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Gooner Girl, Episode Two: Kinks

Gooner Girl by Tori Hamlin

Rachel lay against her sister’s naked tits, just as she’d done only two hours ago. This time, though, Lucy had decided to teach her something new.

“Everyone has kinks,” Lucy explained as she rubbed Rachel’s excited clit with two wet fingers. She stopped rubbing, brought the fingers to Rachel’s mouth and sensually put them between her lips, where Rachel licked them, tasting her own honey and coating Lucy’s digits in her saliva so that her sister could return them to her clit and rub her again, ramping her excitement back up as she continued, “Kinks are like little things that are stuck in our brains, that make us super excited and horny. They’re like compulsions. They really set us off and suck our minds into this sexy little wonderland where nothing else matters.”

Rachel nodded her head, not really understanding, but keen to agree so that Lucy would keep making her feel so good. She wished Lucy would put the vibrator against her pussy again, but her sister knew better how to do this, and her hand did really feel great, so she let her continue and just shivered delightfully as Lucy toyed with her wet hole and engorged little fuck button.

Lucy worked her up, kissing the back of her neck, groping her breasts, and when Rachel was panting and shaking, Lucy stopped touching her clit and reached for her laptop. She continued to maul Rachel’s tits idly with one hand, while the other moved the mouse and opened her web browser, then navigated to a porno website. She clicked at the screen until a playlist of dirty videos started.

“We just need to find out what kinks you have,” Lucy said, and returned her hand to Rachel’s cunt, “so that we can have more fun. You like doing this, don’t you?”

Rachel nodded eagerly, focused on the building pleasure from her very hot and wet pussy. The first video started, and Rachel’s attention focused on the screen. She had never watched porno before, but she knew that this was what women did, because Lucy had told her. The screen showed her a naked girl with her legs spread, a vibrating toy pressed against her pussy. The girl, also, watched another girl on her screen, who was pressing a vibrating toy against her pussy, while she watched another girl, who watched another, and on it went in a weird spiral of masturbating girls, all watching one another pleasure themselves.

“That’s so sexy, isn’t it?” Lucy whispered, “She’s having so much fun toying her little pussy, just like you.”

Rachel nodded as her sister worked her fingers into her sloppy channel, then brought them to her mouth for her to clean and wet them. The girl on the screen took up another toy, this one long and fat. She began to push the long toy inside of herself while the white vibrator buzzed away on her clit. The girl humped against the vibrator as Lucy began to jill Rachel’s clit back and forth, until she was humping against her hand and right on the edge. Lucy backed off, pushing her fingers into Rachel and stroking them gently in and out. The stimulation, while nice, was frustrating because she’d been right about to go over the edge and cum.

“I’m gonna get a couple of new toys for us,” Lucy said in her ear, tugging at her nipple, “and we can push them up your cunt while you watch porno and get your pussy all wet like this. Would you like that?”

“Yeah…” Rachel nodded, her eyes intent on the screen. The girl had pushed herself too far and the girls watched her climax hotly. She squealed and bucked, gushing clear cream out of her pussy and coating her hand.

The video ended and a new one began, this time showing a petite girl with small breasts, just like Rachel, her hands bound behind her back as she sat on her knees. Rachel watched, enrapt, as a naked man took the girl’s hair in his hand and tilted her head back so that she was looking up at him. He placed his penis on the girl’s lips and said, “Open.”

The girl complied and the man pushed his penis into her mouth. The camera panned back, and Rachel could see that the girl was sitting on some kind of weird saddle-looking thing that was vibrating intensely. Lucy picked up the vibrator, but Rachel hardly noticed. The sight of what the people were doing was so strange, so new. It fed her curiosity. Then, Lucy pressed the vibrator against her cunt, and she jerked as the man began to pump his long penis in and out of the girl’s mouth.

“Look at the little slut go,” Lucy hissed, rubbing the vibrator in little circles, “It’s called cock sucking,” she explained, “and it’s a lot of fun.”

Rachel wasn’t sure what was so fun about having a big piece of fleshy meat in your mouth while someone grabbed your hair, but then, she’d never imagined that a vibrating piece of plastic could be fun a few hours ago, and now it was the best thing in the world.

