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Gooner Girl, Episode Twelve: Goonbang

It's a day for mingled sadness and joy, as we bring Rachel and Lucy's incestuous adventure into masturbating mischief to a close. I know that the release schedule for this story kind of fell way off track. Well, here we go. I'm going to start wrapping up the serial stories that I have hanging out there, beginning with this one. It was close enough to the end that I figured it was a good place to start. Further series will be reaching (hopefully satisfying) climaxes over the next few months. Yes, that includes (fucking) Holes! Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this epically slutty conclusion to Gooner Girl, which could only end with a bang.

For those that want to own this story, the compiled episodes are now available in the shop and on Smashwords. The finished story concludes at 29K words or 101 pages. Having done a lot of dark content lately, I thought we'd at least give these two sisters a happy ending. If there's any family that deserves a future with possibilities, it's Lucy and Rachel.

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Episode Twelve: Goonbang

Rachel lay in Lucy’s bed with her sister’s arms around her and Luke’s ejaculation leaking from her cunt. Lucy stroked her hair as Rachel basked in the afterglow of the most intense feeling of pleasure that she’d ever experienced.

“Is it like that every time?” she asked Lucy.

“No. It can be when you edge yourself for a long time and then let it out, but it’s always different.”

Rachel let herself drift in the pleasantness of Lucy’s touch. It was a comfort and erotic in a different way from Lucy’s dominant and mean girl attitude when they played. Rachel felt a tear roll down her cheek. She sniffled and pushed her body back against her sister’s, burying herself in the embrace.

“What is it?” Lucy whispered.

“Everything seems broken,” Rachel said. “Not us, but mom, you and mom, all of us together. I wish mom could have what we have.”

Lucy didn’t respond for a long moment.

“What we’re doing,” she said at last, “can fix it. Mom won’t understand, and it might break things even more at first, but if we don’t let her know you’re part of it, then I can make things better. It will be better for you two.”

Rachel turned over and put her arms around Lucy, burying her face in her sister’s dark hair.

“I want it to be better for all of us. Can it be like that?” she asked.

“Maybe someday,” Lucy said. “Just let me handle mom. She’s going to hate me even more, but in the end, I think we can make it all better.”

“Lucy? I love you.”

“I love you, too, brat.”

Lucy sent Rachel to bed with the vibrating egg taped into her cunt, then set to work editing the amateur video of her sister’s first fuck. Jesus, it was hot! The editing took most of the night since Lucy had to periodically vibrate her twat as she rewatched her favorite parts. The temptation to cum to it was nearly overpowering, but Lucy was a good girl and good girls don’t cum. She finished her project just before dawn, uploaded previews across the accounts, and put the finished video up for sale. Then, she wrapped the vibrator against her cunt with the tape and went to sleep as it teased her.


Lucy tore the tape from her squealing sister in the shower the next morning, removed the egg, and then stuffed the butt plug up her ass so that Rachel could attend her lessons. After another nap, she checked the stats on the accounts and nearly orgasmed at the results. Sometime during the few hours, the video previews had gone viral across porn sites worldwide. The previews led people back to the paid video. Lucy struggled to wrap her mind around the numbers. There were thousands of people willing to shell out $99 to watch one sister aid in another’s defloration. Tens of thousands, as it turned out, and that was only in the last eight hours.

“Holy fuck,” Lucy whispered to herself.

She looked at her hand, sweating on her mouse, and it was shaking so violently that she had to clutch it in her other. 40,000 people had purchased the video in the last eight hours. It was so far beyond what she’d expected that she couldn’t grasp the reality of it. She transferred the funds.

This changed everything. With a single filthy video, Lucy had managed to do what her mother hadn’t by working two jobs and killing herself with wine. She could barely think through the implications. Her first step, she decided, was to get a clear head. She’d been thinking with her cunt for too long, and that needed to end. At least, for the moment.

She checked the time. Rachel’s lessons would be going on for the next two hours. That gave her time to shop. To shop, she needed a ride. She messaged Luke, who was happy to help, and then set about getting ready.

