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The Illustrated Sister

One of the things I most enjoy is creating. My talents (arguably) are for the written word more than anything else, therefore I have to seek the help of others in bringing other parts of my work to life. One of my goals this year was to start illustrating The Second Place Sister. This novel is the one that will, always, have a special place in my heart, as it began my publishing journey.

After several months of talking with various artists, I finally settled into a working relationship with an excellent one from DeviantArt. HentaiArtist2000 has several of his own web serials, but the one that really cemented him as the right pick is his wonderful series, Incestral Affairs. This series follows two twin sisters, one of which seduces her reluctant twin into a steamy, lesbian relationship. Both the content and his art style clicked. I've engaged him for a series of commissions, with plans for a future graphic novel when our schedules (and my budget) allow.

I wanted to showcase the work he's done in this post, which will receive updates as they become available. If you're interested in this type of content, please check him out, as well.


Chapter 31: Appropriate Sexual Behaviors

The Second Place Sister, Chapter 31: Appropriate Sexual Behaviors

The little pad was making her feel wonderful, and if she could just touch her clit, she knew that she would cum. Her finger slid to her pussy, reached her engorged clit, but the pad immediately stopped vibrating and she felt a little pulse of electricity flow through her pussy instead. She gasped in surprise. It hadn’t really hurt, and the doctor was right. It was like someone had pinched her pussy. She drew her hand back and promised herself not to do it again.

The man on the video was now spraying the blonde slut’s face with cum, and the pad began to vibrate pleasantly again. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to get her off, only to keep her aroused and wanting to orgasm. The next video started, and a skinny girl with mousy brown hair was getting her asshole reamed hard by a tall man with a big penis. She groaned as the penis filled her up, pushing into her ass until his balls slapped against her pussy. The pad hummed away, teasing Tori’s pussy.

Then, a second cock came into the picture, and also poked at the girl’s already full asshole. She began to struggle, but the man held her hips tightly, pulled his cock out a bit. The second dick began to press against her ass, and the girl was squirming. The second dick forced its way in alongside the first, and the girl began to cry. Tori gripped the chair tightly, determined not to touch herself. The girl’s asshole was stretching beyond comprehension, and Tori was sure they were going to tear her in half. She’d given up trying to fight and squealed with pain as the two dicks stuffed themselves into her butt.

Tori watched as the tiny girl came with two cocks up her ass. She couldn’t believe anyone could cum from pain like that, but she was watching it happen. The men were laughing at her and calling her a little ass whore, and then they roared with more laughter as the girl pissed herself with their dicks up her butt. They pulled their dicks from her abused asshole and made her suck on them until they came in her mouth, slapping her and calling her a stupid fuckhole the whole time.

The pad buzzed away at Tori’s cunt as the video ended, and she felt proud of herself for not touching her cunt. The next video came on, and a man and middle-aged woman were kissing lovingly. The pad stopped buzzing. Tori looked at it in confusion, but then turned back to the video. The couple were very gentle, kissing, touching, and then making love in a very caring way. Tori was frustrated. She rubbed her pussy against the pad, hoping it would turn back on and stimulate her cunt, but it stayed silent.

She found herself getting angry with the people on the screen. The man didn’t make the woman choke on his dick. He never put it in her ass. He didn’t call her filthy names. If the other two videos were any indication, the pad would stimulate her if the people on the screen were doing normal sexual things, like calling the girls sluts, cunts, whores, bitches, and shoving dicks into them until they came. If the sex wasn’t normal, like the two people making love gently, then there would be no pleasure.

The video ended, and a new one began. Again, a loving couple held hands. The man seemed respectful and kind. He kissed the woman’s neck, slowly removed her clothes, and ate her pussy until she came. The video ended, and the pad stayed quiet the whole time. Tori couldn’t understand why the man hadn’t stuck his dick into her. He never even got off, and the woman was so selfish that she didn’t even try to make him cum.

Tori was becoming agitated as the next video began. A redhead, maybe a little older than herself, was on her knees with several black men’s cocks around her face. The men began to slap her with their dicks, and the pad started vibrating again. Tori was so happy to have the pleasure return that she put her hand to her clit without thinking, only to get a shock that reminded her not to get herself off. She let the pad buzz away against her pussy as the black men used the redhead’s mouth to get their dicks off. Her face was soon a mess of cum, as two of the men had sprayed her with their semen.

