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Gooner Girl, Episode Four: Rabbit Hole

Gooner Girl

Episode Four: Rabbit Hole

Lucy was not at all surprised when she awoke to Rachel shaking her, an agitated look on her face. She wiped the sleep from her eyes and rubbed at her crotch, where the vibrating egg still buzzed away.

“Good morning,” Lucy said sleepily.

“Can I take it off?” Rachel asked, shifting back and forth, “It’s really itchy and I have to pee!”

“Hmm? Oh, yeah. Let’s get you in the shower. It will hurt less if it’s wet.”

Rachel nodded and Lucy got out of bed, leading her sister to the bathroom. The two of them brushed their teeth, side-by-side as the water heated, then Lucy put her sister in the shower, keeping her panties on and the egg teasing her cunt. After allowing the hot water to dampen the tape, Lucy quickly ripped it free, making Rachel screech. Lucy nearly orgasmed but managed to hold it in. She tossed the tape out onto the floor and then held Rachel and stroked her body, washing the adhesive residue from her and spending significantly more time than was necessary cleaning her sister’s pussy.

By the time Lucy was finished washing her, Rachel’s cunt was wet and excited once more. Lucy held her naked body against her, her older sister’s big breasts pressed against her smaller ones as Lucy’s tongue explored her mouth sensually and her wet hands glided over her body under the spray of the shower.

“Are you having fun?” Lucy asked as she washed Rachel’s hair.

Rachel nodded, her eager eyes showing that she was, indeed, enjoying this. The things Lucy was doing to her felt amazing. Rachel felt that they were, probably, very naughty and that her mother might not like them, but as long as they kept it a secret then she could let Lucy keep making her feel good. Her ever-curious mind soaked in all the new things that Lucy exposed her to, and she felt so grateful that someone as beautiful as Lucy would take the time to show her the important things that women did.

The only things her tutor taught her were those things she’d need for her home school diploma, which her mother said was important so that she could get into an online college program. Rachel felt that those things were probably important, too, but they were not nearly as much fun as what Lucy was teaching her. Lucy didn’t go to online college, and yet she seemed to know everything about everything, especially when it came to the one thing that Rachel was most curious about: the feelings in her body.

“Lucy,” Rachel said with some urgency, “I really need to pee!”

Lucy’s rubbing between her legs intensified, her wet fingers frigging Rachel’s clit and she hissed, “Go ahead then.”

“But…” Rachel protested, the pressure nearing emergency levels.

“Do it, slut,” Lucy whispered, “Piss yourself for me so we can go play.”

Rachel flushed, not wanting Lucy to stop, but she just couldn’t hold it anymore. She trembled with pleasure and let herself go, the mixed sensations of relief and ecstasy from Lucy’s fingers so confusing. The shower water washed the stream away, making her feel dirty and embarrassed, but Lucy didn’t seem to mind in the least, adding more soap to her fingers and washing Rachel’s pussy for her again. Satisfied, she began rinsing the girl’s hair as she smiled to herself.

“Lucy,” Rachel asked as her sister rinsed her hair, “Can I cum, now?”

“Let’s get you dried off, and then you can. You were really good for me. I don’t want you getting all your cummies at one time, though. I want to make sure you know how to do this right, okay?”

Rachel nodded, very excited. Since she’d had to go to bed without cumming and have her cunt taped up, the night had been agonizing. She’d woken up several times and rubbed unconsciously at her warm hole, but when she felt the tape she remembered what it was that Lucy told her good girls did. They don’t cum. They just rub and get dumb. So, she’d rubbed at her pussy through the tape for a few minutes and then fallen asleep again, thinking of the mean girl sitting on the other girl’s face and calling her names, confused about why that made her warm and itchy.

Once she was wrapped in a towel, Lucy took her back to her room, where she spent several minutes laying on the bed and touching her, kissing her with a lot of tongue, and paying a lot of attention to her hard nipples and soft, warm slit. Finally, Lucy removed her soaked panties and settled her in what was quickly becoming her new, favorite position, between her sister’s legs with the laptop in front of them and Lucy’s hand cupping her boob. Lucy turned the panties she’d been wearing inside out and showed them to Rachel. The crotch was absolutely soaked, both from the shower and a thick layer of her sister’s pussy cream.

