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The Second Place Sister, Part Twenty-Four

Tori Hamlin the Second Place Sister

Chapter Forty-Seven: Little Kandy Kunt Unbelted

Tori couldn’t wrap her mind around the number. She knelt between Stephanie’s legs, licking her sister’s honey cunt as Stephanie exuberantly told her about the income from the website after just one day.

“Mmm...You’re the hottest little piece of teen pussy on the internet, right now, Tori. $94,000 in subscriber sign-ups!”

Tori pulled her tongue away and looked up at her sister in shock. How many people were becoming members?

“$94,000?” Tori said.

Stephanie pushed her face back to her pussy.

“That’s 9400 memberships in one day,” Stephanie said, “and the new video just went up this afternoon!”

“You’re charging people $10 to watch me get fucked?” Tori asked, doing the math.

Stephanie sighed and pushed her back down to her task.

“Less talking, more sucking, pussy girl,” Stephanie said, “And that’s $10 every month. You can still do math. That’s bank, sissy. You should really start interacting with your fans.”


“God, even if not a single other person signed up, that’s over a million dollars a year,” Stephanie prattled on, as Tori sucked her cunt, “Oh, you’re such a good suck slut, baby.”


“I’ll bet we could set up some kind of cross-promotion with that site Cindy’s doing, too. We’ll all be rich in no time!”

Tori felt the hot wash of Stephanie’s fuck honey in her mouth as her sister came, dollar signs dancing in her eyes. Stephanie thought over the numbers. The modeling job was nothing compared to using Tori’s cunt as an ATM. She could quit modeling, and just manage Tori’s fucking full-time. She wished they didn’t share the same face, though. The website would probably be even more profitable if they could show Tori’s face getting cock-slammed by Mike’s ten-inch pole.

Stephanie decided to give that serious consideration. The other problem with it would be her family. She wanted Tori humiliated, subservient, and defeated, but she wasn’t out to harm her parents or Mike. Maybe there was a middle road that she hadn’t considered, yet. Stephanie got off the bed, and Tori waited patiently on her knees. Stephanie fished in her purse, came out with a debit card, and handed it to Tori.

“This is for you. Part of your earnings has been deposited into the account in your name. I’ve set up an investment account for you, too. Don’t worry about it. I’ll handle it all for you. You just keep being a good slut, and fucking and sucking, and let me take care of the rest, okay?”

Tori looked at the card and didn’t know what to say. She crawled over and hugged Stephanie’s legs, burying her face in her sister’s cunt.

“I love you, Stephie,” she said, “Thank you for taking care of me.”

“I’ll always take care of you, sissy,” Stephanie said, “just as long as you remember who owns your hot little box, okay?”

“You, do, Stephie. You do.”

Stephanie pulled her up and kissed her, smacked her cute little ass.

“Go help mom with dinner. You have a big day tomorrow.”

“What...” She started, but a look from Stephanie cut her short.

“Don’t ask, just go. We’re going to have so much fun!” Stephanie said, dangerously.

Tori, her eyes on the floor, shuffled out of the room. Stephanie watched her go and breathed a sigh. $23,500. 25% of the earnings from the website, she’d set up on Tori’s behalf. She could have easily kept the money, all of it. Taming Tori, while certainly a wonderful project for the time being, was eventually going to get tiresome, though. One day, that tight little body of hers was going to sag, be less profitable, and no longer fun to play with. She didn’t want to be saddled with caring for her sister forever, so the money for Tori was a means to an end.

Besides, if Tori didn’t feel like she was getting anything out of the deal, she might start to rebel, and that would cause complications. More complications were something she didn’t need. Another 15% of the earnings were already being siphoned off to pay her debt to the clinic’s network of co-conspirators, but there was a great deal more that she still had to pay. Her long-term goals for Tori would easily take care of it, and she’d get rich in the process, but it was still daunting to think about.

Still, everything was moving in the right direction, and the more she could get Tori fucked, the faster she could be clear of her debt. She opened up her laptop and checked the site stats again. The latest video from that morning’s action had garnered several hundred thousand views, and that was just the preview clip. The member’s section showed that it had been viewed over 20,000 times. The 9,400 members had risen to over 15,000 now.

Elated, Stephanie closed the laptop, checked her mirror, decided she was utterly fuckable, and went downstairs. She found Tori in the kitchen helping Melanie get dinner ready. Her father was at the table, engrossed in reading something on his tablet. Mike and Cindy weren’t home, yet.

