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Valerie: A NewYou Story

Author's Note:
During Tori's time at the NewYou clinic, she was introduced to some of the other girls who were, also, being experimented on by Dr. Swell. Valerie and Harmony, victims of the Recoder drug, have been altered in ways similar to Tori and Cindy. Harmony, unfortunately, did not adapt well to the Recoder. The poor redhead now believes she is a dog, rather than a human. The ultimate, sad, fate of Harmony is revealed in the upcoming story, Edge. This short tale follows the fate of Valerie, the snarky petite girl.

She had to get it off! Valerie clawed uselessly at the infernal chastity belt, her fingers aching as tears rolled down her cheeks. Her horny little teen cunt felt like it was on fire, and it had been days since she'd been let out and allowed to cum. The rubber plugs in her ass and pussy rubbed against the thin membrane inside her all the time, keeping her continually on the edge of an orgasm that just wouldn't come.

Her locked belt was impossible to remove, or to get her fingers into, and she had tried many times in the last couple of days. Dr. Carlson had not been pleased. Her masturbatory behavior showed no signs of improvement, and even the aversion therapy wasn't helping. In fact, she'd failed so badly at it that he'd taken to restraining her hands while she was in the chair as an extra measure.

Since she was so bad, and unable to control herself, she hadn't been allowed to cum for going on three days now. The pressure and need in her pussy was so great, now, that she couldn't think of anything else. So desperate was her need, that she'd taken to trying to cum by pinching her tiny nipples. That only made her small tits hurt, though, and the minute pleasure it gave was nowhere near enough to cum. She'd also tried to grind her crotch against things, hoping that the plugs in her holes would stimulate her cunt enough to make it cum. It didn't work.

The bitch, Dr. Swell, came into her room and grinned at Valerie as she tried, vainly, to get at her locked-up pussy. Valerie didn't even notice her until the woman slapped her across the face. Even then, it took her a few seconds to focus on the smiling face looking down on her with a mix of pity and disgust.

"Valerie," the doctor said, "I don't know why you insist on trying to get your little hands into your cunt. Don't you see that the belt is stronger than you are, dear?"

"Please, Dr. Swell, I have to cum! Oh, please, please!"

Dr. Swell stroked her chin, saying, "I'd guess that your poor cunny is getting quite agitated, isn't it?"


"Well, then I guess I have some good news for you! You're being transferred out of the facility and into my personal care."

"Do I get to cum? Please, you have to let me cum!" Valerie begged.

"Oh, yes, dear. You'll get to cum if you're good."

"I'll be good! Please, I'll be good!"

Dr. Swell stroked the tiny girl's hair back from her sweaty forehead. She could see in Valerie's eyes just how far gone she was. The newest recoder that she'd used on Valerie was really doing a number on the young girl's senses. This one, at least, she'd gotten right. The last change in the mixture hadn't gone quite as she'd planned and resulted in turning the redheaded Harmony into a human puppy dog.

While it was entertaining, it was only supposed to have made the girl more docile and submissive. Unfortunately, it had gone further than she'd intended, and now Harmony could not be convinced that she was, actually, a human being. She constantly walked on all fours and had taken to pissing on the floor whenever she had to relieve herself. The upside, though, was that the clinic had located a client who was looking for just that thing, and the institute was going to take in a very handsome fee for her.

Valerie, though, still retained her humanity. The last blood draw showed that her sex drive and libido were thirty times above normal for someone her age, which pleased Dr. Swell immensely. Her recoder was markedly improved, and that meant the clinic would be able to push girls through the system much quicker than before.

Unfortunately, for Valerie, Dr. Swell had taken a personal liking to her. Little Valerie only weighed ninety pounds, and her small breasts were hardly a handful. Dr. Swell loved that about her and was eager to obtain a new slut for her own personal use. After a discussion with Carlson, and a modest fee paid to the clinic, Valerie was now hers.

"I know you'll be good," Dr. Swell told her, "And I'm going to teach you how to be even better. Now, there's a truck that's going to transport you to my home, where we're going to continue your therapy at an advanced level. It's going to be such fun, Valerie."

Dr. Swell kissed her and put her tongue into Valerie's mouth. The tiny girl cried and continued to fight with her belt. Swell dangled a set of keys in front of Valerie's face.

"Stop fighting, Valerie," she said, jingling the keys.

Valerie fixated on the keys and stopped what she was doing. Her eyes were glazed and horny, and she was breathing very heavily.

"I'm going to take off your belt and let you cum. How does that sound?"

"Yes! Oh, please, yes!"

"Tell me you're a slut, Valerie."

"But I don't want to be a slut!" Valerie cried.

"It doesn't matter what you want, Valerie, only what is. Now, tell me you're a slut."

Valerie chewed her bottom lip. She didn't want to say it, but her overheated cunt was telling her to. A seductive voice in her head, her own voice, was also saying she was a slut. She had a needy cunt. She was only good for raping.

"I'm... a... a slut," Valerie whispered.

"Good, slut," Swell said and kissed her again.

