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Gooner Girl, Episode Three: Lucy's Ambitions

Gooner Girl

Episode Three: Lucy’s Ambitions

Each night, it was Lucy’s responsibility to fix dinner. Since their mother worked two jobs and Lucy was a “socially dysfunctional chronic masturbator,” her mother had made this her responsibility, if she wanted to continue living. Lucy did it without argument. She’d learned long ago that it was best not to argue and just do some chores, so that her mother would leave her alone. She had little interest in Lucy making anything of herself anymore, since Lucy did not really show any ambition to excel in anything outside of being a “useful hole for strange men.”

Instead, their mother supplied her with birth control to avoid any “bastards that she’d have to raise,” and put what little available energy she had into keeping her younger daughter sheltered from the influence of the outside world. Unfortunately, their mother had neither the time nor energy to monitor everything that Rachel did. One of the primary reasons their mother worked so much was to provide Rachel with a homeschool tutor, further sheltering the girl and depriving her of any kind of social interaction with other people.

As Lucy worked on her new project, she silently thanked her mother for her hard work in keeping Rachel so closeted from the realities of adult life. Even though she was a legal adult, Rachel essentially had the worldly knowledge of a high school freshman, and her only real link to the wider world became library books, local TV, and Lucy. Before today, though, Lucy had never imagined what a godsend this fact would be.

After dinner, their mother set about her usual routine, which consisted of taking one or more sleeping pills, drowning herself in an entire bottle of cheap wine, and promptly falling asleep. This left Lucy with ample opportunity to continue introducing her younger sister to a myriad of hardcore porn and the joys of pussy play. Lucy knew that, on some level, her actions were spurred on by the fact that she was on her third day of self-imposed orgasm denial, which had essentially sucked her head into a lusty fog that had her thinking of little, outside of her very aroused cunt.

Before Rachel had discovered her, she’d spent those three days grossly inundating herself with hours of mean girl porn, broken up by the occasional throat fuck video or anal gangbang. The sudden involvement of Rachel, though, had done two things. First, her frenzied denial high had begun to fade a bit, as she’d spent most of the day edging her sister and then making her orgasm while she watched other girls being degraded and humiliated. The second thing, a result of her slightly clearer head, was that she’d begun formulating a plan by which she could further use Rachel’s newfound self-discovery to start her own business.

Her mother didn’t understand. Lucy was motivated. She just wasn’t motivated to go out and get a shit job, then come home every night to get drunk and take sleeping pills. Lucy was motivated by her cunt. Her cunt was her best friend. Rachel was going to discover that she had her own best friend. Now, Rachel was utterly enrapt as she watched a line of unattractive and dirty homeless men, paid by some degenerate porn producer, repeatedly pump their pent-up loads onto the face of a naked girl. The video was titled, “Helping the Homeless,” and it was one of Lucy’s favorites.

This time, rather than allowing Rachel to cum, Lucy made sure to keep her on edge. She could tell that Rachel was tired, though. Masturbation marathons were not something she was used to. Her sister was nearly limp in her arms, but she continued to ingest the video, awestruck by the sight of the porn girl’s utterly ruined face, which was plastered in a cake of white goop so thick that she was barely recognizable as human. Still, the line of men just kept coming. Lucy had tried to count them a few times, but after seventy or eighty she usually either came or lost count. Or both.

Each time one of the men would plaster the slut’s face, another girl would shove a vibrating toy into her cunt and hold it there until the last drop of semen had fallen from the man’s spent cock. Rachel seemed to find this fascinating, as the girl would only receive pleasure at the moment that she was being a helpful cum target for an unwashed vagrant. Lucy thought that this little touch was inspired on the part of whatever pervert had put this video together.

“It’s time for you to go to bed,” Lucy whispered to her sister, pulsing the vibrator in two second bursts against Rachel’s splayed pussy, “You’re going to need to keep up your strength so we can do this some more tomorrow.”

“Uhh… huh…” Rachel groaned, wiping spittle from the corner of her mouth. She really was tired. Her eyelids felt like lead, but the strange pull of the dirty video and the way Lucy kept using the vibrating toy on her for the last two hours had her whole body hot and buzzing with the need to get another orgasm.

“I know you really want to cum again,” Lucy hissed, “but I told you no more until tomorrow. You need to learn that good girls don’t cum. They just rub and get dumb.”

Rachel shook with some weird feeling that she didn’t understand. Lucy clicked the vibrator off and set it aside, groping Rachel’s tit in one hand and pushing her long fingers into her sister’s leaky pussy.

“Now, I want to make sure that you aren’t getting greedy and trying to cum your stupid brain out while you’re in bed tonight,” Lucy said, “so I’m going to help you keep it in. If you’re really good for me, and you don’t try to finger your snatch, I’ll make sure you ge