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A Hamlin Family Interlude

Stephanie Hamlin
Stephanie Hamlin

Author's Note:

With the DomCo series of stories reaching its conclusion, hopefully, in the coming year, it seems an appropriate time to publish an update on the family that started it all. The observant reader may notice that all of the DomCo stories take place close to the same time, the start of summer, as all of the girls are approaching graduation or heading into their senior years. This particular tale is set some weeks after the events of The Second Place Sister. and before Angela's adventure in Doppelgänger.


John Hamlin sat at a conference table next to a man in a white lab coat. It had taken a couple of weeks of research to find the right person for the job, as well as a lot of money, but it had resulted in a better understanding of what was happening to his daughter's body. Kenny, the DNA specialist he'd finally settled on, had flown in a week ago from Atlanta. John paid him handsomely to come out and interview, luring him with the promise of a very special project with the utmost secrecy. Even if he chose not to accept, John would still pay him enough that it would have been foolish to say no.

Curious, Kenny had searched the internet for Hamlin's name. He'd found that John was the head of a software design firm, had published multiple papers on interconnected computer systems, and that he was widely celebrated and respected in his field. He'd also been in touch with several of Kenny's colleagues. What he needed a DNA researcher for, though, was a mystery.

After signing a non-disclosure agreement, John had laid out for him one of the saddest tales he'd ever heard. The things he'd said didn't seem real. When he'd dropped the name of Rebecca Swell, though, Kenny was hooked. Everyone in his field had heard of Swell. She was one of the brightest shooting stars to ever grace the scientific community. She'd published some of the most detailed work on genetic re-sequencing in the last decade, been courted by such a huge list of potential employers that it made Kenny jealous, and then she'd fallen off the face of the Earth.

When John Hamlin had related what Swell had done with his daughter, Tori, Kenny couldn't wait to take a look some of her work first-hand. He'd met Tori a week ago, beautiful, funny, kind, but troubled. He'd spent the time since deeply ensconced in Tori's blood. What he'd found, and finally put on paper to share with John, was disturbing, to say the least.

"Just lay it out for me," John said, "how bad is it?"

Kenny breathed a sigh, his hands shaking as he shuffled his reports, "I honestly don't know if I can be of any real help," he had to admit, "I mean, I'm willing to give it everything I've got for you, Mr. Hamlin, but Rebecca Swell is one of those brilliant anomalies in science that only comes along once in a hundred years. If I had to compare her to someone, it would be like Einstein, Hawking, and Da' Vinci all rolled into one. In fact, brilliant is an understatement."

John's face fell, but he had to know, "Just tell me."

"Tori's libido is, roughly, 50 times the norm for someone her age. Her pheromone production is off the charts, egg production is non-existent, and her hormones are doing things that I can't even begin to understand right now."

"I don't know what that means, exactly," John admitted.

"Well, her egg production means that she will never get pregnant, obviously," Kenny explained, "It wouldn't matter how often she tried, there's just nothing there to fertilize. Pheromones, those are what we all produce to attract or repel other people. They're like little signals that we pick up from one another, that tell us whether to be attracted or repulsed. Some of the most successful people in the world, like yourself, produce a lot of positive pheromones that make people agreeable toward you."

He continued, "Tori, now, her pheromone levels aren't just high. They're incredible. Frankly, I'm surprised she can even go out in public without any...unwanted attention. Libido, that's your sex drive, is way above normal. Her hormones are, also, doing things that just don't really happen naturally. For example, her progesterone production is almost nil. When progesterone levels are high, women have more difficulty achieving orgasm. At low levels, orgasm happens more frequently and easily. Her estrogen levels are abnormally high, which means her natural lubrication is increased significantly, and testosterone levels are also ridiculously high, which means her desire and aggression are almost out of control,"

John sat back in his chair and asked, "Is there anything that we can do about it? Can it be reversed or contained?"

"Without a lot more work, I can't say for sure. Whatever Rebecca did to her, all I can tell you right now is that it's working aggressively on her genetic code, as well as the factors I mentioned. What I do know, though, is that I can't possibly hope to do this alone. Hell, I don't even know if the whole of Harvard's research team could understand this without a lot of time."

"Can you at least tell me if it's going to get worse?" John asked.

"Well, that's the only good news I have for you right now. It looks like, whatever is happening to her, it's starting to peak. I'd be comfortable saying that it's about hit the end of its work. I don't think she's going to get any worse."

John breathed with relief, saying, "Thanks, Kenny. If you're willing to work on the problem, you just tell me what and who you need. I don't care what it costs, or what it takes. Everything I have is at your disposal."

"I'll do my best, Mr. Hamlin," Kenny assured him.

The Brighter Side

Tori Hamlin

The soft lapping between her legs brought Tori Hamlin out of her pleasant dream, and into a more pleasant reality. She cracked open one eye slowly and slid her hands beneath her blanket to feel Stephanie's long blond hair. She groaned as her sexy twin pushed her tongue into her ass, and then flicked her clit, before returning to running along her soaking cunt lips.

"Oh, fuck," Tori breathed, eliciting a muffled giggle from her sister.

As usual these days, Tori was incredibly horny when she awoke. Her conditioning, despite the fact that she knew it was a manufactured by the evil NewYou Clinic, still held firm. Her mind seemed to always be obsessed with sex, now. There was hardly a moment in the day when she wasn't thinking about the next depraved and erotic situation she could put herself in. The desire was, at times, overwhelming. Since finding out the truth a few weeks ago, the incredible urges she felt had only grown in intensity.

Fortunately, Tori had plenty of loving outlets for her insatiable desires. Her gorgeous twin was always eager to get up to no good with her. Her mother, the milf goddess of the home, regularly played with the girls. Then there was her best friend, Cindy, and Tori's hung brother, Mike, both of whom were a constant source of pleasure. The only member of her family, in fact, that she hadn't been sexually active with was her father. It wasn't that Tori didn't find him downright sexy. Rather, she understood that there was a special connection between Stephanie and their parents, and Tori had already decided to leave herself out of that relationship.

Tori squeezed her bouncing tits as Stephanie's tongue drove her toward a crashing orgasm. She humped her pussy against her sister's face, panting like a thirsty dog, while Stephanie hummed into her dripping cunt. When she felt her twin slide one of her long fingers into her ass, Tori lost it. She rode Stephanie's finger with her ass as her climax hit her, making her squeal like the slut she was. Stephanie continued to rub her sister's cunt as she shook and shivered but slithered up her body to plunge her hungry tongue into Tori's mouth.

"Tell me you love me," Stephanie whispered, as she broke their kiss.

"Oh, God! I love you, Stephie!"

"Does Stephie's little lesbo like to get her cunt sucked?" Stephanie asked, continuing to rub her sister's excited little pussy.

"Yes! Oh, Stephie, I love to cum for you,"

"You're so pretty when you cum, baby. Can your slutty little cunt cum for your sister again?"

Stephanie's fingers dipped inside of her sister, while her other hand pinched Tori's hard nipples. Her eyes clenched tightly shut, Tori fucked her sister's fingers until she came again, crying out with a happy smile on her face.

"Mmmm," Stephanie purred, "That was so hot, sissy! I love to see you all worked up like this,"

Stephanie pulled her fingers from Tori's cunt, pushing them into her twin's mouth. Tori eagerly sucked her own juice from them, staring into Stephanie's eyes with a look of pure adoration. Stephanie might have had her part in making Tori this way, but none of that mattered to her, now. There was no one that made Tori as excited and eager to please as her sister.

Stephanie rolled off of her sister and stretched lazily. Tori drank in the sight of her perfect body and found her mouth watering, as she thought about returning the favor Stephanie had just done for her.

"God, why don't you take a picture, pervert?" Stephanie teased her.

"I have plenty of those," Tori retorted, "and I also have this website where you could go to see them."

Stephanie crooked her finger, and Tori slid out of bed. She planted a lengthy kiss on Stephanie's lips and groped her body shamelessly.

"Shower with me?" Stephanie asked.

"Sounds perfect!"

The twins bounced down the stairs together a short time later, dressed in matching red panties and tiny red bras. This was fairly normal, these days, around the Hamlin home. In fact, Tori usually went naked around the house. The result of her conditioning, she often forgot to put on clothes at all, and often had to be reminded if she left the house.

As they hit the bottom of the stairs, the sound of delighted groaning drifted from the kitchen. The girls shared a grin and peeked into the room to see what was happening. Just another regular occurrence in the house, Mike lay on his back on the kitchen table. His mother, Melanie, sat at the table with half the length of her son's thick cock in her mouth, while Cindy played with his balls.

"Baby, your mom looks so sexy with your big cock in her mouth," Cindy cooed.

"God, you guys," Stephanie interrupted, rounding the corner, "we have to eat at that table."

Melanie darted her eyes toward her daughters but continued to work on Mike's throbbing shaft with her masterful mouth. Their mother looked dressed for work, in a smart skirt suit. Tori came over and kissed her excitable, red-headed friend. Cindy, then, turned back to the action on the table and began to stroke her boyfriend's cock into his mother's hungry mouth. Her hand worked from the base to Melanie's lips, and then back down, up, until Mike started to breath more rapidly. Melanie sucked more vigorously, and Cindy continued her stroking, until Mike growled and unloaded the contents of his heavy balls into his mother's mouth. Melanie pushed her chair back and stood, taking Mike's cock all the way into her throat. She held her face there as her son pumped rope after rope of sticky spunk directly into her stomach. Cindy, all the while, clapped excitedly as she watched Melanie work.

