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The Second Place Sister, Part Twenty-Six

Chapter Forty-Nine: Cross Promotion

“I think it’s a great idea,” Mike agreed.

Stephanie had just finished pitching her idea for a cross-promotional venture between and LKKXXX.COM, while Tori and Cindy shared Mike’s cock between their hot little mouths. Stephanie was, of course, filming it on her phone. They agreed that Cindy could show her face on the Kandy Kunt site, but they needed to keep Tori’s blurred. Cindy had no problem, naturally, with people seeing her face on the internet. had opened the previous afternoon and was on track to be a huge success. Little Kandy Kunt, meanwhile, was still seeing hundreds of new memberships every day. Stephanie couldn’t wait to see the reaction to the new video, once the editing was done. She hoped the fans would appreciate that they’d used the blindfold to hide Kandy’s identity this time, rather than the blur. It made for a much hotter video, Stephanie thought, having watched the rough cut that morning.

“Great,” Stephanie said, “I’ll put a link on the site tonight to Cindy Sin, and start pushing traffic your way.”

“Awesome. You hear that, babe?” Mike asked Cindy, who was massaging his balls as his sister choked herself on his huge rod.


“Nevermind. I’ll tell you later. Suck my balls.”

“Okay, baby,” Cindy said and sucked his balls.

“You wanna put that pretty pussy on my cock, Steph?” Mike asked.

He could see that she was extremely turned on, watching Tori and Cindy worship his dick, but she shook her head and continued filming.

“Money first. I get it.”

“It’s not as though you don’t have choices, is it?” Stephanie said.

“Yes, the difficult decisions in the life of Michael Hamlin,” he mused, pushing his sister’s head down on his cock, “Oh, to lead a simpler life,” the two girls switched places and Cindy swallowed his entire cock, “Uuuuh, God! Oh, I’ll just have both.”

Stephanie chuckled. She was definitely going to need Tori to lick her out after Mike came. This whole scene was getting her cunt so hot and horny. She was, in fact, quite tempted to sink her pussy down on Mike’s big dick, but she didn’t want to stop filming.

Tori mounted her brother’s fat cock and Cindy lined it up, and put it inside of her. She rode him reverse cowgirl, letting Cindy lick the exposed parts of his shaft, as well as her pussy. Little Tori moaned and took her brother deep inside of her pussy, shaking with a good cum. She pulled herself off his cock and let Cindy have it. The little redhead rode him passionately, while Tori pushed him on his back and sat on his face. The two girls swapped sloppy kisses as one came on his tongue, and the other on his throbbing prick.

When Mike began growling, Tori got off of his face and waited for him to finish cumming inside his tiny girlfriend. Cindy slipped off his cock, which was Tori’s cue to climb between her legs and suck her hung brother’s nasty sperm out of her friend’s slutty cunt. Cindy came again on Tori’s face as Mike kissed her hotly.

The three of them lay in a sweaty heap of flesh, the two girls stroking Mike’s still-hard cock. Stephanie stopped filming and started to walk out.

“Hey, where are you going?” Mike called.

“Uh, out?”

“No you’re not, come over here and get your cunt off with us.”

“I’ll pass for now, thanks,” Stephanie said.

Mike sat up, saying, “Come on, Steph. Look at you. If you were any hotter I could toast bread on your cunt.”

“Ha! It would be the best-tasting toast you’ve ever had.”

Mike stood up, his dick swinging. Stephanie licked her lips, but she backed away. Mike saw the game in her eyes and knew what she needed. Stephanie rarely, if ever, had willing sex with him. It was her kink. If she wasn’t “forced” into it, it wasn’t as hot for her. He grabbed her arm. She tugged it away.

“Leave me alone, you fucking pervert,” she shouted at him.

“Pervert? Maybe you shouldn’t dress like such a cocktease, if you don’t want cock.”

“Who says I don’t want cock? Just not my brother’s nasty cock, wet with the cunt slime from two sluts already. No thanks.”

