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Gooner Girl, Episode Five: Things to Put up Your Cunt

Gooner Girl

Once Lucy had prepared them breakfast, the two girls waited for Lucy’s arranged ride to pick them up. Lucy couldn’t wait for the day when she could get her own car, and as she made out with Rachel and idly stroked her cunt, she knew that it wouldn’t be long. Rachel felt very nervous about getting into a car with a strange man, but since it was a friend of Lucy’s she supposed it would be alright. She just hoped that they would get back before their mother came home from work, so she wouldn’t have to explain where they’d been. It felt very naughty to keep a secret.

A man about Lucy’s age pulled his car into the driveway, and Lucy held Rachel’s hand comfortingly as they left the house. Lucy got into the front with the man, while Rachel slid silently into the back, a knot of worry breaking through the sexy haze in her head. The man seemed nice enough, though, and he even gave Lucy some money, which her sister tucked into her purse. What happened next, though, shocked Rachel more than all the things she’d learned in the last day.

As the man pulled the car out of the driveway, Lucy whispered something in his ear that made him chuckle, and then her sister put her head in the man’s lap. Rachel heard the sound of a zipper. A moment later, wet smacking and slurping sounds issued from the front seat and Rachel knew that her sister had the man’s penis in her mouth, just like the girls in the videos. The man kept stealing little glances in the rearview mirror, where Rachel squirmed as she tried to see what was happening.

“It’s okay,” the man said, his cheeks red, “You can lean over the seat and watch. Your sister’s quite the cock sucker.”

She heard Lucy groan pleasurably at the dirty words. Ever curious, Rachel leaned forward and looked over the bench seat. Her sister bobbed her head up and down on the man’s wet penis, eagerly swallowing the length of it as she moaned. The man rested his hand on Lucy’s head, groaned to himself as her sister sucked and slurped for several minutes.

“Jesus fuck!” the man said suddenly, and the hand on the wheel gripped it tighter. He grunted and then Rachel heard Lucy gulping, swallowing the white goo that she’d seen the men splattering the girls in the videos with. Rachel watched, eyes wide as her sister drained the man’s penis. Lucy sat up and wiped at her mouth, grinning happily to herself as she licked her lips.

“You want to taste?” Lucy asked her.

Rachel hesitated, but her fucking curious head wouldn’t let her say no. She leaned a bit more forward and then Lucy kissed her over the seat, easing her cummy tongue into Rachel’s mouth and sharing the leftovers with her. Rachel felt very hot and dirty as she tasted the slightly salty spunk on her sister’s tongue, but the vibrating egg in her pussy was really making her feel great and the near-orgasmic haze in her head made her feel like this was the right thing to do. It didn’t taste bad, she decided, and kissing her sister was a lot of fun. Having the man watch them kiss, also, made her feel very warm and fuzzy.

The man, whom Lucy called Luke, pulled the car into the lot of a store with blacked-out windows. The sign above the place read 2Nasty. Rachel had never heard of it, but then, Rachel had not heard about much. The little egg in her cunt buzzed away happily, keeping her wet and aroused as Lucy led them into the store. Luke wandered off, leaving Lucy and Rachel to peruse the strange merchandise. Everything inside seemed alien to Rachel. There were some things she recognized from her recent experiences with Lucy, but most of the things were a mystery. She guessed that they were the kinds of toys that adult women played with. Lucy stopped them in front of a rack filled with fake penises in varying sizes and shapes. Next to these, Rachel saw several of the vibrating toys that Lucy had used on her, as well.

Lucy whirled Rachel into her arms, sliding her hands around the younger girl's body and cupping her breasts as she leaned in to whisper, "One day, soon, we'll be able to get lots of them," one of her hands slid down Rachel's body to cup her twat, "I'll teach you how to be so good and we can play all the time. We'll do things that make you feel amazing with all these toys, and your sexy cunny will be so fucking hot and horny all the time, just like it's supposed to be."

She rubbed vigorously at Rachel's cunt, making her tremble in aroused embarrassment. She'd thought that girls only did things like that in their room, but clearly she was wrong. Lucy seemed to think that it was okay to do it in public, too, but Rachel felt very scared that someone else would see and think that it was weird. A girl at the end of the aisle did notice, and she was watching the two of them as she touched her own cunt under her skirt. Rachel supposed that it was normal, after all. This is just what women did.

"No cummies," Lucy hissed in her ear, "Just keep your cunt happy and hot so it's always ready to play, okay?"

Rachel nodded, her face flushed as the other girl watched, keeping her own cunt happy and ready to play. Lucy looked the toys over and asked, "Is there anything that looks like fun to you?"

Rachel wasn't certain. All of the toys were something new. She didn't understand their purpose, beyond simulating sex things, like she'd seen in the videos. Her eyes scanned the fake penises, finally falling on one that had two heads. The toy was very long, pink, and had little glittering sparkles all along the length. Lucy followed Rachel's gaze and she felt her sister nod, approvingly.

"That's a good choice, slut," Lucy said softly and Rachel shook, "We can have a lot of fun with that."