Dr. Swell turned the girl over and unlocked the belt, sliding it down her legs. The little plugs popped out of Valerie's tight little ass and pussy, leaving a long trail of fuck goo behind. The sudden release was more than Valerie could handle. She'd been locked in the belt for three days straight, unable to cum, or use the bathroom with any real degree of success.

The poor girl ran to the toilet and cried as Dr. Swell watched her relieve herself. When she was done, Dr. Swell ordered her into the shower, handed her a very large, thick vibrating dildo.

"Now, we can't have you fingering your cunt," Swell explained, "so, you'll have to use this toy to get your hot little fuckhole off, alright?"

Valerie took the toy with a look of dismay. It was huge. There was no way this thing would fit inside her. Dr. Swell watched her, waiting. Tentatively, Valerie put the big toy to her pussy as the water cascaded down on her tiny body. She squatted in the shower, pressed the head of the dildo against her cunt and pushed. The huge toy hurt as it spread her open, but she needed to cum so badly that the pain was nothing compared to the need to get herself off.

"Put it up your cunt, slut," Dr. Swell said.

"Ahhhh! Oooh, fuck, it's too big!" Valerie complained.

"No, your sluthole is too tight," Swell said, "Keep going."

Valerie squatted lower, spread herself open wider, and pushed again. The big toy felt like it was splitting her in two. She cried harder as she forced it up inside her tiny hole. After a few inches lewdly stretched her fuckbox open, she began to get used to the size. While it still hurt, the invasion was just what she needed to cum. She pushed the toy further and further up her pussy, until she'd managed to fuck herself with six inches.

While the doctor watched, she began to fuck herself in and out with the big toy. When it began to vibrate in her hand, Valerie went wild. She moaned and screeched as she finally started to cum, and through her haze of humiliating tears she rode out one, then two, then three orgasms in front of the doctor. Swell just watched her approvingly, and then, just before Valerie could cum again the doctor took hold of the toy and pulled it out of her.

Valerie squealed as the big toy was yanked from her cunt. The doctor put it to the girl's mouth and told her to lick her fuck nectar off it. Valerie did it. She cried and felt embarrassed, but she did it. When the toy was clean of her cunt honey, Swell took it away and let Valerie finish her shower. The petite girl stepped out, dried herself off, and Dr. Swell produced a pair of wrist cuffs.

"What are those for?" Valerie asked in horror.

"To keep your hands from your hot little twat," Dr. Swell explained, "You're done with that belt, now that I'm personally taking charge of your care, but I still don't want you masturbating. You're going to learn that when you need to cum, you're going to have to earn it."

Dr. Swell slapped the wrist cuffs on her and fastened them behind Valerie's back. Next, she told Valerie to open her mouth, and put a pretty pink gag ball into her suckhole. Valerie babbled around the gag, but Dr. Swell paid no attention.

"I think you're ready to go," Swell said with a devilish smile, and led the girl, naked, from the room.

Swell took her to the back of the clinic, where a box truck idled. She took Valerie into the back of the truck, fastened a collar around her neck as the Valerie cried. She pushed Valerie's back against one wall of the truck, fastened the collar to a chain on the floor. The chain was just long enough that Valerie could only bend at the waist but couldn't stand any further.

Swell then placed a bar between her legs, which kept them spread apart so far that they burned as her muscles stretched taut. Finally, Dr. Swell pushed Valerie's ass against a thick, fake cock planted on the wall of the truck. The girl screamed into her gag as the fake cock stretched her tiny asshole open. Swell pushed until the cock was all the way inside of Valerie, and then she buckled two clasps on the wall around her thighs to hold her in place.

"Now, don't you look lovely," Swell said with an evil smile.

"Ht huts!" Valerie said into the gag.

"Oh, I'm sure it does hurt, slut," Swell said, "but don't worry. You'll only have to stay like this for about an hour."

Tears rolled down Valerie's face as she thought about being bent at the waist so uncomfortably for an hour, a huge fake cock up her ass, and unable to move.

"Once you're delivered, I'll have an assistant get you acclimated," Swell explained, "You're mine, now."

Swell kissed the girl's dark hair, stepped off the truck and slid the door down, leaving Valerie alone in the dark. The truck rumbled to life, the vibrations setting the fake cock in her ass trembling. She screamed into the gag as the truck drove away and she orgasmed.

*** Acclimated

The glare of the afternoon sun was blinding as the door of the box truck slid open, and Valerie winced against the sudden brightness. A big shadow, silhouetted against the sun, loomed in the doorway. The terrified girl, struggled against her bonds, but it was useless. Her tiny ass hurt so badly from having it plugged with the big dildo stuck to the wall of the truck. Her legs and back ached from the bent position she'd spent the last hour in. She wanted to cry as the big shadow stepped into the truck, but she didn't have any tears left.