Mike put his shoulder into her waist and lifted her bodily onto his shoulder. Stephanie shrieked and beat at his back with her fists. Mike flipped her skirt up and slapped her ass, making her screech.

“You better settle the fuck down,” he said, tossing her onto the bed. Her phone fell from her hand.

Tori and Cindy watched with open mouths. This was the first time they’d seen Mike and Stephanie interact like this, and it was exciting! Cindy noted the dropped phone, picked it up, and started recording. Mike held Stephanie down as she lay on her stomach, pulled her skirt up, and spanked her again, leaving a red handprint on her perfect ass.

“Quit fighting me, you little tramp,” he growled, “You’re gonna take this dick, and you’re gonna fucking cum on it, got it?”

“You fucking rapist prick!” Stephanie spat, “What kind of brother says sick shit like that to his sister? Go stick your dick in someone who likes it.”

“When I get done stuffing it up your cunt, you’re gonna be wanting it so bad you’ll be begging.”

Mike pushed her legs apart, held them apart with his own, and pushed his cockhead into her from behind, making Stephanie cry out.

“Ooooohfuckinshit! You...ugh...dirty...ugh...fuck....ugh” she said, as Mike began to slam his dick into her. Cindy crawled over and stroked Stephanie’s hair as her boyfriend fucked his hot sister. Tori came to her knees and put her hand on Mike’s chest. She thought she understood the game, and she started filling the room with the filthiest chatter she could think of, knowing that Stephanie loved dirty talk.

“Oh, that’s so hot big brother! Rape your slutty sister’s cunt for her. What a rude little bitch, telling you not to put that big fuckstick up her pussy. She’s such a bad little sister, Mike. Make her take her punishment, and show her how to be your cock-stuffed slut.”

“,” Mike said, looking at Tori as if she were a fucking alien, “Do you two share a fucking brain of something?”

Tori stuck her tongue in his mouth, moaned, and rubbed his balls as he pumped Stephanie’s pussy from behind. Tori broke away and lay on Stephanie’s other side. She took over stroking her hair from Cindy, ran her free hand between the crack of Stephanie’s ass, and teased her tiny butthole.

“See how good your big brother’s cock makes you feel, sissy? Tell him to rape you, Stephie. Tell your big brother to rape your stupid cunt like it was made for.”

Stephanie came as Tori whispered filth in her ear. She had to admit, her sister had a knack for talking dirty, and Stephanie loved it.

“Uuunhg, God! Do it, Mike! Rape my slut cunt! Oh, yes! My cunt was made to be raped! Oh, Shit! Ooooooh, fuck yeah!” Stephanie babbled.

“Do you want your brother to cum in you, Stephie? Do you want his nasty spunk up your teen pussy? I’ll bet his big balls need to cum again after fucking me. Should he cum in your pretty pussy?” Tori whispered.

“Yes! Oh, cum in me, Mike!” Stephanie pleaded.

“Mmmm, you see? He was right. You’re begging him for it like a slut in heat, Stephie. You’re begging for your big brother’s cum.”

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Mike was panting.

“Please cum in me! Do it, do it, do it!” Stephanie pleaded.

Mike roared and buried his whole cock in Stephanie, spraying another big load into his third pussy of the day. He collapsed on top of her and kissed her neck. Cindy pulled his face to hers and kissed, too.

“Oh, baby,” she said, “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen! You three are so nasty together. Oh my God!”

Mike pulled his cock out of Stephanie, and the two horny sluts to either side of her almost fought over the cum leaking from her. In the end, they settled for Cindy licking it out and snowballing it into Tori’s mouth, where they shared it between their clashing tongues. The utter depravity in front of him would have made Mike’s cock rock hard if he hadn’t just fucked three gorgeous teenagers and cum twice within 15 minutes.

