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The Second Place Sister, Part Twenty-Seven

Stephanie Hamlin

Chapter Fifty: The Walls Came Tumbling Down

It was raining on Friday, and the steamy heat seemed to cling to John Hamlin’s clothes as he pushed through the double glass doors of a downtown office building. He crossed the lobby, gave the receptionist his name, and waited. The girl told him to take the elevator to the fifth floor. Suite 503.

John had been making inquiries over the last week with medical and psychological professionals, trying to find more information on Tori’s condition. The responses had been...disturbing. The replies were all the same. There was no such condition, at least not under that name. Certainly, there were people out there who were addicted to sex, and several of the responses he’d gotten back had admitted as much.

However, none of them could pin down exactly what he was talking about. A few had offered to examine Tori, but he politely declined at this juncture. He didn’t want to subject his daughter to more therapy, tests, or anything else without knowing more.

Then, he’d received a call from a special investigator with the FBI’s sexual crimes unit, asking him to please come in and talk with them. They promised that it would be worth his while and that they could offer him some information. His interest piqued, John now found himself riding the elevator to suite 503.

He stepped off, and made his way down a carpeted hallway to suite 503, let himself in, and was greeted by a receptionist. Again, he gave his name, waited. A stocky man in a dark suit and tie came through a door in the back and held out his hand.

“Mr. Hamlin? Agent Arnold Oliver. It’s good to meet you.”


“Would you follow me, please?”

He took John through the back door and into a sparsely decorated office. He offered him a chair, then sat behind a metal desk, and slid a piece of paper and a pen over.

“This is a nondisclosure agreement,” he explained, “Before I can tell you anything, I’ll need you to sign it, please.”

John looked it over. He’d seen many such agreements in the past, and it looked pretty standard. He signed it and passed it back. The agent slipped it into a folder, and then pulled a large file out of his desk.

“Thanks for coming in,” Oliver said, “I’m sure you’re wondering why I asked you here.”

“I am.”

“Your recent inquiries into a rare disorder tipped us off, so I tracked you down. You see, I head an investigation into sex crimes, things like human trafficking, and I understand you have a daughter who was recently incarcerated at the NewYou Clinic here in the city. Do I have that right?”

“You do. So, what interest does the FBI have in psychological disorders?”

“Ordinarily, we don’t,” Oliver said, “however, this particular one caught our attention about a year ago.”

He opened his file and began to lay out photographs. One in particular, caught John’s attention.

“Do you recognize any of these people?” Oliver asked.

“Him,” John said, a cold sense of dread creeping over him as he pointed to the photo.

“Dr. Peter Carlson,” Oliver said, “He heads the NewYou Clinic.”

“That much I know. Why am I looking at him?”

“On the face of it, the NewYou Clinic is exactly what it claims to be. It’s a rehabilitation ward for troubled teens. Some, or even most of what they do, is actually legitimate work. It has to be when you’re trying to hide... other things, I guess.”

“What are you telling me?”

“Dr. Carlson, and several members of his staff, were very respected in their fields. However, all of them had a penchant for not playing by the rules. Most of them were dismissed, very quietly, from prominent positions in pharmaceuticals, DNA research, psychological conditioning, and a pretty broad spectrum of medical professions. It’s the sort of pool of talent that you would want to bring together if you were, say, trying to run a clinic for addiction recovery.”

He pulled another set of photographs and laid them out, asking if John recognized any of them. Again, one face he did know.

“That’s Mr. Hart. He teaches chemistry at my daughter’s school. I met him at a parent/teacher conference last year.”

Oliver nodded, saying, “All of the people in these photographs, we’ve been looking into for the last year. They occupy positions at high schools around the state. Some of them are teachers, counselors, and principals. But what they really are, are the scouts.”


Oliver leaned back in his chair, “Everything I’m telling you is classified as part of an ongoing investigation. I wouldn’t even be divulging it, except that you have a unique connection to this case.”

“How so?”

“For one, your daughter was treated at NewYou, and the other is this,” he pulled another photo from the file, seemed to hesitate, “This could be...difficult for you, so please just try to keep an open mind.”

John felt his palms begin to sweat as the agent slid the photograph across the desk. He stared at it, time seeming to stand still. The agent said his name, but it sounded like he was yelling down a long tunnel. In the photograph was Stephanie, and she was walking into a house. The man in the doorway was Mr. Hart.

“Mr. Hamlin,” the agent said again.

John tore his eyes from the photo. His mouth was dry. He looked at it again. The agent pulled it away.

“Is that your daughter?” Oliver asked.

John nodded.