As the shadow moved closer to her, the light spilled into the back of the truck, revealing a tall, muscular man. He was totally naked and, like her, had a collar around his neck. Valerie's eyes fell on his cock, which was locked into some kind of weird cage. The man said nothing to her as he unlocked the clamps on her legs, the chain on her neck, and the bar between her legs. Valerie screeched as he lifted her onto his shoulder, the big dildo popping free of her abused asshole.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked, her voice quavering.

The man didn't reply. He stepped off the truck with her, and as her eyes adjusted to the bright afternoon sun, she took in her surroundings. The truck had parked at the rear of a large house that looked like it was probably out in the country. The place was surrounded by trees on all sides, and she could see that the trees extended downhill from the property for miles.

The man carried her up a long, stone walkway to a big, rounded, wooden door with wrought iron crossbars. It was like something she'd seen in movies with old mansions. Long trellises of ivy climbed the stone walls of the house, giving it an ancient feel. The windows were painted glass, and had big bars across the inside, like a prison.

The naked man carried her through the big door, and into a long hallway lit with electric lanterns with dim Edison bulbs. At the end of the hall, he opened another big wooden door. He set her on an uncomfortable mattress that felt like it was filled with hay. The room was very dim, empty but for the bed and a small hole nearby. She guessed that it was a cell.

As the man stepped away, Valerie screamed and huddled against the wall. Standing in the corner was a person. She guessed it was a girl, but it was hard to tell. The person was completely covered in what looked like black rubber. The only thing exposed was a mouth with thick full lips, and her nipples. Valerie could see that the person's hands were also covered in the suit, behind her back. The person just stood in the corner, as though looking at her, but even her eyes were covered by the suit. It was the most terrifying thing Valerie had ever seen.

The big man lumbered out of the cell, leaving Valerie with her wrists still cuffed behind her back. The frightened girl cowered against the wall as the big door boomed shut and locked with a terrible finality. She watched the rubber person with wide, terrified eyes, but it never moved. The sheer horror of the whole experience was the only feeling in recent memory that had driven away the constant horny itch in her pussy. If this was how Dr. Swell planned to treat her, it was working. She didn't feel the slightest bit aroused right now, staring at the weird rubber person in the corner.

The tiny, windowless room made it impossible for Valerie to tell how long she'd been huddling in the corner, watching the strange rubber person. Eventually, though, the big door creaked open again, and another girl came into her cell. The new girl had a big wide smile. She was short, maybe a little shorter than skinny Valerie, and her blond hair was done up in pigtails. She wore a tiny schoolgirl skirt and white button-down shirt, which had several buttons undone to show off her tiny tits. The girl's face was plastered with makeup, making her look almost like a plastic doll.

The girl waved to her with a cutesy smile and went over to the rubber person. She leaned the person against the wall and spread her legs. Valerie could see that the rubber girl's asshole and pussy were also exposed from the suit. The new girl jammed two fingers roughly into the rubber girl's cunt until she had an orgasm. The rubber girl trembled in the suit, her mouth making pitiful moaning sounds.

Finally, the new girl stopped what she was doing and started to approach Valerie. Valerie shrank into the corner, watching the little girl with wide, terrified eyes. The new girl climbed on the bed with her, stuck her fingers into Valerie's mouth. Valerie could taste the rubber girl's pussy.

"Hi! I'm Doll," the girl said as she shoved her fingers into Valerie's mouth, "I'm supposed to take you to see Bitch."

She pulled her fingers from Valerie's mouth, and then slapped her across the face.

"Hey, slut," she said, "are you listening? You're supposed to say, yes ma'am."

"Yes, ma'am," Valerie croaked.

The little girl squealed and said, "Thanks! That's so fun! I'm the lowest ranking fucktoy here, so no one gets to call me ma'am. Well, now you do, since you're the new fucktoy!"

Doll followed Valerie's uncomfortable gaze to the rubber girl, and then she laughed.

"That's Girl," Doll explained, "She doesn't say much. The mistress mostly leaves her in here, then brings her out for the occasional party. I think she's kind of, you know," Doll twirled her finger around her head to indicate craziness.

Valerie might have said the same the same thing about Doll, but then she'd probably get slapped again.

"Well, come on, slut," Doll said, pulling Valerie to her wobbly feet, "You don't want to keep Bitch waiting. You never keep Bitch waiting."

Valerie allowed the small girl to pull her by the arm out of the room. She practically dragged Valerie down the hallway. They passed through a big empty room that looked like somewhere a wealthy nobleman would host extravagant balls. The room, though, looked old and unused. The ancient paint was dry and flaking, and the big skylight in the ceiling was grown over with gnarled, tangled vines. Doll pulled Valerie along, out of the ballroom, and down another long hallway into a big, warm room.

The small girl pushed Valerie to her knees behind a big, crimson sitting chair. Even though it was summer, a fire crackled and popped in the huge stone fireplace. Above the mantel hung a portrait of an attractive girl, blindfolded and chained to a cross. Valerie thought she might cry, and struggled to hold it in.

"I brought the new slut, ma'am," Doll said, and then fell, prostrate, as though in worship.

