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Gooner Girl, Episode Seven: Pornosexual

Rachel's tutor, Ms. Gleeson, was a beak-nosed, gray-haired woman with a nervous air about her. This was because Ms. Gleeson was always concerned with being politically correct toward other people. She did not want people to have the impression that she was a bigot, a racist, or a homophobe. She was none of those things, but she wanted to ensure that she was never accused of those things, either. To that end, she made certain to use people's preferred gender pronouns, only the acceptable forms of racial identifiers, and never made a comment that could be viewed as judgmental.

Ms. Gleeson had, also, been Lucy's tutor. Lucy was a smart girl, but a frustrating girl, because Lucy had a mean streak in her and constantly challenged everything that Ms. Gleeson tried to teach her. It was while working with Lucy, that Ms. Gleeson had been introduced to yet another term that she did not want to risk offending anyone by misusing or judging. Pornosexual.

Lucy had engaged Ms. Gleeson, during her time as her tutor, in a discussion about sexuality. Ms. Gleeson did not want to have this conversation, but since she'd told Lucy every topic deserved to be conversed about, explored, and discussed, she had, reluctantly, talked to her about it. Lucy had identified herself as a pornosexual, someone who was sexually attracted to pornography. In strict terms, this was not exactly true, as Lucy did love sex with people and found other people to be sexually arousing. She was just more aroused by edging herself to hardcore pornography than anything else in life.

So it was that, on Monday morning, when Rachel met with Ms. Gleeson for her lessons, the tutor was filled with a sense of anxiousness when Lucy decided to join them at the table.

"Hello, Lucy," Ms. Gleeson said, politely.

"Ms. Gleeson," Lucy said, seating herself, "I'd like to sit in, if you don't mind, because I think there's something important that you need to know, to help Rachel with her studies."

"What would that be?" Ms. Gleeson asked.

"You helped me so well, after we discussed my sexuality, and tailored the lessons to a way that I could benefit from them," Lucy said, smirking, enjoying Ms. Gleeson's nervous shifting, "That I thought you should know that Rachel is the same. Rachel is a pornosexual."

Ms. Gleeson blushed. She had not enjoyed the way that Lucy had made her alter her lesson plans, to include references to sex and pornography, in order to help Lucy learn the material. She was, also, not happy about the fact that she might have to do it again. However, she did not want anyone to think that she was being judgmental. She, further, believed, rightly, that people who identified their sexuality in this fashion deserved support, too, and that it was important that they not feel isolated or outcast, simply because they had different needs.

"Is that so, Rachel?" Ms. Gleeson asked.

Rachel, who sat at the table for her lessons, her cunt stuffed with the vibrating egg, and not having orgasmed since yesterday, nodded her head and agreed, "I really like porno. It makes me feel good."

"Does your mother know about this?" Ms. Gleeson asked, putting the question to both of them.

Rachel shook her head and said, "My mom will think I'm weird, if I tell her."

Lucy nodded, pleased that Rachel was following her instructions, and added, "You know how my mom was, when she found out about me. She still hates me and thinks I'm gross."

Ms. Gleeson's heart went out to the girls. The tutor had children of her own, and all of them were different. She had a son who was gay, a daughter who was lesbian, and another son that had become a daughter. Ms. Gleeson had seen, first hand, the judgement and the disgust that some people had shown to her children, who she loved, and she did not like Lucy's mother's attitude toward Lucy's desire to be a pornosexual. So, Ms. Gleeson had never told their mother about the tailored lessons that she'd created for Lucy. Now, she would have to do it again, and she didn't like it, but her primary concern was teaching, educating, and encouraging people to be who they wanted to be.

"Well, I guess we can keep this between us, then," Ms. Gleeson said, "but I don't have any special lessons prepared right now. I'll bring along some of the material Lucy and I used, the next time I'm over. Would that be alright, Rachel?"

Rachel nodded, grateful that Lucy had taken the time to explain her newfound sexuality to Ms. Gleeson, because Rachel felt that it was embarrassing to have to discuss it. Lucy understood how to say it right, and Rachel knew that if she'd tried to explain it, she'd have just sounded like some kind of weirdo. Weirder, even, than she already was. Lucy didn't think she was weird though, and she was glad that Ms. Gleeson didn't think so, either.

"I'll leave you to the lessons," Lucy said, and retreated to her room.

Lucy stripped herself and got onto the bed, pushing the end of a vibrator into her aroused twat to keep herself stimulated, then went to work on the new accounts she'd set up. The latest video, uploaded the prior evening, had proven quite popular. As she'd expected, watching a girl get fucked by her strap-on-wearing sister had proven to be a great lure, and eager perverts the world over had been happy to part with a little bit of money in exchange for the dirty video. The fact that she was exploiting her sister's naivety didn't seem wrong to Lucy. She was helping Rachel learn, and Rachel would be sharing in the rewards with her, as they made this venture successful.

