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Bad Influence(r), Chapter Ten: Improvements

Previous parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine


Chapter Ten: Improvements

When Vivianne regained consciousness, her head felt very warm and like it was filled with cotton. Her body hurt, too. She cracked one bleary eye open, and then the other, drowsy and struggling to focus. She wasn’t on the plane anymore. It was so hard to think. She tried to raise her arms to rub her eyes, but they were fastened to steel bed rails with some kind of padded cuff. When she tried to open her mouth to ask what was going on (though she didn’t see anyone to ask) her lips hurt, too.

As she became more aware, she realized that the pain she felt was primarily centered on her chest. She wore what looked like some kind of hospital gown. Panicked, she wondered if there had been some kind of accident. Had the plane crashed? Was she scarred and broken? It didn’t feel like anything was broken.

A face appeared in her blurry vision, that of a man in scrubs, wearing a surgeon’s mask, a sanitary cap covering his hair. He gave a nod, seemingly pleased with something. Vixy tried to speak again, but her throat felt dry and itchy. The man pushed a little tube between her sore lips and she sucked, swallowing cool water. It felt good to have something in her mouth. The man allowed her a few sips, and then he disappeared. Her present condition, suddenly, didn’t feel so pressing and she fell asleep again.

The next time she awoke, she was a bit more clear-headed. Groggily, she looked around. Yes, she was in some kind of hospital room. Her arms and legs were still restrained. She moved her lips. They still hurt. They felt swollen. The pain in her chest had receded to a dull ache. The man was not in the room, but the little tube hung from a bag of water on a pole. She fumbled for it with her sore lips, found it, drank, and slept again.

Vixy’s full awareness returned the third time she awoke. This time, she saw a woman in scrubs removing a bedpan from beneath her and she felt humiliated at the thought that someone else was discarding her waste. Still, her body felt sore. The pain was numbed, though. The nurse didn’t speak to her as she left the room. A moment later, the man appeared again.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

“What happened?” Vixy mumbled.

“The operation went well. I think you’ll be pleased with the results!” the man said, obviously pleased.

“Operation?” she asked, suddenly terrified. There had been an accident!

“I know that the drugs can make you a bit loopy,” the man said, nodding, “but it will wear off. I just need to check them.”

Check what, Vixy wondered as the man reached for her gown, then opened the front of it and stared at her naked tits. Her tits. Her huge tits! What the fuck!

“Oh my god!” Vixy exclaimed, horrified.

“I know, right?” the man said, “We don’t usually get orders for a G, but we’re not here to judge. You’ll be pleased to know that the experimental procedure was a complete success. Other than the requested additions, the Maximizer injections did exactly what they were supposed to do. These really are a thing of beauty,” he commented, whistling as he groped her tits with his gloved hand.

Vixy squealed at the pain from her sore tits and began to cry. What was happening? On the bedside table, her phone began to vibrate. Out of reflex, she reached for it, but the restraints stopped her. The doctor picked up the phone and put it on speaker.

“Vixy?” Melissa’s voice said from the other end.

“Melissa! Help! Please, you have to help me! I’m a hostage!” Vixy screamed.

“What? You’re not a hostage,” Melissa said.

“The restraints are for your safety,” the doctor quickly assured her, “We don’t want you hurting your new funbags, is all. They need a couple of days to heal.”

“What the fuck is going on?” Vixy yelled, crying.

“The followers decided that you’d look much better with some big bimbo tits and lips,” Melissa explained, “and the consensus landed on a G as the appropriate size. Don’t worry. One of your sponsors is a new experimental treatment called Maximizer. They’re doing enhancements via a simple injection, so there’s no cutting, no expensive surgery, no scarring, and the recovery time is just a couple of days. The procedure hasn’t been legalized in the states, yet, so we had to do it somewhere else.”

“What? I don’t want bimbo tits!” Vixy argued.