“Mr. Hamlin, the people that I’ve shown you are part of a larger ring of criminal activity that we’ve been watching very closely. The scouts,” he waved his hand over the photographs, “are the front line. They locate young girls, often girls with problems like drug addiction, and then they work to ensure those girls are arrested for crimes either real or imagined. It’s something they’re very good at.

They have co-conspirators in the legal system that funnel the girls into the NewYou Clinic for rehabilitation and treatment. However, once inside, they’re put through intense psychological reconditioning, as well as drug treatments that essentially rewrite parts of their DNA. The result is that these girls experience a dramatic increase in sex drive, hormone, and pheromone production, and have their personalities altered to accept the new feelings.”

John placed his shaking hands on his legs and asked, “You think that... that they did this to Tori?”

Oliver nodded.

“I’m sorry to say it, sir, but I also think that your other daughter might be involved. To what extent, I can’t say as of yet, but there’s a picture starting to emerge as I look into her.”

“What do they...what happens to the girls?”

“Some of them, well, the families have difficulty accepting them in their changed state. Some have been turned over as wards of the clinic, since they have difficulty operating in society, for obvious reasons. Those ones, we know of at least a few that have been sold in known human trafficking rings.”

John thought of Cindy. She’d been turned over to the clinic, abandoned by her family. If they hadn’t taken her in…

Oliver went on, “It’s hard, though, to make girls simply disappear. Oftentimes, other...arrangements are made. The end goal, as with most of these things, is money or power, in this case mostly money. And sex.”

“You said other arrangements. What does that mean?”

Oliver slid him a piece of paper, a web domain registration form.

“The domain LKKXXX.COM was registered less than a week ago. The domain name is registered to Second Place Holdings LLC, the sole officer of which is one Stephanie Hamlin,” Oliver explained, “have you visited this site?”

John shook his head. He’d never heard of it.

“I would encourage you not to, for your own sanity,” Oliver said sadly, “Please, just trust me when I say that the content is graphic, disturbing, and utterly without shame. The website has only been online for a few days. Already, it’s been visited well over a million times and has a membership count of over 15,000. The site charges a membership fee of $10 per month. You can do the math.”

John could. The numbers were staggering.

“We’ve been following the funds, part of which is being dumped into an account for the benefit of Tori Hamlin, but owned and managed by Stephanie Hamlin. Another portion is being funneled through a lot of very strategic accounting to other sources we haven’t identified. It’s my assumption, though, that those funds are paying the network of conspirators that your daughter has been working with.”

John felt like he’d been punched in the chest. He couldn’t breathe. He put his head between his knees and felt lightheaded. It couldn’t be true. Stephanie was...using Tori to make money? Is that what the agent was saying? John steeled himself, controlled his breathing, and finally faced the agent again.

“I’m sorry to have to tell you this, sir,” Oliver said.

“You’re sure,” John asked.

“I can only go where the evidence takes me.”

“What do you want from me?”

“I don’t want anything from you,” Oliver said, “I wanted you to have the truth, and ask you to keep your eyes open for anything that might help us. Right now, what we have is a shadowy conspiracy that’s difficult, if not impossible to pin down. They’re connected at some of the highest levels, and the amount of money involved here is immense. I know that what I’m telling you is probably hard to believe, but let me assure you that I’m going to bring them down.”

He reached into his pocket and pushed another photograph across the desk. The girl was very pretty, with dark brown hair and big friendly eyes.

“My niece. Allison.”

John handed the photo back.

“Allison loved music. She was good. Very good. Musicians, well, they can be a mixed crowd. She fell in with some of the bad ones and got into drugs. It wasn’t long before she was arrested for heroin. The judge ordered her to rehabilitation at the NewYou Clinic, and that’s when the diagnosis came. Adolescent Hypersexual Disorder. According to the therapists at NewYou, her drug problem was only a side effect of a rare, repressed psychological disorder.”

John saw the parallels very clearly.

“It was three months before Allison came home, at the end of the court-mandated sentence. She was...different. Do you know what Allison does now?”

John shook his head.

“She works in the adult film industry as Anal Allie.”

“I’m... I’m sorry,” John said.

Oliver shook his head, saying, “I’m not asking for sympathy. I just want you to know that I know what it’s like. I’ve been where you are, almost.”

“Then, everything that’s been happening to’s all been...”

“A lie? Bullshit? Manufactured? I’d stake my career on it.”

John sat back in the chair, trying to muddle through it. He couldn’t. He didn’t want to. Stephanie was involved in this? Why?

“What do you want me to do?” John asked.