The woman sitting in the chair stood up and came around to tower over Valerie and Doll. Valerie was sure that the rubber girl, Girl, was the most terrifying thing she'd seen up to now, but this new woman instilled a new kind of fear in her. The woman's long, black hair was as fine as silk, and tied back into a ponytail that hung all the way down past her ass. Her body was sculpted and perfect, but a glistening, metal chastity belt was locked onto her. Likewise, a cruel-looking metal bra was locked onto her tits.

The imposing woman knelt down beside Doll and stroked her hair. The little girl was shaking.

"You were very good, Doll," she said, and Valerie saw the tension visibly leave Doll's body.

While she still lay prone, the woman began to rub Doll's cunt. The small girl shook with pleasure as the woman slid her fingers inside of her.

"Do you think you were good enough to cum, Doll?" the woman asked.

"If it pleases you, ma'am," Doll breathed, "only if it pleases you!"

"And what if it pleases me to whip your tits, instead?"

"They're the mistress' tits, ma'am. She can do whatever she wants with my worthless little tits!" Doll cried.

"That's very good, Doll. Now, you can cum for me."

Doll's hips pushed back against the woman's fingers until she moaned and squirted whore jam all over the carpet. The woman quickly pulled her fingers from Doll's cunt, and then came and put them in Valerie's mouth. Scared, Valerie licked them clean without complaint.

"Thank you, ma'am," Valerie said, sure that was what the scary woman wanted to hear.

The woman slapped her face, though.

"Sluts don't open their mouths unless they're told," she warned Valerie, then to Doll, "Doll, you leaked cunt slime all over the carpet. Would you like your new fucktoy to clean it for you? You can either clean it yourself, and I clamp your nipples for cumming on the carpet, or your new toy can do it for you, but I'm going to spank your stupid fuckhole, since you're so lazy."

"Please, ma'am, spank my stupid fuckhole. I'm a lazy, stupid cunt, and I want my new toy to clean up my filthy slime," Doll begged.

Valerie was utterly lost. This couldn't be happening. She knew there was weird shit in the world, but this was just too much. The little girl was going to make her lick up her pussy juice from the carpet? Despite all the fear coursing through her, Valerie could feel her own cunt acting up.

"New slut," the woman said, "You're going to answer to Doll from now on, and you'll do as she says, unless told otherwise by a superior. Is that understood?"

Valerie nodded her head, afraid to speak. The woman slapped her again.

"I asked you a question, slut? Are you too stupid to open your mouth, now?"

"Yes, ma'am!" Valerie cried.

"Yes, ma'am I'm too stupid?"

"Yes, ma'am I'm stupid, and I'll obey!" Valerie said, and cowered.

The woman smiled and gestured for Doll to stand up. Doll took Valerie by the hair and pushed her face into the carpet, where she immediately began to lap at the pool of pussy juice. She licked until Doll pulled her back up, and then the little girl kissed her. The feel of her hot, squirming tongue brought back a flood of memories from her many nights in the clinic, sensually kissing her roommate, Harmony, and all the wonderful feelings that went with it.

But now, Harmony thought she was a dog, and Valerie was all alone with these weird girls that slapped her and called her stupid. Hot tears broke free and washed down her cheeks as Doll kissed her. She felt the other woman rub at her cunt, which made her very confused. One moment she was berating her, and the next she was about to make her cum. Valerie's body didn't know how to respond, and so it went both ways. As she cried, she came on the woman's hand. She wanted to go home.

*** The New Toy

Her tits were in agony, both from the fresh piercings that Bitch had cruelly put through her nipples, and from the chains tugging at them. Valerie's body shook. Her legs were so tired from trying to maintain the precarious balance that her position demanded, but no matter how she moved, there was both pleasure and pain.

After having her nipples pierced, Bitch and Doll had taken her to a strange room that looked like some kind of torture chamber. She quickly learned that it was exactly that. They'd put her into a terrible chair, with two very large fake cocks on the seat. Bitch positioned one at her asshole, and the other at her pussy, and then pushed Valerie backwards, forcing the two cocks into both of her tiny holes. She remembered screaming as she was penetrated, but also the way that her body had shivered and shook as she orgasmed.

Bitch laughed at her and slapped her across the face, but that was only the beginning. The scary woman in the metal chastity suit then pulled a length of chain from hooks on the ceiling and locked the ends onto Valerie's new piercings. The poor girl screamed in agony as the chains pulled at her tits, threatening to rip them off if she didn't stand up. Valerie stood quickly in response to the pain, which pulled her off the cocks on the chair, and brought some relief to her small, tortured tits. Bitch wasn't finished with her, though. She pulled a clamp from the base of the chair and clipped it onto Valerie's clit. She'd really begun to cry, then.

The short length of chain attached to the clamp tugged so forcefully, that Valerie had no choice but to sit back down, which pushed the two cocks back into her ass and pussy. That managed to relieve the pain in her clit, to a small extent, but that meant that the chains on her tits pulled her small breasts out obscenely and hurt like hell. Then, Bitch cuffed Valerie's hands behind her back, making the balancing act even more difficult.

