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Bad Influence(r), Chapter Sixteen: Plaisirs Nocturnes

Vixy spent the night with the nude photographer’s body pressed against her in the dark, while the white noise machine played the soothing sounds for her. She slept fitfully, even as tired as she was, the odd headache keeping her awake and confused. Once, she cried out in fright when she saw Vivianne in the darkness, shaking her head sadly, but Krista stroked her hair, reminded her that Vivianne wasn’t real, and then told her that she was a good girl. The resulting orgasmic euphoria made Vivianne go away.

In the morning, Krista woke her by licking her cunt to an orgasm to start the day. Krista also showered with her, kissing her softly and caressing her body under the hot spray of the shower, much as she’d done in Mexico. Her followers dressed her in a frilly, pink top that stretched lewdly around her large melons, and a tiny pair of shorts that showed off a generous amount of her ass. Krista took several photos of her in the outfit, before ensuring that she continued to take her Aphroditzy supplement.

Vixy was relieved to spend the day doing normal things, none of which involved her being humiliated or made to pleasure someone’s genitals. Krista took her out shopping to places that Vixy had, previously, only looked at with longing. Spending freely from her hard-earned commissions, Vixy purchased a Gucci handbag and sandals, with no concern for the cost. In Saks, she picked up an adorable pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses and a gorgeous Tiffany bracelet.

For Krista, she purchased Chanel earrings and a Hermes bag that were irresistibly cute. Vixy treated them to lunch at a restaurant that sat at the top of one of the tallest buildings in town, a place that insisted she needed a reservation. However, when the hostess saw who she was, the pair of them were escorted in right away. While they sipped cocktails and ate portions that were far too small for their price tag, Vixy listened to Krista gush over her.

“You see what comes of taking care of your sponsors?” Krista asked, waving her hand to encompass the entire day, “Damn, Vixy, You’re like a fucking celebrity!”

Vixy blushed over the compliment. Somehow, it felt strange. She could remember that this was what she’d dreamed of and worked for back when she’d been… she’d been someone else. Who else was she? What had come before VixyViv? When she tried to think of that “before” there was only a fog, like a dream that was hard to piece together. Vivianne? No. Vivianne wasn’t real.

The feeling was disturbed, but not entirely forgotten when a pair of women stopped to ask for her autograph and a selfie. Krista took the picture. When Vixy scrolled her feeds over a small dessert, she saw the photo of herself, with the two women’s arms around her, each of them kissing her cheek. The new, expensive shades were propped up on her head and the girl in the photo looked for all the world as though nothing was more important to her than her followers and her image. She’d blown a little kiss to the camera.

The photo was what she was. She was VixyViv, a trendy and influential personality. VixyViv was an iFem poster girl, an image that sold the sponsors and garnered followers. In every post was an iFem watermark, an iFem account sharing it, commenting on it, retweeting it, endorsing it, attaching a product or a service to it. iFem owned it, owned her life, her every action. The thought should have been disturbing, and on some deep level, it was. When she tried to think about it, though, to bring that worry to the surface, it resulted in fright and a different kind of worry. It felt like betrayal.

“Vixy?” Krista said, waving her hand, “Earth to Vixy?”

“Hmm?” Vixy said, snapping up to look at the photographer.

“I said, are you ready to go?”

“Oh… yeah,” Vixy stammered.

She paid their bill and left a generous tip, but the odd sense of discomfort and worry wouldn’t go away as they took the elevator down to the lobby of the building. As they crossed to the doors, Vixy saw Vivianne again, in the crowd, and she looked scared. Vixy paused, but then the crowd swirled around Vivianne and she was gone. The damn headache came back, though, as Krista pulled her along toward the car.


“I know this is technically a day off,” Melissa said over the speakerphone, as they unloaded their expensive haul at Vixy’s lavish apartment, “but there’s a new club doing a grand opening tonight. Plaisirs Nocturnes. I had TaraTrendz booked for it, but she’s got a bout of flu. I’m going to need you to take over the spot, Vixy.”

“Alright,” Vixy said, settling back on the couch and allowing Krista to spread her legs.

The photographer peeled down Vixy’s panties and began to lap at her wet and needy cunt.

“What… what do I need to… do?” Vixy asked, her breath quickening as the petite girl began to tongue fuck her horny box.

