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Gooner Girl, Episode One: Never Touched

Gooner Girl by Tori Hamllin

As Rachel passed by her sister’s room, an odd sound she couldn’t place caught her ear through the closed door. It was something like a soft, electric hum. Lucy didn’t like to be bothered when her door was closed, so Rachel crept quietly to it and placed her ear against the thin wood, hoping that Lucy wouldn’t catch her. Her older sister’s wrath was not something she liked to bring down on herself. It wasn’t that Lucy was mean. Not exactly. She just had this way of making Rachel feel small and silly, which she guessed she was, and the way she did it gave Rachel a funny feeling, like an excited buzz that she’d never quite been able to understand.

Rachel’s heart thudded loudly in her ears as she leaned to the door, inwardly cursing her own curiosity. She just couldn’t help it. She wanted to know everything about everything, and it had gotten her into some trouble from time to time. Especially with Lucy. Sometimes, she snuck into her older sister’s room to snoop. It wasn’t malicious. There was nothing in particular that she was looking for. She was, simply, curious. The older girl knew so much more. She had experience. Rachel just liked to know what it was that older girls did, thought about and liked. Her mother kept her so in the dark about everything, even going so far as to review the library books she checked out for anything too naughty.

"You're not going to be like Lucy," she'd say, but never went into detail about what that meant.

Ear pressed to the door, Rachel could make out the muffled sound of the electric hum, as well as another sound, softer, feminine, like that of a hot sigh of breathy pleasure. What was Lucy doing? For a moment, she wondered if her sister was okay. Maybe she was in pain. Perhaps something was wrong. Experimentally, her hands trembling, Rachel touched the door handle and felt it give. It was unlocked. Lucy, likely, thought she was alone in the house. Normally, their mother would have driven sheltered Rachel to the library and dropped her off for a few hours on a Saturday. Today, though, her mother had been called into work, which left Rachel at home.

She carefully eased the door handle down, moving very slowly and deliberately. It wasn’t that she wanted to spy, she told herself, she was just curious. What were those sounds? The handle clicked, more loudly than Rachel would have hoped and she winced, her hand resting on the handle as she waited to see if Lucy had noticed the sound. Seconds passed as she waited, her blood rushing in her ears and a feeling of perverse excitement coursing through her. Nothing happened. The humming continued. The soft moans and whimpers became a bit louder.

Carefully, with agonizing slowness, Rachel let the handle up and let the door crack open. She gave herself just the barest of cracks to look through, and what she saw didn’t really make sense. She tried to puzzle it out. Lucy lay on her bed, her back propped up against a small stack of pillows. She wore earbuds and resting on her bed was her laptop. Her sister was naked, which gave Rachel a shock, but it was what was happening between her sister’s spread legs that really ramped up Rachel’s terrible curiosity. Lucy held some kind of long, white thing between her legs and she was pressing it against her hoo hoo as she looked at her computer and made little moaning sounds. Whatever she was doing it didn’t seem like she was in pain. Quite the opposite. It looked like she was really enjoying it! Lucy’s legs trembled and quaked. The hand not holding the white thing groped and toyed with her boobs and little tremors ran up and down her body in a way that made Rachel feel warm between her legs watching it.

Rachel stood, entranced, watching Lucy touch herself, and feeling that strange warmth. Recently, that hot feeling from between her legs had begun to happen more frequently. It wasn’t often. Sometimes, when a boy she thought was cute smiled at her, or when her eyes lingered a little too long on another girl’s boobs, while she wondered if hers would get that big. Other times, she’d touch her own little handful-sized orbs and the hot feeling would get really intense, but it happened most often when she showered and washed herself between the legs. Watching her sister doing those same things, she started to wonder if that was going to happen to her, too. Unconsciously, her hand slipped between her own legs, much like Lucy’s, and she began to rub herself through her pajama shorts, making the warm feeling grow.

Lucy’s eyes shifted from the laptop and met her own. Rachel’s breath caught in her throat. For just a second, her sister stared at her, the open-mouthed look of pleasure turning to anger, and then she dropped the white thing on the bed.

“Goddammit, Rachel!” Lucy yelled.

Rachel shrieked and fled down the hall as her naked sister leapt from the bed and tore toward the door. She shut and locked her bedroom door just seconds before the sound of Lucy’s fist banged against it.

“You little pervert!” Lucy yelled and hit the door again.

Rachel pressed her back to the door, as though her small body would lend some kind of added protection against her sister’s fury. She felt the door tremble as Lucy tried the handle, found it locked, and then banged it again. Rachel began to cry, cursing her stupid curiousity. Lucy went quiet, but Rachel could still sense her on the other side of the door. She continued to cry, sobbing in fright. A few tense, silent moments passed.

“Rachel,” Lucy said, the anger gone from her voice, “Rachel, open the door. I’m sorry. I’m not mad.”

Rachel trembled and continued to cry, feeling ashamed and stupid. Why couldn’t she just leave well enough alone? She always had to know.

“Rachel, come on. Don’t cry. Open the door. Please?”

Rachel wiped at her eyes and slowly got to her feet, turned and looked at the door. She turned the handle. The lock snicked. She opened the door, hanging her head, trying to look as small and pathetic as possible. Lucy pushed the door open, her lips pressed in a flat line as she stood naked in the doorway. Rachel blushed at the sight of her nudity. Her sister let herself in and put her arms around her, pulling Rachel’s head between her naked breasts.