Stephanie gave her daddy a kiss, wiggled her big tits in his face, and was pleased when he groped them. He never took his eyes off his tablet, though. Stephanie huffed, dropped to her knees, and crawled under the table. She felt her daddy stiffen in his chair when her hands pulled his shorts down to his ankles. He groaned when she took the head of his big dick into her mouth, sucked on it, pulled away, spit on it, and stroked it.

“Mmm, such a big cock, daddy,” she said.

John felt her put his cock back in her mouth, and she forced as much as she could into her throat, gagging loudly under the table. Melanie looked over her shoulder and gave her husband a big grin. Tori licked her lips, her eyes getting glassy. Melanie turned her back to the cooking as the sounds of Stephanie’s gagging continued. She heard her daddy put the tablet aside, so she crawled up his lap and straddled him, pushing her eager tongue into his mouth.

“Will you put your big daddy cock up my pussy,” she hissed in his ear, “Your little girl wants you to fuck her, daddy. She wants your cock inside her right here at the table.”

John squeezed her tight little ass cheeks. His big dick strained against her hot, bare cunt.

“Your baby wants your cock, daddy. She wants it to fuck her in front of her sister and her mommy. Haven’t I been a good girl, daddy? Don’t I deserve your big cock?”

John lifted her by the ass, and Stephanie reached between his legs and put his big cockhead up against her pussy. Her daddy slowly let her down, and his busty daughter cried out in pleasure as his dick split her open. Her feet planted on the floor, her ass in his hands, Stephanie took half her daddy’s huge fuckstick up her cunt.

“Ooooh, daddy you’re so big! Uuugh! It’s filling me up, daddy. It’s so big it hurts in my tiny cunt!”

Tori had completely forgotten about the cooking. She’d never seen Stephanie fuck before, and she’d never seen her father’s huge cock up close. Her sister looked so hot with her tiny pussy stretched so wide around his shaft. Melanie went on with the cooking, as though nothing strange was taking place.

“Oh, fuck, daddy, you’re hurting my little teen cunt! Mmmm, you’re such....a....bad...daddy, filling up your little gi...girl’s...tight slit!”

Tori turned to her mother and asked, “Is she always like this?”

“Oh, no, baby,” Melanie said, “This is tame.”

Stephanie buried her face in her daddy’s neck, inhaling the scent of him. His long tool went all the way into her. She could feel it in her belly as she pressed it against his chest. There was no feeling like this in the world. They were joined, like one person, their tongues stroking one another, a bonding energy connecting them as close as their flesh.

John panted into his sexy daughter’s mouth, the taste of her like sweet honey. He broke away and watched the sheer ecstasy on her face as he lifted her lithe body up and down his fat pole. The heat of her body was like fire on his senses. Her green eyes bored into his, and as she climaxed he could see it plain on her face. His daughter was in love with him.

The realization hit him like a bolt of lightning. He stood up, Stephanie still impaled on his manhood, and slammed her onto her back on the table, making her cry out in surprise. That look made something in him snap. He took her long legs in his hands, spread them wide, and pushed them back against her shoulders.

Melanie and Tori both flinched as they saw it happen. It was a swift shift in the sexual power between the two. Stephanie had begun by fucking her daddy, making love to him, but with that one move, John became the aggressor. Stephanie cried out as her daddy shoved his big cock up her hard.

“You want this dick, you little slut?” He growled.


“You’re gonna take it all, and you’re gonna cum on it again. This little cunt belongs to me.”

He hammered Stephanie’s little body, watching her big tits bounce, her face twisted with painful pleasure. She wasn’t talking dirty now. She was clutching the sides of the table for dear life as her daddy pounded his massive tool into her over and over. Then Tori was kissing her, squeezing her tits.

“He’s fucking you so hard, Stephie,” Tori whispered in her ear, “Don’t you want to cum for him?”

“Yes! Oooooh, daddy! I’m cum... cumming!”

John’s hand went to her throat and he held Stephanie against the tabletop as she bucked beneath him, her pussy sucking at his cock as she cried out and climaxed again. John didn’t cum. He pulled out of her and quickly left the room. Tori had her tongue in Stephanie’s mouth as her sister twitched on the table. She felt empty now that her daddy’s cock was gone. Tori moved around the table and lapped at Stephanie’s juices, making her sister jerk. She pushed Tori’s head away, her pussy far too sensitive to stand that skillful tongue.

A cry of glee broke the spell, and Tori looked up to see Mike and Cindy walking into the kitchen. Cindy’s hair was a tangled mess of sweat and cum. There was more cum dried on her face, her lips, and between her tits. She wore a tiny skirt that was put on in haste, and her top was skewed so that her big tits almost popped out of her top.