There were three men left, and soon they’d maneuvered the girl until her mouth, ass, and pussy were all filled with cocks. The black men pounded her holes until, one by one, they came inside her. The horny slut came repeatedly throughout the fucking, and Tori felt jealous. That stupid slut could get dicks to make her cum whenever she wanted. She didn’t have to wear a chastity belt, and she never played with herself.

The scene ended, and the next one showed another happy couple gently making love. The pad stopped. Tori humped against it but got no response. She rubbed her pussy along it carefully. Maybe, if she could do it long enough, she could cum against the pad. It seemed to know what she was trying, though, and the more she rubbed her cunt against it, the pad shocked her.

Tori sighed heavily, wishing the loving couple would get off the screen so the pad would vibrate again. Finally, the video ended, and Tori was relieved when a beautiful college girl getting her asshole violated came up on the screen. The pad went back to work, keeping her cunt stimulated.

Tori lost all sense of time. She only knew that she’d been exposed to several videos, and by the time the monitor went dead, she had been shocked numerous times. During the last several videos, she’d been able to keep her hand off her cunt, but her pussy was so excited that she felt like she was going to burst.

She sat alone in the chair for a few minutes, but no one came. If she hurried, maybe she could get her pussy off before the doctor came back. But, maybe, the pad would still be active and ready to shock her cunt if she touched it. She almost did it anyway, but she couldn’t. Getting herself off was bad. She needed to ask for permission to cum. Another few minutes ticked by, while Tori’s cunt drooled on the chair with need.

Finally, Dr. Carlson came into the room with a big smile. He could see that Tori was clearly very agitated. She practically bounced up and down in the chair. Her pussy was red and swollen with the need to cum. He came and pushed the monitor away, putting the pad back under the chair. Tori’s eyes were glazed over, and she’d drooled on her tits, she was so on edge.

“Dr. Carlson,” she said, desperation clear in her voice, “I need to cum. Please, can I cum now?”

“Well, Tori,” he said with a hint of disappointment in his voice, “I’m not sure. According to the results I have, you tried to get your cunt off 24 times. It’s very clear that we’ll need to go through the exercise again later. Perhaps several times.”

Tori’s eyes filled with tears. He had to let her cum. He had to!

“Please! It hurts, Dr. Carlson. I need to cum, so bad! I’ll...I’ll let you put your, your cock in me. Just please let me cum,” She begged, humping the air.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea, Tori,” Carlson said, “It wouldn’t be very professional of me to have intercourse with a patient, would it?”

“But, please, I have to cum! I’m a stupid slut, and my cunt needs to cum! Please put your dick in me and make me cum!”

Carlson seemed to consider it for a moment, and then said, “Well, I can see that you’re clearly distraught. I suppose, as long as it’s what you really want, I could help you cum with my penis. Is that what you want, Tori?”

She was beyond any kind of rational thought, and the only thing she wanted was to cum like the other stupid sluts on the videos, and they all came so hard when they had a cock in them. She knew how wonderful it would feel, just like when the fake penis made her cum earlier. She needed it.

“Yes, please! Please fuck my naughty pussy and make me cum,” she pleaded.

Carlson undid his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. His cock sprang out, hard and ready. Tori pushed her pelvis to the end of the chair, her pussy soaked and eager. Carlson lined his dick up with her teenage hole and silently applauded his good work. The tip of his penis split her young lips open, and he pushed into Tori’s virgin cunt. The excited girl came instantly as his meat slid into her, every inch bumping against her clit as he sunk his cock into her body.

“Oh, yes!” she cried, “Oh my God, yes! Fuck me, please! Make me cum!”

With a sinister smile, Dr. Carlson did just that.


Chapter 41: Tied up

The Second Place Sister, Chapter 41: Tied Up

While Tori recovered, Stephanie went to the big discarded pile of clothes that Tori had thrown all over the floor that morning. She quickly selected a few items and came back to the bed, rolling Tori over onto her back. She straddled her sister and started to kiss her hotly. Tori responded very well, pushing her tongue back into Stephanie’s mouth, moaning like a slut.

