If they side with me, I’m free until the next giveaway,” Vixy parroted back.

“You’ve got it,” Melissa said, “Now, here’s the next part. The resort is holding a ‘who wore it best’ contest for Thong Thursday. You’re going to be on the panel. Krista has the details, so she’ll make sure you’re on time for the judging. Since this weekend is a ladies-only weekend, aside from the hotel staff, you need to put on a positive, pro-lesbian attitude. No one cares if you’re actually into girls or not. For this weekend, you’re bisexual. Don’t embarrass the sponsors with some kind of gay-hate bullshit, alright?”

“I don’t hate gay people!” Vixy protested.

“Of course not,” Melissa said, “You love cunt,” good girls lick cunt, good girls lez off, good girls suck slit, “It will be just like when you wanted to lez around with those two porn sluts.”

Vixy flushed. She had not wanted to lez around with porn sluts.

Melissa continued, “The panel will judge the girls based on the sexiness of their thong, the hotness of their ass, and how slutty the thong makes the girl look. The winner will get to feel up your new tits and then make out with you on stage for ten minutes. At the end, they’ll feel your cunt to see if they really were the sexiest. If your cunt is wet, Krista is going to shock your cunt, your tits, and make you orgasm on stage (for being a slut), and then the winner will get to have lesbian sex with you all night. If your cunt isn’t wet, then you’ll be branded a fake lesbian and Krista will shock your tits, your cunt, and make you orgasm until one of the guests agrees to have lesbian sex with you all night to gay you up.”

“What?” Vixy cried, unable to stop herself. This was going too far!

“Goddammit Vixy!” Melissa said angrily, “Didn’t you just tell me that you were going to be a good girl?”

Vixy shuddered, gripping the nearby table to steady herself, nearly dropping the phone as she began to cry and orgasm at the trigger words.

“Vixy? Vixy, are you there?” Melissa snapped.

“I… I… Okay! Fine. I’ll do it!” she relented, rubbing at her warm and aroused cunt as Krista watched from a few feet away.

It was horrible. She couldn’t believe that it was real. How much more humiliating could this get?

“Don’t bitch out on us,” Melissa said, “I swear, Vixy, if you embarrass the company or the sponsors, you’ll never work as an influencer again!”

“I’m sorry,” Vixy said, sobbing, “I’ll do it. Please, don’t be angry.”

“Alright. Look, I know. Being a gay-hating fake lesbian is tough, but I believe in you. You can do this, Vixy.”

“I’m not a gay-hating -” Vixy began, but Melissa had already hung up.

Vixy stared at the phone, numbly, contemplating the awful events coming. Krista appeared next to her, two drinks in her hands. She pushed one at Vixy. Vixy looked at it, then at Krista’s happy face, then at her small tits. She accepted the drink and guzzled it for courage. She took Krista’s and drank that one, as well.

“I think I need another one,” she said, and Krista grinned.


Out on the beach, Vixy saw that Melissa was correct. Aside from the odd hotel staff member, the beach was filled with topless or nude women. Some played in the waves, while others lounged on chairs, under umbrellas, or out in the open sun to tan. Everywhere she looked were bare tits and nude cunts, most in thongs for the theme day. Women lay kissing in each other’s arms, while some even engaged in lesbian sex in pairs or small groups. Vixy felt extremely embarrassed, watching the women around her fornicate so shamelessly.

Krista led them to a pair of lounge chairs, where a slim brunette kindly laid out towels for them, and they relaxed in the shade. Krista took several photos of Vixy as she blushed furiously. It was a shame, she thought, to have her first trip to a resort ruined by being degraded and humiliated by lesbians, not to mention having her tits fattened without her consent.

“Why so glum?” Krista asked, settling into her chair, “This place is great!”

“Not when you have to do humiliating shit for your sponsors,” Vixy complained.