“Just keep your eyes open. If we’re ever going to bring them down, then we need evidence.”


“And Mr. Hamlin,” Oliver said, standing and reaching across the desk, “I’m sorry.”

John shook his hand. He was cold as he turned to leave. He left the building on autopilot, and when he reached his car he got behind the wheel and just sat. How did one even begin to process what he’d just learned? Several times he started the engine and then turned it back off. He couldn’t make his body work. Driving the vehicle took too much thought. He didn’t know how much time passed, but as the summer sun crossed the sky, John Hamlin put his face in his hands and cried.

Chapter Fifty-One: Truth, Stranger than Fiction

It was after dark when John’s car pulled into the driveway. He parked in the garage, shut off the engine, and stared at the door to his home. Over the last month, his family life had changed drastically. It all began with Tori’s odd behavior over a weekend one month ago, a sudden uptick in sexual energy that had infected the entire rest of the family. John and Melanie, intensely sexual people themselves, open to the taboo world of kinky perversion, had been all too eager to experiment with their children. The result was that their family had never been closer, never happier.

Now, staring at the door, John dreaded walking inside. It wasn’t that he was less inclined toward the new relationships he’d forged with his kids. Quite the opposite. He cherished them, delighted in watching them flourish, and loved them all the more because of it. He just didn’t know if he could look at Stephanie, now, and see her as his little girl. The extent of her involvement wasn’t really clear, but that she had some hand in it was.

And then there was Tori, afflicted, changed, stripped of her entire life, and forced into a new one. How could he face her and not break down in tears at her pain? How could he face his wife, and tell her that Stephanie was using her sister, prostituting her? He looked at his phone. Melanie had called twice, but he hadn’t answered.

Bugs. Bugs in the software. John was a problem solver by nature. It’s what made him successful, being able to design, locate the flaws, devise solutions, and implement them. He tried to focus on it as though it were the same thing. In order to find evidence, he needed to look at the source. Stephanie was the source, his only lead.

Maybe there was something to confirm or deny her involvement. If it was in the house, her room would be a good place to start looking. Stephanie might be blonde, but she was no idiot. She was his daughter, so of course she was smart. If she were hiding something, would she keep it in the house? He’d have to try. He knew that tomorrow morning she would be out on a shoot for several hours. That would be his opportunity.

First, though, he had to make it through the night. He breathed deeply and got out of the car. His hand hovered at the doorknob for a moment, and then he opened it. The sounds of women moaning, and a man’s deeper voice greeted him. Welcome home.

John walked through the kitchen, the voices getting louder. He crossed the hall and entered the family room. Despite everything running through his mind, his cock hardened in his pants. While he’d become quite accustomed to the seemingly endless fucking that went on around his house, nothing could have quite prepared him for the complete debauchery happening in his living room.

He’d walked in on a full-blown orgy in progress. His son lay on the floor, and Tori noisily bounced herself up and down on his cock, while Stephanie sat on his face. The twins were making out like the pair of horned-up vixens they were. Tori’s boyfriend, Tim, was jerking one of the smallest penises John had ever seen, watching the girls fuck themselves silly on their brother.

Right next to the sibling fuckathon, his wife was humping Cindy’s face, which was buried between her legs. Melanie had her eyes closed, her face a mask of unbridled lust and pleasure. He watched as her beautiful, flushed body, climaxed on Cindy’s moaning mouth.

Tim was the first to see John standing in the doorway, his mouth agape. A moment of panic crossed the young man’s face, as though he’d just been caught doing something terribly wrong. Had life been any less ludicrous in this house, he might have been.

“Watch how good Mike fucks your girlfriend,” Stephanie was saying to him, and then noticed where he was looking.

“His big cock’s making me cum, baby,” Tori said to him, and also noticed.

Stephanie peeled herself from her brother’s face.

“Daddy!” she cried and ran to hug him, her big tits bouncing so sexily.

His body stiffened involuntarily as she threw her arms around him. He relaxed and held her back. It was impossible to believe that this little package of warmth, exuberance and bubbly energy could be involved in something so sinister. He wanted desperately, with all of his soul, for it to be a lie.

He saw his wife’s head peer over the couch, a sweaty smirk on her lips. Tori was so lost in a body-shaking orgasm that she didn’t even notice him. She kissed her boyfriend hotly as she fucked herself crazy on her brother’s dick. Stephanie was pulling his hand, leading him toward the action.

“We’re celebrating the grand opening of, our adopted sister’s bold venture into the exciting world of adult entertainment,” Stephanie said, “And our dear Cindy’s only wish, the only appropriate celebratory event was, of course, to fuck like mad.”

