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Gooner Girl (ePub+PDF)

Gooner Girl (ePub+PDF)

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This story is free to read on the site. Every episode is available. This download is for those that want to own the story or support the site. 


Lucy is a girl with a masturbation problem. As a "socially dysfunctional chronic masturbator," Lucy's mother has all but given up on her oldest daughter. Instead, she simply supplies her with birth control, since she's little more than "a useful hole for strange men," and, instead, puts what little energy she has into keeping her youngest daughter shielded from the outside world.

Lucy has become so inundated with hardcore pornography, that she now has trouble separating porn from reality. When her younger sister, Rachel, gets a little too curious about what Lucy does all the time in her room, she finds herself being sucked down the rabbit hole of depravity that Lucy's life has become.

Kinks Served: Humiliation, Masturbation, Porn addiction, Gooning, Seduction, LezDom, Degradation, Blowjob, Facial, Group sex

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