When Lucy came downstairs to inform Rachel she’d be out for a while, she received the familiar, disapproving glare from the tutor. Lucy didn’t care. After this, the only approval she cared about was her own, and Rachel’s. She clacked across the floor in a pair of black heels, her legs encased in fishnet tights that ended below a black miniskirt. Her navel piercing was visible on her bare tummy and her slutty top barely covered her tits. She wore her hair loose, washed, and shining like it hadn’t been in weeks.

“I’m going out for a bit,” Lucy informed her staring sister. “I’ll be back soon.”

Rachel watched her go with her pussy hot until the tutor snapped her back to her lessons.

Luke whistled as Lucy got into his car. His eyes raked over her exposed tummy and the hint of bare flesh beneath the skirt.

“Get all dressed up for me?” he asked.

“You’re going to need friends,” Lucy said. “I need to pick up some things, and then I need to get fucked. I mean, railed. Hard. Do you know how long it’s been since I came?”

Luke shook his head as he backed the car out of the driveway.

“Too goddamn long,” Lucy said. “Tell me you’ve got some friends that want to gangfuck a good slut. They have to make my cunt cum so hard that I go stupid. Do you know someone?”

Luke nearly choked on his tongue and then croaked, “I think I can find a few.”

“Good. Can we hit the mall? And then I want to come back and get Rachel.”

She watched the tent in Luke’s pants jerk and she rubbed it.

“You want us to do… both of you?” he asked.

Lucy shook her head.

“No. Just me. I want Rachel to watch it.”


After their shopping trip, Lucy had three HD video cameras, light rings, a couple of new toys, and a set of gorgeous and slutty black lingerie with an exposed crotch. Luke pulled back into the driveway just as the tutor was on her way out.

“Wait here. Let me talk to her. I’ll be back soon,” Lucy instructed.

Luke nodded. Lucy went into the house. She found Rachel still at the table, reading over a textbook with a flush in her cheeks that told her that her sister was incredibly horny. Lucy kissed her on the head and sat at the table.

“Rach,” she said, “I want to talk to you.”

Rachel cocked her head.

“That way that we talked about to make money,” Lucy said, “It’s working. It’s working really well.”

“Really?” Rachel’s eyes lit up. “So, things can get better?”

Lucy nodded and continued “Rachel. I’m… I’m fucked up. In general, I’m fucked up, but right now I’m fucked up because I’m thinking with my cunt. I’m going to cum, and I’m going to cum big to clear my head, so I can think about what we have to do next.”

“Okay?” Rachel said.

“If you want to come and watch, you can, but it’s your choice.”

“Watch, like when you did it with Luke?” Rachel asked, her voice hushed.

“Like that, but a lot dirtier. Like the videos. The gangbang ones.”

Rachel’s body visibly shook with barely-contained excitement.

“You’re going to do one of those yourself?” she asked.

“Yeah. And I’m going to record it. You can come watch it if you want to. You don’t have to do anything, and they won’t touch you. We have about five hours before mom comes home, so I want to have you back before then.”

Rachel thought about it for a moment, but in the end, there was no real choice. Her curiosity wouldn’t let her say no.

“What if… what if I want to do something?” she asked.

Lucy smiled and said, “It’s your cunt.”

Rachel looked about as though someone might be spying and then whispered, “Can I cum?”

“Today,” Lucy said and kissed her on the lips, “You can have anything you want.”

Rachel moaned into her mouth.


With the vibrating egg jammed up her cunt once more, Rachel slid into the back seat of Luke’s car and caught his eyes in the mirror. She hadn’t even been able to see him, to look at him while he’d taken her pussy for the first time. Now, she blushed and couldn’t meet his gaze.

“Hey, Rachel,” he said.

“Um, hi.”

Lucy got into the back seat with her. Her sister slid her hand under Rachel’s top and groped one of her tits as she kissed her. Rachel squeaked in surprise at the sexy feel of Lucy’s lips on hers, as Luke backed out of the driveway.

It felt so hot and dirty to be kissing Lucy openly in the car, where anyone could look in the window and see them. Luke didn’t comment on it and didn’t say anything as they drove. Lucy didn’t say anything either. She just kept playing with Rachel’s tits and pushing her tongue into her mouth. Rachel’s own hand strayed to her cunt and rubbed it through her leggings. Lucy took it in hers and moved it up to her own tits.

