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Bad Influence(r), Chapter Thirteen: Suckoff Saturday

Previous parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve

Chapter Thirteen: Suckoff Saturday

While waiting for Krista, the following morning, Vixy educated herself on the resort’s theme week’s final day. Suck Off Saturday. As with Frisky Friday, guests were encouraged to take a choker of a particular color, which would signal their level of participation, as well as gender preference. Given that she was the resort’s “special guest,” Vixy knew that Melissa would require her to wear the green. She felt certain, though, that there would be an additional, likely humiliating, requirement that applied only to her. She was correct.

Krista informed her of the outrageous requirement as Vixy swallowed her third day of supplements.

“The resort’s installed a ‘hot seat’ in the lobby for the day. The kinkier guests can spend a little time in it. When you’re in the hot seat, you’re offering yourself as a free use suck slut.”

Vixy wanted to protest and she couldn’t understand why her mouth wouldn’t allow her to say it. The suggestions and conditioning, though, implanted by Remolded Reality Labs’ white noise machine and earphones, had truly started to take root. The mixed signals in her mind, the warring feelings, the overpowering sense of horniness, created an emotional storm that made her head throb. It was as though there were two people living in her, sharing her brain, arguing back and forth.

Vivianne, the liar, the argumentative cunt that had signed the contract, screamed at her not to do it, that it was ruining her life. Then, there was the character that iFem was creating, the obedient and horny social media icon, whose only concern was pleasing the sponsors, with attaining notoriety and fortune. Her own desires, Vivianne’s desires, to be that personality created a near-paralyzing sense of division in her head. Vivianne had spent years cultivating that persona, creating the image of a glamorous and sexy young woman, adored by her followers.

It was why she had signed the contract in the first place. Because she did not want to be Vivianne. She’d wanted to be the sexy VixyViv, a personality known the world over for that cute little moniker. Now, Vivianne was backing away from that want, which made her feel less like Vivianne and, truly, more like VixyViv. VixyViv was obligated to iFem, to the sponsors, to follow instructions. In return, they’d ensure that she truly was that personality, even if it wasn’t the image of VixyViv that Vivianne had wanted to be. That was the real crux of the argument; the contrast between Vivianne’s image of VixyViv, and iFem’s image of VixyViv.

Unfortunately, for Vivianne, iFem had far more resources. Thus, when Vivianne wanted to argue, to tell Krista that she did not want to be put in the “hot seat” and offered as a free use suck slut, Vivianne’s voice was muffled by the new voice that had been invading her subconscious for days.

Good girls obey. Good girls are happy girls. Good girls are ashamed. Vixy is a good girl. Vivianne is a bad girl.

“I… I don’t… I want…” Vixy stammered, shaking her head, digging her palms into her eyes as Vivianne argued with VixyViv.

“You alright?” Krista asked.

“I’m… I’m so wet,” Vixy said, managing to shove the harsh, screeching voice to the back of her mind.

She had to be good. Vivianne didn’t understand the consequences. Vivianne would get them… no her… get her fired and put out on the street, with nothing to show for it but fake tits and a mountain of debt.

“Good girl,” Krista said.

The shrieking Vivianne fell silent as Vixy moaned and orgasmed, having to sit on the bed as her legs shook and girl cum wet her pussy.

Vixy is a good girl…

“You’ll spend three sessions in the hot seat through the day. Between those sessions, we’re going out for some fun! Since it’s the last day, and you’ve been so good, we’re getting the rest of the day off to get in some excursions.”

Excursions sounded like fun, Vixy thought, hoping there would not be some humiliating catch.

“Alright. Do I get to wear a top?” she asked.

“Not while we’re on the resort. Maximizer needs their contract time, but you can wear one when we go off-premises.”


Following a quick breakfast, Vixy was introduced to her first session in the “hot seat,” which turned out to be a black bench, in the center of the lobby, with some additions that Vivianne thought were terrible. Vixy, shaking with horror, obediently lay on the bench. A hotel staff member strapped her arms to the sides of the bench and placed her legs in a set of stirrups. The situation reminded her of being strapped to X-Rod’s fuck machine. She was relieved, though, that there was no wicked machine waiting to pound her cunt relentlessly.

Instead, there was a vibrating cock. The staff member slid her swim thong to the side and pushed the fake cock into her pussy, making Vixy groan as a crowd of curious guests watched with interest. He flipped a switch and the cock began to vibrate her twat, sending her into a convulsive orgasm as the crowd murmured and laughed. Krista, of course, filmed the entire process with her camera.

The vibrations from the toy and Vixy’s own squirming had her lewd tits jiggling enticingly. The male staff member, enticed by the obscenity, pushed his cock into her mouth. Vixy squealed as Vivianne protested the free use of her mouth by a stranger, but there was little she could do. Krista moved around her with the camera, filming as the staff member pleasured himself with her reluctant suckhole. Vixy shut her eyes and tried not to look at his face.

