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Gooner Girl, Episode Eight: Tongue Tied

Rachel had been flushed and horny all through dinner, the butt plug in her anus as they ate the meal in silence. Their mother was always quiet these days, preferring to sulk through Lucy's meals, then retire to her wine and sleeping pills. Before doing so, each time, she gave Rachel a quick hug and stroked her hair, wordlessly. Lucy, she fixed with a disgusted glare.

Following dinner, with their mother drinking herself into a pill-induced slumber, Rachel asked her sister, "Lucy, why is mom always sad?"

Lucy turned and put her arms around the younger girl, cradling her head to her breasts.

"She has it tough, since dad left. She just works really hard. When people work themselves to death, like she does, it makes them miserable. That's why it's important to do something that you love and that you're good at, so that you don't end up sad and alone, like mom."

"I don't want to be like that," Rachel said.

"You won't be. You'll always have me. Mom loves you, too. She's just lost," Lucy said.


"She doesn't have anything but her jobs and she's depressed. We're going to help her, though," Lucy explained.

"How?" Rachel asked, the warmth of her sister's embrace and stroking of her hair a comfort.

"By taking care of ourselves, so she doesn't have to work so hard," Lucy said, "Everything runs on money, and we don't have enough. What you and I are doing, though, it isn't just for fun."

"It isn't?"

"No. Lots of girls, like us, make tons of money just from having fun and letting other people watch it. Like the girl that watched you the other day. That was fun, wasn't it?" Lucy asked.

Rachel nodded. It had been fun and exciting, having the other girl watch her get the fake penis fucked into her cunt. The masturbating girl, getting hot and playing with herself as Rachel watched her, had done something different than the porno.

The porno was still great, but the idea that a live person was actually watching it all happen, or that Rachel herself could see a real person doing the same thing, had made Rachel's pussy gush each time she remembered it. Lucy had explained that Rachel was a submissive exhibitionist. That meant that she was turned on by showing herself off, but that she also liked to let other people decide how she should do it.

Rachel thought that sounded right. When she watched the porno with Lucy, the mean girl videos were always what she looked forward to. The way the girls allowed the mean girls to tie them up, to decide how they should be allowed to cum, or if they should cum at all, made Rachel feel flushed and hot. More and more, she imagined herself being one of those girls, having her legs or arms tied as a mean girl called her names and laughed at her.

She'd thought, once, that she was weird for having those feelings. Lucy had told her, though, that it was very normal. There were a lot of girls like that, and Rachel knew that was true, because there were so many videos of it. Her fantasies of these events now, almost exclusively, focused on Lucy doing these things to her. She thought, maybe, that it was because Lucy was the only person that she had actually done anything with.

Lucy let her go and said, "Before I started helping you learn, I got some money from letting people watch me. If we let people watch us together, though, we'll make lots more money. If we do that, then we'll be self-sufficient, and mom won't have to work so hard to take care of us. It will make her happier if she knows that you'll be alright. That's all she cares about."

"She cares about you, too," Rachel said, sitting on the bed.

Lucy laughed and said, "She's a mom. She feels obligated, but she doesn't give a shit about me. That's okay, though. I didn't do anything to deserve her giving a shit about me. I made it hard for her and she hates me for it."

Rachel saw something in her sister that she hadn't ever observed. Lucy seemed sad, too. It passed in a second though, and then Lucy was her normal self, smiling in that dark and crooked way that always made Rachel squirm.

"Enough of that bullshit," Lucy said, "I want to teach you something new. Would you like to learn?"

Rachel nodded, pushing away the worry. She trusted that Lucy knew what to do. If Lucy had a plan, then that was good. Besides, Rachel wanted to take the plug out of her ass and her cunt needed to be played with, because it was being very insistent.

Lucy brought up her browser with a playlist and motioned Rachel toward her. Rachel crawled across the bed and Lucy stripped off her sister's top, cupping Rachel's tits in her hands and giving them a squeeze that made Rachel moan. Lucy kissed her as she groped her breasts and Rachel began to tremble as the heat in her pussy increased. Lucy, hovering over her, touching her, pushing her tongue into her mouth as Rachel sat on her knees, made her feel small, like she was some kind of toy for her sister to do whatever she pleased with.

Lucy pulled back, shucked off her robe and let it drop to the floor. She opened the bedside table and came out with two lengths of soft cord. The first of these, she wrapped around Rachel's wrists, securing them behind her back. Then, she lay Rachel on her stomach, her tits pressed into the mattress, and Lucy wrapped the other cord around her ankles. The final length of this cord, she wrapped through the first, bending Rachel's knees backward, so that her feet nearly touched her arms.