“This looks like fun!” she remarked.

Stephanie just groaned. Tori beckoned Cindy over to her and sat in the chair her father had just vacated. Cindy eagerly dove between Tori’s legs and tongue fucked her friend until she screamed and came on her face.

“Who wants dinner?” Melanie called, drawing everyone’s attention, “Apparently we like to have dessert first around here.”

Mike laughed along with Tori and Cindy, while Stephanie lay on the table, her pussy sore and twitching.

“Mike, would you please get your naked sister off the dinner table, please? Unless she’d rather we all eat her,” Melanie said.

“No, please. No more,” Stephanie panted.

Mike put his strong arms under her and lifted her. He carried her to the living room and set her on the couch, then took the opportunity to grope and suck on her big tits. He hadn’t fucked Stephanie for almost a week, and the sight of his sister’s gorgeous body make his cock twitch, despite having been fucking like mad for two days straight.

“I can’t,” Stephanie moaned, “No more.”

Mike slid his hand between her legs and felt her wet asshole. Her fuck honey had dripped between her perfect butt cheeks, making her slick.

“Mike, no,” Stephanie said tiredly, “He just fucked the shit out me.”

“And now I’m going to make you take my cock in your ass,” Mike said.

“No, please. I can’t...can’t fuck anymore.”

“I know your game, Steph,” Mike said, “always saying no when you mean yes.”

He pulled her hips to the edge of the couch, freed his big cock, and wet the head with her cunt cream.

“No, don’t!”

“You want me to rape your ass, don’t you, Steph?”

He pushed the fat head of his dick into her backdoor, making her groan. She struggled and tried to pull away, but she was so spent from the pounding her daddy had just given her. Mike’s dick began to stretch her open. Stephanie clutched the couch cushion as her brother’s pole plundered her rectum.

“Always making people dance for you, get fucked for you,” Mike was saying, “Payback’s a bitch, you bitch. Remember who it was that first fucked this hot little ass? That means it’s my ass, you slut sister. I’ll fuck it when I want, and where I want, and you’re gonna let me.”

Despite feeling utterly fucked out, Stephanie found her body getting hot, responding to Mike’s filthy talk. He sure knew how to work her up. Dirty talk and Stephanie were such good friends. Mike drove his dick further inside her, his hands gripping her legs, spreading her wide for his invading tool. Stephanie strained to take him as he split her open.

She didn’t think she could possibly cum again, but she was wrong. Her body shook and she screamed as her climax tore through her. Mike used her asshole to get himself off, and her huge orgasm clutched his dick so hard that he came, firing off a few powerful spurts into her ass. He jerked his dick free and sprayed the rest on her prone body, coating her stomach and tits with his seed. He jerked the last few drops onto her, wiped his cockhead on her pussy, and walked away.

Stephanie never made it to dinner. She slept on the couch as the family congregated in the next room. The sounds of talking and laughter drifted to her occasionally as she drifted in and out of consciousness. Her whole body was sore, and she could feel Mike’s cum trickling out of her ass. God, she was fucked.

In the kitchen, Cindy was telling the family, excitedly, about her new venture.

“I’m really sore, but every time I see the videos I just get so horny,” she said.

“Well, don’t overdo it, sweetie,” Melanie said, “two days of gangbangs can really do a number on you.”

John, now back at the table, chuckled. He knew Melanie was speaking from experience. Oh, to be young again.

“Yeah, we won’t shoot again until next week,” Cindy said, “but the site’s going to be live tomorrow.”

“Well,” John said, “Do what you love, I always say. I, for one, am really proud of you Cindy.”

“Thank you, Mr. Hamlin.”

“John, we should get memberships for her site,” Melanie said, and then to Cindy, “would it be alright if I jerked John’s cock to your videos?”

“Oh, that would be great!” Cindy said, “That is, if you don’t mind,” she looked bashfully at the table.

“Of course, honey,” Melanie said, “I see the way he looks at your little body. I look, too. You’re so pretty.”

Cindy blushed, “Oh, you guys are too nice. Stop it!”

The conversation was making Tori hot. She finished off her plate, put it in the sink, and then excused herself. She was worried about Stephanie. She went into the living room and found her asleep on the couch, cum leaking from her asshole. Tori approached her carefully. Her body looked so delicious. Tori got between her legs and the smell of cum and sex hit her nostrils. She gently licked at the cum dribbling from Stephanie’s ass, making her sister moan.