Aware that a line had begun to form behind him, and in the interests of providing good service to the resort guests, the man quickly ejaculated into her mouth as Vixy struggled. He held her head in his hand, forcing her to drink his semen as he groaned softly with relief, before giving one of her tits a good squeeze and making way for the next in line.

Vixy sputtered, a trickle of cum leaking from her mouth as the blonde woman, who had propositioned her the day before, stepped up to make use of the restrained influencer.

“There’s that little cunt-teaser,” the woman said, smirking, “You missed a drop.”

The woman scooped the trickle of seed from Vixy’s lip and pushed it into her mouth. Vixy licked it, and then the woman mounted her and began to masturbate herself with Vixy’s mumbling face. Vixy’s body arched on the bench as the vibrating cock forced her to orgasm, squealing into the woman’s cunt. The blonde gripped Vixy’s melons in her hands, holding onto them like the reins of a mechanical bull as Vixy twitched, suffocated by the woman’s snatch. The strange woman humped Vixy’s mouth and nose until she’d satisfied her cunt, then stepped aside for the next in line.

Vixy gasped and sucked in air, said, “Wait!” to the next guest, in order to allow herself to breathe, but the woman ignored her.

Intent on getting her turn with the lobby’s latest addition, the woman straddled Vixy’s face and humped her like a pillow. Having watched the previous guest’s excellent idea, the new woman latched her hands onto Vixy’s bulbous fuck handles and used them as leverage as she pleasured herself.

Her face coated with two helpings of slut slime, and the spermy leftovers of the first man’s cum in her mouth, Vixy reluctantly parted her lips for a second cock. The staff member wet his helmet with her mouth but preferred to rub his balls on her lips as he groped her tits, finally pushing his cock back into her when he was ready to unload. He tugged roughly on her nipples as Vixy swallowed her second load, which made her cum again.

Red-faced and gasping, Vixy settled in for the full hour of free use, satisfying the line of horny pussies and hard cocks, before she was let out of the restraints to a chorus of applause and moans of disappointment from those who hadn’t gotten their turn. Krista helped her stagger to her feet. Vixy looked about wildly, seemingly unaware of where she was. A staff member sanitized the bench and fake cock, cleaning them carefully. As Krista led her away, another woman happily lay on the bench, eager to participate.

“That was so hot!” Krista exclaimed, offering Vixy a wet wipe, “Jesus! If I didn’t have to film, I’d be in line to have you suck my clam, too. You sure you’re not into girls?”

“What? No! And I don’t swallow cum, either! That was gross,” Vixy said, cleaning her face.

“Could have fooled me,” Krista said, grinning, “You ready to do something else fun?”


“The resort lined us up some jet skis,” Krista explained, “You can put your top on.”

Krista handed her a tiny top, barely two bits of string, to drape over her udders. The little strings were just enough to cover half of each nipple and were essentially useless as a top. The idea of going out on the water on jet skis, though, was both exciting and normal. Vixy had never been on a jet ski.

Even Vivianne was pleased to spend a couple of hours on the water, feeling as though this was what she was owed for all the hard work and awful things she’d put up with. Out on the water, the bobbing waves spread out to a glistening infinity before her, it seemed as if she could just ride out on the jet ski, into the sun, never looking back. Out there would be some tropical island, filled with berries and clean streams of rainwater, where no one would find her, no one would shock her tits, and the sponsors asked her for nothing. It was a little place, where she could finally sort out the confusing thoughts and conflict in her head, where Vivianne and Vixy could finally come together and find harmony.

She sped after Krista, whooping wildly at the rush of wind, the salty spray on her skin and the warmth of the Mayan sun. Racing, laughing, feeling the purr of the motor beneath her, the constant battle of wills fell silent in her head. Out here, she could forget that she’d just been tied to a bench and forced to swallow six loads of cum and lick out a dozen women’s cunts for the entertainment of her followers, the glory of iFem, and the profits of the sponsors. For now, just this exciting little moment, she felt whole.


Once they’d docked the jet skis, Vixy was required to remove her tiny top and expose her tits once more. The two women returned to the resort, where another woman was bound to the bench as a line of others waited to use her. Vixy watched, fidgeting, distressed, knowing that she’d soon be on the bench once more. She truly hoped that the resort didn’t want to sponsor her again. Why couldn’t she just get a perfume line or a ski lodge?

The woman finished her round on the bench, was set free, and the bench was cleaned down once more.

“Ready for round two?” Krista asked.

Vixy shook her head no and her mouth answered, “Yes.”

Krista took her to the bench, where Vixy gave her one last pleading look. Krista readied the camera. Vixy lay on the bench, flushed, and allowed the staff member to strap her down.

