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Gooner Girl, Episode Ten: Preparations

Lucy and Rachel: Gooner Girl, by Tori Hamlin

Every night for the rest of the week, Lucy prepared Rachel for what was to come. After their mother had gone to bed, Lucy would bind Rachel’s arms and spread her legs, then push the gag ball into her sister’s mouth. She positioned Rachel, leaning back against her naked chest, so that she could hold her and stroke her, whisper into her ear and also reach her sister’s aroused cunt with the vibrator.

Rachel had not orgasmed for days, and for Lucy it had been even longer. It had been the most difficult stint of forced denial she’d ever attempted, made all the harder by putting Rachel through the very extensive and dirty training for losing her cherry. The videos that she’d made from these sessions, though, had proved to be wildly popular. The subscribers to the channel really enjoyed watching this show, and commented even more on the way Lucy spoke to her sister as they played.

With Rachel nude and bound, lying back against her tits, Lucy would start long playlists, carefully curated while Rachel was about her lessons, and all of the scenarios in the videos were the same. Rachel moaned and squirmed as Lucy pushed the vibrator against her sopping pussy, her sister kicking her legs as she held back the intense need to orgasm.

The laptop's webcam filmed as Rachel watched yet another video. In this one, as with all the rest, a young woman Rachel’s age lay on her back with her legs spread, her bare cunt being sucked and licked by another girl. The horny slut thrashed and moaned on the girl’s tongue, until she was pushed aside by a man. The man spent long moments teasing the girl’s pussy with the spongy head of his cock, wetting it with the girl’s honey as the other girl kissed her and touched her.

“It won’t be long now,” Lucy purred, “just another day and that will be you.”

The man eased the head of his prick into the girl’s pussy, gently pushing it deeper until he encountered resistance. He was gentle with the girl, poking and pushing, while she squeaked and writhed from the other girl’s hands on her tits and tongue in her mouth. The man continued to push, presumably at the girl’s hymen, until it flexed and then gave way to his invading cock. The girl moaned loudly and then the man’s penis sank deeper, giving the girl her first cock.

“It’s going to feel so good,” Lucy said, “We’re going to make it just like this for you. I’m going to suck on your cunt for you and get you so wet for your first cock.”

Rachel humped her cunt against the vibrator and mumbled into the gag. Lucy pulled the vibrator away, keeping Rachel on edge, and then began to squeeze her tits. The man on the screen slowly fucked his cock in and out of the girl now, making her moan. Rachel watched her restrained arms tug against her bonds and her skin flush as the man’s cock brought her pleasure. The other girl continued tugging at her nipples, as Lucy was doing now, alternating between kissing her and whispering into her ear.

Rachel imagined herself as the girl, with Lucy there, whispering into her ear and touching her body, as a man fed the length of his penis into her virgin hole. The girl’s legs on the screen began to shake as she put them around the man’s waist, and she began to pant and moan. The man groped one of her breasts, while the girl groped the other.

“It’s going to be so hot,” Lucy whispered, “It will be so sexy to watch you take your first cock, just like the horny slut you are. He’s going to pop that little cherry cunt of yours and make you squeal, just like that.”

The girl on the screen humped her pussy against the man, who began to groan as he filled her with a warm wash of cum. The other girl began to lick at her clit, even as the man continued pumping his cock cream into the girl, setting off another orgasm that made the girl cry out.

“You’re going to cum so hard when you get fucked, baby,” Lucy said, “He’s going to make your little cunt so juicy and wet, just like it is now, and he’s going to make you cum so good.”

Rachel twitched and Lucy pressed the vibrator against her cunt once more. The video faded into another, showing a girl on her belly, her ass upturned and her legs spread. Once more, another girl sucked her cunt and licked her asshole, roughly grabbing the girl’s butt cheeks and pulling them apart as she prepared her for her first fucking. Once she was suitably wet and horny for him, a man took hold of her cheeks and parted them, placing the tip of his cock at her pussy hole and giving it a nudge.