“Plaisirs Nocturnes is a sexy new kink club. Swingers, bondage, lots of fun things,” Melissa explained, “I’ll send Krista the details so she can plan the shots and video. Just be yourself, Vixy. Hot, sexy, slutty. That’s what we need. I think you’re gonna do this better than Tara. That bitch is too frigid for something like this. Plaisirs Nocturnes needs a real sexdoll.”

Vixy wiggled her cunt against Krista’s face and tried to focus on Melissa’s words, the little nagging worry at being called a sex doll and a slut by her manager, tempered by the insistent licking of Krista’s tongue and her fingers massaging the inside of her pussy.

“Are you that kind of slut, Vixy?” Melissa asked.

“I… I’m…”

“iFem needs a slut, Vixy,” Melissa said.

iFem wanted it. Vixy wanted it.

“I’m a… a slut,” Vixy hissed.

“Good girl,” Melissa said.

Vixy groaned loudly as her manager hung up, the familiar, mind-erasing pleasure of the words making her arch her back and squirt girl cum onto Krista’s face. Krista squealed excitedly and lapped at the slutty ejaculation as Vixy wriggled and writhed with that unreal sense of pleasure and rightness, purpose for her job.


Vixy pulled the iFem convertible into the VIP lot at the back of the new club, Plaisirs Nocturnes. The club wouldn’t open to the guests for a while, but Melissa wanted them to arrive early for introductions. In a sheer, sequined minidress and glossy black heels, wearing a new set of silver Louis Vuitton earrings and matching bracelet, Vixy clacked her way to the rear entrance with Krista at her side. The photographer wore her camera around her neck. A suited pair of bouncers took her name and one of the men escorted them inside.

The expensive club was lavish and multileveled. On the first floor sat a raised stage and the open area in front of it contained plush couches with tables for guests. The upper floor contained a number of private rooms. All about the walls were erotic photography, some of which Vixy recognized as X-Rod’s work. She blushed at a large, framed poster of herself tied to X-Rod’s bench with the fuck machine hammering her cunt. The club’s owners, a married couple in expensive eveningwear, met them inside.

The man kissed Vixy’s hand and the woman gave her a soft, sensual kiss on the lips.

“I’ve been following you for a week,” the woman said, “I just love that sexy wild streak of yours. You’re living out my every fantasy.”

She hooked her arm in Vixy’s and showed her around the club, while her husband discussed the photography with Krista, concerning guests and their privacy. The woman, who called herself Tia, explained the vision for Plaisirs Nocturnes.

“We’re like you,” Tia said, “we want to show everyone, regardless of their income level, that sexual freedom and expression are important and acceptable. Kinks aren’t the exception. They’re the norm. We all have them and we all deserve to have supportive communities that encourage each other to explore our sexual boundaries in safe and positive environments. Far too often, sexual needs that are left unexplored lead to distress in relationships. We want to promote security about desires.”

Vixy did not feel certain that she was like this, but given what she’d done in the name of iFem and for her own fame, it was hard to deny it. Tia led her into an empty room on a floor above the top floor.

“This is our private suite,” Tia explained, seating herself on the bed and drawing Vixy in.

Tia slid her arms up Vixy’s tummy and groped her bimbo tits through the dress, making Vixy moan hotly. The effects of the supplements had her hot and wet, pliable and horny. Before Vixy knew what was happening, Tia was hiking up her dress and guiding Vixy to her knees, then expectantly pushing Vixy’s face into her moist pussy. There was no mention of consent or even a question. Tia simply expected her cunt to be licked, and Vixy did so instinctively, flushing with shame and disgust at how aroused her own twat was.

“When I watched you with those two girls that won you for the night,” Tia said, stroking her hair and grinding her cunt on Vixy’s tongue, “I was so jealous. You really are a gorgeous little sex doll. I’m so glad they sent you instead of that other girl… Mmm, yes, just like that, slut…”


Just before the club opened for the guests, Krista met Vixy at the bottom of the stairs. Tia gave her a long, sexy tongue kiss before leaving to find her husband.

“Melissa had this couriered over for you,” Krista said, and reached up to fasten something around her neck.