“This one is for employee appreciation hour,” Krista explained, “and we’ll be doing a special piece on employee benefits for the resort. There will even be a whole article and everything!”

Vixy looked down the line of those waiting for her to service them, and saw that they were all male staff members.

“Wait!” Vivianne said, but then someone pushed a cock in her mouth and began to fuck it as Vivianne sputtered and squealed.

Just as before, her large melons were a far too attractive squeeze toy to be ignored, while pumping one's cock into her reluctant mouth and Vixy groaned and squealed as the first man groped her tits roughly like handholds. The fake cock on the end of the bench slowly fucked itself rhythmically into her cunt as the first man fed her his cum, then stepped aside for the next. There was barely a breath between them and Vixy was back to enduring her second face fucking, with a long line and fifty-four minutes to go.

As the second man pumped his seed into her throat, she orgasmed on the fake cock and Krista gave her a shock to the tits, making her yelp and expel the fresh load of cock cream out onto her face. Vixy gasped as the toy continued to robotically pleasure her pussy and the third man stroked his erection between her lips.

By the end of the second round, Vixy felt drunk on cock and lightheaded from the lack of air, the orgasms, and several shocks to her tits and cunt from Krista, and she’d lost count of how many staff members she’d appreciated. Her entire face felt like it was caked in goop and there was a coating of dry sperm on her tits. At least half a dozen of the men had foregone her mouth for the pleasure of squeezing her melons together and fucking them, during which she’d had to stare into their assholes or feel them rubbing against her face.

She wobbled from the bench, dazed and dirty, horny, confused, and humiliated. Krista took her by the arm and led her toward the elevator, not bothering to clean her off.

“Let’s go get you showered off,” the photographer said, “You did great! The resort is going to love this video.”

Vixy sobbed and sniffled, asking, “Why did you have to shock me? I wasn’t being bad.”

Krista shrugged and said, “It was agreed upon by your followers. They loved it. The resort is happy, too. See?”

Krista showed her a message from Melissa, stating that the resort’s employment website crashed from the volume of applicants. The rest of the season had been completely booked, as well. The elevator dinged at their floor, and Vixy bumbled down the hall, unlocked her room, and Krista followed the cum-coated influencer inside. Krista took her hand and led her to the bathroom, where the photographer started the shower.

Vixy reached for a towel to clean her face, but Krista stopped her and held her hands.

“I know that this has been a rough couple of days for you,” she said, “You’ve been a real trooper about it. You’ve been very good, Vixy,” Vixy felt a shudder of pleasure at the praise and Vivianne groaned, “It’s not easy realizing that you want to do all these slutty things. It’s confusing.”

Vixy shook her head. She didn’t want to do these slutty things. She wanted to do clothing, jewelry, and handbag sponsorships.

“I didn’t… I don’t…” she said, the confusing thoughts coming back. Did she want to do those things? She’d had orgasms from it. Letting those men violate her mouth and her tits, while Krista took photos and videos of it to post on her social media channels had been humiliating, but even now she was outrageously wet and horny, to the point that it was hard to think about anything else.

“Shh, shh,” Krista hushed her, “It’s okay. Let me help.”

The petite girl kissed her on the mouth and pressed her body against Vixy, making her tremble and squeak as the other girl’s soft lips met her own and pressed. Krista’s tongue snaked between her parted lips, darting in and out, tasting the remains of the cum in her mouth. Vixy, rigid and uncertain, allowed the girl to kiss her, to grope her tits, and then to feel her between the legs.

Krista pulled her tongue from Vixy’s mouth and began to slowly rub at Vixy’s warm cunt, while her tongue licked at the mess on her face. Vixy gasped, confused, aroused. Wasn’t Krista a lesbian? Why was she licking semen off her face? With the remains of the drying cum on her tongue, Krista pushed the collected sperm into Vixy’s mouth as she kissed her again, pushing Vixy toward the point of an orgasm.

Before she could cum, herself, Krista withdrew her hand, stripped off her bikini top, and led Vixy into the shower. Once she was under the hot water, the spray washing over her hair and her face, cleaning the dried cake of cum from her body, Krista resumed rubbing her cunt and kissing her.

“It’s alright,” she said softly, breaking the kiss, “Everything’s alright, Vixy. You’re so good. This is nice, isn’t it?”

Vixy moaned as Krista pushed her tongue back into her mouth before she could reply. It was nice.

“You’re going to be so good, baby,” Krista assured her, “We’ll get you lots of new sponsors. You’re going to be so famous and loved.”

Vixy trembled in her arms, her face flushed as she fought the coming orgasm, but then Krista said, “You’re such a good girl,” and Vixy’s legs shook. Krista held her in her arms, kissing her neck under the shower spray as Vixy moaned and came on her fingers.

Krista turned her around and washed her hair for her, sensually kissing at Vixy’s neck, running soap over her body, and working it into her sore tits. All the while, the photographer whispered soothingly in her ear.