“I don’t want you to be afraid,” she whispered. “I’m going to let four of them fuck me, the way a slut needs to be fucked.”

Rachel’s hands trembled as she touched Lucy’s breasts. Four men? Lucy was going to have sex with four men, like the girls in the videos. Rachel was going to watch it happen. The reality of it was hard to process and Rachel’s nervous hands betrayed the mix of anxiety and excitement she felt at the idea.

Lucy’s hand moved from Rachel’s own breast down to her vibrating cunt and she rubbed it through the leggings.

“What is pussy for, Rachel?” she whispered.

“For fucking,” Rachel said, remembering all of Lucy’s many lessons.

“What are we good for?”

“Fucking,” Rachel said again.

Lucy kissed her again. Her sister’s passion was aggressive, maybe more aggressive than Rachel had ever felt. The weeks of self-denial, constant porn, endless hours of masturbation, and toying with Rachel had clearly put Lucy into the state she’d often coached Rachel herself into. She was listening to her cunt and nothing else.

Lucy held Rachel’s hand as they walked into Luke’s house. Luke carried bags inside and took them to a bedroom, while Lucy followed with Rachel. The bedroom held a large bed, which Lucy pushed Rachel onto and then climbed on top of her. Lucy pinned her arms to the mattress and pushed her tongue back into Rachel’s mouth, taking her breath away with her ferocity.

While Luke busied himself setting up the cameras and lights, Lucy held Rachel down and ground her pussy against her sister as if she were one of their toys. Rachel squirmed against her as the vibrating egg teased her cunt, moaning into Lucy’s mouth with need as she imagined the room filling with naked men waiting to fuck Lucy. Lucy released her arms and tugged Rachel’s leggings down and off her legs, tossing them aside. Her panties came next and then Lucy stroked her tongue through Rachel’s wet slit and tickled her clit.

The lights that Luke set up drove the shadows from the room, illuminating the two writhing women on the bed. Their shadows moved in concert, splashing the silhouette of their sapphic passion across the walls. Rachel’s pussy felt like it was on fire from the egg and Lucy’s tongue fucking, bringing the day’s teasing to a head-lightening crescendo that threatened to spill over into a hot burst of pleasure. Lucy felt it coming and backed off, as she had so many times, denying Rachel the chance to cum.

“Holy shit!” came a voice from the doorway, followed by a second, and then a third exclamation.

Rachel’s head shot up and through her bleary vision, she saw three other men join Luke in the room. Her already thudding heart threatened to pound right out of her chest, but Lucy didn’t even seem to notice. She was pushing Rachel’s top up and over her tits, licking and sucking on them as her dark hair spilled over her face. Luke mounted the bed behind her and undid the catch on Lucy’s skirt. He slid it down and Lucy unconsciously aided him in removing it. Lucy, of course, wore no panties.

She stopped teasing Rachel’s tits to strip off her top and throw it away. When she looked down on Rachel, she looked lost in some fuck-fogged dream and her body vibrated with excitement and barely-contained arousal. Luke grabbed Lucy’s hair in his fist and jerked her head back and Lucy’s body shook. She opened her mouth and Luke’s dick filled it as Lucy cooed happily.

Rachel scooted back against the headboard and her hand went immediately to her cunt as she watched with fascination. The perversity of this was so much filthier than when she’d watched Luke fuck her sister the first time. There was a ravenous aura about Lucy now, a hunger that Rachel understood from what she’d felt herself. Lucy had edged herself for so long that rational thought was nearly impossible. Rachel remembered the way she’d felt after only five days of denial. She didn’t even know how long Lucy had gone. She hadn’t seen her cum once in the weeks that Lucy had been teaching her all the important things a woman needed to know.

Luke held tightly to Lucy’s hair and fucked her gasping mouth just like the mean men in the dirty videos. Lucy moaned and took it happily, spitting and choking on his cock as another man moved in behind her and squeezed her tits. The molestation only made Lucy’s body jerk with anticipation and she pushed her ass back against him. She put her hands on Luke’s ass and encouraged him to slam his cock into her mouth even harder. Rachel pulled the egg out of her cunt and used it to tease her dripping slit as she watched Lucy perform like the filthiest sluts in the most hardcore of the videos.

