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Gooner Girl, Episode Twelve: Goonbang

It's a day for mingled sadness and joy, as we bring Rachel and Lucy's incestuous adventure into masturbating mischief to a close. I know that the release schedule for this story kind of fell way off track. Well, here we go. I'm going to start wrapping up the serial stories that I have hanging out there, beginning with this one. It was close enough to the end that I figured it was a good place to start. Further series will be reaching (hopefully satisfying) climaxes over the next few months. Yes, that includes (fucking) Holes! Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this epically slutty conclusion to Gooner Girl, which could only end with a bang.

For those that want to own this story, the compiled episodes are now available in the shop and on Smashwords. The finished story concludes at 29K words or 101 pages. Having done a lot of dark content lately, I thought we'd at least give these two sisters a happy ending. If there's any family that deserves a future with possibilities, it's Lucy and Rachel.

Gooner Girl Cover

Episode Twelve: Goonbang

Rachel lay in Lucy’s bed with her sister’s arms around her and Luke’s ejaculation leaking from her cunt. Lucy stroked her hair as Rachel basked in the afterglow of the most intense feeling of pleasure that she’d ever experienced.

“Is it like that every time?” she asked Lucy.

“No. It can be when you edge yourself for a long time and then let it out, but it’s always different.”

Rachel let herself drift in the pleasantness of Lucy’s touch. It was a comfort and erotic in a different way from Lucy’s dominant and mean girl attitude when they played. Rachel felt a tear roll down her cheek. She sniffled and pushed her body back against her sister’s, burying herself in the embrace.

“What is it?” Lucy whispered.

“Everything seems broken,” Rachel said. “Not us, but mom, you and mom, all of us together. I wish mom could have what we have.”

Lucy didn’t respond for a long moment.

“What we’re doing,” she said at last, “can fix it. Mom won’t understand, and it might break things even more at first, but if we don’t let her know you’re part of it, then I can make things better. It will be better for you two.”

Rachel turned over and put her arms around Lucy, burying her face in her sister’s dark hair.

“I want it to be better for all of us. Can it be like that?” she asked.

“Maybe someday,” Lucy said. “Just let me handle mom. She’s going to hate me even more, but in the end, I think we can make it all better.”

“Lucy? I love you.”

“I love you, too, brat.”

Lucy sent Rachel to bed with the vibrating egg taped into her cunt, then set to work editing the amateur video of her sister’s first fuck. Jesus, it was hot! The editing took most of the night since Lucy had to periodically vibrate her twat as she rewatched her favorite parts. The temptation to cum to it was nearly overpowering, but Lucy was a good girl and good girls don’t cum. She finished her project just before dawn, uploaded previews across the accounts, and put the finished video up for sale. Then, she wrapped the vibrator against her cunt with the tape and went to sleep as it teased her.


Lucy tore the tape from her squealing sister in the shower the next morning, removed the egg, and then stuffed the butt plug up her ass so that Rachel could attend her lessons. After another nap, she checked the stats on the accounts and nearly orgasmed at the results. Sometime during the few hours, the video previews had gone viral across porn sites worldwide. The previews led people back to the paid video. Lucy struggled to wrap her mind around the numbers. There were thousands of people willing to shell out $99 to watch one sister aid in another’s defloration. Tens of thousands, as it turned out, and that was only in the last eight hours.

“Holy fuck,” Lucy whispered to herself.

She looked at her hand, sweating on her mouse, and it was shaking so violently that she had to clutch it in her other. 40,000 people had purchased the video in the last eight hours. It was so far beyond what she’d expected that she couldn’t grasp the reality of it. She transferred the funds.

This changed everything. With a single filthy video, Lucy had managed to do what her mother hadn’t by working two jobs and killing herself with wine. She could barely think through the implications. Her first step, she decided, was to get a clear head. She’d been thinking with her cunt for too long, and that needed to end. At least, for the moment.

She checked the time. Rachel’s lessons would be going on for the next two hours. That gave her time to shop. To shop, she needed a ride. She messaged Luke, who was happy to help, and then set about getting ready.

When Lucy came downstairs to inform Rachel she’d be out for a while, she received the familiar, disapproving glare from the tutor. Lucy didn’t care. After this, the only approval she cared about was her own, and Rachel’s. She clacked across the floor in a pair of black heels, her legs encased in fishnet tights that ended below a black miniskirt. Her navel piercing was visible on her bare tummy and her slutty top barely covered her tits. She wore her hair loose, washed, and shining like it hadn’t been in weeks.

“I’m going out for a bit,” Lucy informed her staring sister. “I’ll be back soon.”

Rachel watched her go with her pussy hot until the tutor snapped her back to her lessons.

Luke whistled as Lucy got into his car. His eyes raked over her exposed tummy and the hint of bare flesh beneath the skirt.

“Get all dressed up for me?” he asked.

“You’re going to need friends,” Lucy said. “I need to pick up some things, and then I need to get fucked. I mean, railed. Hard. Do you know how long it’s been since I came?”

Luke shook his head as he backed the car out of the driveway.