The warm tongue against her sore pussy felt great, even in her half-conscious state. She cracked her eyes open and watched her sister clean her holes. Tori finished getting the cum from between her legs, and then started on her belly, then her tits. When she was glistening with saliva, clean of sperm, Tori moved her sister’s body so that she was laying more comfortably. She pulled a blanket from a nearby chair and covered Stephanie up.

“I love you, Stephie,” she said in her ear, and kissed her on the head.

Stephanie mumbled something that Tori couldn’t make out. She left her well-fucked sister alone and went to her room. She’d missed a call from Tim. Tori punched in his number and called back.

“Hey, baby,” She said as he answered.

“Hey, gorgeous. What are you up to?”

“Oh, I just finished up dinner. Laying on my bed. Naked. Horny. Wet.”

“I’ll be right over.”

Tori laughed, “You better hurry.”

The line went dead. Tori showered quickly, then went to her room and worked out a sexy little outfit to wear for her boyfriend. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d worn panties. It had been weeks. During their shopping trip, though, Stephanie had gotten her some very sheer, tiny thongs and push-up bras. She slid a black thong up her long legs, and when it rubbed against her clit she gasped. The black push-up was a half cup, leaving the tops of her perky teenage tits bare, the nipples just barely hidden.

Next, she slipped on a black miniskirt and pulled a tight black shirt over her head. Her toned tummy was bare. She left her long blonde hair loose, spilling over her shoulders. A touch of dark lipstick and eye shadow topped off her look. She puckered her lips in the mirror and grinned. She looked like a dark seductress, and felt like it, too. The skirt hugged her hips and ass so tightly, that it looked like a part of her body. Tori was horny just looking at herself.

She went downstairs to wait for Tim, traipsed into the kitchen, and found her parents doing the dishes. Melanie fawned over her daughter as she came in.

“Oh, baby! Got a hot date?” Melanie asked.

“Tim’s coming over,” she said.

“Well, it looks like that boy’s in for a real treat if that little fuck me outfit is any indication.”

“That obvious?” She giggled.

“Subtle as a cannon blast,” John added.

The sound of Tim’s car roaring into the driveway made them all smile. Tori strutted from the kitchen, her hips swaying. She met her boyfriend at the door, and he was clearly struggling not to drool as he took her in. She fell into his arms and gave him a hot, sloppy kiss. His little cock pressed against her through his jeans.

“You wanna come upstairs,” she said seductively, her green eyes sparkling.

“Can’t think of a better place to be, anywhere in the world.”

Tori dragged him by the hand, up the stairs, into her room. She had soft music playing, the lights low, and candles burning. Tim smiled as she pushed him onto the bed and undid his belt, all the while kissing him deeply. His heart raced in his chest. His girlfriend was so ridiculously sexy.

Tori slowly backed away, swaying her hips from side to side, moving like water, her body flowing. She didn’t know where it came from, but the music poured through her and she found herself moving slowly to it. Tim’s eyes were fixed on her slithering figure. She swayed toward him, turned her perfect ass to him, sat in his lap, and leaned back against him.

Tori tilted her head back and licked his lips, teasing them with her tongue. His hands slid around her body and across her smooth stomach, slipped up her body to cup her breasts through her shirt. He was so hard against her ass. She stood back up and slowly peeled her skirt off, pushing her ass out toward him. The skirt slid over her round cheeks, the black thong cutting between them. She could hear Tim’s labored breathing.

She came back to him, pushed him back on the bed, and straddled his waist. His small penis throbbed against her pussy mound. His hands gripped her hips as she rubbed her cunt against his cock. She pulled the shirt over her head and leaned in to kiss him deeply. Tim’s hands softly rubbed up her sides, came behind her, and unsnapped her bra. She let it fall away, breathing heavily.

Her chest heaved with excitement, her nipples were hard little nubs. Her eyes were dark in the candlelight, her smile crooked and wicked. She put his hands on her breasts and moaned as she dry-humped his cock. Her panties were soaked. Tim rolled her off of him and pulled off his shirt. She spread her long legs as he went between them.

The smell of her sex was intoxicating as he pressed his lips to her pantie-covered mound. He slowly eased the panties over her hips, down her legs, tossed them aside, and then his tongue was at her hot slit. Tori moaned as he ran his tongue up and down her wet lips, sucked at her clit, and pushed his tongue into her. Her hands ran through his dirty blonde hair as he devoured her treasure. She was so hot, so ready. She couldn’t wait anymore. She needed a cock inside her.