"Oh, you're so good at that!" The little redhead cried.

Melanie winked her way as she sucked the last of Mike's cum from his shaft, stood up, and took a deep breath.

She made of big show of purring happily, and said, "Thanks for breakfast, baby. I have to get going."

Melanie's heels clicked across the kitchen floor, where she washed her hands. As she grabbed her purse from the end of the counter, she stopped.

"Oh, Tori," she said, "I almost forgot. There's a message for you on the machine. Have a great day, kids!"

She sauntered out to the garage with her hips swaying dramatically. Cindy was now heavily making out with Mike, who was still lying on the table, his balls a sloppy mess of spit.

"Are you two gonna fuck on the table?" Tori asked.

In response, Cindy climbed onto the table and straddled her boyfriend's still-hard cock, sighing happily as she positioned it against her tight little hole and squeezed herself onto it.

"I guess we're waiting on breakfast," Stephanie quipped.

Tori padded over to the answering machine and played back her message.

"Tori, this is Lana Brunswick, the athletic director. I hope you've been doing well! We had a little visit from some friends of yours here at the school, and I'd like to talk with you this week if you have some time. I think you'll be very happy!"

Lana rattled off her number, which Tori quickly scrawled onto a napkin.

"You have friends?" Stephanie teased.

"I don't know what she means."

"Well, call her back!"

The sounds of wet fucking from behind her made her laugh.

"Maybe I'll go somewhere quieter."

She took the number to her room and dialed from her phone. A moment later the line clicked.

"This is Lana," came a cheery voice on the other end.

"Lana, it's Tori Hamlin. I just got your message."

"Tori! Hey, super star! How have you been?"

That made Tori smile. She missed running the track.

"I'm good. Missing practice, but I guess there's not much I can do about that."

If there was one thing she was still a little bitter about, it was losing her spot on the track team. Even though she'd forgiven Stephanie for everything, it was hard to put that behind her.

"Well, I wouldn't be so sure," Lana said, "Can you come in to the school for a while? I'd really like to talk to you."

"Um, sure. Any particular time?"

"I'll be in my office all day. You know where it is."

"Ok. Give me an hour?"

"I'll see you then. And Tori?"


"It's really good to hear from you."

"Thanks, Lana. You too."

She ended the call, curious as all hell as to what was going on. Was there some chance that she was back on the team? It didn't seem possible. As far as she knew, she was still a convicted criminal. The sound of Cindy cumming on Mike's big dick echoed softly from beyond her closed door, drawing her attention. Her poor cunt was so hot, despite just having two incredible orgasms from her sister.

She dropped her phone on the bed and, her juicy pussy taking control, she found herself drawn down the stairs into the kitchen. One of Stephanie's big tits was in Mike's mouth, and Cindy was collapsed on top of him, recovering from her mind-blowing cum.

"So, I just get left out as soon as I leave the room, huh?" Tori asked.

Cindy peeled herself from Mike's body, and Tori watched her brother's big prick slide out of her friend, slick and creamy. Her mouth watered at the sight of it. He obviously hadn't cum for the second time yet, having just had his balls drained. She knew from experience that it could take ages for him to cum a second time if he chose to hold it back.

"You want a turn?" Cindy asked, stroking his slimy shaft.

Tori didn't need to say anything. She climbed on the table and took Cindy's place. The little redhead rubbed her brother's big dick against Tori's dripping slit, teasing her mercilessly.

"Do you want your little sister to fuck you?" Stephanie hissed in Mike's ear, "Do you want her to ride your fat prick and cum on it?"

"Fuck," Mike groaned, as Cindy pushed the head of his cock into Tori's pussy.

"You're such a sick fuck," Stephanie went on, "cumming in your own mother's mouth, and then fucking your little sister? How did we get stuck living with such a fucking perv?"

Tori pushed down on his cock, feeling the big shaft split her open so perfectly. Her brother's cock did things to her that no other could achieve. It was like it was made to fit inside of her. She could feel the blood pulsing through it as it pushed its way deeper into her horny cunt. She shivered with a mini orgasm as Mike filled her up, and a moment later she became oblivious to everything else as she rode up and down on him. Vaguely, she sensed Mike's hands running up her body to squeeze her tits, which only made her wilder.

Just as she was getting close to a big cum, she felt Mike's hands on her ass, spreading her cheeks apart. Then, she felt a hot tongue caress her asshole, worming its way into her, and she lost her mind. She slammed herself down one last time onto her brother's cock and felt him pumping his second load of cum into her. That was all it took, and then they were cumming together. It was so perfect! She leaned in and kissed him, sucking at his tongue as he rocked her gently on his spurting cock. Finally, she pulled back and looked him in the eyes, seeing the same feeling there.

"Thanks," she whispered, "I need to get cleaned up."

Tori dismounted, and unsteadily climbed off the table, legs shaky, and she took a moment to hold on. Stephanie sat calmly in a chair, licking her lips. Tori couldn't tell at the time, whether it had been Cindy or Stephanie behind her. A wicked grin crossed her face, and before Stephanie knew what was happening, Tori pushed her blond head into Mike's crotch.

"Suck it, bitch," she hissed, holding her sister's head against the gooey mess.

"Let me go, you sick cunt!" Stephanie yelled, trying to get up.

Tori put her weight on her sister's back, knowing the game and loving it.

"Uh, uh," Tori said, "Open up and clean up your brother's slutty mess. Dumb sluts with big whore tits are only good for raping. Suck, bitch!"

"Fuck you guys! You're both sick," Stephanie complained, wriggling to get away.

Mike's big hand twined its way into Stephanie's hair, and as he sat up, he pulled back on her hair, making her gasp. He pushed the head of his slimy cock into her mouth, and Tori pushed on the back of her head, effectively gagging her on her own brother's cummy dick.

"Stephie, you look so pretty with that fucking prick in your mouth. How dare you say no to it. You know how much Mike loves to make you suck him off,"

Stephanie mumbled something incoherent, and her eyes danced with a combination of lust and anger. This was exactly what she needed, and Tori knew it. It was never as much fun unless she was forced to service her brother somehow.

"Come on cocksucker," Mike growled, "are you gonna do some work here, or do I have to fuck your slut mouth?"

"Oh, you should fuck her mouth, baby!" Cindy cried joyfully.

"Aw, Mike," Tori said, stroking Stephanie's hair, "I don't think the little suck slut likes your big, messy prick in her mouth."

"I'm pretty sure animals like her don't have real feelings. They're essentially cocksleeves," Mike went on, pushing his hips forward and sliding more of his deflating cock into his sister's mouth.

Stephanie choked and sputtered, but finally gave in and began to suck the gooey remnants of the morning's sex play from her brother's prick. Outwardly, she might have been combative, but inside she was actually relishing how filthy she was being made to behave. The combination of Tori and Cindy's mingling cunt juices was actually very tasty, and she could have sucked like this all day. Sadly, Mike's cock wasn't up to it. It continued to soften. She knew from experience that it would be a good fifteen minutes until he was rock hard and ready to go again.

Finally, he pulled his dick from her mouth and slapped it against her cheek.

"See, that wasn't so bad, was it?" he asked, pushing her away roughly and dropping off the table.

"Tell Mike thank you for feeding you, cunt," Tori said, fingering her sister's fuckhole.

"Fuck," Stephanie exclaimed, "I'll never get the taste of slut out of my mouth!"

"That doesn't sound like thank you," Tori said and pinched Stephanie's clit, making her jerk.

"Thank you for feeding me incest cum, Mike. It made me feel like a useful slut," Stephanie said.

Cindy took that as an invitation to taste some slut, too, and plunged her hungry tongue into Stephanie's mouth, groping her big tits. Stephanie let the little redhead have her fun, but she was the only one who hadn't gotten off yet, and her hot little teen cunt was aching for it.

"Do you need me to take care of you?" Cindy asked, her hand rubbing the front of Stephanie's little panties.

Stephanie's head fell back in pleasure, and she weakly said, "Uh huh."

"You have fun," Tori said, "I've got shit to do."

She retrieved her wet panties from the floor, balled them up, and stuffed them into Stephanie's open mouth with a wicked giggle. Finally satisfied, she stalked out of the room for another quick shower.

It was the middle of summer vacation, and Tori hadn't seen her school since the fateful day that she was sent home, framed for a fabricated crime that had soon led to her incarceration at the NewYou Clinic. The warm summer air ruffled her little skirt, teasing her bare pussy as she made her way to the athletic quarter of the big building. Once inside, she strode through the empty halls to Lana's office. She could have walked there with her eyes closed, she knew it so well.

Tori knocked on the door to the office, was beckoned in, and stepped inside. Lana sat behind a desk piled high with paperwork. The athletic director kept herself in great shape, and Tori's horny eyes roved up and down the older woman's fit body. Even though her attire wasn't sexy, it didn't exactly hide what must have been a wonderful body. The woman's long, tanned legs were on full display in a pair of shorts, and ended at her sensible sneakers.

"Tori," Lana cried, and rounded the desk to pull Tori into a tight hug.