“That seems... fitting,” John said, his brain slowly coming to terms with the depravity before him.

“You see, the only problem,” Stephanie said, tugging at his belt, “is that we have four very horny sluts with only one and a half cocks to share between them.”

She tossed his belt aside and worked at his pants.

“You seem to have arrived at just the right time to remedy this situation if you would be so kind as to allow these oversexed beauties the use of your big daddy cock.”

“I could, possibly, be persuaded to do such a thing,” John said.

He pushed away his fears, and his worries, just for the moment. His whole family was together, and there was a feeling of total peace in this room. If what he’d learned was true, then it could very well be the last time such a feeling pervaded this home. If, after tonight, everything changed, then he wanted to remember that one last time, when they were all together.

Stephanie got his pants off, dropped his boxers, and released his huge tool. Her mouth went to work on it as he unbuttoned his shirt, and tossed it aside. Tori had pulled herself off Mike’s hard cock, and lay on the floor kissing her boyfriend. Cindy was slurping Tori’s sex juices off of Mike, while Melanie was crawling toward him like a hungry cat.

She reached his feet, and slithered up his leg, her hands sliding up his body as she slowly stood. She kissed him, and he could feel the heat of arousal coming off her in waves. She was incredible, the mother cat, and one in heat. She gripped the back of Stephanie’s head and pushed her down onto his big cock until his little girl choked and gagged.

“I think our little kitten is trying to drink a little too much at once,” Melanie hissed in his ear, “Maybe she needs some help?”

Melanie sank to her knees and yanked Stephanie’s hair, pulling her off his cock with a pop.

“Let me show you how to handle this cock, slut trainee,” Melanie said and wrapped her lips around his fat head.

She slowly worked her way down his shaft, her throat muscles working, gulping, swallowing until her nose touched his belly. John groaned loudly as she took his entire foot of cockmeat. Melanie never ceased to amaze him. Even now he had no idea how she managed to fit that much dick into her throat without killing herself.

She held her head on him until saliva squeezed through the tight seal of her overfull mouth, dripping down the corners of her lips. She came back up and sucked in air, stroking his cock wetly.

“Now that,” she said to Stephanie, “is how you swallow daddy’s cock. You need more practice.”

She took Stephanie’s hair in a tight grip and pushed her face back down on his big tool. She used her hair to fuck her daughter’s face roughly up and down his throbbing shaft. Stephanie moaned, gagged, and drooled all over him as Melanie relentlessly choked her with her husband’s meat stick.

“We’re going to make this little whore as good a fuck toy as her mom, aren’t we Stephie?”

“Mmmm hmmm!”

“Yes, you’re gonna be daddy’s little teen fuck pet. Doesn’t that sound nice, baby?”


Stephanie’s eyes watered as Melanie used his daughter’s face to jerk him off. His wife was definitely in rare form tonight. She hadn’t been fucked for two days, though, so it was probably his own fault.

“Uh! Uh! Uuuugh! Fuck me, that’s so big!” Cindy yelled.

John and Melanie looked over to see the little redhead with the first few inches of their son’s cock filling up her tiny ass. John licked his lips as he watched her take it, her anus stretched so lewdly by Mike’s thick shaft. Cindy’s small body shook all over as he pushed more and more of his cock into her backdoor, his big hands almost touching one another as they held her skinny waist. John had no idea how that much dick could fit inside her without rearranging her internal organs.

Cindy seemed to have been built for a single purpose, though, and she delighted in getting filled up with such a thick shaft. The look of total ecstasy on her face showed that much. If Mike was hurting her at all, she hid it completely. Her hips worked, and her little ass cheeks jiggled as she urged Mike to put his whole cock into her. Her hands were planted flat on his muscular chest.

Right next to the couple, Tori rode her boyfriend’s small penis with a look of frustration, but also pleasure. One hand squeezed her tits, while the other was stroking back her hair. She looked beautiful. She looked happy. A crooked smile played at her little mouth.

“He stretched me out so good, baby,” She was saying to Tim, “I can hardly even feel your little dick in me.”

What the fuck was happening here? Stephanie’s mouth popped off John’s cock, and Melanie took him to the balls again.

“Oh, baby,” Tori said, “Your hot girlfriend came so good on her big brother’s fat prick. I wish you could make me cum like that, baby.”

John expected to see Tim flee the house in shame and anger, but instead, it was the opposite. The young man let Tori hurl abuse at him with a look of total adoration in his eyes. He looked like a lovesick puppy, totally at her mercy.

