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Bad Influence(r), Chapter Seven: The Massage

Previous parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

VixyViv's Massage

Chapter Seven: The Massage

Vixy arrived at the spa, ready for some rest and relaxation. The place played gentle instrumental music that she found very soothing. A photographer from iFem met her just inside. Vixy had, somehow, pictured the photographer as a man, though she wasn’t sure why. Instead, she met a skinny brunette girl with large glasses, who loudly smacked a piece of gum. She wore a ripped t-shirt with, “Take a photo. It’ll last longer,” printed in faded letters across the front.

“Hey! You must be VixyViv,” the girl said excitedly, shaking her hand, “I’m Krista.”

Vixy accompanied the girl to the desk, where a soft-spoken woman with doe eyes checked them in and escorted them to one of the private massage rooms. She left the pair of them alone, stating that Vixy should undress and lie on the table to wait for the masseuse. Despite the photographer watching, Vixy shed her clothes and lay face-down on the table, draping a towel across her back. Half the world had just watched her exposed vagina get pounded by a fuck machine for the sake of art, she figured, so one girl with a camera no longer mattered.

She drifted into half-wakefulness while they waited, but the sound of the door sliding open, then closing, roused her. A well-built and muscular man had entered the room. The guy looked more like a bodybuilder than a masseuse, Vixy thought, but what dropped her jaw was that the man was completely naked and his half-erect penis swung back and forth as he approached her.

“What-” Vixy began, but the man cut her off.

“Hi there,” he interrupted, “I’m Jake. I’ll be your masseuse. I can see by the look on your face that they didn’t tell you this is a fully nude massage, did they?”

“No!” Vixy snapped.

“Hey, this is the newest trend. You’re gonna love it. Everything is above board, honey. Just relax and I promise you’re gonna feel great at the end.”

Krista was already snapping photos of the naked man as he approached Vixy’s towel-covered body. Vixy bit back her protest and wondered how many more embarrassing sponsors she was going to have to work with. She got that these places were trendy, cutting-edge, and artistic, but it was all so humiliating.

Jake presented her with a set of headphones, saying, “These were requested in the massage package from your manager. Some kind of sponsorship thing. I don’t know. They just asked me to have you wear them.”

He placed the headphones over Vixy’s ears and a moment later a soft, white noise began to play. Vixy let the sound lull her into relaxation as Jake moved a small cart of various oils near the table and began to work some into his beefy hands. He peeled away the towel, leaving Vixy nude on the table. As his hands touched her back gently, the warm oil and his careful technique began to work out the tension in her muscles. Unable to hear anything, and with the white noise in her ears, Vixy lost track of the photographer. After a few minutes of Jake’s expert hands, though, she couldn’t have cared less.

The guy really did know his stuff, she decided and let him work, her mind falling into a well-deserved half nap. Jake’s hands ran all over her back, down her legs, across her neck, up her legs and thighs, relieving her stress and concerns as though his fingers were pulling it out of her with every touch. When he stood behind her and she felt the table sink a bit lower, then his hands parting her legs, she didn’t even care. He continued to work on her, easing up her inner thighs, until his strong hands were smearing her sore cunt with the warm oil.

Vixy moaned, her head filled with the relaxing white noise, her body limp as her entranced mind only vaguely noted the man’s gentle rubbing of her sore pussy. Krista’s camera clicked away, capturing every angle, getting closeups of the man’s fingers brushing, rubbing, and touching Vixy’s puffy cunt and naked skin. Jake straddled the little table, sliding his hands up her back and kneading the remaining tension from her muscles. His cock was hard now and slipped back and forth between her exposed butt cheeks, which were coated in the slippery oil. Something about it seemed off, Vixy thought, but she was far too at ease, much too relaxed to think of what was wrong.

Vixy's Massage

This was just a new trend in massage therapy. A hard, warm penis sliding back and forth between her oiled butt cheeks was nothing to be concerned about. Jake was a professional. Everything was above board. The feeling of his stiff dick disappeared as his hand went between her legs again. The slippery oil coating her sex and the warm flow of her own arousal made Vixy sigh as Jake’s fingers worked between her hot slit, rubbing away the soreness from her mechanical fucking. When his thumb rubbed back and forth across her clit, Vixy orgasmed, gushing more warm girl juice onto his fingers as Krista snapped photos.

Vixy barely registered the orgasm. It was just another pleasant sensation in her body. The noise in her ears and the feel of the man’s hands were the only things she needed. Jake disturbed the hazy, dreamlike feeling in her head, briefly, as he turned her onto her back and continued his massage, coating her bare tummy in the oil, then sliding his hands down her sides, her legs, and back up. She fell back into her trance as he worked, and then trembled as the oil-coated her tits and his hands gently groped and toyed with her nipples, causing them to stiffen.

The table, lower now, allowed Jake to straddle it again, this time from the front. He worked his hands down her body, straddling Vixy’s face. Her eyes closed and mind adrift in the trance, she didn’t really register any of it consciously. The massage was amazing. Jake’s hands were fabulous. The noise was so relaxing and her whole body felt like she was laying on a cloud.

As Jake rubbed her down, now cupping and kneading her slick tits, his hard penis kept brushing her lips or lightly smacking against her cheeks. Krista clicked her camera. These shots were great, she thought, really capturing the amazing new technique that was, no doubt, going to be sweeping the nation. She was tempted to stay after and book one for herself.

As Jake continued to knead Vixy’s firm tits, his cockhead kept rubbing against her parted lips, slick with the oil. He tugged lightly on her nipples and Vixy’s trance suddenly broke as she felt a hot spray of semen coat her lips and then another blast across her chin. A third sprayed her forehead. Jake seemed completely unperturbed by this. He smeared his semen into her cheeks and face with his fingers as Vixy’s mouth opened in horror. He removed the headphones and sound rushed back into her world.

Vixy's Massage

Vixy's Massage

“How do you feel?” Jake asked, “I know that the semen mask at the end is kind of a new experience for a lot of people, but you’re gonna love the results on your complexion. A couple of times a week is recommended, but I know making the time with a schedule like yours is kind of tough.”

Vixy was still too stunned to reply. He’d just ejaculated on her face and considered this to be a normal part of massage?

“Please leave us a good review if you enjoyed the service,” he said, wrapping a towel around himself and exiting the room.

“That was great!” Krista exclaimed, happily bouncing on her feet as she took one last shot of Vixy’s nude, oil-coated body, “I’m gonna stay back and see if I can get in for one before I leave.”

Vixy made use of an en suite shower, cleaning all of the oil and semen from her body before trudging back to her car, relaxed but sad and humiliated. The other influencers didn’t seem to have to do weird sponsorships like this. They got to promote video game tournaments or cosmetics, movie premieres, and runway shows. One look at the slick little pink convertible, though, remembering the plush penthouse apartment, she started to feel a little better. Getting in on the ground floor probably just took some ludicrous work to start with, she supposed. Maybe all of the popular influencers went through something like this at the beginning. It was, after all, only her second day.

To cheer herself up, Vixy stopped for a milkshake before going home to take a real nap. She fell asleep remembering the way Jake’s hard penis had rubbed against her face and the hot spray of cum splattering her lips.


Enjoying this story? You can pick up the finished book in the shop! This book tells the story of Vivianne, who dreams of being a real social media influencer. When she's offered a contract with Internet Famous Entertainment Management (iFem), her life is taken control of by her campaign manager, Melissa. Melissa has her own plans for Vivianne's social media career, and they include degrading and humiliating her as often as possible, rewriting her personality, and turning her into a cash machine for the evil iFem corporation.

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