Stephanie reached out and took Tori’s hands, brought them together, and used a pair of leggings to tie her wrists together. Tori tried to complain, but Stephanie’s tongue was in her mouth. She started to struggle, so Stephanie pulled her lips away, and put her full weight on Tori’s chest.

“Stephie, what are you doing?” Tori said, panicked.

“Shhh! Don’t you worry, baby. I’m going to make sure you don’t play with your little snatch when I take your belt off. Just relax.”

She tied the leggings to Tori’s headboard, and then moved down her body. She turned Tori on her side, unlocked the belt, and slid the device off her legs. Tori had settled down and watched her with curiosity. Was Stephanie going to make her pussy cum? She hoped so. Oh, how she hoped so!

“I’m going to put on a little movie for you,” Stephanie explained, using two other pairs of leggings to tie Tori’s legs apart, “and then I’m going to go into mom and dad’s room. I’m going to slide my pussy down onto his big daddy cock, and bounce on it like a little whore until he makes me cum.”

Tori could feel her pussy contracting in desire as she pictured her sister getting fucked, cumming hard on a big dick. She wanted to cum on a big dick, too!

“And while I’m cumming really hard on daddy’s dick, you’re going to lay here and watch a movie, and get really wet and juicy for me. If you’re a good slut, and you don’t try to get at your little cunt, then maybe I’ll let you cum again.”

“Stephie, please! You can’t leave me like this! Please!” Tori begged.

Stephanie reached in her pocket, pulled the little egg out and showed it to her sister. Tori’s eyes went wide with panic, but Stephanie pushed the egg into her pussy, anyway. Next, she pulled a little ball from her other pocket, and stood beside Tori’s head. She looked so scared, and yet so horny. The mix of emotions made Stephanie positively gooey between her legs.

“Stephie, please! I’ll be good! I’m your pussy girl, Stephie! Please don’t leave me like this. Oh, please!”

“Hush now, Tori. You are my pussy girl, and good pussy girls should have something in their mouth.”

She took the little ball and forced it between Tori’s teeth, securing it with a strap around the back of her head. Tori tried to speak, but only a muffled garble came out, which made Stephanie smile. Her sister looked so good like this! Stephanie kissed Tori’s forehead, went to the TV, and popped the DVD into the player.

“I made this for you this afternoon, and I think you’ll really like it,” Stephanie said, “Now, remember. No trying to play with your cunt, and if you can be good, I’ll let you cum after I finish fucking daddy’s cock, okay?”

Tori was probably cursing at her, but she couldn’t make out any words. She hit the play button, set it on repeat, and slipped out the door. Tori lay bound and helpless, her eyes glued to the screen. She recognized the scene immediately. It was the dressing room from earlier in the day. Stephanie had recorded the whole thing! Tori wondered how she didn’t notice it happening, but she’d been so fuck-crazed that she wasn’t surprised.

She watched as she sucked on Kyle’s cock. It was just like the videos she had labeled at the clinic. She was one of those sluts, now, getting recorded while people fucked her face, shoved dicks in her pussy, and put cock up her ass. The little egg started to vibrate, making her pussy clench tightly. It felt different with the plug filling her butt. It felt better. It felt wonderful. It... she came, squirming in her bonds.


Chapter 45: Cindy Sin and Little Kandy Kunt

The Second Place Sister, Chapter 45: Cindy Sin & Little Kandy Kunt

“I have something I want to show you,” Stephanie said.

The words made Tori shiver, recalling the last time Stephanie had wanted to show her something. It had ended with her getting tied to the bed watching porn movies of herself, a vibrating egg in her cunt, and a continual string of orgasms that made her piss herself.

“What is it?” She asked hesitantly.

Stephanie led her to her computer chair and sat her down.

“Well, I thought it was funny that you mentioned Cindy wanting to start her own website,” Stephanie said, “because I’ve been working on a little project of my own.”

Tori watched her sister collect a couple pairs of stockings and come back to her. She sank into the chair, knowing what was coming.