As if all this weren't bad enough, Bitch also wheeled a big monitor in front of her, and a series of images and videos began to play. The evil woman had then left her in the room. She had no idea how long she'd been in here, but her legs were on the verge of giving out from the constant shifting. Every time she stood, the chain yanked painfully at her clit, the two cocks in her holes eased partway out of her, and her tits were given some relief. However, the pain in her clit soon became unbearable, and her legs became sore from the awkward half standing position. And so, she would need to sit back down, which caused the chains to yank her tits. It was awful!

Meanwhile, she couldn't take her eyes off the screen. The program had begun with pictures that Valerie knew very well. They were her. There she was at soccer practice, a lifetime ago, smiling, happy, normal. The image had a caption that read, "Arrogant Cunt," and then the slide changed. The next image showed her in her room at the clinic, her face buried in Harmony's cunt. The caption on this one read, "Good Lesbo Slut," and it made her cry all the harder as she thought about her red-haired friend, now also gone.

The next one was her yearbook photo. She'd worn a very nice polo shirt and khaki pants. Her long black hair looked pretty and shiny. The caption read, "Stuck-up bitch," and then that Valerie was gone, to be replaced by an image from a camera in the room she was in now. She could see the horrible position she was in, a mess of chains and pain. The caption on the screen said, "Obedient Rapetoy."

On and on it went, for what seemed like hours. The succession of images and videos were all of her, before and after the clinic, but whenever the new Valerie was displayed on screen, she was always referred to as, "Rapetoy," and the poor girl's conditioning soon began to train her mind to accept that new identity. It was just as she feared that her legs were going to give out completely, and slam her down all the way into the chair, the door opened, and Bitch came in. She looked at Valerie's sweating, trembling, and exhausted young body and grinned cruelly.

"What's your name, slut?" Bitch asked.

"Valerie," she replied without thinking.

The pain was becoming unbearable.

"That doesn't sound right. Perhaps another four hours will help you remember."

Valerie didn't think she had anymore tears left in her, but the thought of four hours in this hell was too much. She bawled loudly.

"Are you sure you can't remember your name?" Bitch asked again.

"Rapetoy!" Valerie screached, "My name is Rapetoy!"

Bitch unclipped the chains from her nipples, and the clamp from her clit, but left the cuffs on her wrists. She pulled Valerie up from the chair, but her legs were so weak and cramped that she immediately fell to the floor and couldn't bring herself to stand. She just wanted to sleep.

"You can lay there like a lazy bitch," Bitch said, "and get your tits whipped, or you can stand up and go back to your room for a nap."

Through a haze of tears, she managed to push herself to her knees, and then to her feet. Unsteady, she wobbled toward the open door, where she found Doll waiting in the hallway.

"Help Rapetoy back to her room, Doll," Bitch ordered.

Doll nodded, and Valerie leaned against the small girl as she slowly led her through the halls. Her legs were on fire, and each step was arduous. Even on her most difficult day of soccer practice, she couldn't remember having been so tired. Doll took her back to the small, dimly lit cell, where Girl still stood in the corner. The strange rubber person, while still terrifying, was nothing compared to her exhaustion. Valerie collapsed on the uncomfortable cot and was asleep immediately.

*** The Mistress

What began as a gentle slap against her cheeks grew more insistent as Valerie struggled to open her weary eyes. Her entire body was a mess of pain, sore, aching muscles, but the worst was her abused little tits and clit. As she allowed Doll, who had finally stopped slapping her, to help her up, she realized that wasn't entirely true. Her arms were numb and wrists sore, since she'd been lying on the uncomfortable cot with her cuffs on for... however long she'd been sleeping. It wasn't long enough. She was exhausted. Part of the soreness in her muscles, she knew from the years of soccer, was dehydration. She hadn't had a sip of water since she'd been here, and the hours in the chair had deprived her of water through the sweating, tears, and orgasms.

Valerie tried to open her mouth to say something, but it was so dry that her voice wasn't even a whisper. Doll held a cup of water in her hand, which Valerie noticed and eyed with desperation.

"Is Rapetoy thirsty?" Doll asked playfully.

Valerie nodded her head enthusiastically. Doll put the cup to her lips and tilted it, just enough to give her a trickle of much needed fluid. Valerie took it gratefully.

"More," she croaked, "Please, ma'am."

Doll was her superior, she remembered. She was supposed to show respect.

"Oh, you're a respectful little slut," Doll said, pleased, "you can have some more."

She gave Valerie another sip, but still she wanted more. She was so thirsty!

"You can have the whole thing," Doll said, "but first you're going to lick my cunt."

Valerie didn't care. She'd licked cunt plenty of times, enjoyed it even. The thought brought back the memories of Harmony, and the other girls in the clinic. She tried not to cry. It wouldn't do to lose more water.

"Oh, and the Mistress wants to see you in fifteen minutes," Doll added, "so you'd better make me cum quick. If we're late, we're both going to be punished. And if you think Bitch knows how to hurt you, then wait until you see how... creative the Mistress can get. Spend a day in the stocks being the all-access ass slut for the boy toys, and you'll have an idea what I mean."

