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Bad Influence(r), Chapter Ten: Improvements

Previous parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine


Chapter Ten: Improvements

When Vivianne regained consciousness, her head felt very warm and like it was filled with cotton. Her body hurt, too. She cracked one bleary eye open, and then the other, drowsy and struggling to focus. She wasn’t on the plane anymore. It was so hard to think. She tried to raise her arms to rub her eyes, but they were fastened to steel bed rails with some kind of padded cuff. When she tried to open her mouth to ask what was going on (though she didn’t see anyone to ask) her lips hurt, too.

As she became more aware, she realized that the pain she felt was primarily centered on her chest. She wore what looked like some kind of hospital gown. Panicked, she wondered if there had been some kind of accident. Had the plane crashed? Was she scarred and broken? It didn’t feel like anything was broken.

A face appeared in her blurry vision, that of a man in scrubs, wearing a surgeon’s mask, a sanitary cap covering his hair. He gave a nod, seemingly pleased with something. Vixy tried to speak again, but her throat felt dry and itchy. The man pushed a little tube between her sore lips and she sucked, swallowing cool water. It felt good to have something in her mouth. The man allowed her a few sips, and then he disappeared. Her present condition, suddenly, didn’t feel so pressing and she fell asleep again.

The next time she awoke, she was a bit more clear-headed. Groggily, she looked around. Yes, she was in some kind of hospital room. Her arms and legs were still restrained. She moved her lips. They still hurt. They felt swollen. The pain in her chest had receded to a dull ache. The man was not in the room, but the little tube hung from a bag of water on a pole. She fumbled for it with her sore lips, found it, drank, and slept again.

Vixy’s full awareness returned the third time she awoke. This time, she saw a woman in scrubs removing a bedpan from beneath her and she felt humiliated at the thought that someone else was discarding her waste. Still, her body felt sore. The pain was numbed, though. The nurse didn’t speak to her as she left the room. A moment later, the man appeared again.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

“What happened?” Vixy mumbled.

“The operation went well. I think you’ll be pleased with the results!” the man said, obviously pleased.

“Operation?” she asked, suddenly terrified. There had been an accident!

“I know that the drugs can make you a bit loopy,” the man said, nodding, “but it will wear off. I just need to check them.”

Check what, Vixy wondered as the man reached for her gown, then opened the front of it and stared at her naked tits. Her tits. Her huge tits! What the fuck!

“Oh my god!” Vixy exclaimed, horrified.

“I know, right?” the man said, “We don’t usually get orders for a G, but we’re not here to judge. You’ll be pleased to know that the experimental procedure was a complete success. Other than the requested additions, the Maximizer injections did exactly what they were supposed to do. These really are a thing of beauty,” he commented, whistling as he groped her tits with his gloved hand.

Vixy squealed at the pain from her sore tits and began to cry. What was happening? On the bedside table, her phone began to vibrate. Out of reflex, she reached for it, but the restraints stopped her. The doctor picked up the phone and put it on speaker.

“Vixy?” Melissa’s voice said from the other end.

“Melissa! Help! Please, you have to help me! I’m a hostage!” Vixy screamed.

“What? You’re not a hostage,” Melissa said.

“The restraints are for your safety,” the doctor quickly assured her, “We don’t want you hurting your new funbags, is all. They need a couple of days to heal.”

“What the fuck is going on?” Vixy yelled, crying.

“The followers decided that you’d look much better with some big bimbo tits and lips,” Melissa explained, “and the consensus landed on a G as the appropriate size. Don’t worry. One of your sponsors is a new experimental treatment called Maximizer. They’re doing enhancements via a simple injection, so there’s no cutting, no expensive surgery, no scarring, and the recovery time is just a couple of days. The procedure hasn’t been legalized in the states, yet, so we had to do it somewhere else.”

“What? I don’t want bimbo tits!” Vixy argued.

“Vixy, it’s not about what you want. It’s about what the followers want and what you agreed to in the contract. They also requested a few enhancements from some of the other sponsors. For example, one of the sponsors is an animal control company. We had a couple of the shock chips from their collars surgically implanted in your new tits. We’ll feature them in some of the upcoming campaigns. Just to give you an idea, though, they’re remote-controlled like this.”

While Vixy was still trying to process what she’d heard, her mind went blank as a shocking pain electrified her tits, making her scream in agony. The shock lasted only a second but brought fresh tears.

“See? Isn’t it cool?” Melissa asked, “The team has some great ideas for future interactive campaigns. Oh! There’s also one implanted in your cunt. I think you get the idea, so I’m not gonna demonstrate right now. There’s also a subdermal implant near your clit from a sponsor called Embedded Erogeny. It works like this.”

On the other end of the line, Melissa activated the chip and Vixy’s body seized up, and then shook violently in her bonds as the little ch