The man mauling her tits ran one of his hands between Lucy’s legs and remarked, “Jesus! This slut’s cunt is fucking soaked!”

Lucy made a gargled noise and humped her ass back against him needily. Luke extracted his spit-coated cock from her mouth and Lucy gasped. Tears ran down her cheeks but she was smiling as Rachel had never seen. She got down on her hands and presented her welcoming pussy to the man behind her. He slid his length into her easily and Lucy’s body convulsed with pleasure. Another man got on his knees on the bed and resumed fucking Lucy’s mouth as the man behind her held her hair and thrust his cock into her depths.

Luke settled back against the headboard next to Rachel, grinning, stroking his wet cock as he watched his two friends spit-roast Lucy.

“Your sister’s one slut in a million,” he said to the masturbating Rachel.

Rachel, wide-eyed, only nodded and pushed the vibrating egg against her clit with one hand. Almost without thinking about it, she flicked her eyes down to Luke’s cock, shiny and wet with Lucy’s spit, and she put her own hand around it. Luke looked surprised for a moment, but he stopped jerking it himself and allowed Rachel to do it. She looked from Lucy’s squealing, jerking body, to the cock in her hand.

This was the same cock that had been fucking her yesterday. It had been in her mouth and her pussy, but she hadn’t even touched it. It felt so different from the toys. It was like it was alive when it spasmed in her hand. Luke put an arm around Rachel’s back and palmed one of her tits. The last man, tired of stroking his meat, joined Luke and Rachel on the bed. His hard penis poked against Rachel’s cheek.

Lucy made a strangled noise and her eyes fell on Rachel, but the man using her mouth gripped the back of her skull in both hands and proceeded to fuck her throat like it was a pussy.

“Nah, man,” Luke said to the newest arrival. “Rach is just gonna watch.”

Rachel, though, looked up at the man with the hard cock and opened her mouth. Surprising herself, Luke, and the man whose name she didn’t know, she put her lips around the head of his cock and continued looking up at him with her eyes wide, a fistful of Luke’s cock, and a vibrating egg on her clit.

“That’s a good slut,” the man said and placed his hand on Rachel’s head.

Rachel let him push his cock into her mouth and tried to keep on stroking Luke’s. Lucy choked and sputtered and then she made a gargled screeching noise around the dick in her mouth. She began to convulse so hard that the man in her mouth pulled his sloppy cock free for fear that she’d bite him. With her mouth now free, Lucy’s screeching turned into a breathless gasp and she put her head on the bed.

“Oh, fuck!” she cried, and then her convulsing body seemed to seize up and go taut. She rammed her hips back against the man fucking her and then shrieked again as her long-denied orgasm melted her mind.

The man in her cunt groaned loudly as Lucy’s pussy squeezed his cock, begging for his cum as his hands clung to her hips and held her in place.

“Holy fuck!” he exclaimed. “This slut’s… fucking pussy!”

And then he pasted her insides in a wash of cum as he trembled with Lucy. Everyone watched as he emptied his balls into her writhing, twitching body. Lucy continued to gasp and grip the comforter in her fists as her orgasm seemed to go on for minutes. Finally, she collapsed, forcing the man’s cock out of her. There was no rest, though. The man that had been using her mouth simply rolled her over and fed his cock into her cum-filled hole. Lucy gasped and groaned, but like the slut she was, she wrapped her legs around his waist and began to chant, “Fuck me… fuck me… oh, shit… fuck that cunt… fuck me…”

Luke gently pulled Rachel’s stroking hand off of his cock, pulled Lucy’s arms, and dragged her head off the side of the bed.

“Yes,” she gasped. “Fuck my mouth!”

Luke pushed his dick back into her throat. Rachel pulled the strange man’s cock from her mouth, astonished. She’d seen it in the videos, but never imagined it could really happen. Lucy took the full length of Luke’s long cock all the way inside her like her throat was just another hole made for fucking. She didn’t gag or sputter. Luke just slid his shaft right into her with a pleased groan and his balls touched Lucy’s nose. She grunted in ecstasy as the man fucking her cunt began to pound her harder.