“Open your mouth, slut,” Lucy whispered and Rachel did.

Lucy balled up the panties and pressed them into Rachel’s mouth. The taste of her sister’s juicy underwear was weird, and Rachel wondered what this had to do with being a woman but decided to just let Lucy teach her. Everything she’d done up to this point had been great, after all. Next, Lucy took a little round vibrating thing that looked wet and pushed it into Rachel’s soaking little hole, making her squeal and then shake as the vibrating egg began to ramp up the hot feeling between her legs. Now, this did feel good!

Lucy reached for the mouse and began to click, but this time there were two windows side-by-side. On the left window, a video played, showing a girl laying back on her bed as she, too, watched porno on a laptop. The girl wore some kind of weird metal belt that ran between her legs and encased her pussy, much like the tape Rachel had recently had between her own legs. The girl whined in frustration as she pushed a vibrator against the metal, obviously trying to make herself orgasm as she watched the dirty video.

On the right screen, another girl lay face down with her bottom in the air. One hand worked vigorously between her legs, rubbing at her very excited clit. A woman’s hand worked a long rubber toy in and out of the girl’s bottom as she moaned into the mattress and her legs trembled. Each time it looked as though the girl might cum, the woman with the toy would slap her hand away, then deliver a loud smack on her upturned ass, making the girl groan. The orgasm would begin to fade a bit, then the girl would go back to playing with her clit.

“Good girls don’t cum,” Lucy whispered in her ear, and then she pressed the white vibrator to Rachel’s clit as she watched.

The belted girl had begun to cry as she tried in vain to make her pussy gush. Her body trembled with need, but the vibrations through the metal only seemed to heighten her arousal and never brought her any real relief. Someone reached into the shot and put little alligator clips on the girl’s hard nipples, making her squeal. The hand, then, turned her to the side and a man pushed the length of his long penis into the girl’s mouth as she kept the vibrator on her trapped cunt.

The second girl’s hand was slapped away again, another spanking delivered, and the woman with the toy began to ram the girl’s bottom even harder. Rachel shivered in Lucy’s arms as she watched the girls resist the impulse to orgasm.

“You aren’t there, yet,” Lucy said, “but I’m going to teach you how to do it right, so you will be. Cumming has to be earned. You can’t just have a greedy little cunny that gets to cum whenever it wants. That’s for boring girls. A real woman knows how to make it last. You’re going to learn how to treat your pussy right. Pussy shouldn’t ever be neglected. When it wants to be touched, you touch it, so it’s always excited and happy.”

Rachel thought this made sense. When she got to cum, it felt really good, but then she just got tired and wanted a nap. When Lucy kept her near the peak, though, it did funny things to her brain, like her pussy was in her thoughts, feeding her the wonderful feeling as long as she kept playing with it.

The belted girl had dropped the vibrator now, and she was scrabbling against the metal band covering her cunt, trying to fit her fingers under it to get at herself. The man slapped her hands away, then slapped her cheek, where the head of his cock bulged obscenely. The girl whined, which caused the man to tug the clips on the girl’s nipples and make her scream around his penis.

The second girl’s hand was batted away, now, each time she even tried to touch herself. She finally gave up, sobbing and moaning into the sheets, her legs trembling, until she finally squealed and had an orgasm with the big toy in her bottom. The woman holding the toy stroked her back, telling her she was good. The video faded and was replaced by the next in the list. This one, titled, “One Month on the Edge,” showed a girl with her legs spread and her extremely wet cunt displayed for the camera. A man with a big penis pushed his length into the girl’s bottom. She screeched loudly and her entire body went into convulsions as the man pinned her under his weight. The girl’s tremendous orgasm seemed to go on and on, her legs kicking wildly as the man buried himself in her bottom.