“I can’t ever fuck you like he can, baby,” Tim said, “Only a big dick can do that for you.”

“I wish you had a big dick, baby,” Tori shot back, “But I have to fuck him more than you because he’s so much better.”

Melanie came up off his dick and kissed her daughter, slurping Stephanie’s tongue and swapping John’s precum. The two women stood up and took turns making out with him, too.

“Your fuck toy needs to have her pussy hurt, baby,” Melanie said, yanking Stephanie’s hair back and groping her big teen tits.

“Is that so?”

“If you want me, daddy,” Stephanie said meekly, “If you want me to be your fuck pet, I will be. My pussy’s so hot for you daddy.”

“Cunt,” Melanie said, and spit in her face, “Good girls have a pussy. Little fuckdolls have a cunt. You have a cunt,” Melanie slapped her daughter’s cunt hard to emphasize the point.

John hadn’t seen his wife this dominant in a long time. It was really putting him in a mood. He put his hands on Stephanie’s waist and hoisted her small body into the air. She shrieked as he flipped her upside down and buried his face in her hot young cunt. Melanie grinned at him, her eyes glassy and on fire with arousal.

He felt Stephanie’s mouth begin to work at his cockhead as he carried her like this around the couch. She squealed as he dumped her on the cushions. Behind him, four voices seemed to suddenly cry out in pleasure at the same time. It was as if they’d all been touched by the rapture at once.

Mike was cumming into Cindy’s ass, as Cindy climaxed on his dick. Tim shot a weak load into Tori’s pussy, which set her off and gave her a small orgasm. Melanie sat on the couch, and John positioned his daughter so she straddled his wife. They began kissing, groping each other’s bodies. Stephanie’s perfect butt wagged, so invitingly, in front of him. Her tight, hot little cunt was so wet.

John grabbed her ass cheeks and held her still. He heard her moan into Melanie’s mouth as she felt the heat of his cock brush her slick cunt lips. He pushed the head of his cock into her and she broke her kiss with Melanie.

“Aaaah, God! That’s so fucking big, daddy!” She cried.

Melanie snatched her daughter’s chin in her hand and held her, watching her face as John fucked himself into her.

“You like that you little slut?” Melanie hissed, “You want my husband’s fat prick up your little teenage twat?”

“Uuuh huh!”

“You think your little cunt is better? Do you think he wants to fuck your young sluthole more than mine?”

“Uuuugh, no!”

Melanie slapped her across the face, “No, Ma’am. You show some respect, fuck toy.”

“Ooooh, yes’am!”

John pushed his whole cock into her and felt her body tremble with orgasm.

“Oh, look at the little baby slut cumming on that big dick,” Melanie said, and kissed her, “Is daddy all the way in your useless teeny cunt?”

“Ugh, ugh, y, yes.”

“This is what you’re good for, pet. You’re good for putting cock into. You can’t suck cock, we know that much, but maybe your tiny baby cunt can serve a purpose.”

“Ahahahaaaaa, yes!”

“Oh, you’re so pretty when daddy’s big dick makes you cum, baby,” Melanie said, “I’ll bet he loves to jerk his fat daddy cock off with your hot cunt. Do you think he likes that?”

“Uuuh hu, hu, huh!”

Melanie laughed in her face and slapped her again, “Look at the pretty little pet, daddy,” she said to John, “she can’t even make real words, she’s so full of cock. How does fuck toy’s cunt feel, baby?”

John grinned at his wife as he drilled Stephanie from behind.

“I’ve had better,” he said easily, “but I’ll bet I can get off if I try hard enough.”

“Oh, well, let’s ask fuck toy if she wants you to try hard enough,” Melanie said to him, then to Stephanie, “fuck toy, would you like daddy to try really hard to use your teen cunt to get his dick off? Would you like that?”

“Huh, huh, huh, hyess!”

“I think that was a yes, daddy, but I couldn’t really tell because her slut mouth is moaning so much. Say it again, fuck toy.”

“Aaah, yes...y, yes ma’am!”

Out of the corner of his eye, John could see Tori sucking Mike’s softening cock, just after it had been in her friend’s ass. Cindy was now whispering something in Tim’s ear as she played with his spent penis. John placed one leg up on the couch, found nice leverage, and pumped his dick into Stephanie like a jackhammer.

Her teeth were clenched together and she was gasping for breath as he drove his big tool in and out of her. True to his role, he used her stuffed little hole to pleasure his dick, working himself into her at different angles with each thrust. Stephanie clung tightly to her mother's neck now, her face buried in Melanie’s hair. The only sounds she could make were animal grunts, while Melanie continued to hiss in her ear. He couldn’t hear any of it, but he was sure it was filthy.

