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The Second Place Sister, Part Twenty-Six

Chapter Forty-Nine: Cross Promotion

“I think it’s a great idea,” Mike agreed.

Stephanie had just finished pitching her idea for a cross-promotional venture between and LKKXXX.COM, while Tori and Cindy shared Mike’s cock between their hot little mouths. Stephanie was, of course, filming it on her phone. They agreed that Cindy could show her face on the Kandy Kunt site, but they needed to keep Tori’s blurred. Cindy had no problem, naturally, with people seeing her face on the internet. had opened the previous afternoon and was on track to be a huge success. Little Kandy Kunt, meanwhile, was still seeing hundreds of new memberships every day. Stephanie couldn’t wait to see the reaction to the new video, once the editing was done. She hoped the fans would appreciate that they’d used the blindfold to hide Kandy’s identity this time, rather than the blur. It made for a much hotter video, Stephanie thought, having watched the rough cut that morning.

“Great,” Stephanie said, “I’ll put a link on the site tonight to Cindy Sin, and start pushing traffic your way.”

“Awesome. You hear that, babe?” Mike asked Cindy, who was massaging his balls as his sister choked herself on his huge rod.


“Nevermind. I’ll tell you later. Suck my balls.”

“Okay, baby,” Cindy said and sucked his balls.

“You wanna put that pretty pussy on my cock, Steph?” Mike asked.

He could see that she was extremely turned on, watching Tori and Cindy worship his dick, but she shook her head and continued filming.

“Money first. I get it.”

“It’s not as though you don’t have choices, is it?” Stephanie said.

“Yes, the difficult decisions in the life of Michael Hamlin,” he mused, pushing his sister’s head down on his cock, “Oh, to lead a simpler life,” the two girls switched places and Cindy swallowed his entire cock, “Uuuuh, God! Oh, I’ll just have both.”

Stephanie chuckled. She was definitely going to need Tori to lick her out after Mike came. This whole scene was getting her cunt so hot and horny. She was, in fact, quite tempted to sink her pussy down on Mike’s big dick, but she didn’t want to stop filming.

Tori mounted her brother’s fat cock and Cindy lined it up, and put it inside of her. She rode him reverse cowgirl, letting Cindy lick the exposed parts of his shaft, as well as her pussy. Little Tori moaned and took her brother deep inside of her pussy, shaking with a good cum. She pulled herself off his cock and let Cindy have it. The little redhead rode him passionately, while Tori pushed him on his back and sat on his face. The two girls swapped sloppy kisses as one came on his tongue, and the other on his throbbing prick.

When Mike began growling, Tori got off of his face and waited for him to finish cumming inside his tiny girlfriend. Cindy slipped off his cock, which was Tori’s cue to climb between her legs and suck her hung brother’s nasty sperm out of her friend’s slutty cunt. Cindy came again on Tori’s face as Mike kissed her hotly.

The three of them lay in a sweaty heap of flesh, the two girls stroking Mike’s still-hard cock. Stephanie stopped filming and started to walk out.

“Hey, where are you going?” Mike called.

“Uh, out?”

“No you’re not, come over here and get your cunt off with us.”

“I’ll pass for now, thanks,” Stephanie said.

Mike sat up, saying, “Come on, Steph. Look at you. If you were any hotter I could toast bread on your cunt.”

“Ha! It would be the best-tasting toast you’ve ever had.”

Mike stood up, his dick swinging. Stephanie licked her lips, but she backed away. Mike saw the game in her eyes and knew what she needed. Stephanie rarely, if ever, had willing sex with him. It was her kink. If she wasn’t “forced” into it, it wasn’t as hot for her. He grabbed her arm. She tugged it away.

“Leave me alone, you fucking pervert,” she shouted at him.

“Pervert? Maybe you shouldn’t dress like such a cocktease, if you don’t want cock.”

“Who says I don’t want cock? Just not my brother’s nasty cock, wet with the cunt slime from two sluts already. No thanks.”

Mike put his shoulder into her waist and lifted her bodily onto his shoulder. Stephanie shrieked and beat at his back with her fists. Mike flipped her skirt up and slapped her ass, making her screech.

“You better settle the fuck down,” he said, tossing her onto the bed. Her phone fell from her hand.

Tori and Cindy watched with open mouths. This was the first time they’d seen Mike and Stephanie interact like this, and it was exciting! Cindy noted the dropped phone, picked it up, and started recording. Mike held Stephanie down as she lay on her stomach, pulled her skirt up, and spanked her again, leaving a red handprint on her perfect ass.