“I want to ride your cock,” she said softly.

Tim lay on his back and let her mount him. His small, hard cock was already dripping precum. Tori backed her pussy up to it and felt it slide easily inside of her. Tim groaned as her perfect pussy enveloped him. Her eyes were filled with hot desire as she watched his face. His mouth hung slightly open, his tongue licked at his dry lips. She was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

Tori leaned into him, and let his arms go around her back. She worked her hips, feeling his small, unsatisfying cock inside of her. She knew his cock wouldn’t be enough to really make her cum, but she loved it all the same. She could feel the heat of him as she kissed his lips.

“Can you fuck me hard, baby?” she said.

Tim moved with her, pumping his dick into her clutching cunt. She moaned in his mouth. It was very good.

“I... I don’t... aaah... fuck you... as.... good as... Mike, do I?”

“You do just fine, baby,” Tori hissed.

“Tell me,” Tim said, “Tell me... how good... he fucks you.”

A little thrill went through her body, making her pussy quiver. Could she say it? It was so naughty, talking about her brother’s cock while Tim was inside of her.

“Mmmm, he’s big, baby,” Tori said in his ear, “and he stays....aaaah...stays hard for soooo long.”

“He fucks you... God... fucks you... so much... better, doesn’t he?”

“Yes! Oh, God! Baby his dick is... ugh... it’s so much... better... than... yours.”

It was the truth, but saying it in his ear, while he was doing his best to please her, was so dirty. It was so hot. It was going to make her cum!

“Does he...make”

“Mmmmm, yes... he makes me... nguh! He makes me cum sooo good!”

“Oh, God!”

She felt him cumming in her, and his weak shot set her pussy off. Tori rode his little penis for all she was worth, as Tim came into her, pumping his hips, his face screwed up with pleasure. She played with her nipples with one hand, and worked her clit with the other as she ground her hips against him, trying to get one more good cum before he went soft.

“Oh, baby, you’re so hot!” Tim said.

“I’m cumming!” Tori cried, her finger busy with her clit.

She shook against him as he held her bucking hips. Talking about the way her brother fucked her had pushed her over the edge. Slowly, she began to come down, still horny, but for the moment she was sated. Tori climbed off of him, and cleaned his soft cock with her mouth, her hand rubbing his chest. She pulled her lips off of his cock, slithered up his body, and kissed him. Tim could taste his own cum on her tongue, and he felt a flutter in his chest. It was so nasty, letting his girlfriend feed him his own sperm. Tori made sure to keep her tongue in his mouth until the taste was all gone.

At last, she cuddled up close to him, stroking his chest, her breath warm against his ear. His head was a whirl of confusion. He didn’t know why he’d said those things, why he’d asked her to say them. The image of Mike’s huge cock opening up her ass was something he’d jerked his cock off to so many times in the last day. Even though he was jealous of the way Mike could make her feel, knowing that he could never compare made him so excited.

“Did I do good?” Tori asked, “Is that what you wanted?”

“That was... it was so hot,” Tim admitted. “I don’t even know what made me say that, but it got me so hot!”

“Did you like watching him fuck me, baby?” Tori whispered in his ear, “Have you been jerking off thinking about the way my big brother fucked my ass?”

Her hand massaged his empty balls.

“I’ll bet you want to see him do it again, don’t you?”

“Oh, fuck.”

“Do you want to see his big cock, so much bigger than yours, stretch my pussy open, too? He fucked me yesterday, and this morning, and he made me cum so hard, baby.”

“Tell me, please,” Tim pleaded.

He could feel the blood surging to his dick again as Tori stroked it.

“He bent me over the kitchen table, and he put his big prick up my pussy from behind, baby. Oh, it was so good! He didn’t even care if I came, he just fucked it into me so hard. But I did cum, baby. I came really good for my brother’s cock.”

“Oh, shit, baby! That’s so nasty.”

“You like it nasty, don’t you?”


“He fucked me this morning, too, and he fucked Cindy at the same time.”

“Oh, God!”

“She sat on my lap and he took turns fucking both our hot little pussies at the same time, and then we shared his big cock between our wet mouths, baby.”

Tim’s little prick was fully hard again, now.

“Maybe, if you can cum in me again, I’ll let you watch him fuck my pussy some time. Would you like that, you naughty boy?”

“Yes, oh yes, please!”

Tori straddled him again and took his cock back inside of her. He stayed harder longer this time, and with her promise to let him watch her get fucked again, he came happily.


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