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The Second Place Sister, Part Twenty-Four

Tori Hamlin the Second Place Sister

Chapter Forty-Seven: Little Kandy Kunt Unbelted

Tori couldn’t wrap her mind around the number. She knelt between Stephanie’s legs, licking her sister’s honey cunt as Stephanie exuberantly told her about the income from the website after just one day.

“Mmm...You’re the hottest little piece of teen pussy on the internet, right now, Tori. $94,000 in subscriber sign-ups!”

Tori pulled her tongue away and looked up at her sister in shock. How many people were becoming members?

“$94,000?” Tori said.

Stephanie pushed her face back to her pussy.

“That’s 9400 memberships in one day,” Stephanie said, “and the new video just went up this afternoon!”

“You’re charging people $10 to watch me get fucked?” Tori asked, doing the math.

Stephanie sighed and pushed her back down to her task.

“Less talking, more sucking, pussy girl,” Stephanie said, “And that’s $10 every month. You can still do math. That’s bank, sissy. You should really start interacting with your fans.”


“God, even if not a single other person signed up, that’s over a million dollars a year,” Stephanie prattled on, as Tori sucked her cunt, “Oh, you’re such a good suck slut, baby.”


“I’ll bet we could set up some kind of cross-promotion with that site Cindy’s doing, too. We’ll all be rich in no time!”

Tori felt the hot wash of Stephanie’s fuck honey in her mouth as her sister came, dollar signs dancing in her eyes. Stephanie thought over the numbers. The modeling job was nothing compared to using Tori’s cunt as an ATM. She could quit modeling, and just manage Tori’s fucking full-time. She wished they didn’t share the same face, though. The website would probably be even more profitable if they could show Tori’s face getting cock-slammed by Mike’s ten-inch pole.

Stephanie decided to give that serious consideration. The other problem with it would be her family. She wanted Tori humiliated, subservient, and defeated, but she wasn’t out to harm her parents or Mike. Maybe there was a middle road that she hadn’t considered, yet. Stephanie got off the bed, and Tori waited patiently on her knees. Stephanie fished in her purse, came out with a debit card, and handed it to Tori.

“This is for you. Part of your earnings has been deposited into the account in your name. I’ve set up an investment account for you, too. Don’t worry about it. I’ll handle it all for you. You just keep being a good slut, and fucking and sucking, and let me take care of the rest, okay?”

Tori looked at the card and didn’t know what to say. She crawled over and hugged Stephanie’s legs, burying her face in her sister’s cunt.

“I love you, Stephie,” she said, “Thank you for taking care of me.”

“I’ll always take care of you, sissy,” Stephanie said, “just as long as you remember who owns your hot little box, okay?”

“You, do, Stephie. You do.”

Stephanie pulled her up and kissed her, smacked her cute little ass.

“Go help mom with dinner. You have a big day tomorrow.”

“What...” She started, but a look from Stephanie cut her short.

“Don’t ask, just go. We’re going to have so much fun!” Stephanie said, dangerously.

Tori, her eyes on the floor, shuffled out of the room. Stephanie watched her go and breathed a sigh. $23,500. 25% of the earnings from the website, she’d set up on Tori’s behalf. She could have easily kept the money, all of it. Taming Tori, while certainly a wonderful project for the time being, was eventually going to get tiresome, though. One day, that tight little body of hers was going to sag, be less profitable, and no longer fun to play with. She didn’t want to be saddled with caring for her sister forever, so the money for Tori was a means to an end.

Besides, if Tori didn’t feel like she was getting anything out of the deal, she might start to rebel, and that would cause complications. More complications were something she didn’t need. Another 15% of the earnings were already being siphoned off to pay her debt to the clinic’s network of co-conspirators, but there was a great deal more that she still had to pay. Her long-term goals for Tori would easily take care of it, and she’d get rich in the process, but it was still daunting to think about.

Still, everything was moving in the right direction, and the more she could get Tori fucked, the faster she could be clear of her debt. She opened up her laptop and checked the site stats again. The latest video from that morning’s action had garnered several hundred thousand views, and that was just the preview clip. The member’s section showed that it had been viewed over 20,000 times. The 9,400 members had risen to over 15,000 now.

Elated, Stephanie closed the laptop, checked her mirror, decided she was utterly fuckable, and went downstairs. She found Tori in the kitchen helping Melanie get dinner ready. Her father was at the table, engrossed in reading something on his tablet. Mike and Cindy weren’t home, yet.