“No more,” Mike said to Tori, pushing her away from his flaccid cock, “God, I can’t cum again.”

“Oh, I think we finally drained him dry,” Tori said to Cindy.

“That’s okay,” Cindy replied, her body shining with sweat and semen, “I think I need a nap.”

She snuggled up with Tim, who looked awkwardly at Tori. Tori just smiled and crawled away, drawn by the sounds of intense fucking a few feet away. She crawled beneath her sister and watched her daddy’s cock destroy Stephanie’s tight young fuckhole. Her sister was no longer making any sounds that were recognizably human, and her daddy was pumping into her like she was a fleshlight.

Tori propped herself up and licked at Stephanie’s puffy pussy. Her sister screamed and came violently, her whole body quivering like jello. Tori sucked at her clit, setting her off again. Stephanie collapsed, her legs giving way. John’s cock popped out of her with a sucking sound and hit Tori right in the lips.

On instinct, she sucked at the big head, licking Stephanie’s fuck honey off it. He was so big! Even Mike’s cock seemed small in comparison. How did this ever fit inside Stephanie’s little pussy? Melanie stroked Stephanie’s hair as she trembled and quivered.

“Oh, too bad, baby,” she said, “It looks like daddy’s cock didn’t get off with your little honey cunt. Maybe Tori can do better?”

The words were like a shock to Stephanie’s system. A surge of adrenaline shot through her body and she sprang out of Melanie’s lap. Stephanie shoved her father backward, his dick popped out of Tori’s mouth. Tori’s look of shock only increased as the crack of Stephanie’s hand across her sister’s face split the air.

“Don’t you touch him, you stupid slut!” Stephanie shouted with murder written across her face.

She slapped Tori again, and the room erupted into chaos. Tim roared like a bull, the big football player charging across the room and tackling Stephanie to the floor. Cindy screamed and clutched Mike. John pulled Tim off of his daughter, while Melanie flew from the couch and huddled protectively around Tori. John succeeded in throwing Tim to the side and wrestled Stephanie himself as she tried to claw her way free.

“Stephanie!” John screamed at her, “Get a hold of yourself!”

Stephanie looked at him, saw the anger and the worry on his face, and slumped against him in tears. Mike and Cindy went to Tori’s side, joined by Tim. For what seemed like minutes, nobody said a word. The only sound was Stephanie crying in John’s arms. John and Melanie shared a look, and then the big man picked Stephanie up and carried her upstairs.

“Tim, I think you should leave,” Melanie said, “Please.”

Tim nodded and looked at Tori, but she huddled against her mother as though catatonic. He was dressed and out the door in a moment. Cindy was crying now, hugging Tori and telling her to please be okay.

“Go check on Steph,” Mike said to Melanie.

Melanie was torn between the two girls. Her instinct was to protect them both, but how did she do that now?

“Mom, it’s alright,” Tori said, slowly coming around, “I’m okay. Stephie needs you.”

Melanie nodded. She grabbed her robe off the couch and dashed up the stairs. Tori hugged Cindy back and tried to get a grip on what had just happened. One moment, everyone was having fun, and the next Stephanie was hitting her. She realized, then, that her sister might actually be a full-fledged crazy person.

“Maybe,” Cindy said, “I could stay with you tonight, Tori?”

Tori nodded.

“Good idea,” Mike said.

Cindy and Tori quietly crept up the stairs, passing Stephanie’s room. It was empty. Down the hall, her parents' room was closed, and the muffled sound of a girl crying could barely be heard from within. Tori’s heart hurt at the sound. Cindy pulled at her arm, and together they went into Tori’s room and climbed into bed. Cindy held her close, just like all the nights they’d spent together in that little room at the clinic. Tori sobbed, worrying about her sister, Cindy’s big tits pressed into her back.

It was almost three in the morning when John crept out of his bedroom. Stephanie was asleep in Melanie’s arms. They’d tried to talk to her, but her eyes were completely wild. She wouldn’t say a word, just clung to them like a little naked octopus, and cried. Finally, she’d fallen asleep, and John knew he couldn’t wait until morning.

The house was silent as he went into Stephanie’s room and shut the door. He could hear the hum of her laptop, jiggled the mouse, and the screen flicked on. The first thing he did was bring up her web browser and check the history. The most recent address confirmed his first fear. LKKXXX.COM. He loaded the site, and his heart skipped a beat.