Lucy opened a second window, moved it to the corner of the screen, and watched a playlist of bukkake porn while she worked. Occasionally, she would pause in her work, press the white vibrator to her clit, and watch the girls in the videos get their faces plastered with cum, as she worked herself up to the edge. Then, the dirty image in her head, she continued to edit and upload new stills and videos from the previous evening's session with Rachel.

After allowing Rachel to cum on the fake cock, they'd taken a brief nap, but then they'd played, long into the night. Lucy was, now, editing a video in which she'd put the gag ball into Rachel's mouth and used one of her scarves to put around Rachel's neck, like a leash. She'd, also, placed a cute, cat ear headband on her, then tied Rachel's hands behind her back.

In the video, she watched Rachel's face, which was toward the laptop camera, her eyes rolled up in her head, drooling around the gag. Rachel was pushed down on the bed, her ass up, and behind her, Lucy fucked the fake cock into Rachel's pussy and pressed the vibrator against her anus. She held the leash in her hand, giving it a gentle tug each time Rachel's body began to shake as she neared an orgasm. At this point, Lucy removed the vibrator and pulled the length of the fake penis from her sister, until she'd calmed down.

Then, when the need to orgasm had passed, the vibrator rubbed against her butthole once more, and the thick, fake cock would slide back into her pussy, where Lucy would slowly, tortuously pump the length of it into her sister, until the process repeated itself. Though the audience could not see it, Rachel watched the computer screen, where a long list of pornography played. Lucy had set this up, so that Rachel would be inundated with more mean girl porn, her favorite kind.

The playlist featured videos of girls taunting other girls as they masturbated, while trying not to orgasm. Other videos showed girls bound and gagged, just like Rachel, as they were pounded roughly in their ass or pussy. All of these videos included the common element of a mean girl, berating or teasing the girl as she was fucked, calling her names, slapping her, or forcing the girl to eat her cunt. Rachel found these videos fascinating, her pussy getting so wet as the submissive girls took this demeaning treatment, orgasming from it, even when they cried or struggled.

Lucy extracted several stills from the video, uploaded them to the free channels, and posted the finished video to the paid account. The channels, new as they were, weren't producing the riches that Lucy knew would come, but they were gaining traction. By the time she'd finished her work, Lucy was incredibly horny. She enlarged her porn window, and then spent some time losing herself in the bukkake porn, while she alternated rubbing her clit with the vibrator, and then pinching it painfully, until her legs were shaking with the need to orgasm.

She took a pair of clips from her nightstand, put them on her nipples, squealing at the familiar pain, and let the need fade, before attacking her twat with the vibrator again. By the time her alarm went off, Lucy's pussy was a sopping mess of need. She had to do her duty, though, and threw on a pair of loose pants and a shirt, before going down to start putting together dinner.

She found Rachel at the table, Ms. Gleeson just having left, staring dumbly at a half-finished paper. Horned-up and on edge, Lucy tilted Rachel's head up and began to kiss her and molest her tits as Rachel moaned, rubbing at her vibrating twat through her pants.

"Lucy," Rachel said, pulling away, "It's really hard to study with the egg in. Can I take it out while I do my homework?"

"You did really good, keeping it in all day," Lucy said, nodding, "So, sure. We can take it out. But you'll have to wear the butt plug, instead."

Rachel hadn't liked the butt plug, at first, but Lucy said it was important to train her ass to play, just like her pussy. Thankfully, the plug she'd worn all night, in concert with the vibrator, had been well lubricated. Having them both in, while she tried to sleep, though, had been agonizing. Lucy had, of course, secured them in with the tape, so Rachel had no choice but to allow the egg to vibrate her cunt all night, which also vibrated the plug stuffed in her butt. She hadn't slept much, and they'd stayed up very late, so Rachel was too tired to protest.

She followed Lucy up to Lucy's room, where her sister pulled off Rachel's pants, extracted the egg, and then pushed her tongue against Rachel's fuckbox and licked at the sexy wetness that had accumulated through the day. This was, perhaps, one of Rachel's favorite things. The fake penis felt wonderful, too, but having Lucy lick her cunt for her made Rachel think of all the dirty movies, with the mean girls that made the other girls lick their cunts, and she fantasized about Lucy tying her up and making her lick cunt, too. The idea was embarrassing and arousing, which Rachel found confusing.

Once Rachel was on the verge of her orgasm, Lucy stopped and propped her up on the bed, in view of the camera, then lubed up her asshole with her fingers. The butt plug went in next, spreading her sister's anus open for the camera as Rachel moaned. Once the plug was in, Lucy gave her pussy a few more licks as a reward, before the two of them went back downstairs. Rachel returned to her assignment, now even hornier, her bottom wiggling in the chair as she did her work and Lucy made dinner.


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