“You’re so beautiful, Vixy… You’re so good… Don’t listen to Vivianne. She’s a liar… You’re going to be famous, Vixy... We love you… iFem loves you…”

Krista dried her off and took her to the bed, where she lay Vixy back and gently tongued her sore cunt to another orgasm. The photographer, then, pulled a blanket around the two of them and kissed softly at Vixy’s neck as she held her, one hand on her breast, cuddling her comfortingly as the mixed-up thoughts in her head began to calm. They napped together and Vixy felt warm and loved, knowing she was a good girl.


Refreshed from her nap and having been treated to a generous meal at the resort’s finest restaurant, Vixy prepared to face her third and final round on the bench as a public sex toy. This final round was for guests only, and a line of horny women was already waiting for their turn to hump Vixy’s face, like horny goonettes going at a pillow. Vivianne gave one powerful, insistent protest, but Vixy was feeling loved and adored, so she quickly shut the lying bitch down and made her be quiet.

This was what the sponsor wanted. It was what iFem wanted. This was what good girls did, and Vixy was a good girl. The straps cinched tight and then the next hour began. Rather than plug Vixy’s cunt with a fake cock, this time the waiting guests were encouraged to suck on Vixy’s fuckbox while her mouth was in use.

The first of the women gripped hard at Vixy’s poor tits while she ground her wet hole on the influencer’s face. A second guest was all too happy to lick and suck at Vixy’s aroused cunt for her, which made the rough grinding and sloppy sucking more bearable. Vixy, though, was not the most experienced cunt sucker, a task made all the more difficult by the occasional shock to the tits and the hard grinding of the women on her face.

The other women, many of them dedicated lesbians, were much more experienced at pleasuring a woman, and Vixy’s drug-addled pussy came easily as they sucked and fingered it. Soon, the guests learned that they could more easily cum on her face if a second woman also made Vixy orgasm, as this caused her to moan loudly into their cunts and thrash about. Before long, this became the pattern. The next guest in line would pleasure Vixy’s wet pussy for her, whilst the influencer applied her increasingly expert tongue to her current face rider.

By the time the guest at her cunt was ready for her turn, she was more excited and orgasmed quickly. Still, there were more guests in line when her round ended. Vixy, tired, her tongue sore, and face red, was released from the bench to a round of appreciative applause. In public view, Krista once more cleaned the slut slime of the guests from Vixy’s face with her tongue, while the other women whooped and cheered them on.

With the sun setting, Krista led Vixy out to the beach, where they sat on large beach towels and watched the sun go down on the Mayan Riviera. Vivianne was silent, enjoying the moment of normalcy and the rainbow of color across the clouds as her final night at the resort drew to a close. When the sun had vanished and the night came on, warm and salty, Krista spent time going through Vixy’s feeds from the day with her.

Vixy’s follower count had skyrocketed over the weekend, amassing her a following that Vivianne could only have dreamed of a week ago. In every post, too, Vixy (via Melissa’s team) extolled the virtues of iFem, the opportunity, and her gratitude. She complimented and praised the sponsors. The sponsors and iFem, in turn, shared her posts with glowing remarks of affirmation and love for their latest “family member.”

Vivianne had little in the way of family. Her father was dead and her mother was out there, somewhere, emerging with the occasional call now and again from different parts of the country. It might be months between those communications, which were always brief, ending in some argument. Despite the things they’d made her do, the humiliation, the fake tits, there was a part of Vivianne that could not help the warm and happy feeling at seeing the words on those posts. Family. She was part of the iFem family.

Everything was a jumble of confusion. It seemed like Vivianne and what Vivianne wanted was like some distant memory, just a noise that intruded on Vixy’s world, and that noise just popped into her head to make her uncomfortable. The noise made her feel bad, like she wanted to avoid doing her job, to be a bad girl. In this moment, though, the noise was in harmony. She felt loved and cared for. She was good.

The good feeling welled up as Vixy looked at the words on the posts, tears brimming in her eyes. Love. Our family. Welcome. So proud of you. No one had ever been proud of Vivianne. Everyone was proud of Vixy. She set down the phone on the towel and began to cry, great wracking sobs of confusion, joy, and sadness in equal measure. Krista put her arms around her and nuzzled her hair.

“It’s alright, Vixy,” Krista said soothingly, quietly, “Everything’s going to be alright.”


Enjoying this story? You can pick up the finished book in the shop! This book tells the story of Vivianne, who dreams of being a real social media influencer. When she's offered a contract with Internet Famous Entertainment Management (iFem), her life is taken control of by her campaign manager, Melissa. Melissa has her own plans for Vivianne's social media career, and they include degrading and humiliating her as often as possible, rewriting her personality, and turning her into a cash machine for the evil iFem corporation.

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