He played through the videos, one by one, his heart breaking further with each minute of raunchy video, each twisted caption. Though her face was blurred, he’d seen Tori’s body enough over the last week to know it. It was identical to Stephanie’s, whose perfect figure he was intimately familiar with.

The newest addition was, possibly, the worst. While the others were basically home movies, this one was obviously a professional job. That meant that Stephanie had gone through some trouble to find a studio, hire professional photography, editing, the whole bit. He watched Tori being used like a piece of meat by two porn stars, and while she seemed to enjoy it very much, he couldn’t help but think of why.

He clicked the browser closed, sick to his stomach. Over the next hour, he combed through Stephanie’s computer, looking at pictures and videos, locating any hidden files. His daughter had a gigantic library of hardcore pornography, most of it incest-themed. A separate file held her personal pictures. Among them he found a video shot only two days ago, a hot little foursome with all of the kids and Cindy.

Then, when he thought he’d seen it all, the search came up with a hidden file that was huge. The video was hours long. It would take him the rest of the night to watch it all. After the first few minutes, he didn’t need to see anymore. The FBI agent wanted evidence of sexual abuse at the clinic, and here it was. He couldn’t stand to watch the whole process, but he knew the full movie would show Tori’s transformation at the hands of the “doctors”.

He burned two copies onto DVD, took the laptop, and locked it in his office. With a heavy heart he lay on the couch, the lingering smell of sex heavy in the room. He began to trace everything back over the last few weeks, and then even further, and the picture started to come together.

“Maybe Tori can do better,” Melanie had said.

That was the critical piece, the reason behind it all, and now he thought he understood. Up until recently, Stephanie had lived her life in second place. Her reaction to Melanie’s words told him what he needed to know, and the business name Agent Oliver had told him connected the dots. Second Place Holdings LLC.

He knew, then, that Stephanie had been involved. He was certain. Ever since the odd weekend that had started this whole crazy change, Stephanie had been stepping out of Tori’s shadow, claiming first. She was, now, the responsible sister, and Tori the uncontrollable, unpredictable element. She’d seduced both himself and Melanie, and used their sexuality to get close to them, all the while making sure that Tori did not. He should have been more careful, after seeing that look in her eyes the other day. He hadn’t touched Stephanie since that look, but tonight he’d let his emotions rule him, and Tori had paid the price, again.

The weight of it all, the absurdity, was just too much. His head ached. He couldn’t stop thinking about it, putting the pieces together, but eventually sleep overtook him.

He awoke with a start as the sound of crashing wood and screams echoed through the house. He heard Melanie scream Stephanie's name and the sound of pounding steps running down the hall. John leaped off the couch and shot up the steps to find the door to Tori’s room splintered open.

“Where is it you fucking cunt?” Stephanie’s shriek came from within.

John barreled through the broken door, blood pounding in his ears, just as Cindy rolled across the floor. Melanie struggled with Stephanie, who was on top of her sister, screaming. Cindy pushed herself off the floor and launched her tiny body into Stephanie, taking the bigger girl, and Melanie over sideways. Tori, free now, quickly rolled out of bed and ran behind her father.

“I’ll fucking kill you!” Stephanie screamed, looking as though she was absolutely serious.

Melanie and Cindy pinned her down, while John stood over her, his face twisted with anger.

“Stephanie!” He yelled.

Her furious gaze fell on him, softened, and she stopped fighting.

“Daddy,” she choked.

“Baby, please, you need to stop this. I know what you did,” he said and felt himself choke.

Melanie and Cindy both looked at him curiously. John motioned for them to get up, and he cradled his daughter in his arms.

“Stop this, Stephie, I’m begging you, please. No more. I know everything, and It has to stop.”

“ took it, didn’t you?” she asked, her face turning white.

“Yes, and I had a visit from the FBI.”

“The FBI? John, what the hell is going on?” Melanie shouted.

Mike had made it up the stairs now and had his arms around Tori and Cindy.

“I’ll tell you what’s going on,” Stephanie spat, her voice full of venom.

She pointed her finger at Tori, her hand shaking with rage, “I hate you!” she cursed, “I fucking hate you, you stupid cunt!”

Every face in the room looked at her as though she’d grown an extra head.

“They loved you more than me. Everyone loved perfect little Tori, always in first,” she went on in a little sing-song voice. John could feel her shaking with fury as he held her, “It was never Stephie with a gold medal, never Stephie that had the friends, the boyfriend, first in the class. It was you!”

Tori looked completely lost. Her eyes filled with tears. This couldn’t be right. Stephanie loved her, she was protecting her, looking out for her because she was sick! But now, her sister really was a crazy person, on a tirade blaming Tori for everything.