The warmth of her body had Tori's always-juicy cunt throbbing as Lana's tits pressed against her. With an effort of will, Tori managed to keep her hands from groping the athletic director. It wasn't easy. For Lana, it was the oddest feeling. Being so close to Tori, the smell of her, was making her a little warm between the legs. She couldn't understand it. She'd never been into girls, and certainly not the students. Still, she found herself holding the younger girl a little longer than was probably appropriate. Finally, she pulled herself away and cleared her throat.

"Please," she gestured to a chair, "have a seat, honey."

Tori took the chair. Lana was a bit surprised by Tori's look. She'd never been one to show off her body, usually preferring very conservative attire. Today, though, the long-legged blonde was fully on display. Her skirt was thin, short, and ended well above the knees. She wore a pair of shiny pink heels that matched the color of the skirt, and her nipples were plainly visible in her tight pink top. She looked incredible.

"So, you said you had some good news?" Tori asked, anxious to know what was happening.

"I do! So, I don't know exactly what happened the last week of school, or what you were up to, but I had a visit from, well, an unusual person," Lana began.


"A gentleman by the name of Oliver, came to see me. In fact, he also paid a visit to the school board. He said you'd been helping them on a very special case, recently, and provided some documentation clearing you of any kind of wrongdoing."

Tori couldn't believe what she was hearing. She was free and clear? Agent Oliver had been true to his word?

"Tori, are you alright?" Lana asked.

"I, I don't know."

Lana smiled across the desk, "Of course, that means that we have no choice but to offer you your spot on the team again. If you're interested, of course."

Tori felt herself choking up. All the thoughts of the ache in her pussy were pushed away as the impact of what Lana said hit her. She wiped at her eyes with the back of her hand, and choked on a sob. Lana came around the desk and put her arms around her.

"Now, honey, it's alright. Everything's alright."

Tori melted into her embrace, fought back her tears, and turned her eyes up to meet Lana's.

"Yes," she said softly, "I want to come back."

Lana beamed and hugged her tightly, saying, "I thought you would. Practice starts next week. I'm looking forward to having our all star back."



"Thank you, so much!" Tori cried, holding onto the older woman, and finally breaking down into happy tears.

Extended Family

John Hamlin's cell phone rang, just as he pulled into the driveway.

"Answer call," he said to the hands-free, heard the line click, and answered, "This is John."

"What's up big dick?" came the voice on the other end.

John's face broke out in a smile as he pulled into his garage, and he couldn't help but laugh.

"How's my favorite piece of shit older brother?" he replied, throwing the car in park, "Still blowing your money on Swedish girls?"

The sound of a good chuckle carried through the car's speakers.

"Those Swedish girls would love you, buddy. And they're well worth the money. But I'm actually back in the States, now."

"Those Swedish girls do love me," John retorted, "and when we vacation there, they pay me, dickhead."

"Such a cocky fucker," the voice on the phone replied, "How's that hot wife of yours? Getting tired of being stretched out by that goddamn python between your legs?"

"As if anyone could get tired of being fucked by a python," John fired back, "Mel's great. You said you're back in the States?"

"Yup, and that's why I'm calling, actually."

"Because you're broke and need a loan?"

"Fuck you," the voice said, with a hint of laughter, "No. Did you ever think that I might actually like you, and want to see my baby brother and his darling children?"

"And his hot wife that you have constantly perved over for years and years?"

"And his hot wife that I have constantly perved over for years and years, yes. Can you blame any man that's had a taste of Melanie's magic mouth for dreaming of it ever since?"

"I cannot blame any man for that, no," John chuckled.

"Anyway, I'm going to be in town for two weeks to secure some new contracts. I'm not looking to impose. I've got a hotel, but I was hoping to spend some time catching up. If you're not too busy, that is."

John thought about it for a moment. This was certainly a tough time in the family. Dealing with Tori's condition had been an obsession for John, and he wasn't sure if having his brother in the house would be any help. Not that he was worried about Kevin. He could trust him implicitly. Rather, he wasn't sure how the rest of the family would react.

"John, you there?" Kevin asked over the phone.

"Yeah, I'm here. Look Kev, there's some things going on around here that, well, I'm not exactly sure how to tell you."

"Whoa, this sounds important. Let me put my adult pants on real quick," a moment of silence, "Okay, I'm ready."

John had to laugh, and said, "You know what, fuck it. Come on over. We'll talk about it. I'm sure Melanie would love to see you again, Mike needs a positive male role model, and I'm sure the girls would love to see their favorite uncle. And I'm sure their favorite uncle would love to see them, now."

"Why, John, are you making me out to be some sort of filthy pervert that would have lustful thoughts about his own sweet nieces?" Kevin feigned surprise.

"That is exactly what I'm saying. When are you coming to town?"

"I get in tomorrow morning, actually. Sorry it's such short notice, but things have been pretty busy, and, well, I'm a lazy son of a bitch, so I didn't make the time to call ahead."

"Well, you're welcome to come for dinner tomorrow, if you don't have plans."

"I wouldn't miss it for all the girls in Sweden!" Kevin said.

"Yes, you would."

"Well, I might take a rain check."

"Call me when you get in," John said.


The line went dead. John pulled his phone from the mount, closed up the car, and made his way inside. What he didn't expect, was a celebration. The sound of Tori's laughter and his family's voices came from the living room. John tossed his keys on the counter, and followed the sound through the kitchen. He couldn't remember the last time he'd heard Tori laughing, and the sound of it brought a welcome smile to his face.

These days, it was quite a rare occurrence to see his family wearing clothes, but tonight it appeared to be an exception. That is, except for Cindy, who never wore clothes unless she had to. John briefly pictured his brother's reaction to Cindy, and had to laugh out loud. The sound drew everyone's attention.

"Daddy!" Stephanie squealed, and ran to him, throwing herself into his arms.

He held her by her perfect ass, which was only covered by a pair of tight, thin cotton shorts. His little girl eagerly kissed him with passionate abandon, and John held her there until she had had enough. She slipped down off of him, and took his hand, leading him into the family room, where he took a seat next to his wife, and kissed her, as well.

"Did I forget someone's birthday?" he asked, jokingly.

"Even better," Tori said, excitement evident on her face, "Guess who gets to run track again?"

John blinked rapidly in surprise, asking, "Are you serious? How did this happen?"

Tori quickly related the good news, and John swept her up in a big hug, twirling her around like she was a little kid again.

"That's great, baby," he said, setting her down, "and I've got something to tell you, too."

They looked to him, waiting.

"I got a call from your Uncle Kevin," he began, "He's going to be in town tomorrow morning, and I've invited him over for dinner," then he looked to Melanie, "Is that alright?" he asked.

Melanie beamed, saying, "Of course. Kevin's always welcome. I thought he was in Sweden?"

"He said he just got back to the States, and he'll be in town for business for the next two weeks. He's not staying with us, but It'll be nice to see him again. It's been, what, four years?"

As he sat with his wife, Stephanie crawled between his legs and began to rub his flaccid cock through his pants.

"And how will dear Uncle Kevin react to, well, all the filthy things that have been going on around this house lately?" she asked, undoing John's belt and tossing it aside.

Melanie giggled, "I wouldn't worry too much about that," she said, "Kevin has never really been uncomfortable with the taboo."

"Oh really," Stephanie, said, and pulled her daddy's pants down his legs, "the things you learn about your own family."

John breathed a sigh as his pants came down. The world had yet to invent a pair of pants that were comfortable for men of more than average size.

"Uncle Kevin was always cute," she went on, "How would my big daddy feel about his little girl giving her uncle a proper welcome when he came over, hmm? I'm sure he'll be surprised to see how his nieces have grown up so much."

She slowly massaged her daddy's big cock, rubbing it against her cheek and staring up into his eyes. Behind her, she could hear Tori's breathing becoming more ragged.

"Let's just say," John said, "that if anything happens with your uncle, that it will be between him and whoever it happens with. God, you're so beautiful, baby."

Melanie stroked Stephanie's hair back from her face and took her husband's big prick in her hand.

"Where does daddy's cock go, princess?" she asked.

"In my throat," Stephanie said.

Melanie put the head to Stephanie's lips, and watched her little girl open her mouth as wide as she could, stretching her juicy lips around her daddy's thickness. From the corner of her eye, she could see Tori's flushed skin, the wild look in her eye as she watched her sister worship her father's enormous tool. She didn't know when Tori had cum last, but by the trembling of her body and the look of complete focus on her face, oblivious to everything else, it must have been a while.

This was something they'd all gotten used to over the last several weeks. Tori's conditioning had completely taken control of her, and Melanie could see the struggle inside of her poor daughter right now, the fight to hold herself back from immediately jumping into the action. Her heart went out to her girl, and she got up from the couch. Tori didn't even glance at her. She just stared at her father and sister as Stephanie began to really work over John's cock with her eager mouth.

Melanie wrapped her arms around Tori from behind, and buried her face in her blond hair, inhaled the incredible scent of her arousal. Tori's amped-up hormone production immediately had an effect on her, and Melanie was reminded again of what the Clinic had done to her daughter. Just being close to her was turning Melanie on. Not that she needed much to put her in that state, but being close to Tori made it happen much more quickly. She licked at her daughter's neck, making Tori groan, but her little girl's eyes never left the sight of Stephanie's sucking.