Rachel jerked at the sight of it, her cunt gushing on the vibrator as the egg inside of her hummed away, making her squirm. She couldn’t imagine what it would be like spending a month in this state of euphoria before she orgasmed. Curious, though, she tried to hold back her own cum, gripping Lucy’s bare legs tightly as she watched the girl thrash and squeal.

The belted girl still struggled, but now the man held her wrists tightly, denying her the chance to attempt to touch herself. He continued pumping his penis between her lips until, at last, he groaned loudly and pulled it out, showering the girl’s face with white goo. The hot splashes against her lips finally did what her fingers and the vibrator could not, and the girl came, thrashing on the bed as the man laughed and smeared the goop across her lips with the head of his penis.

“Good girl,” Lucy said, “You’re doing so good. Just a little more and you can have yours, okay?”

Rachel nodded, fighting the urge to let pleasure overtake her, but Lucy had kept the vibrator on her clit straight through the videos and the insistent egg inside her hadn’t made it any easier not to cum.

The belted girl faded away to be replaced by yet another girl watching porno on her laptop. She, too, pressed a vibrator against her clit. On each corner of the video the images of four other girls, presumably watching on webcams, laughed at the horny girl. Each time she’d get close to cumming, one of the girls would yell something at her.

“Don’t do it, fuckhole! Keep it going.”

“Fuck that feels so good! Go on, gooner, you know you need to cum.”

“What a failure. I knew you couldn’t hack it.”

“Cum! Cum! Cum!”

The taunting seemed to inflame the girl’s desire, making her continually push herself to the edge, deny her orgasm, and then repeat the process. Rachel watched as each time she neared the edge, her tummy would tighten, and her hips would tremble, pushing against the toy as her body craved the release. Through some effort of will, though, the girl would stop, panting and shaking, until the feeling would pass. A white timer at the top of the screen read, “Twelve hours, fourteen minutes,” and kept climbing. Suddenly, the vibrator was tugged away from her, and the girl gasped as a man crawled between her legs and pushed his penis into her roughly. The girl wailed in defeat and immediately had a tremendous orgasm as the girls all laughed at her and called her a failure, making little sounds of pity as the girl came.

Something about this video, the way the girl tried so hard, did so well, and then had her will broken through no fault of her own did something to Rachel and she cried out, humping the vibrator as she came along with the girl. Lucy groped her tits and held her. As she began to cum, though, Lucy pulled the vibrator away, making Rachel whine as the big orgasm that she knew she should have had was ruined, giving her only the mildest of reprieves.

“That’s it, slut,” Lucy whispered to her, “Get your little cummy. Not too much, now. We have to go shopping for some new toys.”

Rachel whined, wishing that Lucy would put the vibrator against her again and let her finish. At the same time, the fuck-fog in her head felt incredible, making her confused and unsure what she really wanted. Her body yearned to cum, but her brain wanted to prolong this feeling as long as she could. Lucy fished the egg out of her cunt and pulled the soaked panties from her mouth. She pushed Rachel to the side, then clicked something on the egg, setting it to the lowest level. The egg went back into Rachel’s cunt, and then Lucy slid the dirty panties up her sister’s legs before helping her to stand. Finally, another strip of tape went around her waist, keeping the panties in place.

“Perfect,” Lucy said, stepping back to admire her handiwork, “Let’s get dressed. I want to get some new things we can play with.”

Rachel nodded her foggy head and trudged down to her room, the egg humming away inside of her and making her body tingle. While Rachel dressed, Lucy made a call. Not having a job, and the majority of her time spent watching pornography, Lucy wasn’t exactly flush with cash. She did, however, have a regular stream of guys that she would sneak into the house, who would give her money for a hot fuck or some slutty head. She raked in additional money when she allowed them to film it, and a bit more from selling the videos and pictures on her own accounts. It was a livable wage, but nothing compared to what she knew she was about to start earning, now that Rachel was involved. Every perv in the world would want to watch two sisters going at it, and as pliable as Rachel was, Lucy felt certain that it wouldn’t be long before the content was going to get much, much hotter.


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