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Gooner Girl, Episode Four: Rabbit Hole

Gooner Girl

Episode Four: Rabbit Hole

Lucy was not at all surprised when she awoke to Rachel shaking her, an agitated look on her face. She wiped the sleep from her eyes and rubbed at her crotch, where the vibrating egg still buzzed away.

“Good morning,” Lucy said sleepily.

“Can I take it off?” Rachel asked, shifting back and forth, “It’s really itchy and I have to pee!”

“Hmm? Oh, yeah. Let’s get you in the shower. It will hurt less if it’s wet.”

Rachel nodded and Lucy got out of bed, leading her sister to the bathroom. The two of them brushed their teeth, side-by-side as the water heated, then Lucy put her sister in the shower, keeping her panties on and the egg teasing her cunt. After allowing the hot water to dampen the tape, Lucy quickly ripped it free, making Rachel screech. Lucy nearly orgasmed but managed to hold it in. She tossed the tape out onto the floor and then held Rachel and stroked her body, washing the adhesive residue from her and spending significantly more time than was necessary cleaning her sister’s pussy.

By the time Lucy was finished washing her, Rachel’s cunt was wet and excited once more. Lucy held her naked body against her, her older sister’s big breasts pressed against her smaller ones as Lucy’s tongue explored her mouth sensually and her wet hands glided over her body under the spray of the shower.

“Are you having fun?” Lucy asked as she washed Rachel’s hair.

Rachel nodded, her eager eyes showing that she was, indeed, enjoying this. The things Lucy was doing to her felt amazing. Rachel felt that they were, probably, very naughty and that her mother might not like them, but as long as they kept it a secret then she could let Lucy keep making her feel good. Her ever-curious mind soaked in all the new things that Lucy exposed her to, and she felt so grateful that someone as beautiful as Lucy would take the time to show her the important things that women did.

The only things her tutor taught her were those things she’d need for her home school diploma, which her mother said was important so that she could get into an online college program. Rachel felt that those things were probably important, too, but they were not nearly as much fun as what Lucy was teaching her. Lucy didn’t go to online college, and yet she seemed to know everything about everything, especially when it came to the one thing that Rachel was most curious about: the feelings in her body.

“Lucy,” Rachel said with some urgency, “I really need to pee!”

Lucy’s rubbing between her legs intensified, her wet fingers frigging Rachel’s clit and she hissed, “Go ahead then.”

“But…” Rachel protested, the pressure nearing emergency levels.

“Do it, slut,” Lucy whispered, “Piss yourself for me so we can go play.”

Rachel flushed, not wanting Lucy to stop, but she just couldn’t hold it anymore. She trembled with pleasure and let herself go, the mixed sensations of relief and ecstasy from Lucy’s fingers so confusing. The shower water washed the stream away, making her feel dirty and embarrassed, but Lucy didn’t seem to mind in the least, adding more soap to her fingers and washing Rachel’s pussy for her again. Satisfied, she began rinsing the girl’s hair as she smiled to herself.

“Lucy,” Rachel asked as her sister rinsed her hair, “Can I cum, now?”

“Let’s get you dried off, and then you can. You were really good for me. I don’t want you getting all your cummies at one time, though. I want to make sure you know how to do this right, okay?”