Krista took a small remote from her wristlet and pushed a button. Vixy screeched, and then her body shuddered, and she moaned as the remote shocked her tits and caused her to orgasm. She looked at Krista in horror.

“I had to make sure it worked, and besides, you should probably get used to it,” the girl explained, a delighted smirk on her face, “Just relax, Vixy. It’s just a bunch of naked chicks.”

Vixy sulked in her chair, pulling out her phone to check her feeds. Melissa had already begun uploading some of Krista’s photos, showing off her new tits and bimbo lips to the followers. The feedback was positive, but of course, humiliating.

Jesus! I hope you get knocked up soon so we can watch you milk those udders!

Your melons were rapeable before, but these are just fucking cock pillows!

Good on you, girl. You’re a shining example of femininity.

How much do you charge for a blowie?

Just signed my wife up for Maximizer treatments. Thanks, Vixy!

VixyViv’s Cunty Wonderland, likewise, received new updates with the photos. The image on the front page was now a shot of her confused face with the bellhop’s penis in her mouth, his hand gripping her hair roughly. The caption read, “This is what I deserve for upsizing my slut melons.”

Vixy felt sick. This wasn’t at all what she deserved, she thought. She didn’t want to have bimbo tits and cock in her mouth. The website made it seem as if her breast enhancement were her own idea. When she checked her bank account, though, she did feel a little better. The sponsors were doing really well, which in turn made her do well. Trying to block the images out of her mind, Vixy lay back on the lounger and listened to the surf and the sounds of giggling women all around her.


The first giveaway ended. Several of her followers had booked Maximizer treatments, which were not cheap. The resulting commissions were astonishing, which made the fact that she now had to decide on whether to accept the poll results slightly more bearable. The followers had chosen to have her new tits shocked. Vixy did not want to have her tits shocked. It hurt. It was humiliating. Her body had begun to associate the pain with her orgasms, and for some reason, her pussy was embarrassingly wet right now. She couldn’t understand why, but God was she horny as fuck.

Vixy declined the tit shocking, which meant that she now had to put the choice into the hands of a random hotel guest. She turned to her side, where a dark-haired girl read a book in the shade of an umbrella.

“Um, excuse me, miss,” Vixy said, and the girl turned toward her, eyebrows raised, “I know this is going to sound odd, but my followers have taken a poll that I disagree with, and I’d like you to be the tie-breaker for the decision. Would you mind?”

“I guess so,” said the girl, “What am I deciding?”

Vixy flushed and stammered, “Well… you see… they… well, they want to shock my boobs. I don’t want them to shock my boobs. What do you think?”

The girl chuckled and asked, “Are you serious?”

Vixy nodded. Krista stood up and began to film on her phone.

“Let me see,” the girl said, and Vixy showed her the poll.

“Holy shit!” the girl exclaimed, “You are serious!”

The girl seemed to give the matter some thought and then said, “I’ve never actually seen someone get their tits shocked, so I think I have to go with the poll results. Sorry, kitten.”

Krista clicked the remote and Vixy screeched in pain as the chips in her tits electrified her huge udders, but then she orgasmed in front of the girl, who clapped delightedly at the sight of Vixy’s trembling body. The second shock came before Vixy had finished her orgasm, which caused her to scream again, then cum once more.

“Fucking hot!” the girl said, “Jesus! How do I follow you, too?”

The girl got out her phone and quickly looked up Vixy’s handle. She gained a new follower. Krista uploaded the video of Vixy’s newest humiliation to the poll with the caption, “Followers win!”

Vixy staggered to the bar for another drink. While she waited, the two busty blondes from the elevator approached, giggling as they held hands.

“Hey, Vixy!” the first said, “We just saw the latest poll! That was so cool. Man, you really go all out for your followers. That’s why we love you.”

“Thanks,” Vixy mumbled, looking unhappy.

“We voted for the orgasm, so I’m sorry you had to get tit-shocked, but it was still pretty hot,” the second girl said.