He lay back on the bed and dozed, joined a moment later by Cindy. The little redhead held Stephanie’s phone out for her. She took it back. Tori helped Stephanie off the bed, and they tottered up the stairs together. Tori breathed in the just-fucked scent of her sister as they made their way into Stephanie’s room. Tori put her on the bed and crawled in next to her, pulling her blanket up around them. She wrapped her arm around Stephanie’s body, cuddling up behind her, and smelled her hair. She felt so warm and soft in her arms. She felt Stephanie’s hand cover her own and squeeze it softly. Her heart jumped. It was the first time she could remember Stephanie touching her with real affection in years. This wasn’t the sexy or lustful touches, like the way she kissed her or played with her body. There was real tenderness in that small gesture.

“I love you, Stephie,” Tori whispered.

Stephanie choked and started to cry. Refusing to say a word, she just lay in Tori’s arms and sobbed into her pillow. Tori didn’t know what to do. Had she ever seen Stephanie cry? She honestly couldn’t remember. There was one time, she thought when Stephanie had broken her arm sliding down an icy hill. That, though, Tori understood. She’d cried because of the injury, and Tori had been able to help, then. Stephanie never cried, though, and this time she didn’t know how to help.

“Oh, Stephie, please tell me what’s wrong. I want to help,” she said softly.

“Shut up,” Stephanie hissed.

Tori went quiet and just held her. Stephanie’s grip on her hand was so tight that it was beginning to hurt. She wanted to let go, to release that hand, put her mask on and move forward. It wasn’t so easy, though. Something had changed, these last several days, and it wasn’t just Tori’s rapidly increasing sex drive.

Rather, it was a closeness that hadn’t been there for a long time. She hadn’t felt close to Tori this way in years and considered her a friend. The doubts, the guilt she’d been fighting, though, had intensified lately. Turning her sister into a slut hadn’t produced the effect that she thought it would, not exactly. Since Tori had come home, she was a different person. She wasn’t cold, uppity, or smug. Not anymore.

She’d, somehow, come through the changes, accepted them, and was now even embracing them. It wasn’t fair! Stephanie had taken everything from her and, yet, she still persevered. Stephanie thought about the increasing popularity of the website, the new closeness that was developing between them, and Tori’s increasing attachment and tenderness. Despite everything Stephanie had done to her, Tori still managed to come out ahead of her.

Her sister had thousands of adoring fans, all beating their dicks to her videos and pictures. Money was pouring in. People were drooling over her. And here Stephanie was, in the background. She might be holding the reins, but it was really Tori who was the star. She latched onto that thought, and it helped. The guilt slowly slipped away. Yes, there was the familiar hate, the jealousy. This was what she needed to keep moving forward.

Her tears stopped as abruptly as they’d started. The old mask came to the fore. Tori deserved it. Every humiliating, degrading, and awful thing Stephanie subjected her to, she deserved! The stupid cunt. She might be coming to accept that she was a slut, now, but she really had lost everything she’d worked for. Stephanie had taken it. Stephanie was the good daughter, now. She’d changed her whole family, and become a lover to both of her parents. Tori would never have that.

Stephanie let go of her sister’s hand. She rolled over and looked her in the eyes, those sad green eyes. She saw in them the helplessness, the uncertainty, the confusion, and she smiled. Her hand slid down Tori’s body and dipped into her constantly-wet little hole. Tori gasped.

“Tell me you’re a slut,” Stephanie hissed.

“I’m a...I’m your slut, Stephie.”

“Tell me you love me.”

“I love you, Stephie! Oh, please, let me cum for you, Stephie.”

Stephanie jammed two fingers into her cunt, and Tori’s breathing became more rapid. Her thumb rubbed at her sister’s clit, and Tori squealed as she came. Stephanie mashed her lips against Tori’s as her sister rode her fingers.

“Who owns this little cunt?”

“Oooo, you do! It’s your cunt, Stephie!”

“Good girl. Can you cum again for me?”

Stephanie slipped a third, and then a fourth finger into her sister’s dripping hole, making her cum again.

“That’s Stephie’s little slut,” she said, “Now, let’s have a nap. We have work to do later.”