Behind her, she could hear Mike and Cindy whispering to one another. Cindy giggled playfully and, hand in hand, they slipped out of the room and disappeared into Mike's cave. Melanie's hands slid around Tori's chest, pushing the tight little top she wore up and over her head. Tori let her pull the top off, and stood with her perfect breasts exposed, in only her small skirt. Melanie could see the rapid rise and fall of her chest, feel the trembling of her body. One of her horny mother's hands cupped her breast, while the other slid beneath her skirt. Tori gasped as Melanie's long, limber fingers began to stroke her dripping little slit.

It always seemed to be this way now. When she was horny, which was basically all the time, she couldn't think of anything else but the intense feelings in her body. It was like she was outside of herself, just an observer when she was in this kind of state. Some part of her mind was watching it all happen, and a distant memory of a time when she was just a normal girl always nagged at her. The feelings in her little cunt, though, those were what controlled her. Those were what mattered the most. Then, there was the voice, her own voice, the Tori from the hours and hours of "therapy".

Tori is a slut... Tori needs to be fucked... Tori wants cum... Tori loves to obey...

There was another voice, though, a voice in her ear that seemed far away, but insistent. Her mother's voice.

"It's alright, honey," Melanie's voice said, "Let me help. I love you, baby. Let me take care of you."

Even as Tori's horny cunt humped her mother's hand, she could feel tears stinging the back of her eyes. It was so hard not to walk over and push Stephanie out of the way, climb onto her father's lap, and sink down onto that big, beautiful cock that was so close. It could easily give her what she needed so badly. She could cum on it, and that would make the feelings go away.

Melanie turned her face to her own and kissed her gently, and Tori melted into her mother's arms. She blinked away the tears and somehow managed to turn her attention from the cock to Melanie's hungry mouth. Melanie's fingers were working some kind of magic on her clit right now, and Tori moaned hotly into her mouth as the first tremors of a small orgasm washed through her, making her knees weak.

"Come with me," Melanie whispered.

Tori nodded and took her mother's hand, letting herself be led up to her room. Melanie closed the door, just as the sound of Stephanie's voice echoed from downstairs, screaming, "Ooooh, daddy!"

Uncle Kevin

At dusk Kevin pulled his rented car into his brother's driveway, pulling up to the Hamlin's side drive, where he parked next to his niece's cars. Two years ago, the girls had excitedly sent him pictures of the sporty little convertibles that their father had bought them for their birthday. Over the next few weeks, a string of proud photos of the vehicles and the little blonde knockouts had followed. After a couple of months, the excitement had faded, though, and the pictures grew less frequent as driving became the norm. Still, the memory of those excited bursts of photography made Kevin smile as he got out and stretched his sore muscles.

Kevin walked up the stone entry to the front door, but before he could knock the door was thrown open and he found himself tangled in a tight embrace with a gorgeous blonde teenager. Her long legs wrapped around his waist, and her arms around his neck, a pair of big tits pressed against his chest. She squealed with delight, "Uncle Kevin!" and planted soft kisses on his neck. His hands instinctively cupped her ass, which was round and perfect, in a pair of tiny shorts.

"Whoa!" he cried, and stumbled, caught himself and laughed, "Let me guess which one. Um, Tori?"

"Yes!" she cried and finally dropped to her feet.

"Stephie, quit messing with him!"

His other niece appeared in the doorway with a silly grin.

"I'm Tori," she said, giggling.

"You're no fun, anymore," Stephanie said, sticking her tongue out at her sister.

"I never could get it right, could I?" Kevin asked.

Stephanie pulled him through the door by his hand and led him inside.

"Look at you all sexy and stuff," Stephanie said, her eyes roving all over his body.

She wasn't lying either. Where John was tall and well-built, like a wall of muscle, his brother was a bit shorter, but lean and muscular. They shared the same dark hair, square jaw, and piercing eyes. Stephanie could easily see her father in his older brother, and the thought made her horny little cunt moist.

"I could say the same for you two. Wow! It must be a full-time job fighting the boys off of you."

The girls shared a conspiratorial smile, which made Kevin wary. That usually meant they were up to something. He didn't have much time to think about it, though, as John and Melanie walked into the room. Kevin clasped hands with his younger brother, and they shared an awkward, look, then laughed and hugged each other.

"Good to see you," John said truthfully.

Melanie stepped in next and put her arms around Kevin's neck, then surprised him with a full-on, sloppy wet kiss with her tongue. Kevin stiffened, unsure exactly how to react.

"Geez, mom," Stephanie said, "at least let him in the door before you rip his clothes off."

Melanie broke away and grinned, saying, "It's been too long."

"You are right about that," Kevin said, breathless.

"Now I remember why we haven't invited you over for a while," John jested, "you're not housebroken."

Kevin's mouth hung open suddenly, causing everyone to turn around and follow his eyes. Mike came across the room and took his uncle's hand, and Kevin absentmindedly shook it and said, "Uh, hi Mike," but it was the girl just behind his nephew that had drawn his attention.

"Uncle Kev," Mike said with a grin, "this is my girlfriend, Cindy."

Cindy, oddly, had chosen to put on clothes for her first time meeting her boyfriend's uncle.

"I want to make a good impression," she'd insisted.

"I'm not sure how you could make a bad impression," Mike had answered.

Now, the little redhead wore a tiny black skirt, which left the bottom of her ample butt and shaven pussy on display, while a tight little top caused her big tits to bulge obscenely and left her flat tummy bare. Her green eyes were filled with nervous energy, as she fidgeted in the most adorable way.

"You are charming," Kevin said, taking her hand and giving it a little kiss.

Cindy blushed, and said, "Thank you. I'm adopted, and you're really cute!"

She clamped her hand over her mouth in embarrassment and looked at Mike.

"I'm sorry," she said.

"It's alright, baby," Mike said affectionately.

"There's nothing to be sorry for," Stephanie said, "He is cute!"

She gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Alright, you bunch of wild animals," John said with finality, "Let the man in the door before you all devour him. I tell you, Kev, the things a man has to put up with living here."

"I can only imagine, the horror," Kevin said.

John, along with Kevin, Mike, and Cindy drifted into the living room, where they caught up. Melanie and the twins began getting dinner ready. Throughout dinner, Kevin regaled them with tales of his time in Europe. The Twins talked about the last few years in track, their success as runners, their uncertainty about college. Kevin detected some note of hesitation, though, when he asked Tori what she was thinking of doing with her life. The atmosphere around the table changed drastically, Tori looked very sullen.

"Is this some kind of sensitive topic?" Kevin asked, setting his food aside.

The whole family looked at one another nervously.

"What's going on?"

"Excuse me," Tori said, pushed her chair back, and then paused in the doorway, saying, "It's okay. You can tell him."

She left the room.

"What's that about?" Kevin asked.

"I'm going to go check on her," Stephanie said, and left, too.

Mike and Cindy, likewise, excused themselves. John and Melanie breathed a collective sigh.

"It's a long story," John said, "and what I'm about to tell you does not leave this room. Understood?"

Kevin couldn't remember a time when he'd seen his younger brother so serious. He nodded his understanding.

"It started about two months ago..." John began.

Switching Sisters

Stephanie Hamlin

Tori lay on her bed, sandwiched between Stephanie and Cindy. Despite the drying tears on her face, her pussy was tingling with need. She'd been so nervous, sitting at the table, knowing that at some point her uncle was going to ask about her future plans. She'd always known that Kevin loved their part of the family, and that he'd never presume to judge them, but she wasn't sure how he was going to react to the unbelievable tale of the last couple of months.

"Oh, Tori, I'm sure you don't have to worry. Your uncle seems like a really great guy. I'm sure he's not going to care that you're the hottest porn star around," Cindy said warmly.

Tori couldn't help but laugh. Cindy always had a way of making her feel better.

"I know," she agreed, "It's just that, well, I guess there are times that it's hard to accept that this is who I am. I mean, I have accepted it, and I love it, most of the time. But I just don't want anyone to feel weird about me, you know?"

"I'm sure he won't feel weird," Stephanie said, "If anything it will probably make it easier for you to fuck him tonight."

She heard Tori gasp, but she could also feel the way her body squirmed when she'd said it.

"You do want to fuck your uncle Kevin, don't you?" Stephanie said, slipping her hand into Tori's shirt and tweaking her hard nipple.

"Yes! Oh, yes. I haven't been fucked all day," Tori said.

"Well, I have a fun little idea that you might be interested in."

Tori rolled over and looked her twin in the eyes. Stephanie's crooked little smile was one she knew all too well. It was the smile that had gotten them into trouble too many times when they were kids. That smile, now, made her cunt even hotter. Her worries began to subside.

"I'm listening," she said.


Kevin sat on the Hamlin's couch, his head thrown back, staring at the ceiling. He couldn't believe it. Dinner was long over, and John and Melanie had retired to bed. Kevin had considered heading back to his hotel, but John insisted that he stay the night. The long retelling of the recent events had led to a couple of glasses of wine, and then to a bottle of whiskey between the three of them. Now, Kevin's head was delightfully fuzzy and warm, but very confused.

His brother was fucking his own daughter. His other daughter was a porn star and had been reconditioned by a group of sex Nazis, then turned into a completely insatiable slut. She was also fucking her own brother. In fact, the entire family seemed to be fucking each other. It was both a dream come true for Kevin, and also the most intensely confusing night of his entire life. And then had come the really shocking part. John and Melanie were absolutely fine with their girls trying to seduce him, too. In fact, they were pretty sure it was a certainty. The thought of those perfect, gorgeous blonde teens eager and willing to please him was more intoxicating than the whiskey.