The girls were suddenly on either side of her, and Vixy found herself sandwiched between the topless women, who began to rub their hands over her body.

“We could give you that orgasm, if you want,” the first said, “I’d love to get my mouth on your cunt.”

The other girl reached around and groped Vixy’s big tits, kissing softly at her neck as she whispered, “She’s really good at it.”

The first girl’s hand slipped between Vixy’s legs, rubbing her pussy through the tiny thong. Vixy couldn’t believe she was being openly molested by lesbians while waiting for her drink, and she felt very confused about why her pussy was so hot.

“I don’t -” she stopped, aware that she had been about to tell them that she didn’t like girls, but then that would make her sound like a gay-hating fake lesbian, and Melissa would be disappointed. She’d probably lose the girls as followers, and then people would start bashing her online for being a bigot. Vixy wasn’t a bigot, so instead, she replied, “I can’t right now. I have to wait for the contest tonight.”

“Fuck you’re wet!” the girl exclaimed, continuing to rub Vixy’s pussy, which was highly aroused, making her brain feel muddled and slow.

“I hope one of us wins the contest, then,” the second girl said, tugging at Vixy’s nipples, “I promise you’ll enjoy it.”

Vixy moaned sluttishly, and then the first girl pushed her tongue into her mouth as the male bartender returned with her drink. Obviously thrilled with his job, the man stood by and watched the lesbians borderline raping of the confused influencer. After several long seconds, the girl removed her tongue from Vixy’s mouth, leaving her panting and even more muddled by the intense yearning from between her legs. The girl sucked Vixy’s slut honey off her fingers before taking her lover by the hand and walking away.

Vixy quickly downed her drink, ordered another, then took it back to her lounger. She found Krista making out with the girl who had decided the tie-breaker. Trying to ignore the photographer lezzing off with a stranger, she scrolled her feeds and sipped at her drink, her entire will focused on keeping her fingers out of her very wet pussy.


Tired of the sun, the two girls had dinner at one of the restaurants in the resort. Before they were through, the second giveaway ended, and the poll began. Vixy forgot her food as she watched the poll results run, at first edging toward orgasm, then beginning to lean toward a tit shock, a cunt shock, then the humiliating trio. Finally, the poll ended with the horrible result and Vixy slumped in her chair. They wanted all three at once. Why did the followers want to hurt and humiliate her? Hadn’t she been kind and supportive? Hadn’t she called them lovely? She disagreed with the poll, once again.

Their server returned to fill their drinks and Vixy stopped her, asking, “Excuse me, miss, but I need a little help. You see, my followers have this poll, but I disagreed with their choice, and I need someone to be a tie-breaker. Would you decide the result for me?”

It was terrible having to ask a complete stranger to decide whether she’d be given an orgasm, or receive both an orgasm and a painful shock.

“Is this a joke?” the girl asked.

“No,” Vixy said, shaking her head and showing the girl her phone.

The girl studied the poll, then said, “This is weird, but I have to side with the poll. I mean, if you had shock chips implanted in your tits, it’s probably because you want this.”

She handed the phone back. Krista, filming the exchange, pushed the remote as Vixy opened her mouth to protest. The shock electrified Vixy’s tits and cunt, making her scream and draw the attention of all the other diners, and then she bucked in her chair and orgasmed, coating the seat in wet girl cum, as the server clapped with glee.

Her hands gripping the edge of her chair, the second shock came, making Vixy pitch forward and howl, but then the next induced orgasm hit her, and she began to furiously rub at her cunt and maul her tits. She pushed the thong aside to get at her aroused fuck channel and Krista filmed as she finger-fucked herself to a third orgasm in front of everyone at the restaurant.

Her pussy was so hot and needy that she hardly heard the snickers and jeers from the other guests, many of whom were touching themselves as they watched her embarrass herself. After her third orgasm, she regained a bit of clarity, flushing in shame as she noticed everyone quietly staring at her. The thong snapped back into place and Vixy fled the table, humiliated, her big tits wobbling embarrassingly.

