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Bad Influence(r), Chapter Eight: White Noise

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VixyViv from Bad Influencer by Tori Hamlin

Chapter Eight: White Noise

VixyViv awoke with a rumbling stomach and a hugely increased follower count. Both the edgy art show and the new massage style were trending across social media. She watched only a few minutes of the erotic art project, long enough to see herself orgasm uncontrollably on the bench a few times. The video was displayed alongside a running stream of comments from her followers, which she read through as they scrolled and her body twitched and writhed, the machine pounding her spread cunt.

“Another brilliant and well-thought-out experiment by X-Rod,” proclaimed a New York Times cultural editor, “It really captured the reaction that many social media users have to the brief flashes of pleasure they attain from their followings. The model should be commended for her staying power, too. By the look of her, she’s got a lot of experience taking a good pounding.”

Vixy felt insulted. She’d only had sex a few times, but this guy made it sound like she was some kind of slut.

Some nobody with a stupid handle that read, MickeyMouseJagger commented, “That is one used cunt! You can tell this chick has taken a harder fucking than this.”

Thousands of comments scrolled up the screen using words like slut, whore, melons, cunt, cumhole, cock channel, cum trench, all of them filthy and derogatory. The uploaded photos from the massage, a few of which had been uploaded to her channels, were not much better. Krista had turned them monochrome, in the style of erotic photography, but to Vixy they still looked slutty.

A photo of her spread legs with Jake’s big hand rubbing her shiny slit as she raised her bottom made it look as though she was begging for him to finger her. One of the shots, where she lay on her back, showed the masseuse groping her tits. A partial view of her mouth, open in a sigh of pleasure made it seem as if she’d been getting off on him molesting her nipples. Then, there was a closeup shot of Jake’s cockhead pressed against her lips, the tip of it stuck just between them, as though she was about to suckle on it. Finally, an embarrassing snap showed her lips coated in a film of jizz with Jake’s penis resting on her cheek.

The comments on the photos ranged from excitement at the new massage style to vulgar insults. The mean comments, Vixy ignored with a mental effort and focused on the good ones. She was a pioneer of new styles, bringing erotic new ways of thinking to the forefront of society. The sponsors were raking in dollars from her work, paying for full copies of X-Rod’s latest project, booking trips to come to his gallery, garnering interest in his past work, and earning him a legion of new fans. The spa’s books were filled and she had a text message from Jake thanking her for the promotion. His schedule was full for the next three months.

Melissa called to congratulate her, saying, “You were a real sport today, Vixy. I know that doing these up-and-coming trend gigs can be a little naughty, but you really did a bang-up job. The sponsors have been really pleased with the results. Aside from the continuing poll, remember that you’ve got tomorrow off, so rest up. I’ll keep in touch. The following day you’re flying out on one of two trips. The destination will be up to your followers, of course, but either one is gonna be a win for you!”

“Trips?” Vixy asked, sitting up.

“Yeah! Didn’t you check the calendar?”

Vixy had not checked the calendar and felt foolish. She’d been so caught up in the whirlwind of life changes, then the sudden rush of running around for her campaign stops, that she hadn’t looked further ahead than the next day.

“I’m sorry, I haven’t checked very far ahead,” she said.

“That’s fine. Take some time to peruse what’s coming up, okay? As far as posting replies to your followers, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. Our team will manage your interactions from here on out. We’ve got your history of replies and shares from your accounts, so everything we comment on will keep that same VixyViv style that your followers have come to look forward to. You just focus on the sponsor’s instructions and we’ll handle the sheep, alright?”

Vixy couldn’t believe it. She didn’t even have to do the actual interaction with the followers? She remembered the countless hours of combing her feeds, each interaction tapped out with her own fingers to amass her audience. Now, she had people for that. She glowed with self-importance, all of the day’s embarrassments suddenly seeming worthwhile. iFem really was providing her with a life of ease. Being responsible for things was quickly becoming a thing of the past. All she needed to do was keep the sponsors happy and Melissa’s team would do the rest.

Before hanging up, Melissa gave one final instruction, “When you go to bed at night, one of the sponsors, Remolded Reality Labs, wants you to start using the white noise machine in your room. We’re going to do a product review video for your YouTube channel later. It’s a new form of subliminal conditioning, and it will train your subconscious to become more outgoing and helpful.”

“Like hypnosis?” Vixy asked, worried about having her brain rewired.

“Sort of like that,” Melissa said, “It will help you adopt more positive behaviors and get you motivated. Think of it like a self-help course in a box.”

“Okay,” Vixy said. That didn’t sound so bad. She did want to be positive and motivated.

She set the stupid comments aside and checked her calendar instead. In a couple of hours, she had a poll closing. Her followers were deciding on which show she was going to watch before bed. Of course, both shows were sponsors and Melissa’s team would handle making the appropriate responses. She’d just have to snap some photos of herself watching the show while wearing an outfit that her followers chose, and ensuring that the brand logo for the TV was visible in her pictures.

She heated up one of the pre-made meals from her refrigerator, taking shots of the food, the packaging, and then a couple of silly photos of herself eating it, while wearing a low-cut nightie (chosen by the followers). The photos went into the campaign with sponsorship links for followers to buy. Many of them did. Vixy earned a small share of the profits as a commission.

Unable to quite break the habit, Vixy checked her feeds and saw that she had commented back on several of the follower’s comments on her photos. Even the hurtful comments had positive feedback under her name.