“Vixy, it’s not about what you want. It’s about what the followers want and what you agreed to in the contract. They also requested a few enhancements from some of the other sponsors. For example, one of the sponsors is an animal control company. We had a couple of the shock chips from their collars surgically implanted in your new tits. We’ll feature them in some of the upcoming campaigns. Just to give you an idea, though, they’re remote-controlled like this.”

While Vixy was still trying to process what she’d heard, her mind went blank as a shocking pain electrified her tits, making her scream in agony. The shock lasted only a second but brought fresh tears.

“See? Isn’t it cool?” Melissa asked, “The team has some great ideas for future interactive campaigns. Oh! There’s also one implanted in your cunt. I think you get the idea, so I’m not gonna demonstrate right now. There’s also a subdermal implant near your clit from a sponsor called Embedded Erogeny. It works like this.”

On the other end of the line, Melissa activated the chip and Vixy’s body seized up, and then shook violently in her bonds as the little chip caused her to have an intense orgasm, creaming the sheets in an embarrassing squirt of girl cum as the doctor watched.

“Vixy? Vixy, can you hear me,” Melissa asked as Vivianne cried, “Hey, just calm down. It’s gonna be fine. Your followers are gonna love this. You’re a good girl.”

At the words, Vixy had another orgasm, sobbing as the doctor rubbed his crotch.

“Your recovery time will just be a couple of days,” Melissa explained, “and then you’re going to spend the rest of the week at the resort being pampered like a good girl.”

Vivianne orgasmed again.

“Just let the doctors take care of you and you’ll be fine,” Melissa said and hung up.

The doctor placed her phone on the table, then picked up a set of headphones, saying, “Recovery can be pretty boring, I know. Your manager sent these with you, so you can have something to do while you’re bedridden.”

He placed the headphones over Vixy’s ears, and the familiar white noise began to play, easing her anxiety. The doctor left her. After several minutes of laying, restrained, in the bed, she dozed off again, sad and horrified by what her dream of being sponsored had wrought on her life.


The feeling of someone rubbing between her legs pulled Vixy from the pleasant dream she’d been having. She couldn’t remember what the dream was about, only that it had been nice, in utter contrast to her current situation. Her eyes focused on the feeling. The female nurse was back and rubbing a warm cloth between Vixy’s legs, carefully cleaning her bare pussy. The headphones had been removed and placed on a charger.

“How do you feel?” the woman asked without taking her eyes from her task.

Vixy blushed as the woman spoke to her nude cunt.

“I’m feeling better,” Vixy admitted.

Most of the pain in her tits and lips had gone, leaving them sore but improved over… however long she’d been asleep. The woman finished cleaning her and deposited the cloth into a bin nearby, then sat next to the bed on a stool, taking up a little cup and a spoon.

“I think I can do it myself,” Vixy began to complain, as the woman lifted the spoon and flew it toward her mouth, making little airplane noises as she did so and smirking.

“Sorry, kitten,” the woman said, demeaningly, “We can’t have you mauling your girls. They’re susceptible to bruising during the first day if you’re not careful.”

She pushed the spoon between Vixy’s lips. Vixy accepted it and swallowed gratefully. She suckled the spoon lovingly until all of the gooey yogurt was gone, reluctantly allowing the nurse to pull it back out. When her mouth was empty, she felt a pang of shame at how lonely the lack of something in her mouth made her feel. It must be the drugs, she thought.

The nurse continued to feed her the yogurt, until it was gone. She threw the empty cup into the bin, then patted Vixy on the head and said, “Good girl.”

Vixy’s body jerked, and she let out a whorish moan as she orgasmed, her pussy suddenly growing warm and wet. The nurse giggled and commented, “Jesus! I wish I had it that easy!”

Vixy blushed furiously and couldn’t understand why the words always made her cum like some kind of desperate slut.

“I like what you did with the lips,” the nurse said, stroking Vixy’s hair, “are they still sore?”

“A little bit,” she said.