After paying their bill with an iFem credit card, Krista found Vixy, alone, sitting on a couch. Her legs were spread, and she was pumping her fingers into her twat, her face flushed as she cried. Krista raised her camera, snapped a photo, and Vixy orgasmed again.

Krista pulled Vixy’s hand away from her cunt and said, “Hey! Get it together, Vixy. We have to go do the judging soon.”

Vixy lay, trembling, trying to pull her mind out of the lusty fog that had been increasingly making it difficult to think straight as the day wore on. She couldn’t work out what was wrong with her. Maybe it was being surrounded by all the nudity, she thought. That must be it. All the pheromones from the aroused women must be getting to her. Krista crossed to the nearby bar, where she ordered two drinks from a grinning, naked bartender. She brought the drinks back and pressed one into Vixy’s hand.

“Drink this. I know it’s hot being around all these sexy girls,” Krista said, “but you’ve got a job to do. You can’t just lay around fingering your twat like a whore.”

Vixy flushed and said, “I’m… I’m sorry. I just -”

Krista cut her off, “I know. Your cunt’s really hot because you’re hot for cunt, Vixy. Just hang in until you finish judging, and then you’ll be able to lez off with some hot girl all night.”

“I don’t -” Vixy began, then stopped. She’d been about to say that she didn’t want to lez off with a hot girl all night, but she realized that she actually did want to lez off with a hot girl. She wanted to cum again. She didn’t care if it was with a girl, right now. She just needed to cum. She screamed, suddenly, as a painful shock electrified her tits, and she squirted girl cum onto the couch as the pain triggered another orgasm. She stared, open-mouthed, at Krista, who held the remote.

“Just needed you to focus. Jesus, I can’t believe you actually get off on that. It’s disgusting. Come on. Let’s get to the stage.”

On wobbly legs, Vixy stumbled after Krista.


Vixy sat on a panel of three judges, watching a string of topless women in thongs strut their stuff across the stage to the cheers of horny women. In all, thirty contestants brandished their buttocks for the judges. Vixy felt very ashamed by how wet she was, watching the girls shake their asses and tits in front of her, while she tried not to think about masturbating. She stopped herself by sheer will alone. Once the show was finished, the judges spent several minutes going over the entrants, comparing their asses, their thongs, and how slutty each girl looked. Finally, they announced their decision. Much to Vixy’s embarrassment, they declared the winner to be one of the girls who had molested Vixy at the bar.

The girl eagerly stepped up to claim her prize. Krista filmed the entire, humiliating episode as the topless girl sat in Vixy’s lap and tongue kissed her for ten minutes straight, groping her huge tits and moaning into her mouth, while Vixy groaned and attempted to keep her hands at her sides. The girl, whose name she learned was Emma, then pushed Vixy’s thong aside in front of the crowd and declared loudly, “Fuck yeah! This slut’s pussy is wet as fuck!” to which the crowd cheered. The girl slid her fingers into Vixy’s cunt. Krista clicked the remote. Vixy screamed into the girl’s mouth as the chips shocked her tits, her cunt, and then she squealed with an intense orgasm to the whistling and cheering of the other guests.

“Let’s go have some fun, baby!” Emma said, pulling Vixy to her feet and leading her off the stage, like Vixy was a toy she’d just pulled out of a prize machine in the side alley of a mall.

Krista followed Emma, her lover, and Vixy back toward the hotel. In the elevator, Emma and her lover, who introduced herself, finally, as Lisa, shoved Vixy against the wall of the lift and began to molest her once more.

“Fuck, she’s like a sex toy,” Lisa said, “I’ve never felt a cunt so fucking wet.”

“I know, right? The little slut’s so creamy! I can’t wait to get my mouth on that.”