“Would you like to try that? Would Lucy’s little slut like to let a boy put his penis in her mouth?”

Rachel groaned and Lucy held the vibrator against her for several long seconds, until Rachel was panting and trembling. Then, she slid it off of her clit and moved it down her slit, making Rachel whine.

“Shhh,” Lucy hushed her, “It’s okay, slut. Don’t be so greedy to cum. We’re going to make sure you get to feel so good. We just need to find the right kink.”

Lucy clicked to the next video, this one of another petite girl. She lay on her back, with her legs spread. Each leg was tied to the foot of a bench. Rachel watched as a man stepped forward and pushed the length of his penis inside the girl. She squealed pleasurably as the long rod filled her pussy, and then the man began to pound it roughly in and out of her, making her small breasts jiggle and bounce as she squealed.

The sight of the girl’s jiggling breasts, and her excited squealing did something funny to Rachel’s excited cunt. Her own hands began to play with her breasts, as Lucy’s free hand rubbed her bare tummy and she kissed at her neck.

“That’s even better than sucking cock,” Lucy said hotly, “Getting fucked really good by a guy with a big dick feels so good. Someday, if you’re really good for me, I’ll find a nice big dick to fuck you, too.”

Rachel jerked against the toy as she tried to imagine what that would feel like, but she had no frame of reference, nothing in her memory to tell her what having something big and long inside her pussy would feel like. The video ended with the man pulling his penis out and spurting gooey, white stuff on the girl’s pussy. Rachel bucked against the toy as she watched his penis jerk and shoot the stuff, feeling, somehow, even hotter inside.

The next movie played, showing a naked girl with her legs and arms tied to a bench. The girl was laid out on her chest and a vibrating toy buzzed angrily against her wet pussy, held in place by another naked girl. A third girl rubbed the tied girl’s naked bottom with her hand, teasing her butthole with a finger for a few moments, then rubbing her ass cheeks delightfully. The tied girl groaned and pumped her hips as best she could, but her movement was limited by the bonds.

The camera panned back just a bit, and now Rachel could see that several other girls, all clothed, were watching the tied girl’s tortuous teasing. The other girls laughed at her, giggling and cackling wickedly as they called her names.

“Stupid little slut.”

“Fucking dumb cunt.”

“Worthless fucking whore.”

Rachel was so entranced by the scene that she stopped playing with her breasts. The girls were so mean, she thought, but the girl tied to the bench just pumped her hips against the buzzing toy so desperately, her face red, drool leaking from her mouth onto the floor. Rachel wiped at her own mouth, realizing that she was drooling a bit, too, and flushed in embarrassment. The scene went on for long minutes, while Lucy continued teasing her with the vibrator, pushing her to the edge and then backing off maddeningly. Finally, the girl on the screen was allowed to orgasm, and sprayed the bench with clear nectar as she shook and wailed, trapped in the bonds, the girls all spanking her naked bottom as she climaxed and cried.

The scene seemed to flip something in Rachel’s brain. The previous videos, while they had been oddly arousing, did not excite her like this one. There was just something about the way the girl allowed the others to humiliate and berate her that seemed like she enjoyed it. Her only concern was getting her orgasm, and Rachel could certainly relate. Her pussy was so wet and needy that she could hardly stand it. She wiped another string of drool from her mouth and sweat from her forehead. It was so confusing. She wanted the explosive burst of pleasure in her head, but she also liked the constant buzzing and waves of drawn out pleasure Lucy was giving her by keeping her in this pre-orgasmic state for so long.

Lucy had kept the vibrator on her clit for so long now, though, that she felt the explosion coming. Her entire body was taut and quivering as the tied girl was vibrated to yet another explosive cum, the other girls continuing to slap her ass and call her names.

“Don’t you cum, yet,” Lucy hissed, “Hold it back. If you cum before I tell you to, I’m not gonna let you play with it anymore, slut.”

Rachel whined and tried to hold it in but it was so hard now. Lucy wouldn’t relent and the vibrations were so intense. Her clit felt swollen and hard under the toy and the way Lucy tugged painfully at her nipples just added one more confusing sensation to the whole mess. She listened to the girl cry as her body shook with another world-altering climax, the other girls slapping her, spitting on her, laughing.