“But look at you now, you fucking perfect little princess. You’re nothing but a dumb slut that can’t even control her own cunt,” Stephanie laughed wickedly.

John pushed her away as if he realized he’d been hugging a viper, got off the bed, and stood with his family.

“Stephie,” Tori said softly.

“Shut up! Don’t you Stephie me, you bitch! You’ve always held me in contempt. I was the embarrassing sister in your perfect little world!”

“Stephie, no!”

“Don’t you lie to me!” She snapped, and stood up, flipping her hair out of her face.

Stephanie looked at her cowering sister and started to laugh maniacally, almost doubling over. She straightened up, tears of joy in her eyes, as she looked at her sister.

“Oh, but this is exactly what you deserve, Tori. Everything you had, all the success, all of it, gone. And do you know who took it from you? I did.”

“I don’t understand,” Tori said, confused.

“Of course, you don’t. All you can think about is your cunt, and I did that. Who do you think put fucking drugs in your locker? Who tipped off the police? Who dosed you with the shit that made you fail those piss tests? I did it, and I’m glad!”

Her entire family stood stunned as her admission poured from Stephanie’s mouth. All of them, except for Tori.

“You... you framed me? You, Stephie?”

“Yes, yes, yes you dumb whore! Oh, and I arranged for your special rehabilitation. How is that feeling, sissy? Are you feeling...rehabilitated?”

Her grin was pure evil, and Tori saw that her sister had finally gone over the edge. Her eyes were completely hysterical as her entire life collapsed on top of her.

“You... the clinic? You made me... you made me a slut!” Tori cried as it all came together.

“And a good one, too, didn’t I, pussy girl?”

“Stephie, why? I loved you!”

Tori’s heart broke, the little bit of control, her sister, that she had been clinging to was suddenly dashed apart. But even the hatred pouring off of her wasn’t enough to break her love.

“Stop it! You don’t! You’re a liar!” Stephanie screamed.

“No! Please, Stephie!”

The last thing the unhinged teenager expected was for Tori to hug her, but that’s exactly what happened. Tori pulled Stephanie into her arms and cried into her hair.

“I love you, Stephie,” she cried, “Please don’t do this. I forgive you! Just please, come back. Please, I can’t do this without you, Stephie!”

Stephanie, completely caught off guard, didn’t know how to react. Her hate didn’t have a response for this.

“I need you to take care of me, Stephie,” Tori said, “And I’ll take care of you, too. If you can carry me, I can carry you, sissy. I don’t care if it’s uphill all the way, and covered in ice and snow. I love you so much, Stephie. Please, please, just come back from wherever you are.”

“What?” Stephanie asked, astonished, the anger flagging.

“Don’t you see, Stephie? You didn’t take anything from me,” Tori said, holding her close, “You gave me everything I was missing. This last week, I’ve never been closer to you, to mom and dad, Mike, not even Tim. I would never have this if it weren’t for you, and I don’t hate you! I just want you to come back to me, because I love you so much! And if you hadn’t sent me to that place, then what would have happened to Cindy? You gave her a home, and a family, Stephie.”

“But, I...I...”

“I mean, yeah, it was pretty fucked up, I’m not gonna say it wasn’t,” Tori laughed, “but look at who we became because of it.”

John and Melanie surged forward and wrapped their arms around the girls. Mike and Cindy stood back, holding each other.

“How can you say that, Tori?” Stephanie wondered, “How can you possibly forgive me? You’ll never be the same. It’s impossible to turn back.”

“I don’t care. I don’t want to be that person anymore, not after all of this. I just need you to help me, to keep me under control, and to love me. Please love me, Stephie, because I love you.”

“And we love you,” John said, “but it doesn’t mean you aren’t grounded for turning your sister into an insatiable slut.”

Melanie and Tori laughed, but Stephanie felt the last bit of rage leave her body, and she cried again. She was so tired, so empty without the years of hate to cling to. Tori brushed her parents away and helped Stephanie to her bed. She crawled in next to her, and draped her arm around her waist.

“I love you, Stephie,” she said.

Stephanie just sobbed. Tori looked over her shoulder and pleaded with her eyes for her family to leave. Mike and Cindy drifted out. Melanie and John, a little more reluctantly, left holding hands. Tori no longer had much of a door to shut, so they just left it and went downstairs. Melanie pulled her husband down onto the couch with her.

“So, I’m still a little unclear as to what the hell is going on here. Do you mind filling me in?”

John took a deep breath, let it out, and started from the beginning of what he’d been able to piece together.


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