Rachel ran the egg in her hand through her cunt, hardly even noticing when the strange man pushed his cock back into her mouth. Her eyes watched, sidelong, as Lucy took the two men on. Her sister squealed and grunted around Luke’s cock, while the second man squeezed one of her tits and Luke the other. The man in Rachel’s mouth gently rocked his cockhead between her lips as they watched Lucy.

After a few minutes, Luke pulled his dick from Lucy’s mouth and slapped her face, making Lucy moan.

“Hey, slut,” he said. “You’ve got a free hole and a free pole.”

“Do it,” Lucy croaked. “Fucking do it!”

“Get her up, man,” Luke ordered.

The man fucking Lucy pulled his cock out, shifted onto his back, and then Luke dragged her up. She mounted his cock once more, slamming her cunt down on his lap with a grunt. She leaned forward and put her hands on his chest, while he held her hips. As Rachel watched from around the dick in her mouth, Luke worked his cock into Lucy’s ass. It was clumsy and slow, but when Lucy gasped and then bit her lip, Rachel knew that he’d gotten it in.

“Fuck, yes,” Lucy whispered. “Fucking do it!”

“That’s my cue, baby,” said the man in Rachel’s mouth.

He pulled out his cock and left her masturbating, as though her sole purpose had been to keep his dick wet and warm for Lucy. She had to pull the vibrator off her cunt to avoid cumming to the thought. It was so slutty, so dirty.

Ever since Lucy had begun instructing her in a woman’s purpose, those lessons she’d most enjoyed had been the ones where the girls were treated roughly, unkindly, like their only real use was as pleasure holes. It was an odd thing to know about oneself, she’d often thought, as Rachel did not like people to be unkind in general. When she listened to her cunt, though, her cunt found those things so sexy and exciting. Watching Lucy fulfill that role, taking on three men, having every useful hole stuffed and pleasuring cock, had Rachel’s whole body hot and vibrating.

That could be her, too. She could be like Lucy, and Lucy could be like the mean girls in her favorite videos. They’d call her names, slap her, push cock into her, and use her to get off. She vibrated her cunt to the thought of it and watched Lucy’s body begin to jerk and thrash as she had her second incredible orgasm. The man in her mouth gave a sharp gasp and then held Lucy’s face to his crotch as he fed her his cum. Lucy hummed happily as she drank it, squeezing her own tits and then gasping for air when he pulled his dick out.

The man in her cunt soon followed, blasting a second big load into her as she humped back against Luke’s cock in her ass. Luke gathered her hair in his fist and slid his cock out of her, then used her hair to drag her up. The cock in her cunt plopped free and Rachel could see the ejaculation pour from her fuckhole and drip wetly down her legs. Luke levered Lucy around, his free hand around her chest, and then he forced her down to her knees in front of Rachel.

“Lick cunt, you nasty bitch,” he ordered.

Lucy pushed Rachel’s hand away from her cunt and began to suck and lap at Rachel’s pussy like it was the best thing on earth. Luke worked his cock back into her ass. Lucy’s animal grunts sent vibrations through Rachel’s cunt as her sister licked and sucked. Luke’s hard thrusting drove Lucy’s face into her, making a real rhythm impossible, but Rachel didn’t care. She moaned for her sister and squeezed her breasts, letting the pleasure build. Lucy was not denying her this time. This time, Lucy was intent on giving Rachel her own cum.

After the whole day’s teasing, Lucy’s talented tongue pushed her over the edge within minutes. Rachel bucked against her sister’s face and opened her mouth to scream out her pleasure, but as she did, one of the men pushed his cummy cock into her mouth and roughly used it to clean his and Lucy’s cum from his shaft. Rachel glurked and gasped, then coughed when he pulled it out. She gasped and the second man followed suit, jamming his still-wet cock in to clean it as Rachel continued to orgasm on Lucy’s tongue.