Vixy heard a little lock click and brought out her phone, flipping the selfie cam on and looking. The thing was a black, leather collar with a small tag in the shape of a heart. The heart had a “V” inscribed on it in girly script.

“It’s a collar!” Vixy stated.

“It’s so cute!” Krista gushed.

The little feeling of worry nagged at the back of Vixy’s mind, but when she turned the tag over and saw, “iFem” printed on the back, along with a string of digits, the worry was replaced by a feeling of duty. The lights dimmed slightly just then, and the owners took up a position near the front doors. Krista took Vixy along with her to stand with them and began taking photos of the three of them together as the doors opened. Eager guests began to file in, having their names checked off a guest list.

Despite Tia’s assertion that those of all income levels and social status were welcome at the club, it seemed that tonight’s opening included only an elite clientele. Vixy found herself shaking hands with businessmen in tuxedos, kissing the cheeks and mouths of more than one starlet she’d seen in film, and then groped unabashedly by Honey Kisses and Lucy Lix. X-Rod, bedecked in a gaudy suit covered in atrocious dollar signs, gave Vixy a kiss on the hand and vanished into the club with two giggling bimbos on his arms.

Once the guests had filed in and begun to mingle, Tia took Vixy’s arm and led her behind the stage. The woman gave her another kiss on the mouth and then put a gag in place.

“Mph!” Vixy squeaked.

“Just for show, honey,” Tia said, “for the charity auction.”

She snapped a leash to Vixy’s new collar and tugged on it. Vixy stumbled forward, gripping the leash and squeaking a protest, but Tia ignored it and continued walking, forcing Vixy to follow her onto the stage in front of the assembled crowd. They were joined on the stage by her husband. Tia stood with the leashed and confused Vixy as her husband thanked the guests for attending the opening night, and then reiterated their vision for the club.

“Tonight’s event will open with a charity auction,” the man announced and beckoned his wife forward.

Tia tugged the leash and Vixy followed, her eyes pleading for some sort of explanation.

“Our partner in tonight’s event is Internet Famous Entertainment Management, who has graciously provided us the use of one of their newest, and naughtiest, young influencers,” the man continued, and indicated a stunned Vixy, “The winner of tonight’s auction will spend a night of erotic passion with the luscious young VixyViv, who will be willing to serve your every kinky whim!”

“Ht ma hll!” Vixy mumbled, but no one paid her any mind.

The assembled guests murmured and clapped as Tia displayed Vixy for their amusement, cupping and jiggling her enhanced tits to approving mutters and a few whistles. Vixy then found herself confronted with a video montage of her recent exploits in Mexico as Tia’s husband auctioned her off to the highest bidder. Trembling, confused, her pussy wet, Vixy watched herself once more being ravaged by lesbians, having her tits shocked, being spanked against the door of a taxi, kneeling at a dirty glory hole, and then servicing a line of cocks and pussies while tied to a bench in public view.

She blushed crimson at the shame, though she knew she should have expected nothing less. Millions of people around the world had already seen her humiliation and everyone now found the words slut, whore, bimbo, and fuckdoll synonymous with her face and tits. Her cunt soaked her small panties under the expensive dress as she realized that she was also being auctioned off like a sex slave for someone’s entertainment. She hadn’t even paid attention to what the charity was.

For nearly an hour, Vixy stood by and allowed Tia to molest her tits and lift her dress to show the crowd her wet panties, to turn her around and display her lovely bottom, until the auction ended. With the lights in her eyes and the extreme arousal clouding her thoughts, Vixy couldn’t even see who the winner was. Tia tugged at her leash and Vixy followed the woman, obediently, off of the stage and then down an aisle. Krista walked backward in front of them, snapping photos and grinning as though it were the best thing in the world.


Tia trotted Vixy up the steps once more and then to one of the large private rooms. The place appeared to be prepared for nearly any eventuality or desire. Two flat-screen TVs hung on the walls, currently replaying the video montage of her in various stages of slutty use by strangers. In the center of the room was a large bed. All about were instruments of kink play, some of them looking like nothing more than torture devices. Vixy saw one wall adorned with whips, restraints, anal hooks, butt plugs, dildos, and vibrators of every conceivable size and utility.