Valerie trembled at the thought, but her mind was suddenly taken off the subject as Doll shoved her backwards and mounted her face, aggressively pushing her tiny cunt against Valerie's mouth. As she worked vigorously to get the other girl off, Valerie became aware of the feelings in her own dripping pussy. Despite all the pain she'd experienced in the chair, she'd also cum several times from all the stimulation, but that had been some time ago. Now, her pussy was wet and needy again, as it always was these days.

Doll's breathing quickened as Valerie sucked her clit, while running her tongue through the girl's slit. Then, she changed tactics and used her upper lip to continually massage the clit, as her tongue speared into Doll's wet hole. Doll seemed to love that, and it wasn't long before she was gushing fuck honey into Valerie's mouth. It might not have been pure water, but it was still liquid, and Valerie drank it down eagerly to stave off her thirst. Doll's small body quaked, and her legs tightened around Valerie's head as she threw her head back and rode out her climax. Finally, she eased her pussy off of Valerie's face and sat her up.

"You're pretty good at that," Doll praised her, "but we're going to make you better. Here's your reward, slut."

Doll took the cup and upended it into Valerie's mouth. She tried to keep up and swallow, but she wasn't fast enough, and most of it poured out of her mouth and down her chest, running cold between her legs and making her shiver as it dripped along her hot slit.

"Aww, you made a mess," Doll said, giggling cruelly, "I'd make you clean it up, but then we might be late. Stand up, Rapetoy."

Head bowed submissively, Valerie did her best to stand, but her legs still felt very weak and shaky. Doll turned her around and unlocked her cuffs, allowing Valerie to flex her sore, numb arms. She glanced at Girl, still standing in the corner. Her hands were permanently locked behind her back inside the terrible suit. How did she stand it? Valerie's freedom was only momentary, though. Doll took her wrists and tied them tightly with a length of silky red ribbon, which she tied into a bow. Next, she placed a blindfold over Valerie's eyes and tied it behind her head. Doll took her hand and led her, naked, out the door of her cell.

She stumbled along blindly behind the other girl. The house was still and quiet as they navigated the halls, the gently slap of their bare feet against the cold floors. At last, Doll stopped her. She could feel the tension in the other girl's body as she came close to her and heard the awe and fear in her voice when she spoke.

"I suggest you do everything and anything she says. Trust me, the punishments for misbehaving are far, far worse than anything you can imagine. If you think a few hours in the chair was bad, well, it wasn't. Now, don't speak unless spoken to. When you feel me touch your shoulder, present yourself on your knees first, and then prostrate, like you saw with Bitch earlier. Wait there until commanded to do otherwise."

Valerie nodded, trembling. Doll gently wrapped on the door. A moment later Valerie heard it open, and Doll led her inside. The door clicked shut and they stepped forward. She felt Doll's hand on her shoulder, and she fell to her knees as she was told, and a moment later, pitched forward to press her face against the carpet, holding her ass in the air. She could feel the presence of someone else, presumable the Mistress, standing, and then kneeling right in front of them. A moment later, she heard Doll gasp, and then begin to moan quietly, pleasurably.

"Very good, Doll," a voice Valerie recognized said.

It was the voice of Dr. Swell.

"You've done very well," Swell said gently, and continued doing whatever it was that was making Doll moan, "Do you deserve to cum for me, my pet?"

"Ooh, only... only if it will please you, Mistress!" Doll said, with adoration in her voice, "I only live to please you."

"It would please me greatly to see you rewarded for your conformity," Swell told her, "Can you cum for me, little Doll?"

"Yes, oh yes, Mistress!" Doll said.

Valerie could hear her breath quicken and feel her quaking body, and then the wet, squishing sound of the little girl's cunt, followed by her orgasm. Another moment later, the sound of Doll's mouth, probably sucking her own slut juice off the Mistress' fingers. She couldn't deny that she was craving the same treatment. Sucking Doll's cunt, and now hearing her brought off so quickly and skillfully, had Valerie on edge herself, despite the frightening situation.

"You may leave now, Doll, but wait outside. You'll need to take Rapetoy back to her room when I've finished with her," Swell ordered.

"Yes Mistress," Doll acknowledged, and Valerie heard her crawling away.

The door opened, shut again, and then Valerie felt Swell's hand gently cup her chin and raise her face from the floor. The evil doctor's pretty lips lightly touched Valerie's, then, and the small girl found herself responding in kind. She parted her lips and allowed Dr. Swell's tongue inside of her mouth. Their kiss was gentle and slow, and when it was over Valerie found herself wishing it would go on longer. She felt the doctor's nimble fingers work the knot out of the blindfold, until it fell away, and Valerie blinked her eyes as she adjusted to the sudden light.