“Stephie, please! Don’t tie me up! Don’t put the egg in me, please! I’m your good girl, Stephie, please don’t hurt me!” she begged.

“Shh, shh, shh,” Stephanie hushed her, “I’m not going to put the egg in your little cunt, baby,” she assured her, “but I’m going to tie your arms to the chair, because I don’t want you playing with that hot little cunt, alright?”

Tori trembled but made no move to stop her. Her heart was beating so fast. The thought of being restrained in the chair was both terrifying and exciting. Ever since the first time Stephanie had tied her down, she’d come to realize that being helpless was very erotic. It seemed to help with the guilt that plagued her after she came, making her feel as though she really didn’t have any choice. If she gave up all her control to someone else, there was really no reason to be ashamed when she acted like a slut.

Stephanie gently tied one wrist, and then the other to the arms of the computer chair, and then put her tongue into her sister’s mouth. Tori squirmed in the chair, her pussy so hot and wet. Finally, Stephanie pulled the little gag ball from Tori’s dresser drawer.

“Stephie,” Tori said softly.

“Open up,” Stephanie said kindly.

Tori complied, and let her sister gag her mouth. Stephanie rubbed her pussy for her and told her she was a good slut. Stephanie turned on Tori’s computer, pulled up her internet browser, and punched in a web address: LKKXXX.COM. The page came up, and Tori was greeted to the sight of her own ass in the air, her belt clearly visible, and she was trying to push the dildo up her asshole. Her face wasn’t visible, so it could have been any porn slut, except that Tori knew when this picture was taken. She looked at Stephanie with horror-filled eyes, and her sister only smiled.

“Now, this little project of mine isn’t to hurt you, Tori. It’s to help you. Seeing as your...condition won’t allow you to hold a real job, or really do much of anything but act like a slut, I thought I’d help you make a little money for yourself. Maybe this is your future!” Stephanie explained.


“Now, calm down. Nothing here shows your face, and no one can tell it’s you, unless they’ve actually seen that gorgeous body of yours. Read the description, and see what you think.”

Tori turned her eyes back to the screen and read the introduction page.

Hey there guys! My name is Little Kandy Kunt and, while it’s not my real name, it’s a pretty accurate description! I’m the hottest, horniest, little 18 year old slut that I know, and I really hope you like jerking those hard pricks to my movies and photos! I’m such a horny teenager with a hot little cunt, that most of the time I can’t control it. That’s why I have to wear this silly chastity belt! If I didn’t, I’d have my fingers in my tight little snatch all day! LOL!

Fortunately, I have a hot sister and a really hung brother that make sure I get out of my chastity belt enough so that they can make me cum and keep my hungry little pussy satisfied. For those of you that are wondering, yes, those are my real brother and sister in my content updates! Not only do I let my family fuck me, but sometimes total strangers. You could be next, and not even know it!

I also have a really cute boyfriend, but his penis is so small, and he cums so fast, that I don’t really get off with him. That means he gets to watch me get fucked by my brother’s huge cock, and sometimes by other guys who can make my pussy cum better than he can! I really hope you enjoy my site, and remember that if you want me to keep posting new videos, you should become a member! My little fuckhole is way too horny that I can never hold down a real job, so I have to make money with what I’ve got. Hugs and kisses, guys!


“Whf a fkk! Sheffy!” Tori mumbled around her gag.

“I thought it was a great description,” Stephanie said, “and look at those stats! Over 300,000 page views, and it’s only been active for maybe the last hour! I can’t wait to see how many people have signed up. You’re probably making some serious cash, right now, sissy. Minus my management fee, of course, but that’s pretty modest. I’ve set up the rest of the earnings to go into a private corporation for you.”

Tori just stared at her, unable to comprehend that this was actually happening.

“Let me show you the videos!” Stephanie said, excitedly.

She logged into the master account and set the playlist to run.

“I’m gonna go have a shower, but you just enjoy the show, and I’ll be back soon, alright?”

“Shteffy!” Tori yelled, watching her sister leave the room.

She turned back to the screen, her poor pussy aching as the first video began to play. She read the scrolling description.