“Can I try them?” the nurse asked.


The nurse didn’t answer. Instead, she stood up and leaned over Vixy, then pressed her own lips against Vixy’s new, plump lips and began to kiss her slowly. Vixy groaned again and shook her head, but the nurse just held her head in her hands and kissed her again. Vixy squealed in protest, but the nurse probed Vixy’s lips with her tongue until, finally, Vixy gave up and allowed the woman to push her tongue into her mouth.

She lay, unresponsive, as the nurse’s tongue squirmed in her mouth, but then the woman slid her hand between Vixy’s spread legs and began to rub at her warm pussy. Vixy squeaked and bucked, but she wasn’t able to move with the restraints keeping her in place.

After a couple of minutes, her pussy grew hotter, the nurse’s fingers working expertly between her folds, and then Vixy began to kiss her back. Her lips began to hurt after the kissing became more impassioned, though, and the nurse finally relented, pulling her lips away and telling Vixy she was a good girl. The words made her pussy cream on the nurse’s fingers and the woman laughed delightedly.

The nurse extracted her fingers from Vixy’s sopping hole and licked them clean, then glanced at the door. She, seemingly, made some kind of decision, and then slipped her pants off.

“What are you doing?” Vixy hissed.

The woman removed her panties, then slipped the scrub pants back on. She wadded up the panties and pushed them into Vixy’s mouth. Vixy gave a muffled cry as she tasted the woman’s pussy cream on her tongue, but the nurse then applied a strip of surgical tape over Vixy’s mouth to keep the panties in place. Vixy continued to make muffled protests as the nurse moved between her legs and began to flick her tongue against Vixy’s engorged fuck button, causing her to thrash in her bonds as the pleasurable sensation traveled outward, along her body.

Good girls love their cunt. Good girls lez off. Good girls only care about their cunt. Good girls lick cunt. Good girls can’t say no.

Vixy began to sob, while the nurse lapped and sucked at her cunt, pushing her hands under the gown and rubbing Vixy’s tummy as she ate her to a leg-quaking orgasm. Humiliatingly, Vixy wiggled her hips against the woman’s face, wanting another one. The nurse obliged, licking along Vixy’s creamy slit, then sucking at her clit until Vixy trembled, moaned, and came again.

“You’ve got a really tasty cunt,” the woman said, wiping Vixy’s slut slime from her lips with the back of her hand, then wiping her hand on Vixy’s gown, “I’m on shift again in a few hours. We’ll do this some more, then.”

Vixy shook her head, but the woman didn’t reply. Rather, she took hold of the surgical tape, then yanked it free, saying, “Good girl,” as she did so. Vixy yelled in pain as she orgasmed at the trigger words, the scream muffled by the panties in her mouth. Once she’d calmed, the nurse reached in and took the spit-soaked panties from her mouth. She held them, considered them, smiled, and then pushed them into Vixy’s spread cunt, until they were all the way inside. She gave Vixy a mockingly kind kiss on her forehead, put the headphones back on, and left the room.

Vixy sobbed quietly at the violation, even as her pussy throbbed pleasantly, and the white noise filled her ears. Soon, though, the tears stopped, and she lay staring into space as the entrancing sound continued to play.

Good girls make good toys. Good girls don’t complain. Good girls are always ashamed. Good girls love tits. Good girls are dumb girls. Good girls have an empty head and wet cunt. Don’t trust Vivianne…

Despite napping off and on, Vixy felt very tired and confused. It seemed as though, every time she’d start to get any meaningful rest, the doctor would come in, check on her, disturb her nap, grope her tits a few times, then nod to himself and leave. True to her word, the nurse returned a few hours later, waking Vixy again. In a repeat of the prior violation, she placed the headphones on the charger, then extracted the sodden panties from Vixy’s cunt. Vixy did not object when the woman pushed the gross panties into her mouth again and applied the tape.