Another corner of the room was generously furnished with wooden stocks, padded with leather, and complete with manacles. At least two Sybians were readily available for the use of guests. A glass case held a plethora of lotions, lubes, and creams. Large mirrors covered each of the walls and the ceiling.

Vixy pulled the gag from her mouth and asked, “What the hell is this?”

“It’s a playroom,” Tia said.

“I can see that! You just sold me?”

Tia cocked her head, “Of course. It was in the sponsorship contract.”

Vixy rounded on Krista, spitting, “You knew about this?”

Krista shrugged saying, “It didn’t seem that important. Melissa did tell you that iFem needed a good slut for this one, right?”

Vixy shuddered as a pleasurable sensation rippled down her body. Good slut.

Good girls are good sluts. Good sluts love to obey. Good girls are good toys.

“Are you a good slut, Vixy?” Krista asked, putting her hand under Vixy’s dress and tugging at her soaked panties.

Krista’s lips met hers and then she felt Tia’s hands reach around behind her to grope her breasts through the dress.

“I think you’re a good slut,” Tia whispered in her ear, “You showed me earlier, didn’t you?”

Vixy moaned into Krista’s mouth, confused, her pussy hot. She had been a good slut for Tia earlier. Krista broke away as the door opened once more. The three of them turned to find Tia’s husband escorting in a tall, dark-eyed man in an immaculate suit. The mere sight of the gorgeous man, the air of confidence that informed his person, made Vixy’s knees weak and her cunt throb.

“Thank you,” the man said to Tia’s husband, who beckoned to his wife.

The pair of them left the room, leaving Krista and Vixy with the newcomer. The man eyed Vixy over as he removed his jacket and undid his tie.

“Um, hello,” Vixy stammered.

“Well worth it,” he grumbled, as though appraising an animal or a piece of jewelry, without acknowledging that she’d spoken.

“You, girl,” he said to Krista, “I’ll review your photos afterward.”

Krista nodded, similarly struck.

“Come here,” he ordered her, crooking his finger.

Krista stepped toward him.

“You as well, slut,” he said to Vixy.

Vixy timidly stepped closer. The man took hold of the leash and tugged her closer. He pulled her in until her body was pressed into his side and his mouth was against her ear.

“Reach down and pull my cock out,” he commanded.

Vixy’s hand dropped to his crotch and, with trembling fingers, she lowered the zipper and put her hand inside. She gasped audibly as she felt his girth and slowly tugged it free. Her hand stayed wrapped around it, stroking softly as it came into the open. The man’s hand rested easily on her hip and that sense of command about him made her stomach flutter.

Krista raised the camera and took a photo of Vixy’s hand encircling his cock, stroking it. The man motioned Krista closer and she obeyed, her face flushed. He rested a hand on her shoulder and pushed. Krista, to her own confusion, allowed him to put her on her knees.

“Put my cock in her mouth,” the man whispered softly to Vixy.

Vixy groaned and lifted the man’s cock. He moved his hand to the back of Krista’s head and guided her to it.

“I don’t do guys,” Krista protested, weakly, but she only gave a small groan when the man insistently pushed the head of his cock into her mouth.

“I don’t care what you do,” he said, “You’re here so you may as well be useful for something other than taking pictures.”

Krista stared up at him wide-eyed, disbelief and confusion plain on her face. He released his hold on Vixy.

“Take off your dress,” he ordered, “and fold it neatly. Put it on the chair with my coat.”

Vixy complied, spellbound, removing the dress and folding it as the man guided Krista’s blushing face down the length of his cock. The photographer mewled in protest as her lips stretched lewdly about his stalk. Her small mouth barely fit over the head and first few inches. He beckoned Vixy back to him and rested his hand on her ass.

He gently pulled Krista’s mouth from his cock by her hair and said, “I understand you have a special remote?”

Krista nodded, wiping a strand of spit with her hand. The man extended his palm. Krista fumbled in her pocket and passed him the remote. Vixy shivered as he took it.

“Please, don’t,” she begged.

The man examined the small remote but said nothing.

“You can resume your pictures,” he said to Krista and took hold of Vixy’s leash.

He tugged her toward the bed, then instructed her to kneel in front of it.

“Show me how a good bitch begs for a treat, and I might not use this,” he said and flipped the remote in his hand.

Vixy quickly stuck out her tongue, humiliated, and put her hands up like little paws. The man smirked.