"You're family," Melanie had said, and kissed him.

"And as long as it's done willingly," John had agreed with that devilish smirk of his, "then you can reap all the benefits of being a Hamlin."

Now, sitting in the living room with only a single light, Kevin was contemplating walking up the stairs to his brother's room, and knocking on the door. Melanie had left the invitation open, after all, and the memory of her amazing mouth on his cock four years ago was something he'd jerked off to on many lonely nights in Europe.

Just as he was about to work up the courage to go through with it, though, there was a creek on the steps. A moment later, a little blond head peaked around the corner and smiled at him. Kevin felt his dick get harder. Then, it became rock hard when she rounded the corner. Tori? Stephanie? The fact that he wasn't sure made his dick harder.

He gasped and stiffened on the couch as she came into the light. The girl grinned at his reaction. Her long, blond hair fell loosely about her shoulders, a few stray strands loosely swishing in front of her eye. Her smooth legs were bare up to a pair of tiny pink panties. She'd chosen one of Mike's old, borrowed tee-shirts from her drawer. It might not have been anything special once upon a time. It was an old Dr. Dre shirt, which once had the lyrics, "Don't wanna fuck with me," printed on the front. Years of washing and fading, though, had left only the words, "fuck me," which Tori found very appropriate.

"Tori," he whispered, guessing, as she slowly padded across the carpet.

"Hi, Uncle Kevin," she said seductively. Flipping her hair, "What are you doing down here all alone?"

"Um, just resting, honey. Shouldn't you be in bed?"

Tori plopped her perfect ass down in his lap and laughed.

"I'm not a little girl anymore," she said, her voice husky.

She could feel his cock hard in his pants, and her throbbing cunt was in full control. She hadn't felt a new cock since her college gangbang party weeks ago, and the thought was tremendously exciting.

"I can see that, sweetie," Kevin said.

"So, sitting all alone in the dark, drunk," she said, "what were you thinking about, hmm?"

Kevin's hand trembled as he rested it on one of her smooth legs. She didn't try to stop him.

"I was, well, actually thinking about you. Are you alright? I mean, your parents told me about... what happened,"

"I know," she said, "and yes, I'm fine. In fact, I'm better than fine."

She stood up and straddled his lap, slipping her arms around his neck. The smell of her was incredible. He wasn't sure he could have resisted her if he'd wanted to. He could feel the heat of her aroused pussy against his crotch as she slowly slid her ass back and forth along his bulge.

"You know," she said softly, "you missed four of my birthdays, four Christmases. I think you have some making up to do."

His hands slid down to cup her ass, and he felt her shiver in his arms.

"That was very uncaring of me," Kevin agreed, "I'm not sure how I'll ever be able to make that all up."

Tori giggled, saying, "Do you remember my pony?"

Kevin laughed. He did remember. He'd bought both of the girls big stuffed ponies for one of their birthdays, or maybe it was some Christmas.

"I remember. You thought it was the cutest thing. I seem to recall there was a great deal of jousting between you and Stephanie that day."

"Mmm, I loved that pony, Uncle Kevin," she said, and began to hump her hot pussy against him, "I used to ride my pony every day. I'd bounce up and down, and have the greatest time."

Her hand began to play with his hair, and then her lips pressed against his, gently.

"Now, though," she said, "I don't need stuffed ponies to bounce on," and she emphasized the words by pressing her pussy harder against his cock.

She slipped her tongue into his mouth and tasted his whiskey breath, but she didn't care. The alcohol tingled on her tongue. His warm hands caressed her ass, slipping beneath her little panties as their tongues clashed. Kevin could feel the overwhelming need in her body. The way she kissed him, and humped against his cock, it was just like John and Melanie had told him.

"Tori's urges," they'd said, "They can be uncontrollable. We trust you, and we know you're not going to take advantage of her. I know it's going to sound strange, but you're actually helping her keep it under control if you get her off."

And they'd been right. Tori could feel herself on the brink of a meltdown. The urge to cum was painful, necessary. She stood up and began to tug at his pants with a look of desperation in her face. She needed to be fucked so badly! Kevin could see it in her face as she bit her lip, a look of intense focus as she struggled to pull his pants off. When she'd succeeded, and his cock sprang free, he saw the worry in her face drain away. He had what she needed, and he wasn't going to stop her. Still, she looked at him with uncertainty.

"If you need it, honey, it's okay," he said, "I can't pretend to know what it's like, but I love you, and it's okay."

Tori choked on a sob as she thought about what a slut she was, but nothing could stop her from climbing onto her uncle's lap again. She didn't even bother with taking her soaking panties off. Instead, she pulled them to the side and pressed Kevin's thick cock against her slit. Her mouth found his again, and she squealed with delight as his fat head opened her up with ease.

"Fuck me," she breathed into his mouth, "please fuck me. I need it!"

Kevin had never been short of women in his life. He was well hung (though not nearly like his brother), attractive, made good money, and sometimes women even liked his personality. Never before, though, had he seen the unstoppable desire in a woman's face that he saw in Tori's as she sank herself onto his thick prick.

"Oh, God!" Tori hissed and kissed him again.

Her cunt was the softest and most inviting he'd ever experienced. Whether that was because she was his niece, and it was so dirty, or just because of the wild passion she threw into their lovemaking, he wasn't sure. What he did know, was that he wanted to please her more than anything else in the world right now. He cupped her ass and lifted her up and down his rigid pole, slowly and gently at first, but then with greater force. Soon, she was fucking him, though, and he could feel the tremors in her body as she built toward an intoxicating climax.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she panted over and over, pushing his cock deep into her body and holding it there.

It was a struggle not to let himself go, but he wanted to make sure that she had all she needed. It wasn't long before her whole body shook. Her arms around his neck tightened, and she buried her face into his neck as she came.

"I'm cumming for you, Uncle Kevin," she hissed, "Oh, I'm cumming just for you!"

That was all he could take, and Kevin felt himself letting go. Tori came again as a forceful splash of cum bathed her insides, and plunged her tongue back into Kevin's mouth, kissing him hungrily until they began to come down from their intense high. Tori laughed into his mouth, and then pulled back.

"God, that was exactly what I needed to get the edge off," she said, "I hope you're as much of a performer as my dad, because I'm just getting started."

"As long as I can take a minute to catch my breath," Kevin panted.

Tori pulled her cum-soaked pussy off of his cock and held out her hand to him.

"Spend the night with me," she said, "I'll go have a shower while you get comfortable in my room. And then, I'm going to help you make up those four years to me."

He took her hand with a silly grin and stood up. Expecting to follow her, she surprised him by dropping to her knees and slurping the combined result of their intense fuck off of his cock. A moment later she came back up and winked at him, took his hand, and led him up the stairs.


Kevin awoke in the morning to a sensation he hadn't felt in a very long time. He opened his eyes and looked down to see the sheets moving up and down, and a hot, wet mouth working his dick over very expertly. He groaned and lay his head back, letting the feeling wash over him. He might have to ask his brother if he could relocate and move in. The lucky son of a bitch.

He pulled back the sheet and watched Tori, propped on her elbows, bob her head up and down his thick shaft, all while looking straight into his eyes. Despite the fact that they'd been going at it like animals for most of the night, he wasn't even surprised that she could get him hard again. The girl was incredible.

"Fuck, you're amazing, Tori," he said.

He heard her giggle around his dick, and she pulled her mouth away and began to stroke him.

"Guess again," she said, and pushed his cock back into his mouth.


A delicate hand reached up from the side of the bed, and caressed his chest, followed by another smiling blond-haired face.

"Guess again, Uncle Kevin," Tori said with a grin.

"Tori?" he looked back down at the girl sucking his cock, "Stephanie?"

Tori laughed, and said, "Oh, man, Stephie. I don't think playing switching sisters was ever this much fun before,"

"I believe that was possibly the best surprise I've ever had in my life," Kevin said, and put his arms behind his head. This was the life.

Tori climbed up on the bed and snuggled against him as she watched Stephanie sucking.

"Isn't Stephie a great little cocksucker, Uncle Kevin?" Tori said, teasingly.

"The best," he said, before he realized what he was saying.

"But last night, you told me I was the best," Tori pouted.

"I, uh, that is..."

"It's okay, Uncle Kevin," Tori said, "My sister's such a slut. She's sucked way more dicks than I have. You should have seen her at the college party we went to a few weeks ago. What was it, Stephie, forty-five dicks in a row you sucked to get them ready to fuck Cindy and I?"

Stephanie only sucked harder at the memory of playing fluffer. It was one of the hottest nights of her life.

"Are you just teasing me again?" Kevin asked.

"Nope," Tori replied, "I can show you the video if you want. Hey! You should become a member of my website! That way you can keep up with Little Kandy Kunt, even if you're all the way in Europe?"

"Oh, fuck," Kevin panted, the thought making his head swim. He was probably going to hell for this.

Tori slithered down to join her sister, and took hold of Stephanie's hair, using it to guide her head up and down Kevin's cock.

"Go on, slut," she taunted her, "use that mouth pussy and get your uncle's dick off for him. He's got shit to do. Do you think he has the time to just lay in here all day and fuck your little cum hole?"

