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Homewrecker, Episode One: Larry

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Caitlin the homewrecker

Caitlin had a thing for older men, especially married men. It wasn't exactly a daddy fetish, though Caitlin did enjoy cockteasing her own father. It was more to do with the fact that Caitlin knew her nubile nineteen-year-old body was hot. Her tits were large, her ass was round, and she had the pouty but innocent look of a girl that had always made men fawn over her. It was a face that looked incredibly innocent, even when stuffed full of hard cock or sprayed with semen. It was a face that men loved to deliver a little slap to, for fun, and that just made Caitlin's little pussy go all kinds of gooey.

Boys Caitlin's age were nothing like an older man. They bought her flowers and held her hand. They wanted to take her on dates, sit in movies, give her little kisses and got a bit timid when pushing to get a feel of her tits. Caitlin preferred the take charge attitude of older men, the kind that looked at her like a sexy little wet hole full of pleasure.

Older men were rough and dominant with her, her innocent look giving them the impression that Caitlin was inexperienced and virginal. Those qualities set those older guys off, and it was like they just had to ensure that she was ruined for every boyfriend that came after they'd savaged her teenage pussy. And savage that pussy they did.

Caitlin never came from screwing around with guys her own age, who might be clumsy and fumble with her bra straps. They were hasty, overeager, pumping their hard pricks into her and spewing loads within a minute then asking, "was that good for you?" to which Caitlin would usually just sigh and make them feel embarrassed. That was its own kind of reward, making the boys feel inadequate as fuck toys, which is why she continued to allow those boys to pump her always wet little snatch.

By contrast, those older men manhandled the girl as if she belonged to them. They pushed her down, mashing her tits into the floor or the bed, and parted her lean legs with their knees. They'd hold her arms and hammer her puffy, sopping little fuckhole with their big man-cocks, as though she were a mailorder sex doll that they hid from their wives. Older men were not shy of grabbing her hair and pulling it back, thrusting angrily into her from behind with a firm grip on her bottom and their pelvis smacking the round globes of her ass with no regard for her comfort. These men readily put a dominant hand on her head and fed the length of their jerking dicks into her mouth with never a pause when she gagged, sputtered, or squealed. The little protestations, in fact, only seemed to further enflame their passions.


Caitlin loved babysitting for Larry and Tish. The couple were wealthy, paid great, and the kid was easy. What Caitlin really enjoyed about the gig, though, was cockteasing Larry. She even enjoyed doing it when Larry didn't know it was happening.

Whilst the couple was out for one of their many evenings, socializing or attending events, Caitlin would use the time to snoop. There were small things that gave her pleasure, keeping her twat wet and excited. Pushing Larry's toothbrush up her fuckhole and coating it in her pussy nectar, while rubbing Trish's through her ass crack was one of these pleasures. Smearing one of Larry's ties with a film of her cunt honey or making use of Trish's dildo was another.

There was a feeling of perverse joy in knowing that Larry would wear the tie to work and, possibly, smell her arousal around his neck. Equally satisfying was the knowledge that Trish would fuck Caitlin's own fuck lube into her cunt the next time she masturbated. The occasional piss into Trish's shampoo or putting pinpricks through all of her condoms were, also, small acts that gave Caitlin that glorious, juicy feeling and twinge of perverted satisfaction. If Trish ended up pregnant, that was her problem. It just meant that Larry might need to take out his frustrations on a readily available cock tunnel.

As a film student in college, Caitlin was excellent with the computer. Larry and Trish had recorded numerous videos of their fuck play. Caitlin could admit that Trish was a good looking woman as she watched their hidden USB drive of homemade porn, but Caitlin also knew that she was younger and hotter. Caitlin had carefully doctored many of the videos, inserting a frame or two of her own nude body into them. The frames would hardly be noticeable, unless someone actually went frame-by-frame through the video. It gave Caitlin a little thrill, though, to know that when the couple replayed these movies that they would still be treated (however unknowingly) to the sight of Caitlin's naked tits or pussy.

Caitlin's other flirtations were more noticeable. The cocktease had mastered the awareness of her surroundings and found it almost second nature to bend over at the right time to give a man the right view of panties under her skirt, or the downblouse view of her firm teenage melons. A casual brush of the hand against a cock or a seemingly innocent peck on the cheek, while on tiptoes, that ended with a slutty little moan or whimper of desire, were things that came as naturally as breathing.

A nighttime swim in the couple's pool on summer evenings, she'd found, was an excellent way to flaunt herself. Always careful to be out of the water and covered by a towel when they came home, Caitlin was adept at "adjusting" the towel, her top, or her bottoms when Larry could see and Trish could not. Only days after accepting the job it had become commonplace for Larry to linger and small talk with Caitlin, while Trish busied herself checking on the kid or with some other small task, firm in the knowledge that the innocent Caitlin was a chaste and virginal teen with no designs on her hubby.

This role, Caitlin was excellent at playing. She never dressed in a way that could be called slutty when hunting for her next target, unless it was something that fit the situation. With a married man, like Larry, Caitlin would ensure that she always arrived at the couple's home looking cute, just a touch sexy, but her innocent look never giving the impression that she was dressing to entice.

On this particular evening Caitlin knew that Trish was going to attend a work function on her own, while Larry would be attending his own event, which was expected to end earlier in the evening. An hour before her arrival she phoned Trish (always routing all her communication through the wife) and informed her that she was having some car trouble. This was a falsehood, but as expected Trish enlisted Larry to pick the girl up and take her home for the evening. Caitlin, now, found herself in the passenger seat of Larry's car, woefully discussing her financial distress.

"My dad insists that I pay for my own expenses for class," she explained, her lip quivering slightly, "since he's paying my tuition. There's so much stuff to get, though."

Larry nodded understanding, giving her bare legs a sidelong glance where Caitlin's skirt had "accidentally" ridden up far too high.

"Some of the girls I know have started doing some stuff online to make extra money, and they said it pays really good," Caitlin went