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Bad Influence(r), Chapter Five: Twitter Poll

Chapter Five: Twitter Poll

The first campaign began the next morning. VixyViv received a call from Melissa, who prompted her to keep an eye on her phone and her Twitter feed. She’d be receiving notifications prompting her about the new polls and results, as well as messages with instructions. The first poll was very simple.

Breakfast choice?

A: Granola

B: Fruit plate

C: Banana

The poll would run for one hour. During the hour, VixyViv cleaned herself up and applied some of the new makeup she found on her vanity table. When the poll results came in, her followers had overwhelmingly chosen a banana as her breakfast choice.

A message from Melissa, then, instructed her to make a short video of herself eating her banana, but to do it sexy. That’s what the followers would expect. Vivianne squirmed a bit, but guessed it wasn’t so bad. It was silly, but that’s what her fans wanted. She positioned her phone on its stand and made a sexy show of eating a banana, licking the tip and winking before inserting a few inches into her mouth, miming a blowjob.

It was ridiculous, but a small price to pay for stardom. She uploaded the video to Twitter and was rewarded with likes, comments and retweets. Her follower count increased as iFem’s own accounts and staff spread the silly video. Behind the scenes, her manager shared and promoted the little video on other channels, gaining VixyViv even more followers.

The next poll included one of her promotions for a sponsor. This one was a little sexier. She had to lay out three sets of slinky underwear from a brand called Foxy, and the followers determined which set she would wear that day. The poll ran for an hour, at the end of which she dressed in their choice, a pink pair of lacy panties with a matching push-up bra. Melissa instructed her to take a mirror selfie, which she uploaded, and the image garnered more likes, follows, retweets and shares. It was easy, she decided, and just like taking a bikini selfie. The way the bra pushed her tits up made her feel slightly slutty and a little wet.

The poll that came next asked her followers to choose her outfit from two choices. The first was a miniscule sundress with a plunging neckline. Wearing it with the pushup bra would make her tits bulge from it obscenely. The other outfit comprised a tight red top with short, frilly sleeves that exposed her smooth tummy.

It partnered with a tight red skirt and a pair of glossy heels in the same color. All of these were items from a fashion sponsor called Eye Candy. The followers chose the top and skirt, which VixyViv took a few selfies in, posing on her new balcony with the late morning sun washing over the towers of downtown. The image was shared, retweeted, and spread across iFem’s network of accounts.

Just this morning’s interactions had gained VixyViv over 1,000 new followers and the numbers kept ticking up as the campaign worked its way across social media. Melissa sent her an encouraging message, telling her she was beautiful. Followers were complementary and drooling, adding comments, likes, messages and emojis to her photos as they viewed and shared the poll results. Ready for the day, VixyViv checked her calendar.

The events Melissa had scheduled for her to attend over the coming days filled her time nicely. The first one was on the other side of downtown, where she’d be appearing with a couple of “independent film starlets,” who were doing a signing at a new shop. She’d be taking photos with the girls and helping to promote their new movie. VixyViv hummed happily to herself as she made her way to the garage, stoked at the chance to meet some real celebrities.

The shop was called Leather N’ Lace, and it turned out to be an adult novelty store. VixyViv cringed when she pulled into the lot, but she supposed that not everything she’d be doing was A-List material. She bypassed the line of waiting fans and was ushered into the shop by a greasy man with a neckbeard and cheap sunglasses, where she was introduced to the starlets.

The pair of them were busty blondes named Honey Kisses and Lucy Lix, who were the stars of the new independent film, titled, “Sexy Little Liars.” The film premise was that of two slutty girls who seduce men and then lie about being raped. In the end, the aggrieved men get revenge, after clever detective work by a P.I. named Finnious Phallus, and the girls are sold as sex slaves to a sadistic motorcycle gang.

The two bubbly blondes giggled annoyingly as they complimented VixyViv’s clothes, calling attention to her ripe tits and making crude jokes about how they’d like to turn her into a bimbo sandwich for their next film. VixyViv blushed furiously at the thought of being pressed between two naked lesbians and stammered her thanks. Melissa instructed her to take several photos with the girls, ensuring the film’s poster was visible, as well as the numerous copies of the film piled on the signing table.