The grinning face of her Mistress looked down on her, and Valerie was struck by how beautiful she was. She'd never seen her outside of the clinic, of course, and when she was Rebecca, she seemed to be a wholly different person. Her hair, dark and silky like Valerie's own, was worn loose, now. In the clinic, she'd usually keep it tied up in a very tight bun. Her glasses were gone, and Valerie could see clearly the deep, unnatural violet of her eyes. The color was the result of one of her first experiments, and Rebecca had always been pleased with the result. Gone was the white coat she always wore, replaced by what looked like some kind of very elaborate kimono. Valerie had always thought that Dr. Swell was pretty, but in her own element she was a wholly different creature. She was beautiful.

"Welcome home," Rebecca said softly, "I imagine you've been treated rather poorly to this point, haven't you, Rapetoy?"

"Yes, Mistress," Valerie croaked, and then added for good measure, "but if that's what pleases you, then I'm happy."

Rebecca laughed delightedly and rewarded her with a gentle kiss on the lips.

"Why, Valerie, I'm surprised at you. You were such a little fighter before you became Rapetoy. Were you really so easily broken? I was looking forward to much more of a challenge."

She could see all the questions on Valerie's face, but also her unwillingness to say anything and risk punishment. Rebecca was pleased.

"Go ahead," she said to her pet, "you can ask anything you want to. I promise, I won't hurt you, dear. You're going to have a long, long life of service, so you may as well get the questions out now."

Valerie couldn't help herself. She thought of spending years and years in the little cell, sleeping naked on the mattress with Girl always in the corner. Even worse, what if she ended up just like Girl? She started to cry and was shocked when Rebecca cradled her head in her arms and allowed her to sob into her soft, black hair.

"There, there, Rapetoy," Rebecca cooed lovingly.

Valerie felt so confused, hearing Rebecca use her new name, as she tenderly hugged her like her mother.

"Why?" Valerie managed to say through her tears.

That one question really summed them all up.

"Because you're special," Rebecca said softly, "and I only own what is unique and special. You know that your parents disowned, you?"

Valerie shot her a look of disbelief. They'd put her in the clinic, and they'd railed at her for what she'd done, what a disappointment she was, how embarrassed they were by her, but to just cut her out of their lives completely. It was hard to believe. But it made sense, she supposed. They'd never visited her during her time in the clinic, never written.

"It's true," Rebecca said, "If you hadn't gotten drunk and fucked that soccer coach, then things might have been different, but you're a slut at heart, Rapetoy. I've just made you a better slut."

She watched Valerie's face fall even further as she reminded the poor teen what had brought her here in the first place.

"Now, don't look so sad," Rebecca went on, "Being a slut is not a bad thing, my pet. Not at all. It's a blessing. You're free of the restrictions, the need to regulate your desires. In this place, you can be as you were meant to be, an instrument of pleasure."

To emphasize her point, she gently stroked Valerie's cunt and kissed at her tears. Valerie felt her little pussy squishing in Rebecca's fingers. She was getting so hot, and so close to the release she needed.

"But you know, there's a reason I chose this new name for you," Rebecca went on, and kissed her deeply, pulled away, "Because you are an instrument of pleasure... for me, and this is what gives me pleasure, Rapetoy."

Rebecca snapped her fingers and suddenly, Valerie felt herself being lifted from her knees. She whipped her head around to find herself face-to-face with a brute of a man, built like a wall of packed muscle. He was naked, except for a leather harness, and his big cock bobbed up and down. He roughly tossed Valerie onto her back, and with no ceremony whatsoever, spread her legs and plunged that thick stalk of meat into her cunt as far as he could go.

The poor girl shrieked in agony as his dick opened her up and plundered her womb. She cried all the harder as he began to pound her without mercy. She understood, now, the name and her function in Rebecca's twisted slut collection. Just as Bitch was an enforcer, made all the more brutal by denying her pleasure, and Doll was the slutty little girl, Valerie was here to be raped, taken whenever it pleased her Mistress.

She shrieked and beat at the big man as he hammered the fuck out of her cunt over and over, but he was like a machine. Through her tears, Valerie could see the doctor leaned back against a comfortable pillow, her kimono spread open as she rubbed her horny cunt, watching with pleasure as Valerie was taken so forcefully. Despite the horror of it all, Valerie could feel an orgasm building. The brute could obviously feel it too, and he roughly twisted one of her nipple piercings, making her scream, and driving the good feeling back down. Rebecca, however, came loudly as she watched Valerie's torment. The doctor's words rang in Valerie's mind as she struggled to endure the assault. Years and years of service to look forward to. The thought made her cry even harder.

*** The Game

Valerie huddled in the dark corner, her hand clamped over her mouth, trying to make as little noise as possible. She hadn't tried this spot yet, and over the last week she'd been keenly observant for better places to hide. They always managed to find her, but she held out hope that one day they wouldn't, or that one of her hiding spots would lead to an escape.