“Very cute,” he said and patted her head.

Krista snapped a photo, and then another as the man pushed his cockhead into Vixy’s mouth. He gently fucked the length of his prick between her sealed lips, while Vixy continued holding her hands up like a dog. The man undid his belt and let his pants fall. He nodded Krista toward the ground and the photographer, grimacing, knelt and untied his shoes, removed them, then helped him to step out of his pants.

“Fold those neatly,” he instructed, “and place them with the rest.”

Krista followed his instruction, then took up her camera again.

“Stand up and lay on the bed,” he ordered Vixy.

Vixy did so, laying back and spreading her legs for him.

“Girl,” he said to Krista, “Put those cuffs on her wrists and ankles,” he instructed, nodding toward the restraints secured to the bed.

Krista snapped a photo of Vixy’s spread cunt and then complied. She took up the padded cuffs and fastened them to Vixy’s wrists and then her ankles, cinching them tightly. The man knelt on the bed and rested his cock on her mound. He fingered the remote in his hand.

“You might want to video this part,” he said to Krista, and then to Vixy, “I’d like you to ask me to put my cock into you in the most degrading way you can think of.”

“What?” Vixy asked, confused by this odd choice of foreplay.

The man clicked the remote and jolted Vixy’s tits, making her howl and begin to sob.

“It seemed like a simple request,” he said, “I think that little zap made your cunt even wetter. Shall we test the theory?”

“Please,” Vixy quickly begged, “Push your cock up my wet and slutty fuckhole!”

The man seemed pleased at the request and placed the head of his cock at her entrance, giving a small push that spread Vixy’s tight pussy open. Vixy tried to recall the last time she’d had sex, but nothing came to mind. The knowledge that she had done it was there, but it was foggy, like it had happened to someone else. Whenever it had occurred, she was certain that it was not like this.

The fat head of this man’s cock stretched her cunt, forcing it to accommodate its girth. She gasped at the feeling of it, then groaned as his head passed the entrance to her tunnel, where he stopped. He fingered the remote again and then pressed it. Vixy shrieked as the trio of all the implants went off, shocking her tits, her cunt, and making her orgasm violently all at once. Her mind exploded with the mixed signals as she jerked against the restraints and the man’s big cock slipped further into her.

“Now, that is an interesting feeling!” he said, “We’ll have to do that again!”

Tears streamed down Vixy’s cheeks as the man began to thrust into her, faster and more powerfully, making her enhanced tits jiggle and shake. Krista captured her violation, catching close-up shots of her lewdly splayed cunt and the horrified look on her face as the strange man fucked his huge tool into her. The obscene wobbling of her large melons made the man laugh and he took one of them in his hand, squeezing it roughly as he fucked her.

Vixy alternated between long moans of orgasmic pleasure, punctuated by spikes of pain as the man roughly fucked his cock into her and used the remote to give her jolts, which made him chuckle as he battered her fuckhole. By the time his big hands latched onto her fuck handles, and he began to pump his copious load into her tired cunt, Vixy was a trembling mess of sweaty confusion. The repeated shocks and forced orgasms, sometimes coming seconds apart, had left her drooling and disoriented. When the man had finished with her, he backed away and snatched Krista by the hair.

“You like licking cunt, right?” he asked cruelly, and pushed the photographer down between Vixy’s legs, ordering, “Lick.”

Krista balked, but the man gave her head a push, mashing her face into the creampied influencer’s pussy. Krista licked, tonguing out the cummy mess as the man held her.

“Good girl,” he said, and then gave a throaty laugh when Vixy orgasmed once more, expelling more goo into Krista’s mouth.

The man dressed, quickly flicked through Krista’s camera, and left without another word, returning to the party. Krista wiped the mess from her face and untied Vixy, who only moaned quietly and curled onto the bed.



Enjoying this story? You can pick up the finished book in the shop! This book tells the story of Vivianne, who dreams of being a real social media influencer. When she's offered a contract with Internet Famous Entertainment Management (iFem), her life is taken control of by her campaign manager, Melissa. Melissa has her own plans for Vivianne's social media career, and they include degrading and humiliating her as often as possible, rewriting her personality, and turning her into a cash machine for the evil iFem corporation.

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