My best friend and I went out to the mall to shop for some tiny clothes that show off our hot bodies, and make guys want to rape us, and while we were there we met these two really hot college guys. They didn’t have the biggest dicks, but we didn’t care. We took them in a dressing room and let them feed us their cocks, and then fuck our little pussies really hard. I’m such a slut that I let my guy fuck my ass, too, and then sucked his friends cum out of my best friend’s pussy. It was a great day!

The video played. Tori was intimately familiar with this one already, having been forced to watch it over a dozen times while she was tied down and made to cum repeatedly. Still, she couldn’t turn away as Kyle fucked her, and she ate Todd’s cum out of Cindy’s pussy. The videos had been carefully doctored, obviously by someone who knew what they were doing. The faces were blurred, and voices pitched differently, but the action was clearly visible. Unless someone had been there, they would never know it was her.

The thought that it was now on the internet, and that several hundred thousand people had now watched her getting fucked in the dressing room was making her hyperventilate. She struggled against her bonds, pressed her legs tightly together, trying to make the heat in her pussy stop, but it only made it worse. The video stopped. She forced herself to breathe evenly. The next one started. The caption rolled up the screen.

I was so horny today, after getting fucked by a college boy at the mall. My sister had to punish me for being such a slut. They let me out of the house without my chastity belt, and I ended up with a strange cock up my pussy and asshole. My sister made sure that if I wanted to be a stupid butt slut, that my tiny ass was going to be ready to get fucked really good, so she put a big black cock in my asshole to open it up. I came really hard when she put it all the way inside me. Just to make sure I was always ready to get my butt stuffed, she filled it with a nice big butt plug after I came. I love my sister so much!

She knew this one again, her cute little ass wiggled on Stephanie’s bed. The big black toy slowly opened her wide. She saw herself cum as her sister put the toy in her butt. She remembered how it felt, the way it stretched her wide open for the first time. Her horny cunt spasmed, a little cum made her shiver. The video ended. The next one came up.

I’m such a naughty slut! You’ll never believe the day I had today, oh boy! My boyfriend came over to have a threesome with me and my hot sister, but his little penis came too fast and he couldn’t get it into my pussy. Thankfully, my brother got home just at the right time! I’m really glad my sister made me wear that butt plug all night, because my brother has a really, really big dick! Guess what he was in the mood for? Watch him put that giant fuckstick right up my teenage asshole. At first, I didn’t think it would fit, but he worked me over so well and made sure it did. I came so hard that I passed out!

The whole scene played out before Tori’s eyes, and she got to see what really happened for the first time. She’d been so lost in fuck-lust while it was happening, that she hadn’t really paid attention to anything but her needy cunt. All the faces were blurred, the voices tweaked, but she recognized Tim’s little penis, and her brother’s huge cock.

The camera switched between a wide view of the room, and a close-up view of Mike’s big prick forcing its way into her tiny butthole. She watched the way she writhed, screamed, and then came over and over. She couldn’t believe that she’d taken his cock all the way up her ass. Her little hole was stretched so wide that the fit looked impossible. She knew, though, that it had fit. It had also given her the hardest orgasm she’d ever experienced. Just watching it happen to herself made her cum in her chair, bucking against the restraints.

When it was finally over, the videos didn’t play again. The website came back up, with a note to the members that the site was brand new, and lots of slutty adventures were coming in the near future. It declared her “the Internet’s hottest new teenage slut,” and below that a long page of comments from viewers. She couldn’t reach the mouse to scroll through them, but the page count showed dozens of pages. She could only read the first few.

You’re the hottest young slut I’ve ever seen. Please make more videos!
Shut up and take my money!
Please do a DP vid! You would look so hot with two cocks in you at the same time!

Tori read the comments again, and focused on the one about making a DP video. She found herself wondering how it would feel to have two cocks in her at once. If they were the size of Mike’s there was no way she could take it. It would kill her for sure. Just taking her brother’s cock in her ass made her pass out, but she’d felt so good while he was in her ass. So good!

Stephanie was there now, standing by her shoulder, cupping her perfect tits. Her sister rubbed her excited pussy until Tori orgasmed in her chair again, and then again. Her eyes were watering, and her arms hurt from straining against the restraints, by the time she stopped cumming. When she was subdued, but still yearning to cum again, Stephanie pulled the little gag ball out of her mouth. Tori looked at her sister with glassy eyes.