After the first time she was raped by Brute, the Mistress had been so pleased that she'd let Valerie sleep with her that same night and spent hours making love to her in ways that she never imagined were possible with another woman. The affection, after such a horrible ordeal, had Valerie so confused and it didn't seem like that was going to end. She'd quickly learned, while the Mistress was gone the next day, that the other sluts were clearly jealous of her intimate night with Rebecca. And, true to her new name, Valerie also learned that her body was available to anyone else in the house at any time.

Bitch had been first, finding Valerie sleeping off the evening's exertions on her uncomfortable cot. The evil woman had fucked her with a fourteen-inch rubber strap-on, making Valerie scream and cry as she was violated in her ass and pussy, and then left sobbing in her cell. Doll had come in later and cleaned her up, using some kind of soothing ointment on her abused little holes, which helped tremendously. Soon after doll left, though, Brute had come in. It seemed that after raping her, he'd really taken a liking to her little body. Though she was grateful that he didn't fuck her again, he spent a long time sitting on her chest, with his huge cock lodged in her mouth and throat, using her head to jerk off. By the time he emptied his balls into her belly, she was half blind from her tears, and all the messy spit that he'd rubbed on her face with his tool. She felt even worse, because the abuse had made her cum.

Over the following days, she was subjected to a very twisted game of hide-and-seek. She was given a head start and allowed to find a place to hide from Brute. Then, the big man and the Mistress would go seek Valerie out. When they found her, as they always did, the Mistress would watch as Brute raped her until she climaxed, which was even more confusing, as she hated every moment of it. She couldn't understand how her body could derive pleasure from being continually raped, but it always happened. Sometimes she'd cum with Brute's big cock in her cunt, other times while he used her asshole, once even while he hung her head off a table and pumped his prick into her throat.

By the end of the first week of this game, she was so exhausted that she could hardly move from the little cot. When she, finally, had to be physically carried from her cell, and couldn't stand on her own, the Mistress called off the game to allow her time to recuperate. Valerie spent the next three days in the lap of luxury, being pampered by the other slaves in a private guest room adjacent to Rebecca's. She hadn't eaten so well or slept so wonderfully in months. It was on the end of the third day that the Mistress had collared her with a little black leather collar. The tag dangling from it read, "Rapetoy," and it had little chains that connected to the piercings in her nipples.

Once she'd recovered, the game began again, though. Now, Valerie had found a new spot, behind a loose panel in one of the long-unused hallways. She huddled, naked in the dark and smelly corner, her heart beating in her ears as she prayed that they wouldn't find her here. Just once. She held her breath as she heard footsteps coming down the hall, one set big and heavy, the other a click clack, click clack of a pair of heels. She felt tears in her eyes as she covered her mouth and nose, trying to keep the dust out so she wouldn't sneeze, or cough, and give herself away.

"Come out, come out," Rebecca called in a little song voice.

The footsteps passed her by, and she heard them recede down the hallway. Still, she held her breath, afraid that the slightest noise would give her away. A minute passed, and still she waited, but all the dust in the little hiding spot had managed to find its way into her nose, and as hard as she tried, she couldn't hold back a sneeze. Trembling, she waited in the dark, hoping against hope that they'd been too far to hear her. But poor Rapetoy wasn't so lucky.

The panel was yanked away, and a big, beefy arm clamped onto her leg, dragging her from the safety of the corner.

She screamed, "No!" and tried to grab onto anything in reach.

Brute pulled her from her hole, though, and held her aloft by her leg like she was a feather. The Mistress looked pleased.

"Rapetoy," she said, "you're getting better at this game!"

Rebecca leaned against the wall as Brute spun Valerie's tiny body around, and slammed her back against the wall, rattling her teeth. He eagerly plunged his thick cock into her always-wet pussy, splitting her open and burying his considerable length into her tiny body.

"Ooooow! Oooh, ugh!" Valerie grunted as the big man rutted her.

Rebecca was all smiles as she watched her new toy surrender to the torment. Despite the forcefulness of his thrusts, she could see Valerie lock her legs around the big man's waist, her arms clung desperately to his thick neck, and the little girl held on for dear life as Brute savaged her tight little cunt. It was obvious that she hated every moment of it, but the things Rebecca had done to her body made it impossible for the little slut to resist the need to cum. Swell loved it, taking particular joy in watching Valerie's hips begin to thrust back against the big man's, her moans of passion mixed with her pleas for it to end. That sexual confusion was what really excited her.

Rebecca slumped down in the hallway and spread her legs, rubbing her own pussy furiously as she watched the tears pour from little Valerie's tightly clenched eyelids. Then, little Rapetoy began to orgasm, and it looked so delicious! Brute's piston hips pumped the tiny girl against the wall over and over, beating the hell out of her squishing pussy, until at last, he roared in her ear and began spraying his huge load into her. Valerie was sobbing loudly now, even as her body gave in and she came again, feeling the flood of warm semen flowing into her. Holding her, impaled on his shaft, he carried her back to her cell. This game never got old!


To learn more about Valerie and the NewYou clinic, read The Second Place Sister.

To learn the fate of Harmony, read Edge, available soon.

To read all the DomCo stories to this point, consider the DomCo Debauchery Pack

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