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The Illustrated Sister

One of the things I most enjoy is creating. My talents (arguably) are for the written word more than anything else, therefore I have to seek the help of others in bringing other parts of my work to life. One of my goals this year was to start illustrating The Second Place Sister. This novel is the one that will, always, have a special place in my heart, as it began my publishing journey.

After several months of talking with various artists, I finally settled into a working relationship with an excellent one from DeviantArt. HentaiArtist2000 has several of his own web serials, but the one that really cemented him as the right pick is his wonderful series, Incestral Affairs. This series follows two twin sisters, one of which seduces her reluctant twin into a steamy, lesbian relationship. Both the content and his art style clicked. I've engaged him for a series of commissions, with plans for a future graphic novel when our schedules (and my budget) allow.

I wanted to showcase the work he's done in this post, which will receive updates as they become available. If you're interested in this type of content, please check him out, as well.


Chapter 31: Appropriate Sexual Behaviors

The Second Place Sister, Chapter 31: Appropriate Sexual Behaviors

The little pad was making her feel wonderful, and if she could just touch her clit, she knew that she would cum. Her finger slid to her pussy, reached her engorged clit, but the pad immediately stopped vibrating and she felt a little pulse of electricity flow through her pussy instead. She gasped in surprise. It hadn’t really hurt, and the doctor was right. It was like someone had pinched her pussy. She drew her hand back and promised herself not to do it again.

The man on the video was now spraying the blonde slut’s face with cum, and the pad began to vibrate pleasantly again. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to get her off, only to keep her aroused and wanting to orgasm. The next video started, and a skinny girl with mousy brown hair was getting her asshole reamed hard by a tall man with a big penis. She groaned as the penis filled her up, pushing into her ass until his balls slapped against her pussy. The pad hummed away, teasing Tori’s pussy.

Then, a second cock came into the picture, and also poked at the girl’s already full asshole. She began to struggle, but the man held her hips tightly, pulled his cock out a bit. The second dick began to press against her ass, and the girl was squirming. The second dick forced its way in alongside the first, and the girl began to cry. Tori gripped the chair tightly, determined not to touch herself. The girl’s asshole was stretching beyond comprehension, and Tori was sure they were going to tear her in half. She’d given up trying to fight and squealed with pain as the two dicks stuffed themselves into her butt.

Tori watched as the tiny girl came with two cocks up her ass. She couldn’t believe anyone could cum from pain like that, but she was watching it happen. The men were laughing at her and calling her a little ass whore, and then they roared with more laughter as the girl pissed herself with their dicks up her butt. They pulled their dicks from her abused asshole and made her suck on them until they came in her mouth, slapping her and calling her a stupid fuckhole the whole time.

The pad buzzed away at Tori’s cunt as the video ended, and she felt proud of herself for not touching her cunt. The next video came on, and a man and middle-aged woman were kissing lovingly. The pad stopped buzzing. Tori looked at it in confusion, but then turned back to the video. The couple were very gentle, kissing, touching, and then making love in a very caring way. Tori was frustrated. She rubbed her pussy against the pad, hoping it would turn back on and stimulate her cunt, but it stayed silent.

She found herself getting angry with the people on the screen. The man didn’t make the woman choke on his dick. He never put it in her ass. He didn’t call her filthy names. If the other two videos were any indication, the pad would stimulate her if the people on the screen were doing normal sexual things, like calling the girls sluts, cunts, whores, bitches, and shoving dicks into them until they came. If the sex wasn’t normal, like the two people making love gently, then there would be no pleasure.

The video ended, and a new one began. Again, a loving couple held hands. The man seemed respectful and kind. He kissed the woman’s neck, slowly removed her clothes, and ate her pussy until she came. The video ended, and the pad stayed quiet the whole time. Tori couldn’t understand why the man hadn’t stuck his dick into her. He never even got off, and the woman was so selfish that she didn’t even try to make him cum.

Tori was becoming agitated as the next video began. A redhead, maybe a little older than herself, was on her knees with several black men’s cocks around her face. The men began to slap her with their dicks, and the pad started vibrating again. Tori was so happy to have the pleasure return that she put her hand to her clit without thinking, only to get a shock that reminded her not to get herself off. She let the pad buzz away against her pussy as the black men used the redhead’s mouth to get their dicks off. Her face was soon a mess of cum, as two of the men had sprayed her with their semen.

There were three men left, and soon they’d maneuvered the girl until her mouth, ass, and pussy were all filled with cocks. The black men pounded her holes until, one by one, they came inside her. The horny slut came repeatedly throughout the fucking, and Tori felt jealous. That stupid slut could get dicks to make her cum whenever she wanted. She didn’t have to wear a chastity belt, and she never played with herself.

The scene ended, and the next one showed another happy couple gently making love. The pad stopped. Tori humped against it but got no response. She rubbed her pussy along it carefully. Maybe, if she could do it long enough, she could cum against the pad. It seemed to know what she was trying, though, and the more she rubbed her cunt against it, the pad shocked her.

Tori sighed heavily, wishing the loving couple would get off the screen so the pad would vibrate again. Finally, the video ended, and Tori was relieved when a beautiful college girl getting her asshole violated came up on the screen. The pad went back to work, keeping her cunt stimulated.

Tori lost all sense of time. She only knew that she’d been exposed to several videos, and by the time the monitor went dead, she had been shocked numerous times. During the last several videos, she’d been able to keep her hand off her cunt, but her pussy was so excited that she felt like she was going to burst.

She sat alone in the chair for a few minutes, but no one came. If she hurried, maybe she could get her pussy off before the doctor came back. But, maybe, the pad would still be active and ready to shock her cunt if she touched it. She almost did it anyway, but she couldn’t. Getting herself off was bad. She needed to ask for permission to cum. Another few minutes ticked by, while Tori’s cunt drooled on the chair with need.

Finally, Dr. Carlson came into the room with a big smile. He could see that Tori was clearly very agitated. She practically bounced up and down in the chair. Her pussy was red and swollen with the need to cum. He came and pushed the monitor away, putting the pad back under the chair. Tori’s eyes were glazed over, and she’d drooled on her tits, she was so on edge.

“Dr. Carlson,” she said, desperation clear in her voice, “I need to cum. Please, can I cum now?”

“Well, Tori,” he said with a hint of disappointment in his voice, “I’m not sure. According to the results I have, you tried to get your cunt off 24 times. It’s very clear that we’ll need to go through the exercise again later. Perhaps several times.”

Tori’s eyes filled with tears. He had to let her cum. He had to!

“Please! It hurts, Dr. Carlson. I need to c