She rolled over again and pulled Tori’s arm around her. Control. She just needed to stay in control. She had to remember that Tori was still her bitch, and that no matter how comfortable she became, being a slut, that it was Stephanie who had put her there. She was winning, and this time Tori would not come out ahead.

It was early afternoon when the two girls woke from their nap. Stephanie ordered Tori into the shower, while she downloaded the video of Mike fucking the two girls from a few hours ago. She also noticed the second video. She hadn’t even noticed herself being recorded. She had to admit, it was pretty hot watching her brother shove his prick into her. Their little foursome was damn sexy. She saved the video to her computer, too.

She attached the video of Cindy and Tori to an email and sent it over to the editor with a few notes. That done, she checked the website stats, saw the increasing number of members, and then sent another email to the web designer. The link to Cindy Sin would be up soon. While she waited for Tori to finish up, she scrolled through the comments on the videos.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The suggestion forum was starting to fill up. Some of the ideas Stephanie dismissed outright. As interesting as it might be to see Tori get fucked in the ass by a horse, even Stephanie’s depravity had its limits. Double penetration seemed to be a very common request. Stephanie smiled. The members were going to go ape shit when the new video went up. She’d watched a lot of porn over the years, and the scene with Tori and the two porn studs was one of the hottest things she’d ever witnessed.

Several members were requesting all manner of perversion. Blowbangs, gangbangs, double anal or double vaginal, bukkake, piss showers, fucking machines, black men raping Kandy’s teen cunt. One of the most common requests, though, was to see Stephanie in some videos. She was always behind the camera, with the exception of Tori’s dildo in the ass video, but that had only shown her hands. The members were very curious. If Kandy was this hot, what did her sister look like?

Stephanie sat back in her chair and thought about it. It was something very easy and doable. She started to make some notes about what the members wanted. She’d work out the easy requests to get some quick content in place, and then find opportunities to make Tori do some of the more extreme ones.

Tori came back into the room, her hair damp, her perfect body naked and smelling of soap. She stood behind Stephanie and looked at the screen, reading some of the comments. It was amazing how many people wanted to talk to her, wanted to touch her, and some of the things they wanted to do to her body. She was getting hot just reading them.

“You should really sit down and reply to some of these. I’ll help you,” Stephanie said.

Tori sat in the chair, while Stephanie pulled up a stool from the corner of her room. Over the next two hours, they answered questions, replied to messages and comments, and did their best to make the members feel like they were part of the Kandy Kunt “sexperience”.

From fuck toy69: Kandy, you are so gorgeous! I’m an 18 year old and getting ready to start my senior year in high school, but I don’t want to go to college. I’ve decided to follow your example and do what I love, which is fuck! Thanks so much for being such an inspiration!

Dear fuck toy69: It’s so good to hear that you’re following your heart, or in this case your pussy. LOL! You’re the inspiration, baby, not me. The world really needs more hot young sluts like you to spread their legs for all the horny cocks out there. When you start fucking everyone, like me, drop me a line and maybe we can bump pussies someday! XOXO! -Kandy

From YummyCunt: Kandy, you’re so naughty! I just love your videos so much, and I love your brother’s huge cock even more! I have an older brother, too, and have been thinking for years about giving him pussy, but I’ve been afraid. You really gave me that push I needed, and last night, I finally did it. I caught him jerking off in his room, and decided to help. Long story short, he fucked me three times and it was the best sex I’ve ever had! Keep on fucking, girl!

YummyCunt, I’m so happy to have you as part of the site! There are way too many stupid sisters out there who aren’t giving their brothers any ass or pussy, but I’m so glad to hear that you’re not one of them. Isn’t your brother’s cock just the best? I love getting my young pussy filled up by other guys, but there’s no cock like my brother’s. Keep me updated on your relationship. I’d love to hear more!