“There’s a special treat for the fans,” Melissa explained on a short call, “Honey Kisses is going to do the signing with a vibrating dildo in her cunt, and each fan that purchases a copy of the film will get to control the vibrator until the next signature is done. Give Lucy Lix your phone, so she can record a video of you inserting the vibrator into Honey’s cunt.”

“What?” Vivianne balked.

“Oh, come on Vixy. It’s not like you’re putting it in your own cunt.”

VixyViv agreed, reluctantly, hung up and handed her phone to Lucy Lix. Kneeling on the floor, the camera recording, VixyViv watched the porn starlet spread her legs to reveal her aroused, naked pussy. She held the vibrating toy up for the camera, and then Lucy focused on Vixy’s hands pushing the dildo into Honey’s horny cunt, while the girl moaned and played with Vixy’s hair.

“You should give me the first go,” Honey suggested, handing the remote for the toy to Vixy.

Vixy took the device, which had a sheen of the girl’s slut honey on it and pushed one of the buttons as the camera recorded. The girl moaned delightedly as the toy began to pleasure her cunt. Vixy watched the girl writhe in her chair, her head thrown back, and adjusted the control a couple of times. The blonde frigged her clit and then had a loud orgasm, leaking fuck nectar onto her chair.

“Damn,” she said, reaching out for the control, “Thanks! That was a great start.”

Vixy handed the remote back, took her phone, and sent the images and video to Melissa. Soon, they were on their way across the internet, racking up shares and increasing the follower count. Delighted perverts the world over followed the link for the film and purchased their own copies. The two porn stars gained subscribers. Melissa and the studio sponsor were thrilled.

The doors opened and eager fans began to file in, purchasing their own copies, having them signed, and then taking their turn manipulating the vibrator in Honey’s honey hole. Vixy stood by, snapping photos of the signing, taking selfies with the girls and a few of the fans who stopped to pose with their signed copy. Assuming she must be another porn slut, many of them groped her ass under her skirt, but Vixy just flushed and stayed quiet, not wanting to make a scene.

Some of the fans, both men and women, asked her what her stage name was, and where they could watch her fuck. Vixy felt offended, but politely told them that she was not a porn star. Most of them told her she should be and were, frankly, shocked by the fact that she wasn’t.

“With fat cow udders like those,” one said, “I’d jerk off all day, watching you do titjobs.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way,” said another, “but you look like the kind of girl that would do gloryhole porn.”

Yet another commented, “I’d drop good money on a subscription to your OnlyFans if you do anal. You just kinda strike me as an anal girl.”

Another blonde girl with obviously fake bimbo tits asked, “Why do you dress up like a fuck doll if you’re not actually a fuck doll?”

Vixy did not have a reply for this. She thought the outfit was cute, even if it was sexy. During the signing, another poll began for her followers, asking which of the two porn stars VixyViv should share a steamy lesbo kiss with after the signing.

“I don’t want to kiss girls,” Vixy complained to Melissa.

“Vixy, this is the twenty-first century. Everyone expects girls to be bisexual. We’re trying to portray a progressive image here and being inclusive is important. Are you a homophobe?”

“What? No!”

“Then just kiss a fucking girl,” Melissa said, and Vixy could imagine the woman rolling her eyes, “It’s not like you’re going down on her. I really hope you’re not going to be this much trouble for the whole year.”

Vixy wanted to cry at the biting remark. She wasn’t making a good impression, and iFem had given her so much already. Kissing a porn star didn’t make her a lesbian, she decided. Melissa was right. People followed her because she was beautiful, sexy, progressive, and fun. In the end, she allowed the followers to decide her fate.

She ended up with Honey Kisses’ squirming tongue probing her mouth sensually, as the bimbo squeezed her tits and orgasmed on the vibrator in her cunt. The experience taught her that Honey’s stage name was not just for titillation. The girl really could kiss. VixyViv left the shop with wet panties and the girl’s phone number in her contacts, unsure why she’d let her type it in. The phone had a smear of cunt juice across the screen, where Honey’s wet fingers had tapped at it.

Vixy deposited her check in the bank, before heading over to her next scheduled event. She arrived at an art museum, one she’d previously snuck into to get some photos of herself at an art reveal, before she was a real star. The memory of that shameful moment increased her determination to stick to the marketing plan. There was no way she was going back to that life of ramen noodles and embarrassing dress returns. She strode confidently up the steps to the second floor, where she met the popular and progressive artist and photographer, X-Rod.