The woman sucked, licked, and hummed at Vixy’s hot slit once more, coaxing two more jarring sapphic orgasms from her. Vixy sobbed pitifully as the nurse ripped the tape from her mouth, and said, “Good girl,” and then she orgasmed shamefully as the pain in her lips sent spikes of agony through her. The panties went back into her cunt, the headphones went back on, and the nurse left her alone.

Good girls are stupid sluts. Good girls need cock. Good girls crave cunt. Good girls suck slit. Good girls like to obey.

Once again, her rest was disturbed by the doctor. After groping her bimbo tits a few times, the man pulled his stiff penis from her scrubs and to Vixy’s horror, he began to jerk himself off while he stared at her funbags.

“What are you doing?” Vixy hissed.

“This will aid the recovery process,” he said, as though jerking off to her tits were standard medical practice.

“But-” Vixy began, then the doctor grunted and ejaculated on her udders, saying, “Good girl,” to which Vixy’s protestation turned into a squeal of orgasmic bliss as she came, the doctor’s seed spilling over her enhanced melons.

The man casually rubbed the goo into her tits, giving one nipple a painful tug. When she cried out in pain, he repeated, “Good girl,” and Vixy’s pussy creamed as the doctor continued to pull at her sensitive nubs.

Over the two days spent in recovery, the process continued, unabated. The nurse would pop in, extract the disgusting panties, put them in her mouth, then eat her cunt. Vixy would cum like a slut and then cum again as the nurse painfully tore the tape off of her sore lips and said, “Good girl.”

The doctor would, then make his visit, grope her, jerk himself off onto her lips or tits, and then rub the semen into them as he tugged her nipples, inducing another orgasm with the trigger words. By the end of the recovery, this had happened so often that Vixy’s body had begun to associate the pain in her tits and lips with the feeling of the orgasm, and when, just before her release, the nurse slapped one of her augmented tits painfully, Vixy orgasmed, shamefully, without the need for the trigger words.

On her release, she was given back the clothes she’d come in. The top, which had already been lewd, was now utterly obscene as she worked to get it over her newly enhanced rack. The soreness in her tits and lips had faded, leaving just a bit of a dull ache, but the tight top felt very uncomfortable squeezing her large melons together. She tottered out to the lobby in the ridiculous ballet heels, where she was greeted by Krista, the photographer.

“Hey, girl,” the petite girl said, looking over her body, “Boy, they really do look great!”

“No, they’re not!” Vixy complained, “They look whorish.”

Krista rolled her eyes, as though Vixy were being unreasonable, and said, “Melissa has me shadowing you for the duration of your stay at the resort. I’ll be getting lots of shots of our activities for the sponsors. First, though, I need you to strike a pose. Your followers are chomping at the bit to get a look at the new VixyViv!”

The girl motioned Vixy to stand next to a sign displaying the name of the clinic, as well as the brand of the sponsor, Maximizer, and then took several photos of Vixy’s slutty new tits and plump, bimbo lips. Vixy did her best to look happy.

Good girls love to pose. Good girls love photos. Good girls show the world how good they are. Good girls are objects of pleasure.

For the final shot, Vixy posed with the doctor and nurse, who each groped one of her tits and said, “Good girl,” causing her to orgasm whorishly as Krista snapped the photo. The orgasm caused the disgusting panties to shoot from her cunt and fall to the floor with a sickening, wet, thuk. Krista snapped another photo of Vixy’s look of horror. She’d become so used to the feeling of the panties pushed up her cunt that she hadn’t even noticed their presence.


Enjoying this story? You can pick up the finished book in the shop! This book tells the story of Vivianne, who dreams of being a real social media influencer. When she's offered a contract with Internet Famous Entertainment Management (iFem), her life is taken control of by her campaign manager, Melissa. Melissa has her own plans for Vivianne's social media career, and they include degrading and humiliating her as often as possible, rewriting her personality, and turning her into a cash machine for the evil iFem corporation.

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