TinyCuckHubby: Dear Ms. Kandy, thank you so much for allowing a pitiful man with such a tiny penis, like myself, the privilege of jerking off my worthless dick to your beautiful body. My wife refuses to fuck my little penis, ever since my best friend started to give her his much bigger cock. Fortunately, I’ve been able to sneak in some jerk off sessions with your awesome videos, and you’ve really helped with my blue balls. Please don’t tell my wife! LMAO! I’d love to hear more about your relationship with your boyfriend, because I know he has a tiny penis, like me.

Dear TinyCuckHubby, I’m really glad you like to jerk off your little cock to my hot young body. I’m sorry to hear that your wife doesn’t fuck you anymore, just because you have a worthless little penis. I would never deny my wonderful boyfriend my pussy, but he knows that he’ll never be able to make me cum like a big cock can. If you were here right now, I’d let you put your cock in me and cum in me, because if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a man with blue balls! I’ll think about putting up some stories about my boyfriend for you. Don’t get caught looking at my videos now, even though I’m probably hotter than your wife. Smooches! -Kandy

FirmHandFirmCock: Dear slut, it’s very obvious to me that you’re naturally very submissive and playful. I can’t imagine that you do this all on your own, and there must be a more dominant hand behind you, helping to control your wanton little cunt. Is there such a person?

Dear FirmHandFirmCock: You’re right, I really can’t do this on my own. I’m a stupid slut, and my real talents are using my tight young holes to jerk off cocks until they feed me their hot loads. To answer your question, my sister owns my cunt. I’m her good pussy girl, and she takes such good care of me, making sure I don’t get myself into too much trouble. When you have a really horny pussy, like mine, sometimes you get the urge to let just anyone fuck you. My sister loves me so much, though, that she helps me get fucked safely.

When Stephanie decided they’d put in enough response time they went downstairs to dig up a late lunch. Cindy sat at the table looking bored, toying with a piece of pie.

“Hey, Cindy,” Tori said, “Where’s Mike?”

“He had to go to summer classes.”

“So, what are you doing?”

“Being bored!”

Stephanie opened the fridge, poked around, then the freezer. Nothing looked good. She sighed and joined Tori and Cindy at the table.

“It’s fucking summer. Why are we inside? I don’t have shit to do until my shoot tomorrow.”

“Well, I’m inside because Mike said I shouldn’t go out alone, or someone might kidnap me and sell me overseas,” Cindy said.

“Well, if you had someone to keep you on a leash, would that be different?” Stephanie asked.

“Probably. What should we do?”

“Well, first I think Tori should lick my cunt, while you video it for Kandy Kunt,” Stephanie said.

Cindy perked up, “I like where this is going.”

“Then, you and Tori can 69 like the dirty little lesbo sluts you are, and I’ll record it for both sites.”

“I haven’t cum in hours! This will be great!” Cindy said.

“Let’s go out by the pool,” Stephanie suggested.

The giggling threesome went out to the pool deck, and Stephanie pulled up a pool chair. She spread a few towels on the concrete, too. Handing her phone to Cindy, she lay back on the pool chair and spread her legs, crooking her finger at Tori. Cindy began filming.

Tori came over and made out with her sister, while Stephanie rubbed her cunt. Tori worked her way down Stephanie’s body, sucking at her big tits, kissing her tummy, then putting her face between her legs. Stephanie stroked her hair, called her a cunt sucker and pussy slut, and then finally came on her face.

She took the phone from Cindy and had the little redhead lay on her back on the spread towels. Tori climbed on top of her friend, and they were soon moaning into one another's cunts, fingering their assholes, and cumming in each other’s faces. They swapped positions and did it all over again. After several hard orgasms, they lay panting on the towels.

Stephanie stopped the video, set her phone aside, and dove naked into the pool. It wasn’t long before Tori and Cindy were joining her. If it weren’t for the ache in her cunt that never seemed to go away, and the fact that she was skinny dipping, Tori thought she could almost feel normal again. They were laughing, roughhousing, and kissing each other. They were young, getting rich, and it was summer. Life was good.


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