Kevin's jaw dropped. In the heat of passion, he'd heard Tori spew some filth from her mouth. She was actually quite expert at it, but he'd never expected this. She crawled back up his body, placed her arms to either side of his chest, and began to kiss him sensually, pushing her pussy back until it was right in Stephanie's face.

"Is Stephie's mouth not good enough to make you cum, Uncle Kevin?" Tori said between kisses, "Do you need to put your big prick up my hot little ass, to milk all that spunk out?"

"Oh, my God!" Kevin said.

Stephanie pulled her mouth off of his cock and placed the head against Tori's ass. She licked all around her puckered hole as she slowly pushed the head into her sister. Tori backed up and pushed, moaning as Kevin opened her up. Stephanie continued to lick at Kevin's shaft as it went deeper, and deeper into Tori's ass. She could hear Kevin and Tori whispering nasty things to each other as her uncle experienced the greatest morning of his life. Stephanie dropped down to lick Kevin's swollen balls, and then ran her tongue along his shaft to where it disappeared into her sister.

The whole situation had her cunt so hot that she could barely stand it. She crawled up the bed and pushed Tori back from her uncle. Tori could see what she wanted, and straightened her back, pushing down and taking the last couple of inches of cock into her perfect, round bottom. Stephanie, meanwhile, straddled her uncle's face and pressed her dripping cunt against his mouth, and then plunged her tongue into Tori's.

Kevin thought that he might be dead already. This could have been heaven. Maybe his plane had crashed, and he was now in the most perfect place he could have ever imagined. But damn did the taste of his niece's cunt in his mouth feel real, and the gripping tightness of Tori's flexing ass riding his cock was undeniable. He could hear the sound of sloppy kissing above him, and he imagined what a sight it must be. These two sex magnets, writhing in one another's arms, pleasuring themselves with his body, was more than any mere mortal could handle.

Stephanie thrust her pussy eagerly back and forth along his tongue, while Tori began to climax from taking her uncle's cock in her ass. He couldn't believe it! He'd seen her cum a dozen times over last evening, but never imagined she could cum from her ass, too. The feeling was too much, and the three of them all began to cum together, until, at last, Stephanie rolled off of him and lay on the bed. Tori pulled herself off of his cock and collapsed on her chest next to him. Kevin just lay in a daze.

"God, that was great!" Tori exclaimed, her voice muffled as she lay face down in the twisted, sweat-soaked sheets.

"Uncle Kevin sure can eat some cunt," Stephanie, agreed.

"You two are amazing," Kevin said, his throat dry and eyes heavy.

"Uncle Kevin," Tori, said, "there's so much cum in my ass. Would you like to watch Stephie clean it up for you?"

"You're so fucking twisted," Stephanie said, but it was full of laughter.

"I could watch you two paint the living room and it would be sexy," Kevin said, "but watching Stephanie lick my cum from your ass, now that is a sight I don't think I'll see repeated in my lifetime."

"Oh, I don't know," Tori said, "How long are you staying in town?"

Naughty Homecoming

Tori worked to put the finishing touches on what she'd come to call her dark seductress look. Ever since the night she'd first invited Tim over to really make love to him, she'd fallen in love with the way it made her feel. In the weeks leading up to Tim's departure for football camp, they'd talked at length about her hunky boyfriend's little cuckold mindset. The first time it had come out, as Tim watched his girlfriend get fucked like mad by her hung brother, they'd both been unsure why it had been such a turn-on. They'd never properly figured it out, but they had been able to admit that Tim's sexual inadequacy, a constant source of personal shame, had the delirious effect of also inciting some of the most intense sexual excitement the two of them had shared.

Yes, they loved one another, and Tori was sure that was what it was, now. She was in love with him, and he was with her. The time spent away from him these last weeks had made her heart yearn for him, his presence, his strength. When it came to sex, though, Tim knew he couldn't satisfy her, especially now that her sex drive was working overtime. That same sense of humiliation that he felt for his lack of sexual prowess, though, was also intensely erotic. He absolutely delighted in seeing her in the throes of passion, which he could never have provided to her himself. Something inside of Tori also thrived on heaping that humiliation onto him, which in turn only made her feel like a powerful, sexual goddess.

Now, she looked at herself in her mirror and saw her dark, smoky eyes staring back. She was dressed head to toe, also in a tiny black outfit, and her dark red lipstick shone in delightful contrast to the rest of her. She'd enlisted Mike and Cindy's help tonight for a very special surprise for Tim, that she knew he was going to love. She'd gone to Stephanie, for help first, but strangely enough her sister had turned her down, saying she had other plans. What they were, though, she wasn't telling. It wasn't like Stephie to be so secretive, but Tori hadn't pressed her.

Satisfied, Tori slipped on a pair of black heels and clicked her way down the stairs to the living room. Her parents were out with her Uncle Kevin tonight, doing who knew what. She checked her phone and began pacing anxiously. A few minutes ticked by, and then she heard the roar of Tim's car coming up the driveway and her heart began to beat faster. Rushing to the door, she waited a heartbeat, two, three, and then Tim knocked. Careful not to rush, now, Tori opened the door, slowly, standing behind it.

As it opened, she slowly extended one bare leg around the corner and heard Tim's sharp intake of breath. She followed up by putting her hand around the door, and crooking her finger, beckoning him inside. Tim stepped in.

"Close your eyes," she whispered.

He did as he was told. Tori gently wrapped her arms around him and rubbed his chest, sliding her hand under his shirt to stroke his bare flesh, trailing her nails deliciously along his skin. She glided around him, and pushed her lips against his, teasingly at first, and then with more passion. She could feel his restraint and smiled. Tim obviously wanted to swoop her up, and she was tempted to let him, but she wanted to show off first.

"Okay, you can open them," she said.

She slowly turned around for him as his eyes bugged out of his head. She was amazing, as always. Tim's heart swelled as he soaked in the beauty of her, his perfect slutty girlfriend.

"Wow..." he managed to say.

"Mmmm, you like?" she asked, and pressed her body against him.

She gently rubbed her cheek against his and flicked his ear with her tongue.

"Do you know what I want?" she whispered, "I want you to throw me on the floor and fuck me hard for hours, just the way I like it," she teased him, rubbing his tiny bulge through his pants, "Wouldn't you like to do that, baby?"

"Yes! Oh, fuck yes," Tim agreed as she kissed him again.

"Oh, I'd love that so much, baby," she went on, "but your little dick wouldn't last five minutes in this pussy, would it?"

She could feel a tremor run through his body as she said it, and she felt so wicked.

"I know," his voice was hot and gruff.

She slapped his small bulge and giggled cruelly as she took his hand and led him toward the living room.

"Come on. You can eat my cunt, and if you can make me cum really good, I'll welcome you home by jerking your tiny cock for you," she said, winking at him.

Tim could only nod and watch her perfect ass sway in front of his eyes. She was so amazing. As soon as they were in the living room, Tori began to kiss him hungrily, pulling at his clothes until he was standing naked in front of her. She fondled his small penis, which was as hard as it had ever been. Prior to his arrival, Tori had laid out a small bed of blankets on the living room floor, which she now laid Tim down on.

She hiked up her skirt, flashed him a sultry smile, and then turned around to press her pussy against his lips, while she took his cock in her hand in a 69 position. Tim eagerly dived in. He hadn't seen her beautiful slit for two weeks, and it was all he could think about at football camp. Before he'd left, he'd spent hours with his tongue buried in her, learning just what she liked. If he couldn't fuck his girlfriend well enough, damn it, he was going to be the best cunt licker she'd ever had. The way she moaned, and her body jerked, Tori agreed.

She gently stroked his tiny penis, putting her mouth so close to it that Tim could feel her breath coming in ragged gasps on the head. She played with it teasingly, flicking the head with her nails, tickling it with her tongue.

"Don't cum, baby," she kept saying, "Don't you dare cum yet!"

It was easier said than done. Two weeks with nothing but his hand to keep him satisfied had Tim on the verge of cumming right now. He had virtually no stamina when it came to sex as it was, but when Tori teased him, it was a serious mental effort to hold it back. He could already feel his cock jerking as she stroked it, faster now, licking the little head. Then Tim hit her clit just right, and she bucked her hips back against him and squealed, pushing her mouth over his cockhead. This pushed Tim over the edge as well, and he sprayed a few weak drops of cum onto her tongue and immediately went soft.

Tori turned around and crawled up his body, rubbing her wet cunt against his soft cock, while she stuck her tongue into his mouth. He could taste the saltiness of his own cum in her mouth as she sucked at his tongue, her hands roughly playing with his hair as she slid her cunt along his limp shaft.

"God, I wish you could get hard and fuck me," she said, "What's the matter? Aren't I hot enough for you?"

Tim ground his hips against her. She was so incredible, feeding his inadequacy in the most erotic way.

She kissed him again.

"I know something that might help you get it up again," she said with a wicked half smile.

She stood up and offered her hand, which he took. She pulled him to the couch, picked up the remote, and then snuggled up against him under a blanket. Tori sighed as she nestled against his warmth. This was nice. This was normal. Or rather, it would have been normal except for the fact that she turned on the TV to let her boyfriend watch her fuck a train of more than twenty college boys. Of course, Tim had seen the video on her website, but he never got tired of it. And this was the unedited version, which clearly showed her face. That was one of the most exciting things for Tim, seeing the expression on her face as she lost herself to the pleasure of becoming a total nymphomaniac.