“Fuck! That’s what you like, isn’t it?” Lucy asked, but Rachel couldn’t reply.

She managed to hold in the feeling and finally, Lucy backed off and let her come down, but she twisted her tit painfully in her hand as Rachel slumped, sucking in breath, her body shaking. Another video played, this one similar to the last. Rachel could feel a large wet spot on Lucy’s bed where her pussy had poured girl cum out all over the sheet. Lucy pressed the toy against her repeatedly in short bursts, making Rachel jerk each time as her primed clit sent sparks up her body. Her entire head felt like it was filled with cotton and it was difficult to focus on anything but the overwhelming tingles of pleasure. It was like she was in a complete haze, where every sensation was linked to her cunt, Lucy’s voice, and the sight of yet another naked girl having her pussy teased.

On the screen, a girl was tied to a table, her legs spread. One naked girl kneeled by her head telling her she was a pleasure whore, as another girl knelt between her legs and licked her pussy, making the girl moan and thrash. The girl demeaning her twisted her tits roughly, pulled at her nipples, slapped her face, spit in her mouth and continued to call her filthy names. Before she could orgasm, the girl between her legs got up. Another girl replaced her.

The first girl came up and kissed her, making her taste her own cunt as she was licked to another near-orgasm, and the cycle repeated itself. In all, seven girls made the round, licking her until she was close, then leaving her hanging so that they could shove their wet tongues into her mouth. Meanwhile, the mean girl continued her verbal assault and molested her tits. The girl finally begged to be allowed to cum, but the mean girl told her no. Instead, she sat on the girl’s face and made her lick her cunt until she orgasmed. The tied girl was red in the face by the time the mean girl allowed her to breathe, and all the while the other girls had continued vigorously lapping at her cunt.

Rachel was completely lost in the video and her own needy pleasure. It was like she was the girl on the table. Each time the mean girl called her a filthy name, Lucy would repeat it in her ear. With every slap of the girl’s tits, Lucy would tug her nipples or twist them roughly, making Rachel squeal and shake with the vibrator pressed against her clit. Finally, the mean girl relented.

“Good girl,” she said, brushing the tied girl’s hair back from her sweaty face.

“Good girl,” Lucy whispered in her ear.

The mean girl told her she was a stupid dyke that let sluts lick her cunt, as a slut licked her cunt until she orgasmed.

“Tell me you’re a stupid slut,” Lucy hissed, “and I’ll let you cum.”

“I’m… a… stupid… slut…” Rachel said, detached from everything but the need to cum.

“We’re gonna do this every day,” Lucy said, “We’re gonna watch porno every day like this, until you’re fucking brain turns to jelly and leaks out your ears. I’m going to make you fucking stupid on this shit until you beg me to cum!”

Rachel felt the peak hit her, ready to crash, ready to take her over and finally give her that release, but for some reason she still held it back as Lucy spewed the dirty words in her ear and the girl on the screen lost her mind and screamed. She jerked in Lucy’s arms, her sister’s sweat itchy against her back.

“No more today,” Lucy said, “Cum right now or you’re gonna have to wait for tomorrow. Cum right fucking now, you stupid little gooner!”

Rachel lurched suddenly, losing the fight. Something in Lucy’s tone, so sexy, so filthy, so controlling, pushed her over that edge. Stupid. Stupid slut. Cum your fucking brains out of your head. Rachel arched her back and screamed, gasping as the vibrator sent her over the edge and Lucy groped her tits. Rachel sobbed as the release finally came, agonizing and wonderful at the same time. Her clit was so sensitive now that she fought to get it away from the vibrator, but Lucy held her tightly as she cried, forcing one more gut-wrenching orgasm from her trembling body.

Lucy nearly came just holding her and mashing the toy against her little sister’s pussy. Holy shit, she thought, now this is the way to fucking masturbate.


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Wow! I love this story!

Tori Hamlin
Tori Hamlin
Aug 15, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much. New episodes will be rolling out regularly every two weeks, along with more new content.

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