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Valerie: A NewYou Story

Author's Note:
During Tori's time at the NewYou clinic, she was introduced to some of the other girls who were, also, being experimented on by Dr. Swell. Valerie and Harmony, victims of the Recoder drug, have been altered in ways similar to Tori and Cindy. Harmony, unfortunately, did not adapt well to the Recoder. The poor redhead now believes she is a dog, rather than a human. The ultimate, sad, fate of Harmony is revealed in the upcoming story, Edge. This short tale follows the fate of Valerie, the snarky petite girl.

She had to get it off! Valerie clawed uselessly at the infernal chastity belt, her fingers aching as tears rolled down her cheeks. Her horny little teen cunt felt like it was on fire, and it had been days since she'd been let out and allowed to cum. The rubber plugs in her ass and pussy rubbed against the thin membrane inside her all the time, keeping her continually on the edge of an orgasm that just wouldn't come.

Her locked belt was impossible to remove, or to get her fingers into, and she had tried many times in the last couple of days. Dr. Carlson had not been pleased. Her masturbatory behavior showed no signs of improvement, and even the aversion therapy wasn't helping. In fact, she'd failed so badly at it that he'd taken to restraining her hands while she was in the chair as an extra measure.

Since she was so bad, and unable to control herself, she hadn't been allowed to cum for going on three days now. The pressure and need in her pussy was so great, now, that she couldn't think of anything else. So desperate was her need, that she'd taken to trying to cum by pinching her tiny nipples. That only made her small tits hurt, though, and the minute pleasure it gave was nowhere near enough to cum. She'd also tried to grind her crotch against things, hoping that the plugs in her holes would stimulate her cunt enough to make it cum. It didn't work.

The bitch, Dr. Swell, came into her room and grinned at Valerie as she tried, vainly, to get at her locked-up pussy. Valerie didn't even notice her until the woman slapped her across the face. Even then, it took her a few seconds to focus on the smiling face looking down on her with a mix of pity and disgust.

"Valerie," the doctor said, "I don't know why you insist on trying to get your little hands into your cunt. Don't you see that the belt is stronger than you are, dear?"

"Please, Dr. Swell, I have to cum! Oh, please, please!"

Dr. Swell stroked her chin, saying, "I'd guess that your poor cunny is getting quite agitated, isn't it?"


"Well, then I guess I have some good news for you! You're being transferred out of the facility and into my personal care."

"Do I get to cum? Please, you have to let me cum!" Valerie begged.

"Oh, yes, dear. You'll get to cum if you're good."

"I'll be good! Please, I'll be good!"

Dr. Swell stroked the tiny girl's hair back from her sweaty forehead. She could see in Valerie's eyes just how far gone she was. The newest recoder that she'd used on Valerie was really doing a number on the young girl's senses. This one, at least, she'd gotten right. The last change in the mixture hadn't gone quite as she'd planned and resulted in turning the redheaded Harmony into a human puppy dog.

While it was entertaining, it was only supposed to have made the girl more docile and submissive. Unfortunately, it had gone further than she'd intended, and now Harmony could not be convinced that she was, actually, a human being. She constantly walked on all fours and had taken to pissing on the floor whenever she had to relieve herself. The upside, though, was that the clinic had located a client who was looking for just that thing, and the institute was going to take in a very handsome fee for her.

Valerie, though, still retained her humanity. The last blood draw showed that her sex drive and libido were thirty times above normal for someone her age, which pleased Dr. Swell immensely. Her recoder was markedly improved, and that meant the clinic would be able to push girls through the system much quicker than before.

Unfortunately, for Valerie, Dr. Swell had taken a personal liking to her. Little Valerie only weighed ninety pounds, and her small breasts were hardly a handful. Dr. Swell loved that about her and was eager to obtain a new slut for her own personal use. After a discussion with Carlson, and a modest fee paid to the clinic, Valerie was now hers.

"I know you'll be good," Dr. Swell told her, "And I'm going to teach you how to be even better. Now, there's a truck that's going to transport you to my home, where we're going to continue your therapy at an advanced level. It's going to be such fun, Valerie."