While they watched the depraved scene unfold, Tori gently rubbed Tim's cock, whispering quietly to him. As each man took her, she'd tell him how it had felt, how big their cocks were, the nasty things they'd said to her as they plunged their dicks into her pussy, her ass, her mouth. His penis began to get hard again as she told him how each of those guys had fucked her much better than her boyfriend, and how she'd even told a few of them as much.

Tori's favorite part of the evening was just beginning on the screen. The cute brunette girl, Amy, entered the picture and started taking control of the line of men, directing the action, treating Cindy and Tori like the sluts they were. Tori knew that Tim particularly like this part, too, because the action began to heat up. His girlfriend was being double penetrated, triple teamed, totally consumed by fucklust.

It was just as two men were cumming in Tori's ass and cunt at the same time that the horny couple's attention was drawn from the screen by Mike's entrance into the room. Tim gasped, and Tori became completely transfixed, her always-juicy cunt taking total control of her. Tori's big brother was stark naked and, without even acknowledging Tim, stepped up to his little sister and pushed his big cock up against her lips.

"Open," he commanded, and Tori did.

She stared up at her brother with adoration as he pushed his thick cock into her mouth, stretching her lips around his girth. Mike sighed with pleasure, pushing further into her mouth, smiling as she coughed, and spit ran from the corners of her mouth.

"Damn, dude," Mike said, at last acknowledging Tim's presence, "Your girlfriend sure can suck a dick."

Tim couldn't say anything. He watched with wide eyes as his girlfriend's brother used her mouth like he was entitled to it, gently rocking his hips back and forth as Tori visibly shuddered from the erotic pleasure.

"Fuck, man! You're never gonna get this deep in this slut's throat," Mike taunted him, "look at the way she's just watching me, letting me have her little mouth like I fucking own it. I do own that mouth, don't I, Tori?"

Tori hummed her acquiescence around his shaft, not wanting to even take it out to say anything.

"That's right," Mike went on, "I get to fuck it whenever I want it, don't I?"


"My little sister's a cockwhore for my big dick."


Tim was always conflicted. Inside, he was raging with jealousy. Mike's prick was like a drug for Tori. She couldn't say no to it. Tim would never see that look directed at him, not in the same way. She worshiped Mike's cock, let him do whatever he wanted to her, just so she could feel it. At the same time, watching her lose control was so erotic. He could see the pleasure she derived from it, and that made it easier to accept. This was about Tori's pleasure, and her pleasure was his own. He didn't know that he'd be able to explain it, exactly, if he'd had to. It was just right. Mike was clearly the better man in this department.

As he watched his girlfriend completely ignore him, now, her full attention on Mike and his glorious manhood, Tim jumped as a pair of warm hands slid over his shoulders and caressed his chest. The warmth of another female body pressed against his neck, and soft breath in his ear made him shiver. He felt Cindy's tongue flick his earlobe, her pouty lips kiss his neck. Those skillful little hands of hers ran down his chest to his aching penis, where they gently touched the head.

"Are you being ignored, Tim?" she whispered in his ear, "Is your hot girlfriend getting some real cock, while you have to watch?"

"Oh, God," Tim breathed, unable to take his eyes off of Tori.

His sexy girlfriend was working Mike's big prick with her hands now, too.

"Mmm, she's so sexy like this, isn't she?" Cindy went on, her fingers circling Tim's swollen, little cockhead, "Look at how bad she needs it, baby. Look at the way she loves it. She's addicted to it."

Mike pulled his dick from her mouth, and roughly pushed Tori into Tim's lap, where her head lay just next to his throbbing penis. Still, Tori didn't even look at him. He could see in her eyes that she was hardly even present. She was running on pure instinct, now, controlled by her conditioning.

"Oh, God," Cindy said in Tim's ear, "Look at her. You know what's going to happen, don't you?"

Mike took his sister's long legs in his hands and spread them apart, climbing between them.

"What do you want, Tori?" Mike asked huskily, running his fat prick along her dripping slit.

"Fuck me," she begged, "Please fuck me!"

"You want me to push my cock up you while your boyfriend watches?"


"Tell me that's what you want. Tell me you don't care about him. Tell me who your cunt belongs to, little sister."

"Please, Mike! I want you to fuck me while he watches! I only want your cock, please! My cunt's only for you, oh please, fuck me!" Tori begged.

Mike gently pushed the head of his dick into her, making Tori gasp, and then her mouth opened in a silent scream as that perfect cock opened her up. Her hand found its way to Tim's hard little penis and gripped it tightly as she lay in his lap and let her own brother have her pussy.

"Oooooh, fuck..."

Cindy's voice was in Tim's ear again, saying, "You see who she really belongs to, don't you? She might love you, but she'll do anything for him. Anything at all. He can have your girlfriend anytime he wants,"

Tori pushed her hips up to meet Mike's thrusts, fucking herself on his big prick as he held it halfway inside of her. She was desperate to get the whole thing, her body poised on the brink of an explosive orgasm.

"Put it in me, Mike, please! Put it all in. I need it, so bad! Your little sister needs it so bad," she panted.

Mike obliged and filled her up. Tim watched in awe as that huge cock stretched his girlfriend open. Every time Mike pulled it out, he could see her pussy sucking at his length greedily, her muscles massaging that thick shaft, and then he'd plunge it back in, making Tori's whole body quake with pleasure and her hand grip his little penis harder.

"Oh, shit," Mike said, "dude, your girl's got the tightest, sweetest fucking pussy in the world. I love nailing this shit every day. You can't even imagine the shit I make her do when you aren't here. She can't get enough of my dick. No lie."

Tim felt so small, hearing the truth, but the effect only made him lust after Tori even more. The look of pure, carnal pleasure on her face was enough to make any man her slave, and it was obvious that her brother was just as addicted to this little game as they all were.

"He's going to make her cum so hard," Cindy whispered, "look at her pussy. You can see it! See how her cunt's getting so sloppy and excited? Look at the foamy cum on his big dick!"

He could see it. Mike's shaft was covered in a creamy froth each time he pulled it out, and when he pushed it back in, Tim could clearly see it work its way into her by the little bulge it made in Tori's belly. It was just that thick, that it was visible even on the outside. Mike could feel Tori's orgasm building, too, and he picked up his pace to give her the hard fucking that he knew she loved. His little sister's whole body was trembling delightfully, her breath coming in short, hard gasps.

Tori was in heaven! She wanted to scream and moan, but the feeling of Mike's cock pounding into her over and over made it impossible. There was only the fire inside of her, the warmth spreading from her gripping pussy to every part of her being. Mike was a god, and her body was his temple at this moment. He was giving her just what she needed to be whole, and the insistent throbbing in his amazing prick told her that he was getting close, too.

"Fuck me, Mike," she breathed, "you can cum in me! Cum in that pussy, Mike! It's your pussy, oh fuck, it's all yours!"

Tori let her hand off of Tim's penis and placed both her palms against her brother's chest as he hammered her little cunt. For the first time since Mike walked into the room, Tori looked at her boyfriend.

"He's gonna make me cum, baby," she said with a wicked smile, "Ooooh, fuck! He's gonna make your girlfriend cum so hard! He fucks me so much, mmm, so much better than you do!"

Cindy took over stroking Tim's penis, finally walking around to drop to her knees in front of him. With one hand gently stroking him, she kissed Tori on the mouth and used her other hand to rub her best friend's clit. The stimulation put Tori over the edge, and she screamed into Cindy's mouth as her hips went wild, fucking herself on Mike's cock. Tim was right behind her, spraying his tiny load all over Cindy's hand, while Mike threw his head back and began to fire off inside of his little sister. Tim's head swam as he watched Mike empty his big balls into Tori's body, and then Cindy was licking his cum off of her hand, cleaning up his tiny penis with her mouth. Mike and Tori were utterly oblivious, though, as their bodies crashed against each other through their orgasms.

Minutes went by as they slowly began to come down, their thrusting slowing, until finally Mike's wet prick slipped free from his sister's body. Cindy was right there, sucking the cum off of him, and then diving into Tori's abused cunt. Mike fell back on the couch, trying to catch his breath, as the sound of Tori cumming, again, on Cindy's tongue dominated the room. Tori had her mouth, now, locked on Tim's as Cindy cleaned up her friend's pussy. With a final few laps at her cunt, Cindy pulled back and cuddled up to Mike on the couch.

"Welcome home," Tori said quietly, and closed her eyes, a happy smile on her face.

Tim's whole being burned with love as he gently caressed her body, holding her in the afterglow of one of the hottest experiences of his life.

Paid in Full

Stephanie's sweaty palms gripped the wheel of her little convertible, and inwardly she was shaking with fear. This was no place for a beautiful teenage girl to be by herself, especially not at night. Her headlights panned across an empty, rubble-strewn parking lot in front of a rundown old warehouse. This entire part of town looked the same way, dotted by boarded-up buildings, closed factories, small patches of slum houses, in front of which sat all manner of unsavory characters. One other vehicle sat at the back of the lot, a small black sedan with shiny chrome wheels.

If she'd had any kind of choice, Stephanie would have fled at the sight of the place. The message that she'd gotten on her phone, which had sent a cold chill down her spine, was very succinct, though, and brooked no compromise. It was just an address, followed by the words, "Congratulations on your payment in full. Come alone. 10:00," and so, the busty teen now found herself in one of the worst parts of town. The message had come from a blocked number.