X-Rod had made inroads in the erotic art community through his edgy paintings and photographs of women in bondage. The gallery walls were lined with his work, and a queue of critics and fans eagerly waited on the other side of a velvet rope to get inside for a look. Vixy’s star status allowed her to bypass the line of peasants and gain entry from the two burly security guards. X-Rod shook Vixy’s hand warmly and took her around the room, his hand encircling her waist. The lanky artist, with his slick black hair, smelled of incense and pot.

X-Rod showed her his work, which Vixy thought was rather horrifying. Women on their knees, restrained with leather, collars on their necks and gag balls in their mouths. Others showed women on crosses, which X-Rod explained as his take on the restraints that religion imposes on human freedom of expression. Still more were oil paintings of women tied to tables in the darkness, blindfolded, howling as they were tormented by demons or monsters. These, X-Rod explained, showed the internal battle waged by humanity, the pain of keeping the dark desires inside of us contained by the mask of normalcy that society demands. Vixy thought that they just looked like women being tortured, but then she wasn’t an art critic.

She posed with the artist in front of a few pieces of his work. The photos were uploaded to her social media, as well as the museum’s website. These prompted ticket sales and travel itineraries from iFem’s sponsors, who offered special package deals for those that wanted to travel to the exhibit.

“Great news!” Melissa said over the phone, as Vixy stood to the side of the room, watching the fans and critics appraise the art, “The latest poll has decided that you’re going to do a shoot with X-Rod at his studio!”

VixyViv bit back her argument, feeling like a petulant child. Instead, she asked, “What does that mean?”

“Well, I’ve already spoken to his agent, and he’s agreed that a sexy influencer doing some light BDSM photos would be a great promotion for the gallery, so he’s booked you with X-Rod at his studio tomorrow. I’ve rescheduled your events in favor of the opportunity.”

“It’s not going to be anything… weird, right?” Vixy asked, glancing at the artwork in fear.

“He’s a professional, Vixy. Just follow his lead and you’ll do fine.”

Again, Melissa didn’t sound happy about Vivianne’s lack of enthusiasm, so she tried to convey sprightliness and said, “Alright. Great. Thank you so much, Melissa. I’m sure it’ll be fun.”

“That’s the spirit!” Melissa said and hung up.

X-Rod found her after the event and said, “Like, this is totally posh, man. My agent keyed me in on the shoot tomorrow. I’ve got some dope ideas! I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Um, great,” Vixy said.

The artist drifted away, leaving her alone. Vixy drove home, where she spent the rest of the evening perusing the copious comments from her followers and checking the numbers. She’d amassed a staggering 6,000 new followers over the course of the day. Though it had been embarrassing, she decided it was worth it.

People loved her. She was somebody! There were far too many comments across all her channels to reply to them all, but she did her best to interact with them, taking several hours to read them over and reply. Another few hours, she spent browsing other people’s posts, making her usual derogatory remarks when she encountered photos of ugly people, cheapskates, and losers.

A photo of a woman in her mid-forties, who had posted pictures of a dog she’d rescued. The dog was missing large tufts of hair from a flea infection. VixyViv commented that the animal was gross. Fleas all over the house? Can you just imagine, she thought.

A college student posted, tearfully, that she was pregnant, and her boyfriend had broken up with her. Vixy told her that she was a slut. The girl was clingy and needy. Her photos clearly showed that she was easy and that the baby could have been anyone’s.

After months of saving, a man she didn’t know was excited to take his family on a vacation across the country. Vixy remarked, sarcastically, that a car ride with a gaggle of screaming, crying children and a frumpy wife sure sounded like fun.

She accepted some dick rates on her OnlyFans, as well, rating every penis no more than two, no matter the size. Men desperate enough to send her dick pics and ask her opinion clearly wanted to be put down for the losers they were, after all.

Her final poll of the day asked her followers to decide on her pajamas, which she took photos of. Both of them were from a brand called TeezMe. The first was a pink set of small cotton shorts and a tiny top with lace over the tits. The second consisted of black, satin panties and sheer chemise. The poll opted for the pink set, which she took selfies in. Her bare nipples were partially visible through the lace, which made her blush as she snapped the photos and uploaded them, growing her following as the photos began to spread. That done, she wrapped herself in the expensive sheets and went to sleep, delighted by her first day as someone who really mattered.


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