Her body jerked against the headboard violently as she squealed around the dick in her mouth, and then it was gone. The third man immediately replaced it with his own and fucked Rachel’s head against the wood of the headboard as Lucy continued to make her cum. Rachel squealed and bucked as the man stuffed her mouth with his half-hard cock, until he was satisfied she’d done her duty. Through a haze of tears, Rachel saw Luke pull his dick out of Lucy’s ass, and then he climbed over Lucy’s prone body. He pushed his cock into Rachel’s mouth and, within a second, dispensed his gooey load onto her tongue.

Rachel did as she’d seen Lucy do, and grabbed onto Luke’s ass, pulling him in deeper, choking herself on his cock as his semen continued to pour down her throat. Lucy’s tongue made her cum again and she gagged on Luke’s length as her body shook and legs kicked. Then, Lucy was up on her knees, pushing her tongue into Luke’s ass. He made a surprised noise and another jet of cum rocketed into Rachel’s throat.

“Fuck, you’re a nasty girl!” Luke exclaimed, chuckling, and more chuckles followed from the three other spent men.

Luke finally stepped away, and Lucy moved in, kissing Rachel, her tongue probing her sister’s mouth, sharing in the reward. Lucy squeezed her tits and moaned into her mouth. With her head reeling and her body flushed, Rachel felt that there was no better place in the world than right here, in her sister’s arms.

Episode Thirteen: Fixing Things

While Rachel had felt sleepy on the ride home, Lucy was giddy and animated. There was something in her that had changed, Rachel could see, but she didn’t understand what it was. There had been, for years, some kind of dark cloud around Lucy, as black as her hair. Rachel didn’t think it had been the gangbang. At least, not entirely. She’d held Rachel’s hand on the drive home, quiet, but brimming with energy.

When they arrived home, Lucy carried the cameras and lights into the house, all of them now stowed in a bag. Rachel, exhausted by the whole ordeal, fell asleep with the egg stuffed into her cunt once more. Lucy, meanwhile, set the bag of equipment down and opened the laptop. Though she was tired, the incredible release had done wonders for her clarity. For the first time in weeks, her pussy was not the only thought on her mind.

She brought up her stats and laughed out loud. 120,000 copies of the video had been sold. Lucy had never wanted fame and had thought little of fortune. She’d drifted the last couple of years, consumed by porn and finding pleasure only in devoting herself to making her cunt happy. That pleasure, she’d been able to draw out by edging herself and living in that slutty, near-orgasmic haze, but it hadn’t been fulfilling. All of that had begun to change the day that Rachel became involved.

Rachel wasn’t just a project, Lucy had come to realize. Rachel was the key to their family’s salvation. With one slutty act, one moment that had brought them together, two sisters had done something that would forever change the course of their lives. Where, only weeks ago, there had been depression, hopelessness, and uncertainty, now there was a possibility. There was the chance for a real future. It wasn’t just their chance, either.

With the numbers increasing by the minute, those possibilities were for all of them. She didn’t know, exactly, how she was going to approach their mother and tell her that she no longer had to work. There would be questions, doubts, accusations, and denials. Those, Lucy would have to overcome. It might never heal the rift that lay between them. In fact, it might just widen it. The important thing, Lucy decided, was that Rachel would have any opportunity she wanted, now. That was the possibility.

Through the still-open door, Lucy heard the sound of the door opening, shutting, and then her mother throwing her keys onto the entry table. Lucy padded down the hall, then down the steps. Her heels clacked down the hallway until she stood in the kitchen doorway. Her mother turned around and set a wine glass on the counter and filled it. Lucy strode quickly forward and took the bottle out of her hand. Her mother looked shocked. Lucy snatched the glass off the counter and poured it down the drain.

“What do you think you’re doing?” her mother snapped.

Lucy didn’t say anything. She put her arms around her mother, pulled her in so tightly that she gasped, and buried her face in her chest. Her mother jerked back in surprise, but Lucy held on. Hot tears burned under her eyelids and then they leaked through, wetting the front of her mother’s blouse. Still, she held on. Then, her mother’s arms went around her back and she held her.

“I want to fix it,” Lucy said. “I want to fix it all.”

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