When she'd received the message, she'd briefly contemplated calling Agent Oliver to tell him about it, but then thought better of it. They were probably monitoring her phone, and probably even tailing her. If she'd done anything suspicious, it might have tipped them off and been bad news for her. She'd decided to just try to learn anything she could, and maybe tell Oliver about it later.

Stephanie parked her car, with trepidation, next to the black sedan. Steeling herself, she opened her door and stepped into the dark night. She tried to memorize as much about the car as possible, but it didn't seem to have any special markings, or anything that made it stand out. It was also backed up to the wall of the building, so she couldn't see its plate. Though the windows were tinted a dark black, she felt certain that there was no one inside. Unsure how to proceed, she looked around the lot, but she seemed to be alone.

The creek of a rusty door drew her attention, and out of reflex, she ducked down beside the sedan and peeked over the top. Her heart hammered in her chest as she saw the shadow of a figure in the door, back-lit by a dim yellow light spilling from inside.

"Ms. Hamlin," a voice called softly, "you can come inside. Don't be afraid."

Easy for you to say, she thought, and stepped out from behind the car. The door stood open, but the figure withdrew. Stephanie tried to breath normally as she cautiously approached the door and stepped into the light. She entered what looked like an old warehouse office. Broken and yellowed glass looked out on an empty concrete room, filled with smashed wooden boxes, garbage, broken glass, the leftovers of an industry long-since abandoned. The office itself contained only a battered old desk, and the walls were covered in shreds of flaky, dried-up papers. Behind the desk sat the figure, totally cloaked in shadow. The dim yellow light came from a handheld lamp sitting on the desk, and it was pointed in her direction.

"It was good of you to come," the man said.

"Can we just get this over with, please?" Stephanie said, trying to sound more confident than she felt.

She could sense the man smile, and there was something hideous and evil in it. Or, maybe she was just imagining it.

"Of course. I don't care to prolong things anymore than necessary. I appreciate someone who knows how to come to the point. The point is this, Stephanie. We've received your payment in full, and we'd like to congratulate you on your swift settlement of your account for our services. It seems that you're going to do well for yourself."

The man tossed a big envelope on the desk.

"Others, however, have not done quite so well," he said.

He gestured for her to pick up the envelope, and with a shaky hand she did, opened the flap, and pulled out several photographs. She thought she might be sick as she looked at the first one. Her chemistry teacher, Mr. Hart, was bound by his arms and legs to some kind of wooden cross. He'd been cut open, and his insides spilled out on the floor. Stephanie quickly decided that she didn't need to see the others.

"You see, Ms. Hamlin," the man continued, "there are some things we don't tolerate. One of those things is a weak link. Your chemistry teacher was that weak link. It's not necessary for you to know what he did, only that he talked to people that he should not have talked to. Mr. Hart, he was a person that not many are going to miss. There are others, such as young, national track champions, or publicly known fashion models, who are a bit harder to make disappear. Those are the kinds of people that get asked about. It might be more difficult to make them disappear, but it isn't impossible."

The man stood up from the desk, and Stephanie could now see that he was a tower of a man, dwarfing her in height and his shadowy frame was imposing, to say the least. The man rounded the desk, careful to stay out of the light as he walked behind her toward the door. Stephanie didn't turn around.

"You can keep the pictures," he said from the doorway, "we have plenty of copies. From here on, our interaction is finished. We're people of our word, little girl. You're free and clear of any debt to us, but I shouldn't need to remind you further that we don't tolerate weak links, or silly little sluts that talk about things that should never be discussed. Am I understood?"

Stephanie nodded her head, holding her breath.

"Have a pleasant evening, Ms. Hamlin."

She could hear his footsteps across the parking lot, and a moment later the sound of the black sedan pulling away. Gathering her wits quickly, Stephanie bolted to the door and caught a glimpse of the car pulling away. She wasn't able to catch the plate in its entirety, but she could see that it was a BMW, and noted the first three letters of the plate before the car disappeared into the night. She went back to the desk, doused the light, and took it with her as she ran back to the safety of her car.

Once she was behind the wheel, she tossed the folder and lamp into the passenger seat, gunned the engine and sped away as fast as she could. Now that her adrenaline was beginning to wear off, she was shaking all over. She breathed a sigh of relief as she sped onto the highway toward home. The man had said she was free, but something inside her told her that people like these didn't let go so easily. She would have to be careful.

Back on the Track

Tori and Stephanie stood in the infield, together, going through some stretching exercises. Even though her pussy was tingling, for the first time in weeks Tori was able to take her mind off it and focus on something else. She'd thought her time on the track was over for good. Now, to find herself back at the school, and ready to start another year of practice, had her bursting with excitement.

Of course, it was a little hard to concentrate fully on her routine with the heat between her legs, but Cindy had been kind enough to suck her cunt for her before she'd left the house, to at least take the edge off. She'd been very tempted to get fucked, too, but that might have taken all the energy out of her, and she knew she needed to perform. She'd always been in first, and she'd be damned if her throbbing, juicy pussy was going to stop her from taking it back!

It wasn't easy, though, keeping focused. All of the track girls, with their lean bodies, tiny shorts, long, smooth legs, were really getting to her. She'd been welcomed back with open arms, and that was part of the problem. Having so many sexy girls surround her in the locker room, rubbing their bodies against her as she hugged them, watching them change out of their clothes, had gotten her all worked up again. And she was getting to them, too, she knew. Her increased pheromone production wasn't just causing the boys to look her more often than before. She could see way the other girls, none of whom she thought had any lesbian tendencies, held her a little longer than was normal. When their eyes met, she could see them dilate, noted the increase in their breathing, the way they licked their lips. She tried to push those thoughts out of her head and started to jog the infield with Stephanie at her side.

"How does it feel?" Stephanie asked, carefully.

Even though Tori had made it abundantly clear that she harbored no animosity toward her twin, Stephanie couldn't quite find it within her to forgiver herself so easily. With the way they'd grown so close these last weeks, she couldn't even imaging where the years of jealousy and anger had come from. She bottled away her guilt as best she could, and took every opportunity to make amends, but every time she looked at Tori she wanted to throw herself off a bridge for what she'd done. Tori clearly felt differently, though. Stephanie could see the overwhelming love pouring from her when Tori looked at her, the warmth in every smile. It was incomprehensible, but there it was.

"It feels amazing," Tori said quietly, her steps falling in rhythm with Stephanie's, "It's like being lost in the woods, and suddenly finding home again."

"I'm sorry," Stephanie began, but Tori threw her a such an affectionate smile that she quickly bit off anything else she'd been about to say.

"Stephie, I love you," Tori told her, "and no matter what you do, that's not going to change. You're my other half, and now that we're whole again, we're going to blow these bitches away."

That made Stephanie laugh, and it felt great.

"Just let someone think they can show up the Hamlin twins," she went on, winking in Stephanie's direction, "these chicks have no idea who they're messing with."

They circled the infield one more time at a light jog, and then walked up to the starting line, taking a few minutes to catch their wind again. Lana stood on the sideline with their track coach, talking and going over some papers on a clipboard. She held a stopwatch in her hand. The girls lined up at the white line, staggered along the lanes, and dipped down, feet pressed against the starting blocks.

Tori blocked out everything else, focused on the lane, forgot about the other runners. It was just her and the track. She tunneled, waited, and then the shrill chirp of the whistle sounded and she pushed off the block. She could sense Stephanie there with her, but only as a presence. She kept her breathing even, conserving energy, breathing. This was right!

She banked around the curve, the wind whipping against her cheeks, head up. Her feet pounded the blacktop, and the rush of her blood in her ears helped to block out everything else. She might have slacked a little in her workout routine, given everything that had happened, but apparently all the sex had more than made up for it. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Stephanie right beside her, keeping pace. They finished the first lap together, and went into the second, feeling the first pangs of exertion. This was just a time trial, and as they pushed halfway through the second lap, Tori let her reserve go and surged ahead, noting that Stephanie did the same. They crossed the line and Lana clocked their time.

While the other runners came in, the twins huddled together at the sideline to catch their breath, grinning at one another. Lana was waving excitedly to them, and the track coach looked as though she might faint. Curious, the twins crossed the track to see what was so exciting.

"I'm not sure what you two have been eating this summer, but wow!" Lana exclaimed.

"What is it?" Tori asked.

"Well," the coach said, picking her jaw up off the ground, "for starters you finished dead even. Second, you just missed the 800 meter Olympic world record by about half a second. That was incredible!"

The girls looked at each other in surprise.

"You're serious? That record's held for over 30 years," Stephanie said, awed.

"Well, it still held," Lana explained, "but damn did you come close! I've never seen anything like it!"

"So, you think we qualified for the team again this year," Tori asked smugly.

"Honey, if you two didn't run for this team, I would personally hunt you down and beat you into compliance!" Lana said, laughing.

"You hear that, super star," Stephanie elbowed her sister, "we tied. How does it feel to know that you would have had to share one of those golds with me, if this were the real thing?"

"Oh, I suppose I could manage to share one," Tori joked, "just as long as you don't get used to it."

She put her arm around Stephanie's shoulder and they walked back out to the track together, leaving Lana and the coach to share a look of triumph.

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