“W...why?” she asked.

“For you, of course,” Stephanie said and kissed her, “I want you to make something of yourself, and this was the logical choice. Just like it’s the logical choice for Cindy. You’re going to be a slut forever, sissy. You’re going to keep getting fucked, cumming, and it’s never going to stop. This is what your life is going to be, so just accept it, and make a living off your little slut holes while you can.”

“! I don’t want to be a slut forever! I mean, it feels good sometimes, yeah, but this is...Stephie, it’s too much! You didn’t even ask me what I wanted!”

Stephanie slapped her across the face, and not playfully.

“Sluts don’t get to say no, Tori!” Stephanie hissed, putting her pretty face against her sisters, “Sluts do what they’re told by the bitch who owns their cunt,” she dangled the key around her neck in front of Tori’s face, “Who owns your cunt, pussy girl?”


Chapter 48: The First Shoot

The Second Place Sister, Chapter 48: The First Shoot

They arrived at a big house in another neighborhood not far from home. When they got out of the car, Stephanie checked her appearance, gave her a kiss, and then reached into her purse. She pulled out the little gag ball, and a pair of fuzzy handcuffs.

“Stephie,” Tori started to say, but her sister pushed the gag ball in her mouth and put the strap around her head.

Stephanie pulled her arms behind her back, and locked the cuffs on her. She played with Tori’s pussy under her skirt.

“One of the photographers I work with recommended a friend of his that does more...risque shoots. We need to make sure we’re putting up fresh content for the site, so I’ve arranged a little shoot for you today.”

“Hut ind uv hoot?”

“Some sexy pictures, and then a hot little fuck session with a hunky porn stud,” Stephanie said.

Tori felt her pussy ache. She was going to be fucked, and she couldn’t wait. Stephanie took her into the house, a small mansion that was often rented out for porn films. The open floor concept was light and airy, filled with sunshine from the many windows. Everything was white, from the carpets, to the curtains, to the couch. Several lights were also set up at various locations around the room, driving away any remaining shadows.

A short man with stubble on his face was talking to a couple of men with cameras, but he turned toward the two girls as they entered, and the unbridled lust was clear in his face.

“Looks like our talent has arrived,” he said, coming to meet them, “Ross Baker,” he held out his hand.

Stephanie shook it, “Stephanie Hamlin. This is Kandy. She won’t be shaking hands.”

Ross laughed as he ran his eyes over Tori’s body. The look made her squirm. Stephanie had introduced her by the website name. She noted it as the first time she’d been introduced by her porn name, sure that it wouldn’t be the last.

“Nobody told me we were shooting with twins,” Ross said.

“You’re not. I just manage,” Stephanie clarified, “My sister is the slut.”

They talked about Tori as if she weren’t even there, and while it felt awkward, it was also turning her on. She was the slut. She was here to be fucked.


Chapter 48: The First Shoot


The Second Place Sister, Chapter 48: The First Shoot

The porn studs swapped places and fucked Tori’s mouth and pussy again. She was a very willing participant now, fucking herself on the stud’s cock in her dripping pussy. She was in a constant state of near orgasm. She knew that she really was just their fuck toy. They were using her body to get themselves off, and in so doing she was having the most erotic fuck of her young life.

This wasn’t at all like anything she’d done. This was intense, a total feeling of abandoning control. They made her do whatever they wanted, put her where they wanted, used her as they wanted. She was blind, cuffed, and had no choice but to take their large cocks and enjoy it.

She felt herself being lifted up, the cock slipping from her puffy little cunt. The man put his hands on her ass, held her there, and slowly eased her down onto his penis, filling her pussy back up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and let him lift her up and down his thick rod. He pushed his tongue in her mouth, and she kissed him back.

Her second lover’s hands grasped her waist, and she leaned back against his chest, while the man fucking her held her still. Tori stiffened as she felt the other man’s hard cock touch her asshole. She struggled weakly, whimpering into the man’s mouth. He wouldn’t stop kissing her. The man behind her pushed his cock past her sphincter and she cried out into her lover’s mouth.


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