Vixy could only moan as the girls talked about her as though she wasn’t a person, like she was just a thing to be played with. Krista filmed the erotic scene, her camera capturing the girls sharing Vixy’s enhanced lips between them as their hands groped and touched every part of her. Vixy was a panting mess of nerves by the time they reached the hotel room, her cunt sloppy and dripping and her mind a confused mess of sensations and reluctant arousal. She wondered, briefly, if she was actually a lesbian. Nothing in her past sexual experience had ever gotten her this hot before. It was like her pussy had taken over all rational thought.

Good girls love cunt. Good girls only think about fucking. Good girls are for pleasure. Good girls are good toys. Vivianne can’t be trusted…

As Emma pushed Vixy onto the bed and pulled off her soaked thong, Lisa moved behind Krista and played with the photographer’s body as she filmed Vixy’s first night of steamy, lesbian sex. The confused influencer writhed on the bed as Emma’s tongue invaded her mouth and her fingers rubbed at Vixy’s magic fuck button until she moaned and came in a back-arching orgasm. Too hot to avoid getting in on the action, Lisa moved to the bed and began to suck and grope Vixy’s tits. She took over Vixy’s mouth, while Emma slid between Vixy’s legs and began to suck at her cunt.

Vixy broke the kiss and looked down, flushing with shame, as the strange girl lapped, fingered, and sucked her sexy, wet fuck box until Vixy lost her mind and squealed into Lisa’s mouth. Emma traded places with her lover, who went to work with a different, but equally pleasurable technique that got Vixy to cream the sheets again after only a few minutes. Emma, then, mounted Vixy’s face.

“I’ve never -” Vixy began, but Emma pushed her cunt against Vixy’s mouth and gripped her hair, making Vixy squeak in protest as Emma’s wet labia plastered her plump lips with cunt meat.

Vixy continued to make muffled protests as Emma rode her face uncaringly, telling her she was a sexy bitch.

“Lick her cunt, slut,” Lisa whispered in her ear, “suck that snatch, you little dyke. Make my bitch cum.”

Vixy screeched into Emma’s cunt as Krista suddenly shocked her tits, which caused Vixy’s eyes to roll back in her head as she orgasmed with a mouthful of Emma’s pussy. The girl bucked her hips back and forth roughly against Vixy’s face until she had a body-quaking orgasm on Vixy’s unwilling tongue. Emma sucked her own pussy nectar from Vixy’s tongue as Lisa ate her to another orgasm, during which Krista shocked her tits once more. The two lesbians laughed at the mixture of pain, humiliation, and reluctant pleasure from the electric shock, and then Lisa took her turn with Vixy’s mouth. By now, Vixy had surrendered, allowing Lisa to grind her pussy against her mouth as she speared the girl’s cunt with her tongue.

For the next hour, the two women shared her back and forth like this, kissing, stroking, prodding, and groping every part of her as Krista filmed the entire, embarrassing ordeal. Several times, Vixy seemed to retreat into some sort of happy place, in which she was not being raped and forced to orgasm by a pair of hot lesbians. During these episodes, one or the other of the girls would slap her cheeks hard until they were sure that she was conscious enough, once again, to lick their cunts for them.

Once they were done with her, the two girls snuggled together, giggling and kissing. Feeling cheap and used, Vixy quietly left the room with Krista. In the elevator, riding down to their floor, Krista shocked Vixy by molesting her tits and kissing her hotly. Vixy, too tired and ashamed to resist, allowed the photographer to painfully pull on her sore nipples until she orgasmed again. Vixy stumbled, exhausted, into her room and collapsed on the bed.


Enjoying this story? You can pick up the finished book in the shop! This book tells the story of Vivianne, who dreams of being a real social media influencer. When she's offered a contract with Internet Famous Entertainment Management (iFem), her life is taken control of by her campaign manager, Melissa. Melissa has her own plans for Vivianne's social media career, and they include degrading and humiliating her as often as possible, rewriting her personality, and turning her into a cash machine for the evil iFem corporation.

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