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Gooner Girl, Episode Nine: Rachel's Cherry

Ms. Gleeson brought Rachel's first lesson on the following day. The tutor had needed to update the content since using it with Lucy, which made her squirm with embarrassment. Providing the girl with an education was her job, though, her passion. Whatever would best help Rachel to learn, that was what she'd do.

Now, Rachel was learning world geography through the use of a map. This particular map, though, was one that showed each country's top-most trending porn category. For each country, Rachel watched a short video in that category and learned to associate the place on the map with the type of porno that was being watched the most.

In the United States, Rachel watched a squirming tentacle monster impregnate a cartoon woman, forcibly making her orgasm. Ms. Gleeson explained that this was called Hentai. In the United Kingdom, people enjoyed a good pussy licking. Watching two women in a 69 position, hungrily moaning into one another's aroused cunts, made Rachel's vibrating twat warm as she remembered sucking on her sister's pussy for her.

Rachel then learned about Try Not to Cum challenges in France, romantic passion in Italy and MILFs in Mexico. Germans enjoyed squirting pussies, she also learned, and she was fascinated by the fountains of slut slime that some women were able to produce. Threesomes from the Philippines were something new. So far, Rachel had been exposed to many videos of a girl taking on multiple partners, masturbating alone, or being fucked by one person.

Watching the video of a man and two women together made Rachel imagine herself and Lucy pleasuring Luke's cock together. While the egg hummed away in her cunt, she wondered what it would be like to kiss Lucy with a man's penis between their lips, like the girls in the video. What would it be like to lick Lucy's pussy, while Luke's penis was inside it? Would it taste different with the man's creamy jizz pouring from it?

In Poland, Rachel watched a video about sugar daddies, and Ms. Gleeson explained that some women adopted this practice in exchange for things they wanted or needed. Some of the girls didn't even have sex with the men. They just acted cute or hung out in sexy outfits and the men gave them presents or money. This arrangement made Rachel think of Luke and Lucy, and the way Luke had bought her presents and given her money for sharing her mouth and pussy with him.

Ms. Gleeson explained that there was a war in Ukraine, but people were still enjoying watching close-up porno there. A short montage of videos associated the country, in Rachel's mind, with hard cocks dispensing gooey loads of cum into the wet pussies of young women. Girls sucking on men's cocks through walls was all the rage in Argentina. Ms. Gleeson called this a gloryhole, and Rachel found it so strange that so many girls liked to kneel on a crusty cushion, in a graffiti-covered room, and suck on the cocks of men they'd never meet.

While Rachel busied herself with her lessons, Lucy checked the rising stats on the new accounts she'd opened. The recent videos she'd uploaded to OnlyFans and shared the preview clips of, had garnered her a decent subscriber base. As she'd thought, two real sisters in steamy lesbian fuckplay had been too enticing to resist. Fans were happy to part with $9.99 a month to watch Lucy fuck her leashed and tied sister with a strap-on cock.

Many of those fans had made comments, gushing over the way Lucy controlled and dominated her sister into sucking on her cunt. Lucy, having not orgasmed for days now, was utterly lost in the depravity of it all. As she transferred $700 to her account, she was already imagining what new things she could do with Rachel. Would the fans enjoy watching Rachel put into a chastity belt and denied orgasms at all, while forced to serve Lucy's pussy's needs?

Was a series in which Lucy instructed Rachel on how to suck the cocks of strange men a more profitable road to explore first? Rachel loved being dominated and controlled, called names or made to do things that she felt embarrassed about. All of those things and more, Lucy fantasized about. What would really set them up, she decided, was a pay only video of Rachel's first fuck.

Her sister was a petite little beauty. If Lucy were to make it super-hot, shepherding Rachel through getting her cherry broken by a guy with a really big cock, it could change their fortunes. The video would exist forever, and she could charge a premium rate for that. For a long while, Lucy teased her cunt with the vibrator, watching the staged deflowering videos from several porn sites. So few of the videos seemed genuine. They could do this. With a little more time, a bit more teasing, Rachel would be wanting to get a fat cock stuffed into her.


That night, Rachel's pussy was soaked and needy. She'd avoided touching it during dinner, but as soon as their mother gone through her routine and vanished into her room, Rachel's hands were down her pants, touching her squishing cunt. Lucy took her upstairs to her room.

"Lucy… I… I want to cum!' Rachel said, "It feels so hot!"

Lucy shushed her with her mouth, gently squeezing Rachel's tits as she put her tongue into the younger girl's mouth. Rachel shivered in her arms, still touching her own pussy as Lucy touched her.

"I know how hard it is," Lucy said, "I haven't cum for days. You've been so good for me, keeping your pussy happy and not cumming. Why don't we watch some videos and maybe I'll let you cum."

Rachel nodded her head eagerly and began to strip off her clothes. She followed Lucy onto the bed, where her sister instructed her to lean back against the pillow cushion on the headboard. Rachel did. Lucy took the cord and wrapped one of the ties around Rachel's wrist, then fastened it to the bedpost. She repeated this with her other wrist, and then put the gag ball into Rachel's mouth.

Rachel began to sweat with anticipation and arousal at being tied and gagged, the helpless feeling flipping the switch in her brain that made her pussy so hot. Lucy set the laptop on a riser, which she settled over Rachel's lap, so that the screen was close to her face. Then, Lucy spread Rachel's legs apart. She started the playlist of videos she'd chosen for tonight.

The first began to play, showing Rachel a pair of naked girls kissing hotly on the bed. They looked similar enough to be sisters. Rachel groaned as Lucy removed the vibrating egg from her cunt, leaving her pussy feeling empty. The girls were soon joined on the bed by a man with a big penis, who spread the legs of the younger girl and began to push his penis into her pussy. The girl's sister kissed her and rubbed her tits while the man gently eased the girth of his fat cock into the squealing teen.

Lucy pushed the head of a fake cock into Rachel's wet cunny as she watched the video, making Rachel writhe in her bonds. The girl struggled and made little muffled sounds of pleasure into her sister's mouth, as the man continued to open her tight little fuckbox up with his pulsing cock. The girl made a painful little squeak and the man stopped. For a moment, he waited as the girl sniffled a bit, her sister cooing in her ear, and then the man resumed pushing his big cock into her.

He managed to get the full length of his meat into the girl and, before long, she was humping her pussy against his cock, her eyes dreamy, as her sister sucked on her tits. Lucy gently fucked the fake cock in and out of Rachel's pussy, making no effort to push the whole length into her. She wanted to preserve her sister's cherry for the right time.

"I'm going to teach you how to do that," Lucy said to Rachel, "how to be fucked the right way."

Rachel moaned and humped the fake cock, wondering how it would feel to take the full length of it into her pussy. She hadn't even taken the entire strap-on cock yet, but Lucy had pushed that one into her ass almost all the way a few times now and she'd loved it. Having the strap-on cock in her ass gave her that feeling of submission to Lucy that always made her so hot, and she couldn't help but think that it might be even better with a real penis in her. As long as Lucy could be there, like the girl's helpful sister in the video, she thought it would be okay.


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Nov 07, 2022

I hope Ms. Gleeson ends up having to do some hands on teaching maybe rachel will be in chastity for anotomy lessons so Ms. Gleeson has to use her own body.

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