“You’ll love that way, too, you little slut,” Lucy hissed, “bent over like a sexy little doggy bitch, ready to get mounted. Watch!”

The man pushed his fat head into the groaning slut and Rachel watched the camera’s close-up view of his quivering shaft sliding into the girl, pulling back out, the first few inches coated in the girl’s arousal. He pushed it back in, further, deeper, making the girl squeal. He paused, then made a short series of little stabs with his cock until the girl gave a jerk and more of his length slipped into her.

Rachel babbled into the gag again, kicking her slim legs on the bed. Lucy removed the vibrator and resumed kissing her neck and toying with her tits, letting the orgasm die away.

“I’m going to make you love fucking,” Lucy said into her ear, “Would you like that? Would you like to be Lucy’s little cockslut? You can lick my cunt for me, while guys come over and give us money to push their big dicks into you and cum up your pussy.”

Rachel pictured it in her head, just as the girl on the screen was doing now, having her face pressed into the other girl’s needy fuckhole, while the man behind her began to roughly fuck his prick into her and hold her by the hair. She was thankful that Lucy had withdrawn the vibrator, or she may have orgasmed from the hot wave of perverse pleasure the image conjured. It was exciting, the idea of being made to service her sister’s pussy while giving up her own to be fucked roughly and dominantly, as though she were their plaything.

“You do like that idea, don’t you? You want to be controlled like that?”

“Uh huh,” Rachel mumbled, her eyes watering and drool leaking around the gag.

Lucy rubbed the vibrator through her slit and then settled it against her clit once more, making Rachel thrash against her sister’s tits. The girl’s ass jiggled with each hard thrust of the man’s penis into her, and then she was moaning into the other girl’s cunt and cumming. Lucy pulled the vibrator away, then pressed it back for a second, pulled it away again. Each time, Rachel jerked at the pleasure and tried to push her cunt harder against the toy, but Lucy was careful.

“No cummies,” Lucy whispered, “not until you get your warm little pussy fucked. You want to get a good, hard cum out of your cunt when it’s stuffed nice and full. It’s going to look so cute.”

The next video in the playlist began, showing another girl with her arms bound. In this one, the man was on his back and the girl was on her knees, her virgin pussy hovering over his erection. Another girl stood behind her, groping her tits and whispering into her ear. The bound girl looked afraid, but her face was flushed and horny. The man’s cocktip brushed her wet pussy lips. The girl behind her knelt and held the man’s cock straight. The virgin girl lowered herself and then groaned as the head of his cock squeezed inside of her.

The second girl stood back up and resumed whispering into the girl’s ear and playing with her breasts. The virgin girl shook her head, but the other girl said something to her and she nodded. Her body wriggled and shook as the second girl pushed gently on her shoulders, forcing more of the man’s rigid length into her. Lucy pushed the vibrator hard against Rachel’s cunt, making her squirm.

The virgin girl whimpered and said, “It hurts,” but the second girl just hushed her and then gave her shoulders a hard push. The girl shrieked as she was fully impaled on the man’s cock and then she sniffled. The second girl groped her tits and spoke softly into her ear as the man placed his hands on her hips. The two girls began to kiss and then the virgin girl began to rock her hips on the man’s crotch. The rocking was slow at first, tentative, but as the two girls kissed her hips began to move faster. The man’s hands were firm on her hips, holding her in place as she began to grind her pussy on him.

“You see how good a nice cock makes horny little sluts feel?” Lucy asked, sliding the vibrator between Rachel’s pussy lips, “You’re going to love taking cock, just like a real slut.”

The girl on the screen began to moan and shake as she had her first cock-induced orgasm, grinding her squishing pussy on the man, while the other girl told her she was good and tugged on her nipples. Lucy took the vibrator away and removed the gag from Rachel’s mouth. Rachel flexed her jaw, but Lucy turned her head and put her tongue into Rachel’s mouth, holding and kissing her as the girl on the screen orgasmed again.


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