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Academically minded Angela doesn’t believe in silly things like cursed necklaces. Then, she buys one from a tricksy shopkeeper, and finds that she’s swapped lives with her mega-bitch doppelgänger, Angie.

Having essentially ruined her own life through her disregard for other people, and perverted love of prostituting her hot teenage body for fun and profit, Angie finds that Angela’s life offers a great second chance. It just needs a few sexy adjustments.

In order to reclaim her life, Angela will need to lift the curse. To do that, either Angie will need to become her, or she’ll need to become like Angie. And Angie doesn’t have any desire to trade places.

Kinks Served: Character Rich, Reluctance, F/F, M/F, Fantasy/Scifi, Prostitution, Group Sex, Dirty Talk, Degradation

"The eyes of every man in the bar swung toward her. Any one of these guys could easily have picked her up and carried her off to do whatever they wanted to her, and there was no chance she was going to stop them. She was barely over a hundred pounds and dressed like the eighteen-year-old sex toy she’d become, in a tiny top that showed her excited nipples off, and a slut skirt that barely covered her small panties. With all of them combined, these guys could easily decide to keep their money and spend the entire rest of the day drinking and pounding her pliant little body into submission."

"The sight of her tears and those sad, defeated eyes made Angie cum again. She could just imagine the girl telling herself she’d never do it again. The man spit on a $100 bill and stuck it to the girl’s forehead, in a final fuck you gesture. The move was so viciously degrading that Angie managed another orgasm. She just couldn’t wait until the girl in the video was Angela."

Chapter Headings

Length: 45K Words


2.The Stupid Old Hag with the Necklace

3.The Whole World, but Different

4.Joan of Arc… or Fuckin’ Something

5.Becoming Yourself

6.Dumpy Little Shit Shack

7.Big Brad

8.Fucking Porn Star!

9.Line of Communication

10.Altering Angela

11.Eager Assistant

12.The Slithery T


14.Hotel Humpdate

15.An Evil in Two Places

16.Blowing Brian

17.Angela’s Anal Adventure

18.An Unexpected Cure

19.Naked and Nerdy

20.How to Slut Your Way Home

21.Naughty Nerd

An Unbroken Cycle

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