With her limbs restrained, Lucy turned Rachel toward the laptop screen and started the videos. As Rachel watched, the first of the mean girls began to taunt her tied slut, calling her names as she pushed a long, fake cock into the girl's butt. Lucy positioned herself behind her sister. Rachel quietly moaned and shook as Lucy took up the vibrator, flipped it on, and pressed it against her clit.

Rachel felt like the girl on the screen, her pussy hot as she imagined what she must look like, tied and being toyed by a mean girl, just like the videos. As the vibrator sent shocks of pleasure into her body, Rachel squirmed and watched the other tied girl in the video get her bottom stuffed with the fake penis.

"That make's Lucy's slut so happy, doesn't it," Lucy said, rubbing the vibrator along Rachel's slit, then returning it to her clit.

"Yes!" Rachel agreed.

"Is that what you want me to do to you, slut?" Lucy asked, "Do you want me to be your mean girl?"

"I… I… Yes," Rachel agreed.

"Do you want me to tease your pussy for you? Do you want me to make you a little butt whore, just like that?"

Rachel shook and shivered, imagining Lucy removing the plug and pushing the fake penis into her ass, like the girl in the video.

"Yes!" she said.

Lucy kept up the teasing on Rachel's clit for long minutes as the videos played, occasionally giving the plug in her ass a good shake that nearly made Rachel orgasm. Only, Lucy wouldn't let her. Each time Lucy stopped vibrating her cunt, Rachel could hear her sister put the vibrator against her own pussy, before returning it to Rachel's. Something about having her sister sharing the toy, sharing her sexy pussy cream with her through the toy made Rachel feel even hotter and more excited.

Finally, Lucy turned Rachel around, spinning her on the bed like a top, which made Rachel flush with a little wave of humiliated pleasure. She found herself face-to-cunt with her sister. Lucy's pussy was inches from Rachel's face, and she met her sister's eyes.

"I'm going to teach you how to suck cunt, just like a real slut," Lucy said, and then pushed Rachel's face into her pussy.

Rachel bucked in surprise, but then she nearly came. It was just like the mean girls, just like she'd imagined in her fantasies. Here she was, tied and being made to service the cunt of a mean girl. Lucy sighed with pleasure as Rachel stuck her tongue out and gave her cunt a little lick. She slid the vibrator between Rachel's legs, placing it on the bed, where it vibrated against her sister's cunt. Then, she leaned back against the pillows and took hold of Rachel's hair in her fist.

"I'm going to fuck my cunt with your slutty little face," Lucy said and Rachel moaned.

She pressed Rachel's face into her wet folds and Rachel began to lick, running her inexperienced tongue up and down her sister's slit. The taste of her was like nothing Rachel had ever experienced, tangy but sweet at the same time. The vibrator hummed away, resting on the bed, forcing Rachel to wiggle her hips about to try to get it to stimulate her cunt. The wiggling also made her tongue move around on Lucy's cunt, bringing happy noises from Lucy.

"That's it, slut," Lucy said, holding her hair, "Suck on my cunt. Show me how much you want it. That's Lucy's pussy slut."

Rachel gave Lucy's engorged clit a little flick and felt happy about the way it made her jump and tug at her hair, so she did it again and then flicked it back and forth. Lucy seemed to love this, so Rachel kept it up until she felt Lucy's body start to shudder. Then, Lucy yanked her head up before she could cum.

"Fuck!" Lucy breathed, "You must be a total dyke. You're way too good at that!"

Rachel blushed, her head a whirl as she wiggled her cunt against the vibrator. A moment passed and Lucy masturbated herself with Rachel's face once more. Rachel dutifully sucked her sister's cunny for her, until her arms and legs were sore and tired. Lucy could see it.

She'd had to stop Rachel from making her cum half a dozen times, but she'd done well. Finally, she released Rachel's limbs from the ties and then spent several minutes rubbing her legs, lapping at her cunt for her in appreciation, and rewarding her with the vibrator.

"Do you want me to make you cum?" Lucy asked.

Rachel did want to cum. She wanted to cum very badly, but she also knew that good girls don't cum. Good girls just rub and get dumb.

"No… no I… I don't want it," Rachel said.

Lucy smiled and took her in her arms, stroking her body, kissing her.

"Stay here tonight," Lucy said, and shut off the light.

Together, they got under Lucy's covers, where Lucy held her and continued kissing her. Even through the lustful haze, Rachel thought about her mother being sad. She thought about what Lucy had said, that her mother worked too hard because she wanted to take care of them. Lucy had a plan for them, a plan that would help her mother not be depressed. If that were true, and Rachel was certain it was, then she wanted that.

"Lucy?" Rachel whispered between kisses.


"I love you."

"I love you, too, brat," Lucy said, and kissed her again.


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